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Degeneracy And Decline

Probably a teacher by now…

It is my experience, living in England, that the Country is sinking into a pit of utter and complete ignorance.

University graduates – with whom I come in contact regularly – cannot count, cannot write and – as you can imagine from the former two facts – cannot think. In a word, they are the easiest to manipulate bunch of simpletons that ever existed.

This is because in ages past, the religious upbringing gave almost everyone a set of rules they were obliged to confront themselves with. But when you have a guy (or gal) that has no moral compass or basic morality rules at all, and make of him a totally obedient sheep, then there is no limit to what you can make him think, do or believe.

I kid you not: people with university degrees are not able to tell me how much is 86 – 66, or 12 X 5, or 74 – 57. “I haven’t a calculator with me” is their answer. One is not surprised they might think that a woman might have a penis.

It does not end there, or by the spelling. They are history vacuums. It’ s not that they don’t know jack about, say, the Georgian era. They don’t know who Stalin was! As in: no idea, never heard of the guy! However, they know that they are not supposed to “stereotype”, “hate”, or (in some cases) “assume gender”.

They are obedient sheep raised by their masters to bleat, obey, possibly reproduce (if not, people will have to be imported) and die. They are, literally, too dumb for critical thinking. They are told what to think, and what is right or wrong. They accept it unquestioningly. They are as easily manipulated as children of 4.

This is why you have this stuff like “pride month”. It actually works. You just tell the sheep what they have to bleat, and they willingly oblige.

There was a time when I though that, in the end, people always react with common sense. But those were people who could count and read, and who could actually think. The amount of bovine servility I see around me these days is staggering.

If the UK’s interactions were limited with the woke Anglo Saxon world, it would not be such a big tragedy. Dumb people here, dumb people there. But the fact is, the others don’t seem to agree. Even if woke thinking were to ruin, one day, the Italians, the Spaniards and the French (I think the Germans are already down the slippery slope), there will be many a culture (Russians, Indian, Chinese), where knowledge is valued and, in fact, treasured. They will completely obliterate the woke, illiterate West not only from the cultural, but from the technological and military point of view. The result will be that countries like the UK, which still fancies itself powerful and very capable, will one day receive one of those wake up calls that will be remembered for centuries afterwards.

Here in the UK, universities make advertisements praising the social workers and “pioneers” of this or that other grievance that have come out of that university. It’s a recipe for disaster, and one understands very clearly they want to teach people to be angry, rather than to be literate.

One day, all this will come crumbling down. Already now, it seems the UK can’t even find people thin enough to become soldiers. So they hire homos, lesbians and, I think, trannies. But then more thin people will not want to become soldiers, because they don’t want to be identified with an army of trannies, fags, and lesbians. They’d rather be electricians and plumbers, and I fully agree with them. So the army gets more woke, and this goes on irrespective of whether a fake “conservative” party (never was a party name so much of a mockery of this party’s voters) is in power – as now – or not.

Does the Church in the UK help?


They help Satan.

Not all of them, not all of the time, often not intentionally. But this is what they do, because they get along with everything.

I am, normally, a very optimistic guy, but I am honestly worried about what I see around me. It’s the entire country that is stultifying itself. Go on any product with a lot of Google reviews, and notice how the use of the pronoun “they”, used in the “gender neutral” sense, is increasing, as in “Johnny was very good, I will use their services in the future”.

God does not allow such stupidity to go unpunished, and we will see the punishment come one day. I just hope it will be hard enough to make people understand (people do understand when the lesson is hard enough. Ask the Germans…), but not so hard that it will obliterate Western civilization.

Meanwhile, I will out myself as someone who can count.


I wonder if it’s racist?

Woke Fury Breaks His Leg

This strangely equine-looking female (this seems a common theme among woke harridans; think of Sarah Jessica Parker!) is the gal just fired from Anheuser-Busch for being so colossally stupid that she managed to cause long-lasting damage to the brand she was supposed to promote.

You see here all the ingredients of the problems we have today: she starts by whinnying that she is a “business woman”, as if this was something special, or making her a panda bear. Then she starts talking about the job she “has to do”, and you start to understand that it can only go wrong. Three children, all three by surrogates. At least she is straight. Probably she is slightly sad about it.

