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Super Tuesday: Six Things I Know And Share

If you don't like Trump, this one here is your only choice.

If you don’t like Trump, this one here is your only choice.



  • The GOP Softies need to man up.  

Crying like little girls angry at something that should have never, ever be allowed to happen, our not-so-brave pundits, politicians and assorted losers are now hysterically telling us what a catastrophe it will be if Trump wins the nomination. Unfortunately, these are the same people who kept telling us he would never win the nomination, thus reducing their credibility to Comical Ali levels. I find the whining tone even worse that the lame arguments used. But most offensive I find that people who clearly did not understand jack of anything these past six/seven months now ask us to believe in their infallible wisdom… again.   

  • The GOP Softies Prefer Hillary To Cruz

All this talk of not voting Trump instead of telling Rubio and Kasich to see the light (and withdraw already) means only one thing: they’d rather lose to Hillary (or so they think) than help Cruz to win. It does not make sense. Trump is certainly not the best candidate, and I have my doubts about his credentials. But compared to Clinton, give me Trump every day. I am sure there is an awful lot of people out there who think exactly the same as me. And I am sure there is an awful lot of GOP apparatchiks who root for Hillary already. 

  • Either Cruz is now left alone against Trump, or Trump has all but won. 

This isn’t really difficult. Cruz is the only one consistently able to defeat Trump. He is the (more) presentable face of Conservatism. He is tested, and extremely reliable. Given the choice between Trump and Cruz, millions would still pick Cruz, and there might still be time (not much, though). Cruz would reduce Hillary to ashes come November (hey, even Bernie got fairly near). Cruz should, at this point, be the card of choice of all those who:  1) are conservative, and 2) don’t like Trump.

Do we see this happening? Not as I write this. Don’t hold your breath. Even Kasich still thinks he has chances. Go figure. If nothing changes, Trump is it, then. I note here that even so it would be difficult, because Trump is firmly installed in the hearts and mind of those against globalisation, and of those strongly set against illegal immigration. Cruz will never speak to them as Trump does. 

  • Horror scenarios are not credible

This is less intuitive, but let me explain. I do not believe in the least the scenario of the party fracture, and of either a brokered convention going against the clear winner, or of a third candidate launched just to make Trump lose. Not going to happen. It would mean the complete annihilation of the GOP and – more importantly – the end of thousands of political and administrative careers in the second, third and fourth rank of the political personnel in Washington as well as everywhere else. Nuclear scenarios are only credible if you want to die. Countless GOP pussies may whine like little girls now, but they do not want to die. When Trump gets the nomination they will deny him a useful support and most certainly hope he loses, but they will not destroy the party (and themselves) just for the sake of destroying Trump. Besides, in my not so short life I have heard such threats many times, in many Countries. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Ah, I forgot: Trump has enough money to do it again in four or eight years’ time, if he so chooses. The man seems vindictive.  

If you ask me, the nuclear scenario is not going to happen. Rather, there will soon be a small army of people ready to support the new man; power attracts, and this kind of power attracts an awful lot. Chris Christie got it faster. Many others will get to the same conclusion later.   

  • Trump has no “ceiling”

It is funny to still read, in the liberal press, of the supposed ceiling that Trump would have, and the fact that outside of his fedelissimi the Country hates him. It’s not happening. The field has now clearly thinned out compared to the Christie and Bush days, and Trump still gets more than the votes (and of the delegates) of Cruz and Rubio together. Actually, he gets Chris Christie’s vote, too! As soon as he gets the nomination, the Country will begin to reflect that the alternative is Hillary. Trump will tear her to little pieces for months on end. The woman who is trembling because of Sanders will have nowhere to hide against Trump. Forget the hypothetical polls of hypothetical scenarios. When Trump has the nomination he will be very real, and Hillary will feel the heat from day one. More supposed “ceilings” will fall then, as they have been falling up to now. The talk of “ceilings” only hides the inability of too many to understand what is happening.

Polls don’t make history. Polls don’t change Countries. Men do. It is a typical GOP mistake to go for what they think the people will choose, rather than pick a man that will change the way people choose. Strong men change Countries. Trump gets it, Jeb Bush never did.  

  • Rubio still doesn’t get it  

Poor man has become so accustomed to persuade himself that defeats are victories, that he seems now utterly unable to see a defeat of Grand Canyon proportions staring at him in the face. A doctor might be in order. Seen from the other side of the pond, one who could win only one state out of fifteen (and this one bringing him so few delegates, that he would have been better off scraping 20% of the vote in Texas) and still talks of momentum and very bright days just about to come is in a state of denial of, actually, very funny proportions.

There. I though I would share. It helps me not to think about Francis. 





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