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Grey Bird Down

The news reached us that Russian airplanes have taken down a US surveillance drone near the Ukraine. The exact way of the drone’s demise is unclear, but what counts is that the big grey bird is down.

It does not take a genius to realise that this was *not* an accident, as in these matters accidents simply do not occur. Rather, the us assertion of a Russian pilot literally dumping fuel on the drone indicates the presence of very skilled pilots closely following orders.

It boggles the mind that an Administration taking down innocent weather balloons, some of them launched by schoolboys or hobbyists, because it sees a “threat” in them, should demand that Russia has no issues with drones flying obvious reconnaissance missions over the Ukrainian front, meant to collect data used to kill Russian soldiers. It is, in fact, more surprising that Russia has *allowed* this to happen for more than a year.

The “international space” argument is clearly a moot point. The drone was clearly part of the military operations. Hence, it was a legitimate target, same as every American satellite is, should the Russians (which is improbable) decide to take down those, too. The Americans know it perfectly well, but they thought their little espionage by drone operations could go on forever. Russia has, if you ask me, just said a clear “Niet” or, more to the point, a “not anymore”.

We will see how this pans out. The Americans have already announced that they will keep flying the drones. They might, obviously, fly them from a safe, and useless, distance, just to make a point, or they might go on with proper reconnaissance operations. In the latter case, I think more drones will go down in time, after which things will become interesting and the Big Demented Bully will have to decide whether to frock around and find out, or limit himself to babbling something incomprehensible about the time his ancestors won in Yorktown before doing actually nothing.

Mr Kinzhal, Mr Zircon, and even Messrs Poseidon and Avantgarde are eager to be introduced to (or in, as the case may be) the American naval battle groups in the Mediterranean and in the North Sea. Will Biden make the introductions? Time will tell.

What I think is happening is this: the Russians are fed up with the level of NATO (means: US) participation in this conflict and, likely after several warnings have gone unheeded, had to decide which pressure point to apply to make Dementia Joe understand that he needs to back off, or prepare himself for a good bitch slapping. Several of those are thinkable, from taking down satellites (improbable) to hitting ships carrying weapons to the Ukraine, to hitting reconnaissance infrastructure like AWACS airplanes or drones. The choice of an unmanned aerial vehicle seems the most polite, least escalating way to convey the message.

The problem with that is that Joe, like Saddam, does not understand politeness and confuses restrain with weakness. Therefore, I think it probable that things will get worse before they get better, that is: that some serious bitch slapping will have to take place, before Joe understands that either he is ready to go nuclear, or he is better off backing off.

Oh, Joe, Joe! What have you done! Had you not stolen the election, you would not be on your way to making Carter look like a brilliant statesman! You would now be enjoying a quiet retirement, spending your days with typical Biden Family activities, like sniffing teenagers or watching your son trying to screw your niece after he screwed the widow of your other son.

As it is, you are like the big bully who has not yet understood that the time for bullying has come to an end.

Still, the big bird is down.

This will be one match to watch.

Stalingrad Revisited

I wonder where Mr Z took his stubbornness from…

When Soledar fell, now many weeks ago, I predicted that the timing of the fall of Bakhmut would depend on how many soldiers the Ukrainians were ready to sacrifice there. It turns out they were, and still are, very many, to such an extent that the battle for Bakhmut already makes those for Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and Soledar pale in comparison. This is, hands down, the biggest meat grinder ever staged in Europe since the end of WWII.

The Western presstitutes are repeating their old Baghdad Bob trope, albeit with variations forced by an increasingly more evident reality on the ground. The latest trend seems to be that whilst the Ukrainians are suffering, they are inflicting enormous losses on the Russians, such that it is, in fact, pretty much a victory when they lose and have – those who are still alive at least – retreated. Readers of this little effort, of course, know better.

It seems to me that there is a Stalingrad mindset at work here. I mean by this that, once a military objective has been emotionally amplified by one side, this side finds it impossible to let this objective go, up to the point where its defence ends up attracting men and materials vastly out of proportion with its objective importance in the strategic picture of the conflict.

Hitler made this mistake in Stalingrad, as it became impossible for him to let his big trophy go. He ordered his troops not to retreat, pumped huge resources into a losing game, then tried long and hard to mount an offensive to rescue his surrounded soldiers. All in vain, of course. Had he followed the advice of his generals, he would have been in much better shape for the further course of the war. But no, the favourite toy could not be allowed to go.

Zelensky has put himself, now, in the same situation. Bakhmut is part of what the Ukrainians call the “Zelensky line”. He brought to Washington a flag signed by Bakhmut soldiers. He spoke many times of Bakhmut as the turning point of this conflict. In a word, he has staked his face on it. Like Hitler, he was told by his generals to be smart about it. Like Hitler, he couldn’t get himself to do it.

Meanwhile, the Russians gloat. They have found the perfect meat-grinder to “demilitarise” and “denazify” the Ukraine. Their losses are in the region of 1/10 of the losses they inflict. They are using Bakhmut as a huge black hole where Western equipment and Ukrainian soldiers simply go and disappear. They probably wish this could go on for a long time still. They certainly are in no rush to risk excess casualties for a fast resolution. They will use the meat grinder for all it’s worth.

Herein hides a cautionary tale. Wars will always cause casualties, but the total lack of discernment Zelensky has exhibited here will haunt Ukraine for a long time once the real story of the horrendous losses for an untenable position finally becomes common knowledge.

Zelensky will, from his likely golden exile in Miami, have to live with that, too. Frankly, I doubt he will be much upset.

This might well prove a Stalingrad where only the little people die.

Hate, One Year Later

Yes. He hates Putin.

One year ago, Russia began its Special Military Operation, SMO, in the Ukraine. There were two main reasons for it, one local and one geopolitical.

The local one was the relentless shelling of civilians in the Donbas, following eight years of more shelling and persecution of ethnic Russians all over the Ukraine. If you visit Moon of Alabama, you will find there day-by-day chronicles of the days leading to the SMO, reposted in the last days. It is obvious to me that the West was asking Ukraine to force an invasion. They thought, idiots as they are, that they would put Russia to its knees in a matter of weeks with their wonderful sanctions. “Rouble to rubble”, remember? Of course, they cared zippo for the 14,000 Donbas dead, thousands of whom women and children, or for the additional dead of their little 2022 adventure.

The geopolitical one was the NATO offensive posture towards Russia. If Mexico, or Canada, were to enter a China-led (or Russia-led) military alliance, you can bet your last shirt that the US would never allow it to happen. However, the US think that basic rules of national security apply to them, but not to anyone else, not even to nuclear powers. Therefore, they have transformed NATO in an offensive alliance, not only bombing the likes of Libya and Serbia, but also embarking in the encirclement of Russia via Eastern Europe, Baltic Republics, Ukraine and Georgia. The Georgian gambit failed in 2008, the Ukrainian one in 2014 and in 2022. God help Finland and Sweden if they ever land the other side of the Russian artillery.

About 2014: when the US sponsor coup d’etat abroad, they give them poetic names and a relentless media barrage. When Putin, understandably angered by a coup d’etat in his courtyard, reacts, then he is the baddy. The Western media, which hate Putin because he defends Christian values, play with their governments every step of the way. The Western sheep, now abundantly house-trained by COVID, applaud.

Understand this: Donbas is Russia as Texas is US. There is no chance on earth that the Russians will just give it away, because Biden says so. It’s more likely that the US give Alaska to Russia.

The war-mongering Neocons on both sides of the Uniparty have difficulties understanding this. They think that Russia can be weakened with a long war. They are dangerous idiots. It is the West that is being weakened, and NATO that is losing face, military power, and purpose.

These same neo-cons have needed almost a year to realise that Russia can give them – all of them, including the US, together – a new ass just for the asking, and they would envy Elton John when Putin is finished with them. Too big is Russia’s superiority in military-industrial complex, technology and, most of all, ability to suffer and die for their Country. The Neocons’ ignorance of basic notions of warfare is the most dangerous aspect of the current political situation. Still: they would be stupid even if they were right, because even in that – absurd – case, they would have to know that Russia would nuke them before being defeated by them. As they well should: go at the throat of an atomic bear, enjoy the mushroom that follows.

It is very, very good that the sanctions could not and did not work. Had the contrary being the case, who knows where we would all be by now.

Thankfully, Russia holds all the cards. They can decide if, when, and in which ways they bitch-slap the US. Biden and his band of merry idiots don’t know it – which is dangerous – but many at the Pentagon do, as impressively showed by the constant info being fed to Colonel McGregor, and the cautious messaged broadcasted everywhere outside of the White House propaganda channels. Even General Milley, Biden’s Trombone-in-chief, had to acknowledge the reality on the ground.

This war will end with Putin’s victory. Which victory? The one he wants. We don’t know – because they don’t say – how deep they want to go. But one thing we know: the longer this goes on, the smaller what remains of the Ukraine will be. In fact, at some point Putin could decide that he will take a great part of it. A big hit for the Biden Family’s business interests, but hey….

If you ask me, this would be a great development. I see the Countries of the Kievan Rus linked by a millennial cultural and religious bond. They belong together. Both Belarus and Ukraine’s place is inside a strong Russia, uniting the “three Russias” together as it was for many Centuries before.

Unwittingly, NATO and the US are helping Putin to achieve just that, making of him a sort of New Volodimir The Great. As to them, they will get out of this deeply weakened as an Alliance, and with many NATO Countries wondering whether being used as pawn for US geopolitical plays is a smart policy in the long term.

Russia will win.

Thank God for that!

Aggression, Or: Looking For That Fort Sumter Moment.

Lincoln forced the Confederates to shoot the first cannon shot at Fort Sumter, which gave him the ammunition he needed for his aggression.

Roosevelt put sanctions on Japan that gradually became so aggressive as to force the exact event he wanted: an attack on the US which would then precipitate a war against both Japan and (which he also wanted) Germany.

Lyndon Johnson used something that actually never even happened (the Tonkin Incident “Part 2” on the 4 August 1967) to start a massive, ultimately failed adventure in Vietnam.

The truth is: the American People are, and always were, a very peaceful bunch. They are no friends of expeditionary wars. They prefer, as a whole, to leave their lives in peace, in their own pretty unassailable Country, knowing that it is not their job, or their moral duty, to heal the ailments of the world. To them, Manchuria should not be an American problem.

As a result, when ideology, or geopolitical interest, or even well-intentioned Patriotism persuade a US President that it is time for war, he will have to fabricate the pretext for one.

It’s as simple as that. Ask Lincoln.

Fast forward to 2022: a number of hawks in Washington, who lack the most elementary knowledge of military things, think that the Ukraine is a beautiful way to stab Russia in the heart or, if that does not work, at least kick it in the balls. But they also know that, nowadays, you can’t just invent a Tonkino Incident and “get to work”.

They will, therefore, first find the useful idiots willing to do the dying as the US does the paying. They will sabotage the Minsk agreements as Ukraine is heavily rearmed; they will look the other way as the Ukraine kills 13,000 civilians; they will build fortifications everywhere, and wait for the right moment.

Starting from the 18th February 2022, they will instruct the Ukrainian Government to multiply their shelling of Donbas civilians, from 200 to unbelievable 2000 shells a day. This will force, literally force Putin to do what he never wanted to do: give the Ukrainian a good spanking.

And there you have it, the famous “war of aggression”. Now you have, finally, “the people” on your side. Slava Ukraini!! What follows is an expensive, bloody geopolitical game, where the armament lobbies in the US get $100bn in gifts (they will be very thankful to a lot of people of both sides of the aisle), Ukraine gets massacred, and the grand Sanctions Plan fails so spectacularly that , in comparison, the British Suez adventure in 1956 looks like the work of a genius.

I wonder what happens now. Even Lindsay Graham by now understands that the sanctions have failed, and Russia will crush the Ukraine like a nut at Christmas time. But does he understand that the US absolutely cannot fight Russia in a conventional war, or is he as stupid as the great love of his life, John McCain? How many Grahams walk along the corridors of power in Washington? How many of them are linked to the Military Industrial Complex? How many of them think, perhaps in perfect good faith (you see, I am trying to be fair to Lincoln here) that the time has come for a Roosevelt 2.0?

I think there is more than some. A gas pipeline was blown up (yes, pal: by the US). The Soviet-era tanks came first, to the hundreds. They were destroyed. The Western tanks were taboo, and they are now also coming to the hundreds. The warplanes were also taboo, and they are now in the headlines every day. You will forgive me for thinking that it’s as if someone wanted the Russians to absolutely attack NATO installations, so they have their Fort Sumter moment.

There is a time for peace and a time for war. I agree that, should that time come, faithful Catholics will be found on both sides of the trenches. I am also ready to admit that there are good patriots on both sides.

But, my dear US, and European, reader, pay attention to this: there are people who are trying to sucker you in a conflict that you didn’t want….

because “aggression”.