Note the rainbow-stuff behind her back, clearly strategically placed to show that, whilst White and Privileged, she is completely on board with the dominant leftist culture.

Then the woman starts to whinny in earnest about her strategy, and you understand that not only she should be fired, but those responsible for choosing her for the job, too.

Anheuser-Busch must attract young people or die, she says. Who are, in the mind of this woman, “young people”? Fags, dykes, trannies and their “supporters”, that’s who she thinks they are! There is no other logical way to interpret her words in light of her actions. That countless young people, out there on Planet Sanity, are totally eked out not only by the above mentioned categories, but by skeletally thin, equine-faced women talking about “inclusion” is something she is just unable to grasp.

The vocabulary is staggering: “evolve and elevate”. It makes AB customers look like unevolved, brutish people unworthy of the consideration of Woke Fury. You can certainly say that AB customers don’t understand anything about beer, but the idea that most of them are decent, hard-working people does not touch this woman even lightly. No: in her mind, these are flyover country people, and therefore not the ones paying for her job, but people she is actually ashamed of.

“Evolve and elevate” then unavoidably means (how could you get this wrong) “inclusivity” and “shifting the tone”. Her mind is so perverted, her ideology so dirty, that in her mind, putting a trannie in an ad “feels brighter and lighter and different”.




Let that sink in.

But let us see how this goes on, because in one short minute, this woman really shows how far down madness lane these people have gone.

“Representation is sort of the heart of evolution”. The current clients of AB are ignorant rednecks and hicks. I am way more evolved than they are. Literally the next stage of human evolution. I need to elevate these brutes my stage of evolution.

“You gotta see people who reflect you in the work”. I am woke, and therefore better. Everybody must see I am more evolved than the miserable clients of this company. I will put a trannie in an ad, and everybody will see I am so woke there are rainbows magically appearing in the sky whenever I whinny.

“Brand of fratty, kind of out of touch humour”. You can see the contempt for Straight America coming out of these obviously carefully chosen, and still catastrophic words. You can also hear the woman interviewing her giggling in the background, because she understood what Fury here really means. She really despises AB’s customers, but she can’s say “MAGA guys”, or “white supremacists” (which is what she clearly thinks). She just wants to cancel them. They don’t count. This is why the poor deluded equine thinks that a trannie will appeal to “men and women”. Heck, her choice of testimonial clearly shows that she doesn’t even know who is a woman and who is a man!

This horse broke his leg exclusively due to his stupidity;

and when a horse breaks a leg, you know what happens next…

Totally Confused: Frankendyke And Liberty.

Whoopi Goldberg does not know what she says. Likely because she is unable to think.

Her “argument” seems very linear. I respect that you think abortion is the killing of a baby, but I ask you to respect that I disagree and allow me to act accordingly, because America.

Let us now make exactly the same “argument” in a different topic: I respect that you think that slavery is unjust and against human rights, but I ask you to respect that I disagree and allow me to act accordingly, because America.

Now substitute again for pedophilia, incest, and bestiality. Tax evasion, and drunk driving. Drug dealing, weapons trafficking, and domestic violence.

You see where I am going with this. The protection of life is an absolute. If, in a certain situation, a life is considered worthy of protection (for example: the unborn child will be considered such, the wilful murderer won’t), this protection must be accorded always, not according to opinion because “America”. Fundamental issues of right and wrong cannot be left to individual “opinions” that one must “respect” by not enforcing the decision on the issue on them. You don’t get to decide, together with your doctor, if you are killing someone or not.

The argument is so obvious that in no generation before ours such a stupid thinking was employed. You could be in favour or against a certain punishment for, say, drunk driving, but the idea of allowing a different treatment to some because you are “respecting their opinion” about it was not there.

The (biological) woman does not understand simple things. I think she is so ugly – both inside and out – that her brain fled in horror several decades ago, and was substituted for a Chinese knock-off found on EBay, that this Frankenstein dyke has been trying to use since. And if things did not go in that way, it was not for her brain’s lack of trying.

I wonder how many among the old harridans watching the show got the obvious flaw in the “reasoning”. Very few, I would say.

But then again, this is why they keep watching her.

Wokeism Is Now A Major Threat

Poor, poor dog…

We used to make jokes about the “get woke, go broke” truism. We saw companies like Disney suffer because of the infiltration of dangerous, woke pronoun warriors. However, things have now gone way further than isolated companies here and there. Wokeism has now become a cancer that is trying to metastatise in the very fabric of US society.

