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Remove Dante From Schools, Says UN “Consultant” Body

Theodore Gericault, "The Madman"

First the bad news. Besides squandering the money of honest, hard-working, mainly Western taxpayers with its own apparatus, that scrounger monster called “United Nations” also has – apparently –  external “human rights organisations” as “consultants”. Some part of me wants to hope these people are not paid or remunerated in any way, but you can judge for yourself how probable this is.

In order – and this is when the fun part begins – to understand how these organisations work, you can read here that one of those “human rights” organisations (name already forgotten; thank God) decided Dante should be removed from school curricula because racist, homophobic and, of course, offensive to Muslims.

The Divina Commedia is a mainstay of the Italian curriculum. In certian types of school (“Liceo Classico”) you’ll have to get through the entire work word for word, and I mean seriously, during a three-year cycle. I did it, and my father before me. We both do not regret a minute of the time.

The more affectionate readers of this little effort will perhaps remember a blog post I wrote some time ago about when Dante met Mohammed.  Il Divino Poeta was not really known for mincing his words, and if you click the link you’ll see what he thought of heretics and, in particular, fraudulent and blasphemous child rapists (Yes. I am talking of Mohammed. If you are scandalised, though. You may console yourself clicking here and I hope you’ll enjoy at least the image). On Mohammed and Dante (and Christianity in general) I have written my own considerations in the above mentioned blog post and will therefore not repeat myself here.

What I find notable in the matter is the following:

1) Dante was undoubtedly a devout Christian and proper Catholic. He would be recognised as such in every age. Depressingly, the head of the Italian teachers’ association says Dante must not be judged with the standards of today. Well in a very general sense this is obvious, but what the man misses is that Christian standards do not change and Dante was, without doubt, much fitter in his knowledge of the latter than most inhabitants of the earth today.

2) The already forgotten UN-maintained organisation got a bit of popularity, or at least notoriety. But they squandered it immediately. To complain that Dante defines homosexuality against nature is a masterpiece of stupidity. It is like complaining that one calls the water wet.

Decidedly, thinking is becoming an optional.

3) In an unprecedented show of common sense, even some (name never really read) Italian faggot organisation decided there’s too much political correctness in this. They do it, I suspect, because in Italy Dante is not very far below the Blessed Virgin, and to touch him is like playing with high voltage cables whilst drenched. Still, I feel “good” today (must be the mention of the UN. I always feel so good when I read about their initiatives to improve humanity) and want to attribute this intervention to real common sense rather than to the obvious impossibility of hysterically bitching against Dante in a country like Italy.

So, that was that. I hope this glimpse of PC-madness was instructive. I certainly think it was entertaining.


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