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Time To End World Youth Day

A circus-like spectacle that is nothing to do with Catholic devotion.

An occasion of sin – and possibly of very grave sin – for a multitude of hormone-laden teenagers.

A media event never ever used to promote sound Catholicism.

An attempt at mimicking wordly secular events that reinforces instead of stifling the stupidity of our time.

An occasion of scandal due to the inevitable rock bands faking some sorts of Catholicism, with the assorted accompaniment of friars and nuns behaving like drugged Teenagers.

An occasion of even greater scandal and sacrilege caused, and many times documented, by these mega-masses that are, once again, the contrary of sound Catholic devotion.

Last but not least, an occasion for the Evil Clown to jump on an aeroplane, and we all know what this means.

Pray for Pius XIII.

He will put an end to this madness all right.


The Loser Effect: South America Keeps Losing Catholics



The satanical and sodomitical Puffington Post has an article about the percentage of Catholics over all of Latin America having sunk to 67%; which is, we are told, the worst result ever. 

I will not link to the article for various reason (no revenue for the PuffPo, and partially indecent and certainly stupid side images), but this appears to be the fact. 

Being perverts and their friends, the PuffPo people think the flock… flocks to the Evangelicals because of the pedophile priest scandal (if you are a pervert or his friend, it is absolutely taboo to mention the Church without the scandal) and because of the “solemn” Catholic masses as opposed to the “emotional, vibrant sermons” of the Evangelicals. If they had respectively said “vapid, childish, and stupid” and “with a recognisable Christian content” they would have gone nearer to reality; but this is the PuffPo, and reality isn’t much high in their list of priorities.  They also imply that religion is something for the uneducated poor, as they point out that in Chile and Uruguay – the wealthiest Countries of the region – atheism apparently advances, or so they say, without mentioning data.

Still: the number is there. The Francis effect is… causing losses for Catholicism. Losses in a traditionally extremely catholic continent, and losses even after the hugely expensive and media-hyped exercise of last year’s World Youth Day.

Francis stinks of secularism from the black shoes up. He is a betrayal and a parody of what a Pope is supposed to be. More and more people throw away the baby together with the – admittedly: very dirty – bathwater and start going to Protestant services. I can well imagine many of them have no easy access to even a half decent mass, and have not heard a decent homily from a Catholic pulpit for a long time. No, wait: pulpit? Not many of those are used anymore, either. 

And so the Church continues to shrink, and souls are put at risk of damnation, whilst Francis and his friends – some of them heterosexual; some of them Catholic; some of them actually not Marxist – keep having the time of their life.

Even the magazine cover effect is wearing down. When you drug the simple with such massive doses of stupidity and populism, the doses must become bigger and bigger, as the pressure to behave halfway as a Pope grows bigger too. 

It will be interesting to know how Francis tackles this problem. He has already stretched the tolerance of Catholics beyond breaking point, and beyond every sense of shame. I can’t think he will start dancing the Tango in St Peter Square. 

Perhaps he should just resign whilst he is ahead in the estimation of the simple, and provide a golden retirement for himself. 

The cry of “santo subito dopo morto” would be deafening.



WYD Ass Prize: Pick Your Winner!







As the Year of Our Lord 2013 is slowly leaving us it might be good to revisit, as a perennial warning, one of the most ominous loads of bovine excrement served to the faithful by the joyful nuChurch of Francis, The Humble Guy.

This video is an eloquent testimony of the state in which our stupid prelates have reduced the One True Church.

Faithful to the motto oportet ut scandala eveniant, I invite you to post this madness on your blog, or on your facebook page, or to send it to your friends so that they know what they must think the next time one of these nincompoops wants to teach us some strange novelty.  

You  might also want to pick your own very special prelate for individual shaming, and warning to the other faithful.

After two runs (which were difficult enough to stomach), in my view the clear winner is the athletic, enthusiastic chap at 2:41 to 2:44. His dope must have been of the first quality. I hope there was a time when he was worthy of the habit, but as things are now I think he should be stripped of it stante pede

Can’t imagine any of the apostles making such an ass of himself. Denying Christ in a moment of weakness, yes. Being fearful of persecution, of course. But making a pathetic clown of himself and the Church he is called to represent at that age just to please a bunch of idiots and try to show them he is cool and modern? No.


Pope Jesuit The First

Another stunning example of the shamelessness of the current Bishop of Rome is now everywhere on the Internet: Bishop Francis has made an appeal to his Brazilian bishops to do exactly what he refuses to do whenever it becomes in the least uncomfortable: protect (among others) the unborn.

Wait a moment: “Brazilian”? Isn't this the country where abortion legislation has been passed merely days ago? The country visited by him, and where the World Francis Day took place? The country he visited just in the days preceding a still possible presidential veto on the measure? The country where he met millions of people, including the above mentioned President, and never mentioned abortion?

