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Anus Atque Onus

No, this is just because Francis does not like you...

You know those old people who keep talking of their own impending demise merely in order to hear others assuring them they still have long years in front of them? Well, one of them is Pope.

It is now rather “officially unofficial” that TMAHICH does not think of resigning. Not in the least. The “my pontificate will not be long” blabber had only one aim: to play the old man with his thoughts now oh so directed to heaven, whilst – if you ask me – a more worldly Pope may never have darkened the magnificent doors of the Vatican City.

Resigning? The Humble Pope likes the perks of the job all right. His ego has expanded more than his circumference. Who knows, perhaps the expansion of the second will put an end to the expansion of the first?

I am a tad disappointed as I would have preferred further hints at a possible future resignation. Just to make my day a bit better, you see. But honestly, I would not have believed them in that case, either. An excuse to feel forced – in all humbleness – to keep wreaking damage would be easy to find anyway.

No, the Unholy Father was just being coquettish. Look at me, the humble old man. Look at me, the one who is not about career at all. Look at me, the Great Mercy Reformer. But most of all: look at me.

I do not wish him a long pontificate, and therefore cannot wish him – now that it is clear he wants to die in office – a long life. I am reminded of Schopenhauer rather dry mot d’esprit when the old woman to whom he was forced to pay a pension died: obit anus, abit onus. “The old (woman) dies, the burden goes away”.

Those same words I hope I will write, on this blog, rather sooner than later; because if you love the Church for tea and not only as an empty slogan you cannot, you most certainly cannot wish for this pontificate to go on for another day; nay, for another hour. Not, of course, out of hate for the man; but out of love for the Church.

Still, it is consoling to think that the Lord has Francis on an “at will” employment contract. He can fire Francis anytime, and without any notice period at all. Bam. Gone. Next.

I will submit to His wisdom in this, and will do my best to live with the punishment God has sent us every day.

But I think it’s clear what I desire for the Church: that the old man dies, and the burden goes away.

Pray that the Lord, in His own good time, frees us from this scourge.

It’s hard enough to have to endure such a Pope to also have to deal with the coquettish remarks, and shattered hopes.




From Miles Christi: Francis The Destroyer, An Anthology Of The Bergoglian Magisterium



No; you are not cool...

No; you are not cool…


Via Call me Jorge, I republish this wonderful work from Miles Christi,

Francis The Destroyer, An Anthology Of The Bergoglian Magisterium

This beautiful work is not a collection of comments or articles, but it has countless quotes from the man himself, all with references and Internet links. The document goes on for twelve pages. How much work went into it I do not even want to think. It is updated to 2 December 2014; which means, in two words, pre-Rabbitgate time.

In order to properly understand TMAHICH and his mentality I quote another pearl from this man, also mentioned by Call me Jorge:

It is not to be believed that every even partial attempt at collecting the immense amount of rubbish disseminated by this man day in and day out should take such an amount of work. This man would provide Romano Amerio with enough material for another Iota Unum every three months.
Truly, those who still keep believing in any kind of innocence or naivete of this man have nowhere to hide.
And no: the heretical and perverted statements of the man are most certainly not Magisterium. But yes, they are most certainly what he thinks.

Father Rosica Tries To Silence A Catholic Blogger






We truly live in maddening times.

The blogger of Vox Cantoris, a perfectly orthodox Catholic blog mentioned here a couple of times, has been threatened with a lawsuit if eleven posts concerning the very same Father Rosica, and all of them concerning his public activity and statements, are not removed.

Bravely, the blogger has already indicated he will not comply.

I am not an expert in Canadian law, but it seems extremely difficult to imagine the letter has any chance at all of being successful.

Rather, it seems to me that here something different is at stake: a Vatican official uses a financial muscle (the threat of a very expensive, long-drawn lawsuit) to shut up a faithful Catholic blogger.

Father Rosica is, in a way, the number two of Father Lombardi, and they often appear together at press conferences. I repeat it again, none of the posts make allegations about Father Rosicas private life or affairs, and there is no trace of slander. That a man working with the press would try to silence the free expression of opinion in this way truly beggars belief.

Some questions are now, I think, ripe:

1) How long can the oh so merciful TMAHICH pretend he does not know of this? Will he stubbornly shut up as he did, and still does, in the FFI matter? (Oh well, wait! He said “soon, soon” to the old couple! An obvious lie!).

2) How can Father Rosica remain at his place if he shows such obvious contempt for the very freedoms that make his job?

3) How many dozen of other blogs will Father Rosica have to sue now? Do we want to call them, say, twenty-four, in at least half a dozen jurisdictions?

Vox Cantoris is on a “Blogger” platform. I can, therefore, not reblog his posts. I could link to them, but the link would not work if the posts are removed. 

If any, ahem, “Blogger” blogger wants to reblog his posts, I think this will have the effect that the posts would remain on the blog of the “reblogger” even if they were to be removed from the original site; a decision which Mr Domet could take at any time.

Let me make clear that I would not blame Mr Domet if he decided that he wants to be able to blog in peace, and sleep at night. But I appreciate it the much more, if he decides to fight this fight for all of us.

As Mr Domet has obviously decided he wants to see Father Rosica’s cards, I invite every Catholic blogger of good will, including priest bloggers, to give vast echo to this matter and make their voice heard.

Vaya lio!


I beg of you. I implore you. If you are thinking of starting a blog, do so anonymously.

We live in strange and disturbing times.



Facing Fidel


Communist Subversive

Communist Subversive

I have few doubts the environ-mental encyclical of Pope Dope (aka TMAHICH, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History) will be released within the year, officially documenting the shame of this pontificate for all centuries to come. It might be interesting to reflect a bit about the situation of the Catholic Neocons in the matter.

Like most people with a working brain, Neocons reject environ-mentalism. They will be, very soon, confronted with a massive example of this atheist madness, from the very Pope. It will be impossible to ignore the message, because this time we will not be in front of an off-the-cuff comment, but of a very official document. Every Neocon will have to pick a side, and to take a stance. What options will he have?

1. Hide behind the finger, and trying not to ignore, but to deflect the issue. Admit that one is “confused”, and finds the words of the Pope “unusual” and “surprising”. Perch oneself just at the top of the fence and stay there, hoping no one notices the discomfort or the ridicule of such a posture. It won’t work, because Francis is the character that does not allow anyone to sit on the fence: either you are a revolutionary, or a counter-revolutionary.

Pope Lama

Proto-Communist subversive

2. Espouse the madness, and cave in to enviro-terrorism. Very few will do it, perhaps even among the Pollyannas. Every Catholic with a bit of a Catholic instinct knows that you do not follow blindly whatever the Pope says. It takes a SS-mentality to change one’s stance and follow the Pope on this.

3. Draw the consequences from the Pope’s statement and say it bluntly: this is in principle no matter of faith and morals and actually, if we look at it seriously, Francis’ stance goes against faith and moral. That’s it. Yes, the Pope is wrong. Get over it.

My suspicion is that Francis’ new anti-Western push will move a good number of tepid Neocons toward position number 3; particularly so, because the issue of environ-madness is a highly emotional one, and they are not going to be swayed on this by one they do not even like. When this happens, these very Neocons will be forced to reflect that a Pope who abuses the instrument of an encyclical to promote his own pet peeves, or to promote an actually anti-Catholic agenda, isn’t worth much and is abusing of his office as Pope.

I suggest to my readers that whenever they come into contact with such Neocons they take the initiative and ask them how they view the Pope’s stance on the Environment: whether they unconditionally approve, or think that this is a matter for an encyclical letter, and the like. After the obligatory “hhmmm” and “uuuhhhhmmmm” some serious thinking might well be about to start.

Francis is driving Neocons to the wall. He is leaving them nowhere to hide. His blunt activism will require of them to make a choice.

Hopefully, the right one.



Be A Water Cooler Soldier


water cooler. jpg

Modern battleground…


This comment appeared on Father Z’s website is a beautiful indictment of TMAHIC but, at the same time, an indication of how good intentions can translate into a bad service for the Church, and our soul.

I’ll be perfectly honest. I’m tired of reading about pope Francis, about his many publicity stunts, and always to worry about how to wash his questionable decisions white every time he utters some poetic nonsense. I’m tired to think of excuses to tell my coworkers at the water cooler, when they ask me about the stuff the pope says, and which are totally contradictory to my lifestyle as a practicing tradition loving catholic. I’m tired of this. I’m tired of having to duoblethink most of what I came to beleive is true, just becouse our pope chooses to be a populist. I mean, it is a bad sign, if a site like has a picure of pope Francis liked by tens of thousands that says: “the best thing that could happen to the Catholic Church”. The pope should engage the culture of death, not smile at it, wave at it, kiss it and pet it. I mean just think about it in military terms: how would it effect the loyalty and morale of soldiers fighting in the trenches, bleeding out and dying, if their supreme commander would in the mean time have parties and drinks with the enemy.Christian people are actually dying at the hands of Islam, and our pope lays in bed with them for the whole world to see and cheer.

So this is my last uttering about this pope. I refuse to talk about him, because the only thing I could say wouldn’t be nice, so I rather choose not to speak about him at all.

Sorry for the rant.

The commenter, called Inigo, photographs the situation and the reality of our days with uncanny perceptiveness. But then he draws all the wrong conclusions from the right premises.