Wunderwaffen, Chapter Umpteenth

Hi Leo, meet T 90…

New Wunderwaffen are about (but see below) to be delivered to the faltering Ukrainian army. These Wunderwaffen come after several predecessors appeared to not be wonderful at all. I will mention here, and I am surely forgetting something:

The Javelin.

The Bayraktar

The M777

The Himars

Where all other Wunderwaffen have demonstrably failed, the tanks will, we are told, do the job; particularly because, as we are also assured, the Russians are extremely “demoralised” after “heavy losses” and the Country ready for “regime change” against a “dying” Putin.

It’s like seeing a drug addict taking bigger and bigger doses of Copium, after the previous ones showed ineffective.

General Zaluzhny told us 500 tanks will see him advance to and occupy the Crimea. He does not say what happened to the 1500+ tanks he had at the beginning of the conflict, plus the hundreds of Russian tanks he claims to have captured, plus the several hundreds of Soviet-era tanks received by the likes of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia et alia. Those were all tanks the Ukrainians knew and were trained to operate, and for which the technical know-how, support vehicles and spare parts were readily available. These were, also, tanks specifically built for that war theatre, made to cope fairly well with the mud, get through the bridges, and not damage the roads.

Compare with the Challengers/Abrams/Leopard 2 of the world. You will need at least one year of training to make those tanks operate well together, time the Ukrainians don’t have unless they put Western mercenaries in them. They are,also, very heavy tanks unsuited to the muddy terrain (imagine a couple of thousand of Russian tanks going around as the Western ones are stuck in the mud), and which many Ukrainian bridges cannot carry. Also, there are no special trains for their transport, as the Ukraine has a different gauge than the West. There are also no special vehicles to recover the damaged ones, so that will have to be supplied, too; but only through a limited number of bridges, as the other won’t work. All repair will have to be done in Poland, imagine the fun! The specialised know-how for it will have to be recruited in the West.

They’ll need a lot of it. An Abrams needs 4 or 5 hours of maintenance for 1 hour of operation. These hours would only be spent of the tanks when they have been transported back hundreds of miles to the workshop, and then back again, possibly by truck until you manage to adapt the trains.

The logistics will also be great fun: Leclercs, Challengers, Leopard and Abrams will make for quite some work, and you have to create a separate logistic chain for them. The Challenger’s gun is rifled, the others smooth-bore. And oh, I forgot: the turbine-engined Abrams uses a special fuel, that is also highly inflammable, so that’s another logistics chain to add to your already massive amusement.

When all these problem have been “solved”, the Ukrainians will be exactly on square one, that is: exactly in the situation that saw certainly more than 1000, possibly many more, of their tanks destroyed in the first place. I seriously struggle to understand what would prevent the Russians from doing again what they already did when the Ukrainian had way more airplanes, missile defence systems, and tanks than they have now.

The reality is far more sobering than the Western triumphalism and fake optimism (which is getting more subdued by the month any way) would have you believe. Tanks don’t live in a vacuum. They are team players, parts of what needs to be team work. In order to operate effectively, they need great support from artillery (Russia dominates 10 to 1), infantry (Ukraine now has largely people taken from the street), armoured infantry (a massacre of Ukrainian armoured infantry vehicles happened there, too), and the air (Russia has clearly the advantage there).

Put those heterogeneous assembly of tanks to work, even if exclusively manned by experienced Western mercenaries, and they will be slaughtered in a matter of a few months.

Will they do damage? Yes.

Will they prolong the conflict? Certainly!

Will they change the outcome? Absolutely not.

In my eyes, these tanks are the fig leave of the West. They are the “we did all we could” excuse when the Western snowflakes experience a collective meltdown and can’t cope with the humiliation. They are the story the West will tell itself to try to look less dumb, or at least noble, when it has been plainly stupid from day one.

Last but not least (and I had hinted to this at the start): the timing.

The American will give sub-par Abrams which have to be built from scratch, because the precious composite armour they have should not fall in the hands of the Russians. The Brits will do something similar with their Challengers. The Cermans will deliver their own tanks piecemeal, because they need to be disassembled and completely revisioned to ensure cerman efficiency.

It almost looks like these promised deliveries are hoped to… never happen! What a surprise!

So this is where we are. More copium, more suffering, more destruction.

But who knows: some Western politicians might owe their political survival exactly to the tragedies they have wilfully encouraged.

Self-Imposed Censorship, Or: Rooting For The Ghost Of Kiev

Reality will set in at some point…

This article from Big Serge will give more sensible information on what is happening in the Ukraine than weeks of reading the Western Baghdad Bob homo information mafia.

Together with other sound outlets which I have mentioned in the past, this gives you an incontrovertible picture of what is really happening in the Ukraine. Everything available with a browser and a search engine, or from YouTube.

The Western narrative is starting to crumble, but the amount of lies is still staggering. Why is that, will you ask? My answer is: because the modern consumers of news are largely not interested in facts, but in feelings. They will look for the information they want to read, and will discard the information that goes against it. Most news outlets being commercial enterprises, they will simply write what their public wants to read and forget journalistic integrity in the process.

Ideology will do the rest. At the BBC, nobody in his right (if likely perverted) mind will dare to propose a series of in-depth articles as to why 1. Russia is winning big, and 2. There is no way to stop the tide , bar a nuclear war.

It is, in fact, a self-imposed censorship, that kicks in when the emotional investment in a narrative makes it impossible to accept that one has been, very simply, 100% wrong from day one: the massacre of civilians in the Donbas, the history of the region, the health of Putin, the ability of the Russian army, the corruption and dictatorship of the Ukrainian Government, the Nazi infiltration of the Ukrainian society, and so forth.

This makes the Western audience – as already seen with the “vaccines” – extremely easy to manipulate. Once the emotional narrative is shaped, this narrative will remain impervious to facts for a very long time. It’s as if Dr Goebbels had found a way to do without the Gestapo.

The West is full of Jojo Rabbits, circa March 1945.

At some point, as it happened for Jojo, the wall of illusions will crumble; but most people will notice it only when a brick falls straight on their head. The vast ignorance in military matters – extremely common in the new generations, as opposed to the time I grew up in – vastly helps the propaganda machine, and the one I will never forget is the “30 billion dollar a day” the operation was allegedly costing the allegedly terminally ill Putin, whilst the “Ghost of Kiev” was enthralling Western audiences with his courageous feats.

Meanwhile, some Western corners are unable to accept that Soledar has fallen, and that Artemovsk (Bakhmut) seems destined to follow. They still think there is fighting going on Soledar. It must the Ghost of Soledar against everybody else.

Keep your eyes well open. Be critical. Don’t accept information that is not corroborated by many real world signals (as Big Serge does).

Be aware that no institutional outlets has an interest in informing you.

They are merely selling you a product, like margarine or butter, and they will give their client the taste they know will sell.

Means Of Measuring Military Might

A sandwich maker in New York, or San Francisco, makes x number of sandwiches in a month. He lives hand to mouth and is unable to save any significant amount of money.

Another sandwich maker in Samara, or Kazan, makes the exact same amount of sandwiches. His living conditions are, likely, not dissimilar from his US colleague.

Both “make” the same stuff, pay rent, eat, go out a bit, eat a pizza with their friends on a Saturday. Their life is largely the same. Their output is largely the same.

But the US guy counts, in the GDP calculation, likely 4 or 5 times more, perhaps even a bigger multiple than that. Still, the output is the same.

It goes further than this. Two New Yorker/ San Francisco consultants get paid insane amounts of money for their work, and then spend insane amounts of money for rent and going out. They don’t have many counterparts in Russia. Their Russian counterpart is likely to make stuff instead of being a provider of services, because the Russian economy is way more geared towards making stuff than towards providing services. The difference in GDP between the San Francisco consultant and the factory supervisors in Togliatti is likely to be even bigger. In this case, however, the first two guys don’t produce anything that can be used in a war, the second two very well do, or can very rapidly do.

Some “sectors” of the economy just don’t compare. If health care is 6% of GDP in Russia, and 16% of GDP in the US, a tenth of the US GDP has just, for military purposes, evaporated.

This is, simply explained, why Russia is a superpower, but the Western media keep telling you that this is a Country with “the GDP of Florida”. The GDP of Florida is, if in your Country a sandwich costs 1/10 than in Florida, already the GDP of… ten Floridas if this GDP is measured not in dollar, but in stuff produced. Already this changes things significantly.

But it gets (for the West) much, much worse than that. The “diversity consultant” at $1000/hour in San Francisco produces nothing that the US can throw into a war, the factory supervisor in Togliatti will be organising the production of guns in four weeks’ time.

It gets, however, worse than that (for the West). The cannons produced in Togliatti will be extremely cheap. The energy and the ore will come from a state-owned mine. The factory that makes the guns will be state-owned or working at the direction and under the control of the Government, at barely-over-cost prices. The specialised personnel (from the workers to the tool specialists to the supervisors to the engineers) will be available in great quality and great quantity.

In the US, there will be no state-owned mines but, more crucially, no specialised workers, no tools, not even the factory culture. There will be, however, a huge quantity of service workers, professionals, consultants, code writers, and millions of mainly dark skinned people who are basically unfit or unwilling, or just not accustomed, to even work. The weapon systems the US have bought will have cost improbable amount of money due to the stunning research cost (again: services!) to make them. The very specialised workforce to produce more of them will be very difficult to find and very time-consuming to train. The weapon lobby will resist any attempt to be ordered what to produce, and at what cost, unless official war breaks out. They will, rather, sell more of the over-engineered, over-priced stuff there are no factories and workers to produce in the first place.

But… It gets worse than this.

Russia is even more self-sufficient that the USA. Russia simply has to cut the export of uranium, rare earth, platinum, and another couple of materials to plunge the entire West into chaos, with the USA likely bullying Western Europe into submission, taking all they need and plunging those countries into a crisis that will devastate them and seriously wound the US economy.

Don’t get me started on the food. So, let us leave food aside.

Russia produces more, and better, engineers than the US. Around the same steel with 40% of the population. Five times the aluminium. The last two are the most important materials in time of war. The first metrics indicate the ability to convert this production to war use by minimising the disruption for the domestic economy.

Put all this together, and you will realise the stupidity of the “GDP of Spain” narrative. Russia is a proper, bona fide superpower. The Western rulers are just too dumb to recognise it, and this huge mistake is exactly why they launched in that suicidal enterprise, “the sanctions”.

It gets, however, worse than this.

The US cannot easily recruit. Their youth are too fat, too ignorant, and increasingly dismissive of their trannie army. The Russian mobilise 300,000 former soldiers, and get 100,000 volunteers assaulting their recruitment offices. These are all highly motivated people, not minorities from Philadelphia barely knowing where left and right are.

It gets, however, worse than this.

Both countries have safe boundaries, but the US keep hundreds of thousands of soldiers in hundreds of military bases abroad. These soldiers are, very often, there to prop the local US puppets in power. They can’t be taken away without causing “regime change” (of the undesired type) in several more or less tin-pot vassal Countries. Russia can throw a vast amount of soldiers in any fight, because Mongolia and China aren’t a real threat. The US have to choose which tin-pot governments can be allowed to go down.

It gets worse.

Decades of PC culture have caused the US to lose military technological supremacy. The Russians are now far in front in what really counts: missiles that destroy ships, and anti aerial weapons that minimise enemy damage. They also literally dwarf the Collective West in, well, stuff: main battle tanks, howitzers, armoured vehicles, ammo production, etc.

It gets worse.

Russia is fighting against the US with an extremely frightful weapon: the replacement of the US Dollar as world currency. Let that happen, and the age of huge deficits without inflation will grind to a halt. The consequences will be felt by most Americans very clearly.

Don’t get me wrong. The US are, and will remain, an extremely powerful Country. But they are not anywhere towering over Russia. They are likely even, all things considered, well inferior to Russia as military power.

In exchange, they have 72 genders, and trannies in government.

Baghdad Bob vs Battlefield Buddha: How Soledar Shows Where Things Are Going.

You are screwed, Mr Arestovich…

Soledar has fallen. Whilst this is not yet officially official, the town is surrounded, there are around 500 Ukrainians soldiers that could not be evacuated, 120-130 of them have already surrendered and negotiations are ongoing in some pockets of resistance, whilst a small number seems intentioned to keep fighting (not for long, of course). When many of my readers read this, the situation will have progressed already.

Make no mistake: the loss of Soledar spells the end for Bakhmut, now surrounded to 70% and clearly not defendable. The loss of Bakhmut, which is sure to come in the next weeks (how many weeks, it will depend from Ukrainian masochism) will, in turn, be fatal to Seversk, which is clearly untenable once the front has pulverised in the south. This is a dagger firmly planted in the back of the entire Ukrainian defensive line.

The disaster is clearly visible to anyone who is not blind. One who loves to pretend to be such is, as usual, Mr Arestovich, now intent at minimising and downplaying the loss. It’s like being stabbed in the abdomen and saying “it’s a scratch”.