How can anyone be in possession of such an amount of hypocrisy as to shout his silence during his visit and issue, after the fact, the pathetic fig leave of this message to the bishops?

If we only had a cowardly Bishop of Rome, it would be bad enough. But we have here one who wants to be a coward, and look good whilst he does so.

The true Jesuit.


Circus Bergoglio

The true symbol of Francis' pontificate: shallow, irreverent, and made of plastic.

I have published yesterday a post about the shocking pictures now coming from Rio, showing the most irreverent, stupid, desecrating way of distributing Holy Communion one could imagine.

What does this tell us? In my eyes, this is a sure sign that evangelisation is clearly dead in the church of nice. The Bishop of Rome does not “judge”, but he can certainly entertain. His travels, his messages, his public appearances all tend to the same: promoting a gigantic mass exercise in feeling good, clearly coupled with the cult of one person.

Not only the Bishop's Brazilian show, but his entire reign consist of the spreading of a “message” entirely based on feelings, in which everyone is good, everyone feels good, and everyone has fun with Francis; with the excuse of a casually mentioned Jesus who, unbeknown to the Copacabana crowd, taught that not everyone is good, to feel sorry for our sins is obligatory on the way to purgatory, and this life is rather a vale of tears, and certainly not a permanent amusement park.

It is obvious people who receive communion casually handed to them from a plastic cup can have no proper idea of what Communion is. It is just as clearly evident the Bishop of Rome is not interested in teaching them, either. He is not even interested in the basics. What interests him is the cult of Francis, a cult he has been aggressively promoting since March, and with some success among those who neither are, nor want to become, sound Catholics.

How Catholic were the – vastly exaggerated; hey, the hype must go on – crowds who chose to have a beach-cum-event-cum-pope day? How much do they know of Catholicism? How much do they care?

Still: in their perspective, there might be nothing wrong in that. Does Francis show he is less shallow than they are? Has he dished them anything else than the stupidest platitudes one can imagine? If even the Bishop of Rome is an intellectual zero, why should they feel encouraged to improve themselves and grow in the faith?

Cheap entertainment is what Francis offers them, and cheap entertainment is what they take. That at the end of it communion should be casually taken from a plastic cup like as many children at the distribution of M&Ms is only the consequence of this.

Say farewell to evangelisation, or even proper catechesis.

Say hello to Circus Bergoglio.



World Sacrilege Day

You can see for yourself on Father Z's blog two pictures of the way the communion was distributed during the recent Francis Show Day.

Apparently the excellent Messa in Latino has more, but I have no heart to go there; what I have seen on Father Z's blog is more than enough for me.

This is an abomination on so many levels. Can't imagine how many very badly instructed Catholics took the host home as a “souvenir”. The number of those who travelled to the place with the intent to get to a host they could desecrate in a black mass, in a video or the like must have been in the dozens, if not in the hundreds. How many hosts fell on the ground and were just left there, trampled by the masses of Francis' groupies, does not bear thinking.

One thinks of those stupid times gone by, when people counted Rosaries and received communion on the tongue.

How the Spirit has worked on the Church.

Eh? Ah? No?

The Bishop of Rome wants people to make a mess.

One cannot deny he is leading by example.



Generational Change

The first World Youth Day held under a Pope Bishop of Rome who wasn’t a bishop at the time of the Council shows the V II disease has now reached a new, more virulent form. Whilst former Popes had been formed in pre V II times and at least knew what they were demolishing, an entire generation below them was going out of seminaries with an extremely bad formation. The bad formation did not prevent them from climbing the Vatican career ladder and, in time, some of those confused social worker priests of whom the faithful wondered who on earth thought them fit for the habit became bishops; some of the bishops, cardinals; one of the cardinals, Pope.

True enough, in the meantime traces of sanity manifest themselves at the roots: priestly instruction is probably better now than it has been for decades; vocations are increasing, and are certainly less plagued by homosexuals looking for sodomy partners than it was before; a growing number of young priest is either able or willing to celebrate the Traditional Mass; among the faithful, a small but determined nucleus of duri e puri (“hard and pure”) has been forming, and they are young. It’s not all bad.

Still, if we consider how these generational matters proceed in waves, we haven’t much to rejoice. As the old wave of traitors of proper Catholicism was dying out, a new wave of very badly formed, popularity-seeking, not too infrequently perverted nincompoops was forming. This wave is now reaching maximum height, and it is the one who has swept away the Church with its idiocy. Bar a supernatural intervention, we are going to stay under water for a long time, as it will now take decades before this disgraceful generational wave of bad entertainers dies out, and makes place for the following wave of at least more mixed talents.

