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UK On Its Way To Dictatorship Of Political Correctness

Breitbart has the lowdown on this. 

It seems absurd, and it isn’t.

The pattern is always the same. Vocal minorities claim persecution. Then legislation is enacted to “protect” them in some way. Then it becomes deeply offensive to go against the new PC mantra. Then it must be a criminal offence to do so.

The problem with the UK is the extreme, if you allow me the word, “dumbification” of the Country after sixty years of decaying religious feeling and BBC-fueled PC shallowness. Millions are just unable to see when their liberties are infringed upon, because their Facebook pages are too full of sugary platitudes to allow them to start using their brains.

The double standard is also already built in. You don’t get any prizes for supposing that Muslims will go largely unscathed, Catholics will be prime targets if not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.

The premise is stupid already. Different religions ar eintriniscally incompatible with each other, which is why they are different in the first place. Therefor,e any proclamation of the truths – real or supposed – of one religion must be offensive to another one.

“God has no son”, blaspheme the Muslims. Shall it be six years, then?

Oh, and I forgot.

You know that in the end religion might simply be a convenient excuse, don’t you?

The real aim of these guidelines is the critics of “trangenders”; that is, those peopl emad enough to believe that they are not who they are, and who in more charitable times were protected from themselves by putting them in suitable mental institutions. Not anymore, of course, and the staggering suicide rate shows all the cruelty of “tolerance”.

Mind, the Country has more resources than this, and will react at some point. But this kind of attacks has been going on for more than ten years now, and it is time for the Conservative to become Conservative again and start thinking straight. Because if they don’t, the British people might at some point wake up in other ways. At that point it might get ugly; because, whilst sadly “dumbified”, this is still a fairly tough nation, very difficult to indoctrinate for very long with the easiness with which you can brainwash the Germans.





Making Whopee – “2017 Dumb Liberal Edition”

Her long hair excludes women with cancer; her hands excludes those who are maimed; her voice excludes the deaf; her brains offend the intelligent

Let me look at the pic of this young woman and go all snowflake on her:

Her hair excludes those women who are undergoing cancer treatment; her hands exclude the maimed; her voice excludes the mute, her walking excludes those the women forced to use a wheelchair.

Methinks, her brains offend the intelligent.

In an unavoidable spreading this side of the Pond of the politically correct madness already en vogue in the US, the call has now been issued to “ban clapping and whooping” among UK university student.

Why? It excludes the deaf, dear.

This is stupid beyond belief, and the fact that such jokes are not only made, but are taken seriously among the representatives of the assumed elites of tomorrow tells you all you need to know about how many of these geniuses struggle to find any kind of employment that is not artificially created by a wasteful government: the social workers, enablers and facilitators of all sorts.

It also tells you why well-educated foreigners like yours truly will continue to thrive and prosper in this Country.

As an aside, I invite you to reflect on what the opinions of these geniuses concerning abortion, war, perversion and … Trump will, unavoidably, be. No prize for the winners.

The post-Christian era has created an unprecedented mass stupidity. But the modern stupid feel better educated and wiser than their ancestors, and therefore yap incessantly about their own foolishness. For the record, they are neither educated nor wise, no matter what their useless degree might say.

God bless Trump's plumbers and factory workers, miners and carpenters. They have more wisdom in their little fingers than these idiots in their entire airhead.




Catholics On The Street: For How Long Still?


Racism! Homophobia! Christian Supremacism! 


Rorate informs our of the first Corpus Christ procession in decades in Warrington, England. Follow the link for some consolation in these dark times. 

However, I read the news and I could not avoid thinking for how long this will be possible. The UK have been more resilient to gender ideology than other Countries like Canada, but this does not mean that the situation is good (and Canada is very, very bad). The UK is still a Country in which, as a B&B owner, you are forced to have perverts under your own roof, in the same bedroom, giving scandal and practicing sodomy; and this, mind my words, with a “Conservative” Government in power, and with the open approval of the “Conservative” Prime Minister.

I can see a trend here, and a trend that will very likely, one day, overcome the still existing forces of sanity (and be it that in the form of freedom of expression). The danger that Catholic devotion will be confined to private spaces in the future – possibly in the near future – is very, very real.

Still, let us savour the good news when we read them, and may the Lord give us the fortitude to fight the good fight for as long as we breathe.





UK: Environmentally Friendly Nazism

Ovens at Auschwitz' extermination camp. Clearly an inspiration for UK hospitals.