It is Baghdad Bob at work. But I suspect Mr Arestovich is embezzling way more than Baghdad Bob ever could. Therefore, all is fine in his world, at least for now.

Some, in the West, are beginning to say what should not be said. Condoleezza Rice has already understood, as has Robert Gates. In polite word, they describe how screwed the Ukraine is. They are biased, of course, but they get the gist.

Putin will not lose. There will be a Russian victory or a nuclear war, Watson.

Many, I think, understand by now where this is going. Few, for now, dare to speak, as the Ukraine is never slow in blasting everyone who dares to doubt the Luminous Victorious Destiny of the Brave People Of Ukraine. But the few will become more and more as the months pass, and at some point the realisation will set in that this massive virtue signalling operation was doomed from the start, and had zero point zero chances of achieving the openly stated aim (= subversion of Russia from the outside, as already done with the Ukraine from the inside).

Soledar’s fall shows that the Emperor has no clothes, no plan, no weapon’s, no ammo, no brain, and no way out. It will take time, but we’ll get there in the end. Putin is patient, and General Surovikin seems a real Battlefield Buddha.

Many, as of today, still choose to live in fantasy land. The next months will care to wake them up.

I expect you to remember that this little effort told you things as they are from the start.

When people refuse to see reality, other people die on the battlefield. The sooner the people in the West understand the nature of what is happening, the sooner this useless carnage will end.

Pray for the soldiers, even the Ukrainian ones, and their families.

May we all, one day, rejoice in heaven together.

Cretins With Connections: How The Dumbocracy Damages The West

I have written many times about something that is, I think, more relevant every month that passes: the dumb-ification of knowledge and the utter ignorance of people who think of themselves as “educated”.

You see: once upon a time, every peasant knew he was merely a peasant. He could be smart, even very smart; but, with the wisdom given by hard work and by having to live strictly attached to the hard realities of life, he knew that his realm of knowledge was very limited, and deferred to those who knew more than him (in primis, to the traditional wisdom of the Church) for the rest. Most of those peasants, at least in Europe, did not have the right to vote anyway until the XIX Century, and very many also during the XIX Century. You did not run any danger that your foreign policy be influenced by people demanding silly action (“we need a no-fly zone over the Ukraine, now!!”) on stuff they did nothing about.

Fast forward to the XXI Century. Here in the UK where I live, and – as I understand – in all the other Countries of the Anglosphere, an absurd situation has been created. A horde of people barely able to count and write, and in possession of an astonishing wealth of ignorance about pretty much everything, heavily and directly influence the political action through their collective social media activity.

This would be half the headache if, on the other side of the election divide, there was a high-quality political personnel, able to impose their intelligent leadership to the mutinous, loud pack of social media wolves. However, in the long term, and bar individual circumstances, this can never be, as the elected will, in a representative democracy, irresistibly tend to represent the dumbness of their voters. Liz Truss is the most evident recent example of this, but you only need to look at the childish mistakes made by von der Leyen & Co. to realise how far the rot has gone. Nor is there any improvement in sight: after von der Leyen, who has been Defence Minister for years in her native Country, showed she still does not know the difference between an officer and a soldier (nor do those who edit, or write, her speeches), there was nobody in the mainstream press pointing out the obvious, blindingly evident, tragic incompetence of the woman. We elect, accept, and follow cretins with connections. As a result, we decline socially, militarily and economically.

A nasty virus unchains a dystopian, global dictatorship-of-the-cretins that, whilst extremely embarrassing in dictatorships or “protected” democracies, it is absolutely damning for those who have made of freedom their hymn. Elections are stolen in front of an entire nation, and there is simply no failsafe against the betrayal of a handful of key people (in this case: the Supreme Court and the Vice President). The disease had been spreading for a while, though: already in the first decades of the Century, the idea that popular votes that result in the “wrong” decision need to be repeated until the “right” decision is reached (at which point no discussion will be allowed anymore) were seen as normal over all the EU “democracies”. The rot has been spreading for a while, but now it really is everywhere.

Why do I say this? Because it seems to me that this dumbocracy has caused a disconnect between wishful thinking and reality, the like of which I have never seen in my life. It’s like seeing Baghdad Bob on the MSM, seven days a week, talking about Iraq’s impending victory. Goebbels was, at least, half-honest in admitting the difficulties as they accumulated. The British Ministry of Defence doesn’t manage to do even that.

You see: the illiterate degree-holders absolutely want to read, to know, and to (extremely important for dumb, effeminate people) feel that the Ukraine is winning. They have the little flag on their social media profile. All their friends know how wonderfully engaged they are. All their friends are, by the way, just as dumb as they are, reinforcing the circle of dumbness daily. They also think themselves extremely smart (though they can barely count, or cannot count at all; yes, that’s how bad it is here in the UK…), which makes the self-restraint of the XVII Century’s peasant inconceivable. They will not countenance any opinion, or any public policy, in contrast with their own Great Virtuous Posturing.

In the (broadly functioning) democracies we have in the European West, this selects (in many cases, of course not in all of them) decision-makers who are just as dumb as those who, directly or indirectly, puts them in power. The Dumbocracy is the unavoidable bastard son of the Mass Degree Illiteracy, coupled with the Social Media Feelings Factory.

Just a little bit of critical search for sensible information (try here, here, here, here, here, or here just to make some examples) would show you the real situation on the ground.

Why I say this? I am, after all, not on the terrace of the Baghdad hotel, watching the Abrams advance whilst Baghdad Bob swears that the Americans are retreating. I am not there, and neither are you. I say it because I apply rules of basic logic to the information I receive, and these rules allow for only one possible outcome. Let us see them.

It is admitted by both sides that this one here is an old-style, conventional, industrial warfare. Forget the A-10 launching a precision strike on the hideout of some goat-rapists in sandals. This is a brutal, massive mutual shelling. Again, this is an undisputed fact.

It is similarly not disputed that, in this brutal shelling affair, the Russians have an advantage ranging from 8 to 1 to 10 to 1. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the Ukraine has better gunners. In fact, there is every reason to believe the Russians have the better ones. The Ukrainians may have a limited advantage, in some situations, from the use of the more sophisticated (for now) Western satellites, but this proved an advantage only in rare circumstances. As a whole, it’s 8 to 1, and I am been extremely generous. This means that, on an average, boring combat day, at least eight Ukrainians die for every Russian.

The numbers on the ground also speak volumes: Zaluzhny himself admitted that of his 700,000 soldiers, “200,000 are combat-ready”. The others are, frankly speaking, cannon fodder, for whom Ukraine is awaiting some equipment, training and logistics miracle that will clearly not happen.

Then there are the distances to consider: the Ukrainians themselves admit that their own logistics lines, and the distances to the next hospital, repair shop and ammo depot are way longer than for the Russians. What does this spell for the destiny of the wounded, and for the general ability to sustain the fight, I don’t need to tell you, because I have intelligent readers.

But let us forget all this, and let us talk macroeconomics instead. The Russians have an intact military-industrial complex, which is currently being ramped up like there is no tomorrow; they have all the energy and raw materials they can dream of, and then some; they have around 5 times the population when you consider all the people who have disappeared from the Ukraine; they are swimming in money from all the expensive energy they sell the world over, in no small measure thanks to the idiocy of the sanctions; they have had a teeny-weeny micro recession of 2.5% of GDP, and are now recovering very fast. They have such support at home that together with the 300,000 who were mobilised there were another 100,000 on a purely voluntary basis. Go here or here or here to see how normal, how utterly ordinary daily life in the time of the Special Military Operation is in Moscow. Then compare to what Baghdad Bob tells you about how things are going there.

Let us compare and contrast with the Ukraine: destroyed defence industry, lack of everything starting from energy and extending to weaponry and ammo, 200,000 combat ready against at least 500,000 (and counting) from the other side, a half-disappeared population, a (more than) half-destroyed economy, debts piling up like it’s the Last Day On Earth, dependency from the western sugar daddy even to pay the wages of their civil servants, and a cocaine addict at the helm. Yes, it is that bad.

How does Baghdad Bob counter the blindingly obvious facts on the ground? By lying and relying on the fact that his illiterate audience just does not want to see, or think, or – if they only could – count. I keep reading generic stuff like “the Ukraine will win because they are so courageous” (fun fact: the Ukrainians are, largely, Russians and, therefore, as tough as nails just like the latter), “the Ukraine will win because the Russians are demotivated” (how massacring your enemy 8 to 1 can ever be demotivating is never explained; I’d rather think the Russian soldiers must be euphoric), “the Ukrainian Army is awaiting for Western weapons before launching the next offensive” (only, less and less is coming in). It’s the kind of emotional baloney people want to read, which is why the BBC and Co. eagerly feed it to them.

Therefore, the Dumbocracy keeps throwing money at the Ukraine, the Ukraine keeps committing a slow suicide, and the followers of the cult of the blue and yellow flag keep indulging in their delusions of victory.

The awakening will come. But don’t wake them up now.

They would not understand what you are talking about, would call you some name, and would go back to sleep.

A Time For War

Does not look like he needs peace…

The clowns at the Vatican have made themselves ridiculous again by offering the Vatican as a neutral place for negotiations between Russia and the Ukraine.

The answer from Moscow came post-haste: you have just finished to insult the Chechens and the Buryats, and you think that you are a trustworthy partner? They are, of course, right. A partner for peace must have the necessary prestige and the trust of both parties. The Vatican has none.

More in general, the Vatican seems to have missed that Russia and the Ukraine talk all the time, they merely use Turkey or Saudi Arabia as intermediaries.

The Muslim, journalist-murdering Saudis are trusted and considered more than the Vatican for negotiations between two Christian Countries who, both, recognise the Pope as their ultimate spiritual guide. Let that sink in.

Even more in general, there will be no peace talks because this one is, very simply, no time for peace. This is, sad as it is to recognise it, a time for war.

The Ukraine is in the midst of a mad rush towards self-destruction, likely fuelled (but not caused) by the horrible lies about the huge casualties they are suffering. The Russians have all the cards in their hands, all the time in the world, a bigger military industrial complex and more money in their coffers every month that passes. You don’t seek peace when you are preparing to crush your enemy. Plus, Zelensky & Co. have not finished yet to pump all the money they can from the West into their own pockets. Arms are becoming more scarce, but there are 30 million LED light bulbs coming in. Imagine the business!!

Whoever thinks that peace can be achieved now does not understand either the causes of this conflict, or the situation on the ground.

The Russians have a mission to accomplish, and they are now going to achieve the demilitarisation of the Ukraine to the end. If you want to know what that really means, look no further than Artemovsk: the slow, relentless, systematic annihilation of the enemy military potential.

It is extremely evident by now that Russia is looking beyond the military victory; they are looking at – and smartly shaping – the post-victory. If the Russians wanted to simply get some territories and stop the conflict, they would simply bomb all the bridges on the Dnepr. Not a one-day task, but certainly an achievable one. At that point, the Eastern front would be left without supply (just look at the map) and they would have to surrender within weeks, leaving Russia free to occupy all that is east of the river. But if they did so, and after the unavoidable release of the prisoners, they would be confronted with a country diminished in territory and economic power, but just as belligerent, probably more Neonazi, and certainly more russophobic than before. This, they clearly don’t want.

They want the Neonazis to be largely gone, as in: dead. They want the Ukrainian Army to survive the war as a scared ghost of its former self. They want the Ukrainians to understand, in the painful way they had coming, what happens if you give in to extremism, look the other way as countless civilians are massacred, and are so blinded that you live on lies. They want to give NATO (and the EU) a lesson for the ages, leaving them an empty formula without any power behind them, divided among them and, very possibly, now lethally wounded. They want the US to understand that the days of the unipolar super-duper-power have gone, and that they have been very, very wise not to push things too far. Still, make no mistake: if the US freak around, they will find out.

This is why this is no time for peace. There is a job to be done. It will take time, possibly a long time.

But peace will only come when one party begs for it on its knees, and it will not be Russia.

On The Side Of The Angels

I am so old I remember the time when the United States were a powerful driver of Christianity, and the Soviet Union was the avowed enemy of Christ.

Fast forward forty years, and the parts have reversed.

There can be no doubt that the United States have become the main exporter of that most toxic ideology called gender theory. In the meantime, the Country reborn from the ashes of the Soviet Union has clearly taken the lead in promoting those same values its predecessor, the USSR, was trying to destroy. Their anti-perv legislation is exemplary.

How important the celebration of degeneracy has become to the West (at least, to the Western cabals of unscrupulous rulers, uncaring of what they know the majority of their voters still think, though they have no courage to articulate) is the fact that, as you could see from countless videos if you were paying attention, the Ukraine has been pushing exactly those values the vast majority of the Ukrainians themselves clearly hate.

Why do they do that? Because they know that the celebration of perversion is the key to more money from the West. Many commenters have written on Reddit and elsewhere that they find it perfectly natural: if you want my money, you need to support my (degenerate) values.