Bishop Bergoglio discovered, or thought he discovered, his vocation relatively late, and if memory serves received Holy Orders only in the second part of the Sixties. Theologically speaking, he is probably younger than his age, and at the same time at the beginning of a disgraceful wave of bad priests going out of the seminaries in the following fifteen years at least. He is the top of a very high wave, that will give us Dolans and Nicholses aplenty; at least a couple of them will, of course, become popes, though whether they will even want to be called that way is questionable.

We are now about to be submerged under a huge wave of stupidity, ignorance, and utter faithlessness, and must endure it for as long as the Lord pleases. I suggest we take a very deep breath now, because we are going to be under water for a while.



WYD Video Goes MIA: Please Help!

There was a video of either singing bishops, or people singing in front of bishops, from the WYD. This video was published by Rorate Caeli, Father Ray Blake and EF Pastor Emeritus, but they must all have linked to the same Internet location, whence the video was now pulled out probably following the, ahem, less than enthusiastic reception.

Unfortunately, whilst the video might have been pulled out, the stunt did take place.

Following the motto oportet ut scandala eveniant, yours truly asks for a reliable and stable link to the event.

I understand we will have to be strong. But if we are to endure Bishop Francis, we will have to anyway.


Megascreen Mass

The Bishop of Rome was very talkative.

And so I am one of two million people who thought it is absolutely necessary to be at Mass with Bishop Francis. The new humility, and all that.

The Mass is celebrated by a chap in white so distant I can only follow him through megascreens; if I can follow, that is, because during most of the mass the whispering and giggling of those around me will make it not easy anyway.

I will then proceed to take communion – as it is basically obligatory nowadays; if one does not take communion, well, he wasn't really there, was it now? – from one of an army of (hopefully) priests mobilised for the occasion; I will have to trust that the host was consecrated, though by one or two million participants who knows what logistics problems may have occurred.

The entire exercise will in the end remind me of a televised mass, with the exception of the priest – or, more likely, EMHC or how on earth those people are called – materialising out of the human ocean and giving me what I hope is a consecrated host. I mean “hope” here, because I am assuming, for the sake of this blog post, I am one of those who believe in Transubstantiation.

In short, the most unreal Mass I have ever attended. Still, I can say I was there.

Which is, in the end, the only reason I am here in the first place.

On my way home, I will have to remember to buy the condoms. But I really liked Pope Francis ' style. So humble. Look, Elton John is already on board, now we only need Stephen Fry and then we'll have the coolest pope evah!


Franciscan Waste

Renaissance Princes would have never been so kitsch.

I do not think one should make Bishop Francis responsible for the mismanagement – and probably, outright corruption; this is Brazil after all – of having two places for oceanic gatherings. Even Hitler thought Nuremberg could do with only one, and Hitler knew a thing or two about oceanic gatherings. When there is one structure that is good enough you don't need an expensive double, is the message. Ask Noah if he had to build a second Ark. This simple logic apparently does not work in Brazil, though.

This is the more absurd because – as the usual Rorate Caeli now informs us – the rain has transformed the horrible, spaceship-cum-rock-star concert arrangement in Guaratiba into a muddy mess. Therefore, it was simply decided to use the other mega-arrangement in Copacabana, thus making the superfluity of the Guaratibe structure evident to the dumbest mind.

Now, to have this kind of horrible “we are so cool” arrangement is bad enough; to have it double is worse; to have it such that some rain (they are in winter over there) destroys the entire effort is atrocious; but to put in place such a stupid, expensive waste in a city known worldwide for the great poverty and the shanty towns is truly the worst.

The Bishop of Rome prefers to be surrounded by his adoring fans in a simple Fiat, but I wonder whether he will find one word of apology with his sheep for this sorry mess, a true slap in the face of those poor people the Bishop of Rome has so much in his heart.

It is ironic that we might hear the usual words of condemnation of mismanagement and corruption in the day – the final, super-duper oceanic gathering for which the Guaratiba structure was built – that is the best example of it.

Once again: I can't imagine this is directly Francis' fault. But I keep noticing how much the Bishop of Rome loves to talk of honesty and courage in abstract, and how blind he is to the problems he encounters – and for which he could do something immediately, and send a message to the world – in concrete.

Monsignor Ricca, Francis' sodomite buddy, is still at his place, and I wonder whether this huge mess in Guaratiba will be answered with a single world of apology to the poor of Rio, from a Bishop of Rome always thinking what wasted money could be given to the poor instead.




Involuntary Truth

Los Angeles Libtards

The Los Angeles Times must be one of the stupidest publications on the planet. Still, at times even from the mouth of the liberal morons one can hear something worthy of reflection.

“Pope Francis may clash on doctrine with young Brazilian Catholics”, states the rag's headline. This clearly indicates both that young Brazilians have an authoritative voice concerning doctrine, and that the Pope must pay attention if he notices he is out of synch with them.

