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Ted “Judas” Cruz



I am veering toward Sixty, and the like of what I have seen happening in Cleveland I cannot remember. Not in Italy, not in Germany, not in the UK.

We are at the vigil of an extremely important US Presidential election, which – through the added problem of the nomination of at least one Supreme Court Justice in such a time, and with such a man to be replaced as Scalia – can shape the United States for decades, maybe forever. Seen the level of judicial activism of the last years, there can be no doubt the wrong majority within the Supreme Court can see pretty much everything up for grabs: any last trace of common sense concerning perversion, the second amendment, even the first amendment would come under massive attack.

It takes a prick of enormous proportions, or a baby of astonishing childishness – but hey: at that age if you are the second you are the first – to exhibit oneself in that kind of show Ted Cruz dished to an astonished Conservative Country in Cleveland. And frankly, it takes an uncommon amount of blind fanaticism to even think of approving of what he has done.

Ted Cruz had promised to endorse the winner. He has not kept his promise. He might say he felt not obliged to endorse him after unpleasant remarks about his wife, but then one must start drawing some conclusion: that the word of someone who reneges it because of extremely petty reasons (yes, children: compared to the fate of the Country what Trump has said or implied of Trump’s father or wife is not even in the radar screen) is not worth zippo; and that a man who makes such a promises and reneges for such a reason has no idea at all of what politics is, and should go back to kindergarten, where he can go away with the ball if he doesn’t like the game. You might say at some point Trump also hinted he would not keep his promise. But there is a huge difference between the things one says during a heated campaign, and how one behaves after the end of it. 

What astonishes most is the unbelievable selfishness of wanting the stage to promote his own (dreamed of, at this point) 2020 campaign. The man truly is so deluded that he thinks he will save the US from 4 years of Hillary, and we only need to wait four years to undo all the untold damage  four years of Hillary & a liberal-dominated Supreme Court can make. This is selfishness bordering on high treason; and I am very sorry, if you don’t get this you are just as childish as the man is.

Rome is burning, and the man is fiddling a whining song about his wife and father; actually, he even dares to candidate for the reconstruction after all has been destroyed.




Cruz could have easily made a speech in which he once again rebukes Trump for offences to his family (I don’t want to get on the controversies here; the (independent; formally at least) Super PAC which published the semi-naked photos of Trump’s wife did it in the very spirit of damaging Trump to favour Cruz, and Cruz never distances himself from it) and then declares to the nation that he will vote, and invites everyone to vote, for Trump, because this is the duty of every decent American now.  He would have showed that he puts Country before family, and would have showed himself as statesman rather than kindergarten material. Instead, he clearly showed to set the stage for his 2020 campaign, obviously not only wishing, but actively contributing to a possible Trump defeat even as he wishes it.




Mind, this isn’t a case of hypocrisy. I still do not doubt the fundamental morality or values of the man. But this is not enough if one is such a self-deluded child that thinks not only that his private grievances should come before avoiding Hillary at the White House, but even that he is the man to sort the mess to which he is just contributing.

Every other option (staying at home; refusing to speak; choosing to complain but endorse) would have been infinitely better than what he did, out of sheer deluded selfishness and dreams of grandeur.

I don’t know if the man will now be completely destroyed politically, but I can’t see him going anywhere when he candidates for the White House, either in 2020 or later. Whisper “Sandy” in the ear of Chris Christie and he will painfully recognise that Judas don’t fare well as candidates. Whisper “Jenner” in the ear or Rick Santorum, and he will know what finished killing his already wacky candidature.  The word “Cleveland” will be the same for this stupid, selfish child.

Apparently, Cruz was even kept out of the suite of a Billionaire GOP supporter in Cleveland, having walked there probably expecting to be told what an upright man he is. A public humiliation fitting for a piece of shit, and I can’t say undeserved.

This is no time for distinguos. This is no time for petty recrimination. This is the time for deciding whether Hillary will be president, or not. If you don’t see this, you are the enemy just as much as Hillary is.  

Ted “Judas” Cruz deserves all the shit he will be made to eat. And I hope it will be abundant, and extremely smelly.


What Went Wrong For Cruz, Part III: Political Correctness


Chicago, 12 March 2016: Libtards celebrate after the announcement that their violence and intimidation has caused the Trump rally to be cancelled.


In this last blog post about what in my estimation contributed to the best candidate for us Catholics (and for every Christian, I think) not making it, I would like to examine two major mistakes I believe the man made. Of course, everyone makes mistakes. But some mistakes can damage you more than others, particularly when they feed into a mistrust that is already there.

Cruz could have presented himself – and could have been reasonably be believed as – an anti-establishment candidate in normal circumstances. However, the circumstances in 2016 aren’t normal.

