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The Stuff Out Of Which Empires Die.

Pennsylvania guy.

Donald Trump will gloriously sail to the 2024 Republican nomination.

The problem will be what happens next.

It seems to me that the third world electoral system of the United States is simply not equipped to ensure a fair election. What saved the system up to not long ago was the widespread interest among Americans that the elections be fair.

This is not the case anymore. It is obvious that millions of Trump haters will prefer, every day of the week, that the election is stolen from him rather than seeing him win, whilst a much bigger number of Democrats prefers to look the other way and pretend that things are “broadly” OK. When the correctness of the electoral process is not considered foundational, democracies die.

The issue is also not easily fixable. The problem is that the Democrats control all the ratholes, the ghetto-cities, in the United States, and these ghetto-cities can be manipulated to flip a number of very important states – Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia – in the desired direction.

In these ghetto-cities there will be no scarcity of people willing and ready to manipulate the elections and produce a huge amount of fake ballots. They will do this out of ideological bigotry, financial gain, or desire to carry favour with the power structures of those cities, so that the latter may greatly advance the careers of those making such “favours” to them and provide all sort of jobs and privileges to their family members.

These are almost all states whose power structures – from the governors to the local mayors and chiefs of police – would not hesitate to arrest or disperse, with various claims of “intimidation”, those picketing the entrances of the ballot places to prevent the ingress of people carrying huge quantities of papers in grey bags. As the election is a local affair, and the named cities not a favourable environment for honest people, the provocations followed by accusations of “racist violence” would be a very easy trick to pull. Short of sheer anti-tyrannical violence, I can’t see how this can change.

Trump has, I think, not addressed this issue sufficiently forcefully. He might think that the 2020 situation made fraud easier because of the easing of voting rules (= of voting fraud) in some States, but it seems to me that the issue is more endemic than occasional. Trump needs to organise pickets and encourage the formation of ballot militias now, instead of crying “fraud” when it is very late as happened in 2020. Plus, we now know that – in another huge break of failsafes – the Supreme Court will not intervene to save the election from a bunch of criminals, and the population at large will, as a whole, accept what the social media tell them. The only thing that has changed in Trump’s favour is Twitter, but Twitter is not enough if the ballots have been stuffed already.

The 2022 elections have worsened the issue. People are now accustomed to have winners of important races announced weeks after the day of the vote. This opens an immensely wide gate to manipulators.

Mind, I do not doubt that the US will continue to work, broadly, as an efficient First World country. Tribunals will work as usual, the public administration will keep going on at all levels, the fire brigades will keep protecting people, etc. But if the level of the fundamental decisions is compromised, all the rest can only be lipstick on a Democrat pig.

This impacts the Country on a broader scale. As the United States are seen as a bunch of jokesters, their “moral lead” in the West – so it still existed – evaporates. The process is exacerbated by the fact that the rigged elections produce rigged ideologies, with perversion now pushed everywhere. So you have a bunch of perverted jokesters trying to tell everybody how they have to behave, after they have stolen the elections themselves.

This is the stuff out of which empires die.

It seems to me that the American people should make of this the first issue of the upcoming election. If this issue is not tackled and solved, at some point the country will descend to a numb state of banana republic manipulation – broadly accepted because people have families and mortgages – or, more likely, to something very similar to a brutal civil war, which will cause the side with the 300 million rifles to win and the side with the blue hair to lose.

America is ill. Its illness is very dangerous and potentially deadly. If the Country develops the necessary antibodies, the positive effects will be felt in a number of areas. If it doesn’t, expect more trannies, and more aggressive ones, around your children.

Roe vs Wade Is Overturned. Now The Next Battle Begins.

Yesterday must have been one of the most important days in the history not only of the US, but of humanity in the last decades.

Finally, Roe vs Wade was overturned. It is impossible not to see in Donald Trump the man chosen by Providence to set the process in motion, which led to yesterday’s glorious decision.

Obviously, this victory does not end the war. But it truly is difficult to overestimate the legal and cultural reach of this decision. In the next years, abortion will be more and more in the defensive as new legislation protects life in many of the U.S. States. Similarly, the “wind of change” will unavoidably travel and, in time, invest Europe, where opposition to abortion is (particularly in the South) widely spread.

We see here how things are done. All those sanctimonious Judases who thought themselves too holy to vote for Trump have no part in this victory. This victory belongs to all those who have put the life of the unborn before their own vanity and virtue-signalling.

Similarly, this victory is, if properly exploited, a herald of things to come. The greatest taboo of the Supreme Court has just fallen. Why would pervomarriage think it is safe from attack? This is like the taking of a very important citadel, opening the way to a fertile plain rich in wealthy cities and fertile fields.

Of course, the war will be long and the battle will not end in our lifetime. But if you ask me, 2022 will be remember as the reversal of 1973, and this will do a lot of good both to the West and to the entire planet.

As I keep reflecting on this day (a day that I thought I would not see in my lifetime), I thank God for the joy of seeing this day in my lifetime. But I also say, from all my heart, the following words:

Thank you, Mr President!

Power Overdose: The Rise, Chuzpa, And Fall Of Andrew Cuomo.

Some elected politicians understand their office as service. They are rare, but they do exist. Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, or Margaret Thatcher are examples known to us all. If I look at the Italian politics, I can find not only giants like Alcide De Gasperi, Francesco Cossiga and Oscar Luigi Scalfaro (before his old age ruined him), but also less famous, but excellent people like, just to make an example, our very own, unforgotten Giovanni Marcora.

It’s not only that these people weren’t thieves. It’s the way they understood their office.

Service. Dedication to the Fatherland. Love for their own people.

Most of the other politicians belong, I think, to the whore category. They do and say what needs to be done to get elected. Once elected, they are order takers of those who can influence or decide about their reelection. They make every compromise that it is possible to make whilst staying out of jail, bartering their position with cushioned positions and various privileges for themselves and their families. They have no dignity. They are like the crack addicts of politics, getting their own power fix in a way that is deeply destructive to their soul and conscience whilst remaining small fishes all their lives.

Then there is the third category: the alpha sharks (includes some female sharks). They are the ueber predators, the buccaneers of elected politics. They will normally come out of political monocultures, dominated by one party to which they will obviously belong. They will build a career spanning decades, and as their power grows, a mixture of killer instinct, learned behaviour (often, a powerful papa is behind their skills) and accumulated sleaze will keep them there. I think most of them enrich themselves or their close relatives in one way or the other (Nancy Pelosi’s husband makes a lot of money in share dealings mysteriously proving right in light of subsequent government decisions; I wonder how that may be?), but apart from the money, what they crave most is the power. If the small fishes are crack addicts, these ones are the big cocaine junkies.

The feeling of invincibility that comes with long years of unchecked power is both very addictive and very dangerous. It appears to me that, in many cases, they just become oblivious of the dangers of unchecked behaviour or, actually, excited by them. They push their abuse to the point where a part of the pleasure is not the abuse itself, but that everybody knows they can get away with it. A dangerous development, this one, because it’s like playing with explosives. In a democracy, there is no system so corrupt that it would not expose such a politician to, at least, the risk of a comeuppance. I am not saying, here, that corrupt alpha sharks (of both sexes) always see their careers destroyed. But the risk is there, always, because they court it as their hubris tempts fate more and more. If I think of Italy, Bettino Craxi (who died abroad, wanted by Italian authorities, and chose to die of diabetes in a miserable country without extradition to Italy, rather than have both proper care and jail in a civilised one) is the most famous example.

We have assisted, in the last months, to the slow death (politically speaking, of course) of another such alpha shark. Like Craxi, Andrew Cuomo reacted to the accusations against him with more defiance and more intimidation. Like Craxi, he obviously got a huge kick from his feelings of quasi-omnipotence. Like Craxi, he refused to take the exit discreetly and chose to fight to the last drop of blood instead. Many times, in the last months, the obvious resilience and hard-skinned counter-maneuvering of Cuomo reminded me of Craxi. Like Craxi, he went down in the end.

For Cuomo, it’s no jail yet. He will possibly be spared the fate, as on the one hand the Democrats absolutely do not want the genocide of old people perpetrated by several Democrat Governors to get traction and, on the other hand, criminal action and jail term for sexual harassment seems to put at risk too many of them. Still: addiction or not, he is likely smart enough to know that there is no recovering from this fall.