The article itself is funnier still, as it mentions the usual “study” stating young Brazilian Catholics love everything the US morons push for, from abortion to perverts' “marriage”. The message here is clear: look, Francis, you are losing readership, erm, clients, and your product doesn't work and needs to be updated. The usual interview to Leonardo Boff (it is typical of the moron to ask a former priest to tell him something about the priesthood) is also there, clearly indicating how detached the Church is from her most brilliant minds. In short, the usual rubbish.

Still, this rubbish has a core of very sad truth in it. Whilst the survey is certainly slanted – not a difficult thing to do – there is no denying the majority of the Brazilian laity – and certainly of the very people who take part to the WYD – are not really aware of what proper Catholicism is. They are not aware because they aren't told; or when they are told they are told in such timid whispers they get the message they shouldn't really take it seriously, provided they have their hearts in the right place, are socially “aware”, & Co.

The LA Times, who think the Church either is a democracy or should be it, sends the message the Bishop of Rome is behind the times. I'd rather say the Bishop of Rome is fast asleep, or he is deluding himself, or both.

The people who attend the WYD are largely uninstructed. They visit a modern icon, they do not support the values he is supposed to represent. Their Caholicism is based on platitudes and hearsay, and crumbles at the least challenge from the world. Their allegiance to the Church is an automatic reflex or a matter of laziness, not the result of a conscious choice. They emote together with the Bishop of Rome, but do not know what Catholicism is about.

The Bishop of Rome seems very fine with the situation. He wants saints wearing jeans, but doesn't get Pinocchio Masses and easy platitudes do not produce saints, but apostates. He talks a lot about joy, but never mentions the danger of hell, therefore making of this joy just another example of today's relentless quest for self-satisfaction and cheap excitement (note also his links to Pentecostalism). If joy is one's aim in life and there are no obligations and eternal sanctions about one's behaviour, it is not really clear why this joy should not be sought in consumerism, promiscuity, or even cocaine. Hey, the Bishop has already stated Jesus' arms embrace all anyway, so let one try his own way first…

A shallow Bishop of Rome marketing a Catholicism so superficial and content-free as to be almost unrecognisable meets crowds uninterested in vast part of what they have vaguely heard they should care about. The LA times clearly thinks the latter are right, and the former is wrong.

They are both wrong.



Reverse Evangelisation

Impressing the Contracepting: the Bishop of Rome, Francis.

In his most recent interview to the rag called national catholic reporter (all lower case), Archbishop Chaput makes several interesting points. One of those is that he has noticed – with some embarrassment, I am sure – that those who talk to him most often about the Pope are “non practicing Catholics or people who aren't Catholics or not even Christian”.

It is interesting that an Archbishop notices this, because if we trads do we are labelled as destructive, grumpy old men and women who will never be happy with less than Torquemada (may he rest in peace).

In the phenomenon noticed by the good Archbishop is reflected all the drama of the current papacy. It is evident to everyone with a brain that what attracts the above mentioned groups to Francis is not his Catholic talk, but his frequent departures from sound Catholic thinking.

The Bishop of Rome implying salvation for do-gooding, heart-bleeding Atheists attracts them to him because what he says – or implies – just isn't Catholic. The Bishop of Rome sabotaging ancient rules about Maundy Thursday Mass and even contravening to Canon Law precepts is not praised for his staunch Catholicism, but for his attacks to Catholic rules and traditions. The Pope not wearing the Mozzetta, using everyday cars, or wearing black shoes and calling oneself Bishop of Rome is praised not because he is seen as a great Pope, but because he is seen as downplaying the importance of the Papacy.

In short: the Bishop of Rome tends to be liked by the wrong crowds, for the wrong reasons.

How this can be seen as a positive is beyond me. If Bishop Francis were to extol the pleasure of marijuana smoking, of course all the potheads on the planet would consider him an extremely cool man.

This elementary truth does not touch the Bishop's supporters, of course. The always hilarious comment section of the ncr, a pit of dissent or outright perversion, is overflowing with those who praise the Bishop for his work of demolition, and call it very apposite and just the ticket.

What these people – among them the usual amount of perverts, as you would expect – do is actually prove our point: a Pope eschewing sound Catholicism for the sake of popularity will manage to be popular, but not really among the Catholics; nor will he make decent Catholics of his supporters.

The atheist or pervert supporting Bishop Francis isn't moved in the least away from atheism or perversion; he approves of Francis because he thinks that Francis approves him in his atheism or perversion. He wants the Church to become more atheist and more pervert, rather than wanting to become more Catholic himself.

The end result of this is that Bishop Francis ends up – unwittingly, of course – working against Catholicism, in a sort of “reverse evangelisation” that reinforces people in their error, because they see a pontiff bending over backwards to be as much like them as he can, and as least Pope as he can get away with.

A Pope not wanting to be Pope must surely be the wet dream of every enemy of the Church.

In the… bishop of Rome, they now have their man. Is it a surprise they show him their appreciation?



