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“Thomas Peters Recovery” Blog

A dedicated blog is online, dealing with the recovery of Thomas Peters from his very serious accident. 

Whilst the blog does not make for very happy reading for obvious reasons, it is very encouraging to read the younger blogger of the Peters family does not need the surgical collar anymore, is gradually regaining the use of the left foot, and is generally  recovering in a very encouraging way.

In your charity, keep praying for this young, courageous man. His is one of the very first blogs I started reading, and this little effort of mine owns its existence to combative Catholics like the young Mr Peters.

May he, one day, think of this accident only to give thanks for a complete recovery.





Thomas Peters Update

With great pleasure I publish this from Ed Peter’s facebook page, which I took from Father Z’s blog:

It looks like no surgery, and Thom will go straight to a fixed halo. Docs are optimistic that pressure on spinal cord will reduce on its own. Lungs almost back to normal, so probably will start weaning from breathing tube today. That’s esp. good news, as Thomas cannot talk with tubing in, but does not yet have enough hand control to sign (Thom knows ASL from his sister Meg, of course). He is regaining sensation in his legs, and is wearing his glasses!

Whilst I am not a doctor, it seems to me complete recovery would be a possibility.

On a more moving note, you may want to read what his father also wrote:

I’m waiting to hear how the halo fitting went, and, thinking about Thomas, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him make an “irreversible” mistake, if you know what I mean, nor have I ever seen him make the same mistake twice. So, Lord, let him walk away from this one, in Your good time, because I know he’ll never do it again, and neither will anyone else who is close to him and who has learned deeply from this single unconsidered act. And God, please bless my daughter-in-law Natalie who has suddenly had to shoulder far more than either of them could have dreamt possible.

At the “he’ll never do it again” I could not refrain a tear or two.

In your charity, please pray for Thomas Peters. His was the first blog I regularly followed, and my first source of inspiration as a blog written by a layman when I started to blog. Whilst it might be exaggerated to say without his blog mine wouldn’t exist, it is fair to say his blog made sure mine would.



Please Pray For Thomas Peters

Thomas Peters is seriously injured after a swimming incident.

Please pray for him.


Homo Marriage: We Are Winning, Not Losing

Norman Rockwell, "Family Grace"

Extremely interesting blog post from the “American Papist”, Thomas Peters. In his blog post, Peters point out to a clearly visible, but often not sufficiently considered reality: that the overwhelmingly liberal mass media greatly increase the feeling of inevitability of homo marriage by stubbornly ignoring their many defeats, and giving enormous space and “historic significance” to their very rare victories.

Stop for a moment and reflect what the liberal media (that is: the vast majority of the mass tv channels in the US and Europe, and the majority of mass newspapers) would have said if in the US there had been thirty popular consultation about the so-called homo marriages and the perverts had won all of them. And now please think that the reality is that they have lost them, all of them. It’s 31-0 for Christian values, and counting!

If this kind of results had been achieved by the other side, the call for the end of the debate would be deafening, and every opposer treated as an undemocratic nazi.

Or let us examine the legislative part of the battle, the arena where the homos try to transform their clear minority in the country in a majority by attracting representatives of the people ready to please them in exchange for favours. Well it turns out that this year they have already lost in Maryland and Rhode Island, and only won in New York; it’ 2-1 on the legislative front then, but there are at least other six states – let us count them: Minnesota, Indiana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa and Pennsylvania preparing themselves to reinforce marriage as the only…. marriage, or to reverse past decisions favourable to the homos.

Not persuaded yet? Look at a liberal state like California, where the homos have lost several times through either popular vote or law initiatives, and are now trying to overturn the people’s decision through an homosexual judge living together with his lover (or mistress, I suppose; or both; no idea what disgusting “arrangements” these people make).

Or perhaps you think that wherever homosexual so-called “marriage” legislation is passed, the situation is irreversible? Think again! Iowa and New Hampshire are two points in case, California is another example of sort (with the victorious Proposition 8 being the people’s answer to pink judicial activism). Wherever you look, people don’t sit and say “oh well, it had to happen I suppose”, but they react.

This, mind, even before the massive Catholic machine has been mobilised. If the US bishops started to say it as it is in a way that can’t be ignored, things would change in a matter not of decades, but probably of years, and the great risk for puppets a’ la Andrew Cuomo to be wiped out would soon let them decide that it is better for them to shut up like as many children when the headmaster enters the classroom.

Thankfully, in the United States more and more people are starting to understand what your humble correspondent has been saying from pre-blog times: homosexuality is the front line of the Christian war. Re-establish a Christian attitude to this, and abortion and euthanasia will be won on the momentum created by this recovery of Christian values.

Sad as it is to say so, too many people are still numbed to the atrocity of abortion, as – as they say in Italy – “the laws of one generation are the morality of the following one”. Not so for homo “marriages”. This is a battle that every Christian can fully grasp now and the re-discovery of his Christian values in one matter will unavoidably lead to a more mature reflection on all others.

