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The World Is Changing, Or: Uganda Vs Faggocracy

“Sorry, man, but I don’t understand your pronouns”….

Clearly, the world is changing.

Put yourself in the position of Uganda, a Country that can be easily harmed – not destroyed, no; but humiliated and impoverished until it decides to behave “properly” – by the mighty United Trannies Of America. This Country, which is traditionally Christian, wants to act to avoid the degeneracy – nay: the lunacy – they see is invading the West.

They know that, the times being what they are, Trannie Central would come down on them like a ton of rainbow coloured bricks. Why, then, do they embark in such an enterprise?

The reason is very simple: because the world is changing. The planetary bullying of the US has now been countered by a new, extremely powerful block. This new block has, as a founding principle, the non-ingerence in the affairs of partner countries. If you want to be Communist, or Christian, or Muslim, this can be good or bad; but it is not something these Countries will see as their duty to change.

For Countries like Uganda, this makes all the difference.

The US are, predictably, threatening already, as Uganda is going against the Religion of Sodom firmly in power over there. But their threats sound hollow. Russia, China, and their allies of the expanded BRICS will clearly be happy to provide the Country with fair access to whatever they need and can pay, without asking them to dechristianise in return. This is a game changer in many African Countries.

In fact, the new approach is now found attractive in previously unsuspected corners. The main reason why Saudi Arabia and Iran have decided to bury the war axe is exactly this: a world dominated by a superpower demanding to dictate everybody’s policy is such an immediate danger that sworn enemies can decide to collaborate.

The world is changing, and this change has been certainly accelerated by the mad arrogance of wanting to remote control a country as powerful, vast and varied as Russia, destroying or damaging Ukraine and Georgia in the process. Some US citizen begin to understand now, and many more will in the future, what a miscalculation it was.

Activism and social and religious engineering have come too far. The backlash will now be furious. The Ugandan legislation is exactly that: a very long finger proudly erected in the direction of Trannie Central.

May it be followed by many other very long fingers, in Africa and elsewhere, saluting the end of the Faggocracy and its attempt to install a gigantic Rainbow World Domination.

Uganda: “Aid” Gaystapo At Work.

And it came to pass an American working for some kind of medical research institute in Uganda was arrested because suspected, after days of investigation, of both sodomitical behaviour and pro-homosexual propaganda. As a result, the organisation employing the alleged sod announced the suspension of all their activities in the country.

Yours truly would like to make a couple of observations.

1. Only an organisation dominated by fags can send – or allow to remain – a sodomite in a country where his behaviour is – and rightly so; it was so in all Christian Countries as long as they remained… Christian – punished with jail terms, and long-ish ones at that. These people think that just because they bring Western money the laws of the land will not apply to them. Every sensible employer would have asked to the man in question – I am assuming here they not only know, but approve of his inversion – whether it's not better to examine moving to another country, or refrain from inverted behaviour if he wants to stay. I very much doubt this has happened; rather, the impression is engendered they thought the position of the man gave him some sort of de facto immunity. Which is, by the way, exactly what they are demanding now by suspending their work.

2. I thought these people worked selflessly for the community. I thought they were moved by high ideals. I thought they considered it normal that the laws of the land are,min principle, respected. They wouldn't send women in conservative Arabic countries with uncovered head, would they now? The country punishes faggotry? Send there some darn heteros, then! Does it take a genius? Unless, of course, the real aim is not to advance medical research, but to advance faggotry instead. Which one is very much led to suspect.

I truly hope Uganda will not cave in to the economic pressure and will insist in a vigorous defence of Christian values, denouncing the false philanthropy of those whose only aim is to corrupt poor foreign Countries with the excuse of “Aid”. I would love to be able to tell you that the Ugandan government will not cave in to economic pressure; but In the end, who knows.

Let us pray that the turning of the tide will come soon and, as already seen in recent years with the global warming madness, at some point the pendulum will start swinging the other way.



Insensitive Archbishops


“In all the villages of Nigeria, there are women who have no education and girls who do not attend school. They can not read or write, but they have the morning after pill . When they are questioned, they know which pill they have when to take abort. How can that be? Who tells them that and gives them the morning after pill,  pushing it into her hand? It is the western governmental and non-governmental organizations that impose their ideas on us. And these ‘values’ mean birth control. This is worth   much money and effort from the West. And why do they do that? To ensure that our government gets international economic aid, they must accept this Western policy. But that is called coercion. A culture and a mentality is imposed that is not ours, for we Nigerians not despise life.”   They attempt this by way of  an ideological indoctrination but specifically from the outside to manipulate the minds of the people in Nigeria.