Rio: Archbishop Tempesta Gives Waffle Galore

The crowds found the nourishment absolutely delicious.

The crowds found the nourishment absolutely delicious.

Archbishop Tempesta buried his listeners under a huge cargo of marshmallows yesterday in Rio.

The link to the CNA article gives ample testimony of the kind of disastrous motivational speakers our clergy have become.

Peace & joy; joy & peace; feel good with yourselves; be “infectious” even if you couldn’t even recite the ten commandments to save your lives; recruit Copacabana’s beach as a reminder of the apostles (hey, do I really need to go to Mass, then? The saaaand and the seeeea all taaaaalk to me about Jeeeesus…)

To be “harbingers of peace and concord” means, in this context, absolutely nothing. If one lives in an environment dominated by sexual licence or sexual perversion, to be an “harbinger of peace and concord” means, for him and 99.9% of the hearers, to go on as usual and to not ever try to challenge anyone. 

There’s nothing else than that in the article. Marshmallows indigestion.

I am curious to see whether this entire gigantic kermesse will go to the end without one single reference to judgment and hell. And at this point one could rightly ask why all the talk in the first place: without fear of hell one could actually visit all the sauna clubs in Rio, obviously being a “harbinger of peace and concord” to all the masseuses he meets. 

But again, this is the Church of Bergoglio: all waffle, no substance.

Can’t wait for the socialist part.


Rio: Meet The Francis Lama

Only one went to Rio. All fine, then....

If you had any doubt the sober demeanour of Pope Benedict has left place to a personality cult in JP II-style, this World Fornication Day should not leave you any doubt.

The Bishop of Rome – now not the Holy Father anymore, but the Cool Uncle – is the superstar of an event in which emotion is sought for the sake of the emotion.

“Frenzied crowds” meet him in Brazil, and I wonder how many of them are simply moved by the desire to say “I was there”. The cars of the Papal motorcade moving in the middle of a crowd not kept in place by fences remind one of the Tour de France, with the ecstatic but hysteric crowds mad for their heroes, but not the faintest aim of spiritual advancement.

This is not, my dear readers, the product of a desire for spirituality. Spirituality does not lend itself well to this kind of exercise. For this reason, great Popes like Pius XII or great saints like Padre Pio have always avoided putting themselves on the front stage. Oceanic crowds are more suited to Mussolini.

In theory, one might have thought that the strategy is a promising one during JP II's pontificate, with a Pope clearly with superstar status attracting enormous crowds. But even then the shallowness of this following had to be evident to everyone with some critical thinking, and the progressive dechristianisation of the West after almost 27 years of “John Paul Superstar” should have persuaded most. It certainly persuaded Pope Benedict, a man far away from such excesses, and too intelligent to even consider them.

The clock has now been set back to the Eighties and Nineties: the new Francis Lama offers an even easier, even shallower, even easier to digest entertainment.

Like the Dalai Lama, Bishop Francis will dish cheap platitudes, rich in sugar and strictly vitamin-free. I wonder if he will mention hell or even purgatory once; I very much doubt he will even deal strongly with at least a couple of unpleasant issues, as John Paul II at least regudid.

Bishop Francis has neither John Paul's saintliness, nor Ratzinger's brain, least of all Pacelli's grit. He does not even dare to be unashamedly Pope, though you can be sure he is nobody's Fool. His marshmallow papacy will please the juvenile crowds and the shallow of spirit, and will deeply sadden all those who see Christianity sink all over the West whilst the Numero Uno cannot even admit a mistake, and accept the resignation of a scandalous sodomite. The New Humbleness is the Kool-aid for the masses thirsting for “celebrities” and easy feel-good kicks.

Bishop Francis will give them both, in spades, happily marching forwards with the cult of the Dalai Francis; perhaps thinking, like Wojtyla, that in this way he will help the work of evangelisation, and perhaps with less humble motives. But the more he goes on with his marshmallow pontificate, the more he will alienate those yearning for real nourishment. He reminds me more and more of Sandro Pertini, former Italian President; the idol of the stupid the country over, but always despised by the minority able to see beyond the smokescreen.

The Magical Humbleness Tour goes on.

Monsignor Ricca, for now, stays.




Rio: More Poison For The Patient

Short-term effect: Pope Benedict in the UK, 2010.

And so the gay-friendly – at least when they are his own buddies – Bishop of Rome is now in Rio, a place known all over the world for its spiritual atmosphere and culture of contemplation and asceticism. Apparently, the mission objective is supposed to be – besides the usual “youth” rhetoric – to revitalise Brazilian Catholicism.

Sandro Magister informs us not more than around two thirds of Brazilians are Catholics nowadays, with Proddies of a newer sort – those who believe in God, I am told – making massive inroads particularly in the big cities; in fact, the same source tells us in Rio the percentage of Catholics is merely 46%, thus making of them a minority compared to the population as a whole.

