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You’ve Got Mail, Ms Keldermans!

"No, little Mary: you cannot play with this!"

“No, little Mary: you cannot play with this!”




.. and it looks like this.

This is what happens when one plays priest and is older than, say, six.

Although, thinking of it, I do not remember little girls playing priest in my time.

Evidently, they had more sense than Msssss Keldermans.

Source: Deacon’s bench.







She felt ready for the priesthood

I was reading around on the Internet about the usual rubbish of the usual wannabe “priestesses”, demanding Christianity be reshaped in their own image.

I started to wonder. I am no expert of mad feminists, but do these wannabe priestesses support… priest celibacy? Would they be ready – in the logically absurd case they were allowed to become priestesses, and cats to bark – to be celibate priestesses? Again, without being an expert of the madhouse one can comfortably say most of them wouldn't, and those who would “would not want to impose their view on others”.

Therefore, we can safely assume the aspiring wymyn priest would want to be priest, but not celibate; or better said, they would clamour the Church is wrong on both male priesthood and priest celibacy. Hhmmm…

Then one wonders how many of those females believe in Transubstantiation. Again, I do not work in a psychiatric hospital, but it seems self-evident to me that if they do not believe in male priesthood, which is clearly infallible teaching but is also common to other religions (Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism), they will have the biggest problems in believing in something so apparently outlandish like Transubstantiation, something absolutely unique to Catholicism and only supported by people determined to parrot them. Hmmm…

What the wymyn think of Papal infallibility, I do not even want to mention: they think you can improve on Jesus; therefore, the only logical consequence is they must think Popes must also never be infallible…


So there we are, and we have:

1. A rabid feminist

2. Who doesn't believe in male priesthood

3. Or in Transubstatiation,

4. And thinks Jesus caved in to social pressure

5. And the Pope is never infallible.

But… wait….!

I know who this is…

This is an Episcopalian Witch!



The “Tablet” Fragments

Over at Linen on the Hedgerow, the continuation of a problem first raised by EF Pastor Emeritus: what to do with the copies of  the “Tablet”, an obvious toxic waste. The question is formulated as follows:

The dilemma grows – what to do with the bulk of (remaindered) Tablets?

You can’t use them as landfill material because of the environmental pollution threat – what can you possibly do with them?

Polite and creative suggestions gratefully received.

Of course, the best solution would be to save the trees and with them our oh so oh endangered oh planet from oh unavoidable oh death…

Failing that, we could put the Tablet fragments in one of those caves used to store nuclear waste.

Mind, though, that we would have to shred the paper very finely. Otherwise we would run the risk of some academically challenged researcher finding them in sixteen or seventeen centuries, and telling us that it can’t be excluded that in the XXI Century the Church had wymyn priests…


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