This was a guy surrounded by such an army of sycophants that he won an Emmy award as even the entertainment world begged for favours at his court. He was seen as a future President. Imagine a guy as corrupt as Biden, but smart, determined, and with that unspoken, but always present, “strong man” allure. A Clinton without the cigar. Ambrosia for Democrats.

All this is at an end now. Like Craxi, Cuomo failed to understand the need to cover himself and, most importantly, failed to understand that, no matter how many people are licking your boots, there will still be those who wait in the shadow for the right moment to cause your fall.

Cuomo’s undoing was – astonishingly enough – not the genocide of old people he ordered, or the terror regime he encouraged to distract the attention from the massacre he himself had caused. It was the way the Democrats have now elected as their chief way to get rid of male politicians who need to go before too many questions about them (see above: genocide) are asked. As a real alpha male (albeit of the wrong kind) he was also a suitable sacrificial victim on the altar of the #metoo religion; an altar which seems extremely selective in the choice of Democrat sacrificial victims (Biden, a serial molester like no other, is still in the highest office, though he often doesn’t remember it), but ruthless once they have been selected.

Craxi would never have gone down for inappropriately touching women (something he did not need to do and, I am sure, he never did, easily available women flocking to him like they always do to powerful alpha males). Cuomo had to suffer this ignominy, but at least he will likely avoid jail.

Trump is riding a wave of popularity unknown for, after Reagan, in a former President; a wave coming, inter alia, from the consciousness that the man actually won big. He has, now, the satisfaction of seeing Cuomo go down in infamy as he ponders whether to accept a 2024 nomination that would be his for the asking.

Trump is a politician of the good kind.

Cuomo, like Craxi, overdosed on his own power.

Meet The MAGA Sisters

Religious Sisters featured prominently just behind Donald Trump in this video.

Dressed as, actually, religious sisters; sporting MAGA masks; with crosses in their hands; they seem to be praying.

It is a very sad reflection that it is a piece of Catholic news when you have religious sisters actually dressed like religious sisters, and even expressing their support for the anti-abortion candidate.

However, the world being what it is, it is at least a bit of good news, of sort.

Pray for Trump’s victory.

The Novena starts today.

The Last Debate

“This needs to end before I say that I married my daughter”


Good news for the unborn yesterday night.

Let me count the ways.

The President was Presidential

I confess: I prefer Angry Trump to Statesman Trump. I want to see the lion roar. I want to see the decrepit animal, Biden, looking for cover. I want to see the terror in his eyes as the Lion is about to put his teeth in his throat. Trump has given me both: Warrior Trump and Statesman Trump. Praise the Lord, and pass the ballot (I wish!).

Biden was waning fast

Come on, man! Biden was looking at his watch, and was more blurred towards the end, because his drugs were starting to lose their effect. Plus, he had three full days to alter his circadian rhythms and avoid sundowning. Plus, he might have known the questions beforehand (if you did that, you might be hired by Fox very soon). Still, the old and frail man was, well, old and frail. Trump was, in contrast, quite the guy you would want at the top of the Free World.

Biden fracked himself on energy

Poor Joe lives in the Seventies. In a world with tape recorders, and no Internet. He lies – like he has done his whole life: ask him how many degrees he has! – without reflecting that his lies will live for 30 minutes, top. He managed to screw himself and be seen as a shameless liar by the entire Country. The videos posted by Trump after the debates already have many millions views. He voted himself out of Pennsylvania with his own mouth. This is going to be glorious.

“Who built the cages, Joe?”

Ah, the one with the cages! Vintage Trump! Will be on TV in 30 years! Biden answered with… crickets. I’ll go out on a limb and say this: millions of people will have discovered only yesterday that the “cages” were built by Bronzefaced Bathhouse Barry Boy.

The Laptop From Hell

Trump pressed Biden on this, forcing him to make an ass of himself. You have a drug addict son, Joe, and it looks like you made a lot of money out of him, as your crack-pipe-cum-bag-man. Not looking good, Joe!

The General Impression

Experienced, proven President destroys liar, corrupt wannabe.

Pray that there is no jail for you or your son, Joe.

Ask Anthony Weiner how it ended for him.





Joe, Meet Steamroller


Dems are the black stuff…

You read the gaslighting from the fake news industry and the polls sponsored by the likes of NYT and CNN, you think it is going to be a Biden landslide. It’s not even comedy gold by now. It’s North Korean fun.

Ten to fourteen points advantage for Sleepy Joe. Hillary must be jealous.

But wait, wasn’t Hillary also just as sure to win? Actually, she was. Who said it? The same polls who say Joe is winning today. Do you see a trend here?

And then, when the less intelligent Dems are relaxing and start to prepare their virtual victory party with their “gay friends”, this hammer hits them on the head: Gallup (which is not your usual “pay me and I will give you the result you want” polling institution) says that 56% of Americans think they are better off now than 4 years ago.

Mind, this is during the pandemic. This is, also, better off *now*, not on the average of the last four years.

Obama was at 45% in 2012, and he managed to get reelected, favoured by a non-candidate with no trace of testosterone in him as his opponent. Trump is 11 percentage points ahead of Obama, with the pandemic, and we are supposed to believe that Trump is about to get trounced.

The polls announcing a Biden victory will continue all month, likely with some “adjustment” in the last days if the Dems think the good polls are actually demotivating their base instead of creating that most improbable of miracles, “excitement” for Mr Biden. Therefore, you need to choose whether you want to believe the incessant propaganda, or the reality around you.

If I were you, I would pose myself the following questions:

  1. What do I see around me? How many of my relatives, friends and acquaintances are switching from Trump 2016 to Biden 2020? How many from Hillary 2016 to Trump 2020? How many who did not vote in 2016 want to vote in 2020, for whom? What does this say to me when adjusted for the State I, and the people I know of, live in?
  2. What do the people I know say it’s happening in States like Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan or Minnesota? I keep reading of a very excited Republican base; of Republicans defeating Democrats in both new registrations and party affiliation changes in Pennsylvania; of Trump yard signs vastly exceeding the 2016 situation in rural Pennsylvania.
  3. Who is managing to get in front of the cameras with big meetings, motorcades, boat days, and the likes? How is it that, if the Biden people are so excited, no one shows up with his car or boat to support him, whilst the Deplorables get huge motorcades and boat gatherings?
  4. How is Biden doing? When he gets out of the basement, how many thousands of people go to see him, have a wonderful day, then drive back home and tell everybody how exciting it all was, how proud they are to have been there? The excitement should actually be bigger still, because the man does not get out much!
  5. What happens when we compare the polls not with more polls (the polls of polls are just as stupid as the polls of which they are constituted; garbage in, garbage out), but with some solid data from that very reliable source called… the past? How many presidential candidates have finished fifth in the New Hampshire primary and have gone on to win the Presidency? (hint: apparently, zero). How many incumbents have run unopposed and have gone on to lose the presidency? (Hint: apparently, zero). How many candidates have clinched the candidacy on their third full-blown, full USA attempt and have gone on to win the Presidency? (Apparently, zero, if you exclude Reagan; who, if memory serves, in 1968 ran in California only, and won there). Has there ever been a motto along the lines of “it’s the Twitter behaviour, stupid”?

I tell you this: for the moment, I am very, very confident that Trump will win with more delegates than in 2016, it being fully irrelevant how many losers go out of their basement in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois or Massachusetts to vote for Biden (and… will they?). I will begin to worry only if, and when, reality, not the polls, shows that things are not going as we hope. What I will monitor very closely are the real data when the early voting begins: states like Florida give an extremely detailed daily account of how many voters have voted and how their party affiliation is. This can be compared with 2016 in order to gauge how things are going. For the record, I suspect more Trump voters among Democrat affiliates than Biden votes among Republican affiliates; not only in Florida, but everywhere.

Keep drumming for Trump. Laugh at the “polls”. Reflect that they will likely demotivate one Dem voter for every one they excite. Pray for President Trump and for the victory in November. Do not despair if we lose. Rejoice if we win.

