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Finding God (Or Suicide) In Nature

Francis is here seen trying to find God somewhere….

Why do we have to put up with this?

It’s like reading a high school magazine made by the usual good-for-nothing.

An Aborigenous woman will visit Rome for seven days. She will meet the Pope, and will try to talk about “spirituality” with him (good luck). She is, obviously, an artist, and she will, obviously, show her “art”. Disclosure: I will soon be the only person I know who is not an artist. But then again I am not a racial minority, so people would not applaud my “art” anyway.

The woman is Catholic because she and her people “found God in nature” and, with an acumen certainly worthy of her doctor title, fails to explain why there is, then, any need for the Incarnation, or why the Aborigenous people were not all Catholic thousands of years before Christ.

Perhaps there was no nature before the Westerners came? Or there was one, and – strangely – no trace of Christ weit und breit? Questions, questions…

The unavoidable grievances are also there. Instead of being eternally grateful that her people went into contact with the West – and, through it, with Christ – there is talk of “reconciliation”. Why there should be any need for reconciliation, we aren’t told.

Do you mean thanksgiving, ma’am? Just asking.

It gets even more sinister when we are informed that the woman’s sister already met JP II, who blessed her son, who, many years later, committed suicide. This is, wait for it, a “stark reminder” of the “inequalities” “faced” bla, bla, and bla.

I thought suicide is pretty much the worst sin of all? I thought a Catholic, particularly those who find God in nature, understand this? I thought that this blaming one’s sins on “society” and on “inequalities” is, in fact, the most un-Catholic thing you can do?

Wait: I was even told that those who whitewash suicide with this kind of excuses are encouraging others to do the same?

Gosh: could it be that I have not found God in nature? There is a tree out of this place. Let me go out a moment and see if I find God there…..


Well, there was only a tree. But then again I am not one of the Aborigenous people, so perhaps I simply didn’t look hard enough…


The linked article well exemplifies what exercise in soppy, sugary stupidity official Catholicism has become. All the common places of the bleeding-heart, tree-hugging social worker are there. But at the first challenge posed by the very religion these people claim to profess (like poverty, self-responsibility, or suicide!), said religion completely disappears under a tsunami of sugary, and very childish, waffle.

When I become Pope (hey, there are men claiming they are women….) I will fire everybody at the Vatican news agency, and then publish, for months on end, only articles explanatory of Catholic doctrine.

I am pretty sure it will help the one or other among the Aborigenous people to, actually, not commit suicide.

Meet Bruce Jenner, The Mad Monster Arsonist.

Bruce. No, read it again. Bruce.

Bruce Jenner has, as a former track runner, condemned the fact that a boy has been allowed to get a place in State track running competition by running among women rather than among men. Breitbart – not linked to, as they keep misgendering Bruce Jenner – informs us that the boy would, if he had run among the people of his sex, have arrived last. Among the girls he arrived second, likely deciding not to crush the opposition in order to attract less flack on himself. I wonder if he will find other boys in the State finals. I am sure there are scholarships to be scrounged with this.

Now, there is no innocent in all this. Bruce Jenner is merely a madman criticising others for giving signs of even bigger mental instability than himself. However, most others support this kind of degeneracy out of pure calculation (leftists bent on destroying every vestige of decency, assorted fags and dykes hoping to look less disordered, and boys gunning for the scrounging of victories and scholarships). Bruce Jenner, instead, had himself mutilated [edit: it appears he still has his appendages, but you get the point….] just to make the absurd point that he thinks he is a woman.

But it’s really worse than that. This is not only the kettle calling the pot black. This is the arsonist criticising the fires that others have started after him. The hypocrisy is staggering as it comes from a man who has been a driving force of the madness we are seeing today. The guy cannot decide that he is a woman, but other boys aren’t. It’s self-serving and hypocritical in the extreme.

Of course, Bruce Jenner has a clear agenda here: to make for himself a conservative reputation as the most conservative Trannie in the village.

Sorry, Bruce. You can’t be a trannie and a conservative. You can only be as monstrous politically as you are physically.

But then again, this guy is most likely merely looking for validation, desperately craving the approval he knows he does not give to himself. And in fact, what Bruce Jenner is screaming from the rooftops is exactly this: he himself does not believe, nor did he ever believe, that he is a woman.

And if he is not a woman, he can only be a monstrously deformed individual.

Sorry, just stating the facts here. As even Bruce Jenner appears to clearly see.

I do not see a happy ending in Bruce’s cautionary tale. I see a suicide with subsequent hell as the most likely outcome, and hell as a foregone conclusion, barring conversion, if he dies of natural causes.

But no, I think suicide is the most likely outcome. Satan is clearly closing in on the guy, trying to make the cognitive dissonance in his head explode.