Pope Francis is not your funny neighbour with an obnoxious penchant for fireworks, or the socially awkward teacher of your son always managing to make the wrong joke at the wrong time. His role as a Pope gives him a unique authority; in turn, this allows him to cause immense damage to Catholicism. We cannot refuse to talk about him, simply because the only things we could say would not be nice. We can’t allow Francis to go on with his rubbish, and help him with the silence of those who have understood what kind of person he is.

The duty of a Christian to Christ comes before the understandable desire to be nice. Silent niceness does not save, the works that come from faith do. We can’t just say: “I refuse to talk openly about a man who works against my religion, because it would conflict with my duty to be nice”.

Niceness is not a religion. When heresy goes in, niceness must go out. 

The commenter sees all the problems. He sees the sabotage very clearly. He sees the open treason. Well, then: this is clearly not the time to be silent, or nice. This is the time to be militant, in the comment boxes of blogs and magazines as well as at the water cooler. There are many water coolers in the West. Those who gathers around them go home and let a casual remark or two fall, with their wives or husbands or children, about what was said at the water cooler about Francis. Next time Francis is on record with something stupid (the day after, very probably), the statement of the good Catholic guy at the water cooler will immediately be remembered.

Water  coolers matter. Comment boxes matter. The way we talk with our friends and acquaintances, or with our relatives matter. Not only they matter because they will shift the perception of this Pope from “best thing since sliced bread” to a far more accurate “worst disgrace since Stalin”, but they also help your soul, because to shut up in the name of niceness is to surrender.

If the supreme commander has parties and drinks with the enemy, the supreme commander is a traitor, and he is the enemy. You can’t just sit there and say nothing. If Francis lays in bed with Islam for the sake of his own self-aggrandizement, he must be called an attention whore, a faithless idiot, and an enemy of Christ and His Church.   

We need more utterings about this Pope. Brutal and truthful as the first part of Inigo’s comment.

Forget niceness. When your mama told you that if you don’t have anything nice to say it’s better not to say anything she did not mean that this goes in preference to defending your religion.

And she did not know Francis.



That’s It! I Give Up! (Not Really…)

Attention Whore? You don’t say?

Not for the first time, one is overwhelmed from the sheer amount of populism, stupidity, and utter heresy coming out of the mouth of this amateur Pope.

Some days ago he threw around generic statements about everyone belonging to the Church being saved (isn’t he awfully nice, this Pope? So generous!). I wanted to write about it, but then the other bomb in Turkey exploded. Actually a very big one, accompanied by minor explosions concerning the usual stupid things Francis always does and says.

I wonder whether I should rename this blog “TMAHICH: Chronicles Of A Horrible Papacy”; but then I reflect a Catholic blog should always be about more than the latest utterances of a subversive Pontiff, and even in matters of Franciscan insanity should pay attention to the broader view, rather than to the single fact.

Therefore, I will now have to choose whether the Black Friday Salvation Sale or the “Bless us, Schismatics, because we are the True Church” gets my attention. This, of course, unless in the meantime Pope Dope comes along with some other statement about, I don’t know, prostitutes being the salt of the earth, thieves being a wonderful example of Catholicism, and people who don’t prostitute themselves and don’t steal being dead inside, or something like that…

I will, therefore, not give up. Just bear with me if I can’t report about everything. It is safer for you to assume that for every major piece of nonsense I write about, TMAHICH has uttered somewhere between two and four if you put everything together (from the outright blasphemy to the shameless populism, and from his excursions in the realms of economics to his immigration policies, and scientific beliefs).

In all this mess, though, there seems to be a sort of silver lining: it cannot be doubted that the secular world out there pays less and less attention to the man, now more and more broadly regarded as an old nincompoop with no clue by the atheist mass media and the binge drinking masses.

This Pope has always been an attention whore, but his whoring seems to become bigger as the degree of attention he gets decreases. One and a half year ago, washing the feet of infidels and women caused a huge uproar. Nowadays, accusing the US of “State Terrorism” (which he did; though obviously the Jesuit way, as “who am I to judge” and everything else) barely registers on the boredom scale.

It will, I am afraid, get worse before it gets better, because whoring even more is what the attention whore does when she does not get the desired attention. But at some point, even this bonehead might understand that the public isn’t applauding, and might be persuaded to avoid making as ass of himself as much as he can.

He has 100% Italian DNA.

Boy, I am ashamed.



The Wizard, The Wand, And The Clown

If I had one of these, I know whom I would make disappear...

The recent statements of TMAHICH concerning the Theory of Evolution have caused a lot of discussions.

I have already posted some words about the Theory of Evolution. Now I would like to spend some words about what the Unholy Father said about this. I would focus on three aspects: the mind frame, the actual words, and the obvious theological implications.

1. The Pope who thinks that perhaps the Blessed Virgin thought “Lies! I have been deceived!”, or the like, at the foot of the cross seems not to have any doubt about the Theory of Evolution, at all. Where he should have certainties, he has doubts. Where he should have (serious) doubts, he has certainties. Francis is, through and through, a secular mind.

2. The words are, as so often by him, said in Francispeak. His words can mean both the God is not a wizard with a magic wand, and that God is inherently unable to create a world from nothing, and men from nothing, without “helping Himself” with an evolutionary mechanism. The first meaning is nothing more that the usual banal drivel we hear from this man when he is not being heretical. The second is extremely serious. This seems to me a kow-towing to the secular mentality, besides being obviously blasphemous. It is as if Francis would say to the world: “whilst I must tell you that I believe in God because I am the Pope, I will show you I am on your side by making Him as little as I can”.

Ambiguity, confusion, possible blasphemy. This must be Francis speaking, then.

3. The most important aspect is one that, surprisingly, seem to have been rather neglected in the commentaries. I do not believe for a moment that Francis is particularly interested in pushing any kind of evolutionary theory in biological matters. This is not what he is working at. What TMAHICH wants to achieve is to push the idea of an evolutionary theology. Evolutionary not in the sense of growing as, say, an oak evolves, but in the sense of transforming in something completely different from what was before; something very pleasing to Monsignor Ricca, Elton John, Rabbi Skorka, adulterers, concubines, and in short, the world.

The talk of “god of surprises” (lack of capitalisation intentional) and all the drivel about the Holy Ghost leading us to ever new truths is exactly in the same vein.

Francis does not even want to be an heresiarch. He wants to be your new god. What he says, is your new religion. Your religious convictions must change according to where he says the spirit leads him. One would be tempted to say that he has appointed himself the fourth person of the… Holy Tetrarchy, if there were not sufficient doubts already that he believes in both the Second and the Third Person, as proved by his saying that Jews and Muslims believe in the same God as the Christians. But then again this is the same person who states “there is no God! Do not be afraid!” and then proceeds to explain to us there are only… the three Persons, basically being heretical again in that casual, am-I-not-super-cool, half-drunk way of his.

This Is what I found, the other day, most disquieting in Francis' words: his continuous push on this concept of “evolution” into something that is not evolution at all but radical change, contradiction, negation. The speech in question was, if you ask, just another way of preparing the 2015 Synod.

Do not worry too much about the wizard.

Worry about the clown instead.



Let’s Talk About Bastards

TMAHICH has given another example of boundless hypocrisy and utter carelessness today for what he has said yesterday.

The family is being “bastardised”, he decries. Nowadays, so much is called “family”.

Well, let me think aloud here.

The family would be less bastardised if there were no Archbishops sending their priests in the slums, allowing mass sacrilege as they permit everyone to receive communion in a context in which 80% or more of couples are not married and, therefore, presumably 80% of children are bastards.

There is, in fact, no way to bastardise the family more effectively than what Francis has done as Archbishop and is doing as Pope: allowing mass sacrilege in his own diocese, devaluing marriage as he allows concubines to receive, marrying in his capacity as Pope public concubines, allowing the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires to baptise poor children “adopted” by goddamn dykes, and in general sabotaging the very idea of family with a Synod full of heresy, blasphemy and sexual perversion.

Francis is like a Hitler complaining of Antisemitism. With the important difference that Hitler at least did not have the stunning hypocrisy of decrying what he himself promoted day in and day out.

Francis is here, clearly, trying to remake a virginity by appearing a defender of the family. He is in fact, and remains, its worst enemy. He is merely being his Modernist self, and throwing some pigeon feed to the Pollyannas so that they may now storm the comment boxes of blogs and fora singing the praise of Francis The Defender Of Family.

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History has opened his mouth again, and again he has given us a demonstration of his breathtakingly double-tongued persona.

Don’t believe one word of what he says. Francis may not be, technically at least, a bastard; but his Catholicism is not even recognisable as bastardised.

It is just not there.



Pope Weathervane



Judas receiving the thirty pieces of silver as seen by Mattia Preti, ca 1640.

Judas receiving the thirty pieces of silver as seen by Mattia Preti, ca 1640.


If laws do not lead people to Christ then they are obsolete,

Pope Francis, homily of the 13 October 2014, the day of the Relatio post disceptationem. 


[We must avoid] The temptation to neglect the “depositum fidei”, not thinking of themselves as guardians but as owners or masters [of it];

Pope Francis, address to the Synod Fathers, five days later. 


I keep calling him The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, and I hope by now most of my readers understand why. 