I honestly think we will all rejoice in the end. But it’s not done yet.



The Only Show In Town, Or: Meet The Aikido President

Oh Captain! My Captain!


What we have experienced in the last days is nothing short of a stunning demonstration of the media power of the Media Phenomenon of this Century, Donald John Trump.

Trump gets the Chinese Virus. You would think he uses it to rest and collect his energies for the last spur of this, likely victorious election. This is what, frankly, I would have done.

But Trump is just an extraordinary media guy. His supersized brain starts to think about how to use the forced pause, and make it work for him.

When he has to go to the hospital – a prudent, and very wise decision – he does so as a strong man, walking to the helicopter, and leaving a TV message to the Country before going. A great message of strength and statesmanship. Also, a message of manliness, meant to engender in his viewers comparisons with the old, frail, bumbling Creepy Joe.

Once in, he immediately starts to think how he can use the madness of the rabid left against themselves. Just as the Leftist start to spin their fantasies of a rapidly worsening, perhaps dying President, he puts out a video showing him in a very good shape (for a 74 years old with a nasty flu; operative words here are nasty flu) and destroys the narrative with a show of rugged resilience.

Then, the first Meisterwerk: the SUV run. Make no mistake: when Trump decided to go for the run, he knew that the Left would find some reason to be outraged, and did it anyway. In fact, I think that he did it – besides wanting to thank his supporters –  exactly in order to cause a collective leftist meltdown. Punctually, the left covered themselves in manure accusing Trump of endangering the same people that are near him 24/7. Boy, are these people dumb.

At this point, Trump had lived in everybody’s head – particularly the libtards’ heads – for two days already. Biden was totally cancelled; gone; forgotten; a pathetic non-entity forced to give way to the only person the Planet loved talking about, one way or the other: Donald John Trump.

Yesterday, the President executed another masterful move: the return to the White House, with the grand, solemn, public taking away (almost a ripping out) of the mask, for all the world to see, and the strong, manly, sane message about the Chinese Virus many people, like yours truly, have been repeating for months.

Again, the entire world had to watch, love, hate, criticise, adore; but in the end, no one could be indifferent. Once again, this great Media Master had the planet in his spell. Once again, he knew that his gesture would be controversial, and that the Left would find some way to criticise him, making themselves a laughing stock in the process. 

An obvious comparison is the one with Aikido, a self-defense discipline by which the energy of the attacker is used against him, causing the latter – if the attacked person so wants – extremely serious damage as the attacker’s energy leads to the breaking of his own tendons, etc.

Another spontaneous comparison is the one with an instrument player.  

Trump plays the media like Paganini played the violin.

But Paganini’s violin did not hate him. The press hates Trump with a passion. And still, they are addicted to him; they can’t live without him; they are damned to make their entire existence about him. He plays them like a violin; and they can’t avoid being played, because they live of just that.  

Truly, this guy is without equals.



First Debate, Or: The Only Alpha Male In The Room


I have now looked at and read enough excerpts of the Debate to feel able to give you – if you are interested; Biden isn’t very interesting – my two cents about the entire event. I’ll try to keep it short, because I have many points I would like to cover.

  1. The only positive for Biden: he managed to get through his 90 minutes. If he pissed his pants, we will never know it. His doctor is very good at drugging him; and he actually looked like one who has not forgotten he is running for President. There was no meltdown, no catastrophic failure. His allies are so relieved they are already saying there should be no rounds 2 and 3.
  2. I am sick and tired of hearing that Trump is not Presidential. Trump is Presidential to his very core. He has showed that nobody can intimidate him, that he can take a fight two against one (OK, one of them an old man, but still…) and that there was only one man in the room, and his name was Donald. You want the limp wrist soy girl, call Obama.
  3. The mistakes Trump made were slight, and very easy to point out the day after. He forgot to drum for his $500B Platinum stuff. He was not strong or prompt enough in refuting the “fine people” hoax. I don’t think he hammered Biden on the riots so very much. It would have been better if he had been more insistent on his economic successes pre-Virus. But again, he was in a fierce debate against Chris Wallace, who is a skilled – if unfair – debater. It is not easy to remember everything.
  4. Trump landed some excellent uppercuts to poor old Joe. He humiliated him, with the brutality we all know and love, when Biden told Trump he would have to get smarter. Plus, his “I have done more in 47 months than you in 47 years” is probably the phrase that will go down in history for this debate. He was excellent at pointing out that Biden wants to pack the Court with extremists. He did not forget to cudgel Joe with Hunter. He even moved Joe to backpedal on the Green New Deal, a huge mistake about which Trump will now likely hammer him until November. Nobody is perfect; but yesterday, Trump was seriously good.
  5. Without the shadow of a doubt, Trump was the only Alpha male in the room, and everybody could see it, though most political commenters did not want to even acknowledge the thought. But you know who saw it very well? The Latinos, among which Trump cleaned up. Latinos understand masculinity, are not fazed one bit by the soy boy worries of a candidate being “rude”, and gave Trump victory over Biden to the tune of a crushing, humiliating, Hiroshima-like 66 to 34 according to the very embarrassed journos of Telemundo. Sorry for you, Telemundo journalists. If you don’t want to know what your people think, don’t ask them live on television.

The best indicator that Trump won this, big time, is that the lefties focus on old news no one is more interested to hear, and having to do with his (fully justified) “behaviour”.

Newsflash: the guy has been this way since day one, it has not damaged him one bit, and honest people actually like his refreshing bluntness.

I am certainly forgetting some bits, but I think I have the most important parts. I think Trump did very well in a situation (first debate of an incumbent) that saw several Presidents before him underperform. He was prepared, laser-focused, and ready to show the American people how an effective President goes against his opponents, be they from Scranton or from Peking.

Well done, Mr President.

Keep being yourself, and you will do just fine.

Upside Down: Another Day, Another “Lid” For Zombie Joe



I must confess, I did not know a “lid” was a thing. Apparently, it is when a Presidential candidate “calls it a day”. Which, in the case of Sleepy Joe, is, remarkably often, between 9 and 10 in the morning, as he needs to attend to his semolina soup the rest of the day. A Biden Presidency would consist of 1 hour of work one day, and very possibly 0 hours of work the following day. This must be a joke, but I am afraid the joke is on those nincompoops voting for this decrepit man.

Looking at the other side, I am not sure the use of the expression “working my ass off” is so extremely Presidential, but it is certainly true. Donald Trump is showing quite a remarkable amount of energy as he appears to be, like Stonewall Jackson, in multiple places at the same time. Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe Biden cannot even pronounce five words in a row – when he can read them correctly from the teleprompter – without bungling their pronunciation like a half drunk.

What I think is happening is this: his handlers have noticed that Sleepy Joe “performs” better in the morning than in the afternoon (which, I am told, is sadly typical for dementia patients). Therefore, they are altering his circadian rhythms, making him sleep in such a way that, when he marches to the debate tomorrow afternoon, he will be in his first waking hours, in his “morning” so to speak, and thus possibly – perhaps with the help of who knows what medications; his short appearances have also been attributed to the great frequency of bathroom pauses caused by dementia treatment – reasonably alert for a while.

But it is still a tragedy. This guy can’t make it for more than 20 minutes on a normal day. Even during this time, he is so fragile that he explodes at the mere mention of his cognitive situation. How he thinks he can go on for 90-100 minutes under Trump’s relentless attacks is beyond me. He will need a lot of coffee, two full days of rest, and a lot of luck. God forbid, he plays “Upside Down” on his phone because Diana Ross is having such a great success this year…..

In truth, what is upside down, right now, is a candidacy that surpasses in hilariousness everything we have seen up to now. He is Beto in 2070. Or you might think he thinks he it’s 1984, his name is Joe Bidennikov, and he is trying to make the Politburo.

I am curious to see if he has any activity tomorrow morning, merely hours before the debate.

If not, you read it here first.








First Debate: My Prediction In Three Points

The first debate is approaching and I would like to tell you how it will go. This, of course, if Biden shows up.

