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Obedience, properly intended.

So, so meek…

Predictably, the victory of the FSSP on Traditionis Custodes might lead some dovish individual to reflect that asking politely (FSSP) is better than disobeying (SSPX).

I wholeheartedly disagree, for many reasons I will explain here.

The manoeuvre of the FSSP likely worked because the SSPX exists in the first place. It is quite naive to think that, without the SSPX, there would be anything resembling Catholic liturgical tradition, anywhere. The FSSP’s “obedience” is merely surfing the wave of the SSPX’s “disobedience”. Quite ironic, for sure, that an order (the FSSP) would have to thank, for its survival, the order (SSPX) it was born to destroy.

We also don’t know what happened behind the scenes. It does not need a genius to realise that the FSSP was on its way to a lot of trouble: split in two at the very least, and perhaps siding with Christ altogether; again, because the very existence of the SSPX gave them a clout they would otherwise not have, and balls they would otherwise never grow. Francis wanted to make his capitulation appear like a concession, but there was no hint of concessions in the last months. I will be, therefore, forgiven to think that his hand was forced, not gently guided.

Whether this was from an unofficial promise of revolt inside the FSSP, or from somewhere else, we may never know; still, we know it happened, because Francis isn’t the kind of wolf who suddenly, one day, wakes up a lamb.

I love to think – and I have no evidence for this, but I love to think it anyway – that pressure from wealthy donors might also have played a role. When more and more Bishops start calling Rome and warning that the donors are promising to give their money to the SSPX (the SSPX, again! See where I am going here?) someone starts to listen. Why do I think this? Because I know for a fact that many Bishops care for money more than for Christ, and I believe in Providence. This one seems, to me, a fairly reasonable avenue for said Providence to get to work.

But more in general, I disagree with the rather childish idea that with good manners you can get anything you want. Tyrants, monsters, and evil people in general aren’t much impressed by it. Chamberlain wanted to be nice to Hitler – and be it only to hide his own cowardice and incompetence – and we all know how that went, and how nicely was Hitler, years later, gently moved to put a bullet in his brain; nor did anyone stop to ask Ceauceascu whether he would, kindly, consent to resign. A decade of “diplomacy” got absolutely nowhere with Saddam.

The most effective way to deal with a bully is, and always shall be, to crush him. When Justin Trudeau’s hour comes (hopefully in this life, certainly in the next), he might remember Ceausescu, and the one tyrant may keep company to the other in more ways than one.

The fact is, evil must be confronted to its face, and thinking that diplomacy will win the day denotes a profound ignorance of how the mind of evil people works. Francis, and his minions, are all evil. A sound kick in the balls is the only language they are guaranteed to understand. Plus, obedience is always to Christ first. If Francis stands in Christ’s way, let him feel the pain.

My conclusion from all this is evident: Francis got kicked in the balls, and changed his tack. Whether the kick came from the FSSP, or the bishops, or the donors, or somewhere else, we will never know. But it sure worked because, once again, an old lewd ass does not lose his spots, or something like that.

It is said that the old man might be gravely ill. It should not be said that I closed this blog post without wishing the man, in my charity and well-know Christian spirit, a sudden death today, and eternal salvation if God in His Goodness has mercy of the old, lewd scoundrel.

The Wall, The Tide And The Bucket: Francis Backpedals on Traditionis Custodes

It was this little fella against Francis…

The Evil Clown has recently received some representatives of the FSSP. On that occasion, he has made clear that

institutes such as the Fraternity of St. Peter are not affected by the general provisions of the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes, since the use of the ancient liturgical books was at the origin of their existence and is provided for in their constitutions.

This guy really is a show all by himself. Suddenly, none of the traditionalist orders linked to the V II Church are affected by the Excrementation, provided they celebrate their Latin Masses in their own churches and oratories; otherwise, they have to ask the Bishop. But wait, they can keep celebrating private Masses everywhere.

I have always said, and will say to the end, that this guy is very, very stupid. However, he belongs to that most dangerous type of stupid: the stupid who thinks himself intelligent.

This is a massive backpedaling, particularly from the way things had gone since the Autumn. TC is now limited to the attempt to block the growth of diocesan Traditional Masses. However, what is the long-term use of doing that, if all tradition-loving V II Institutes can keep doing their own thing? Does Francis not reflect that this will lead to an explosion in the membership and following of the existing traditional orders, and in the requests for the creation of new ones? he can get some years of suffocated growth, but he will pay for his arrogance with an explosion in fervour for the Latin Mass. As we say in Italy, this guy is like a child wanting to stop the tide with his bucket.