Five days after triumphantly  announcing – on the same day of the Relatio which clearly bears his heretical stamp – a new post-Christian era, this man dares to warn us from the temptation of becoming… exactly like him. 

Shameless hypocrite. 

Whited sepulchre. 



Who Will Take The Lead?

First and Bravest of the Brave: cardinal Burke.

First and Bravest of the Brave: cardinal Burke.


The army of Faggotry has had a setback this week, but there is no hoping that this is the end of the satanical pro-faggotry, sacrilegious madness fueled by TMAHICH and his minions. 

Give it a couple of weeks at the most, and interviews from dissenting (from the Magisterium) bishops will start to appear, in order to gather for them Brownie Points with Francis. 

The publication of the shameless Relatio will now lead to what was planned all along: the opening of a “debate”, a “discussion” between orthodoxy on one side, and sacrilege and sodomy on the other.

Whilst it is obvious the Pope did not want to start the “discussion” with a bleeding nose and a black eye, it is perfectly clear this kind of “debate” is what was planned all along, and this is what we are now going to get. And no doubt, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History will be the one who fuels it from the very first line with more outlandish, or outright heretical, or utterly blasphemous statements. 

It is clear enough by now that most Bishops do not want such a discussion at all, because Truth is not questioned and is no object for debate. But the homo troops will be reorganised in a matter of weeks, perhaps days. When the big media noise has subsided, it will be the time to start advancing again: timidly at first, more and more strongly as the months pass. 

We need strong leaders now. We need Bishops and Cardinals who are actually afraid of going to hell, and put their duty to Christ before the rich privileges of their positions. When Christians in Africa and Asia risk their lives everyday just for going to Mass, it is perfectly reasonable to ask consecrated Bishops, people who should be ready to die for Christ at a moment’s notice, to run the risk of losing a diocese, and being sent to some remote and unpleasant location, at the very worst.

Some names have emerged in the last days. Cardinals Burke, Mueller, Pell, and Napier seem to me the four most courageous ones, the elite of the Christian troops in this very difficult moment. And I say this with admiration for Cardinal Mueller: a man of very questionable theological integrity concerning the Perpetual Virginity of our Blessed Lady and the Resurrection; but who has, when severely tested, reacted in an exemplary manner.

In the same vein, I am less than impressed by the silence of two names that could, I think, be expected to be among the voices claiming in the wilderness. Cardinal Piacenza is the first, and Cardinal Bagnasco is the second. The latter has, it is very true, shamefully caved in to Francis’ Gospel of inclusiveness in a past, very scandalous occasion, but it would still have been a legitimate expectation to see him, a man to whim many look as at a protector of orthodoxy, to speak clearly enough to make world news. The former is a riddle to me. A man who has never, to my knowledge, compromised his faith, has now allowed others to expose themselves to the ires of the Gay Army whilst – as far as I can see – not voicing any criticism strong enough to put him in the first line of the Resistance. Perhaps he is working with them behind the scenes. Perhaps he will intervene when his friends decide that the time is right. Perhaps the English-speaking press has ignored his strong criticism. I am grateful for links to his public utterances in these days, in whatever language. It would be a great joy to be able to count Cardinal Piacenza among the Very Brave. 

 Let us pray for Mueller, Pell, Napier, and particularly Burke, the first one of this brave troop to open his mouth and, from what I could read up to now, the most outspoken. But Francis needs to be questioned and criticised publicly far more strongly than this has been the case up to now.

The word “heresy” is still nowhere to be heard. We need for brave Cardinals to get into the next gear now, openly denouncing the heresy and putting the Pope in front of the choice of either openly supporting or openly recanting it. 

Half words will not serve anyone now. If Francis is allowed to sit on the fence he will have reached his main objective: to sit there as the “referee” of a “friendly match” between two “pastoral views”. This is what he wanted all along. 

There are no two pastoral views. There is orthodoxy on one side, and heresy on the other.

We need strong Cardinals calling Kasper’s doctrine heretical, and doing the same with the Pope if he does not condemn it. We need this vulcan to erupt in the open now, if we want to avoid the subterranean subversion of Catholicism to go on as the Pope threatens, persuades, cajoles and corrupts in the next twelve months and beyond.

The moment is now.

Who will take the lead?


The Day The Pussycat Roared


I must say, I am impressed...

I must say, I am impressed…


Father Z publishes the translation of the story published by Marco Tosatti on La “Stampa”.  

The extent of the events yesterday cannot be underestimated. It is obvious that a deep malcontent was already there. It is also obvious Francis, Kasper and Baldisseri thought they could keep treating the bishops like the pussycats they have been in the last nineteen months (and for a long time before then). What has happened afterwards could, one day, be remembered as the turning of the tide. 

Notice the dynamic. As rather often in life, it needs for only a few strong men to stand up, and others will find the courage to follow. On this occasion, Cardinal Pell has the honour, though there is no doubt the strong cannon fire from others (I put above all Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Mueller; more worthy of praise because more exposed, and with much to lose) had created the ground for what was to happen. 

One man stands up, and says that enough is enough. Openly, he accuses Cardinal Baldisseri – and for all those who have eyes to see, which yesterday included all the bishops, the Pope – of manipulating the Synod, making of it the contrary of what it was from the very start.

It must be said to his partial credit, and as a little contribution toward washing away a shame that will remain with him for life, that Cardinal Erdo also found some courage to talk. Possibly, because desirous to show himself on the street when back. Stones are hard in Budapest, I am told.  

Interestingly, what happens next is that Baldisseri refuses, and keeps the course. This behaviour, instead of the more natural referral to the Unholy Father, can only be explained with a strategy, decided beforehand, to crush every opposition and get on with the program. “Let the one or other pussycat meow”, they must have decided together with Kasper. “They will be told to shut up, and will promptly comply”. 

It wasn’t to be. Enough was, this time, truly enough.

The bishops rebel like one man. The situation has now changed. This is no revolt in kindergarten anymore. Threats of not coming back to the Synod next year had been already leaked, and there could be no more public indictment of a Pope than this one: to ignore him and say in front of the entire world “let the man blubber, and don’t do what he says”.

At this point, no one could have done differently. Baldisseri is on the ground, his position and credibility now wounded to death. The leaking will obviously become a deluge if he insists. If the bishops leave the room, this papacy will be destroyed, with an indictment obvious even for Patheos bloggers to see.

 Tosatti at this point refers – boy, the synod room leaks like a sieve: hagan lio! – the turning point of the morning: Baldisseri looking at Francis. 

How I would have wanted to be there! These are the moments that make Church history! A bully by both nature and long liberal practice, Francis’ instinct must have been to shut them up, and demand that his wish be their command. But the man has lived too much – wasted years, I admit – not to understand the dynamics at play.

In those moments, he must have seen very vividly in front of his eyes the ruin of his pontificate. Francis The Merciful, Francis The Gentle Uncle, Francis The Apostle Of Collegiality, openly refused by his own Bishops I do not say obedience, but respect and credentials of orthodoxy.  The entire world – not only the Catholic one – would have woken up discovering that the Pope is a heretic. The press offensive would have been an atomic mushroom, because when a bishop refuses obedience to a Pope and says his positions, doctrinal stance and character are not acceptable, he must most certainly explain himself. 

The man knows all this. He is a Jesuit after all. He sees the atomic mushroom about to rise. 

He remains there, dark in the face, silent.

Nay: he remains there, humiliated, and silenced.  

Oh, how he must have hated them! All that he always despised: the “joyless”, “sanctimonious”, “holy-card-faced”, “Pharisees”, “Neo-Pelagians”, perhaps (some of them) even “rosary-counting” Catholics standing there in front of them, an ocean of red and purple caps! Rebelling to him, the Humble Lider Maximo himself! 

Francis did not say anything, apparently. But we know what he must have thought:

“Just you wait”. 

At this point, the battle of the day was decided. Francis was challenged to come out in the open, and he didn’t show up.

The entire narrative of the synod has now collapsed. The reports of the small groups are now published, and it is extremely clear the synod that we have been sold has never happened. Cardinal “I think the majority is with me” Kasper is exposed as a miserable liar. Orthodoxy, as a whole and even if in the usual, weak V II way, was defended from day one, from the vast majority of the bishops. 

This isn’t even a revolt. This is a bloodbath. This is Francis’ comeuppance made “small report”, for everyone to read and stun at the extent of the deception and manipulation. This is a complete, if not sufficiently strong, indictment of the entire “age of mercy”, of the Satanic excrements we have been given up to now, and that were sold to us as the New Truth; because, according to this devil in white, this enemy of Christ and master of lies, “if laws don’t lead people to Jesus, they are obsolete”. 

What will Francis do now? He will do what old Jesuit manipulators always do. He will lick his wounds as he works in the dark, unleashing his hounds against the bishops outside of camera attention.  Perhaps he will send one or two “orthodox” messages, to try to divide the public opinion and to lead some into thinking he may not be a died-in-the-wool material heretic after all. He will work outside of the cameras’ attention to the intimidation of many bishops, as he keeps embracing wheelchairs and making well-planned “spontaneous” stops with his humble Ford Focus. He will, make no mistake, keep being TMAHICH.

But something, I think, has now changed forever. This slap cannot be “un-slapped”. He has been exposed as a liar, a hypocrite, and a manipulator. May this not be said with these exact words, the substance of what the Bishops have said and done yesterday is clear. The bucks stops at the Pope. 

