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So-Called Same-Sex Marriage: The Muslim Perspective

Abu Hamza

Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

Interesting blog post from His Hermeneuticalness about the way UK Muslims are living the proposed changed in legislation concerning same-sex marriage. 

You can read the details in the article, but what I would like to do is to add, as always, some spice of my own as follows: 

1. The UK Muslim community has been strangely silent up to now. It is difficult to say what is happening, but I suspect some of them wish for the Christian West to slide down the already very slippery slope of corruption and degradation, and others (particularly local community leaders) do not want to embarrass the Labour party – who are now officially on the fence after the uproar, but clearly favour the measure – who is often their political referent. If the religious communities start to wake up, though, this might get very interesting, then…. 

2. … whilst Catholics can be shot at without any trouble by anyone who wants to feel “progressive”, in the UK Muslims are more protected than the Panda; therefore, if they start to seriously complain about their religious freedom you won’t see many champagne socialists crying foul, bigot, and so on.

If you think their voice has no weight, think again. In 2006, an utterly idiotic legislation proposed by the Labour Government foresaw the banning of every book containing “homophobic” remarks and other “discriminatory” content. The Labour people then in power were obviously stupid, but when it was pointed out to them that not only the Bible, but the Koran would have been then officially banned, they listened and the initiative was heavily modified and, in fact, watered down to the point of harmlessness. I seriously doubt the Christians would have been enough to avoid the adoption of the measure, and am persuaded that it was Labour’s fear to touch the Muslim electorate to make them think thrice. The same happened with the several attempt to change name to Christmas, initiatives which generally fail when the Muslim community says they actually like Christmas and do not care for “Winter Lights”, or the like…

There is a problem, though….

3. … and it is that in my experience, Muslims in the London area are often rather secularised themselves, and whilst a tiny minority has a fundamentalist outlook the vast majority – at least among the sufficiently educated ones – seems not to care much. What I think happens is that the fundamentalist types reject the West together with Christianity, and the Westernised types (more or less) reject religion as they embrace the West. This isn’t good on an occasion like this, because it will limit the ability of the religious communities to make their voice heard. 

Still, I hope the Muslims will start making some noise soon, then this would be one of the very few occasions multiculturalism really has some use.

Again, I do not have any hope whatsoever for next week’s vote, but the vote will, if the opponents are smart, only the start of the serious confrontation. 

The machine took a very long time in moving, probably because of the little enthusiasm of most UK bishops (led by Archbishop Nichols, a man who favours and openly defends so-called “civil partnerships” and who has not been defrocked for reasons unknown to me; you might ask the Vatican…) for something as unpleasant and uncomfortable like Christianity. Still, there is some movement now, and the ferment is palpable.

Next week should be seen as the beginning of the war, not the decisive battle. There’s still much to be done, and the vote in the Lord’s may well go the way of the Lord’s reform.

Be not discouraged. Call or write to your MP and let him feel your anger. Let him feel it rather than writing the usual polite disagreement. If he dares to vote with Satan, he has lost you forever. Not if the other candidate is Stalin, or Hitler, or Pol Pot will you ever vote for him again. You’ll say this to all your relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and association members. You will never forget. 

Let him know. Be assured you are not the one. Let him think if he has a brain, and be scared if he – as it more probable – hasn’t.


Nota bene: this blog post was written before, but scheduled to be published after the preceding one. The blog post before this has the latest info. 

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