These words are from Ignatius Kaigama, the Archbishop of Jos and President of the Nigerian Bishops’ Conference. Nigeria is the Country where Boko Haram massacres Christians like there’s no tomorrow – I have written here,  where I also linked to Andrew Klavan’s always useful “sensitivity training”, “how to behave during an Islamic massacre” – but where the West seems most concerned with letting abortion pills reach every freaking village, and screeching like an offended Trannie whenever Christian legislation is enacted.  

The Archbishop explains very clearly what the deal is: if you want to have the help to alleviate your economic misery, you will have to teach your girls the anti-values of the West. If you are Christian, you must be bad. Uganda received the same treatment. 

Alas, someone should tell the Archbishop that he is “obsessing” about both homosexuality and abortion; that getting “out there” and reeking of Western rot is absolutely fundamental, particularly if the sheep in the “outskirts” do the same; that in the new “time of mercy”  new accents must be set; that he should, erm, (cough), always consider the “individual circumstances”;  and that if sodomites “search the Lord” and “have good will”, who is he to judge? 

Perhaps the Archbishop will be visited by Father Volpi after the latter’s current demolition project has been brought to an end? 

You never know. The time of mercy looks like a time of bullying of everything orthodox indeed.


Uganda: Gaystapo In The West.

US Secretary of State Kerry is so stupid that he compares the recent Ugandan measures against sexual perversions to Nazi Germany.

Some facts for Mr Kerry:

1. There was only one Country in Europe or North America that allowed Abortion in the Thirties. It was Nazi Germany. Abortion in its most extreme forms is a flag of the Obama Administration.

2. Sodomy laws were in place all over the West until a few decades ago. Including all the Western countries that defeated Nazism.

Who is the Nazi, then?

On another note, and as you read in the same article, the World Bank has frozen aid money for Uganda after the adoption of the law. Unfortunately for them with no results, at least for now. But make no mistake, the bullying will continue.

Leading the charge are countries like Norway, Danemark and the Netherlands; all of them heavy sponsors of sexual perversion, or euthanasia, or both.

Let us pray countries like Uganda – last time I look, a success story for African standards in the last decades – find the economic and spiritual strength to go on without the bribes of an increasingly nazified West.



The Church Of Christ And The Church Of Francis

If you have followed the recent events in Uganda, you will have noticed a strong contrast between the useless waffle of much of the West and the robust Christianity in Africa.

Here in the satiated – actually, obese – West, “who am I to judge?” is the order of the day, and the entire Church apparatus bends over backward to be as much aligned to secular values as they can get away with. As the Bishop of Rome is the one who can get away with pretty much everything, it is no surprise he is very much at the head of the movement.

Meanwhile, in regions of more recent Christianisation – like Sub-Saharan Africa, where Christianisation has been largely absent, albeit with some notable exceptions – Christianity is taken far more seriously, and the local prelates fulfill their role of shepherd in a way most Western ones would never think of, or dream about. This is why the Ugandan clergy – can you believe it – supports the Ugandan law against sodomy and homosexual propaganda.

Mind, though, that they do not shout “God hates fags”. God hates faggotry, and He hates the fact that one person is a fag. But he certainly loves him as an immortal soul. Still, the love for the person does not mean the condoning of the abomination; something African clergy would not do more than they would child abuse, or incest. Note that, in doing this, they are not only very sound, but also very charitable.

All this escapes our very corrupt – from the Bishop of Rome down – hierarchy, most of whose adherents would very probably describe sodomy laws and the punishment of homosexual propaganda as “homophobic”; either because they are blissfully unaware this is what Christian countries – being Christian – have always done, or because they find it more convenient to ignore the facts than to confront the world.

This creates, on reading of the news coming from Uganda, the clear impression that the Church is split in two: an ailing body, sullied with all the filth of the world in the Western world broadly intended – that is: including Central and South America – and a far younger, healthier, clearly pugnacious one in parts of Asia and vast parts of Africa, where “who am I to judge?” is rightly ignored in favour of the sensible, Christian, and charitable “why should I be an accomplice?”.