I have said it before (actually, even before things came to yesterdays’ showdown) that this is an unprecedented revolt after an unprecedented blasphemy. 

But at the same time, it was a glorious day. A day that must make the Modernists stop and think, and realise it won’t be a walk in the park. It will be, in fact, a huge mess, and a battle that will be sung in the centuries to come.

One feels today as if Liberius or Honorius had been publicly denounced by their own bishops. It is as if the Ottaviani Intervention had gathered with it the Conciliar Fathers as one man. It is so big.  

Further battles lie before us, and particularly before the bishops. The Jesuit will come back with a vengeance, and no trick or weapon will be left unused. The bishops must understand what is going on, and resist as one man, denouncing all of them every attempt at intimidation made to one of them. They are (largely, and loosely, but still…) on the side of orthodoxy. There is no way in hell a Pope can fight them en masse and save face.

But this here was huge. 

Pray for the Bishops, that they find the strenght and moral fortitude, now that the conflict has exploded, to continue on the path of Truth.  

It was the day the pussycat roared. These things do not happen simply out of human forces. 

What a glorious day. 






How To Stop A Bully (Actually, Two).

keep calm



A glorious day today. Glorious, probably, as much as the Church of V II will ever be able to be glorious.

The pussycat has roared. Unbelievable. Evidently, there are forces at work going beyond the mere frailty of humans. 

The path seems clear to me. Notwithstanding the successful revolt of today (which I can only see as an unprecedented, public humiliation of TMAHICH, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History; who decided it is wiser to shut up, for the moment at least, and at least in public) what we are going to assist to in the coming twelve months is:

1. A massive intimidation of bishops,  

2. A massive inculturation through Catholic media (have you read the “Catholic Herald” on Monday and Tuesday? It was like reading the “Tablet”, or rather the Voelkischer Beobachter…), and

3. Another massive intervention through the Six Little Pigs nominated by Francis; and I wonder whether Archbishop “Faggot” Forte will be even allowed to remain in the game; which, if true, would be enough to make every retard understand what kind of game is being played here. 


The way the bishops must react to this is very simple, and I would say unavoidable: the must raise the stakes and not only denounce the intimidation publicly – they are enough, and angry enough to do so with a devastating blow, as today has abundantly showed – but publicly denounce the Kasperite madness as heresy.

This is the only way the wolves now working in the corridors, threatening, promising, cajoling, and dividing, can be exposed once and for all.

Denounce the heresy very hard and very loudly. Give it Kasper’s name. Let the Pothead in Chief, then, either shut up or say openly, publicly, for all the world to see that he officially supports Kasper’s heresy. This morning at the latest he has understood that if he dared to stand up and put himself squarely on the side of Kasper his papacy would be destroyed, and Catholicism would resound of the sound of bishops calling the Pope a heretic, and demanding his resignation. The crystal statue of this disgraceful papacy would be destroyed in one thousand little splinters. Try to make anything meaningful in these conditions, Frankie boy, and good luck to you. 

Kasper is the ideal way to reaffirm orthodoxy without officially striking Francis; actually, leaving him one last possibility to retreat in good order. He might also, once he has seen what wind is blowing, reflect about jetting himself off to Argentina, where he would be able to stink of sheep as much as he wants for all the time he has left. 

But this is the time to resist to the Kasperite and Bergoglite arrogance and intimidation with a decisive blow; now that the Catholicism with a brain is in a state of shock, wondering at what point of homosexual perversion and prostitution to the world things have come; now that even among the bishops – the last ones to wake up – the cry can be heard loud and clear: enough. 

The conclusion of the small groups that I have read up to now (courtesy, as always, of Rorate) is encouraging, albeit – predictably – the Vatican II style of writing and thinking is still too evident to be ignored (“such lifestyles do not lead to human fulfillment” to describe mortal sin and public scandal; a language that would have been considered far too weak any day before Monday). Still, from what I have read up to now something clear emerge: that beyond some blabla of circumstance, the Church’s stance is not going to change. Not if you ask the bishops, not if the massive pressure is resisted. 

Francis is now at a crossroads: if he continues to thread with the grace of an elephant on dope the punishment will be swift, but I am sure he got this. He has tried the surprise attack, and it has not worked. His tanks are retreating, but they are not dispersed. They will regroup in the coming weeks and months. What he will do, is to start a subterranean war of attrition:  intimidation for the strong, and inducements for the weak.

But if the bishops are smart, they will realise that Francis isn’t the type to forgive and forget. Look at the FFI. Francis will make promises to them today, and punish them tomorrow. Those who have resisted the certainly immense pressure of the last days must understand that they are beyond the point of no return. They are the enemy now. If he has his way, Francis will have no mercy of them. They are safe of punishment only if they speak loudly now.  

How do you stop the bullying?

You denounce the heresy. You let the heretical bubo explode. You put the Catholic world in front of the choice: Truth and Christ, or Francis and Kasper. 

Give TMAHICH some good lio.

See how he likes it.


Reading Francis Through Satan.

Screwtape wasn't happy with Francis, at all.

Screwtape wasn’t happy with Francis, at all…


Do you remember the first mad interviews, the initial “off-the-cuff” nonsense, all that senseless stuff until this summer? 

You could go around all the major blogs and read a veritable army of Pollyannas repeating ad nauseam*  that the Pope had been misinterpreted, or betrayed; or that he did not understand Italian; or he had a cold; or that he had not slept enough… 

It was Scalfari’s fault. It was the press’ fault. It was always someone else’s fault. 

Have a look around now, in the usual places. Where the comments have not been shut, the music is different. Almost no one dares to write what months ago dozen would have written: the Pope has been betrayed by the wolves! The Pope should be informed! Someone please get him away from the phone and show him this blog! Oh, if he only knew! If he only knew!!

That song is gone. Dead as Disco. More forgotten than Donna Summer. “Reading Francis through Benedict”, by the way, has all but disappeared. 

Reading Francis through Satan is what, now, many thinks is the right approach, though still very few dare to say it. One of the few is yours truly, of course; but read the comments in the mainstream blogs carefully and you will find a subtext, an unspoken but clearly implied message, that says who the commenter thinks is the responsible, and why. 

The buck can’t stop at Kasper. Those times have gone. The Wolf In Chief, the leader of the “serene and profound” pack, sits on the throne of Peter, and more and more are waking up to this.  

Francis is, of course, “helping” them in a way, because in his madness he leaned so much out of the window it is now difficult to feign innocence, and the triumphal “God’s laws are now obsolete”  homily/speech, now linked many times, was given on the same day of the Relatio: a double whammy of blasphemy and heresy that totally underestimated the violence of the reaction. Out of a great day of triumph became the worst defeat of Francis ever; the day his image of careful reformer and merciful moderniser was shattered; revealing a scheming, bullying, shameless heretic. 

I have already expressed the suspicion that Francis might use cocaine, one of whose symptoms is a progressive but, in the end, extreme loss of the sense of reality, and a euphoric running toward a very solid wall. A behaviour consistent with the extreme stupidity showed by Francis since Monday, and which, if they communicate – which they might well do – surely earned him a frightful scolding from Screwtape, for throwing away in just a few days a patrimony of trust and deception accumulated in many months of solid Modernist work. 

Still, the facts are now clear: where the Pollyannas abounded, there is now almost no attempt from individual commenters to keep the blame out of Francis. People start, slowly but clearly, to get it. I think that I, and not many others, are owed an apology, or three.

Where do we go from here? We must hammer into the head of the casual readers the following concepts: 

1. There have been heretical Popes in the past. We now have another. Shit happens. Keep calm, and Catholic on. 

2. The Holy Ghost does not pick the Pope. The Cardinals do.They are supposed to pray for the guidance of the Holy Ghost, which they might or might not do. The worse they are, the worse, generally, the Pope they elect. 

3. This is no time for false courtesy, and measured words. There’s no worse tragedy than a Pope who is a clear enemy of the Church. When you die, pay attention not to be put among the lukewarm. You may come to regret all your “perhaps he was having a low blood pressure” comments, when Christ is spit on the face for all the world to see.

The situation is extreme. Let your words be commensurate to the situation. Jesus was not really (cough) “nuanced”…    

4. The Truth will never die. The Church will never die. Even a heretical Pope can but scratch Her surface. Do not despair, and do not lose faith. Prepare yourself for the battle. Pray more. Do penance.

This is our finest hour. 


The buck stops at Francis. There’s no escaping this very simple reality, now increasingly more evident even to the distracted observers.

Beware of the wolves. But most of all, understand who the pack leader is.    



* It’s nauseam, not nauseum

Nausea, nauseae. First declension. Accusative singular.

Singular: Rosa, Rosae, Rosae, Rosam, Rosa, Rosa… Plural: Rosae, Rosarum, Rosis, Rosas, Rosae, Rosis. (notabene: Vocative before Ablative; the good old Italian way…) 

Save Latin, save the world…

Cardinal Burke Asks. Francis Answers.

Faced with the unprecedented scandal of the Relatio, Cardinal Burke asked the Pope to intervene. 

But Pope Francis had already delivered the answer, on the same morning the address was made public. There can be no clearer endorsement of the Relatio, and no clearer answer to Cardinal Burke’s question, than the one the Pope had already delivered.

We need to stop pretending that Francis may be anything else than a heretic. We have to do with a Class 1 Modernist here. 