Ovens at Auschwitz’ extermination camp. Clearly an inspiration for UK hospitals.



We are informed that more than 15,000 aborted and miscarried babies have been burned to produce energy .

The “Daily Homograph” very delicately also reports they were burned alongside other rubbish, thus making involuntarily clear what they think of the corpse of an aborted or miscarried baby.

The blood-chilling details are in the “Homograph” article, so if you want to have your stomach upset and your last meal isn’t recent you can read the rest there. 

I merely notice that this is the country which, in a great leap “forward” toward Sodom, has just approved so-called homosexual “marriages”, less than a decade after approving homosexual “civil partnerships”.

How people does not see the link it’s beyond me. The contempt for God’s commandments must perforce translate in the pursue of every selfish interests at all costs; this will unavoidably lead both to the celebration of perversion and to the elimination of unwanted human beings. They are the two faces of the same coin, and a pretend sensitivity about the corpse of the baby one has just killed is not going to wash. 

In fact, perhaps the most disgusting part of the story is the hypocrisy of those now saying burning dead children for heat is “unacceptable”. It is acceptable to kill an innocent unborn child, but it is not acceptable to dispose of the remains in a way that hurts the “sensitivity” of the public; sensitivity which , at least here in the UK, isn’t hurt by the killing of unborn babies at all.

I remember the opening show of the Olympic games, with that semi-communist exaltation of the NHS, apparently such a great conquest of humanity.

“Yes, ma’am, we have cremated the rests of your, erm, ah, well, I mean the “foetal remains”; can’t you feel the pleasant warmth around you?”


The Honest Monster

If you think Ann Furedi is the worst Himmler existing in England, you may reflect on the fact she probably is merely being more honest.

Mssss Furedi has stated the obvious: whenever the doctors decide the “mental health” of the mother is in danger, the baby can be murdered. The hypocrisy of the British (or Italian) abortion law is that whilst the law pretends abortion is something meant only to address “extreme” cases, what it in fact allows is abortion on demand within a certain time frame. Everyone knows that, and the majority is very fine with it.

If, therefore, the “mental health” of a woman is endangered at the thought of this astonishing event – having a baby – it is not to be seen why she would not risk her sanity at the… same event, of having a baby girl.

You see, we must be inclusive and show appreciation for different cultures here: if it is a misfortune, or a disgrace, or even a shame in a different culture to have a girl, who are we to judge? Or do we want to impose our narrow-minded, Judeo-Christian mentality on people with a different set of belief? Are we not, erm, “tolerant” of different thinking?

Is is not so, that we now legally allow the slow and cruel slaughter of animals – once forbidden in Germany – in order to allow the production of halal meat? Is it not that abortion is, all over the West, undoubtedly allowed when fig leave conditions apply? Who are we to decide that a Hindu girl cannot abort her baby girl, but an atheist girl of British ancestors can? Does the fig leave only applies to Whites of British ancestry?

Look, we live in time when girls with children born out of wedlock, or of unknown fathers, are seen as rather normal, and the moral disapprobation is apportioned, rather, to those who have to gut to say this is very bad. How would, then, the “mental health” of the girl from the council house block, who already has several girlfriends with a baby – or from the posh neighbourhood, come to that, where nowadays everyone is so liberal – be endangered by a pregnancy? Is it not slowly becoming the new normality?

In addition, whilst we live in rather bad times it is not that fornication and children out of wedlock have been invented in the Sixties. They have always been there, and I wonder whether, say, the slums of London in the Victorian era had less illegitimate children than the vastly better “underprivileged” neighbourhoods of London in the XXI century. I have, then, no record of the madhouses of the time being full with young women driven to insanity by motherhood.

They must have thought, in those unenlightened times, that pregnancy is a natural consequence of having sex. Astonishing.

No, you can twist and turn it as you wish: there is no possible way it can be decided the White woman must be free to abort her baby, and the Chinese woman must not be free to abort her baby girl. Either it's forbidden or it isn't; and if “mental health” issues apply, then they must be applied to everyone.

Msssss Furedi is, therefore, not more monstrous than the society around her, that has happily allowed abortion on demand under the thin disguise of the “mental health” issue and now discovers the sexual and moral revolution is killing its daughters. She perfectly reflects the (im)moral reasoning at the root of the current abortion legislation and practice.

At least, she is a honest monster.


How A Country Commits Suicide


Once they managed to keep together a huge empire. Nowadays, not even families.