This also has another, interesting side to it: if the Ukrainian Government reiterated its support for Christian values, you can bet your last shirt that, suddenly, the oh so worthy cause (admitting for a moment there is one) of the oh so brave Ukrainian people would be utterly ignored by the social media nutters who apparently shape the “collective” opinions of the West.

In turn, this tells us this: that, at least for said nutters (who, again, are those most politicians in Europe clearly fear the most) this conflict is mainly a conflict to push degeneracy against an increasing more self-aware and increasingly more powerful bastion of Christianity.

Russia is certainly no perfect Country, but it does not demand to teach the US how many genders there are (for that, it is sufficient to think). Russia is also nowhere near to the level of Christianity you could see in the West in the Fifties, but it cannot be denied that it is moving in the right direction.

Contrast and compare with the West.

You will clearly see who is on the side of the angels.

Imbeciles With Connections, Or: Ursula von der Oh, No!!

Well, finally the truth is out.

Von der Nazi is so dumb, that she only needs to put out a nice, round figure and she will let the world know what is happening in the Ukraine. Utterly shocking news for all those blue-eyed simpletons who had, up to now, believed the Ukrainian narrative of little more than 10,000 dead.

I have news for you, blue-eyed “slava Ukraini” non-friends. You are in for a very, and I mean very rude awakening.

Now, blue-eyed simpletons, please reflect on this: if von der Nazi can lie to you on such a scale, in what else is she lying to you?

Bingo! She is lying to you on everything!

Let me also, as I am in one of my rare post-prandial charitable moments, make another couple of observations on what has happened with this video, because there is a lot to say.

First: this woman was the defence minister for many years, and she still doesn’t know the difference between a soldier and an officer. This is incompetence beyond words, showing that once again, someone makes a brilliant career because she belongs to a family of political royalty, with all the power apparatus and vast connections this entails.

Second: the attempt to remake the video without explanations shows that von der Nazi just does not understand how it works. You never try to cancel the internet, because the internet can’t be cancelled. If you really want to lose face, you regret the mistake, explain that it was an unexplainable lapse of reason from dozen of people involved in the video’s production, announce three investigations, apologise again, fire a poor, 23 yo script-writer you invent on the spot, and then announce a new corrected video for the consumption of the presstitudes. Yes, it would look bad, nobody would believe you, and everybody would know what idiots you all are. But what they have done is worse still.

Third (links to second). No, it wasn’t a misspelling. No, it wasn’t a small lack of attention. This was an official video, made to explain quite a momentous attempt (the attempt of stealing Russian money in the greatest robbery of all times). This has been checked again, and again, and again. and carefully scripted. There is no other possibility but that they want to send exactly this information out. They are just too stupid to keep count with the lies on the Ukrainian sides, or with those on their own sides. I suggest they institute an office devoted to “lie tracking”, coordinating the lies from several Governments, so that they can have a unified lying front.

Fourth (links to third). Yes, people. Von der Nazi was getting all emotional, because she wants to steal hundreds of billions of dollars belonging to the Russian people. Highway robbers is what these people are.

Fifth (links to third): von der Nazi is not, properly speaking, military leadership. However, her position is such, that it is inconceivable that she does not receive the most exact briefings about the real casualty figures. In fact, I believe that, with her 100,000 figure, she is still concealing the real scale of the losses known to her. So, she still lied. She just forgot how much she was required to lie! The figure was convenient for the main narrative ( = justifying the highway robbery). This is why the text went past all the layers of scrutiny without a peep from anyone. Someone certainly realised the implications, but was afraid to talk because he thought this is what you need to say for the sale of “the mission”. Alas, the Ukrainians went bonkers, and it all turned out differently.

We are run by imbeciles with connections.

We are run by people putting their vanity in front of the well-being of their own Countries, let alone the people suffering (not undeservingly, for many) in the Ukraine.

We are run by people with a sovereign contempt for the people whose interests they are supposed to protect.

Europe deserves whatever happens to it, as long as it tolerates being run by people like these.

Francis’ Multiple Own Goal (Plus: What Do The Russians Know That We Don’t?)

One and a quarter man.

Francis gave an interview to a Jesuit magazine. it means the interview was read, re-read, vetted by likely several people, and then agreed in its final form. Unless, that is, Francis’ papacy is now so reckless that not even that happens anymore.

The guy who apologised to the descendants of the savages in Canada, now scores a multiple own goal of the most unsavoury sort.

Let us see it in detail:

“When I speak about Ukraine, I speak of a people who are martyred. If you have a martyred people, you have someone who martyrs them. When I speak about Ukraine, I speak about the cruelty because I have much information about the cruelty of the troops that come in”.

Ah, the good old vomiting of Western propaganda. The unquestioning relaying of Goebbelsian public manipulation with outright lies, as seen in Krematorsk and Bucha (and, soon, in Kherson!). Congratulation, Francis: you are now Number One Dummy of the Western propaganda. You are Forrest Gump without the innocence. You are, just, plain stupid.

Generally, the cruelest are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryati and so on.

This is utterly from the Clown Manual. Firstly, Francis is saying that all components of Russian army are cruel, some are merely less cruel than others. Then he proceeds to decide which ones have the right to feel more or less Russian, and concludes that the non-stereotyped Russian (like the Chechens or the Buryati) are actually worse than the others. This is fourteen-years-old casually racist propaganda level.

Someone please explain to this man that Russia is a multinational entity, and people of different cultures and traditions, and even religions, identify as Russian just as fiercely as the Slavic founders of the state and deeply resent being considered second-rank Russians. This explains to you (but not to Francis) why the Chechens have provided such a large number of volunteers; people who are, by the way, being universally admired on the battle front.

Certainly, the one who invades is the Russian state. This is very clear.

More fourteen years old logic. There is nowhere in Catholic doctrine that says that a country cannot invade, for the right reasons (think of the Crusades!). In this case, Frankie Boy conveniently forgets the 14,000 people, (thousands among them women and children, going about their life, walking in the park, or coming back from the grocery store) senselessly murdered by an 8 years long campaign of mass killing, explicitly and indisputably targeting civilians, without Francis or the West ever saying a word. When, finally, Russia decides that the time has come to put an end to this shame (mind here: Putin certainly would have wanted to do it earlier, but he simply had to be ready), Francis’ IQ70-logic stops at “who has invaded whom”.

This is Fort Sumter all over again, with the aggressor forcing the other to act, and then playing victim.

Sometimes I try not to specify so as not to offend and rather condemn in general, although it is well known whom I am condemning. It is not necessary that I put a name and surname.

Yeah, well, actually it is, Frankie dear. You did not condemn Zelensky, who was elected on a promise to put in place the Minsk 2 Agreements and then made a complete U-turn, continuing and intensifying the shelling of poor Donbass civilians.


A final observation: Maria Zakharova, speaker for the Russian Ministry of defence, replied to Francis with the following words:

“This is no longer Russophobia, it’s a perversion on a level I can’t even name”


Is it me, or Mrs Zakharova is, here, saying something along the lines of “we know something about this guy we are now, actually, tempted to reveal?”

Why, otherwise, this accusation of perversion on a level that cannot even be named? I read Zakharova on the Telegram Channel of the Russian Foreign Ministry every day, and I can testify that she does not throw the word “perversion” around casually.

It seems to me, in fact, that this choice of words (thrown is the “I can’t even name” if you need corroboration) is not casual at all.

If the Russians were to tell the world something that Francis does not want the world to know, and coincides with what many actually suspect, they would greatly help the cause of traditionalism and help the Church to free itself from the filth now pervading Her at every level.

Reality Is Knocking On Ukraine’s Doors

Knock, knock, knocking on Ukraine’s doors….

The events in the Ukraine are getting more and more unreal. As the Ukraine is literally hacked to pieces for everyone to see, Baghdad Bob goes on with his propaganda.

The detachment from reality, the wishful thinking, the total disregard of facts on the ground is quite cynical and, at this point, certainly not in good faith anymore. This is the stuff that Western bigots (or CIA assets, or people wanting to curry favour with the US Government) would write to encourage Ukrainians to fight to the last man so that the dream of “deposing Putin” can be kept alive. What an evil way to send people to die.

Meanwhile, the very capital of the allegedly so well-positioned country has electricity for only 2 or 3 hours a day, and its very Mayor is telling his citizen that whoever has access to a wood stove and water outside of Kiev had better get out of Dodge as fast as he can.

A wood stove and current water. The luxuries of modern Ukraine.

Few things put one in touch with reality like lack, or scarcity, of electricity, heating, running water and, possibly in the very near future, food. For anyone living in Kiev or Lvov (notice the spelling), war was, for a long time, something you read about. Now, war is knocking at the door, pretty loud, is looking like a grim-faced Russian general, and is bringing very bad news.

The denial is staggering. After the Ukrainians themselves admit their electrical net is on its knees, the shocking satellite pictures showing a dark Ukraine at night are still branded as propaganda fakes. No, it is better to believe, as the linked article does, that a small matter like the lack of, well, everything will not stay in the way of the glorious Nazi army of the Azov, Kraken, and Right Sector Sturmtruppen.

Nor can anyone say that Russia is being cruel, or going against human rights, in targeting energy. NATO did exactly the same in Iraq (twice), Afghanistan, and Serbia. With good reason, I add, as energy is as vital as oxygen to any army (and to any Country at war) and, in the case of Ukraine, even directly, immediately vital to their logistics as they have largely electrified trains. It’s not easy to permanently damage roads and railways (which are difficult to damage and easy to repair), but when there is no energy for the trains, literally everything stops.

I am informed that the pro-Russian Telegram channels like Rybar, Intel Slava Z, Slavyangrad, Intel Republic, or Geroman (there are many others) now have millions of subscribers from the Ukraine. Methinks, this means that reality is paving its way into the brainwashed consciousness of more and more Ukrainians; an activity, admittedly, greatly encouraged by suddenly discovering that the electricity, the heating and the water have gone. There is only so much cognitive dissonance even a bigot can bear.

Still, it is staggering to think that most Ukrainians still likely have no darn clue as to how many of their own are being massacred in the most stupid, senseless, avoidable war of the Century. They likely think their dead are around the 7000 mark, whilst the Russians have lost half Moscow and have now assumed the fatal position in their trenches. Articles like the one linked help them to dream, and their people to die. Until they don’t.

The reality is more similar to 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers dead, and at least as many seriously wounded, with the Russian losses in the region of one tenth of the Ukrainian ones. Which makes perfect sense because, as I have been constantly stating, this is an artillery war in which even the Ukrainians admit the Russians have a 7, 8, 10 to one advantage.

There is no worse deaf than the one who does not want to hear. B

ut when the deaf suddenly becomes cold and hungry, you will how fast he recovers his hearing.

Suicidal Madness

Ukrainian version below

A good example of the utter rubbish going on in Western media is here.

This stupid woman is, most emphatically, no Joan of Arc. Firstly, Joan of Arc was a saint, and this one here is a suicidal cretin scratching her itch and, most likely, a latent lesbian. Secondly, Joan of Arc had no children.

What is appalling here is not only the extreme form of egotism of joining the army with a toddler in tow ( and note here that every mention of a husband, if any, is accurately avoided: is the new Joan of Arc, by any chance, a single mother? Or is she disobeying to her husband? What does hubby think of the madwoman he has married?) It is the fact that this behaviour is presented as a Christian virtue, including the shockingly hypocritical FrancisAppeal when you praise a young mother who is going to die for a bunch of Nazis.

I don’t know what is wrong with these people at Aleteia, but boy, the brainwashing has gone very far (and a fine brain was likely not there in the first place) when one has to read something like that in a so-called “c”atholic magazine, proving once again that it is only a waste of precious resources stolen to the toilet paper industry.

Now, one of two things will happen here: either this woman is just for show and she will accurately be kept away from the line of fire, or she will be sent to an almost certain slaughter, like the rest of the artillery men in the Ukrainian Army. Also, Aleteia does not seem to reflect that – unless this is merely a publicity stunt – the appointment of a woman with mere 6 years of service to commander of an artillery battery clearly points out to very high casualties among her peers; which, publicity stunt or not, is exactly what we all know is happening.

This is an artillery-dominated conflict, where drones and satellite communicate with great precision the position of enemy artillery positions, and where Russia has a clear air superiority and a huge artillery superiority. Do the math. The only more dangerous place to be than near a Ukrainian piece of artillery is, most likely, inside a Ukrainian tank. Compared to wannabe Joan, the not-so-holy unnatural mother, even a Ukrainian infantryman lives in security, and I can assure you his security is very, very precarious.

Then there are the lies. The article linked to by Aleteia states that the woman entered the army with a 1 year old boy at home (again, father is nowhere to be found). Her family forbade her to do something so stupid when she was young, but they are suddenly proud of her now that she has a seven years old son. This unmitigated piece of propaganda excrement is then basically copied over and uncritically fed to its readership by, of all things, a supposed catholic magazine. This is how low presstitutes can stoop nowadays.

