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Why Men Prefer The Traditional Latin Mass

It is fairly easy to see why men prefer the Traditional Latin Mass. Whilst perhaps not many men will articulate the reasons for their instinctual preference, I would like to give a clue of why I think it is so. This is, obviously, not considering the intrinsic superiority of the TLM from a liturgical point of view. This here is, so to speak, purely hormonal as opposed to liturgical.

1) it is solemn, ordered and, in a way, military. Its rigid structure, the prescripted movements and gestures are vaguely military, and essentially manly. When you attend a TLM, you know that where the priest comes from he was one of the bulls, not one of the queers.

2) It has no women around the Sanctuary. It says out loud “this Sanctuary here is men’s space”. Or if you prefer another film quotation, it shouts: “this is Sparta!”

Whilst the Novus Ordo sanctuary may also be, blessedly, all-male if the priest is smart or endowed with cojones, in the Tridentine Mass this is a necessary element, and it makes a big difference. It’s like visiting a pizzeria as opposed to go to a fast food joint and hope they have some pizza of sort.

3) It has no repetitions of dubious value. Why the Responsorial Psalm should have one line repeated after each phrase is beyond me. Most who attend do not have Alzheimer’s. It sounds childish to me. Some Novus Ordo priests positively refuse to allow the faithful to “participate” in that fashion. I think they know why.

Mind: of course we repeat things in Catholicism. We pray repeatedly the same prayers (not Francis, of course; but we do). We repeat the ora pro nobis in a Litany. We repeat the “miserere nobis” at Mass, and the “Domine, non sum dignus” is said thrice in the Tridentine. But in all these cases, the repetition makes perfect sense as an emphasis, it does not create the impression the children should be prevented from chatting or being distracted, or may complain they are not “participating” enough.

4) There is no ugly, Protestantised greeting of the priest outside the church after Mass; a feat that now seems common in Europe, perhaps so that old hags do not complain Father neglects them. It’s like old women inviting for tea and scones, and watch out if you are engaged… Isn’t it a wonderful day, vicar? Oh, sorry: Father?

5) There is no risk of some smug septuagenarian old Sixty-Eighter thanking you for coming at Mass, as if you were doing a favour to him personally, or he were God’s Personal Assistant. You see the utter persuasion of their own holiness positively etched in their “welcome”. I am always tempted to answer “no need to thank, ma’am; I am not here for you anyway”.

I confess, never got the nerve. Must do once before I die.

6) It’s reverent and quiet. Never ever have I seen a mother colouring with his child at a TL mass, or playing with him as the mass goes on. Miraculously, people who attend the TLM always find alternative arrangements that do not include considering the Church the extension of the kindergarten. It truly is astonishing. To quote a famous movie for the third time: “A miracle! A miracle!”

None of these point touches on the proper liturgical aspects. But all of them touches on the difference between a place that attracts men as men, and causes some of them to be right there on the sanctuary one day as soldiers; and a place that reminds one very strongly of a kindergarten run by some ominicchio, or even by a limp wrist with a funny voice. Been there, seen and heard that.

Men prefer the Traditional Mass.




All The Rest Will Come By Itself

No, it's not in Rome...

No, it’s not in Rome…


I stumbled upon this video about St John Cantius in Chicago. There are so many useful lessons in the short time frame of this video.

 First came the NO in Latin. That was in itself enough to start filling up this very big church again, merely by word of mouth. Then came the Tridentine. Then came the vocations. It truly all starts with the liturgy, and when the liturgy starts to decay, then truly everything starts to decay.

They reminded me of the Oratorians in London, but the latter never celebrate ad populum (they only have altars ad orientem), whilst here it seems the NO is celebrated ad  populum.

The liturgy truly is the key, and wherever I turn I find confirmation of this. Lex Orandi, lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi.

As you are there, you may do worse than to click around this absolutely exemplary internet presence. It is a treasure trove of such unashamedly orthodox Catholicism, that one must almost weep thinking of all the parish internet sites looking like Presbyterian “inclusive community” web outlets.

And as I was there, I also gave a look at the Tridentine presence in the region, with the help of the usual Wikkimissa. Boy, it looks like an oasis of sanity in the middle of Obamaland. 

My humble congratulations to the brave priests of this very beautiful church; and my congratulations to all those among my thirteen readers (and three cats) who may live in that area. 

In the end, the reversal started in earnest with a reverent Novus Ordo, in Latin. 

Imagine the possibilities. 

When the Nincompoop In Charge dies or – which appears improbable – repents, the Church in the West can be fully revitalised in a matter of a decade or two.

The Mass is the Catholic Endwaffe, the ultimate weaponThe Church must simply wake up and re-learn to use the weapon at its disposal properly. All the rest wil come from itself. 



A Message To The Parishioners Of Blackfen, London, England.

This poster had suddenly appeared outside of the parish church of Blackfen.

This poster had suddenly appeared outside of the parish church of Blackfen.



Dear Parishioners,

I am reliably informed that since the very worthy Father Finigan has left, two novelties have surfaced.

1) The new parish priest (Father Fisher) can celebrate the Traditional Mass, but he won’t.

2) The “Tablet” has made his reappearance.

I do not doubt that many of you miss Father Finigan, and I agree with you such a one is not easy to replace. But there is, in my eyes, a great difference between a substitute without the talent of his predecessor – which is excusable – and one who undermines his work – which isn’t -.