Too often the so-called GOP has betrayed his people. Too often promises of conservative policies have given way to do ut des and accommodations of all kind once the alleged champions of conservatism have smelled Washington’s air. As a result, in this cycle the one who promised to damage the party the most was the one with the best cards. If another candidate had come and had presented himself as even more in opposition to the party establishment as Trump, he might have had a chance. If a candidate had come and promised to nuke the party, he would have been cheered out loud by many party members.

2016 is not the expression of a malcontent, it is the unfolding of a revolution. A revolution will devastate anyone remotely connected with the old regime. Cruz did not differentiate himself enough (not enough for 2016 standards, I mean) from the old regime, and a couple of situations certainly persuaded many the man would have been a more sophisticated variation of the betrayal already seen so often.

I have noticed two episodes that were, in my eyes, extremely grave.

The first: the incidents in Chicago. The usual, aggressive libtards make use of violence and intimidation at a Trump rally; they even manage to get it cancelled. Cruz thinks he can profit of the occasion to kick Trump in the balls and condemn him, rather than the liberal nutcases and their Alinsky tactics of intimidation and publicity seeking. A cheap, despicable shot, and a big, big mistake. In normal times, this wouldn’t have done so much damage as the personal animosity between the two (and the heat of the battle) would have been taken into account. Also, Trump himself has made far bigger mistakes (yours truly has reported). However, when millions of GOP voters are determined to see the party die rather than ever, ever again electing another sellout this is exactly the kind of mistake Cruz should not have made. In revolutionary times, your revolutionary credentials must be unimpeachable. Trump has far better revolutionary credentials than Cruz, and his mistakes were of the “you know, at times I am an idiot” sort. No friend (and no enemy!) of his thinks he will be a sellout, and this counts a lot. 

The second: the choice of Carly Fiorina as potential vice-president. I wanted to bang my head on the wall, repeatedly. Let us forget for a moment the arrogance of acting like one is the nominee. Let us also forget the implicit admission that one needs to add another name to his own, because he has seen his own name is not good enough. But the worst of all is this: that one who is clearly losing because he is seen as not revolutionary enough picks the very epitome of PC establishment loser as potential VP.

Fiorina’s campaign has gone absolutely nowhere. She has lost more massively than Christie. She has basically persuaded no one besides family friends, domestics and (perhaps) the dog. She is seen as the expression of the usual, old, stale, mischievous way of doing politics; which is what led to the rapid extermination of her vanity candidature. Why on earth pick… her? 

I am afraid we all know the answer: because she has a vagina.

Granted, the situation was serious already when the announcement was made.  However, with it Cruz chose the best way to kill his candidature for good. I cannot imagine a better way to commit suicide than the one he chose. Even Jeb Bush would have been less embarrassing. This was pure PC, middle-of-damn-nowhere, focus-group-rubbish, Rove-mentality, which is the best way to lose.

Trump is not steered by focus groups. He does not care a straw about the “demographics”. He talks so that the demographics follow him, not that he may follow the demographics. This, my friends, is (massively flawed as Trump is) the mark of the real leader.

Trump shoots with the Uzi, and when the libtards cry switches to the bazooka. He serves you The Original Donald, and does not ask you whether you will like what he is about to say. He is outrageous because he is authentic. It works. People love authenticity and forgive mistakes to those who are passionate. They become far more critical of those who looks at the “demographics” before they open their mouth or take big decisions.  Cruz is smart enough to know all this, but I think he did not have the guts, the sheer balls to do what Trump does effectively and effortlessly all the time: being smartly, unapologetically, bravely countercultural. Cruz had the better platform, but Trump had far more leadership. A leader leads you where he wants you to go. A follower tries to understand where you want to go. 

Cruz had some “follower” moments, and he paid for it. Can’t say he didn’t deserve it. There’s a revolution ongoing. This is no time for demographics accountants and poll strategists. Ask Trump, who has been devastating polls with a giant wave of support since last August. 

Why I write all this? 

Because Cruz is and remains, to me, by far the best of the crop, and I credit him with vastly more integrity and fear of the Lord  than Trump will probably ever have. I think there is greatness in this man. But from what I could see, he must still ripe to the kind of conservative Reagan was, and he is clearly not there. 

I hope (and think it probable) that Trump will break the witch’s spine come November. This gives Cruz eight years to ripe to a truly formidable candidate. He will still be young in eight years’ time, and in a wonderful position after Trump has (hopefully) cured the country of his PC disease. There might be great years ahead. But there must be changes.

The man is smart. Smarter, I think, than the already very smart Trump. He will reflect and, hopefully, ripe. I wish him all the best.





