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“Vox Cantoris” Angers Father Rosica… Again!


“You are a bad, bad, bad blogger! And I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!”



Hilarious blog post over at “Vox Cantoris”, where an entirely shameful priest is still smarting for having been forced to abandon his policy of shameless bullying and disgusting lawfare against a simple blogger.

Rosica’s text is entirely childish. Vox Cantoris‘ comments are, besides being truthful and very much to the point, entirely hilarious.

Visit the blog and have a laugh. Oh, vanity of vanities! Priests going around begging for acknowledgments, and using this miserable platform to show all of us what miserable people they are! Rosica looks like a little girl having a crisis of hysteria. Pathetic.    

By the way, I cannot say I know any other Catholic blogger personally, but the idea that a successful blogger would grab the keyboard because he or she has “no pulpit” in his or her daily life is worse than stupid. He who is competent and articulate on his blog is competent and articulate in life, and there’s no way Rosica can persuade even himself – much less others – of this. Actually, these people will often start writing a blog exactly because they know they have an audience in life.  

Let me assure Father Rosica that when I open my mouth, people stop and listen. I am sure it is exactly the same for every successful blogger out there, obviously including Vox Cantoris. Rosica is not only being spiteful and revengeful. He is being stupid at it, too. 

Say a prayer for the poor, wounded girl. We wish salvation even to the likes of him. 



Publishing The Slander

During the recent and now officially more or less closed “Rosicagate” scandal, three posters unknown to me wrote comments full of slanderous accusations against Mr Domet, aka Vox Cantoris.

I did not publish any of them.

It seems to me that all too often the concept of “openness” degenerates into plain stupidity, as if freedom of speech meant that everyone has the right to write anything about anyone Else anywhere, with an expectation of his writing being published.

This is not so. Common sense must apply at all times, and common sense dictates that public personages can meet with not only criticism, but – if sufficiently founded and in the proper context – allegations that do not deserve any public hearing in other cases.

I do not allow anyone – and particularly one who never wrote on this blog; but anyone anyway – to come here and write rubbish expecting publication because hey, “it's a free country”. This is not only common sense, but actually a legal fact.

Mr Domet now rightly complains about a big outlet who thought it not below them to publish unverified rubbish about himself and his family, and I truly wonder what friends Rosica has inside that particular organisation.

I thought it right to give Mr Domet's righteous indignation an outlet; but the more general point is that I think that too many bloggers indulge in a kind of “freedom snobism“, which leads them to publish comments that should never be read by decent people as a burnt offering to the gods of freedom of speech.

There should be no need to say this. But I assure I see a lot of this around, and think it should change.

Freedom must always be seen in context. Every right impinges on other rights. We must apply prudence and common sense instead of indulging in a misguided sense of “openness”.

This space will remain heavily moderated. I wish many others were.



The Priestly Mafia, Or: The Vatican In The Age Of Mercy

Apologise, picciotto...

1. The first action on the part of this blogger after receiving the letter from Fogler, Rubinoff LLP was to “take it to the Church.” This means that your writer went directly to Rome — to the Vatican on Tuesday, February 17, via email to a direct contact in the Secretariat of State. The request on my part was to intervene “quickly” and this request was not fulfilled. Instead, I was met with an interrogation of my “intentions” which could have been used against me. Later the suggestion was made to humbly accept it as a Lenten sacrifice on Ash Wednesday morning and “apologise” which would have been an admission of guilt for something that did not occur and would have resulted in the silencing and censoring of the blog and a refutation of my rights and duties under Canon 212 §3.

The above is a quote from the blog post of Mr Domet, Vox Cantoris, announcing the official end of Father Rosica's threat.

This sheds a rather disquieting light about what is happening in the Vatican in the Age of Mercy. A time in which when a priest threatens a blogger in the most grievous way, Vatican officials first try to stall the blogger in question and then suggests that he apologises and retreats, instead of going to Father Rosica through the apposite channel and ask him what he smokes in the morning.

It truly looks as if the bullying mentality is spread everywhere in the Vatican, making it looks like a priestly Mafia rather than an organisation devoted to the salvation of souls.

I am extremely curious now to know who exactly sent the emails in questions, and with what authority. It might throw some light about what kind of people walks around the exquisite corridors of the Vatican.



Shame On You, Father Rosica!

This one is, at least, tasteful...

Father Rosica has, in a not entirely unpredictable development of the recent events, made public that he does not intend to sue the middle-aged, quisque de populo blogger behind the (excellent) Vox Cantoris blog. Find the entire text on the blog itself.