Shame on you, Aleteia.

Shame on you, unnatural mother.

This is really beyond the pale.

O Ye Of Little Brains!

The place apparently chosen by Russia for the start of WW III.

Yesterday evening a great wave of mediatic hysteria broke all over Western Europe, as the headless chicken of the Press (and of the Polish Government) went around screaming of an allegedly Russian missile falling over Poland, in an obscure frontier village, killing two.

Yes, Sherlock. When the Russians want to escalate the conflict to Poland and NATO, they will pick an obscure village and let fragments of a surface-to-air missile fall there. This will mark the start of the dance.

Not. If the Russians ever want to extend the conflict to Western Europe (which, at some point, they might be forced to do, and the NATO/EU Governments are gravely deluded if they think they can keep extending more and more obvious military help to the Ukraine without risking grave consequences) they will, first, give ample warning and, second, attack strongly and unmistakeably. No fragments of missiles falling on obscure villages. Rather, some military base reduced to smithereens, hundreds of soldiers dead, many more wounded, and a big, big wake up calls for the Twitter soldiers and Facebook generals, that the time of posturing has ended and, now, it is time to put their blood where their mouth is.

This is, obviously, something that every politician or military expert with half a brain knows in private, whether they may say so in public or not. But the Western audience is so deprived of any knowledge of warfare (and so allergic to any type of logic) that even an accident like this one – most likely a Ukrainian surface-to-air missile, launched trying to intercept some Russian missile and gone astray, which happens regularly – can be pumped up for some hours, further feeding the narrative of these bloodthirsty Russians enjoying a couple of Polish villagers before going to bed.

Also, you will notice that this big fanfare happened on the evening of one of the most brutal missile treatments of Ukraine since the start of the Special Military Operation, another quite eloquent signal that the Russians – who, according to Western sources, have finished their missiles in, I don’t know, March? – have all the ordnance they need, many times over.

The Collective West’s audience seem not to notice the brutal cognitive dissonance. Almost nine months after the start of the Special Military Operation:

  1. The Rouble is as strong as never before.
  2. Russia is laughing all the way to the bank.
  3. Russia has an unbreakable chain of very powerful allies.
  4. The Russian military machine proves way superior to everything the West has the guts to field.
  5. Germany and UK alone are spending, on energy bills subsidies to their own people alone, pretty much as much as they have seized, and want to steal, from Russia.
  6. The EU have now become the willing lapdogs of the US, from which they have made themselves totally dependent in matters of energy, arms, and political support.
  7. Europe is facing a long-term loss of competitiveness due to the end of the cheap, high-quality energy Russia was delivering to them. Germany will suffer the most, but no one is going to remain unscathed.
  8. The difficulties that the West wanted to inflict on Russian people, “forcing” them to topple Putin, *are now being visited on the Western European people*.

Nothing of what the “elites” (actually, a bunch of incompetent nincompoops) of the Western block had forecast has happened. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. Worse still, they never had a Plan B and, when they saw that nothing of what they had forecast was happening, they had neither the guts not the brain to admit the mistake and backpedal. They doubled down instead, risking immense destruction and damaging their economies.

But the Western leaders, incompetent as they are, are not the only culprits in this. The peoples of Europe have called this on themselves, and will now have to pay the price of their own childishness. This is what happens when millions of people refuse to be responsible adults and think they can, and should, have a say on every conflict on the planet.

It makes them feel good, you see. Whether it helps keeping them warm, is a different matter altogether.

Whilst the dumb Europeans deal with the high energy costs – and, if the winter is very rigid, the cold -, Russia can go on indefinitely, getting richer every month as the Ukrainian army is slowly, but ruthlessly, made to go through the meat grinder. As long as this situation goes on, Russia will enjoy high energy prices, particularly gas. The US will benefit, too, at least in part. Europe will slowly but steadily decline.

There is no reason why Russia should not keep doing this for all 2023, 2024 and 2025. Look at how they did it Syria, and reflect.

This is now way more than a local military conflict about how much of the Ukraine should become, again, Russian territory. This is now a big, geopolitical settling of scores between a dwindling superpower still deluding itself it keeps being The Hegemon, and three big emerging regional powers (China, India) or superpowers (Russia, one day China), showing the US and their European lapdogs what is what. The matter is, as it is clearly evident, now also linked to an ideological, civilisational one, as the Russians fight for their Christian heritage and their right to mental sanity, whilst India and China are sick and tired of the planetary bullying of Uncle Sam.

These elements, all together, ensure that this conflict will not end in a draw.

From it, a new world order will emerge, and it will not be the one Western homosexuals are dreaming about.

Kherson Examined, Or: What Would General Mundabor Do?

Might be a better military commander than General Mundabor…

Yesterday, something strange (and sad) happened: the Russians announced they would retire from Kherson city and all the territories west of the River (the “right bank”, as the river flows towards the south). Not what I wanted to read, for sure.

This is unpleasant for every supporter of Russia. However, instead of behaving like children (a fashionable behaviour in pro-Russian Telegram channels), we should look at the situation and see what prompted this decision. Military operations, special or not, are not fought on twitter, and they require a longer time horizon than the next two hours.

It was clear since the famous interview of General Surovikin (the new Military Supremo) that he *did not like one bit the situation he had inherited in Kherson*. This can be described, in two words, as a dangerous bridgehead with an immense river (the Dnepr) at the back, a risk of flooding of your soldiers if the nearby dam is broken, and a great difficulty in resupplying them with food and ammo. You need to imagine the Kherson region as being constrained by a big bottleneck, causing a great danger of having tens of thousands of soldiers either flooded or left without ammo. If the soldiers are cut off from resupply and retreat, you have a huge cauldron with 20k or more Russians soldiers stuck in. Hence, Surovikin statement, last month, that “difficult decisions might have to be made”.

Around one month has gone since that interview. I think that Surovikin has seen that the bottleneck cannot be eliminated (the river is still huge, and the Ukrainian are still good at shelling the pontoon bridges). Now that the civilian population has been (wisely) evacuated and he is free to make his own decision, the guy has simply decided that he would do what is better for his soldier and his army, not the PR machine and the Twitter warriors.

Could he have held Kherson? For sure. This is so obvious that you can see, since yesterday, that the Ukrainians still hesitate to advance, so scared they are that this is a trap. He could have held Kherson and he could have, when the attack comes, inflict big losses on the Ukrainian forces. Still, this would have come at at a price to pay in losses for his own soldiers, and at the risk of the Ukrainian managing to break the dam, or to starve his troops of ammo and other logistics. From the fact that Surovikin decided to choose the safety of his soldiers, you understand that this one is the exact opposite of Zelensky, sending his soldiers to die for the sake of two days’ headlines or more almsgiving from the West.

Basically, you can see it in this way: Surovikin is put in charge of the entire front. He looks at it and says to himself: “if I had had my way from day one, is this the front line I would have wanted? With this highly symbolic, but difficult to keep bridgehead, that could, one day, cause a huge loss for which I, not my predecessors who put me in this situation in the first place, would be blamed?”

We know for sure, since yesterday, what answer Surovikin gave to this question. I think he decided to do this one month ago, he simply needed the time to evacuate the civilian population and prepare the Russians for the “difficult decision” he had announced. He is also showing that this one is his own decision, not a retreat forced by an actual, ongoing Ukrainian attack.

Is this pleasant? No. Kherson undoubtedly has a very high PR value, and this one is undoubtedly a boost for the Ukrainian’s morale, which they will milk to the last drop. It will also force the West to keep bleeding weapons to the Ukraine. It will also mean giving away a convenient bridge head the other side of the Dnepr. But Surovikin is as prudent as Putin. He does not care for the moaning of Twitter generals. He will have the front line he wants whilst he keeps dismantling the Ukrainian infrastructure piece by piece, starving them of the energy they need to keep the war going.

This is not what we see in the movies. This is not the war made of heroic advances many would have. This is the business of war as conducted by a guy who wants to keep his own army intact as he slowly dismounts the one of his enemy. No big proclaims. No great offensives. He seems to be a followers of the first rule of Italian boxing: primo, non prenderle, or “first thing: avoid being hit”.

Many disagree with this. They know (and they are right) that the Russian potential to inflict pain to the Ukraine is so big, that they see no need to keep being so prudent, and gentle, and casualties shy. They know (and they are right) that if Russia wanted to go all in against the Ukraine, soon you would have a heap of smouldering ruins where the enemy used to be. Clearly, this is not wanted by either Putin of Surovikin, and it’s not really smart to destroy everything in front of you when you want to keep the territory as your own after the conflict. I have no doubt the Russians would scorch the earth in Finland. They just won’t do it – unless absolutely forced – in the Ukraine.

Surovikin has shown great intelligence and self-assuredness. He has also shown that he will conduct this operation according to sound military principles, not social media frenzies. He has, in fact, shown great ability in first telling you that he *might* do the unpleasant stuff, and then doing it when the conditions are right. Sad as I am that this decision has been made, I cannot but admire this guy’s ice-cold decision making.

Would General Mundabor have made the same decision? Who knows what he would have done, having the same information. Also, who knows whether General Mundabor, tired of this conflict being protracted by the constant deliveries of weapons from the West, would not have decided to stay in Kherson, and bomb to smithereens some Polish military base used as a distribution centre, or some German military base used as training centre, or to completely annihilate Portsmouth’s naval base in order to persuade the Brits to leave the adults alone and go play with the dolls.

You see: in that case, general Mundabor would have, very likely, forced a rapid end of the conflict without any need to leave Kherson. But he might also have – unlikely, but possible – caused a big escalation in the military confrontation; one that would see Russia emerge as the victor very fast – barring a nuclear escalation – but would have also caused great losses for the Russian army and devastations everywhere. Who knows.

The Russians do not mind tactical retreats. They let Napoleon arrive all the way to Moscow (Borodino is more than 100km away). Then they started to work on Napoleon’s grave there. Imagine if twitter, or Telegram, had existed at the time!

All in all, I would say that Surovikin is acting prudently and wisely.

I trust both him and Putin to do what is smart in the long term.

World War Trans

This Tucker Carlson video (you can start from 2:30) has the receipt.

This is something I have written for a while, and the video above gives the most evident official confirmation of this. For one who says it, thousands think it.

These people are in the US Government, Legislative and, likely, Armed Forces. This is what happens when you allow the madness of gender ideology and support of perversion to take roots in the corridors of power.

It starts with “what have they done to you”, it ends with “you must be destroyed no matter the cost to us”.

We need to realise that the enemies of Christ are good at religious wars. We can see clearly in the example of this guy, a guy of Jewish origin and, from what can be seen, as atheist as they come (or as confused as it is convenient to him).

By the by, guy can already boast of a suicide in the family: something that is, on Wikipedia, promptly excused with “depression” but, where I come from, gives you no excuses. The sin of the fathers also come to mind.

But hey, don’t notice me.

I am just a Christian with traditional social values.

On The Side Of Sanity

Yes, my dear US readers. Your Country is looking for trouble for ***him***

Yesterday, Vladimir Putin made a historic speech. I suggest you subscribe to a telegram channel like Slavyangrad or Intel Slava Z to get all the issues point for point, as Western media are unlikely to represent it fairly.

Putin’s speech had, as I see it, a military, a political and a social part.

The most interesting part was the social part: it was a strong, passionate defence of traditional values, decency, and sanity against a West which, not happy to pursue insanity in its own home, wants to impose its sick madness to the entire planet.

I don’t know to what extent this message will spread inside the censored, self-censored or outright brainwashed West. But there is no doubt that those, in the West, who are listening to Putin’s world are coming to realise that the guy is entirely right: the West is fighting Putin so rabidly because they understand that Putin runs counter to their woke, anti-Christian, utterly perverted agenda; something, by the way, this little effort has been writing for a while.

I remember the time when the USA did not care whether a Country had sodomy laws, or forbade perverts’ parades, or had cultural differences with the US. There was this obvious realisation that you can’t rule the world.

The woke years put an end to that, and starting with Obama’s presidency there was a constant acceleration of “sanctions” imposed on Countries which displease the woke crowd. It appears that, today, there are around 40 Countries hit by US sanctions (quite a serious situation if you are a poor, or even not-so-poor, African Country). During the Cold War I remember only South Africa and, if there were more, their number was certainly very limited.

The toxic mixture of becoming the only superpower and the woke agenda has brought us where we are today. Mind, I do not believe that this is the result of some woke billionaire conspiracy. It is absurd to believe that extremely wealthy people would risk having their backside nuked, or even the very profitable – for them – globalised world destroyed, for the sake of their wives’ “gay friends”.

I think this is the result of the woke activism on social media, which in turns influences the behaviour of congressmen, which in turn influences both legislation and government action. It is a huge madhouse mentality starting from the lowest rungs of failure (the unemployable youth living in mama’s basement) and going up the ladders of power as the omnipresent need for virtue signalling makes those issue carry more and more power with time.

