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Blasphemous Fry Is Just Plain Stupid








Uebersodomite Stephen Fry has just given to us another lesson on “how to go to hell with the express train”.

If you have the stomach to listen to the rubbish above, you will notice the following:

1) Fry is, or so he thinks, utterly superior to God. So much so, that he considers Him “monstrous”, and many other such expressions. The logical impossibility of the very concept escapes him.

2) Fry declares that if he were to discover that God exists, he would not want to enter Paradise “on God’s terms”. Lord, give me strenght! Not only is here another contradiction in terms, but again the proud affirmation that Stephen Fry has made of himself god. This obvious, public, televised self-condemnation to hell does not seem to bother him in the least. Satanic.

3) Fry doesn’t know the first thing about Christianity, because he complains about children suffering, and the like. He talks as if Christians would listen to him and go: “look, he is right! There is suffering in this world! Look at those children suffering! We had not thought of that!”. But in his utter senseless, the man (if I may call him so) states he would prefer the pagan gods of the Greek, because… they have no divine attributes. Sorry, girl, but this is just stupid.

Fry is not an intelligent man. His being the conductor of a TV show in which he gives answers to people which he reads from a paper in front of him makes him appear smart in the eyes of the stupid, but every eight years old with a functioning brain thinks better than he does.

It’s not difficult. If there is a God, this God can only be the very embodiment of all perfections. It must be so, if He is to be God. If there is a Creator, this creator must necessarily be infinitely superior to his creatures: superior not only in wisdom, but in providential goodness.

Therefore, Fry’s answer should have been on the lines of: “I do not think that there is a God because yada yada. But if there is one, it is obvious that He is utterly right and I am utterly wrong, and that I have been evil and blasphemous all my life. The moment I knew that there is a God would be the moment I know that I am not only utterly evil, but utterly screwed”.

Fry isn’t capable, in his childlike arrogance, to think (ahem) straight. He assumes that even if there is a God, this little obese faggot is morally superior to Him. I am sure there are smarter ways to be blasphemous.

This, my dear readers, is a think process common to many perverts. “God says I am an evil bastard, and unless I repent I will go to hell. Therefore, I will erect myself as superior to him, call Him a bastard and, by feeling or at least appearing good, I will for the moment lightly assuage the deep misery of my miserable existence and my very strong hate of myself”.

Satan works in us. He tries to get a foot in the door exploiting our sinful nature. Prayer and a constant effort of a life without sin help us greatly, with God’s grace, to avoid hell. The more we sin, the more we allow Satan to eat our soul like a cancer. In the case of very grave sins – like perversion acted upon – it is clear Satan’s cancer can easily metastasise. In this case, it is very clear it has.

Fry rebels to God by willingly embracing his disgusting sexual perversion. At this point, he has no other choice than either repent, or sink deeper into rebellion. The interview above is the result of a lifetime of disgusting behaviour, and of the rebellion to God this behaviour demands of him if he does not want to reform.

Fry is not an intelligent man. He is, in fact, just plain stupid. He is unable to think logically, and his love for sodomy clouds his judgment in the most obvious way. But as the Country as a whole isn’t much smarter than him he will probably get away with his blasphemous kindergarten slogans, and help those who want to be lost with him to reach their objective.

Pray for this man. Pray for this man. Think of his poor Guardian Angel! This is an immortal soul obviously so ensnared by the Devil, that he openly declares his refusal of even a hypothetical Paradise! (no sodomy there, you see).

Pray for him. But consider that the stench of Reprobation is strong in this one, and warn all those who would express their admiration for Fry who is “oh so intelligent” that the man thinks like a poorly instructed eight years old, but he gets TV time because he happens to be a pervert with some rather good acting skills.









Play With Fire And You’ll Get Burned.

If you are as stupid as that, wave your lighters....

I received a message with these lines:

I was made aware of the event at Assisi from an acquaintance in California (I am in Tennessee now) who is into all the New Age religions. I found it amazing that she was looking forward to seeing the Peace Gathering in Assisi and at first I thought it was a bunch of New Agers taking over our Beloved Hallowed ground of St. Francis and St. Clara! Then when I saw it announced as being covered by EWTN I was shocked. I watched it for a while and had to turn it off as I was getting horrible feelings from it.

I can’t stop thinking of these words, because this simple episode shows in a crude way what happens when we – or the Vatican, or the Pope – play with fire.

The fact is, that we Catholics spend far too much time analysing every word the Holy Father has said, or the minutiae about why this or that is, if unusual, still compatible with Catholic thinking. For example, we are not allowed to pray together with people of other religions, but then it’s not explicitly forbidden that the pagans and we plan to pray separately, after we have gathered in the same place. Similarly, we are not saying that it is fine for others to be part of other religions, but we stress how good they are whilst they are part of another religion. Hey, we come even so far as to say how good they are even if they follow no religion.

Whilst we discuss about the orthodoxy of the small details, the world at large understands exactly the message that – at least officially – was meant not to be spread around: how cool it is that everyone gathers together to tell each other how cool they all are. Hey, they’re all for peaaaaace so they must be all right, right?