Cardinal Burke, Mueller etc. know already how things stand. They must make a public stand that goes beyond asking Francis whether what he allows his minions to do day in and day out, corroborating it with various blasphemies of his own invention, is fine. They must say that it isn’t, and defy him to uphold truth or be called a heretic and enemy of Catholicism. 

The reality is staring at us. Let us not look the other way. 



What JP II’s Catechism Says About Francis




I do not like to quote from the wrong Catechism (I much prefer, remaining by the contemporary ones, Ratzinger’s Compendium; or the old ones), but this here seems fitting. Emphases and comments mine. 

675 Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth (does this ring a bell?). The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.

676 The Antichrist’s deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgment. (this is 100% the socialist Bergoglio’s agenda, “make poverty history” bullcrap.) The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism, especially the “intrinsically perverse” political form of a secular messianism (Alas, Bergoglio never got the Memo).

677 The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God’s victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven. God’s triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgment after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world.


Now, where is TMAHICH in all this? 

Is he the Antichrist? Poppycock. If Bergoglio were the best effort Satan can dish out, we would not be at this point. 

Is he, at least, the False Prophet? I cannot believe it, either. Too obvious, too vulgar, too vain, too imprudent, and too stupid, this man is not fooling anyone with some solid instruction and a basic thinking. I read around the blogs, and I have not been finding for months any properly formed intellect daring to support him. If it’s not silence (probably the most common reaction up to now, at least among religious) it’s incredulity, or attempt to think he said something else. That what he says is, in itself, pure, stinking, Class 1 Argentinian Cow Excrement, everyone with a proper functioning brain can see without difficulty; and every month that passes, more brains start to function properly. 

Unless he is just an idiot whom God allowed to become Pope in order for us to be punished with, so that we understand how stupid Vatican II is, this here can be put, at most, in the category of the wannabe false prophets; a precursor of the precursor, so to speak; a warning shot; with the important difference that this man here is so unqualified for the job that he can only persuade the heathens, the atheists, those with an agenda (concubines; adulterers; those with the fag in the family, & Co) or the obvious morons. 

But does he persuade faithful Catholics? No. Pick your forum, or blog. Read around. See for yourselves. Among those who care he is clearly going nowhere. And the more he tries to garner popularity among the wrong crowd, the more the right crowd open their eyes and start to finally – because violently forced to – look at reality in the eye and say: this is not my religion. Francis is forcing many a sleeping brain to wake up, and start thinking. 

TMAHICH is, at the bottom of things, a dirty old man with a dirty old mind, a total lack of faith, and a boundless vanity. He will cause (seen from an earthly perspective) a huge damage, but he will not fool anyone of those that count. True Catholics will oppose him for as long as he is Pope (and let us hope the Lord strikes him dead soon; possibly today; now, as I write this). He can only be liked by those so stupid or so perverted that they want to be blinded by him.

They may be many, but I do not think the blind and the stupid are a great prize for Satan. The smart and the saintly are. They all despise him. That’s how it is. Read around, and see for yourselves.

Francis is a failure even as a revolutionary. 

Dirty, old, blasphemous ass.

Should be spat in the face. By people in wheelchairs. From the poor neighbourhoods. 


Synod: Francis And Satan Are Dancing The Tango, Part Two





Continuing our short comment over the satanic abomination published by the Vatican yesterday, we find the argument of sexual perversion introduced. 

This is, make no mistake, the clear indication that the Homomafia is now running the show at the Vatican, helped by the man who, whether a homosexual himself or not, decided they were not a problem because they don’t go around with the “Vatican Gay Lobby ID card”. Today, for a change, I will abandon the “what they really said” method.

If you ever wondered why Francis buried in the sand the famous 300 page report, you can cease wondering now.

So, there it goes:

Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community: are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities? Often they wish to encounter a Church that offers them a welcoming home. Are our communities capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony?

The smell of brimstone is strong in this one.

I have never heard of “homo detector” devices being put at the entrance of churches, and when it “beeps” people being chased away by ushers crying: “Go away!” “No homosexuals in our church!”

The Church has never forbidden the approach to the altar to pedophiles, homosexuals, murderers, incestuous people, and people screwing animals.

What the Church has always said, is that these are abominations. Therefore, on the one hand no pervert is allowed to act on his perversion, and on the other hand no pervert is allowed to give scandal by advertising it.

Which introduces the problem of “welcoming”. The soul is welcome to contrition and repentance. The homo is not welcome as homo. He is not welcome if, in any way whatsoever, he wants to have his perversion accepted, “valued”, “evaluated”, “appraised” or “appreciated” in any way whatsoever; because this would be welcoming scandal, not souls, and leading souls to hell, not heaven. 

The question of homosexuality leads to a serious reflection on how to elaborate realistic paths of affective growth and human and evangelical maturity integrating the sexual dimension: it appears therefore as an important educative challenge.

Homosexuality isn’t a “question”. It’s a sexual perversion. It leads people to hell. Its obvious (not “natural”; actually, unnatural) byproduct, sodomy, cries to heaven for vengeance. It’s in the same ballpark as screwing one’s dog, or one’s father, or one’s little nephew. That’s it. Live with it.

Still, our little Satan’s whores now dare to tell us that such perversion should move us to “elaborate a realistic path of affective growth”. This means, for all but the stupid, that the pervs are encouraged in their “feelings” for each other. The “integration of the sexual dimension” is, and cannot be read in any other way, an acceptance of sodomy, perhaps waiting that two sodomites who are told how much sodomy accompanies them in their “affective growth” then suddenly cease to commit sodomy because… because… no one knows why. The end is another bomb, as the “educative challenge” seem to be addressed not to the homos, but to the Catholic people, who must be “educated” to the “welcoming” of sodomites in their midst. 

The Church furthermore affirms that unions between people of the same sex cannot be considered on the same footing as matrimony between man and woman. Nor is it acceptable that pressure be brought to bear on pastors or that international bodies make financial aid dependent on the introduction of regulations inspired by gender ideology.

The little bastards get very sneaky here: as they repeat, with a very low voice, that the sacrament of marriage and two sodomites or lesbians living together in sin aren’t quite the same thing, they effectively put homosexual “couples” almost on the same sexual footing as the sacrament of matrimony. The defence of the doctrine is here reduced to saying that Holy matrimony is still on a better footing than two sodomites living together! O you Angels in heaven, do you hear them??

The gravity of this is immense.

But fear not: there will be Pollyannas around so happy to write that the little whores have “upheld Catholic doctrine”.

Without denying the moral problems connected to homosexual unions it has to be noted that there are cases in which mutual aid to the point of sacrifice constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners. Furthermore, the Church pays special attention to the children who live with couples of the same sex, emphasizing that the needs and rights of the little ones must always be given priority.

More whoring. Open sodomitical scandal is nothing more than a “problem”. Does it lead to damnation? Well, looky here: some faggots make a living out of other faggots! Isn’t this a beautiful “sacrifice” from, say, the old man who pays for the young pervert? I am so moved I want to cry. Do you have a handkerchief?

About the children, we are told that even their adoption from fags and lesbians is now a-ok! Lord, protect us and the little ones from these devils!


I say it once again: there is nowhere to hide. No level of imbecility can justify anyone in pretending that

1. this is not atrociously satanic, and

2. this is not orchestrated by TMAHICH

TMAHICH is the man who put the liberal whores in the team in charge of writing this abomination. TMAHICH is the man who wanted both this Synod and the way it is going. TMAHICH is the man attacking Catholicism at every step, in every way he can.

In a way, and shocking as it is to say this, the situation is not entirely bad. I mean, it is obviously atrocious, but the upside of it is that the mask has fallen. Those who accept to pretend that the mask is still there have abundantly deserved to be punished for their folly, because they obviously value their quiet life and the desire to avoid uncomfortable questions infinitely more than Christ.

Francis here, Christ there. Francis is comfortable and easy, Christ is uncomfortable and difficult.

Pick your side, and pay the price.



Peron-Style Collegiality: Francis Strikes Again

Janus. Vatican



The all-informed Rorate Caeli has another bomb; and this time, the bomb is originally delivered by no other than the radio network of the Patriarchate of Lisbon. 

Follow the link and read the long version of the facts. 

The short version is that The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) has once again showed his true colours behind an extremely thin veil of “neutrality”.

The act of the humble Bishop, whilst obviously in itself perfectly in the man’s right, is so worrying that the Patriarchate of Lisbon openly criticises it, with the works still in progress.  

Note the choice of the words: 

The fact is worrying those who want to maintain the current discipline of the Church regarding these issues, considering that all the persons named by the Pope are of a liberal tendency, unlike Erdö.

This is – as such declarations go – a brutal indictment of the Unholy Father. “We want to defend orthodoxy, and we are now worried at seeing that the Pope himself is scheming to undermine it”. 

No, read it again. That’s exactly the message, and this is exactly the situation. 

Charitable voices have expressed the opinion that perhaps Francis wants to keep “balance” between the two opposing fractions. This simply cannot be.

Firstly, it is simply inconceivable that, after the Bishops clearly steer the debate in the direction they consider orthodox, because traditional, a Pope would say to them: “no, this is not right. You are giving Tradition too much space. Those who speak against it must also be represented, in order to make the debate more balanced!”. 