  1. Biden loses his train of thoughts many times. Can’t remember anything. Lies like there’s no tomorrow. Accuses Trump of defunding the Police. Invites Trump to settle their differences with a fist fight. Insults Trump in many ways having to do with ponies, and accuses him of being a junkie, or something similar. Thinks he is Joe Biden’s husband, but swears he is married to his sister. Asks Trump to make him a mixed tape. Plays “America the Beautiful” on his phone to prove he is patriotic.
  2. Trump is prepared, witty, robust in his attacks, in excellent form. Makes one little mistake saying a word the wrong way, or something along those lines.
  3. MSM declare Trump demented, and Biden the winner.

You read it here first.

The Decrepit Old Man And The Roaring Lion

Let us forget, for a moment, the obvious ideological differences in pretty much everything between Trump and Biden’s handlers.

Let us look at the two candidates, themselves.

On the one side, an old guy who looks more fragile by the week; who is obviously unable to even read from a teleprompter without making a pig’s breakfast of his prepared answers; who sounds unable to even pronounce correctly and distinctly the words that he manages to read properly; who speaks in whispers; who, in a word, projects only one message: decrepitude.

On the other side, a man’s man; not only in full possession of his mental faculties, but with an energy and resilience enviable in a man his age. A roaring lion, delivering speeches well exceeding one hour with great frequency; improvising, joking with his audience, keeping them entertained, keeping it fresh and sparkly every time, making his case in a way that could never, never be seen as “fed” to him by an army of consultants.

You might say that these things are, in the end, peripheral to the issue, and you would be, of course, right in principle. However, I think that, in practice, the mere visual impression counts. The difference in energy, stamina, ability to entertain, and sheer testosterone is so marked that the casual, low-information voter (of which there are many) would feel disgusted inside at the mere thought of associating with a pathetic, already decomposing loser like Creepy, Sleepy Joe Hiden.

How much do the mere optics count? Half a percent? It’s not little in a close race. It’s the aura of victory that comes from the energetic billionaire, full of life and with the stunner wife, against the old, tired nincompoop, completely devoid of energy, probably struggling to remember his sister’s name, and clearly manipulated by a wife who wants to be President.

Everything, everything but the voter mail fraud is working for Trump. I have heard say (but I have not read anything specific yet), that he would already be 4 points in front of Biden in Florida. Look at the Latino car parades for Biden (less than a dozen cars) and Trump (thousands of them) and you can clearly see where this is going.

Only fraud can stop this steamroller.

I trust that a man of such energy, and so forward thinking, has his lawyers ready for that, too.

Trump Prepares To Play 4D Chess, Again


I do not like it when certain attributes – like having a vagina, or melanin in one’s skin – are used as a criterium for something that should be based solely on competence, like the decision of who should be the next Supreme Court appointee.

I also notice that even men – who should be less sensitive to social ostracism than women, who are, by their nature, more social and less willing to go for protracted confrontations – tend to “go native” after moving near the champagne-sipping circles of Washington. Roberts is an obvious recent example, let us pray very hard that Gorsuch does not become another. Make no mistake: the social pressure on a woman to align to the social world in which she lives will be massive, and we will need a Margaret Thatcher-like grit to resist to it.

Still, there are good arguments for the, ahem, strategic choice of a woman – provided she would be good enough without any consideration about her sex – for the Supreme Court. In fact, there is even more than can be said for the appointment – with the conditions explained above – of a minority woman. Let me say this once again: of a minority woman who would have been a very decent pick for the Court if she had been a man. Note, in fact, that Trump does not say that the next candidate has to be a woman, because equaliteee. He has said that he will make a choice, and it is likely to (happen to) be a woman.

It would be extremely embarrassing, for the Democrats, to throw mud on a “woman of color”. The fact is, this is something they are not supposed to do, no matter what. If it is fine for Jacob Blake to be a felon, because systemic racism, it must be fine for the minority woman who get picked to be around twenty time more atrocious than embodiments of White Privilege like, to mention one for all, Nancy Pelosi. Whatever issues the candidate would supposedly have – and they would invent some calumnious ones without any compunction – it would be merely the product of the systemic injustice working against all wymyn, particularly wymyn of coooolor, right?

My suspicion is that Trump would, in normal times, relish a protracted fight. But the time is not normal, and there isn’t much of it left. Therefore, he presents the candidate that would make it the most difficult for the Dems to attack him, and creates a situation in which it is easier for Mitch McConnell to put an end to the debate before November, put the thing to a vote and see how Romney, Collins and Murkowski react.

If he wins, he goes into November surfing the wave of success like he is the new edition of the Beach Boys. If he does not win, he can use this to ask the American people to return him and a true Republican Senate majority in November. No one could accuse him of not having done enough. He would be the absolute idol of the Republican masses. The mobilisation would be, I think, huge.

It’s not the situation I would like to be in. But RBG has done all she could to damage the US Institutions – and the Supreme Court in particular – from her very death bed.

Trump needs to play with the hands of card he was given. It seems to me he is about to make a smart play.





Critical Race Theory, Or: Infiltrating The Government One Agency At A Time.


I must say that I was surprised in learning that US Federal agencies spend money to give training in “critical race theory”.  The Federal administration must be an impenetrable jungle of very numerous “independent republics” with the ability to waste their money without any serious control from outside. But heavens: no audits? No citizens’ organisations looking at the expenses and giving their two pennies on how the money is spent? Weird.

Be it as it may, Trump has put an end to the nonsense. Still, I see problems with the way the decision is formulated.

The very existence of such training exercises actually shows that the problem goes beyond the individual events, and it is the symptom of a subversive infiltration of the Federal administration. This can’t be stopped by just preventing the subversives to sabotage America in that particular way, as it obvious that these individuals will simply change the name of the training courses, or mix the subversive content with a more innocuous one.

No, the solution to this is the systematic purging from the Federal administration of all individuals who have proposed, approved, and funded such exercises. 

Once the rot has been found, spreading deodorant over it will not do. You need to eliminate the rot.

I really hope that the Trump administration realises this, and goes to work – perhaps without big proclaims, but effectively anyway – to put an end to this scandal.



This Is What Losers Look Like

The picture above tells you everything you need to know about the pathetic Democratic ticket for the 2020 Presidential election.

They represent a particular America. This is the America of fear, made of those who cower in their basement (as Biden himself does), who are literally afraid of the air they breathe, and who are very happy that an all-powerful, all-regulating Government (local and federal) tells them in minute detail what to do with their lives. This is the America of laziness, too; a Country where too many just don’t want to go back to work, or want to have a convenient home-office life without any regard for the damage this causes not only to their pupils, but to the finances of their pupils’ parents. Who knows, by the way, how many are using furlough money to travel to Portland or Seattle and wreak havoc with their Country.

Please compare with this:


This is President Donald Trump during one of his many press conferences. Positive, unafraid, optimistic, clearly and pointedly not masked, and so darn manly he makes the two masked, scared kitten above simply disappear.

There is an obvious message being sent by both camps. The Democrat message is: “be as afraid as we are”. Trump’s message is: “be as strong, as courageous, and as unashamedly American as I am”.

Somehow, I can’t imagine the West being won wearing those masks. However, I can well picture Trump on a horse, with his trusted Colt pistol and his Winchester lever gun, working as a sheriff in some dangerous parts, and being very good at it.

The American people may not formulate their thinking in this way. However they, I am sure, perceive this all too well. Besides the daily squabbles, they can clearly see fear on one side and rugged manliness on the other.

Lesbians, Homos, losers, liberal nutcases, champagne-sipping journos and assorted soy boys will like the first image. The vast majority of the Country will prefer to identify with the second one.

Fear is a losing proposition for an additional reason: it will be difficult to maintain a climate of Global Scare until November. When the Dems, invariably, try, they will look like scared kitten, and like liars to booth, even more than they do today.

Trump is doing so fine it is almost scary.

At this point, the biggest danger is complacency.





Beware Of The Wrong People


I am always wary of the people who seem to support us from the wrong perspective or, worse, from a perversion.

I have seen many times that great, multi-channel TV show that is the 2016 Election Night, and I distinctly remember a chap dressed – and with his face painted – in an extremely disquieting way in the ballroom of the Hilton, Trump’s Headquarters. The guy attracted the attention of the liberal cameras, which was very obviously why he was there in the first place. I can’t say that I can admire Trump’s work in the matter of sexual perversion – besides eliminating some of the worst excesses from the Military, which isn’t enough – . Trump just does not want to go there, which shows you that Jaranka’s influence (and his own New York upbringing) have left their evil mark on him.