Let me count the ways:

Education, I

Woke education is now more than gender theory studies. The number of student “assistants” (those ridiculous, young individuals tasked with caring about the well being of their suicidal, deranged spoiled brats) has multiplied by ten in the last years alone. This is one of the elements that cause university costs to skyrocket. This, in turn, exacerbates the phenomenon of student debt, which is an issue in normal circumstances, but becomes a social bomb when millions of cretins burdened with huge debt for their useless degrees start voting for Bernie Sanders.

Education, II

The huge number of cretins with degrees (some of them useful from a purely technical point of view, like programmers; others completely useless like “alphabet experts” of all sorts), who don’t know history, cannot think critically and are the most easily duped sheep on earth, creates all sorts of issues, from gender theories to man made climate change fantasies. These are the same people who complain about witch trials and consider them medieval. They don’t understand that they are superstitious and gullible exactly in the same way, without the extenuating circumstance of not having access to information. They have no historic perspective. They have no critical thinking skills. They are hysterical Twitter parrots, but with a degree.

Military Preparedness, I

The degradation of the education system creates all sorts of other issues: the US military is losing military supremacy, simply because it does not produce the talent anymore to remain at the top of the technological advancement. The way Russia has left the US behind in military technology is just stunning. This is a serious threat to the well-being of US citizens, particularly when ignorant faggots like Lindsay Graham did not get the memo and advocate for steering a confrontation with a Country that would give the US an unforgettable lesson, very fast.

Military Preparedness, II

The backbone of the US military has traditionally been a type of blue collar White male coming from the formerly Confederate States. The transgender, pervert wave of wokeism is now causing a crisis in that respect, too. A great number of aged military men suggest to their children that they don’t follow the same career path, because an army worried with homos and trannies is not a fun, nor a good, nor even a safe army to be in. Let the homo and trannies fill the barracks and the trenches, then. We will see how much they are worth when the Russian shells start flying around.

Banking and Finance

The astonishing incompetence of the woke wannabe bankers creates a clear and present danger for the entire economy. Banks are at the heart of modern economic systems and, when things go seriously bad there, the entire economy of a country risks, literally, a heart attack. The news that many of the board members of Silicon Valley Bank were big Democratic donors 1) with no clue of proper banking and 2) abusing the shareholders’ money for woke activism should be a matter of great concern to everyone. I wonder what kind of regulation the US have in place to allow such things to happen.

Decency and Child Protection

Woke cretins not only want to pervert your brains. They want to pervert your children’s brains, too. The amount of suffering this is going to cause is incalculable.

Widespread Racism

It is now bad to be White, and very bad to be a White Male. Most advertisement now feature people of colour, who are clearly a minority of consumers. Being White is bad. This is a pervasive, unspoken (and sometimes spoken) racism that has infected entire sectors of the US population. They think that it’s not that they are racist (they cannot be racist, because….), it’s that we are Whites. Woke activists all over the HR departments in the US pump this racist culture up. It’s a total disgrace.


Look, this is not about the coffee shop anymore. This is a cancer that is spreading everywhere in the US. I am (for now) more optimistic for Europe, but as Europe tends to parrot every cultural trend from the US, who knows where things will end here, too.

I think I could go on, but this certainly gives the idea.

The US are at a crossroads. They must, as a country, collectively find the ethical, religious and common sense energy to counter these self destructive tendencies.

Failure to act will cause endless suffering, and the end of the US as we know it.

Another Dyke Bites The Dust

Frankenstein’s (lesbian) daughter.

Monstrously creepy-looking Lori Lightfoot has already lost her Chicago mayoral race, managing to be ousted already in the primaries. For all those who don’t know of her, yes, that tool is supposed to be a woman.

Lightfoot shows once again that there is only a certain amount of stupidity even Democrat strongholds can cope with. When the breaking point is reached, careers are destroyed.

This is an interesting phenomenon, as the woke ideology actually forces their representative to get more and more woke (something certainly not difficult for a monstrous dyke like this one). Therefore, the very system of wokeness invites politicians to march to their own destruction.

Get woke, go unemployed.

