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Olympic Evangelisation Live

At the 3000m Steeplechase in London, Russian Yulija Zaripova convincingly wins after destroying the competition with an irresistible progression during the last 400 or so metres.

She is clearly going to be the winner, so the cameramen have all the time to “prepare” themselves and close up on her. When she finishes her race she is huge on the planet’s screens. She makes the sign of the cross, insistently, three times I think; unfortunately I can’t find any video yet.

I do not know how many people are watching, but this was a major athletic evening within the biggest sporting event; we are possibly talking a billion?

We can probably not even imagine how intense those moments are for an athlete who just realises he has won an Olympic gold; but certainly, those are moments of truth, and the (possibly?) one billion people looking at her will have, at some level, realised  that in those extremely intense moments priorities emerge very naturally. The one screams, the other smiles, a third goes on the ground, Bolt makes an ass of himself; but Zaripova crosses herself three times, the cameras on her, in front of a substantial slice of the planet. An extremely powerful message, which must have awaken more than an idle curiosity in countless people, perhaps causing some vague questioning in millions of them (nominal Christians included, of course).

May God reward her for this beautiful testimony on the day she finishes another, infinitely more important race.


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