Once they managed to keep together a huge empire. Nowadays, not even families. informs us that half of all children in the born in the UK are being raised by one parent.

What apparently happens is not that half of the children are born of girls who have been stupid, but rather that an awful lot of couple who consider themselves “stable” do not marry and end up splitting when there are little children around, or divorce at the same time.

This reflects the utter madness of the modern British society. Divorce is not banned and hasn’t been for a long time now, so every kind of stigma is gone. The same -the British society being so “inclusive” – happens for those couple who don’t even think it a good idea to marry, such old and stuffy social conventions being too primitive for their own elevated selves. The community around them helps them in this behaviour by eliminating every trace of lack of “inclusiveness”. As a result, at the first major difficulty the couple will split, not caring at all that the children pay the highest price. Still, as the article also points out, the same adults will have their lives severely impacted, and this will have a further negative effect on the children.

One is reminded of those cruel times when divorce was banned, forced a man and a woman not only to really think thrice bout what they’re doing, but accustomed since little children to know that normally one has only one card to play, and should play it with the right partner and not nurture nrealistic expectation. In those cruel times, the social stigma linked to separation took care it was a measure generally avoided.

Not so today. After having accompanied and approved the complete demolition of the British family, the Government is now intent in absolutely perverting its very meaning, introducing institutionalised sodomy and sexual perversion and telling us this is good, because in some satanical way two perverts would be a family and you see, we need all the “families” we can get.

The emotional damage made to countless children is now even amplified. If it is traumatic to be raised without a father, imagine the fun at being raised by a couple of bitching faggots, or angry lesbians.

You would think the Country is slowing waking up to such an evident bankruptcy, but this is not the case. In fact, politicians like David Cameron and Maria Miller are merely the prostitutes of a degradation that comes straight from the voting masses, whose most perverted desires they try to satisfy as much as they can .

This is the way a once great Country is going down. The Empire Builders have left, leaving an army of faults who never grew up, trying to raise a generation of scarred children who never will.


The Papal visit to the UK

St. Chad's Cathedral. Not good enough? Source: Wikipedia

In the past weeks confused but altogether not reassuring news about the planned Papal visit to the UK have started to circulate. Explosions of costs were mentioned, uncertainties about the venues and contrasts between the local bishops and the Vatican about where to celebrate the Beatification Mass of Cardinal Newman.

It is sad that such an important occasion (important because of the powerful symbolic value of a visit in a highly secularised country as the United Kingdom) should be clouded by issues like organisational failures and lack (or better: waste) of faithful’s money. Still, some broader issues arise from this situation.

The first is the character of the Beatification Mass. I can’t see how a mass celebrated in an airport can be as solemn and edifying as a Mass celebrated in a Cathedral or other church building. In an airport, the main aspect of the Mass (the sacrificial one) is clouded by the “gathering” aspect of the event. This is in my eyes better left to the Protestants. There is a reason why buildings have been erected for the purpose of celebrating Mass rather than looking for the next available open space, and it is because they are a more fitting place.

The second issue is the necessity of such megalomaniacal planning. I do not agree that when a Pope comes to visit a huge effort should be made to allow as many people as possible to see him. The Pope is the Head of the Universal Church and his visit has a high symbolic meaning irrespective of how many people are there to see him. It is not a contest to see who can mobilise the greatest masses.

The third issue is one of pure ability and competence. If there was the capacity of organising such huge events at a reasonable cost, without squandering money and remaining within budget, then such gigantic efforts might, hypothetically, start to make some sense. But this ability is obviously not there.

The fourth issue is how the faithful’s money is spent. From the relevant internet page we are informed that £350,000 are going to be spent for “evangelisation material” and £650,000 for “communication work” of various sort. For one event. This looks like “jobs for the boys” to me. Also notice the £200,000 on “fundraising costs” in a country where the Catholic Church is represented everywhere and most wealthy donors are just a phone call away. All this, whilst churches are closed for alleged lack of funds.

It is illusory to think that one can forward the Catholic cause in the United Kingdom by organising mass gatherings. Catholicism is promoted by being Catholic, saying it out loud and demanding to be heard in every matter touching the Catholic faith. The bishops of England, Wales and Scotland are evidently deficient in this and the “missionary zeal” that the Holy Father has demanded from them is clearly not there.

A couple of televised events will not make up for the lack of this missionary zeal. Particularly if they are mismanaged.


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