Super Tuesday: Six Things I Know And Share

If you don't like Trump, this one here is your only choice.

If you don’t like Trump, this one here is your only choice.



  • The GOP Softies need to man up.  

Crying like little girls angry at something that should have never, ever be allowed to happen, our not-so-brave pundits, politicians and assorted losers are now hysterically telling us what a catastrophe it will be if Trump wins the nomination. Unfortunately, these are the same people who kept telling us he would never win the nomination, thus reducing their credibility to Comical Ali levels. I find the whining tone even worse that the lame arguments used. But most offensive I find that people who clearly did not understand jack of anything these past six/seven months now ask us to believe in their infallible wisdom… again.   

  • The GOP Softies Prefer Hillary To Cruz

All this talk of not voting Trump instead of telling Rubio and Kasich to see the light (and withdraw already) means only one thing: they’d rather lose to Hillary (or so they think) than help Cruz to win. It does not make sense. Trump is certainly not the best candidate, and I have my doubts about his credentials. But compared to Clinton, give me Trump every day. I am sure there is an awful lot of people out there who think exactly the same as me. And I am sure there is an awful lot of GOP apparatchiks who root for Hillary already. 

  • Either Cruz is now left alone against Trump, or Trump has all but won. 

This isn’t really difficult. Cruz is the only one consistently able to defeat Trump. He is the (more) presentable face of Conservatism. He is tested, and extremely reliable. Given the choice between Trump and Cruz, millions would still pick Cruz, and there might still be time (not much, though). Cruz would reduce Hillary to ashes come November (hey, even Bernie got fairly near). Cruz should, at this point, be the card of choice of all those who:  1) are conservative, and 2) don’t like Trump.

Do we see this happening? Not as I write this. Don’t hold your breath. Even Kasich still thinks he has chances. Go figure. If nothing changes, Trump is it, then. I note here that even so it would be difficult, because Trump is firmly installed in the hearts and mind of those against globalisation, and of those strongly set against illegal immigration. Cruz will never speak to them as Trump does. 

  • Horror scenarios are not credible

This is less intuitive, but let me explain. I do not believe in the least the scenario of the party fracture, and of either a brokered convention going against the clear winner, or of a third candidate launched just to make Trump lose. Not going to happen. It would mean the complete annihilation of the GOP and – more importantly – the end of thousands of political and administrative careers in the second, third and fourth rank of the political personnel in Washington as well as everywhere else. Nuclear scenarios are only credible if you want to die. Countless GOP pussies may whine like little girls now, but they do not want to die. When Trump gets the nomination they will deny him a useful support and most certainly hope he loses, but they will not destroy the party (and themselves) just for the sake of destroying Trump. Besides, in my not so short life I have heard such threats many times, in many Countries. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Ah, I forgot: Trump has enough money to do it again in four or eight years’ time, if he so chooses. The man seems vindictive.  

If you ask me, the nuclear scenario is not going to happen. Rather, there will soon be a small army of people ready to support the new man; power attracts, and this kind of power attracts an awful lot. Chris Christie got it faster. Many others will get to the same conclusion later.   

  • Trump has no “ceiling”

It is funny to still read, in the liberal press, of the supposed ceiling that Trump would have, and the fact that outside of his fedelissimi the Country hates him. It’s not happening. The field has now clearly thinned out compared to the Christie and Bush days, and Trump still gets more than the votes (and of the delegates) of Cruz and Rubio together. Actually, he gets Chris Christie’s vote, too! As soon as he gets the nomination, the Country will begin to reflect that the alternative is Hillary. Trump will tear her to little pieces for months on end. The woman who is trembling because of Sanders will have nowhere to hide against Trump. Forget the hypothetical polls of hypothetical scenarios. When Trump has the nomination he will be very real, and Hillary will feel the heat from day one. More supposed “ceilings” will fall then, as they have been falling up to now. The talk of “ceilings” only hides the inability of too many to understand what is happening.

Polls don’t make history. Polls don’t change Countries. Men do. It is a typical GOP mistake to go for what they think the people will choose, rather than pick a man that will change the way people choose. Strong men change Countries. Trump gets it, Jeb Bush never did.  

  • Rubio still doesn’t get it  

Poor man has become so accustomed to persuade himself that defeats are victories, that he seems now utterly unable to see a defeat of Grand Canyon proportions staring at him in the face. A doctor might be in order. Seen from the other side of the pond, one who could win only one state out of fifteen (and this one bringing him so few delegates, that he would have been better off scraping 20% of the vote in Texas) and still talks of momentum and very bright days just about to come is in a state of denial of, actually, very funny proportions.

There. I though I would share. It helps me not to think about Francis. 





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