Even more wary I am of people like Milo Yannopoulos; a guy who now lives with his “husband” and who has abundantly shown that, apart from the occasional brilliancy of his words (a brilliancy which is, in part, made more evident by the contrast with his being, actually, a homo), he is a creepy drama queen, in the game purely for his own self-aggrandizement.

Like many of these people, Yiannopoulos seeks a scene; or, rather, a gaudy, Liberace-style pulpit like the one Archbishop Paglia dreams he could have. I don’t mind if anyone praises something smart that he says (I have done it myself, because I think that everything that helps, helps…), but we must pay attention that the support for the single statement does not become support for the man. The man is, simply stated, not one of ours, and for reasons so obvious that if you need to be told them, it is useless to do even that.

The same happens for people like Bill Maher, who seems to get a lot of what is happening. Maher is like a man blinded by decades of leftism, who is now slowing seeing glimpses of where the ideology he has supported leads in the end. But he is not in any way, shape or form understanding the underlying issue: that leftism is a poison that ends up trying to destroy not only everything that is good and holy, but democracy itself. Instead, the man seems to think that the problem is not being a leftist, it is being a  cancel culture leftist. This is like complaining that milk goes off when you leave it out of the fridge.

Given time, leftist thinking leads to BLM, talk of equality leads to talk of forced redistribution, the encouragement of victimhood leads to looting, talk of “hate speech” leads to cancel culture and Big TechBrother dictatorship.

We should give some space to people from the wrong side who support Trump, or fight against a common enemy, or oppose cancel culture (Michael Moore is another example I have quoted more than once). But in all that, we should never forget that Milo Yiannopoulos (and all those “homos for Trump” groups, however named) will never, ever be standard bearers for us, because they live under the banner of Satan.   

He who has the Cross does not need Yiannopoulos.






“Butter, Flour, Eggs, Oil…”

Not on topic, but I couldn’t resist….


This video is from just a few days ago. 

From 0:22 to 0:24 you have the disquieting, scary portrait of the 2020 Democrat candidate-to-be.

Looking in the void, with a scared face, his mouth half open in a typical demented posture, you can literally see into what has remained of Creepy Joe’s brain. Watch as his tired neurons try to digest what he has just said and need two seconds of “look at me, I have dementia”-phase before realising he is on the wrong bus. At this point, the man tries to remember the right answer and… fails again.

The light goes out a second time, during the same speech, and this was captured in the video at 0:59 to 1:02. Again, it is embarrassing and scary. Again, the man cannot resume his train of thoughts. It is not that he, at times, tries to remember the name of the whatchamacallit and fails; this is normal at almost 80, and would not be scary if the man can keep his reasoning together and can show he still “has it”. No, this guy completely loses his train of thoughts and stares at the void, evidently wondering on which planets he is living, before the supply of electricity in his tired brain starts again and normal activity is, for the moment, resumed.

If Trump had one, one moment like this, you wouldn’t be able to see anything else on cable TV!

This is really, truly scary. I can’t imagine what horror show a three hour debate with Trump would become. Trump would not have any mercy of the guy, either, and nor should he!

It is abundantly clear that this guy can’t survive I do not say three hours, but likely even forty, thirty, perhaps as little as twenty minutes of debate without the darkness descending on his creepy brain for two, three, four seconds at a time, after which he cannot resume the train of thoughts of before the brain blackout. Another two months, and the guy might well start his answers with “butter, flour, eggs, oil….” before trying to recover with some lame joke.

This guy needs a quiet environment, a TV screen, a hot cup of milk with some honey, a blanket on his legs, and to be left alone, because what is happening to him isn’t beautiful and we do not wish it to anyone. But hey, he wants to run for President. He deserves no pity and no quarter.

At this point I am awaiting the excuse that he will choose to avoid the debates, all of them.

It will not work. That’s a lot of votes for Trump. But it’s better for Dementia Joe to be seen as a coward than to be blown to smithereens by the impact with the Trump Train, with the Country watching.



In Case You Think Trump Is In Trouble


Rasmussen is a very reliable polling firm. They went very near to the end results in 2016. They have been consistently reliable.

They say Trump is cleaning up.

Granted, this is only July. He can do damage to himself in a variety of ways before November. But there is no mistaking the message here: Biden is going nowhere fast; which is good, because he would not remember where he is trying to go in the first place.

As the article mentions, turns out Blacks and Latinos do not like riots, either. They will never be as vocal as the Twitter Mob, though. They probably are, in many ways, the usual social conservative types, averse to making noise. But they see what is happening, and are taking notes.

This, mind, from the background of an economy that has not restarted anywhere near where it will be in November. When that happens, more minority voters will choose to either support Trump or stay home. If Democratic governor try to cut their voter’s face to spite Trump, the latter will be very fast in exposing the trick, and the voters (minority, or not) will notice this, too.

I also offer another caveat: Rasmussen itself had Trump down 10% in the popular vote to Biden, which means that the polls are not very reliable yet (not even theirs) and the situation remains volatile. Still, when they consistently say that Trump was at 40% approval among Blacks (this was with the economy roaring, before Coronavirus) and is at above 40% among “people of color” now, in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis, it tells you that the gaslighting that is going on from the MSM is absolutely massive.

Third warning: when the Dems pick their BVWSG (Black Vagina With Social Grievances) the percentage of people “of color” that will vote for Trump will go down. But not much, I think. Many Blacks and Latinos are not racist. They will not vote for the White Male Candidate with the BVWSG in his ticket to spite the White Male Candidate without.

It is not in his character, of course, but I think that even if Trump locked himself in his basement, and let Biden free to roam around as he pleases until November, Trump would still win in a landslide. Biden’s best chance is for voters to just forget (as he, himself, does so well !) who the Democrat candidate is, and focus on his persona as little as possible.

Things are going well. Actually, I think they are going very well.

Time works for us (economic recovery).

Biden will have to get out of the basement and embarrass even his Labrador.

There is no sign this BLM madness is going to an end, or that it will be forgotten in November if it does. How the Dems think this is working for them, is beyond me. They have confused the Twitter mob with reality.

November will be fun to watch.







Trump’s Unforced Errors

Let me say this first: I am very optimistic concerning this campaign. I refuse to believe that a half-demented, scandal-plagued nincompoop with 50 years of swamp in his CV, and who chooses to scare everybody with a child or a mortgage with his uber-leftist platform, can defeat the President who gave us such great economic recovery (pre-shutdown).

But there is no overlooking the signs that Trump is making mistakes.

Worse, Trump is making unforced errors, and he better stop soon. He is being, I am afraid, arrogant in his approach, and not attentive enough to what his voters really want from him, and how much they care for the issues dear to them much more than they care for the person of the President. Trump may have inspired a strong following, but their faithfulness is not unconditional. This is not a cult. This is an army following his general because (and as long as) they trust him to give them good leadership in the battlefield.

I see at least four big mistakes during the Presidency, three of them continuing to various degrees.

  1. He surrounded himself with New York Liberals. Say: Ivanka, Jared, or through-and-through swamp creatures like John Kelly. How he picked Anthony Scaramucci is beyond me. It took him a while to understand that he was listening to the wrong people. I am afraid “Jaranka” still has much more influence on him than it’s good for him.
  2. He slept two years on the Wall. He recovered from that, and I think the damage on that issue will be very limited. But notice this: his substantial inaction on the Wall ended when he lost the majority in the House. Maybe he got the message. Maybe Anne Coulthard calling him a “faggot” is what woke him up (my pint is on this). But notice this: he acted out of his Presidential powers, showing that he had just looked for excuses to do nothing when he insisted on the House following him. Had he not decided to be the Commander in Chief and take action already, he would now be half-toast. Thankfully, I think this will go well in the end.
  3. He is making DACA amnesty noises again (I have just published a post about this). I think this is a very dangerous place to be, with the upside vastly overshadowed by the downside if his core voters smell betrayal. I know he is likely playing cat-and-mouse with the Dems, but I still think this is a very dangerous game to play. There is no need whatsoever to do this. Trump’s voters want a strong line on illegal immigration, with no ifs and no buts. He needs to have the courage of his convictions, instead of trying to get a bit of support here and a bit of support there; and again, this is a far too dangerous issue to troll the Dems with.
  4. He has been too near to Fauci on the Coronavirus for too long, and there will be a (hopefully small, considering the alternative) number of shop owners and small entrepreneurs who will never forgive him for this. I think if there is anything that, in November, might prove fatal to him, is this, even more than back pedaling on DACA. Conversely, I think that if he fares a line of strong support for reopening, he will be well on his way to victory.