Pray for all the victims and those persecuted by these maniacs.

Dodgers Go Full Fudgers

What the US are becoming…

Some days ago I had written, in my innocence, that of course the LA Dodgers would, upon being informed of who they are, disinvite the blasphemous group of perverts.

They don’t want to become the next Bud Light, I wrote.

Fairly reasonable, it seems to me.

Well, it turns out I was wrong: they do want to be the next Bud Light.

What this says to me is that this is more alarming than the original post. This is a deliberate woke provocation made in full knowledge of the facts by an obviously pro-pervert organisation now clearly meant to shove perversion and blasphemy down their fans’ throat.

We will see how this pans out, but it seems to me that there is now a full scale attack on Christian values and decency, probably motivated by the hope that there is “strength in numbers” and people will not have the rage or the discipline to boycott everyone that goes trannie/pervie/woke.

Make no mistake: this will end up perverting the masses, little by little, until every perversion is normalised.

Would the LA Fudgers, only twenty years ago, have dared to organise a faggofeast? Twenty years later not only they have the blasphemous trannies, but – which is likely worse – the faggofest has been entirely normalised!

If things go on this way, give it another twenty years and the trannies will be everywhere, with the p-p-professional Catholics now screaming against the invitation of the incestuous whilst not even mentioning either the faggots or the trannies.

Meanwhile, Russia becomes more and more Christian, strengthens its education system, improves its military technology advantage with the unites states, and prepares itself to give the woke West a lesson it will never forget.

One can see, once again, a clear parallel to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, killed by the debauchery and sissification of its people. The big difference is, most likely, that social processes that once took centuries now go much faster. Just look at what has happened in the “Kinzhal Vs Patriot” duel last week in the Ukraine to see how fast the cards can change in the military technology game.

Will the US recover? Sad to say, likely not. The 2024 elections will be most likely stolen and the perversion of the American society will continue apace, until a big shock comes which, hopefully, reverses the course. This shock will likely be the outbreak of armed confrontation between the mainstream and the woke troops, or a humiliating military defeat, courtesy of China or Russia, that opens the eyes about what degeneracy leads to.

But it won’t be tomorrow. Just read what Larry Johnson writes about recruitment at the CIA and you’ll see the scale of the problem.

The LA Fudgers incarnate what a vocal, aggressive, bigoted minority is doing to the once great USA.

As long as the Conservatives – or, actually, the normal people – are worried about appearing “moderate” and “reasonable”, there is no way of winning this.

Fatness, Perversion, And Inclusion.

Do you see the connection?

I am, I think, one of the few people making a connection between the spread of fatness and the march of sexual perversion; or, more in general, between perversion and the lack of discipline and permissive attitude of which fatness is the most evident signal (a distant second would be tattoos).

I sit on the bus, looking at just another grotesquely fat young girl of, say, 21. Without knowing her, I understand the high probability that the fattie squeezed in the bus seat is in favour of so-called gay marriage, gender theory, affirming lesbians, and the like.

Why is that? Insecurity, and need of acceptance.

Fattie knows that she is vulnerable to brutal criticism. Much as she can have persuaded herself that it’s not her fault that she is a voting hippo, she still knows, deep down, that: a. She is, and b. Everybody else knows it, too. It’s like the trannie fantasy: you can pretend as much as you like that George is now Henrietta, but everybody knows the truth.

Fattie is now terrified of being excluded. Without the discipline to stay away from the fries and donuts, without parents “judging” her and teaching her discipline, without knowing what the word “gluttony” even means, and without any guidance from teachers either rotten in their brain or terrified of saying one single word, she knows she is going to remain the no-circus-ticket cannon woman.

She will react seeking all “inclusion” she can. I include you, so you include me. The mainstream ideas propagated by the msm will never be challenged. She will never dare to criticise any sexual behaviour – except when it’s socially safe: pedophilia – lest she is told about her behaviour. She will become a beacon of “inclusiviteee”.

The person without the money for the cinema will want free tickets for all.

Suddenly, nobody – unless he is Trump – can do anything wrong: tattoos, purple hair and ignoring that Georgina has a penis will become an untouchable moral imperative, because fattie knows that her very social life is at stake. In order for her to keep ingesting rubbish food, others must be allowed to live rubbish lives.

It works for boys, too; but less so, then boys are more self-assured and physical appearance is less important to them. Still, the basic mechanism will be the same.

Once upon a time, there was a received set of values, which did not allow challenges without punishment. A woman called herself a “free spirit”, the other girls called her a slut. Men would use her and throw her away. It was a system of brutal sanctions for wrong behaviour. This system of values has been dismantled, because the very guardians of the system (the boys and the girls, their parents, their teachers) have renounced to their role of social controllers. This they have done, in countless cases, because they are fat, their parents are fat, their daughters are fat, there is no priest worthy of the name around, and their teachers are fat, leftists, or terrified.