Yes, he will keep harassing a lot of good diocesan priests. But barring an all-out war against the TLM, the only effect this will have is to encourage the faithful to seek a TLM near, or to welcome the establishment of new orders dedicated to it.

Meanwhile, the very fact that the FFSP & Co. can keep celebrating the TLM will make it the more evident that the diocesan priest are being harassed, and their faithful persecuted.

What happened behind the scenes, I don’t know. But I suspect that Francis was bombarded, for months, with constant warnings about the enemies he was making, and about the damage he was doing to his own anti-clerical cause, and with constant request to at least limit the damage as much as can be without losing face completely.

Mind, this is not “I am suddenly a Catholic”-Francis. This is “I can’t damage the Church with TC”-Francis! Like Julian the Apostate, he is seeing that he can’t win this one!

“But Mundabor, Mundabor! You are being oh so devious!! Of course this was Francis’ plan from the start!”

Francis’ plan from the start, my foot. If this had been the plan from the start, the meeting I mentioned at the start would have never been necessary in the first place, and the situation for the FSSP & Co. would have been extremely clear from day one. One line in the Excrementation would have been enough. That line was not there.

I am not saying, yet, “we win, he loses”. I think Francis will have to die for the next chance of real change, at least in this. But it is clear to me that Francis has smashed his big nose against the wall and has not liked the feeling.

In the end, the FSSP will not be forced to make the ultimate choice, and perhaps they hinted to Francis that their ultimate choice would not have been for him. Others have done the same (I have written about it). They are all safe from Francis The Hun for now.

Hopefully, God will soon do the rest.

Don’t Avoid The SSPX. Avoid The V II Church.

The Diocese of Denver has “warned” their faithful from attending Mass at a chapel of the SSPX. Some people really are tone deaf.

Such an appeal would have been dumb enough in normal times. People don’t attend at the SSPX chapel because they happen to be in the neighbourhood. They attend there because the TLM gives them a nourishment the Novus Ordo never could, and they want to give witness of sound Catholicism in the time of Francis.

The dumbness becomes, then, absolutely idiotic if you consider that we live in TC times, when Vatican thugs tell you that the TLM is divisive and they will shut down as many of them as they can. It’s quite amazing that a Bishop can be so tone-deaf, or so incompetent, or so outright, well, stupid that he does not understand that the attendance at any SSPX chapel is as assured and deliberate now as it ever was.

On the contrary, such “appeals” coming from the same V II church that is now clearly working against her own faithful in any way she can will only reinforce the popularity of the Society.

I would like to make the contrary appeal to the faithful of the Diocese of Denver: if at all reasonably practical, ditch the Diocese and its V II mass and attend at the SSPX. Send there all your friends and all your donations, too! If the Bishop allows some TLM there – likely, because the competition of the SSPX is there – you may want to make an exception for the TLM masses, but for them only.

Who knows, when the music get strident enough even those extremely tone deaf bishops might begin to understand that something is very wrong with their attitude, and they need to start cleaning up their shop.

I am not even interested here if this Diocese is not one of the worst ones. If they attack Tradition in every form, they should get what’s coming to them.

After TC there is no “good bishop who doesn’t really like the SSPX” anymore.

You defend Tradition, or you are against us.

Pope Bananas

Pope Bananas

In a summer of rumours, there are voices which say that Francis, not happy with the obvious failure of Traditionis Custodes, will add a second motu proprio after the summer, trying to make things worse for those Catholics he so violently hates.

You see, I keep telling you that the man is stupid for a reason. It’s because he keeps doing stupid things. This insane new project might or might not be one of those (the rumour might not be true after all), but the very fact that no one believes it could not happen is a clear indication of how dark this man’s soul is.

Sadly for the Evil Clown, if he dares to pile up on the evil of Traditionis Custodes he will discover that the new measure fails even worse than the first, and that the outrage that accompanied the first measure is much bigger if he dares to promulgate a second one.

TC did not fail because it’s poorly written (which it is), or because it’s, in some perverse way, too soft (which it is even less). The aim of the document was clear enough, and expressed without any shame. No, TC failed because it was rejected together with the mentality that is behind it. Adding more of a recipe for failure will only cause more of a failure. You’d think a man with some intellect understands this. But Francis is no man of intellect, he is a petty little commie full of anger and spite.