Putin is actively countering this phenomenon, telling the functioning brains in the West who are listening to him that he represents the sanity they would like to see in their own Countries. It’s a powerful argument, and one that will gain traction in the coming years.

“Why would I risk being nuked to fight a guy that is more similar to me than the woke troops?” This question will resonate more and more in Middle America, among people who perfectly well understand that they are neither called nor equipped to solve historical controversies in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

The US have huge problems to solve on their own. But what is most urgent now is to decide that they will not enter into conflicts – commercial or military in nature – to export them.

I am sure there will be widespread voter fraud in November. However, I still think that the Republicans will likely regain both houses. The neoconservative, aggressive geopolitical thinking will not end, but the woke activism abroad will get a big hit. As a result, the cost vs benefit analysis of not only the Ukrainian conflict, but the huge number of sanctions around the world will start getting under increasing pressure. Even my cat has noticed that, when 140 countries abstain in a resolution meant to condemn Russia, it can only mean that the West is isolated and the rest of the planet is tired of the ideological and economical bullying.

Putin is on your side. He is on the side of every Christian on the planet. He is on the side of every victim of woke bullying. He is helping you to uphold your values, and defend your freedoms.

This conflict is bad for the brainwashed cretins which caused it to start with 8 years of fanatical, genocidal hate. But it is very useful to make a fundamental conflict of our time emerge.

Choose between Putin and sanity, or wokeness and madness.

I know whom I will be rooting for.

Taisez-Vous, Monsieur Macron!

“You are always such fun, Emmanuel!”

Monsieur Macron has, together with others, given a great show of virtue signalling at some religious gathering or other I can’t even be bothered to identify.

Besides insulting the Patriarchate of Moscow (but not the one of Kiev; the first is manipulated by its government, the second, mysteriously, not…) Monsieur Macron has said that peace in the Ukraine would be tantamount to justify aggression.

I would really want to know what his plan is.

Even those who (wrongly, if you ask me) consider Russia’s intervention in the (former) Ukraine unjustified, still have a moral duty to look at reality hard in the face and start reasoning as to where we go from here.

The four new regions are now Russia, as they were for most of the time since the creation of Novorossiya. This fact is the huge elephant in the room of the dreamers with other people’s lives. Do not let me even get started on the Crimea. But no, it is perfectly useless to talk about that.

Forget Crimea. The Russians will nuke Macron’s cul before they leave Donbas, or Kherson. Get over it. This is the reality you live in now.

This simple fact must be understood, just as one needs to understand that the football game has ended and he has lost. It’s done. There is an outcome. Your hopes are history. There is a new situation on the ground.

The only uncertainties now are not whether Ukraine will “win”, but how many people will die before they lose, and whether there will still be a country called Ukraine after they have lost.

Macron and his merry band of incompetent (or corrupt) dreamers, comfortably sitting in their palaces without any risk of being conscripted today and go up in the air next week, do not even have the luxury of time. Stalin’s Russia had the resource to fuel a war indefinitely, but the Ukraine has become an amputated failed state, begging the West every day, loudly, shamelessly, like the obnoxious beggar at the entrance of your underground station.

There is no universe in which the Ukrainians keep being hacked forever, whilst Europe and the US keep paying forever, all the while making their economy crush and their citizen suffer, forever, under the boomerang effect of the “sanctions” they have so stupidly introduced. At some point it will be no more soldiers, no more money and weapons, no more brainwashing in the West, or no more Ukraine, whichever comes first.

Macron might not realise it, naively believing that Putin will be deposed and Russia will, overnight, paint its hair metallic blue and start singing “Imagine”. He might. More likely, Macron understand perfectly what is what, and he just doesn’t care.

Let more soldiers die. Let more civilians be displaced. Let the danger of a terrible escalation go on. Let the Ukraine be literally hacked to pieces in front of his eyes.

He will stand there at the lay pulpit, talk of impossible piece conditions, and feel good with himself. Meanwhile, reality will march on, and will be most harshly felt not in the splendid palaces of Western Europe, but in the cold, dirty trenches of Ukraine.

This game is so cynical it makes me sick. I know I should keep my sadness in check, as those who die are largely those brainwashed to die willingly. Still: it makes my blood boil that the brainwashing goes on, so that a bunch of corrupt or incompetent little prostitutes of politics can keep playing their game.

Macron has spoken to Putin for many hours on end. He probably knows him better than every other first-line politician in Europe. He should be the one who warns the others about the steely determination not only of Putin, but of the Country standing behind him.

But no. He does not even have the decency to shut up.

Ukraine will be hacked to pieces. I almost hope for him the last brainwashed Ukrainian soldier, upon being torn apart alive by a Russian shell, will still have the energy to utter his last, dumb words:

Merci, Monsieur Macron.

Understanding the “Russian Soul”

The “Russian Soul” has been defined in several ways, and has been coloured at times with nationalistic undertones.

But when I was at school, and we were studying the Napoleonic invasion of Russia of 1812, the Russian soul was described to me as something more strictly religious, and certainly belonging to a Weltanschauung rather than to a national identity. It was explained to me as an ability for bearing suffering that has roots in the Russian cultural mix of deep religious identity and strong pessimism. Putting it in simple words: when suffering comes, the Russian both expects and embraces it. He expects, and embraces it, with a strength no other people (apart, perhaps, from the Japanese, obviously for different reasons) knows.

I think this explains an awful lot of things. Napoleon entering Moscow thought that Alexander I would have agreed to start negotiations, because this is what Europeans (even expressions of the Italian genius like Napoleon) do. Little he knew that, for a Russian, such a negotiation would have been simply inconceivable, no matter the suffering and destruction already inflicted on the Country, or to come. It took – even after seeing Moscow set up in flame by the same Russians – even Napoleon weeks to fully realise what was going on, and the rest is history. If you ask me, the lesson is clear: Europe was not culturally prepared for this kind of endurance, for this show of quiet, resigned, but absolutely steely determination to suffer to the end.

Fast forward 130 years, and Adolf makes the same mistake. Granted, the country was now officially the Soviet Union, and (officially) atheist, and (officially) interested only in the triumph of the Proletariat. He likely thought that he would find a different cultural environment, a country half-destroyed by Stalinist army purges and communist indoctrination. It is, in fact, widely reported that he said words to the effect that you only needed to kick the door, and the whole rotten edifice would come tumbling down. Like Napoleon, he was wrong. An extremely strong resurgence of the national feeling (and even, according to documentaries I have seen, of the religious feeling, encouraged by Stalin after seeing that the “Proletariat” stuff had zero traction!) made of the German invasion “1812 Mark II” or, as it would be remembered (and notice the words) the “Great Patriotic War”. Russia (even if disguised as part of the Soviet Union) had found itself again, and it had found itself again because the hour of suffering had come. This suffering happened on a scale which, I am sure, most Westerners do not know even today. I do not know any other example in history of a resistance like the one put on in Leningrad. This was suffering on a scale no other Western people could, ever, endure.

Fast forward, again, to 2022. Russia is Russia again and, slowly but surely, it is getting Christian again. The cultural imprinting is still strong, and getting stronger by the year. Like Napoleon and Hitler before them, but worse than them, von der Leyen & Co. do not understand anything, not the first thing, of what is happening.

Brussels may know it or not, but this conflict is now, for the Russians, about the integrity and the future of Russia, not about the Ukraine, or “the Donbas”, or the massacre of ethnic Russians. The amount of suffering that the Russians will be able to endure themselves, and to inflict to their enemies, is on a scale sheer unimaginable to pampered Brussels bureaucrats. The only ones that are aware of what is going on are those culturally prepared to understand Russia, and there aren’t many of those in the corridors of power, both in Europe and in the US.

This is what makes this situation so dangerous. The NATO upper echelons just have no damn idea what will happen to them if they think they can push things further than Russia will allow. It’s a bit like Saddam-USA in 1991. “You will not choose to escalate to that point, surely?” “You bet I’ll do!”

Russia is Russia again. The extremely strong, 1000 years long cultural climate is still there, and getting stronger. Then as now, the Russians have an ability to suffer unknown to the other Westerners.

I thought I would post below a beautiful page of Russian culture, which is, I think, a delicate, tender insight in the “Russian soul”. It is, as many of you will immediately recognise, from a beautiful work of Anton Chekhov. It is as “Russia” as it comes. It is like being back in school, and listening to my late history teacher, (may the Lord have mercy on his soul, and I am grateful for a Hail Mary for him).


Why The US Are Right In Demilitarising Mexico.

This time, he is right….

Yesterday, the US started, as we all know, a big military operation in Mexico. China calls it “invasion”, but I think what the US are doing is perfectly justified. Let me explain why.

The shelling

China conveniently forgets to tell you that Mexico has been shelling innocent civilians of US culture for eight years now. This caused the death of 14,000 people in the Donhuatlan, of which almost 10,000 women and children. I hate Biden, but I agree with him that, at some point, a reaction was coming. It was not possible to ignore this massacre anymore.

You add to this that, in the last days, the shelling had been greatly intensified, with up to 2000 shells a day rained on the innocent inhabitant of Donhuatlan. Biden could, at that point, not avoid intervention. By the by, Donhuatlan voted for independence 8 years ago. They are, historically and culturally, Uncle Sam. So is the entire region of New America. But hey, don’t tell Xi…

The Chinese Influence

Mexico has been told by the US, for years, that attempts to join the Chinese Peace Alliance would be crossing a red line. Still, China has been heavily arming Mexico for 8 years now, and the plan to enter the Alliance at some point was an explicit aim of the Mexican Government and an obvious plan of the Chinese Peace Alliance. Nobody in his right mind can really think that the US will accept Mexico becoming part of the Alliance. There will be a nuclear war first. It’s just common sense.

This comes on the back of China trying to recruit Canada (the US took care of that in 96 hours in 2008), and constantly expanding their alliance in Central America starting from the Nineties. The attempt at encirclement is so obvious not even China seriously denies it. But hey, as long as the Mexicans are the ones who die….

The war mongering

Mexico has made no secret of wanting to retake Texas. They are simply unable to understand that Texas has been US for very long. The US have all rights, when confronted with aggressive warmongering, to push for the demilitarisation of Mexico.

The proxy war

It may well be that only Mexican soldiers are dying (for now). However, it is very clear (and admitted as such by the Chinese Defence Minister) that China is using Mexico to fight a proxy war against the United States.

China has armed Mexico for eight years. Then it has made a US intervention unavoidable (see above: “The shelling”). When the US (finally; some say “eight years too late”) reacted, the Chinese said that the US “invaded”, and are therefore in the wrong. In the wrong, my foot. The reality is that China has selected Mexico as the useful idiots to wage a proxy war against the USA. They will fight this to the last Mexican. The financial costs are, to them, well worth paying. They will weaken the US, perhaps cause a political change in Washington. To them, it’s war on the cheap. They get to sell a lot of expensive liquid gas to all of Central and South America, too.

The Neo Nazism

For eight years, the Chinese have closed their eyes as NeoNazi Movement (like “el krakon”, “el azovon” or “el sector derecho”) have terrified the US ethnic population in the Donhuatlan and systematically persecuted US ethnic or cultural citizen (perhaps 30% of Mexico’s population) all over Mexico. The Chinese Press conveniently ignores the svastikas, the Nazi salutes, and the monuments to Juan Banderon that are now everywhere in Mexico. The mere fact that the President of Mexico would be a Jew (Pedro Zelescon is a very strange kind of Jew anyway) would be, if you listen to them, enough to ignore a reality that is under everybody’s eyes. Newsflash: Neonazis don’t care a straw for Zelenscon. They merely tolerate him as long as he is useful.

The Betrayal

China, Russia, and Cuba were among the guarantors of both the Bogotá I and (more importantly, because China was directly involved) Bogota’ II agreements. Donhuatlan never received the special status therein agreed. Instead, they got shelled. All the “guarantors” (including China) did nothing against it, even as they were rearming Mexico, training its troops, and building hundreds of Kilometres of trenches and fortifications.

The atheism

China keeps pushing their atheist, anti-family, homo agenda. Mexico complies to get the money for their stupid, senseless conflict. They will pay a high price for their insolence, and a supplement for their degeneracy. Maricones!!!

There is much more to say, but I will stop it here because time is a tyrant.

Biden is not perfect, but he is right.

SuperVlad, Or: The Unbelievable Superpowers Of Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin.

The end of the Coup….

If you are a BBC listener believing their rubbish, by now you must be persuaded that Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin has Hollywood-like superpowers. You must, in fact, be wondering whether all that sugary Hollywood fiction isn’t surpassed by reality.

Let us see all the way Putin has achieved Super Hero status.

The Generals

The Ukrainian Army has, as faithfully reported by the BBC, killed more than 2 dozens Generals. However, most of these generals have appeared, mere weeks after their killing, in various televised or filmed ceremonies. This is Big Super Hero Power.