No moral values in one thing leads to no moral values in other things. It’s a slippery slope.

Our ancestors knew it. They enforced a social system of sanctions and exclusion.

Today, it’s just an endless row of letters followed by a plus.

Coronation, Christianity, And Copium.

Charles’ King

I have not watched Charles’ coronation. Firstly, I am allergic to Welby, and secondly, I was mindful of what happened to Elizabeth’s funeral.

This Country seem to be so, that the same people who sanction abominations like the so-called same sex marriage also enjoy the pomp and circumstance of Royal ceremonies, and make themselves beautiful giving a fake show of Christian allegiance, and nobody calls them out for their hypocrisy. This likely happens because everybody knows it’s only a show.

Therefore, those self-important, self-appointed representatives of Catholicism in England, who say that the ceremony was a reaffirmation of Christian values, have understood exactly zippo of what this was all about: the respect of traditional forms now largely devoid of significance.

The Romans did that, too, and they still had solemn appointment of the Pontifex Maximus and other religious as well as political figures (even of tribunes, consuls, etc.) long after these appointment had ceased to have but a symbolic role, a tribute to a past long gone.

State organisations want to perpetuate themselves. If they threw away today the traditions of yesterday, people would start to wonder why more radical modernisations should not be introduced. The British Government has divested itself of its Empire, but it has remained the same: there was never a breach, or a revolution, or a dramatic change like the Weimar Republic when the Empire was euthanised. Hence, the same kings and queens, and the same solemn funerals and celebrations, and the same pomp that the tourists like so much, and is so reassuring to the average citizen.

But look a bit deeper, and you will see a Country changed beyond recognition since Elizabeth’s coronation, and in which Christianity is, de facto, the preserve of a minority of the population, all others thinking that it is absolutely fine to be a pervert (they don’t even use that word anymore, they say “gay”) and so on. Plus, the millions of Muslims and of the members of other religions, some of them actually believing in it (let me reassure my readers that, in the UK, most Muslims are pretty much as disinterested in Islam as the official Christians are in Christianity, and are twenty years behind us at the most).

So no, the Coronation has not “reaffirmed” absolutely anything, and in order to believe that one needs a big injection of copium.

Pachamama Good, Christ Bad. Or: Tough Guys, Clowns, And Cowards

I wonder what Bishop Cibotti thinks of this….

An Italian Priest has been suspended a divinis for having dared to publish a 1300-Pages mammoth book about Francis’ heresies, with particular reference to Amoris Laetitia.

Don Tullio Rotondo, the courageous and, actually, Catholic priest, has been suspended by his own bishop.

This means that this was not, say, the CDF suspending Father for being heretical, something which would have been extremely fun to watch. It is, instead, his own pastor suspending him for being Catholic.

I wonder how many, certainly, heretical books have been published by religious in the Sixties and Seventies (and later, too) without the relevant Ordinary emitting the faintest peep. But no, in the time of “who am I to judge” Catholics are very, very rapidly condemned.

I cannot imagine the Bishop’s decision having been taken without some phone calls from the Vatican, giving him some useful hints as to what to do. I say this because I cannot imagine the Evil Clown reacting to the book with anything other than a tirade filled with expletives. But again, it’s very difficult to challenge the courageous Don Tullio to an orthodoxy contest when you are the heretic. Therefore, let us call the bishop (who, likely, desired nothing more than being left alone, as most of them do) and order him to kick the priest where it hurts.

This is so Francis it actually screams “c@zzo!!”

Sadly for the bishop – and the clown – this Don Tullio seems the kind of guy who embraces persecution in the name of Christ and it is, in fact, consoling that there are V II priests able to behave in this way.

Note here that Don Tullio does not say that Francis is not the Pope. He states – correctly so – that the guy spreads heresy. He does not flee from reality, he gives it a long, hard stare in the face, and then says what he sees.

I don’t think that Bishop Cibotti is being Ultramontanist. I think he is just being a coward. In fact, the suspension a divinis is not entering, from what I can see, the controversy. It is simply justified with Don Tullio’ alleged disobedience, seen that Don Tullio prefers to obey to Christ first. A tough guy, this one. I hope he keeps resisting. I also hope he will evolve his thinking and embrace Traditionalism.

But look: what is this to do with tolerance and inclusion? Why not choose peace instead of confrontation? Why this ossified reaction to a man simply following the Spirit?

The Bishop (a Francis appointment) knows why; he is just too coward to tell you.

The conclusion of all this is: Pachamama Good, Christ Bad. Clearly, neither Francis nor this Cibotti guy believe in the Judgment. If they did, they would believe in a very different way.