I do not belong to those who say “oh Mundabor, your side has won, why insist with the accusations?”

I am fully persuaded that if Father Rosica had to backpedal and swallow a public defeat and humiliation it was not because he has suddenly seen the light, but because reality caught up with him, and taught him it was better to enter in damage control mode. There is no trace whatsoever this particular bully had a change of heart. There is no word of apology to Mr Domet. There are even lies and accusations which, time allowing, will be the object of another post. There is, furthermore, the continuation of a threatening and bullying behaviour as the parties were discussing; a threat that was ended only when the determination of the other side to engage in open battle was made evident.

Shame on you, Father Rosica! Shame on you, Father Rosica! Shame on you, Father Rosica!

Then there is the scandalous matter of Rome’s reaction to Mr Domet’s intervention. This should, time and will allowing, be the object of a third blog post.

What is important to notice here is that Mr Domet is now free from this Damocles’ sword hanging over his head, and can go on blogging undisturbed. I hope he will continue to blog about Father Rosica with the same enthusiasm. I will certainly not lose sight of this very, very peculiar prelate.

This time, the bully got a lesson. Hats down for Mr Domet.


And now for the bigger picture: was this, then, a “war on bloggers”? I never thought it was, and I am more and more persuaded of it after the most recent events. This was simply the very stupid act of an extremely vain man, who thought he could silence a blogger evidently uncomfortable for him with the threat of financial ruin. Despicable as this is, I would not read in the vain stupidity of one man a general plan that, even if it had been conceived by some six years old child at the Vatican, would not have had any possibility of success anyway. Not even, mind, if all the planet’s bloggers were to reside in Canada; the more so as most of them, or at least their blog, reside in the United States. This “war on bloggers” was, I believe, never there in the first place. No, the stupidity and vanity of one man are the reason for all this mess.

This was the senseless act of a man whose boundless arrogance caused him an obvious loss of the sense of reality; a man who perhaps had already used his dirty trick – let us say it once again: the threat of financial ruin, for which I still have to read one word of apology to Mr Domet – with some other small blogger in the past, and now thought he could use the same measure again.

The way Father Rosica has decided to get out of the worst of the mess in which he has put himself is not less despicable than the behaviour that put him in that situation in the first place.

A bully then, a bully now. But this time he is a bully with a bleeding nose, and a swollen lip.

Serves you right, Father Rosica.




Will “Salt & Light TV” Sue Father Rosica?

From their... cassocks you will recognise them.

I can’t wait for the announcement that Salt & Light TV has given mandate to the prestigious law firm Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, Solicitors – and as everyone knows among the toughest guys in Toronto – to sue Father Rosica.

The lawsuit will obviously be motivated by the great loss of reputation, prestige and, in general, face linked to the fact that the entire Catholic world has discovered what kind of CEO they have, and what a bad broadcaster they are in general.

You see, a NuChurch broadcaster must walk a fine line between spreading heresy and not being made the butt of jokes for doing it. But when the entire planet knows your CEO interviews defrocked priests and finds them so wonderful, licks the plates of Jesuit America Magazine as “hopeful” and, in general, do whatever he must to ingratiate himself to whomever can let him have some appointment, prize, or other trinket, than the business is at risk of serious harm.

Salt & Light might obviously fire the man, and the press release explaining the fact would not even need to be very long, “for threatening to sue a blogger” being more than sufficient as an explanation. But this would only help them to contain the damage, not eliminate it.

They might, methinks, also sue Father Rosica for a substantial amount of money. In the end the man can afford expensive counsel, so we are probably not talking of St Francis here.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern’s headed paper must be of exquisite quality, and beautifully ornate. I’d love to see the scan on the Internet.

But no, I won’t be holding my breath. Similia similibus solvuntur.

These are the chaps who have Rosica as their CEO.




Rosicagate: MeetThe Warrior Ants.



The hypothesis has been made that the amply discussed Rosicagate is part of a vaster project aimed at silencing bloggers, because this would be seen as a more or less necessary step into silencing the bishops, which in turn would allow Francis to use Church teaching as his carpet.

I do not doubt that the Bishop of Rome, being The Most Astonishing Hypocrite in Church History (TMAHICH), would walk over Church teaching without any problem if he had the means of doing so. But he does not have the means of doing so, nor can he silence the bishops, least of all the bloggers.

Let us see this in order.