And in fact, when the Ugandan bishops approve the law – whose explicit aim is to avoid the corrupting influence of the satanic Western mentality – they are not only stating their refusal of the Western secular society; they are, and emphatically so, also rejecting the bogus Christianity preached everywhere from Western Catholic prelates and priests, from the Pope down, who would obliterate the Christian message and substitute it for a vague, fluffy, effeminate emotionalism in which only God's mercy has remained.

Being Christian, they are not worried in the least of being called “homophobic”. In fact, the very use of the word “homophobia” is a very worrying sign the person who uses it might have strayed already so far from Catholicism and Christianity at large, that his ability to promote sound Catholicism is now severely impaired.

Let us take an example from the brave Ugandan government, and the sound Ugandan Catholic clergy.

We do not need measures against “homophobia”.

We need to bring back Sodomy laws.




Murdered Homosexual Not A Martyr After All


Murdered by his own hired sex toy: David Kato

It is always instructive to observe how the liberal press and media are never slow in mounting the next “homophobia” story, but never seem to pay the same attention when the story turns out to be not only utterly wrong, but damaging to their ideological agenda.

To make a sordid story short, it happened (read the beautiful contribution from the “Reluctant Sinner” blog) that David Kato, the Ugandan homosexual activist with the dubious honour of landing on a conservative newspaper’s list of prominent homos with the questionable headline “hang them”, was subsequently murdered.

After the tragedy, the ululations of the homo-wolves were longer and higher-pitched than usual and a “homophobic attack” presented as the very likely cause of the sad loss of a human life (and probably the ever sadder loss of an immortal soul). Sadly for the ulutating wolves, it turns out that the chap was murdered by… a fellow poof who was… his hired lover. You can’t make protest marches with that I am afraid.

Strangely, the space given to this story was – in my perception and, I bet, in yours –  nowhere near the one given to the first, “homophobic” one. How very strange.

Reflecting on these matters, I would now be at a loss to mention heterosexuals killed by their occasional lovers, or killed by people who had been their “guests” for some time.

If on the other hand I think of the supposedly “gay”, several examples come to mind of homos killed by their own lovers, who were being paid by them.

Think of Pierpaolo Pasolini, a wasted talent and the epitome of everything that is filthy, killed in the most squalid of circumstances after quarrelling with male prostitutes about, well, professional fees. Whilst in recent times someone has tried to rewrite history, no one of a sane mind has, or ever had, the slightest doubt about the circumstances leading to his death.

Or think of Gianni Versace, killed by another homosexual very probably “known” to and already “hired” by him. Here too, attempts are being made at re-writing history to divert the attention from the relish with which supposedly “gay” people kill each other, but what became clear is that the man was no stranger to hiring desperate or drug addicted sexual deviants for very cheap money. Like the rather well-off Pasolini, Versace was another cheapskate because of his hate, I think. I’ll come back to this.

Now the case of David Kato, the Homo-Martyr-That-Never-Was. It turns out that the man was killed by the very poor boytoy “gardener” he kept in his home (gardener? GARDENER? Wait a minute! Kato was not wealthy at all and lived in a very dangerous neighbourhood, right?) against shelter, food and you-know-what.

Here too, money is at the centre of the tragedy and here too, “gayness” seems to go together with being a liar and a cheapskate at that or – depending on from what side you see it – a murderer of the man you were screwing just hours before. How very romantic. Kato apparently promised money to his (cough) “gardener” but then failed to deliver and the other had a bout of (cough) “gay pride” and found nothing better to do than to kill him. No doubt, in a few years’ time the attempts to rewrite history will be started here too.

I can’t avoid from all this the impression that homosexuals use, enslave, cheat, and murder their “lovers” with rather alarming frequency; that the idea of hiring sex slaves seems to be rather well spread (no, I do not think that his murderer was very much “romantically involved” with Kato; do you? And didn’t even Oscar Wilde, once in France, start to fish among the poorest and most destitute to satisfy his cravings?); that, in short, these oh so sensitive flowers screaming “homophobia!” and threatening with suicide if one says to them so much as poof often have a way to relating to each other that to me seems dominated by brutal exploitation and raw hate.

Which makes sense, because if there is one sensible conclusion that can be drawn from the extremely high rate of suicide, diseases of all kind and general brutality with each other that the supposed “gay” population exhibits, is that these people hate their own guts with a passion, and the guts of those like them with an ever greater one. Prepotence without manliness, and bitchiness without femininity.

Hate of oneself, then. Wait a minute, how is it called in medical terms?

Yep: homophobia.



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