The Monsters Among Us

Not happy with his “gender assigned at birth”…

When I read this article, and followed the link, I could not avoid thinking that the have become a civilisation of monsters. Of course, it’s they who are the monsters, but they still live among us.

It is so atrocious, on so many level. Words like “early onset gender dysphoria” can only be imagined by people who have taken leave from basic logic and, I would say, humanity.

A lot of people are monstrous here: the equipe of surgeons attempting the Frankenstein operation; the doctors who prescribed the hormone blocking drugs; the parents of the young mad guy who clearly approved of the hormone treatment and, finally, the madman himself, who, after reaching 18, certainly gave his consent to this mad, extremely tragic parody of God, where they all together (the mad boy, his monstrous parents and the monstrous surgeons) all try to remake reality according to their mad and extremely degenerate fantasies.

Let that sink in: young man dies because, when attempting to make a fake vagina out of his prick, it was necessary to perform a second – and fatal – operation to take the tissue from elsewhere when it turned out his chemically castrated prick was too little to make the fake vagina. The linked article says this is good, because you know, “girls” with “early onset” “gender dysphoria” really like to think they have a “vagina”.


However, the monstrosity goes further than this. The lawmakers who have allowed this, and the voters who are conscious of this and do not react (you would be surprised how many people, even here in Europe, have been unaware of this stuff, as it was pretty much a hush-hush exercise to please extreme minorities) need to accept the blame, too. But then again, these voters are guaranteed to be in favour of abortion and gender theory, both ranking high on the monstrosity scale.

It is no surprise the Russians consider us a bunch of perverted madmen. Whilst we are not – by far not – all like this, these are the “values” our societies are propagating, and this is the social order the Ukraine is protecting on our behalf ( whereby we do the paying, and they do the dying). The globalist, one-world, perfectly Christ-free cabal trying to run all of us is all in favour of this kind of rubbish. You need to be weaned off Christianity, you see. In order to do this, an entirely new set of “values” is necessary.

Enter “gender dysphoria”, and other monstrous world for a society of monsters.

Furious Backpedaling

“He” just realised Russia is crushing “his” favourite “gheis”.

The months go by and even the most obdurate Pollyannas begin to understand that Russia is winning, and it is winning big. The cognitive dissonance must make their ears whistle, and they need to plant their fingers more and more firmly inside them, hoping not to hear it anymore. It really is sad to see.

In this situation, it is fascinating to observe what the Western Mass media do to try and extricate themselves from the horrible situation in which they have put themselves. They have lied to everybody, in the most shameful way ever seen, for almost 15 months now, and they need to get out of this with some shred of reputation left.

I am seeing two main narratives to explain the (if you believed the narrative in the first place) inexplicable:

A) The Russians have horrendous casualties , and

B) The Russian army has learned fast.

Both these excuses are lame. Let us see why.


Even the BBC-gathered data (and I cannot imagine a broadcaster worse than this one, possibly not even CNN) clearly and constantly indicate a number of killed in action of around 11% of the Ukrainian killed in action, that is: 9 to 1. Even the biased, leaked Pentagon documents have to admit a 7:1 ratio. The BBC numbers are the result of extensive internet research (local newspapers, social media, and the like) covering funerals and obituaries all over Russia. After months of results, the evidence is now overwhelming: the Russians are paying an extremely low price for the losses they are inflicting to the Ukrainians.

Plus, the alleged underpinning of the Russians “high casualties” have never materialised. There are no video of Russian “multiple waves” Mass attacks. There are no videos of Russians attacking armed with their trench shovels, as it has been assured was the case. It seems like there is no shortage of drone, guns or shells, either (as shown from the constant tragic videos from the Ukrainian front). There are no videos of immense Russian cemeteries full of flags, as I see almost daily for the Ukraine. In short, the facts on the ground are, literally, shelling into the West’s consciousness that Russia’s army is in rude health.

B) The claim is in blatant contradiction to the narrative pushed for 15 months, and for many years before that. If the Russian army is terminally incompetent, incapable and ossified, they will certainly never learn how it’s done in 15 months, because you don’t change your army’s culture in such a ridiculously short time.

Learning how to adapt drone use to what is observed on the battleground, or changing some of their BTG, Battalion Tactical Groups (a Russian invention btw) to “shock troops” suited for a more nimble type of assault operations is, quite on the contrary of what the West wants you to believe, clear evidence of a highly evolved, very flexible, competently led armed force.