The Tridentine Mass goes out just as, rather symbolically, the “Tablet” gets in. You can, dear parishioner, now avail yourself of a number of excuses as to why what is happening is not bad; or not so bad; or not very bad. You can say to yourself that the new man (Father not-much-of-a-Fisher) does not want to celebrate the Tridentine Mass because he feels he would not be as good as his predecessor. Or you may tell yourself that perhaps he has an unpleasant cough, that would – for the moment at least – suggest it is better to cough exclusively in vernacular. Perhaps you may want to examine the possibility that Father has a lisp, and thinks this stands in the way of a worthy pronounciation of the words, among others, “Dominus”, “Agnus”, “Miserere” and, obviously, “corpus”. The possibilities are endless.

The same applies to the sudden reappearance of the “Tablet”. Perhaps Father Finigan didn’t consider it an obscene rag from and for the enemies of Catholicism, but was simply allergic to that particular paper? Could it be that the “Tablet” has now become orthodox? What if Father Fisher is, in a very cunning and Francis-like move, selling the Tablet again in order for his parishioners to understand how bad it is? Or perhaps his bishop has threatened him with horrible persecution – like, say, beating him with a feather – if he does not sell the magazine?

The last line of defence might, as so often, be: “but he is so nice”. Nice people, so this reasoning goes, can’t be bad priests. Everyone knows that. Father is nice; therefore, everything must be OK, eh? no?


Or, my dear parishioners, you can decide that you will not swallow any strange story; that you will look at reality straight in the eyes; and that these changes so soon after the new man’s arrival can only mean one thing: Father Finigan’s parishioners are going to be slowly, but surely subject to a parish reeducation camp, that will only be considered concluded when the “Tablet” sells well, dissent is fashionable and so lío, and Francis is the best Pope e-v-a-h!

What to do, my dear parishioners?

My suggestions are here, and here.

Look long and hard for a TLM solution suitable to you. If you can afford to travel some distance, consider it. Do not exclude any possibility. There are two SSPX possibilities in London only, of which Wimbledon should be feasible for many. You may want to consider it even if you were a NO parishioner. One day, you might remember how you decided to attend the TLM when… it went away, and may the Lord reward you richly!

You may, in all cases, not have any suitable Tridentine alternative and realise now you have lost the one you loved. I feel with you for your loss. But TLM or no TLM, I suggest that you do this: make the choice, today, that you are not going to attend in a parish that offers the “Tablet” for sale. Not once. Starting from this very moment.

Nothing good can come, in the long term, from a priest who not only tolerates, but reintroduces the “Tablet” after his worthy predecessor removed it. Nor can you lull yourself in the hope that by “staying” and “fighting your battle”, the parish climate will change. How many “Tablet”-like priests do you know who have been converted by his own parishioners? How probable is it that he will change his ways? How probable that the parishioners will slowly change theirs?

My advice to you, my dear parishioners, is that you immediately stop attending in Blackfen, with no ifs and no buts; that you look, and keep looking, for TLM options in the months and years to come, availing yourself of that possibility as soon as you reasonably can; that you draw a line in the sand, and decide that the time of nice and smiling priests siding with the world has come to an end, and you will not attend anymore in a parish that sells the Tablet, for the good of your own soul and of the souls of those entrusted to you.

Take courage, my dear parishioners. Don’t cling to a past now gone. Father Finigan is now rather far away, and the “Tablet” is smiling at you from the shelf instead.

Is this parish, the same but now another, the place where you want to attend? Is this the priest you want to entrust with the task of guiding you towards salvation?

The TLM is out. The “Tablet” is in. Or I could put it in another way: Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi. You have the truth of this in front of you. It is being, in fact, being rubbed under your nose as I write this.

One life, and after that the judgment. Do not entrust people who offer to you the “Tablet” to read the task of guiding you on your way to Purgatory. From their magazines you will know them. Do not be deceived by the gradualism with which he will go at his work: orthodox homilies perhaps, and here and there a hint of former times. This is one who sells you the Tablet, and can celebrate the Tridentine Mass but won’t.

Let Father answer for it when he dies.

As to you, I suggest that you keep your distance from both the magazine and the priests who sell it.




“Ad Orientem” For The Eleven Year Old And The Old Hippies

ad orientem cartoon


Courtesy of His Hermeneuticalness.


The Stupidity Of “Sensitivitee”

What's so difficult?!

What’s so difficult?!



Father Carota reports that two boys of Seven can be excellent altar boys for the Traditional Latin Mass. 

So: two smart children can learn how to say and do everything perfectly in a highly structured liturgy like the Traditional Latin Mass; but there are millions of people ready to believe that fifity or sixty years old men and women, many of them with professional qualifications or a degree, and all of them provided with smartphone, are not able to read from a Latin/whatever translation of the mass and get acquainted with the most beautiful thing this side of heaven. 

How could we come to the point that every nonsense must be believed merely because it looks “sensitive”? The answer is very simple: because in the effeminate society of today even men want to look like women, and it should not be said of them that they do not “feel” for the poor old things who would have the shock of their lives if they had to do some easy reading work.

This, apart from the fact that it is not really necessary to even know what the priest is saying: countless illiterate peasants have gone to heaven with far less knowledge of Latin than these old Sixty-Eighters can get in thirty minutes if they put in the exercise the same attention that they put in the instructions of their latest smartphone, or X-box, or tivo box, or whatever. But hey, the illiterate peasant never thought the world had to adapt to his whims, either.

Political correctness is always stupid. Political correctness is the way the leftists have found to make you accept things that would otherwise simply make you laugh.

Enough with the “sensitivitee”. I long for a time when the OF will mean Only Form, meaning the TLM, and old men and women will be told to move their spoiled ass and read a Latin missal like everyone else.






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