Let me say this again: things are looking good, and it works for us that the pollsters live on Planet Liberal. But Trump must avoid becoming overconfident, and letting his occasional arrogance prevail over his desire to help the American people.

With all his good traits, Trump has always been a bit of a maverick. You never know, when you wake up in the morning, which wrong fight he is picking (say: Mattis, Sessions…). In this, you can see why, excellent as he is on the whole, he will be Ronald Reagan.

Memento Moore, Or: Sour Home Alabama?

Memento Moore…

I dedicate a lot of attention to the 2020 US Presidential election, because I think that Trump’s re-election is a key component of the March Towards Sanity that is taking place in part of the West and will, God willing, keep going in the next years. So much is at stake (abortion first, but also First and Second Amendment, judicial sanity and avoiding being run over by a Marxist mob among other things) that there can be, in my estimation, nothing more Catholic than drumming for Trump’s re-election.

However, there is a second aspect of the November election that is almost as important as the President: the US Senate.

Whilst it is certainly better to have Trump as President, even without any of House or Senate majority, than having Biden as President, however the arrangement of House and Senate, it is fairly obvious that the Senate will be a very important battleground in the societal conflicts of the next four years. As I write this, RBG is hospitalised, again, and it is highly improbable that she will survive the next mandate (heck: she might not survive next week…). Add to this the Wide Latina with a serious case of the diabetes, and Justice Breyer about to become 82, and you get the picture. Plus, all the other judicial appointments. Plus, the ability to better push  his agenda if he has reasonable control (talking to you, Ms Murkowski, Ms Collins and Ms Romney) at least of the Senate.

Alas, I am not sure that things are really going in the right direction there. The Alabama Republican primary saw the safe winner in November, Jeff Session, soundly defeated by a political unknown with several weak flanks called Tommy Tuberville.

You might say that this is different than the last Alabama Senate election, when Roy Moore very narrowly lost to Doug Jones. Jones also voted against Kavanaugh, thus making it even more difficult to be re-elected. But make no mistake, the Democrat will go for Tuberville’s jugular; and, in this, truth or facts will not have to play any role at all.

I am pretty sure that they will unleash an emotional tempest against him, to sway the estrogen-laden part of the voters, including the estrogen-laden male voters. he will be Christine Blasey Ford-ed like there is no tomorrow. Women will come out stating he touched them inappropriately circa 1982, or circa 1892, they won’t remember exactly but it will be irrelevant. He will be Kaepernick-ed by his former Black players like it’s riot day in Minneapolis. Financial dealings, locker talk, everythign since his birthday will be unearthed. Again, there is no need to find anything substantial. Emotional rubbish or outright lies will be just fine.      

Granted: Tuberville will have a great advantage that Roy Moore never had, as Trump will likely fight like a lion for him no matter what “tapes” come out. But will it be enough? Roy Moore seemed a likely win, too.

By contrast, Jeff Sessions, albeit in my estimation a failure as AG, would have been the most loyal, most dependable Senator Trump could have wished in the Senate, and his decades of scrutiny and vast personal integrity would have made any attack virtually impossible. Session was not the ideal candidate of a too emotional, vindictive President, but he would have been a virtually 100% November winner. Tuberville was certainly able to excite the Republican grassroots, but again, Roy Moore is a big cautionary tale here.

If Sessions had won yesterday, I would have relaxed, thinking that the Senate battle begins with the retaking of the Alabama senate seat. As it is now, I think it will be the dirtiest battle since Kavanaugh, and it could have been avoided.

Not a good omen, for sure.


Employment Data And Subversion Strategies


The employment data for June are out. Alas, they are very bad news for the Democrats. At this pace, I think by the end of October things will look fine indeed.

The Dems will certainly not allow this. Economic recovery is pure poison for them. Their plan has obviously been, for months now, to create vast economic misery staying in the way of Trump’s reelection. We know they don’t care about the Country. What will they do?

I think they will try the following:

Fauci-ism Offensive.   

Expect more space given to a man who wasn’t shy of attention one day in his life. Fauci will tell us that things are going to get very bad, unless Governors castrate the economy again. This time, he will have a much more difficult job. Peter and the Wolf come to mind. There might be local closures for a while, but as a whole, I would say that Republicans states have had enough.

Riot Offensive

Dems will keep pushing the rioting, burning, and disrupting of the economy. They will say J-J-J-Justice is more important than the economy. Plus, all those people around will spread the virus in its last legs, helping them to push more Fauci-ism down your throat. I think they will avoid Autonomous Zones this time; but the more Molotov cocktails, the better. It will be, as always, Trump’s fault.

Propaganda offensive 

Expect more rubbish from the MSMs and the “polling agencies”. Biden in front 14%, 15%, 34%, 71%. Trump at 3% or so probability of victory. “Unnamed” discouraged Republican representatives (very likely, Mitt Romney). Trump possibly resigning before the election (this I have really read a week or so ago! I had to check the date to make sure it was not written just after the tape…. It was not!). There is really no limit to the shamelessness of these people. But it makes them look good with their Facebook friends, you see….

Barking Offensive 

Relentless insults at Trump. Accusations of racism, white Supremacism, robbing of old women, and slaughtering of cute kitten. “Fine people hoax” like there is no tomorrow. If all else fails, screaming like that ugly woman (if such it was) at his inauguration.

Mind, I think they will fail.

But they will try. They don’t mind what kind of damage they inflict on their Country.

Getting rid of Trump is the only thing they care for.


Second Lockdown: I Hope Trump Reads This Article (He Might Have To Get Rid Of Jaranka First)



The article is here.

It is very informative, extremely detailed, and very thorough in its analysis.

I suggest all of my readers with time and inclination to read the thing in its entirety, and then forward it to whomever they know, post it on their Facebook page (if any), retweet, etc.

Spread the sanity.

The article is a comprehensive examination of all the major issues revolving around the Chinese Virus.  It has contains a lot of information about how the stats are now describing a completely different situation from the one in February-March.

It also has a clear, convincing explanation as to why there will not be a second wave of magnitude even remotely comparable to the first.

Basically, the job is almost done. There is no need to keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Those who advocate it want to hit Trump, and the US economy be damned.

One would think that such robust arguments, fruit of facts instead of scaremongering and “forecasts” of politically motivated activists masked as “experts”, would put an end to the controversy. Alas, we do not live in a world dominated by robust arguments. We live in a world dominated by emotions, desire to “feel good”, and effeminacy galore.

Enjoy the reading.

The Second Lockdown


The big guy reminds me of Robert E. Lee. Does the little guy remind you of Stonewall Jackson?

You just need to visit for one minute the comments section of every conservative site when the article commented mentions the word “lockdown”, to see what people in Trumpland think of it.

The fact is, a second nationwide lockdown would be a catastrophe. I would not cry “we have lost”, or abandon myself to the defeatism so many conservative commenters seem to enjoy (I wish I had a dollar for every “it’s all over” comment I have read since the begin of the Internet), but certainly it would be the biggest gift Trump can make to his adversaries. If you ask me, already the first lockdown was too long, and Trump pushed it a bit too far before starting to work for reopening. Whilst the discipline is in the hands of the States, the input coming from the White House is, as everybody has noticed in March, extremely important.