This was evident from day one to everybody who had eyes to see. Even the supposed “defeat” in the supposed “battle of Kiev” (both as real as the eponymous “ghost”) showed an Army able to master both the “deep penetration” assault (worked wonderfully in Crimea in 2014, did not work in the Ukraine in 2022; but hey, these are gambles you decide to make, accepting they might not work) and the positional, attrition campaign run very successful from the start. Again, this is a sophisticated army, led by obviously smart commanders as seen in September during the wasteful, almost suicidal, Ukrainian “offensive”, and lacking, well, nothing of import.


As I write this, the Russian side controls more than 80% of Bakhmut, the theatre of an extremely stupid Ukrainian massacre of self-immolation that will be remembered in 100 years. Slowly, methodically, and as safely as possible, they will take all they want to take, and they will not care one straw for the high-pitched screaming of transitioning British journalists, or condescending, lesbian American ones.

Russia is winning. But it’s not happening at videogame speed, which makes a videogame generation very slow in understanding simple facts on the ground. Ukraine 2022 is not Kuwait 1991. It’s a different beast, requiring a different conduct.

Russia is winning, and thank God for that.

They are on our side.

The Nazi bigots in the Ukrainian ranks aren’t.

Clown Bishop Overbeck Wants To Conscript You

He is looking at you, bishop Overbeck

As a rule, heretical Bishops try to disguise their heresies under a thin veneer of Catholicism, making it look like they are being actually orthodox, at least to those of low IQ, high ignorance, or high interest in believing what the heretical guy says.

Every now and then, though, someone comes around who is such a scoundrel, such a sellout to the world, such a worthless piece of Francis, that he does not even bother to conceal the fundamental heresy of his very being.

Today’s scoundrel is Bishop Overbeck, an individual about whom I have already written in the past.

As you will see if you follow the link, Overbeck does not mince words: the change the Church is living now is bigger than the Protestant heresy. One only needs to be able to make 2+2 to understand that this guy is very plainly saying “we are heretical, we are proud of it, and you will have to get along with our heretical programme”.

The first two statements are self-evident. The third one is made explicit by another bomb dropped by this clown: he explains that if you want to defend tradition, you need to ask yourself whether you are still within the Church. Because you see, clown bishop has decided that the Church is now fundamentally different, and you therefore cannot follow the church of yesteryear and think you are within the boundaries of Overbeck’s fantasy creation.

Of course I am in unity with the Church, you cucking fretin! It’s exactly you who have just put yourself out of it, you fumb duck!! You can go to hell without me!

(If you think these words are too gentle, let me know in the comments and I will reflect whether to make my anger more explicit).

Unsurprisingly, clown bishop is also an enemy of Russia. Makes sense: even the Schismatics over there are infinitely more orthodox than this tool here. In fact, I think I can class it, seeing the declarations, as not unlikely that this guy has some big skeleton in the …. closet (as in: closet), it being not probable that a man without such skeletons would declare his heretical mentality and intent with such open hatred for the Church as he/she/it did.

I would, here, normally appeal for the defrocking of the guy, so he can seek gainful employment by the Lutheran Church Of The Latter Day Faggots. Alas, he will not be defrocked. An appointment to Cardinal is way more likely than that, at least as long as Francis breathes. In fact, who knows, the little Judas might have tried to position himself for a red hat, a place in the – likely – last train going out of Francisstation.

There is a God, and He judges everything and leaves nothing unpunished.

It’s the only consolation on days like this.

Totally Confused: Frankendyke And Liberty.

Whoopi Goldberg does not know what she says. Likely because she is unable to think.

Her “argument” seems very linear. I respect that you think abortion is the killing of a baby, but I ask you to respect that I disagree and allow me to act accordingly, because America.

Let us now make exactly the same “argument” in a different topic: I respect that you think that slavery is unjust and against human rights, but I ask you to respect that I disagree and allow me to act accordingly, because America.

Now substitute again for pedophilia, incest, and bestiality. Tax evasion, and drunk driving. Drug dealing, weapons trafficking, and domestic violence.

You see where I am going with this. The protection of life is an absolute. If, in a certain situation, a life is considered worthy of protection (for example: the unborn child will be considered such, the wilful murderer won’t), this protection must be accorded always, not according to opinion because “America”. Fundamental issues of right and wrong cannot be left to individual “opinions” that one must “respect” by not enforcing the decision on the issue on them. You don’t get to decide, together with your doctor, if you are killing someone or not.

The argument is so obvious that in no generation before ours such a stupid thinking was employed. You could be in favour or against a certain punishment for, say, drunk driving, but the idea of allowing a different treatment to some because you are “respecting their opinion” about it was not there.

The (biological) woman does not understand simple things. I think she is so ugly – both inside and out – that her brain fled in horror several decades ago, and was substituted for a Chinese knock-off found on EBay, that this Frankenstein dyke has been trying to use since. And if things did not go in that way, it was not for her brain’s lack of trying.