I have written in the past, but repeat today, that these short-term media exercises all have a short life. You'll hear a lot of people saying they are so “energised”, “inspired” or the like; but when you look at the long-term collective effect, you'll see it tends towards zero.

Pope Benedict XVI visited the UK in 2010 amongst crowds far, far exceeding the most optimistic expectations. Three years later, we have the so-called same sax marriage, and few of those who call themselves Catholic care a.. fag. Nor have his travels in Germany or the US or elsewhere left a permanent mark; nor did, in fact, his predecessor, with his huge theatrical streak, the earth-kissing and the like.

There is no reason whatever to believe the Bishop of Rome will have more success; actually, seeing the type one would be scared at the new Catholics he were to allegedly covert; but be not afraid: it won't happen.

These are media stunts; mere straw fires; the populace flocks to see the Pontiff largely because it's an “event”, something worth one's time in an age constantly looking for some form of excitement. I have actually even heard people saying a Papal visit is a “cultural” event. One doesn't need any sort of value investment to participate to such an event, nor will he take away anything durable from it.

Of course, here and there someone will be deeply impressed. Someone is always doing something. But it is very reasonable to assume serious work on the ground is far more important, and leads to far more serious conversions, than this kind of media circus.

On the contrary: the media circus tries to cure the disease administering more poison to the patience: more superficiality, more easy slogans, more entitlement mentality, more sneaking socialism: that is, more of what has caused the loss of faithful in the first place.

The real evangelisation is made with serious priests on the ground; reverent masses; proper Catholic instruction; open defence of Catholic values on the public square, and the courage to talk about the whole faith – including the unpleasant parts – rather than always hammering on the easy parts (the obsessive mantra of “joy” is the one that always amuses me most; it's like a motivational course for the kindergarten.

We are going to get an awful lot of this in the next days, including all the talk about how “energised” Brazil is. But it is just another straw fire.



World Youth Day: The Waffle Contest

Giant Waffle Contest: will you rise to the challenge?

After the unexpected success of the “Monsignor Ricca caption contest”, a new challenge for my very attentive readership.

Please post here in the next several days the most inane piece of waffle you have read from the “World Unwanted Pregnancy”, “what-have-they-done-to-my-child”, “oh darling, I had told you to take precautions” day, also called “let's hope they forget Ricca” Youth Day.

Admission criteria:

1. Maximum three periods. I know, this is though. I might accept four, if it's really good. But you are at risk.

2. It must sound good (as in: hip, modern, V II, anti-rosary: the “get out of yourself”, “don't be a bachelor” stuff) and

3. Must be nothing to do with your Granmother's Catholicism. In fact, if your grandmother would have recognised it as sound Catholicism, do not bother posting.

Please let us play fair: only direct quotations from Bishop Jorge or clerics directly involved with the proceedings or commenting on them. Laymen's comments accepted if they are stupid in a particularly deserving way.

Foreign languages are accepted if I understand at least what's going on (means: Italian, Spanish, German, or French).

“Ah”, “eh”, “no?” and the like are best left in the text. No editing. Let the “spirit” talk.

Last bit of advice: be shameless.

They are.



World Waffle Day

Pope Francis is flying towards Brazil, and one already has the appetiser served on one's Internet plate: populism galore and personality cult like it's going out of fashion.

The Pope managed the unbelievable feat of carrying one bag – yes, my dear readers, it is not a typo: one black office bag – on the stairs leading to the aeroplane. I am surprised he survived the effort. Such a show of humility, and fully unaware of all the cameras! It reminds me of Jesus when he washed the feet of women and infidels…

After this astonishing, life-changing event – it must have been, because the news is just everywhere, as are the pictures – the Pope gave another clear Indication of his Leitmotiv for the next week: captatio benevolentiae of “the youth”, with their shameless flattery at the expense of, basically, the planet. Too many young people have no job, he complains. Too bad. Perhaps he will order three or four hundred millions of jobs on the Internet to accommodate the youth's wishes?

Whenever I thought I have heard already every possible piece of nonsense from the Catholic clergy, Bishop Francis persuades me I was wrong.

No doubt, the next days will give us some useful lessons in how to reorder the world economies.

This from one who, by his first important appointment, could do no better than picking a sod.



World Youth Gay

Helpers in high places. Very high places.

And so it came to pass the Bishop of Rome decided a sodomite can remain, at least for the moment, at the head of the scandal-plagued Vatican bank, probably because… he is too humble to kick the man out and admit he has made a huge mistake, and the chap is his lunch buddy.

The sodomites within the Vatican will be rejoicing: in Bishop Francis they have truly found a valiant ally, with no fear of ridicule or damnation.