In my eyes, Trump should do this:

  1. Constantly criticise the Democrats for crying that the end was near when it was convenient to damage him, and forgetting everything about the Chinese Virus when…. it was convenient to damage him. This should be relentless, day in and day out.
  2. Never mention, or even consider, or propose, or ponder about, a second nationwide or almost nationwide lockdown.
  3. Constantly remind the Americans to be brave in battle, and not to desert their post. The Brits went to work under the bombs during the Blitz. Everyone should reflect on this.
  4. Fire, or sideline, or isolate Dr Fauci, now. Fauci has shown a very alarming propensity to think he can make policy. He needs to go. He needs to be substitute by someone taking great care to only talk about facts and stats, but always referring to the decisions of the elected personnel when asked about policy options.

Trump is in the middle of two storms right now: the BLM Attempted Revolution and the Chinese Virus. The first event will work for him if he navigates it correctly (which he seems to be doing). The second is an unknown at the moment, and I am terrified of whom he might lend his ear to if the second wave proves (or is said to be) a massive one.

God forbid, Dr Fauci and Jaranka;s influence determine the campaign and the President’s actions in the last fourth month of the race.






Shut Up Or Man Up, Or: Why Some Are Presidents And Most Others Aren’t.


Once again, an allegedly conservative person refuses to man up and, faced with opposition, thinks that the smart thing to do is resigning.

This is, admittedly, only the mayor of a 2,000 inhabitants Alabama town. But his weakness of character and lack of attributes can be seen everywhere these days, particularly in the deafening silence of those (bar Trump, as always) who have a clear duty to speak.

This Mayor, who is not an important Congressman or Senator, did not have to speak about the Crimson Tide’s (stupid and totally reprehensible) video. But once he did speak, one would expect he would not fold like that. We are at the point where you resign because some people are angry at you. It’s as if being liked by everybody would be a defining feature of a local conservative politician.

Meanwhile, Mayors of much bigger cities like Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Baltimore, or New York make a pig’s breakfast of their own cities and not only do not resign, but counterreact with more easy demagoguery, like having Black Lives Matter painted, at your expenses, on walls and roads. They don’t care how they look in the eyes of the silent majority. The silent majority will have to suck it up, because these major are on the side of the violent and bullying minority, which is the safest corner right now. 

This needs to stop. Timid Facebook posts followed by prompt resignation, or apologies, or both need to leave place to either shutting up first or manning up later. You don’t need to be liked by everybody, but you need to show that you have integrity, courage and the guts to stay by what you have stated. Even as the Mayor of a 2000 small village, you have the duty to be an example.

Can you imagine Trump resigning over a tweet?

Do you realise, now, why he is the President and most others aren’t?



Tulsa: The Autopsy (Or: Still A Superstar!)



Some good and some bad things happened in Tulsa. I would like to examine them one by one, as I see them.

Foreign Interference 

Foreign people inflating the number of participants is a foreign interference in the US election. The same cretins who have cried foul for two years on Russia and Ukraine seem unable to see this. I wonder if one’s IQ decides one’s political allegiance. I personally did not believe the 1 million figure, thinking that at some point it was just a way to show support for Trump from people who knew they did not have a chance to attend (more on this further on). This is why, in my last post, I limited myself to hundreds of thousands; which is, I think, still a very realistic estimate of the real support Trump mobilised. Still, this is foreign interference that must be investigated and made to stop.

Fake News 

Whilst the foreign interference is worrying and needs to be stamped out (this came largely from China; it is difficult to imagine that party officers did not have their Commie Paws in it one way or the other), the idea that they would cause disruption or cause the rally to fail in itself is 1-A Certified Fake News. Trump Rallies’ attendance is not by invitation, it is on a first-come-first-served basis.   Therefore, one can send as many fake invitations as he wants, but he will never cause the right people to stay out of the rally, or be persuaded not to travel to it, because Chinese Commies have already taken all the tickets. Besides, many people travel to get to the party outside of the rally. Therefor,e it would be irrelevant to them if they think all the tickets have gone. The issue is a different one, and it’s the security one.

Security Concerns 

It is absolutely laughable to say that the rally attendance was a failure, a fiasco, or other words of the sort. There were extensive security concerns and, at times, a curfew in place. There is a big difference between the rallies of the Democrats and those of Trump: the Democrats don’t show up, and those who show up are young militants of more or less challenged intelligence and no children. The Republicans show up with the entire families, with their friend’s families, and make of it a big party and a joyous day out. You need to live in fantasy land to think that the fact that many decided not to show up is something that indicates mediocre, even vanishing support for Trump. Is it wise to travel many hours, with your children, for what could have become a day of battle? Exposing your children to scenes of violent clashes between Antifa and police, tear gas, cries, sirens, horse-mounted policemen (as long as they still exist) with batons? Honestly, I am not really surprised. But I live in a different continent, and the locals will have had a better feeling of what the situation was. They would, for example, read articles like this one,  on the day of the rally, and decide not to travel in the end. I don’t blame them.

Huge Interest for Trump 

Hey, Democrats: after you have enjoyed your three minutes of Beavis and Butthead laughter, get this: 5,300,000 people watch Trump live on the sum of all video channels (TV and Internet). 

Yep. Trump is still a Superstar!

This huge interest in watching Trump also tells something very valuable: that it is very realistic to assume that many who decided not to travel made to the decision to watch Trump on video instead.

I remember reading in the past about video appearance of Joe The Creepy Guy with abysmal participation. I really, really hope Dems are too dim to see this obvious point.

Now, let us reflect on this: when millions of moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats read that leftist fringes obstacle democracy in their Country and the Democrats do not say a word against it – actually laughing at Trump instead – how do you think they will react? I think that every episode of threatened violence and subversion of the Democratic process brings more votes to Trump.

But hey, CNN never says that, so I must be wrong…


So, bad news for you, Democrats: Trump is every bit the Superstar, no matter how hard you put your fingers in your ears and cry “lalalalaaaala”.

Still, bad news for Republicans, too: Trump’s rallies must be joyous family gatherings, not potential war zones.

Now that the threat is evident, there must be a corresponding reaction.



Donald Trump Superstar

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)


I remember 2016, when Hillary (minus pop stars) could gather no more than twice the journalist present as her “oceanic crowd” and poor, pathetic, meanwhile forgotten Tim Kaine would attract masses by the… dozen, likely trying very hard not to cry. At that time, Trump regularly had 15,000, 20,000, 30,000 people wishing to be at his rallies, the most beautiful thing being the parties of the people outside of the official grounds, with screens catering for them. People who had come knowing they had no chance of getting in, but happy enough to be outside, and party with fellow Patriots.

This is a long distant memory now. Nowadays the crowds for Trump , in a time of pandemic, are counted by the hundreds of thousands. The phenomenon is just staggering to see. It is the witness of a degree of popularity never enjoyed (in life) by JFK, or Lincoln, likely not even by Ronald Reagan. This guy is a superstar. 

One day before it’s not enough to get a chance to be in the proper rally grounds, They are now starting to gather on the Thursday for a rally on the Saturday. It’s just as beautiful as that.

Keep telling lies to yourselves with your polls, Democrats. Call them “science” if you start to feel insecure. Reflect pensively, between an amouse bouche and a champagne flute at your mini-party, how Republicans will react to their defeat in November.

Keep dreaming.

We will keep winning.


Living In The CHAZ, Or: Unplanned Donations

Restore DC Catholicism has a delightful post about what it means to be a woke cretin in Woke Central, the CHAZ. 

It truly is hilarious. Mommy’s darling, who had money, supplies and laptop stolen, gets all passive-aggressive, and lets the woke world know that he/she/it/whatever it identifies with today will now have to go back to mama, then the idea of working for a living never entered his mind. I don’t think this is a girl. I think it’s a boy, plus a lot of soy. But it’s just me.

However this may be, we are in Woke central, and there is no time for such selfish behaviour as whining that your stuff has been stolen. The answer is comedy gold:

This is a masterful, BLM-age retort. I am sure this is not meant to be funny. This is merely the new reality in Woke Central.