I wonder how many among the old harridans watching the show got the obvious flaw in the “reasoning”. Very few, I would say.

But then again, this is why they keep watching her.

Visible Signs

Crucifixes are being repaired in France, and new ones are being erected.

Yeah. It’s so easy.

Christian identity is protected by simply being proud of it, and showing it to the world outside. It is protected by erecting several crosses for each one that is vandalised. It is protected by giving visible signs of our faith in words and in deeds (the cross on the forehead on Ash Wednesday, not eating meat on Fridays, wearing cross pendants on our neck, etc.)

I was, now many years ago, very impressed by the vast number of crosses you see around in rural France and in (Catholic) parts of Southern Germany. Some of them are several metres high, many others are put in strategic places like crossroads or road curves (where your car will have to brake and be much slower). Some of them were three metres high, some more than that, very many two metres or more. It was something I did not know from Italy, though in Italy we also have small “mini shrines” (we call them “edicole”, but “shrine” is the translation I got), normally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, in small villages or on the roadside, or on homes’ external walls.

These are powerful statements. The car driver, truck driver, motorcyclist, cyclist or even passer by are irresistibly attracted to the tall, slender figure of the crucifix. It can never leave one indifferent. In fact, I remember some of those crucifixes set against the sunset, or throwing a very long shadow, in extremely powerful moments (I suspect that this is done on purpose, the crucifix set in such a location that it has a certain angle to the road and the sun in summer…).

How much did such a crucifix cost? It certainly went in the thousands dollars of today’s money, but there were evidently many landowners, in the rural France of the past, ready to fork the money and to sacrifice those few square metres of arable land in order to have a visible sign of their faith on their own land. This is, in fact, a favourite “big lottery win fantasy” of mine: the purchase of hundreds of mini-plots in rural Central Europe and the erection of crucifixes on them. Dear Lord, if you are listening, you know what would need to happen next for that to happen…

Signs are important. It’ s not always “what we feel inside”.

It’s what we show outside.

Yes, I Am A Keyboard Warrior

Hates the keyboard warriors…

Francis has once again barked against the keyboard warriors.

Don’t be a keyboard warrior, says Frankie. They displease him too much.

Frankie would want to go on peddling his environ-mental cum social justice fake gospel of globalism, without any fear of being outed, every day, as the pathetic clown he is.

Ridiculed at every step, exposed as peddler of catholic fake news, constantly reminded of what he should actually do as a job, Frankie must hate us with all the rage his failing health still allows him.

The very claim is contradictory. If being a keyboard warrior is bad, why does he invite the press on his trips? Are they not supposed to do exactly the same as the people Francis criticises?

Oh wait, the journalists are supposed to actually act as his propaganda outlet. They are not bad. Proper Catholics are!

I really wish that this boor had a bit of I don’t say class – he’ll never get there – but at least sense about it. We anger you, Frankie? At least be smart and don’t show it so openly! But no, the bitching must go on, because it makes him feel good on the moment, and who cares if he looks even dumber than everyone thought at the end of the rant.

Unscripted Francis then proceeds to shoot himself in the foot again, criticising us for defending what “has always been done this way”. That’s exactly the problem, Sherlock.

The keyboard warriors would not criticise him, if he defended Church tradition. They criticise him because he sabotages it, or at least tries, in that quite arrogant, unbearable, stupid way of his.

I am a proud Keyboard Warrior. Thousands, like me, fight their little fight for Catholicism with a keyboard, helping to confirm fellow Catholics in the faith – and, with God’s grace, perhaps even help the one or other getting nearer to it – and exposing, as well as they are able to, all the lies of the circus tools like Francis and his bunch of sycophants, heretics, and faggots. Francis certainly wishes we would limit our protests to friends and family.

Not happening, Bozo.

I really wonder now: is this man really so thick that he still has not understood that his little game is up, and has been for many years? Or, rather, he knows that everybody understands that the keyboard warriors are the Catholics, and he is the problem?

Whilst I think the man obtuse, he is not outright dumb. I can well imagine he knows perfectly well that the keyboard warriors have made him look a clown for many years now. Fact is, the guy just can’t deny himself the petty satisfaction of a petty rant.

Now with one foot in the grave, there is no sign whatsoever that this man is, in the very last stretch of a disgraceful existence, approaching anything remotely resembling conversion. He seems intentioned to die just as he has lived: hating us all, with a passion.

Go on this way, Frankie boy. Your day cannot be too far away now.

Methinks, on that day you will hate us all even more, and for all eternity.

The Greatest Injustice On Earth (For The Insane)

Trannies aren’t having a good week. First, the entire planet understands their potential for violence. Before you know, they are banned from competing with women in athletics. This only follows a similar ban on swimmers only a couple of days ago.