I remember something similar already happening in Seattle, clearly Woke Central, and with the DA of that open-air latrine called San Francisco. If memory serves, we can add Portland, too.

Wokeness kills its own children.

Which is just par for the course for a bunch of abortion-lovers.

“Ain’t No Mo” Is No Mo: The Woke Army Fails To Appear On The Gender Trenches.

Why pay for a show, if the circus comes to your home for free..

The wokest, leftistest, pervertedest, tranniest theatre production in America did not live for long.

More preview performances (22) than regular shows (21), do not exactly make for a success story to tell the lesbian, pierced girlfriend of your green-haired, tattooed daughter.

You know what I am going to say? I bet you do, but I am going to say it anyway:

Get woke, go broke!

This is the more surprising (or not, as the case may be) as the theatre production did not start in Peoria (as many, I am told, once did), but in the very midst of the Rotten Apple. This was a show tailored for one of the most degenerates crowd on the planet: New York.

Heavens, with all the degenerates and their friends living there, the show should have prospered for years!

Alas, it wasn’t to be. Either there are a lot of perverts disgusted by other perverts, or there are a lot of perverts not interested in being told they are perverts; most certainly, the vast majority of the population being, even in new York, undoubtedly straight, it is obvious that the army of virtue-signallers has failed to appear on the gender trenches, choosing romantic comedies at the cinema theatre instead.

Shocking, shocking, that they would not listen to Matthew Broderick! A man, this one, so intimately connected to issues of discrimination, having married a woman with a face so, so equine people give her carrots instead of flowers.

The cheapest tickets in Broadway, and you still fail. One goes to the theatre box office and asks “what’s the cheapest production you have?” The answer is “Ain’t No Mo, brilliantly blending sketch, satire, avant-garde theater, and a dose of drag “. Thank you, Sir, I prefer to go back to my Country and say to my friends I did *not* go the theatre.

Someone has lost a lot of money on this. Can’t say I am sad.

Enjoy your deviancy, folks.

In hell you will not have fun anymore.

On The Side Of Sanity

Yes, my dear US readers. Your Country is looking for trouble for ***him***

Yesterday, Vladimir Putin made a historic speech. I suggest you subscribe to a telegram channel like Slavyangrad or Intel Slava Z to get all the issues point for point, as Western media are unlikely to represent it fairly.

Putin’s speech had, as I see it, a military, a political and a social part.

The most interesting part was the social part: it was a strong, passionate defence of traditional values, decency, and sanity against a West which, not happy to pursue insanity in its own home, wants to impose its sick madness to the entire planet.

I don’t know to what extent this message will spread inside the censored, self-censored or outright brainwashed West. But there is no doubt that those, in the West, who are listening to Putin’s world are coming to realise that the guy is entirely right: the West is fighting Putin so rabidly because they understand that Putin runs counter to their woke, anti-Christian, utterly perverted agenda; something, by the way, this little effort has been writing for a while.

I remember the time when the USA did not care whether a Country had sodomy laws, or forbade perverts’ parades, or had cultural differences with the US. There was this obvious realisation that you can’t rule the world.

The woke years put an end to that, and starting with Obama’s presidency there was a constant acceleration of “sanctions” imposed on Countries which displease the woke crowd. It appears that, today, there are around 40 Countries hit by US sanctions (quite a serious situation if you are a poor, or even not-so-poor, African Country). During the Cold War I remember only South Africa and, if there were more, their number was certainly very limited.

The toxic mixture of becoming the only superpower and the woke agenda has brought us where we are today. Mind, I do not believe that this is the result of some woke billionaire conspiracy. It is absurd to believe that extremely wealthy people would risk having their backside nuked, or even the very profitable – for them – globalised world destroyed, for the sake of their wives’ “gay friends”.

I think this is the result of the woke activism on social media, which in turns influences the behaviour of congressmen, which in turn influences both legislation and government action. It is a huge madhouse mentality starting from the lowest rungs of failure (the unemployable youth living in mama’s basement) and going up the ladders of power as the omnipresent need for virtue signalling makes those issue carry more and more power with time.

Putin is actively countering this phenomenon, telling the functioning brains in the West who are listening to him that he represents the sanity they would like to see in their own Countries. It’s a powerful argument, and one that will gain traction in the coming years.