Let me count the ways:

  1. I don’t judge you. I really, really appreciate you. You are such a unique snowflake. And now that I have paid my tribute to your sensitive Woke skin, hold fast…
  2. You are judgmental. Just because things disappear, you call this theft? Who do you think you are? If we weren’t in the same Woke Central, I would call you racist!
  3. Theft isn’t theft if we say so. You have no right to your property. If someone who is “disadvantaged” took it, suck it up, boy! You will now see the thief of your laptop use it, and enjoy your food and your money. It’s the way it works here. Be happy for him. Reflect on your privilege instead.
  4. As you have no right to your property, it’s not for you to call anyone a thief, or yourself a victim of theft. But we will entitle you to call it an “unplanned donation”. Unplanned, mind; not unwanted!  You, me, everybody, we are all in agreement that theft is what we are about in this community. See, it works in this way: you have no right to anything whenever anybody else is in greater need of it than you.  
  5. I don’t judge you. You have been a useful idiot for the cause. You did good today. Now, kindly shut up, before I get angry.

It does not need a genius to know that this is what goes on all the time in this wonderful experiment. The desperate race for who is the most woke; the tyranny of communism that you are requested to like and approve; the gentle, “you need to get in line with the party line” rebuke, Communist Party style; the bullying of the strong and the cowardly servitude of the sheep, who aren’t even allowed to whine.

It truly is delicious.


I must say that I disagree with the idea that Trump should intervene, sharp-ish, and put an end to this. I would agree with the policy if those six blocks were inhabited by solidly-thinking, hard-working, conservative people. However, it seems to me that this commune is established in one of the wokest parts of one of the wokest cities “from sea to shining sea”. I frankly cannot see why this new Animal Farm should not be allowed to take its course, a “social experiment” of which the vast majority of its inhabitants must surely approve and, if they don’t, should approve anyway because this is, ultimately, what they have supported for now many years.

Plus, Trump is the ultimate Aikido-fighter, using the energy of his adversaries against them. If he intervened, his own use of force (or energy) would be universally condemned and the cries of “repression” would rise to the sky. In this way, he exposes the inaction at all level of Democrat power (Mayor, Governor, Senate, House) whilst criticising the chaos incessantly; but he still keeps ready to intervene, if the situation becomes so serious that the Governor must be pushed aside, and must let the grown ups do their job.

This can only have a handful of outcomes:

A) Copycats of the CHAZ pop out in other “Woke” Democrat cities like Portland, Berkeley or San Francisco. If the Dem police represses them, get the popcorn. If they don’t, watch millions of moderate Democrat voters discover the virtues of both Trumpism and the Second Amendment.

B) The CHAZ dies a pacific, slow death of exhaustion. Too many mama boys run out of money, not enough soy beans to go around, vegan food difficult to find and not enough people giving the heroes food for nothing, and the like. In this case, they will look like spoiled children with no spine or brains, and the Democrats will look the more stupid for having supported them.

C) The CHAZ ends up being a very violent place, or the lawlessness forces the police to put an end to it with the baton and the.. taser. In this case, Democrats at all levels will have brutally failed, and there will be no way to hide this. Plus, you will see the flocking of sane people to the tactical Trump vote – just until the Dems go back to halfway sanity – as in B).

Before I conclude, a last reflection on the last words of the theft victim.

He writes: “I might be packing up to leave soon”.

Whatever it is that he is packing, I am sure others will be in greater need of it than him. I see more “unplanned donations” coming, nor do I think it is such an injustice.

Live woke, die woke.






A Very Fat, Very Timid Cassandra, And His BVWRG Veep Candidate


Michael Moore is one of those people who seem to have the ability to, confusedly, see reality for what it is  behind the thick PC fog he himself puts in front of his eyes. I think this is because he seems to have kept contact with friends of his youth, so he has that connection with the real world that rapidly evaporates whenever he talks to his rich, champagne-sipping, cocaine-snorting, sodomy-practicing liberal friends from the coasts.

Mind, he does not have the *guts* to tell the liberals that they are delusional, and that it looks like they are heading for a trouncing in November. He knows all too well that his “friends” would turn on him like a swarm of piranhas if he started to say what he really thinks! By the way, this is the drama almost every pollster is living now, more so today than in 2016. 

In the linked video, Moore is confronted with the customary, delusional “polling average”, as if a bunch of fake news made by terrified pollsters had more credibility than the first one of them. Please, God, make them go on like that until November!

Mr Moore is clearly invited to endorse the view of his interviewer and the “consensus” of the polls, which clearly predicts that Trump’s base support will be devastated exactly in those states that gave him the victory in 2016 and saw him deliver on everything he had promised to them until 2020. Not being as dumb as his interviewer, or as terrified as the pollsters, he clearly refuses.

Notice, though, that he does not say “you are living in cuckoo land, people!” He simply limits himself to stating – amidst various insults for Trump and the Deplorables, as he clearly thinks that of all of them – that, no matter what the Democrats throw at him, Trump will keep his base intact. This is the equivalent of taking the little toy given to him, throwing it to the floor and stomping it with his not inconsiderable weight, without actually doing it.

Liberals scared of liberals.

Meanwhile, more than 200,000 people want to see Trump in Oklahoma, in a time of (supposed) pandemic.  This guy is now way past Rock Star Status. He is one of the greatest American Icons, in his own lifetime. Babe Ruth and Joe Di Maggio bundled together. John Wayne on steroids. The second coming of Elvis.

Moore clearly sees it, but he does not want to say it. His Coastal Liberal counterparts prefer not to see it at all, and to lull themselves, like in 2016, with the “data”; this and, possibly, the cocaine, allows them to ignore, just a little bit longer, the reality they see around them.

In 2016, Trump was outspent by Hillary more than 2 to 1. This year, Trump will vastly outspend Biden. He is making  a tremendous effort in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Heck, he is spending a lot in Minnesota, and the mess in Minneapolis will certainly help him! He is the incumbent, which is always an advantage. He has delivered tremendously for his voters, which is another, much bigger advantage. He propels himself into Popularity Stratosphere whilst Biden cowers in his basement; an old, confused man whose strongest selling point is that you pity him for his dementia.

You need to be a liberal hack in order not to see where this very clearly seems to lead.

You need to be merely a liberal in order to simply see all this, and not have the courage to say it openly.

At the end of the interview, enjoy Moore offering his choice for Veep: the obligatory BVWRG, Black Vagina With Racial Grievances. His interviewer either does not know the activist woman (I had to search, Michael Moore pulled a nice “holier than thou” trick there…) or seems to think, ever her, that the BVWRG is too much on the left even for her.

Gotta love these liberals trying to out liberal each other.

They seem not to realise the effect they have on everybody else.







Meet The Virus Slayer

The US economic data that came out today were a surprise of historic proportion.

The unemployment was at 14.7% last month, a historic high. It was expected to rise anywhere between 19% and 20%. the finance markets were bracing for a loss of 8m jobs.

It turned out differently.

The unemployment rate did not rise to 20%. It dropped  to 13.3%.

The economy did not shed 8 million of jobs. It gained two and a half.

I think one day people will write that this is the day Biden knew (before he forgot again) that he had lost the election.

The Democrats tried to destroy Trump by accusing him of incompetence in dealing with the Coronavirus. He stunned the country with solid leadership and strong optimism. They failed.

The Democrats then tried to destroy him by destroying the economy. He gave them some space (too much, I think; but hey…) in order to avoid giving them the flank. He had sufficient courage to reopen before it was too late. They failed.

Then they tried to destroy him by destroying the entire country. He sent the national Guard to Minnesota, and threatened to do it elsewhere. They failed.

And now, this.

The economy is coming back with a vengeance. The next months will be characterised by a strong optimism as the economy races again. Bar big surprises, it will be firing on all cylinders by November.

Trump had seen it right. He had predicted, many times, that the economy would recover strongly, faster than most people expected. Today is his great vindication.

He went for the jugular, as always, giving a press conference. He destroyed the Democrat narrative whilst thanking them.

He stands tall now, with the economy soaring.

Not one person lacked a ventilator.

Meet the Virus Slayer.

My blood boils when I read the comments of the never happy, the professional Monday morning quarterbacks, the permanently grumpy losers, the people so stupid, or so absorbed in their perennial grievances, that they are unable to understand what great gift God made us with this man.

Support Trump. Support him with your friends, relatives, coworkers. See past the occasional intemperance, or the odd tweet. This Presidency is not about this.

This man is a giant. Forgive him his peccadilloes, and thank God that he, and not Hillary or Joe or Kamala or Beto, are leading the nation.



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