I am, like you, pleased at this glimpse of sanity. But you see, it is just a glimpse. In fact, what it does is to perpetuate the same injustice it pretends to celebrate.

Look, you have decided that that burly guy is a woman, right? You have affirmed his right to be called a woman. You have celebrated his womanhood. You have called those who actually use their brains oppressive, patriarchal, haters and all sort of horrible things. Why, then, you now behave like them?

You have decided that Butch is a woman? Treat him like a woman, then! Everything else would be an expression of the most hateful hypocrisy! You can’t have your cake and eat it! Besides, think of how this makes Sandrina (formerly, Butch) feel! Discriminated for who she is! Refused by men and women alike! This is atrocious, atrocious, I tell you! She will off herself, and it will be your fault!!

It is obvious that the relevant authorities are being utterly discriminating and full of racist hate here. They are, in fact, creating a third sex: male, female, trannie. This is hate, because they say, themselves, that the trannies are (prevalently) female! You cannot 1. Affirm Sandrina’s right to be female and 2. Deny to Sandrina the right to be female!

The only way out of this blatant discrimination is one of the two:

1. Coherent insanity: trannies who identify as such are females. This does not destroy female sport, because the trannies who dominate it are… females!

2. Coherent sanity: trannies who identify as females are madmen, but still men, in need of psychiatric attention.

In both cases, you would have coherence, and if it must be coherence of the lucidly mad, let those who have voted this madness enjoy it, and those who haven’t enjoy the complete destruction of female sport on the altar of insanity.

What is happening now is extremely hypocritical and legally questionable, as there will be no end of lawsuits stating that such bans are discrimination against people legally defined as females.

I think the claimants would be right. This will be an interesting one to watch.

Female is female.

Play trannie pc games, win trannie pc prizes.

Mundabor’s Call For A Ban On Trannies

In more ways than one…

The murderous tragedy in Tennessee really has a lot of overtly satanical in it.

A woman thinking that she is a man, mad of hate against her Christian school for calling her madness exactly what it is. This mad hate leading the woman to attack the school at the cost of her own mad life. The wilful killing of three children, unknown to her, just in order to satisfy her need for innocent blood. It really makes your blood chill.

This is, of course, her fault. But in a broader sense, the blood of the children, and adults, who died is on the hands of all the “allies” and “enablers” of these deranged individuals.

There is no ignoring or downplaying the gravity of this. We are surrounded by satanical people that our societies have encouraged in their madness. We, the West, have inoculated ourselves with the germs of a mad virus infecting not only the madmen, but those who insist in protecting and “celebrating” them.

We need a ban on trannies, now.

The very idea of a person being mutilated or heavily drugged just to get along with his madness goes against the most elementary sense of both sanity and humanity. The very concept of (officially) sane people actually going along with this in order to worship at the satanic altar of their humanistic religion is a perversion of the human mind without precedent in human history.

Common sense has gone to the dogs in so many ways. What percentage of the US population is made of trannies? Shall we call it 0.1%? I’d say it’s likely way less. Still, at 0.1% is still means that one trannie massacre equates to 1000 non-trannie massacres. Do you realise the potential for violence of these people freely roaming around, and increasing in numbers?

I fully expect that the US Democrats now go with full force against this obvious public safety issue. They have certainly realised, by now, that each one of these deranged individuals is a potential grave danger to the children around him. They will, surely, react to this in a way consistent with their oh so virtuous appreciation for total security? Surely? Surely?

Oh wait, I forgot.

If you sold your soul to Satan, you are unlikely to be going against your new boss, aren’t you?

I bet they will attribute this to “gun violence”; as if guns, not trannies, were violent. Oh wait. It has started already…

Let’s hope that more and more people start seeing the light on this. This is what we need:

Total ban on genital mutilation and hormonal manipulation.

Forced admission of those already mutilated/manipulated in structures that can protect them from themselves, and everybody else from them, and help them to recover whatever sanity can be recovered and undo whatever damage can be undone.

Legislation to criminalise as attempted genocide the promotion of hate against humanity.

There. The path is very clearly set.

Will be, the West, have the energy and resolve to follow it? How many more children will have to die before this happens?

I look at the so-called elected President, and I am unable to be optimistic. This madness will have to go full bonkers before sanity goes back again. There are too many minions of Satan in power right now.

Airline Trannie Down, Or: The Trannie Hoax Clearly Does Not Fly.

Not quite how it was meant to be…

A prominent airline Trannie has just committed suicide.

A Mister Scott – a man who, for some inscrutable reasons having to do with the devil, thought he was a woman, has offed himself. We know – though the woke crowd don’t – that this is how this madness, in most cases, ends.

