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Pope Francis: Even Outsiders Now Get The Heresy

This long article from the UK-based, proto-communist Guardian is extremely instructive (inasmuch as people who don’t understand anything of Catholicism can be instructive) for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. 

The author obviously does not understand anything of Catholicism: the insisted accent on the difference between how the world is and how the world should be according to the Church, as if this were a problem for the Church, is obvious demonstration; the one about it being necessary that Catholics give communion to adulterers to avoid the risk of extinction is so stupid that it must be a bad pun) and has no theological depth at all (it is not true that divorced and “remarried” people already receive communion all over the world; but this is utterly irrelevant: the question is whether anyone who does so, which is very easy to do, commits a very grave sacrilege. 

However, even people who have done nothing more than a shallow research of the facts,  and can’t write an article without giving us countless examples of ignorance and incompetence understand this: Francis is a heretic by every Catholic standard of the last two thousand years. 

In his confused way (fake news abound all over the article, see the already mentioned example) the author sees it as evident that what Francis does is the contrary of what Popes for two thousand years before him have done. That this is supposed to be good does insult the intelligence of the writer (even an atheist should be able to understand that this is not acceptable for Catholicism, and therefore Francis is is simply an unacceptable Pope), but it does not change the facts.

This article, like many other secular interventions in favour of the Evil Clown, indicts Pope Francis even as it supports him.  If a magazine called Satanism Today praised Francis in high tones, what would that demonstrate about him?    

Look and stun, Catholic world.

A Pope is praised by the Guardian for his battle against Catholicism. 


The Hans Küng Show Goes On

Probably the only right choice of Hans Kueng in his life: Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlina.

It is a pity, that the “Guardian” (for those of you who should not know: a very red newspaper, hopefully soon bankrupt, and good riddance) has not published the interview with the wannabe theologian Hans Küng in the usual, textual “question and answer” manner. Instead, we are served with a third-party report of Mr Küng’s “vision” of the Church; which is so bizarre it would be funny it this were not a baptised Catholic and even, officially, still a priest (someone will have to pay for this one day, I believe…).

The concept of Mr (Father? Arrghhh…) Küng now proposing a “revolution”  is not mentioned verbatim in the words of the Great Comedian, but it is reasonable to assume such things are discussed with him beforehand. The idea of revolt, of open disobedience, is clear enough.

What comes out of the interview is grotesque:

1) there would be (apparently) an invitation to “unseat the Pope”, starting a revolution from below who – according to which principle, is not clear to me – substitute the Church hierarchy with something, well, different.

2) The Church is described as “authoritarian” (an amazing discovery, this one: the man is 84 and I would say he had some time to do his homework; but I digress…), which is supposed to be bad; then in Kueng’s world, authority is evidently bad qua authority.

3) The man is not satisfied with the bishops, whom he considers too conservative. No support for the pill, you see. Astonishing. I do agree that most bishops are either bad or very bad, but to manage to let them look good is a feat only Mr/Father/whatever Küng could achieve.

4) The man accuses the Pope of surrounding himself with luxury. Envy is a capital sin. Besides, someone should inform him that for some very valid reasons, the Pope should not jump on the bus and live in a council house.

5) The man drove a red Alfa Romeo Giulia in the Sixties. Excellent, nay, legendary car. Bully for him. But wait, he was… a priest? And one who reproaches a Pope for living as a Pope? Is a red sport saloon (make no mistake: Alfa Romeos in those times were serious fun cars, even the saloons, and expensive their part…) appropriate for a priest? Well I do not know how appropriate it was for a priest to drive this car in red, but I can’t say I disapprove his taste in matters of cars…

I wonder whether this was good to pull young women? A priest who never ever looks like one, talks of pills for women, and drives a Red Alfa? Ah, Mundabor, you should not be always so cynical…

6) Küng explains how he hoped the future Pope might “turn corner on certain issues”, but alas, it was not to be. I would still say the damage for the future Pope from the acquaintance with the man has still been remarkable, but this is just me… . It is reassuring to know since the Sixties (where Kueng is described as one of the “starts” of VII; go figure…) the two have not met. Just imagine if they had. We’d have Assisi XIV by now…

7) He considers Cardinal Schoenborn’s action against the heretics too hard. There must be a joke somewhere here; but he is from Switzerland so I can’t find it.

8) I knew that Kueng had some strange idea about some world religion, but it would appear his turning away from Christianity is now rather total. The Guardian describes our man’s ideas thus:

Weltethos was founded in the early 1990s as an attempt to bring the religions of the world together by emphasising what they have in common rather than what divides them. It has drawn up a code of behavioural rules that it hopes one day will be as universally acceptable as the UN.

For heaven’s sake, even a child must understand that if they emphasise what they have in common, they must perforce downplay everything that is specifically Christian.  

What’s Christian in that? How can this joke be a priest? Who is responsible for that? 

Also note the adherence to the new religion: peace, and the new “Pope”: the UN.

Alas, I think the man has gone “beyond” being a Christian a long time ago. His “religion” seems to be a vague heathenism based on emotional, effeminate (no, I do not think he himself is effeminate; not with that red Alfa…) concepts of “getting along”, as if the planet were a huge afternoon tea, and us in there to let it proceed pleasantly.

The man is clearly on the Hell Express, and I can’t imagine there are Alfa Romeos in hell; not even red ones.

I am sure he would find there many of his old colleagues, though.

Bar an always welcome repentance, he’ll have to quarrel about “Weltethos” mit them.


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