Secondly, raise his hand who believes that, had the situation been the opposite one, Francis would have appointed Burke, Bagnasco & Co. as members of the group in charge of the composition of the final report. If this had been the case, TMAHICH would have shouted “Collegiality!” so loud that even the furthest peripheries would have heard it; and he would have praised the attack on Tradition as the work of the Holy Ghost.

And in fact, one of the countless hypocrisies of this man is in his continuous appeals to collegiality whenever it serves him, and his most brutal autocracy in his governance of the Church. Pope Janus would have been a more likely name. 

 Time to wake up to the sheer danger this man represents for Holy Mother Church.

Kudos to the Bishops and Cardinals who refuse to bend to the climate  of “collegial intimidation” clearly created by this shameful man. Time to reject his schemes, and say to the world what kind of man this is.

The Patriarchate of Lisbon has done us Catholics a great service today. Let’s hope the men of good will continue on this path, and do not yield to the veiled threats and intimidations which, make no mistake, will now become massive. 

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History is now Pope. Let’s see if the Bishops and Cardinals have their salvation dearer, or their privileges. 


Synod: Let The Leaking Begin

The unprecedented step of a synod reminding one of the Soviet Politburo was, very obviously, taken so that the most shameless prelates may discuss in private what they would not – at least for now – dare to say in public.

We have already seen that this is working, with even the idea of leaving aside those nasty words like “sin” being floated around. TMAHICH is, no doubt, rejoicing.

The way I see it, there is one simple way to at least damage, if not altogether stop, this mechanism: leaking like there's no tomorrow.

Bishop Titius proposes something outlandish – say: ceremonies of “collective forgiveness” with concubines, where they are collectively absolved and can then line up for communion; things like that -. His proposal in on the blogosphere the day after, with his Christian name, family name, diocese, and photos of his residence. I doubt many others will feel encouraged to continue with the exercise.

The secrecy is there to encourage the breaking of taboos. The leaking would make this shame public, and help to stop the worst from happening. TMAHICH would soon discover it's not so easy to stage a worldwide demolition exercise.

Dear Bishops and Cardinals of good will, if anyone is reading me now, please take my words to heart.

Let the leaking begin.


The Tree Of All Heathens

Rorate Caeli alerts us to the forma mentis of the Archbishop Elect of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This forma mentis is, alas, not Christian at all. But this is an appointment of TMAHICH, so I can't say I am surprised.

What the Archbishop is saying is, in fact, this: “I say that I am a Christian; but please, dear heathens of whatever strange religion, do not think that I take it seriously. Pick your flavour. As long as you are a friend of peace, love and fluffy nonsense, we do follow the same religion!”.

One is reminded, once again, of The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History's statement along the lines that that the one who does not choose Christ ends up choosing the devil.

TMAHICH is, I think, right.

He looks for those who choose the devil, and makes them Archbishops.



Supersessionism Is De Fide

Pope Double-Faced.

Pope Double-Faced.



Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people yielding is fruits.” (Matt. 21:43).

This was in the Novus ordo Gospel reading of today. 

If your priest is worth something, he has probably touched the matter of Supersessionism: the old covenant has ceased, the New Covenant has substituted it. The New Covenant is not something existing besides the old one. If it were so, Christ would be an option. But Christ is not an option. Not if you are Christian, and not if you aren’t.

The Church expressed this Truth admirably in the following excerpt from the famous Council of Florence: 

“The sacrosanct Roman Church … firmly believes, professes, and teaches that the matter pertaining to the Old Testament, of the Mosaic law, which are divided into ceremonies, sacred rites, sacrifices, and sacraments, because they were established to signify something in the future, although they were suited to the divine worship at that time, after Our Lord’s coming had been signified by them, ceased, and the sacraments of the New Testament began; … All, therefore, who after that time observe circumcision and the Sabbath and the other requirements of the law, it (the Roman Church) declares alien to the Christian faith and not in the least fit to participate in eternal salvation, unless someday they recover from these errors.”

It truly is very clear, and of course it does not deny the issues of the Invincible Ignorance, but it puts it in the proper context: might it be that Christ decides to save the one or the other who, by way of special goodness, is deemed worthy of escaping a horrible fate, the horrible fate is still the standard fate that expects him bar an extraordinary act of mercy, because (from the same council):

“The Most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews, heretics, and schismatics can ever be partakers of eternal life, but that they are to go into the eternal fire ‘which was prepared for the devil and his angels,’ (Mt. 25:41) unless before death they are joined with Her…”

(note it does not state “they decide of their own conscious volition to join Her”; God shall not take orders from men).

In short, therefore, it can be safely said that we not only can, but must profess that there can be no two acceptable ways, Christianity and Judaism.

If, however, you want to read the long version, my attention was drawn today (via Harvesting The Fruit) to an extremely well-written article from John Vennari.

This article explains in detail not only the right and wrong positions on this issue, but the progressive slip into error of now several Popes (Benedict not excluded), who have either openly expressed themselves in a way contrary to Supersessionism or have allowed their position to remain ambiguous at best.

I only add the immense hypocrisy of saying to Christians 

When one does not profess Jesus Christ, I am reminded of the phrase of Léon Bloy: “He who does not pray the Lord, prays the devil”.
When one does not profess the Lord, one professes the worldliness of the devil, the worldliness of Satan.
The Church officially recognizes that the People of Israel continue to be the Chosen People. Nowhere does it say, ‘You lost the game, now it is our turn’

or to all non-Catholics

“Do you need to convince the other to become Catholic? No, no, no!

Is he, or is he not, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, short: TMAHICH?*

Articles like Vennari’s should actually come from religious, not laymen. The laymen are busying the keyboards because the clergy are, with some laudable exception, pretty much missing in action; or rather, missing in inaction.

Enjoy the article, which is not very long considering the importance and the scale of the matter.

And think of it next time you see a Pope with a kippah, and participating to some Jewish ritual.


* ® Mundabor 2014.

The Francis Archipelago








The shocking news, published on Rorate, of the suspension a divinis of some FFI priests looking for a new religious order is a faithful mirror image of the “mercy” of this Pontificate. A Pontificate which is rapidly distinguishing itself for the brutal illegality of his main actor as much as for the obvious ignorance – or worse – of all things Catholic. And no, for the umpteenth time: a Pope is bound by the rules as long as he does not – if he is allowed in the first place, of course – change them. He is a Pope, not a Satrap.he is bound by the rules as long as they are there. He is the one who is supposed to behave exemplarily in the first place.

Mr Beria – or shall I say Father Volpi – is acting with the brutality of a Soviet Communist Party enforcer, and to think that Francis is not behind all of this is just as brainless as to think that Stalin was in the dark about Beria’s work.

“Soon, soon!” were the words of the Bishop of Rome to the old couple who had given several of their sons to the Order, and asking in so many words when the persecution would end. How Francis must have hated them! How he must have rejoiced in saying to them those words, and thinking “just you wait!”! I wonder if there is still one sensible reader of this blog who has doubts whether The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) is entirely appropriate.

It is clear what, in the mind of this man, those words meant: soon, soon will we subject your sons and all their confreres to the most brutal Soviet-Style reeducation camp. Soon, soon will we make them understand that resistance is futile. Soon, soon will we make clear to them that they have nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Woe to the bishops who should dare to give them asylum. Woe to those Friars themselves who should entertain such thoughts and dare to act on them: they will be ruthlessly suspended. This, by the by, mere weeks after a dissenting nutcase has been allowed to call himself a priest in good standing again, and has thanked the Bishop of Rome by making a shameless apology of Fidel Castro.

Truly, this Pope is beyond contempt. Truly, he is the ISIS of the Church. Truly, he is the enemy of everything still remaining within the Church that is still orthodox after 50 years of relentless devastation.

And the bullying, the bullying is breathtaking. No confrontation whatever with the SSPX, who would expose him as a little, stupid child with a running nose in no time, if he dared to sound the charge against them. Instead, Stalinian reeducation and unprecedented enforcement of heterodoxy over an entire order; persecution delivered from a mind of which the only thing that can be said for sure is that mercy does not live there; with Catholics, at least.

The Francis Archipelago is now working full steam. After the FFI and Lovieres Plano, others will follow as the Humble Bishop keeps persecuting orthodox bishops like there is no tomorrow. Bishop Finn could, in fact, be the very next.


The Church goes out of every persecution stronger and more confident in the end. However big the damage this man can make (and it can be a huge damage, if the Lord in his wrath keep punishing us with his presence), the end of the campaign is written already: Satan’s complete and utter defeat.

We laymen – bloggers, commenters, fathers, teachers, friends, sons and daughters – must denounce the evil intentions of this godless man as loud as we can: frankly, openly, brutally. Shock your friends at the pub, and let them smile at first when they hear you saying what a disgrace this Pope is. They will smile, I assure you. But just a few phrases of reasoned arguing will get the smartest among them thinking. God works in mysterious ways, but he certainly never measures a priest from the number of followers he has, or indicates to us that the vast majority must be, on the whole, right.

The God of Athanasius, and of Archbishop Lefebvre, is watching us. He wants to see whether we swim with the stinking tide of a pontificate smelling of sheep (and therefore, actually, of shit), or dare to say that true is true and wrong is wrong; and the Pope can smoke whatever he pleases, but he won’t change reality.