Vox Cantoris isn’t a very big blog. At 400,000 page views in 25 months, this means an average of 16,000 page views a month; assuming a robust blog growth, let us say there were 25,000 page views a months, on average, in the last six or eight months. This makes for around 800 page views a day, which again probably means a readership of 200 to 400 readers a day; which again, according to reading patterns, might mean around 1000 affectionate readers visiting the blog regularly, some of them daily, some every two or three days, some once a week, etc.

Whilst these numbers should make every blogger proud, they are unlikely to disturb the sleep of Vatican officers qua Vatican officers. We must here realistically recognise that whilst we as bloggers are, collectively, a growing voice in the church, individually we are irrelevant. We are, basically, warrior ants and, whilst we are rather combative, each one of us alone is – bar, perhaps, some very big blogs run by priests – rather a non-entity. The anthill is, on the other hand, quite something already.

The idea that Rosica would, together with the Vatican apparatus, move a Law Firm to teach a lesson to one ant when the entire anthill is in turmoil does not make sense to me. Warriors ants aren’t stopped because one or three are quashed. Warrior ants can bite, too. The idea that Vatican officers would cause lawyers to work hundreds of hours to prepare hundreds of letters to as many blogs is simply absurd. The idea that hundreds of bloggers can be intimidated by one or two lawsuits is just as outlandish.

Some blogs are anonymous (like mine), and most of them are headquartered in the USA (again, like mine), which makes it a waste of time even writing such letters: WordPress and, I think, Blogger would get rid of them with a copy-and-paste answer letter on the lines of a polite “shut up”. WordPress hosts blogs of dissenters from African and Asian dictatorships and helps them to blog anonymously; just imagine how much time they have for Father Rosica’s tantrums.

But then again the sheer number of blogs would be simply overwhelming. Some are big and some little, but there are so many of them out there that you just can’t go chasing individual ants with letters from law firms.

Unless, that is, that particular ant happens to be in a legal system the wannabe ant eater knows well; and that particular ant lives, perhaps, in the same city as the ant eater; and, methinks, reaches some of the same people; and, who knows, caused the ant eater to lose some donors – who told him why – for his own “salty darkness” operation. This could be, in the end, what gives “operation mercy” certainly not a justification, but at least a motive.

Then we have to think why all this would be done. We can flatter ourselves as much as we like, and I think we at the Catholic Anthill are making sterling work. But bishops don’t wait for us to tell them what to do. The bishop’s revolt in October started on the same day as the irate blogs’ reaction. It’s not that Polish or African Bishops count on us to know what opinions they should have. The blogosphere has been certainly encouragement and a welcome help for some, but there are far too many bishops worried for their salvation out there. They certainly appreciate our help and support. But they could do just fine without us.

Then there is the matter of Francis. Francis has no shame, no dignity, no sense of honour, and very probably not even a shred of faith. What you or I think is perfectly irrelevant to him. He has the effrontery of living under the roof of a pervert, just imagine how much he cares for what serious Catholic write on their blog. Francis does not even register us as individuals. It’s only when the entire anthill moves against him (Rabbitgate) that he notices its existence. And Francis isn’t so dumb he thinks he can shut up catholic blogdom; and send, to do that, the very man who makes a good part of his own PR spin.

No. It does not make sense.

My money is on the personal hatred of Father Rosica, because some or a couple of donors jumped out and let him know why. You don’t believe me?

Who cares.

Sue me.




Rosicagate: Look At The Waves!

Oh, Father Rosica!

Watch! Watch what you have done!

From “The Tenth Crusade”, a list to Thursday of those Catholic outlet who have commented (negatively, of course) about Father Rosica frantically throwing his toys out of the pram.

The list only covers catholic outlets. But I have noticed that Breitbart also covered the news, and I suspect this site has more readers than all the others together, albeit less specialised or attentive ones.

It is obvious, mere days after the start of “Rosicagate”, that this is a huge self-goal. Unless he backpedals sharpish, it will stay with Rosica for as long as his public presence continues.

What a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to do.


I say it once again: I do not know the quirks of Canadian Law. I thank God my blog is based in the United States, where – say what you want – freedom of expression is still taken more seriously than in most other Countries.

Profiting of this freedom of expression, evidently so unpleasant to Father Rosica, I publish this:

Take heed, Father Rosica. The Lord, who sees everything, is watching you trying to crush a good Catholic for exposing your heresy and your betrayal of Christ.

Repent and renounce to your folly, or be afraid.

Your arrogance will not remain unpunished.