The Money

We were reliably informed that Russia has no money, and the “war” (as they called it, poor lambs…) posed an unsustainable burden on Russia’s finances. I heard the “£30bn a day”-stuff elsewhere, but the BBC was pushing the same narrative. Therefore, it was true. Fast forward seven and a half months, and the Russians are still paying their costs and, now, multiplying them. Inflation is going down, and the Rouble strong as never before, so they aren’t “printing”. I think it’s Putin’s Super Duper Powers.

The Ammo

The BBC has accurately reported that the Russian Army was exhausting their missiles in March, their shells in April and their rockets in May. Still, Russia kept, after exhausting their reserves, using such astonishing amounts of them that only the Super Duper Powers of SuperVlad can be behind this feat.

The Morale

The BBC said, and it is therefore true, that the Russians refused to advance and fight from the first weeks of the conflict. Since then, the Russians have taken one heavily fortified position after the other. As I write this, they are relentlessly closing on a very big prize: Bakhmut, which would likely be there with Mariupol and Kherson in the list of the Greatest Conquests. This guy has the power to transform himself into Alexander the Great 2.0.

The Cancer And Alzheimer

Remember Putin “holding the table tight” when speaking to Shoigu? Remember the various news of terminal stage cancer? Putin was, clearly, very ill and running out of time. But this is when SuperVlad intervened, and he now looks fit as a fiddle, every day; one of the fittest 70 years old I ever saw.

The Coups

Several coups have taken place since February. I was informed of one of those one fine Saturday morning in May. This was not from the BBC, but from Classic FM (these are the Buggers Broadcasting Classical instead of Communism). The source was MI 6. Bond. James Bond. Therefore, it was clearly happening. SuperVlad must have destroyed all his opposers with his superpowers and the help of his “Vlad Sabre”, which reduces his opponents to perfectly grilled, salted, and seasoned Russian Shashlik. Yes, he can do that, too…

I suspect that SuperVlad’s Superpowers extend beyond the ones I have just mentioned. However, as I don’t listen much to the BBC, this is all I have for now.

And now if you excuse me, I have to leave this keyboard, because this army, which has run out of everything, seems to have launched another major strike just this morning…

Give Peace A Chance: Mundabor’s Nine Points Ukraine Peace Plan.

The past…

As it is fashionable to suggest peace proposals nowadays, I will allow myself to add mine to the mix. Whilst I am not a mega billionaire, I think my proposal will be way more realistic.

So, here we go.

Russia remains Russia. Crimea and the new provinces remain Russia, because they are Russia. It is senseless to propose that Russia had a vote redone. It’s like asking Italy to remake the Tuscany annexation vote.

Zelenski and his men go. Zelenskkki gets shipped to Florida, or shot, or poisoned. His friends are very fast in packing, or meet a bullet from very near. A new government gets in power. Possibly led by Zaluzhny. This way you have the toxic guys out, and more reasonable people in. Military people tend to be more realistic than corrupt comedians. A new page. Fresh wind. That kind of stuff.

Ukraine remains neutral and disarmed. An army of 50,000 max. A symbolic Air Force. There will be no navy anymore (see below). This is because Russia must be satisfied that no issues will ever come from that side. Without this, no peace will be achievable.

Russia gets all the parts of former Ukraine they are really interested in. This will be, largely, the part with a strong Russian component and/or strong Russian tradition. Nikolayev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, obviously Zhaporozhie (already Russia from today). Why? Because Russia wants them, because they belong in Russia, and because Putin will get them anyway. They are right on all accounts, btw.

Russia guarantees the boundaries of the remaining Ukraine. This prevents Poland, Hungary and Romania from carving out their own filet pieces out of it. I know that, for example, Lvov was traditionally Polish, and Galicia traditionally Habsburg/protohungarian. Tough luck. NATO does not advance one metre. Makes everybody happy in the long term.

Denazification is imposed on The Ukraine. Arrest and delivery to Moscow of all Neonazi commanders of Azov, Kraken etc. to be trialled in Moscow for crimes against humanity. Destruction of all monuments to Stephan Bandera. Ban on paramilitary or political organisations, cultural circles, or magazines glorifying Bandera or Nazism. Russia to bomb directly, Israel-style, in case of non-compliance.

Russian as Ukrainian official second language. No discrimination against Russian ethnic people remaining in the Ukraine. This is self-explanatory. Again, non-compliance to be bombed directly and without warning.

Ukraine can join the EU along the Austrian model. EU will find it difficult to keep poor, poor Ukraine out. As a result, EU has the privilege of pumping countless billions into a sewer. Ukrainians get a sweet, sweet cookie, one they longed for for decades. Stupid EU tax payers get to put their money where their stupid little flags are. Everybody is happy.

Vote on peace terms is held in NuUkraine. All the UN observers your heart desires. If they vote no, the war resume on the same day and, at the end of it, there will be no Ukraine. If they vote yes, it’s the will of the people. Democracy at work.


Very reasonable and realistic. Sensible, moderate, and eminently achievable. A peace for the real world, not Twitter fangirls and gender curious soy boys.

What does the Ukraine get, you will ask? Survival, peace, and the sweet, sweet EU cookie. They have deserved none of them, of course, but one has to give them something to prevent them from self-destructing to the last Neonazi combatant ( and his Nazi wife).

There will be no vote on this. I am no Musk. My readership of this proposal will be around 1500.

But I will get back to this post when the conflict ends and see what has gone differently, and why.

I almost forgot…

I will accept the Nobel Peace Prize. I will not take part to the ceremony but will send a written address to be read by whatever idiot is in charge of it.

Prize money to be paid to the SSPX, Italian branch.

The Three Europes, According to Putin

You tell me if this guy looks like he is bluffing…

Putin’s yesterday speech was long, momentous, and utterly brutal.

I would like, here, to take one part of it and say two or three words about what I think this part of the message meant for the conflict, for Russia, and for all of us.

Putin made two clear distinctions. The first, between Russia and the West. The second, between the “Anglo Saxons” (means, here, UK and USA) and the rest of the West.

From a military/political point of view, he sees the US bullying the rest of the west, with the UK serving as Dobermann and all the others as Chihuahuas. From a cultural point of view, he sees the USA as leading a wave of madness and degeneracy, with the Dobermann trying to keep up and the Chihuahuas more or less ready to obey orders.

There are, therefore, in this vision, three Europes.

The first one is Russia. This is the Europe which wants to stay Europe. The Europe which reveres its cultural and religious values and keeps honoring traditional Western European culture. The Europe for which a penis makes you a male and a vagina a female, with all that entails.

The second one is the Anglo Saxon bloc. This is the Europe which wants to become a madhouse. Trannie soldiers, celebrations of degeneracy in every form, corruption of the youth since childhood, rented uteruses for rich perverts, “parent 1 and parent 2”.

The third one is the remaining European Countries. Some of them more traditional, some of them veering towards madness. All of them, unable to make their own path and to escape the immense economic pressure of Big Bullying Fag.

If you ask me, Putin has reassured the first Europe, thrown down the gauntlet to the Second, and told the Third to choose side.

This was a very intelligent move. A lot of Poles, a lot of Czechs, even a lot of Ukrainians hearing him talk of “Parent 1 and parent 2” will instinctively know – in fact, will not be able to deny – that, however much they may hate him, he is right on fundamental, foundational, civilisational questions. They know what the Anglo Saxon Faggotry is trying to do to their children and nephews. They know what their instincts, basic decency, and religious traditions says about that.

At home, in Russia, where his popularity is unabated and gaining ground, millions will have heard his words as if it was music. He promised them that Russia will not, ever, slide down the path of sexual degeneracy. In fact, Russia is tightening its degeneracy legislation right now.

As to the third, the Degenerate Europe (and West), he has clearly stopped to care. We will be mocked, and deservedly so. We will be ignored, and deservedly so. I hope it does not happen, but I am sure that, if we deserve it, he will bomb the living shit out of us, too. This is what, at some point, might happen if you allow your country to become a Sodom.

Sodoms have this strange tendencies to attract destruction.

More has emerged from yesterday’s event, but I wanted to throw some light on this aspect here first.

Because, whatever you may think of it, this is a conflict between the forces of light and those of darkness.

The Going Gets Though

NATO now running furiously against it

For now almost seven months, Russia has conducted a military operation with white gloves, and very much “on the cheap”.

I have a feeling this all ends now.

It becomes now clearer what the plan was all along: make a ton of money all Spring and Summer whilst Europe is left half-starved of energy, before turning on the pain factor for Ukraine and, well, the West when it starts to get colder and harsh realities count more than virtue-signalling.

It is also clear, to me at least, that all the events of yesterday were carefully planned and coordinated: the referendums – not only in the two Donbas States, but in almost all of old Novorossiya – put to sleep once and for all the naive idea that Putin might agree to end the hostilities and go away with Lugansk and Donetsk only.

Russia is going to be enlarged by four historical provinces. More soldiers are needed for the harder push that will follow, and to make those territories really Russian rather than aspiring territories defended by militias. The legal framework for the new situation must be created. All this has been announced in, basically, one day. It’s all part of the new phase of operations.

Make no mistake: Zelensky is shitting his pants. Scholz, Truss & Co., too.

All points to the fact that, at some point in October – perhaps as early as the first or second of October – the Western help to Ukraine (the satellites, the intelligence personnel, the weapons, and the “mercenaries”) will have to be seen as direct hostility towards the Russian people and land.

If my analysis is correct, this means that the Western powers will very soon be put in front of the choice to a) back off or b) face direct military action. A total loss of face in the first case, and a total humiliation – and immense tragedy – in the second.

No matter what the Baghdad Bob Media say, the situation on the ground is very simple: in a conventional war, Russia can obliterate NATO every day of the week. As it is, NATO has ammo for perhaps two weeks, three weeks max, but I doubt they would have many tanks or howitzers left after that time. The only thing that Putin will have to do – and he will most certainly do it – is to avoid attacking the American soil. The immense losses he will cause to NATO soldiers and military infrastructure in Europe will soon persuade even the most stubborn “Slava Ukraini” do-Gooder that staying alive and living in a functioning country comes first.

Will NATO listen? This is the same as to ask: are they really as stupid as they look? Or was it all posturing to please the Twitter crowd? On one hand, I trust that reason will prevail. On the other hand, these people might be so stupid as to think that Putin is bluffing. I am an optimist, and keep thinking that they are not that stupid; not even Scholz, van der Leyen, Borrell, or Truss (well, the jury is out on this one).

If the Biden hits the fan, the only real alternative for the West to total defeat and utter humiliation will be nuclear escalation. This is, I really hope, not happening, because the Pelosi, Graham, Truss and Macron of the world will not want to sacrifice their comfortable lives for a nuclear Holocaust (and no, it’s not about you; they would let you die in a second).

Every other scenario is a loss-loss-loss for the West, and Ukraine made mincemeat of. The Americans will never countenance a huge rearmament program meant to give them the powerful industrial apparatus – which they now don’t have, as they only produce software, consultancy companies and a vast number of “genders” – needed to defeat Russia. They are hopelessly inferior in missile technology. They would be torn to pieces conventionally first and, if nothing else helps, with nukes later. They would, in fact, end up choosing self-extermination for the sake of a bunch of effing Neonazis they actually wanted to use as cannon fodder to “extend” Russia (google Rand Corporation Extending Russia, it’s all there). Not a smart choice.

Of course, I do not know whether Putin will choose the brutal escalation that Donbas becoming Russia (again) should engender. But if I know the Russian culture, history and mentality well enough this is what, at that point, all Russians will expect of Putin.

From memory: During WWII, Italy lost around 200,000 people.

The USA around 450,000.

Russia 26,500,000.

Let that sink in, and reflect how likely it is that the Russians are scared of their losses now.

Drunk Sun Tzu Meets Baghdad Bob, Or: How To Lose Big And Claim Victory.

“We just achieved a glorious victory in Kharkov, comrades!”

It is Friday as I write this and, from all that can be seen, the dreams of glory of the pro-Neonazi faction have been shattered against the hard wall of reality. Yeah, one week can do this to you.

The Glorious Super Duper Turbo Advance of the Ukrainian troops in the Kharkov region proved a great PR balloon, full of nothing but hot air.

The “conquest” is limited to some 2000 (being extremely generous here) square kilometres of… pampa.

No coal. No gas. No steel mills. No appreciable Russian losses in both men or material. In fact, no Russian forces to be found in the first place, as the region was “defended” by a small number of Rosgvardia (akin to the Italian Carabinieri, an armed police force without front combat capability or vocation) and Donbas militia’s reserves, made of oldish men kept there in the thinking (more on this later) that nothing would happen on that part of the front.