I also liked the reader’s observation about the “horrible feelings” she got looking at the thing on EWTN. In fact, it seems to me that in such matters the sensus fidelium – and I mean here the real one, the sincere religious feeling as it has been traditionally lived – is the best indication to judge these events: if it feels so wrong, it can’t be right. We all have these feelings, which is why we instinctively react – better said, our souls react – to things that whilst not necessarily forbidden – like the guitars in the church, the protestantisation and/or banalisation of the Mass – nevertheless are wrong because they go against the way Catholic spirituality has always been lived.

Astonishingly, it seems to be one of the biggest worries of theologians to persuade us that there must be a new and better way to do things, than how they have always been done.

You know what? There isn’t. What has always been true is still true, what has always been felt as wrong will always be felt as wrong, and how many more or less intelligent Assisi exercises are called to life will change a bit less than zero in this matter.

I do hope that this mistake – a mistake which, I am afraid, will haunt this papacy and will be remembered everytime the undoubted achievements of the present reign are remembered – does not inflict too big a damage to the reconciliation talks with the SSPX. Unfortunately, the media flop of the initiative does not necessarily mean the theological implications will be forgotten soon, and rumours that the SSPX is oriented to refuse the preambolo dottrinale have already started to spread around the net. Would you want to be a SSPX bishop explaining to the members of the congregation that it is fine to invite a voodoo priest to talk in church? Me neither…

It would be a real shame if it turned out that Assisi III played an important role in the (possible) decision of the SSPX the Vatican is not trustworthy enough, and the process of reconciliation will have to wait for a Pope completely free from Vatican II infections, and ready to embrace Catholicism without lazy compromises with the need for popularity, or with the desire to please the rapidly aging trendies and sandal-wearers.

Please read the initial message again, and see if it doesn’t resonate with you. Whilst we talk about doctrinal nuances, the world out there thinks that the Church is so keen to mix herself with the pagans. Congratulations.

How about the Pope participating to the next Telethon (or some other “thon”) together with Richard Dawkins and Stephen Fry? Working “all together” for a good cause (wouldn’t it, ohhh, be ohhh so beautifuuul?) they could stress how much good militant atheists and perverts can do! “Atheists And Christians against poverty”, how does that sound! Think of it: everyone working together, Christian and Atheist, normal and pervert, how very edifying! We are the world! Where’s Oprah?

The only good thing of Assisi III is it made sure there will never be an Assisi IV, but its last message is still clear: play with fire, and you’ll get burned.


Archdiocese Of Vienna Promotes Blasphemous Exhibition

Atheist, Communist, Stalinist, and blasphemous; therefore ideal for the Archdiocese of Vienna: Alfred Hrdlicka

Please imagine (I won’t show you the video, and you’re welcome) a so-called work of art depicting the Last Supper as a homosexual orgy. Not something highly symbolic and abstract, mind; no, I am talking of shocking realism here; with nude bodies, penises dangling around and all the rest you can, at least in part, imagine.

I can’t express with words the disgust that I prove for people who are able to even conceive such kind of blasphemy. The fact that I chose not to link to the video is, I believe, evidence enough that this is truly strong tobacco; but if any of you really, really want to see it, has the story and more than one video.

It turns out that the author of such (never word was more appropriate) entartete Kunst, or degenerate art, is Alfred Hrdlicka, a self-confessed (gloria tv again) “Atheist, Communist and Stalinist” but evidently friend of the Archbishop and/or some of his friends. Mr Hrdlicka, a true man of the Enemy, died some time ago without any public trace of repentance, so that it is rather reasonable – and in conformity to the user’s manual – to assume that the scenes of perversion he produced are much more real to him now than they were at the moment of his, erm, creative effort.

You would obviously assume that never would a believer even think of giving his own exhibition space to give publicity to such blasphemous excrements as the ones copiously produced by Mr Hrdlicka, as every consideration about the (assumed) artistic value of the work must certainly be completely wiped out by the obvious reflection that there can be no excuse whatsoever for blasphemy.

On the other hand, you would also – I think – conceive that in these disturbing days, when anti-Christian feelings are very much à la page, some atheists without any consideration for propriety and decency and without any fear of the Lord could well conceive of such vulgar display of blasphemous atheism as the one I did not show. Perhaps, someone like Stephen Fry would condone such vulgarity and aggressive atheism; but I’m not so sure that even Stephen Fry, an avowed enemy of Catholic values, would want to link his name to such overt attack to Christianity; to such vulgarity; to such outright indecency.

You would, I think, be right on both accounts.

And this is why the exhibition was organised by the Museum of the Cathedral of Vienna, which is very near the Cathedral itself. This is also why cardinal Schoenborn waited for the exhibition to become an international scandal (again, as reported by Gloria tv; there are several videos on the matter; they all show the “work”, though) before arranging for the removal of the blasphemous excrement.

When a Cathedral museum shows work of such blasphemy that just a couple of decades ago not even the most obdurate satanist would have dared to show in public; and when an Archbishop and Cardinal waits for the matter to become an international scandal before acting, one can certainly be forgiven for thinking that from many extremely wide openings (say: all windows, and all doors) the smoke of Satan has entered into the Archbishop’s offices and surrounding buildings, has made a barbecue, organised a bonfire, smoked the entire place pitch black, then proceeded to call Satan and invited him to make himself comfortable in the premises for as long as he wants, and to organise exhibitions in the nearby museum as he pleases.

Quo usque tandem…


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