The Francis Archipelago is now in full operation. Pray the Lord that we may see it become a relic of the past, like the Gulag one.

But still, reflect that this event is not a matter of if, but only of when.



The Brazen Cardinal And The Religion Of Conscience

A Cardinal in Jacket and Tie. You have been warned.

Cardinal Kasper is now everywhere, and I fear we will soon find him in our morning cereals.

The latest piece of dissent this unhinged man has now given to the world appeared on, the news outlet of the Vatican.

Many are the dumb, or worse, statements in the interview; but I want to focus on the last issue, the Cardinal's evaluation of Humanae Vitae.

The Cardinal is, as always, rather blunt. One must put the Pope in the contest of his times, which was obviously different from the context of our times (truth is, in his mind, evidently overrated). The attitude one should have is that Pope Paul describes an “ideal”; but hey, ideals are not what they used to be, and nowadays we do things differently. We register the “ideal”, follow our conscience, and contracept (or murder the baby; or divorce and remarry; or support sodomites; or do whatever our conscience says). Not only is this convenient, but we feel so modern…

The Cardinal is promoting a new religion. For the followers of this religion Christianity is the “ideal”, but the moral compass is given by the conscience of the individual. A Kasperian is, therefore, one whose religion is as near to Christianity as his conscience, shaped by his circumstances, allows. Moral imperatives have disappeared, absolute truth must yield to conscience, and three second of reflection are enough to understand that to go against one's conscience can't be bad, and is in fact moral, provided we have this “ideal” – which we have just chosen not to follow – somewhere in the back of our mind.

The Cardinal even has the gall to say that the Pope stated the truth, but one must respect people's conscience. Truth is true, but my conscience trumps it; and going against truth is suddenly “pastoral”.

What a double-tongued old heretical b@st@rd this one is.

Kasperianity is a new religion. It is inspired from the Devil. It is, also, rather energetically supported by The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH), a man with the guts of calling Kasper's theology “serene” and “profound”.

Take care with whom you choose to side, Christ or Kasper.

You might otherwise, one day, look rather foolish. Infinitely so.



Resistere! Resistere! Resistere!

The beautiful words of appeal to ceaseless resistance you read in the title were once uttered by a famous Italian prosecutor – in his farewell speech at the moment of retiring – in the face of spread corruption and intimidation from the powers that be; and, particularly, from the power of… one man.

I am reminded of them rather often, particularly when I see the Catholic troops – of which there is, on the Internet, an awful lot – submerge the false prophets and sowers of error under a tsunami of well-earned reproaches.

First, the “Patheos” blogger selling strange motivational courses was forced to close his combox following the tidal wave of well-earned criticism to his feel-good, inclusive, bit oh so fashionable rubbish. Shortly thereafter, the Gluttoness suffered the same fate. Thirdly, the inordinate rant of The Most Petulant Child In The Kindergarten, a priest with a squeaky voice called Father Nicholson, is the last one forced to shut the door to Catholics. As far as I know, all three of them earn money from their blogs, and are therefore financially interested in controversy. That they are forced to curb a source of earning in order not to lose credibility as Catholic writers altogether really tells you something about their standing among sound Catholics.

But resistance is alive and well, and still kicking strongly. The Catholic laymen on the Internet are giving an example of militant orthodoxy that utterly shames those who should, in fact, be their shepherds. As most pulpits stay silent, an awful lot of keyboards are getting very, very vocal.

One is reminded of the time of Athanasius:,when, as Michael Davies – and before him John Henry Newman – remind us, it was the laity who fought against heresy with a determination that was nowhere to be seen among the clergy at large.

Keep up the good work, brave Catholic men and women. Keep going to the Internet and valiantly defend the Truth. It costs time, effort and adrenalines; but all your efforts and sacrifices – and loss of friends, and mockery, and hostility of various kind – will be as many deposits on your heavenly deposit account, and bear a very rich interest one day; the day when, if you are in any way like me, you will be in the greatest need of it.

As our ranks become thinner – they will one day, I am sure, as the tireless rhetoric of easy “mercy” carries away all but the most solidly instructed and most solidly motivated – we must become even more vocal. As we are more and more insulted, we must grow in stamina and readiness to give battle. Be under no illusion that dark times may end by themselves, or that TMAHICH will magically go out of fashion. TMAHICH belongs to the world, and the world will never stop to love his own. In Francis’ case the world is loved back, with a passion.

But you, my dear soldiers of Christ, never forget the words calling us to action. No matter what TMAHICH throws at us, what we must do is, and remains, the same:

Resist! Resist! Resist!



Of Peacocks, Clowns, Kettles, And Pots

High Five, Frankie boy!



The fortunate blog post series dedicated to “The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History” (TMAHICH ®) reaches today a new high.

From one of the latest ramblings of the humble Bishop of Rome:

 As fleeting as soap bubbles, showy as peacocks and shallow as an over-primped star, conceited Christians are building their lives on lies and their faith on shifting sands, Pope Francis said.

This is the man who made of his entire pontificate a show of his own alleged goodness, mercy, and revolutionary intent. A peacock if even there was one.

boastfulness “is a very serious spiritual disease” for Christians because it distances them from the truth.Mundabor's "Buffoon of the Year" award goes to Pope Francis.

This is the man who makes no mystery of wanting to remake the papacy in his own image. Albeit he is very right in this: that his extreme boastfulness brought him extremely far from the Truth.

Christians are called to “be authentic with the truth of reality and of the Gospel,”

… says the man who is the very embodiment of falsification of the Gospel, and perversion of the Truth.


Even when living out the faith and doing good, Christians must avoid the temptation of “showing off,”Pope-Francis

Can you believe this guy? Who is this: Francis The Self-Effacing Pontiff?

“The vain say, ‘Hey, look, I’m giving this check for the church’s work,’ and they show off the check; then they scam the church from behind,” he said.

The vain says: “Look: I am hopping on the bus and use a Ford Focus”, and they show off the bus ticket and the car. They they scam the Church from behind.

& Co. & Co. & Co…  Follow the link to read a new high in papal hypocrisy.

By the by, this is another prime example of Francis’ use of the homily generator.

What a clown.

Better ten Alexander than one Francis.







Of Popes, Purges, And Paraguay

I am extremely thankful to the “Eponymous Flower” for their sterling work concerning what is happening in Paraguay.

There, you have a very conservative Bishop (uh? It reminds me of the FFI), who is therefore very successful (the analogy continues) and shames his peers by showing how it’s done (interesting!).

Someone accuses Bishop Livieres Plano of misconduct of various kind (where have I heard this?), and he is suddenly removed whilst savage rumours about his past and integrity emerge (Father Manelli anyone?).

The Vatican communiqué talks, ominously, of “unity of the Church”. At this point, yours truly has no doubts anymore.

The Bishop is, like Father Manelli and the FFI, a “threat to the unity of the Church” because he is an orthodox Catholic, shaming the clowns around him.

This cannot be tolerated. He must be removed, his work destroyed, his sheep reeducated to the NuChurch of Vatican II. He must be, if possible, personally destroyed. We have already seen this movie. This is a remake in great style.

Given the precedent of the FFI, I allow myself to consider, until evidence to the contrary emerges, the orthodox Catholic Bishop the good one, and The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) the villain. If anything, because I have the villain’s disgraceful acts in front of my eyes every day. In these cases, my suggestion to the “there are things we do not know” Apostles is the same as always:

wake up.


But let us imagine that the Bishop Livieres Plano is truly bad. Let us imagine – just for the sake of reasoning, poor man… – that we are here in front of another Maciel.

Why, then, the appeal for to the “unity of the Church”, a clear indication that the Bishop was removed because he refused to dance the Tango of Vatican II together with all the other bishops?

Why would in this case Francis not appoint substitutes (the provisional one, and then the definitive one) who are every bit as conservative and orthodox as the disgraced man, in order to show that the problem lies merely in his personal conduct? The substitute is, from what we know, one in the mould of Archbishop Cupich. I foresee a brilliant career for him as long as Francis is Pope. Particularly if he is a pervert. But no, the kind of appointment clearly show the accusation of misconduct were, even if proven true, just a “happy” coincidence in the effort to remove sound Catholicism from the Church.

Then there is one last thought I would want to share with you.

Has anyone ever examined the long past of Francis as Bishop and Archbishop? What about a visitation, and thorough going through archives, press, testimonies, and street gossip? Are we sure no episodes of a questionable nature can be found? Is this not the man who was once found with marijuana in his luggage? (I wish I could find the link). How many priests has a bishop or archbishop? How easy is it to accuse him first, and disgrace them in the meantime? How would Francis like the Manelli treatment applied to him and his tenure in Argentina as rector of a seminary, bishop and Archbishop?

Do not be fooled. This is another instalment of the Stalinian purge Francis is executing. When Francis is done with this, the TLM and orthodoxy will get out of the window of the diocese as fast as practicable.

The man is an utter disgrace, a damn clerical Che, and a tool of Satan.

Let us pray the Lord every day that He may, in His mercy, free us from this horrible, if utterly deserved punishment.


How Do You Like Lío?

The Extraordinary Synod is rapidly approaching, and there is now no day without an interview of some Bishop or Cardinal, taking the one or the other side.

In the middle of all this turmoil, one thing is clear: whether Francis will dare to break taboos or not, he is causing the breaking of taboos to be discussed; freely, openly, as a matter of course.

