Catholic Vademecum

Domenico Ghirlandaio, “Adoration of the Shepherds”.

Holy Rosary

Rosary Video

Rosary In Latin

On The Rosary…again!

Rosary Old and.. New?

Pius XII And The Rosary: “Ingruentium Malorum”

Rosary And Salvation

Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel



Plenary Indulgence


Faith (Part I)

Faith (Part II)

The Litany

Catholic Catechisms

Taking Up The Cross (Part I)

Taking Up The Cross (Part II)

The Seven Sorrows Of Mary

Little Vademecum For Those Anglicans Thinking Of Conversion

Vatican II And Doctrinal Truths

The Doctrine of Wealth In Six Easy Points

The Doctrine Of War Made Easy

Sainthood And The Church

Religious Liberty 

On “Judging”


Fatima Apparitions

Magisterium And Infallibility

“Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus”

Immaculate Heart Of Mary

The Scam Of Medjugorje

Our Lady Of Quito / Our Lady Of Good Success

The Oath Against Modernism

Salvation, Predestination, Reprobation, And Free Will.

Jesus, Homosexuality And Sodomy

The “Novus Ordo” And Us


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