Francis is having, as so often, a fit. He sees that his own Bishops refuse to obey him, as the anger of their own Pewsitter is scarier to them than the rage of that old, lewd man in Rome. He has lost his grip on even a lot of milquetoast V II Bishops. He has lost his grip on them for a reason: because his anti-Catholic stance and hate of Christ and His Church is so evident that the Bishops need to take side, and they realise that it is not wise to side with an old, frail, possibly dying satanical individual.

What will Francis do? React with more of what has already failed? Yes, it can be that he is dying and he thinks that, things being what they are, he can fire with all his cannons at the Church, knowing that there will be no time to depose him. But again, this thinking would be just as stupid as Francis is, then he would be ignored first, attacked second, and accompanied to his grave by an army of formally (more or less) subservient but factually disobedient Bishops who can’t wait that the devil gets him and that’s the end of the issue.

If the rumours are confirmed, it would be clear once again that Francis thinks and act exactly like the dictator of a Banana Republic: adding more of what did not work in the hope that it suddenly starts to work, or simply just not caring for the consequences.

What we have in front of us is a South-American style imbecile dictator; a little, evil cretin, playing tyrant because some Cardinals were stupid enough to allow him to do so, and very likely destined to go to hell in a fit of rage at the Church from which he scrounged an entire existence. Can’t wait for the coffin to close on this man. Whatever comes later, let’s deal with a problem at a time.

As to his eternal destiny, yes I try to pray for the man. But I am also reminded of harsher words.

As he loved cursing, so let it come unto him: as he delighted not in blessing, so let it be far from him

Waitin’ For The Coffin

BBC News is ready…

Rorate Caeli has an interesting interview to a Traditionalist Priest. The interview is mainly, but not only, concerned with the post TC situation in Italy.

I would like to point out to a couple of very interesting considerations.

First, let’s talk about Ferrara.


What do you think the bishops’ reactions will be? I am thinking of the Archbishop of Ferrara, not at all a conservative, who erected a personal parish for the extraordinary form 15 days before the Pope announced his document. Do you expect this kind of reaction?

The case of Ferrara is very interesting in many ways. It shows this “left-wing” bishop’s independence from Pope Francis. In Italy, and in the Curia, people are distancing themselves from the pontiff. They feel that he is at the end of his career and are thinking about the future. They find the present government chaotic, and they want something more serious, and more true liberalism. As for the Bishop of Ferrara, it is clear: aware of the document and knowing that personal parishes would no longer be allowed to be erected, he erected one immediately: it’s great!

End Quote

I almost spilled my post-prandial espresso on this!

A bishop who is not at all conservative, but cannot ignore anymore how power is simply shifting inside the Diocese, knows very well that a Motu Proprio against SP is in the brew, and decides to act before it gets announced! You couldn’t make it up! This is one of those eye-opening episodes, because it would have been very easy for the Archbishop to say “let us wait first what the pope says” and fend off the requests. However, it seems that the situation on the ground was quite the contrary: a V II Bishop wants to erect a personal parish, because he knows in which direction the wind blows. His desire to establish a personal parish and a permanent Traditional Mass was not due to his Traditionalism (which just isn’t there). It’s due to it being better to give in to Catholics than to resist their mounting pressure! It’s not only “great”. It really is a blueprint for what must be happening in who knows how many places in Italy and elsewhere!

Also, look at this:


How did the supporters of Francis’ motu proprio win through?

It was enough to convince the Pope! He has the power to go against anyone… In this case, the major lobby group in the Italian bishops’ conference was set against Summorum Pontificum, mainly because in Italy, rather later than in France, young priests were beginning to celebrate the traditional Mass and to adopt more traditional ideas. They noticed a “traditionalization” of the seminaries, which worried them greatly. In the Curia as well, people like Cardinal Parolin, Cardinal Stella in the Congregation for Clergy, etc., were also very concerned.


More good news, and perfectly in line with what I reflected above. Italy is, later than France (because the crisis wasn’t so harsh in the first place), starting to SSPX-ise itself. Yep, I’ve said it. Yep, I reject V II (not its validity). Yep, I think an awful lot of Italian faithful think like me!

What this all tells us is this: there is a subterranean surge of Catholicism, a quiet but very strong reaction to Francis, that is so determined, that even local Archbishops hasten to give up to the Resistance, trying to be faster than Francis’ work of destruction. They know that to do what Francis wants would be madness. They don’t get to hear from Francis much. They get to hear from Catholics all the time.

But how comes that things have come to the point of – let us say this again – V II Archbishops working against the Motu Proprio even before it is made public?

Well, I hate to tell you. Or so I should. Still, here’s what it is:

They are waitin’ for the coffin.

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