At this point there can, in fact, not be any excuses anymore, and those who have kept dreaming about the oh so innocent Pope may wake up and smell the coffee. The crude reality of the matter is that even admitting the Bishop of Rome was not informed beforehand, he is most certainly informed now and is still doing nothing.

At this point, yours truly allows himself to say the Bishop's reaction does not allow one to exclude he was informed about Ricca's tendencies all right. If Bishop Francis had been duped, the only reasonable reaction would have been to immediately suspend Ricca and start an investigation about who kept information from him, and why. He does not do anything of the sort, and as I write “homo lunch buddy” remains at his place. Reach your own conclusions.

The best that can happen now is that Bishop Francis has given Ricca the opportunity to resign whilst he himself is in Brazil, in order not to give the impression the Monsignor got the boot from Francis. But even if this should happen, it would leave the Bishop's credibility – provided he ever had one – in tatters, being in front of serious Catholics the world over the man who puts his personal buddies before the reputation of Holy Mother Church.

As I write this, Bishop Francis is on an Alitalia aeroplane headed towards Brazil, where he will be for several days the object of deafening praise and worldwide flattering. He may well think he can, after all, leave everything as it is, waiting for the press to forget the matter.

If this is what he thinks, he is even more dangerous, and more arrogant, that I ever thought possible; and God knows I am not one of his admirers.

Still, the only reasonable hypothesis at the moment is that Ricca will be allowed a graceful exit from his position at the IOR, as everything else would be the purest madness.

As to Ricca he should, of course, be speedily defrocked.

Someway, I find it difficult to believe this is going to happen.



World Shut Up Day

In the meantime, abortion and perversion were advancing everywhere...

The soon to be staged World Youth Day (an exercise of dubious morality in itself) will be another good example of the way Catholics the world over dumb themselves into the childish belief things are fine, because a lot of people gather together.

The V II Church has lost not only every desire for, but the notion itself of confrontation. When a message is propagated, it is a message “for something”, but never against someone. This would be considered Un-churchy, or perhaps simply not effeminate enough.

The crowds gathering in Brazil will hear the usual waffle: youth, the future, joy, peace, hope, joy, happiness, social justice, joy, “getting out of oneself”, celebration, joy and, most probably, more joy.

What will remain unsaid is the immense sterility of fuzzy feelings that do not translate in concrete action, nor will we hear a word about the toothlessness of churchmen unable to do anything else than “celebrate” and waffle about “joy” as if they were motivational speakers, or mental therapists. Nonsense about social justice and aiding and abetting of illegal immigration will, no doubt, play a very important role.

Brazil and Ireland, two Countries with strong Catholic roots, are about to introduce abortion legislation. As the Church is still powerful in these two Countries, already the fact such measures are discussed is ample demonstration of the tragic – wanted? – lack of effectiveness of their respective Church.

If in both these Countries the Church had kept a sound, healthy desire for confrontation with the world, such measures would not be even discussed, because to propose them would mean the political demise of everyone foolish enough to do so. If the Church had the old sound thinking (that a politician goes against the Church at his own peril), only fringe groups not interested in mainstream voters – and despised by them – would dare to defy her.

A Church able and willing to fight in a Catholic country is a Church that even dictators must reckon with, and no moderate politician worth his salt will openly defy. The defiance of a supposedly “Catholic” politician to Catholic rules already shows the Church in that country has been decaying for several years, preferring cowardly retreat to open confrontation.

Even in a Country with a sizeable Catholic minority, an assertive Church would inspire pure terror in every “moderate” politician: Britain with its 4.5 million Catholics and 1 million weekly churchgoers would spell death for every politician the bishops would decide to take in their sights until his political annihilation; and when the latter takes place it would be sufficient reason for everyone else to keep schtum. Imagine Cameron savagely attacked as a persecutor of Christian day in and day out from the more than thirty bishops in Britain: in less than two years he would be more embarrassing for the party than if he was a child rapist. To be seen as dead man walking means, for a politician, to be dead already. Everyone would do everything he can to avoid it. You make an example of one, you teach proper manners to countless others. Punirne uno per educarne cento.

Does any of this happen in Brazil, in Germany, in Austria, in Ireland? Does any politician put his career on the line, who dares to defy Catholic values? The answer to this very rhetorical question is the reason why Catholicism is on the defensive all over the West (including South America).

At the WYD, instead of proper confrontation brace yourself for more inane waffle, to which the Bishop of Rome will give his, as usual, inane contribution.

Peace here, social justice there, bla bla, joy, luv, bla bla, dialogue, bla, “spirit”, “celebration, bla, youth, bla, bla, & bla.

Weeks later, Brazil will have its abortion legislation in place.



Some Controversial Words About World Youth Day

Ever wondered why he never organised such gatherings as the WYD?

Ever wondered why he never organised such gatherings as the WYD?

Well, I must say it. Some of you won’t like it, but I have to say it.