Self-Castration To Spite The Wife: Reflections On Father Rosica And The Blogosphere.

It is now the third day (I think) since Fr Rosica's threat to sue a Canadian blogger for being Catholic has been made public.

I have been reflecting on what moves a man who should know a thing or two about publicity and PR work to do something so incredibly senseless. This is not even, say, the itchy province priest who takes exception to any criticism levelled at him by sincere Catholics. This is, or should be, a media professional. A smooth operator. A shrewd publicity machine.

Does Fr Rosica not know that an action like this must, must, bring exactly, exactly the bad public name he wanted to avoid, but multiplied by twenty at the very least? What moves a person to such an autolesionist behaviour, particularly when it is his very job to appreciate the damage this will do to him? I have no idea, and I think there is no rational explanation. There are, however, a couple of irrational ones. Let us see if they might have applied.

1) Father Rosica thought his counterpart would fold without posing resistance; that he would decide that it is wiser to cancel some posts and continue blogging in peace. This is no smart thinking, because even if this had been the case, the blogger in question could have kept writing one blog Post a day about him, year in and year out, all of them very politely critical, and make a far bigger damage in the long term on every present and future search engine. But even so, it is not very smart to think that the man would fold in the first place. When the upside is immediate but only temporary victory, and the downside is immediate, multiplied and permanent bad publicity, I do not think action is a very smart conduct.

2) The two contenders know each other personally, or have a long story of disagreement. At some point, Rosica is unable to be cool and “professional” about that. Again, we are all human, but this does not reflect well on him professionally. Would you want to have a chap like that as your deputy press guy?

3) Father Rosica collects donations for his “salty and darkness” thingy, and started to notice emails and enquiries concerning the facts (as in: facts) publicised by Vox Cantoris. He might have decided that he had to act in order to avoid further damage. Again, I am curious as to the long-term effect of this controversy on his donations.

These are only some hypotheses, the fruit of the attempt to explain the inexplicable: a man of the press attacking a small blogger, perfectly well knowing he is attracting a damage ten or twenty times bigger than the one he wanted to avoid.

In Italy we say that this is like a man castrating himself to spite his wife.

Father Rosica has no wife, but it seems to me that he has delivered a perfect example of this colourful saying.



Father Rosica Tries To Silence A Catholic Blogger






We truly live in maddening times.

The blogger of Vox Cantoris, a perfectly orthodox Catholic blog mentioned here a couple of times, has been threatened with a lawsuit if eleven posts concerning the very same Father Rosica, and all of them concerning his public activity and statements, are not removed.

Bravely, the blogger has already indicated he will not comply.

I am not an expert in Canadian law, but it seems extremely difficult to imagine the letter has any chance at all of being successful.

Rather, it seems to me that here something different is at stake: a Vatican official uses a financial muscle (the threat of a very expensive, long-drawn lawsuit) to shut up a faithful Catholic blogger.

Father Rosica is, in a way, the number two of Father Lombardi, and they often appear together at press conferences. I repeat it again, none of the posts make allegations about Father Rosicas private life or affairs, and there is no trace of slander. That a man working with the press would try to silence the free expression of opinion in this way truly beggars belief.

Some questions are now, I think, ripe:

1) How long can the oh so merciful TMAHICH pretend he does not know of this? Will he stubbornly shut up as he did, and still does, in the FFI matter? (Oh well, wait! He said “soon, soon” to the old couple! An obvious lie!).

2) How can Father Rosica remain at his place if he shows such obvious contempt for the very freedoms that make his job?

3) How many dozen of other blogs will Father Rosica have to sue now? Do we want to call them, say, twenty-four, in at least half a dozen jurisdictions?

Vox Cantoris is on a “Blogger” platform. I can, therefore, not reblog his posts. I could link to them, but the link would not work if the posts are removed. 

If any, ahem, “Blogger” blogger wants to reblog his posts, I think this will have the effect that the posts would remain on the blog of the “reblogger” even if they were to be removed from the original site; a decision which Mr Domet could take at any time.

Let me make clear that I would not blame Mr Domet if he decided that he wants to be able to blog in peace, and sleep at night. But I appreciate it the much more, if he decides to fight this fight for all of us.

As Mr Domet has obviously decided he wants to see Father Rosica’s cards, I invite every Catholic blogger of good will, including priest bloggers, to give vast echo to this matter and make their voice heard.

Vaya lio!


I beg of you. I implore you. If you are thinking of starting a blog, do so anonymously.

We live in strange and disturbing times.



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