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#Walkaway. A Lot Of Truths Packed In 47 Minutes.


A lot of Youtube message are full of endless waffling, made by people who are not professionals and, not having to actually write, manage to never get to the point.

Not this one.

This is a 47 minutes video full of interesting information and rich details about the journey of a “Libtard Light” from Massachusetts, who still was smart enough to recognise reality after she had to smash her nose against it many times, during years, in a painful way.

From her family, friends and environment in liberal Massachusetts, to the school system, to the “progressive” education mentality, to her activity as nurse, Georgia H drives us through a real, vivid, lived life journey from the liberal monoculture to the freedom of the Red Pill.

Georgia H is, as you will note, rather easy on the eye; in my experience, this makes it much easier for women to look at Conservatism and abandon their liberal ideology, once they start to seriously notice that the interesting, manly men tend to be on the other side, and her side is full of whining, creepy weirdos with an addiction to soy latte. This is not to say that ugly, or comely, “Libtard light” girls cannot become conservative. However, it has been my experience that, more often than not, angry feminism is nothing more than the weaponizing of a woman’s resentment against men not looking at her. So there is that, too.

The video is 47 minutes long. The young woman is very articulated, and she does not waffle. It’s 47 minutes full of truth.

The video had 1.2 million views in 3 weeks. It is, it appears, the only video ever uploaded by this lady. Therefore, there is no channel with an established audience behind this staggering figure.

This tells you something about the sentiment in the Country. It is not only the many people who participate in the #walkaway movement marches. What should really worry the Democrats is the millions of people who search for #walkaway on Youtube and elsewhere, and find a lot of people telling their stories together with the usual, North Korean propaganda stories stating that it is all (you guessed it…) “fake news”.

Go to vote in November. Encourage as many people as you can to vote. If you can, offer to drive old people to the polling station.

Do all this, and then relax.

I think we are doing just fine.



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