The Russians may have been caught with their pants down. Greta happens. They may, also, have hoped for a Ukrainian advance, actually luring the Ukrainians out of their NATO-paid, concrete-reinforced trenches by dangling in front of their swastikas a biggish territory very scarcely, actually barely protected, and retiring promptly when the hoped-for attack took place.

In both cases, the result is the same: the Ukrainian wasted precious resources – in men and material – on a senseless drive through the pampa, and are now being pounded mercilessly by the Russian artillery, rockets and Air Force with, literally, nowhere to hide.

The Russians have, also, paid a price. If they were surprised, they now look complacent and, if not incompetent – the retreat was a masterpiece, again corroborating the second hypothesis – certainly careless. If they lured the Ukrainians, they played a very cynical game with the local population, told for months that Mother Russia was there to stay and forced to flee at very short notice to avoid the Ukrainian “safaris” (this is where the Neonazis of Kraken & Co. go around killing all those suspected of collaborating with the Russians).

Be it as it may, the result is the same: heavy, irreplaceable Ukrainian losses against strategically insignificant territorial gain. A military disaster considering that the Russian losses amount to almost zero. This is the kind of expensive game you might want to play if you are China trying to invade Taiwan. It is not the game a bankrupt, half-depopulated Country can play against an adversary with 5 times the population, 10 times the artillery, and 100 times the money.

This comes, also, on the back of the Kherson offensive in the south, an unmitigated disaster with only a couple of villages to show for the brutal losses sustained. If your enemy has total air and artillery dominance, it might make sense to stay in your trenches and wait for the US Cavalry; an attack like this is not a brilliant surprise strategy, it is “drunk Sun Tzu meets Baghdad Bob”.

As always, on the parallel planet inhabited by totally unaware – or stupid – Nazi fanboys, everything is all right and the operation in Kharkov was a great success. They can’t see beyond their little, stupid Ukrainian flags, and breathe this “success” like oxygen they have desperately craved for for the last six months.

It’s like smoking a Twitter Joint together with fellow potheads. Makes the pothead feel good. Doesn’t change anything.

Does this mean that Zelenski is Greta-level retarded? Not at all.

Zelenski is an entertainment guy. To him, war is a PR exercise. The “success” in Kharkiv helps him to get more money and weapons for his joke of a Fourth Reich attempt. I have little doubt that he and his, together with many others, will keep enriching themselves out of the faggotry (yes, mate: f-a-g-g-o-t-r-y) and stupidity of the Collective West.

So there you have it, the Glorious Super Duper Turbo Advance of the Ukrainian troops in the Kharkov region. Thousands had to die, so that Elenski & Co. can keep enriching themselves at the expense of their own soldiers, with money paid courtesy of depraved Westerners.

In other news, Winter Is Coming.

I am afraid this will get very interesting.

The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The… Ukraine Map

Currently very active on Reddit: Dr Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister.

Every now and then, just for my amusement, I go visit those Reddit pages where people think that the Ukraine is winning. It’s like getting a history lesson in front of the mobile phone.

The self-deception that goes on there is quite astounding. Clever propagandists (or very dumb self-propagandists) create the narrative by creating new threads. The lemmings eat the lies willingly, avidly, desperately. They seem grateful that someone has, for one brief moment, helped them in their battle against reality. When the doubts assault them again, a new visit to Gaslighting Central will give them the craved injection of Copium again.

The method used by the propagandists is very simple: a lot of videos of unclear source, plus repeating all the obvious lies of the Ukrainian Government, plus belittling every loss.

Russia’s downfall is always about to happen. Their losses assume fantastic proportions for people who, actually, shell the Ukrainians 10 to 1 most of the time (this is, by the way, admitted by many Ukrainian sources themselves).

Severodonetsk was to be Putin’s Stalingrad. When it was lost, it became irrelevant in the great scheme of things because hey, we have Lisichansk. When Lisichansk, too, was lost, well that was a victory of sort because we inflicted to the Russians (de-humanised as orcs; it helps a lot by massacres) sooooo many purely imaginary losses we are now well, well in front of them. Then we keep retreating, and they keep advancing. But hey, they must be so, so demoralised!

It is, truly, a history lesson. This is Baghdad Bob on steroid, every day. This is Goebbels 24/7, but with a willed, chosen self-hallucination (plenty of sources to get the facts), a privilege that the Germans of 1944 did not have.

The truth is in the logic, and in the map.

The logic: the Ukrainians themselves admit a Russian superiority in artillery of 10 to 1. This was not so at the start, mind, where the relationship was likely 1.1 to 1 or 1.2 to one for the Ukrainians. This is because the Russians have taken out the Ukrainian artillery just like they have taken out the Ukrainian HIMARS, planes, or helicopters. They were there at the start, they are now dust, or rust.

Also, everyone admits 80% of the casualties in this conflict never saw an enemy, as they were killed or wounded from afar. Do your math.

The map: the Russians are advancing, bit by bit, through a huge number of extremely fortified positions, the fruit of 8 years of NATO money. There is nothing like that in Western Europe or the USA. Anyone who believes that the Russians only manage to advance a bit at a time in a normal situation ( that is: unaware of all the factories turned into fortresses, concrete anti-bomb tunnels, and the like), just because they have low morals, or no fuel, or are sad because they have left the cat at home, needs to get in touch with reality. Newsflash: the Russians are taking one heavily fortified position after the other, largely with artillery, rocket and missile work, and rolling over the position with their assault troops just at the end, against an enemy already brain damaged for life (look it up).

Slowly, methodically, safely, the Russians are taking out the Ukrainian army bit by bit, just as they are taking the Ukraine (or at least the part they are interested in) but by bit. Their casualties are very low, the ones of their enemies very high.

But no, keep listening to Dr Goebbels whilst the Ukraine shrinks like a towel washed at 95C.

Let’s see how good that proves in the end.

Finding Out

It baffles me to read the fantasies of well-off, pampered Westerners about the conflict in the Ukraine. You think they would, at this point, understand where this goes, but no: blind belief in an unavoidable victory reigns supreme on echo chambers like r/Ukraine on Reddit (visit if you want to have a laugh) or the “Ukraine has already won” Twitter accounts with the obligatory flag.

The thinking seems to be as follows:

1. Ukraine has unlimited soldiers at its disposal

2. Ukraine has the ability to train and prepare for battle a virtually unlimited number of men.

3. The West will never tire of giving arms and financial help to the Ukraine.

It is quite delusional.

Point 1 is possibly the most absurd. A country of perhaps 40 million before the start of the conflict, with 7 million now abroad and a good part of its Eastern population actually supporting the Russians, would find, as if by magic, enough soldiers to contrast a 140 million country ferociously determined to fight this thing to the end. Make no mistake, the fact that the Russians have used extremely mild methods up to now does not mean that they will not do whatever it takes. The day the gloves come off, God have mercy on the Ukraine, because the Russians won’t.

Nor do we see the fighting spirit in the Ukrainian streets. Instead, we see unfortunate boys summoned because they couldn’t run fast enough, or had nowhere to run at the local swimming pool.

Point 2 also defies logic and common sense. NATO needed eight long years to train the very soldiers that are being slowly but surely cut to pieces. These soldiers are simply irreplaceable. Hastily trained recruits, sent to the battlefield after mere weeks of training, are no substitute for well-trained troops. They are going to get massacred without any doubt, their existence on the front limited to being endlessly shelled until the projectile meant for them shows up. Sad, but true, and the reality so many have already experienced.

Point 3 lives in a logic-free space. Apart from the rapid depletion of the Western European Armies, the West will never have the stupidity necessary to partially convert their Countries to war economies (because nothing less would be necessary to pare the wall of fire coming from the Russian side) in order to help one of the most corrupted, undemocratic countries on earth to flood terrorists and criminals all over the planet with sophisticated weapons. This, without considering the obvious technological superiority of the Russians in matters of missiles andanti-aerial defence, besides their sheer endless firepower.

My impression is that those cheerleaders of Elenski have no idea, no clue at all, about the might of the Russian Army. They are like the mouse thinking he will manage to wear out the cat who is playing with it. It’s not happening.

The result of all this cheerleading is, however, tragic: more soldiers will die, and more infrastructure will be destroyed, because of this senseless ra-ra-ra-ing, as the continued hysteria in the West encourages politicians to do what they can to please the social media mob, short of getting all Europe into a disastrous war, but apparently already enough to plunge the entire Continent into a recession, or depression as the case may be.

The bigotry of a limited part of the population and of the leftist media hating Christian decency has already caused enough damage, but it is completely impossible that the insanity will be pushed to the point of total self-destruction of both the European economies and the Ukraine as a Country. At some point, something will have to give, and it will not be the Country which is, after the sanctions, making as much money as never before, and with its people all supporting the extremely smart leader God has blessed them with.

Still, as Putin himself had to realise, this will apparently go on until untold suffering has been self-inflicted.

As they say in the US: fool around, find out…

Dr Goebbels and Us

behold the retarded prophet of countless millions…

When I lived in Germany I saw many documentaries about Nazi Germany, particularly concerning the war. One thing that always struck me is how it was possible that most Germans actually believed that they would win, even after the situation had become clearly untenable. Say, it’s Autumn 1944, your army is retreating on all front, and you know with the retreat will come the loss of factories, coal mines, and oil fields, whilst your own soldiers will, as they get out of combat due to death, wounds or prison, not be replaced by soldiers of the same combat capability. It really does not take a genius. At the latest when that pitiful, sadistic joke called Volkssturm was invented (October 1944), every German with a brain should have known that the game was up.

Apparently, it wasn’t so, and it is baffling. I would myself, in the past, struggle to believe that most Germans actually believed in victory until very late. I thought that, to a certain extent, it must have been all a pretence, because the uttering of any doubt would lead to incrimination for Wehrkraftzersetzung (“undermining of the army”), with a death sentence very likely. But no: apparently, it was real belief.

The cognitive dissonance must have been huge: on the one side, Goebbels in the newsreel every week or so, telling you how you are unavoidably going to win; on the other side, the map of the Reich shrinking every other week. It must have required a conscious effort of self-deception, I thought.

Well, not so fast.

I could, in my lifetime, live inside several mass phenomena of cognitive dissonance, and I am now reading about an additional one, though luckily I am not living in the middle of it myself.

Entire Continents believe in utterly senseless urban legends, notwithstanding the reality screaming in their face how false these legends are. Sixteen years after “an inconvenient truth”, very few want to see the real inconvenient truth: they have believed a colossal lie for sixteen years, and their man made religion of climate change is a fraud. People who, actually, have attained an education – or so says their university diploma – believe that keeping a piece of cotton in front of your mouth is decisive in stopping a virus from spreading. In fact, the same people are able to believe something even more astonishing: that those who are not vaccinated are those who make those who are vaccinated contract the same disease against which they took the vaccine; vaccine which, they believe, actually works, but is hampered by those who don’t take it. It beggars belief, but it is reality of countless millions of voters around us. Without even a Goebbels threatening you with death for daring to speak.

The situation in the Ukraine must – though I don’t live there – be something similar. Whilst I am sure that the people who have opened their big blue eyes are, in the meantime, in the millions, there can be no doubt that the Ukrainian propaganda works. Pro-Russian sites are full of comments of people whose Ukrainian friends are utterly convinced that the Ukraine will prevail. I think their number is decreasing by the day, but that they have come to this point before opening their eyes is quite astonishing.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine Army is between a big crisis and the onset of decomposition. The Caesar self-propelled howitzers that the Russians have managed to buy (no, really) are truly an indication of where things are. Those two (I think) howitzers are now being closely examined beyond the Urals, to see what can be learned from them. Yesterday, the savage rumour spread (which is, as I write this, unconfirmed), that even one of those all-destroying, all-capable, all-singing and all-dancing HIMARS would have been, again, not captured, but sold. If this proves true and not a propaganda stunt, well I hope that in Washington there is still someone who has an IQ above 70 and has got his job for a reason different from being a lesbian. But hey, there is a glorious counter-offensive in the making for August, so it’s all fine…

The map, again, speaks a very clear language. Just a short time after the fall of Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, the next line of defence (Severn, Soledar, Bakhmut) already sees combat in the first two of these cities, meaning that most of the fortified villages between these cities and the Russians have fallen or have been encircled or made useless. This, as 30 or 40 thousand Russian soldiers are apparently resting in Russia after the end of the battles for Severodonetsk and Lisichansk. Basically, the Russians are advancing quite rapidly without even trying hard. If this does not tell the tale, I don’t know what does.

The moral of all this?

Humans are extremely credulous. They can be manipulated to believe pretty much anything. Given enough time and effort, they will believe that there are 32 “genders”, that a sodomite is “gay”, and that perverts need to be “affirmed”.

What is needed is a strong Christian matrix, that keeps the natural credulity of man in check and gives a solid foundation not only for salvation after death, but for sensible thinking and living before it.

Thank you, Lord, for Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin. Please guide him in his and his team’s decision, and help us, through his influence, to protect the Christian thinking and living that we cherish.

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