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The UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon meets Pope Francis and says how impressed he was from his desire to fight poverty, & Co.

It impresses me no one who meets Francis ever says he was impressed by the profound spirituality of an obvious man of God.

Pope Pius XII could have never been confused with the Secretary General of the UN.

If Francis and Ban-Ki Moon were to swap places, not many would notice any difference.


Slovakia Joins The League Of Thinking Countries

Slovakia has now decided to enshrine the only possible understanding of Marriage in their Constitution, following a broad agreement in Parliament.

When the measure is voted, it will mark another addition to those Countries refusing to give up to the pressure from UN and EU, and deciding than a bunch of perverts and their minions will not be allowed to “teach” them what is right or wrong.

I read the news in the same day in which Francis-The-Black-Shod received “punished with a baby”- Obama Bin Muslim, the worst enemy of Christianity the United States ever had.

The main issue of the talk will be, of course, social inequalities.

I see some magazine covers coming.

Congratulations to the people of Slovakia and their representatives for their Christian stance in front of bribery and/or bullying.

Another reason why the EU must die.


Diplomacy Is Not Enough

Great believer in diplomacy no matter what...



The Italian newspaper Il Foglio has an appeal to Pope Francis to, in simple words, show some teeth in the face on the ongoing secular onslaught.

In times were lesbians are allowed to set the tone of the EU policy concerning sexual perverts, and the United Demons tell the Vatican where they need to align themselves to the Inclusive Truth, polite diplomatic reactions will never have any useful or permanent effect.

The people at Il Foglio – a rare newspaper nowadays in the Italian landscape, as it supports Catholicism with an energy and outspokenness unthinkable in the mainstream newspaper, all but converted to the “gay rights” gospel – recognise that the moment is not one for soft words, and polite disagreements. A battle for the direction of a great part of humanity is now ongoing, and the continuation of this pussyfooting – when we are lucky – will cause a de facto wiping out of Christianity from most of the West.

The appeal is neutrally formulated, and versions in French and English are also online. The introductory article (not sure the link works) is rather, with its explanation of the reason for the petition, the key to the understanding of the initiative. Follow the link to get the appeal in the language of your choice.

Do not be discouraged by the fact that the initiative is accompanied by praise for the Bishop of Rome, a praise most certainly entirely unmerited. To support the petition does not mean to support the Pope in his hippy antics, merely the initiative therein contained and the polite exhortation to become – and not one day too soon – more assertive.

I am glad there are still newspapers in Italy written – and read – by people who actually care for the Church and Her values. From what I can see, they are now becoming a tiny minority, as the once vast strata of “rather Catholic” non-churchgoers is dying, and is being substituted by the generation of their “rather indifferent” children, fully poisoned by the mantra of inclusiveness they see coming from the Anglo-Saxon world as the Italian clergy is nowhere to instruct them, or is all too happy to lick the plates of the Gandhi-admiring masses.

Consider putting your name on the petition. As I understand, an email is enough.

It won't change the world. It will most certainly not change Francis. But it will be a small witness; a signal of things that do not work, and must be changed.



UN To Church: “Don’t Abuse Children! Abort Them!”

And it came to pass the usual evil and perverted committee of the evil and perverted UN addressed the Church as they do with, say, the Chilean Government, telling Her the work She has to do to earn their approbation.

The list of “improvements” they suggest is extensive, and reflects all the mantras of the secular society. The Church is blamed for not doing enough against child abuse, whilst it is suggested that She engages Herself to achieve that children are not conceived in the first place (contraception), are murdered when it's not very comfortable to have them see the light (abortion), or are helped to live a life of torment on this earth before being delivered to eternal damnation in the next (sodomy and “gender” issues).

The hypocrisy and the arrogance are astonishing, but this is par for the course for United Demons, so we aren't so surprised after the first reaction of stunned incredulity.

Sadly, such a behaviour is encouraged by the Vatican. By being associated with the UN – as “observer”, like Switzerland, because they are neutral – they accept the “one world”, and necessarily “one size fits all” mentality that is behind the exercise. When they get rapped by the UN, they get what they have subscribed for. Furthermore, when Popes visit the UN and produce such masterwork of stupidity and senseless rhetoric as “no more war, war no more” they accept the UN as “moral world authority”, and must expect the same fluffy goodism to be addressed, one day, to them. When, to boot, the new Bishop of Rome insists on “not obsessing” on abortion and homosexuality, he emphatically encourages secular evil organisations of all sorts to believe Church teaching in such and such matters might be changed. Heck, the majority of Catholics in the West seems to think themselves that fundamental tenets of Catholicism are disposable, why shouldn't stupid one-legged Icelandic lesbians at the UN think the same? Or perhaps they know the Church cannot and will not change, and they simply make the work of Satan trying to disqualify her.

Lastly, the Vatican reaction has been so wet you wonder whether they are not secretly pleased. This would be the perfect moment for an extremely vocal and passionate defence of Christian values, in a work of evangelisation that would be echoed worldwide. Instead, we get the usual whispered meowing.

To be vocal would, you know, appear “judgmental”.

And who are we to judge?



UN Nazis Wage War On Babies.

Sorry young man, but if you can’t name your parents I am afraid the UN wanted you dead.


In Italy it was once called “la ruota”, “the wheel”. For those of you who don’t know, if was a cradle made in form of a wheel (I think, using a real one) and put outside of monasteries and the like, and whose form was meant to indicate that was the place to put a child the mother could not keep and/or could not afford to declare her own. largely the same old story, I suppose, though cases of legitimately married, very poor families must have been present.

Be it as it may,  the praxis showed some of the characters of past Christian society:

1) the life of the child is the good most worthy of protection, and

2) the charity of the faithful will provide for the unfortunate creatures.

This is, in fact, what happened. In a world which didn’t know the omnipresent nanny-state of modern times, and still believed in charity, the Christians paid for the children. It is another undisputed fact that never in Christian world children had to starve because there was not enough money to shelter and feed them.

Fast forward to the XXI century, a time when Nazism tries to get back from the window after having been bombed out of the door. Modern Nazism calls the killing of a baby “reproductive health”, and puts the baby last instead of first.

One funny aspect of the modern attitude toward children is in this tragically hilarious report – from the “Guardian”, no less – that the United Nations be worried of the resurgence of the practice, because – get ready for this – it deprives the child of the right to know the identity of his father. 

One would only conclude madhouses must be re-opened at once, if one thought these idiots really believe what they say.

The cruel reality is, of course, different. The Nazis at the UN perfectly understand the recovery of the tradition of the “wheel” puts the life of the child and duty to protect him more and more in the foreground. They can’t stand it. I am sorry, little boy, but you will have to be aborted, as we certainly can’t allow you to be born without knowing who your parents are.

We live in times the people of the Middle Ages – who were, actually, generally very good Christians – would have seen as a perfect example of obscurantism, and evil madness.




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