Soon, countless parents will allow their daughters to fly to Rio, not only at great expense but also in the midst of countless hormone-laden boys; who might be Catholic (some of them certainly are; not very many, methinks) but are also boys.

One wonders whether the Pre-Conciliar church would have encouraged the gathering of minors in such big groups, without parental supervision, and actually with the usual feeling linked to being alone, young, and free, with adult supervision that must perforce be very defective – and I can only imagine how few of them care in the first place – on the other side of the planet. It truly astonishes one how the modern age refuses to think. *

In my age, parents refused permission to their daughters of eighteen or nineteen to even go out with the school for two nights, where a mistake would have branded them as sluts for all ages to come. They weren’t being “oppressive”, those parents; merely prudent, and using basic common sense. They instilled in their families a strong sense of propriety; of avoiding not only sin, but the occasions of sin.  Of doing what is right, and being seen as doing what is right. *

Well, I went to Wikipedia then, to see what is what. Turns out the first World Youth Day was promoted by Pope Blessed JP II in 1985. Definitely not a Church tradition, then.

How they managed before, is beyond me. All this youth without world youth day, how did the Church do proper evangelisation work? By teaching them the catechism..??

Nowadays, the post-conciliar church gives a plenary indulgence (difficult to obtain as it is, of course) to people sending their children without parental supervision the other side of the planet.

Verkehrte Welt.

Thankfully, the Pope will make an appeal asking the families not to send their children away at great expense, but to give the money to the poor instead. Which is only fitting, as there can be no expenses more dispensable than these ones…

Erm, no, wait… he didn’t! Can’t believe it. Can someone check, please?  

If you listen to me, you don’t send your daughter – or even boy; but particularly your daughter – to the world youth thingy.


* This, my dear reader, certainly does not apply to your daughter. I am absolutely sure your daughter is above suspicion, your boy is very well behaved, and you are merely enjoying the fruits of the very wise raising of your children. If something should happen, though, I hope you will not complain on my comment box.

Michael Voris “Madrid” Video Response

This is the “Vortex” dedicated to the strange – though rather transparent in its intentions – initiative of the WYD organisers.

The video largely repeats what was already said in the message from Real Catholic Tv that has been the object of another post. Still, there are two new elements that are, in my eyes, extremely important:

1) it is the first time that something like this happens; and
2) the same need hasn’t been felt for other alleged “Catholic” groups planning the distribution of condoms or other activities in clear contrast with the Church’s teaching.

It seems, therefore, rather clear that what has happened here was a thinly disguised attempt to discredit Voris’ troops, whilst the usual “progressive” dissenters are left, as usual, largely undisturbed.

If they really want to damage true and sincere Catholics, I would suggest to the organisers of the World Youth Day that they try to do it in a less stupid way as it might be at least a bit entertaining. What they have done is, instead, simply pathetic.


Michael Voris “Madrid” Statement

This is the answer of Real Catholic TV to the “clarification” issued about their role in Madrid. Emphasis mine.

July 26, 2011


SOUTH BEND, IN – The faithful who work at would like to thank the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for drawing attention to our existence and scheduled contributions to the upcoming World Youth Day events to be held in Madrid, Spain, as well as the launch of its new pilot program striving to address tough issues concerning sexuality and morals facing Catholic youth today,

While we regret that some assistant to the Secretariat for Laity of the USCCB has not given us her approval “to participate in the cultural program”, we prefer to rely upon the higher authority of Our Lord Himself, and an Ecumenical Council of the Roman Catholic Church as it does what it can to increase the authentic Faith and Morals of the Catholic Church:

“The laity derive the right and duty to the apostolate from their union with Christ the head; incorporated into Christ’s Mystical Body through Baptism and strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit through Confirmation, they are assigned to the apostolate by the Lord Himself.” Cf. Second Vatican Council, Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, Apostolicam Actuositatem, 3.

For every press release that is issued mentioning our existence, more and more tangible interest in is generated on the part of ordinary Catholic faithful simply seeking straightforward information on just how to be really Catholic – not only in word, but more importantly in deed, which all too often is lacking on the part of some Dioceses in too many parishes to the grave detriment of souls. For the significant increased attention drawn to the exclusive on-line product found on, we are very grateful.

The faithful at are in full compliance with the universal norms of the Code of Canon Law, the universal legislation of the Roman Catholic Church, which in no canon muzzles ordinary Catholic faithful from using themselves on the web as genuine instruments of dissemination of Catholic principles. To the contrary, the Second Vatican Council calls upon every single Catholic to do his or her share to build up genuine observance of authentic Catholic Faith and Morals, which we only strive to achieve in a concrete and updated format resonating with the youth of today.

To learn more about us, check us out at, and Press and other Media are invited to contact Ms. Susan Vance, Director of Communications, directly at 248-545-5716, or by e-mail at

Very light-hearted, but spot on.


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