Therefore, be in good spirit and wait for 2012, when pro homo representative and senators will hopefully get a pounding (these things can be pretty brutal, look here and tell me if you’d want to be in one of the pictures) and the people will wake up to the reality that they have the right to demand a Christian country and a legislation fruit of the will of the people rather than of judicial activism, or corridor politics. When the pendulum starts to clearly swing back in the US, it will only be a question of time before the same happens in Europe. At least in Southern Europe, where the ability of the Church leaders to mobilise the masses and shape future generations would still be very high, if they did as much as to wake up.


After The Mid-Term Elections, “Change We Can Believe In”

Emotional, sincere Catholic. More like him, please.

I tend not to have too many hopes in the collective future, as years and experiences have made me rather disillusioned. I also tend not to salute a “new era” every time that a new face (or a new skin colour) is elected in some important office, persuaded as I am that democracies can’t work in a radically different way than they do now, otherwise they’d just be doing it now. Thirdly and lastly, I always thought that it was not in order to end an expression with a preposition; but hey, people get elected to President of the United States with that, and who am I to object.

Having said all that I can’t avoid the delicious impression that yesterday’s mid-term elections represent a turning of the tide; that a great offensive in defence of Christian values has now officially started to make itself heard in the ballot box and in the next decades will spread all over the Western world.

I am trying to digest some facts, and present them to you in no particular order.

1) The marijuana proposition in California has been defeated; so soundly in fact, that it will be fun to see in what other states it will be defeated in 2012. I see in this a clear signal that the electorate has boundaries. Even – would you believe it – in California, the State who gave humanity Nancy Pelosi and Judge Walker.

2) Catholic activism starts to bite. Catholic Vote Action has endorsed nine candidates; seven were elected, some of them with rather spectacular victories (check out the boot for the founder of “Catholic in Alliance for the Common Good”, kicked out by a candidate supported by… real Catholics). Many other Catholics entered the House and Thomas Peters maintains that they are now, incredibile dictu, the majority in the Congress. This is, if not a legislative – abortion legislation is state matter, AFAIK – a cultural shift of great importance; may it still be that many of them are cafeteria Catholics, the number of really pro-life Representatives is most certainly on the rise. Ten or twenty years of this, and an awful lot can be achieved.

3) It would appear that six US States now have both houses with a Pro-Life majority. This can have truly major consequences. Let us hope that the walk follows the talk.

4) The fight against judicial activism trying to demolish the very basis of Christian society takes a rather aggressive form. In Iowa, three judges of the Iowa Supreme Court ruling in favour of homo couples have been unceremoniously kicked out. I do not think many States have laws similar to those in Iowa, but the message is loud and clear anyway.

5) The soon-to-be speaker of the House, Boehner, is a Catholic and the first Republican Catholic to such an office. This is another sign of the times: when a mickey mouse Catholic a’ la Pelosi is replaced by a person unable to refrain his emotions at a pro-life rally – and second of twelve sons – you know something’s happening…

This is, of course, only the beginning. The way is very long and many other battles will have to be fought, and some of them lost.
But today, I sense that something is changing. That the American voters have said “enough”, and the echo will not fail to resound in the benches of the judiciary besides among the rank of the elected politicians.

Today, we might be at the beginning of real change not only the other side of the Pond but, in time, all over the Western civilisation.


The “American Papist” and the importance of Catholic activism

Fishing also on the new Net

I have often written about the “American papist”, one of the best Catholic blogs around and the fruit of the energy and commitment of Thomas Peters. Even if the “American Papist” is rather intensely focused on a US-American perspective, the materials and the ideology therein exposed are extremely useful to Catholics the world over.

Mr. Peters has recently given a speech in Boston about Catholic Internet activism. I found the text both concise and instructive and his message of universal validity. You can find the text here. It is not very long and I hope that you will want to click and read it in its entirety.

The points I found most important are as follows:

1) The laity must lead the Internet battle. Mr. Peters is very diplomatic on the point but we all know what the reality looks like.

2) Motivated minorities drive the public opinion. This has always been so and even Lenin put the rule to great profit, also look at what the 1% or so of sexual perverts is doing in many Western Countries. Mr. Peters gives impressive examples of this. The episode of the Hyundai adv has been dealt with by me here and here. Activism works.

3) The Internet allows the laity to organise themselves in a small, but landscape-changing minority without the need to rely on the traditional mass media. I have written on this here already.

4) We, the small minorities of Catholics who really know what Catholicism is all about (instead of having some vague ideas about it) are called to do our job of spreading and defending the Catholic message, but we must be aware of all the difficulties that go with it. People are going to call us rigid, bigot, antiquated, a lot of things ending with “phobic” and the worst of all modern insults, “uncharitable”. This is our lot. Jesus has never said it would be easy. As Mr. Peters points out, to be a Christian is and remains a sign of contradiction.

Mr. Peters’ speech is a beautiful reminder of the fact that every one of us (those who write and those who read) have an important role to play in the defence of Christian values in their circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances. There’s a price to pay, but we know that we will be rewarded one day.


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