“Why would I risk being nuked to fight a guy that is more similar to me than the woke troops?” This question will resonate more and more in Middle America, among people who perfectly well understand that they are neither called nor equipped to solve historical controversies in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

The US have huge problems to solve on their own. But what is most urgent now is to decide that they will not enter into conflicts – commercial or military in nature – to export them.

I am sure there will be widespread voter fraud in November. However, I still think that the Republicans will likely regain both houses. The neoconservative, aggressive geopolitical thinking will not end, but the woke activism abroad will get a big hit. As a result, the cost vs benefit analysis of not only the Ukrainian conflict, but the huge number of sanctions around the world will start getting under increasing pressure. Even my cat has noticed that, when 140 countries abstain in a resolution meant to condemn Russia, it can only mean that the West is isolated and the rest of the planet is tired of the ideological and economical bullying.

Putin is on your side. He is on the side of every Christian on the planet. He is on the side of every victim of woke bullying. He is helping you to uphold your values, and defend your freedoms.

This conflict is bad for the brainwashed cretins which caused it to start with 8 years of fanatical, genocidal hate. But it is very useful to make a fundamental conflict of our time emerge.

Choose between Putin and sanity, or wokeness and madness.

I know whom I will be rooting for.

Bad, Broke, And Splattered*: BBBY Now Has Its Suicide.

This is how the top of the “Jenga Building” looks like. One understands its “fitness for purpose”

This story discusses suicide. If you are having thoughts of suicide, please contact the Blessed Virgin and Our Lord in prayer. Yes, They are listening. Yes, They will help.

I have written just a couple of days ago about how BBBY went from Bad to Badder and Beyond, in part certainly due to their alienating a sizeable percentage of their customer base with degenerate stunts, woke culture and, obviously, Anti-Trumpism.

I am now informed (no link, because it’s everywhere) that the Chief Financial Officer of said company has decided to jump from the 18th floor of an “iconic” building in Tribeca, Manhattan; a fall at the end of which there was, if you allow me the pun*, no My Pillow-pillow to soften the blow (not that it would have helped, of course; you can’t appreciate the fluffiness of a good pillow at that speed*).

Your “Eternal Rest” for the guy is appreciated. However, people of my generation tend not to buy the New Excuses (“he was battling depression”; “momentary lapse of reason”; “the death of his cat was too much to bear”, and the like), sensibly thinking that, if these easily fabricated excuses were not around 100 years ago, they should not be around now. The guy obviously has a tiny chance of avoiding hell, hence my request for a prayer. However, let me tell y’all, for the edification of the entire readership, that his odds are very bad.

I have posted above a contact line for any of you who would feel suicidal. It’s free of charge. It can be used anytime. It always, always works!

As an aside, I cannot exclude that this high-profile suicide will cast a shadow over the extremely expensive Condo building. The collective financial damage (145 condo apartments at, again, staggering valuations) will also be something adding up to many millions. Not that the suicide cared, obviously. Still, another pitfall of living among rich liberals, I suppose.

Back to the suicide.

This guy was the CFO of the company. I have not delved into the matter yet, but my decades-long experience with the financial press tells me that, when the CFO of an “embattled” company commits suicide, chances are the accounts were cooked; that is, it can be that the situation is even worse than already advertised, and said CFO flirted with the accountancy rules’ “gray zone” (it’s a very complex world, full of screws you can turn one way or the other, at least to an extent) until the growing difficulties gradually made the gray resemble anthracite, and the line between that amount of window dressing many companies indulge in and criminal behaviour starts to get more and more, ahem, blurred.

Mind, I cannot tell you whether this is the case. What I can tell you is that, if that were the case, it wouldn’t surprise anyone. I am, therefore, speculating, out of the above mentioned decades-long experience, that a brutal audit of the company’s accounts is now in the cards, and the results will not be for the faint of heart.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive’

Meanwhile, My Pillow is doing just fine. Nobody is jumping from any “iconic” building over there. They are challenged and ostracised by the Culture of Satan, and they react prayerfully and smartly. You can buy their pillows in the UK now. They are also made locally, in Coventry, because people who buy their pillow from them tend to be “Make England Great Again” type of guys.

It really is a tale of two world.

Only one of which is wholesome.

* This blog indulges in some macabre humour. If you disapprove, click away now.

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