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The Disfiguration Of The Transfiguration

This is Francis in a not too distant future.

Once again, Pope Francis has given us an example of how he abuses of everything that is Catholic to promote his own socialist, completely earthly agenda.

As reported in the website of Radio Vaticana, there is nothing in Francis' speech that reminds one that Salvation is not a given, not for Catholics and much less for everyone else.

His thinking clearly follows social justice warrior's lines: we are, in a way, “transfigured” by the Transfiguration in that we increase our social work effort and blabber to people about it is not really clear what, but something that closely resembled automatic salvation about which pretty much no one has to worry.

This Pope resembles an angry version of an Anglican; in him, their mixture of social worries and unconditional salvation has a further element: the obvious hate for the wealthy, and the social envy whose poison he has certainly carried inside himself since his young years and all the way through his disgraceful ecclesiastical career.

Say a prayer for the poor bugger, thinking of what pit in hell will be reserved for him if he dies in his current state of openly proclaimed heresy and betrayal – nay: hate! – of Catholicism at every step.



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