Already it is discussed whether the canonical process of annulment should be (official word) “streamlined”. Already, “streamlined” might mean that the bishop, or a structure set up by him, should decide about annulments in a “non-juridical” way. Already, some say that not even this is necessary, but a prayerful “sit in” with the priest should at least achieve what many concubines, in the end, want: village respectability.

The pattern is well-known and has been long experimented: some total revolutionary (Kasper) proposes the totally revolutionary solution of tolerating but not accepting communion for concubines and assorted adulterers, meaning: having the sacrilegious praxis become everyday fare. After this, a “moderate” (Scola) will come out, proposing among other things (Mundabor’s commentary: what a slimy b@st@rd!) a thinkable solution for annulments that is every bit as savagely diabolical, but has the merit of sounding more moderate; because you see, the idea is not to violate the rules; merely to make a mockery of them in the first place.

Suddenly, nothing is sacred anymore. The way how to slaughter a sacrament is a subject of discussion, debate, essays, interviews, books. Suddenly, Truth is perceived as fighting for its existence.

In the meantime, Francis enjoys the lío. Catholic against Catholic, Cardinal against Cardinal. The open confrontation is, certainly, obligatory for the right side; but still, the very fact that such a confrontation exists will confuse countless Catholics, and persuade countless non-Catholics that there is no point in converting. If even Cardinals quarrel with each other about the Truth, what is Truth? And is this most un-Christian of all Pilate-like slogans not, itself, ceaselessly promoted by TMAHICH, with his insisted criticism of “excessive doctrinal security”? Can a slogan ever be more meant to promote lió than this, apart from the “who am I to judge” nuclear device?

Is this enough lío for you?

Are you still trying to read Francis through, of all people, Benedict?

I bet it is enough for TMAHICH. He is, for all the world to see, the Pope who “breaks taboos” and “paves the way for a new era”. Not for him, very probably, to be the one who lets the bombs explode. He will, very probably, be happy with being the one who made the explosions thinkable in the first place, put the bombs in place, and armed them. He does not need to be the one who orders the explosions in order to be loved by countless infidels for the rest of his life. He will be on the safe side avoiding the biggest detonations. Nothing better than reaping the fruits of a revolution without the dangers of real armed combat. The perks, I suppose, of being a shameless and faithless Pope.

Reading Francis through… what?

Believe me, TMAHICH can be best read through Saul Alinsky, or Karl Marx, or Hans Küng, and I doubt he is one bit better than any of them.

He is sowing strife and controversies, breaking taboos, attacking sacraments, insulting the Blessed Virgin, disfiguring Christ, perverting the most basic rules of Christianity, without even the risk of a major revolt.

He will, I think, very publicly stop those who want to detonate the bombs. The excited Pollyannas will hail him as the saviour of Catholicism, whilst the mainstream idiots – bar very few, extreme idiots – will buy the “prudent moderniser Pope” without a second thought.

How do you like lío?

It is there now; dished in front of you every day; pickaxing at Catholicism every day God sends on this earth.

Please, Lord.

Please. Please. Please.

Free us from this scourge.



The Satanic Jesuit

One of the unlinkable dissenting sites report of an openly homosexual Jesuit Seminarian who has now, after ten years trying to become a priest, decided to leave the Seminary because of the firing of several perverts from Catholic schools and institutions in the last months. “I can't be a Catholic right now”, or words to that effect, is the comment of the little fag.

Let us observe all that is wrong here; because, as so often in the case of Jesuits, the mistakes here pile up like as many strata of Satan's shit cake.

1. Ten years of attempts. Seriously? Are Jesuits of the opinion unless one is old one can't receive orders? Or did the man not even manage to become a friar in all this time? What happens with the money of the faithful? I am, here, hoping this is not the normal case, and the extremely costly exercise was due to the perverted nature of the little faggot. Which leads us to the next point…

2. How can it be that a man who openly proclaims his own perversion is allowed to remain in the seminary? Officially? For how many… ten years? What part of “deeply rooted homosexual tendency” was unclear here?

3. What does this say not only of this pathetic nutcases but of the deciders in that seminary? What does it say of the rector? Is he homosexual, too? Why on earth would anyone, upon being told one is a pervert, persist in trying to make of him a friar, or even a priest? I smell faggotry from a mile here. Diffused faggotry. Faggotry unashamedly practiced, defended and promoted under the thinnest of veils. These chaps (or girls) have allowed an open faggot to stay in the seminary for many years: how many closet faggots walk along the corridors of that seminary? What positions they have? How can it be that the rot has not set at the top of the institution?

4. The unlinkable site reports, with more than a hint of sympathy, an astonishing affirmation of the little Jesuit fag: he can't be a Catholic right now, because of the treatment of the above mentioned perverts.

This beggars belief: a man able to put his own faggotry before his very own Catholic identity was allowed to stay in a Jesuit seminary all these years! What does this tell us about the quality and sexual orientation of the average friar – or priest – going out of that particular seminary?


Jesuits are a plague. Not 100% of them of course. But in general, Jesuits are a plague. An order fully in the thrall of Satan, spreading error and sexual perversion from schools, universities and seminaries; letting out in the world, without a doubt, a number – limited, thankfully, because they are dying – of either open perverts, or closet perverts, or people so accustomed to perversion and malformed in a perverted sexual climate that they are a real danger for the souls of those around them.

The little faggot has written a letter to Francis: TMAHICH, “who am I to judge”-Supremo, and Great Merciful Protector Of Worldwide Faggotry.

Now: TMAHIC is notoriously affect by logorrhoea, a phone addict, and a first-class double-tongued Jesuit. It will be interesting to see whether Francis does respond to the letter in writing, ignores the little fag altogether, or prefers one of those ominous phone calls at the end of which the little faggot will tell the world that Francis told him what a hero he is, and Francis does not deny or confirm any of the content. Scandal is spread, plausible deniability is attempted, the Pollyannas are happy the oh so holy Father did nothing wrong, the perverts exult, the Catholics are confused.

Just another Jesuit's day.





What is happening in the last days reminds one of Stalinism.

Cardinal Kasper accuses the five Cardinals behind the book about to be published to stage an “attack on the Pope”; which, in a Stalinist regime, is clearly unthinkable even the Pope is worthy of frontal attack every day of the week, festivities not excluded.

The five Cardinals, it is said in their defence, do not attack the Pope. They praise him. In a Stalinist environment, everything is said with reference to Stalin. In this case, Francis is praised specifically with reference of a couple of occasions when he did not feel like blathering, and therefore read the script, and therefore managed to say something Catholic. But it seems no word can be uttered nowadays without reference to what the man has said.

It's Stalin here, and Stalin there. Who has, then, the heart of Stalin?

It's Cardinal Kasper, of course. He says explicitly that he has spoken “twice” with The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History and has “arranged everything with him”!

Can the five Cardinals say the same?

Can any of them say that their defence of the Most Holy Sacrament from mass desecration has been praised by TMAHICH as “profound and serene theology”?

No. They can't.

Cardinal Mueller has, it is reported somewhere (I forget the source; might well have been Rorate) even been rapped because of the book. No doubt the others have been too, but the fact wasn't “leaked”. This Francis is a phone maniac, and a first-class bully. I doubt he can resist the temptation to play Peron with a handful of Cardinals.

The game here is very clear. Francis sides with Kasper, but he tries to be seen as “neutral” as much as he can. He is, however, betrayed by the leaks continuously exposing him, and by his delirious wannabe off-the-cuff bull's excrement theology showing to everyone he is every bit as bad as Kasper, and very probably worse.

TMAHICH sides with Kasper against Catholicism. If the Cardinals defend Catholicism, well then obviously they are attacking him in so far as he attacks Catholicism. It stands to reason. There is no way around this, and it must be said out loud.

All the rest is Stalinism.


Extreme Mercilessness

The founded rumour reaches us that Francis has asked the list of the bishops ready to give a home to those willing to leave the FFI.

Reflect one second if this is not a very reasonable suspicion. Reflect whether such a behaviour would be, through and through, like him.

A Chinese reeducation camp is the nearest alternative this man has in store for devout Catholics, of course barring laicisation. The rumour may or may not be true – considering both the source and the gravity of the accusation it rather probably is – but truth or not truth, the extreme reasonableness of the suspicion makes the difference rather limited in practice. If he is not doing it, he is certainly the type who could do it. This kind of extreme mercilessness is just the kind of thing you'd expect from TMAHICH, talking all the time about “mercy” when it is convenient to flog Catholicism.

This is the time to say “enough” and to write to the SSPX – where true Catholicism lives – asking to be admitted to be able, one day, to be a Catholic priest as God commanded. May it be true that we are being punished with many bad priests for our arrogance and rebellion, I still do not think God wants to deprive the faithful of the few priests who really take things seriously.

Certainly, for many an FFI friar it will be an unpleasant experience to realise that the SSPX was right all along. Sure, the one or other may feel martyrdom is the way God has called him to.

But I cannot avoid thinking that all of them, without exception, became FFI friars because they realised they had a vocation to be sound and faithful Catholic friars and priests, uphold Catholic thinking, defend the Truth, be a shepherd to the sheep.

Up to the SSPX, then; hoping to be considered worthy of admission or affiliation.

The SSPX is where sound Catholicism is.


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