Follow the link and look at the atrocious dynamics at play here. The man, in a last attack of extremely childish narcissism, broadcasts his suicide to his thousand of virtue-signalling followers in a way that screams “me, me, meeee” in every word. There is no hint of repentance for, very likely, mutilating himself and destroying his life. There is no honest admission that he screwed up on a planetary scale. There is, instead, the last passive-aggressive bit of bitching at the planet before his self-immolation. It is extremely difficult to see how this guy could have avoided hell.

I have said my eternal rest even for Bin Laden. I have, therefore, said one for this tool, too. Make no mistake, it sounds like a waste (but God applies every prayer to worthy should, so it isn’t).

Just as cringeworthy is the reaction of the “friend”, apparently the author of the article, one of the social media sheep who enjoy basking in the feeling of their own moral superiority. It is another show of virtue signalling, the pretend self reproach of the man who says “I am oh, so good! Look at how good I am! But have I been good enough?”

These are, in fact, the “helpers” and “allies” that will accompany the madman to his self-destruction, whilst feeling so virtuous every step of the way. Of course, ultimately the guy who committed the suicide is the only one responsible for his gesture. But I really wouldn’t want to be the one that virtue-signals all the way to another one’s precipice.

And so there you have it. Sexual perversion (note for the woke crowd: a trannie is every bit a pervert as a dyke or a sodomite are; and no, he is not a madman in the literal sense, then this is a lucid, Satan-fed madness) feeds, as so often, on a huge amount of narcissism. Then the plague of the modern time, virtue signalling, creates the perfect environment for the pervert to sink deeper and deeper into his own world of perverted delusion, until the cognitive dissonance becomes too much, and Satan finally gets his prize.

United Airlines also bear its part of moral responsibility. They not only tolerated the madness (there might be legal reasons for this; though I would, if allowed, fire the guy on the spot), but they decided to ride this satanic tiger and actually use the guy for, you guessed it right, more virtue-signalling and woke propaganda. Utterly despicable and, make no mistake, those who signed on this will, unless they repent, have their reward. I am a very Capitalistic guy, but when I see this kind of behaviour I really think it has gone too far.

Some of the comments are, actually, sane, insisting on calling the man him even if the author of the article refuses to say his proper male name. It is encouraging to see that more and more people see through the lie.

What do we learn from this? As more and more people encourage this particular kind of madness, and the madmen are elevated to the status of “trailblazers”, the suicides also increase and become more prominent.

The lie, literally, does not fly. It never did for us sane Catholics, but it certainly is becoming more and more difficult to believe even for a more, shall we say, agnostic crowd.

These madmen are, unwittingly of course, becoming the poster boys for the madness of tranniedom.

Do you want to end up totally miserable and, when the self-inflicted pain becomes too much, commit suicide? Become a trannie!! That’s the surest way to achieve your aim!

And no worries: there will be no lack of idiots accompanying you to your destruction every step of the way and, after your suicide, saying “I feeeel responsible for nooot dooooing mooooore”.

If any of my readers have – through no fault of their own – some relative who fancies himself a woman, perhaps articles like the linked one, and accurate statistics about the extremely high suicide rates among these nutcases, could help avoid the worst.

Still: realistically, a man who has decided that he is a woman trapped into the body of a man is already very advanced in his satanic madness; and prayer, very likely, the only thing that can help.

In your charity, make a (huge) effort and say a prayer for this stoopid tool. He also had an immortal soul, a soul of infinite value. That he likely merited to have his soul damned forever is, in itself, one reason more to pray that he might have saved his.

Grey Bird Down

The news reached us that Russian airplanes have taken down a US surveillance drone near the Ukraine. The exact way of the drone’s demise is unclear, but what counts is that the big grey bird is down.

It does not take a genius to realise that this was *not* an accident, as in these matters accidents simply do not occur. Rather, the us assertion of a Russian pilot literally dumping fuel on the drone indicates the presence of very skilled pilots closely following orders.

It boggles the mind that an Administration taking down innocent weather balloons, some of them launched by schoolboys or hobbyists, because it sees a “threat” in them, should demand that Russia has no issues with drones flying obvious reconnaissance missions over the Ukrainian front, meant to collect data used to kill Russian soldiers. It is, in fact, more surprising that Russia has *allowed* this to happen for more than a year.

The “international space” argument is clearly a moot point. The drone was clearly part of the military operations. Hence, it was a legitimate target, same as every American satellite is, should the Russians (which is improbable) decide to take down those, too. The Americans know it perfectly well, but they thought their little espionage by drone operations could go on forever. Russia has, if you ask me, just said a clear “Niet” or, more to the point, a “not anymore”.

We will see how this pans out. The Americans have already announced that they will keep flying the drones. They might, obviously, fly them from a safe, and useless, distance, just to make a point, or they might go on with proper reconnaissance operations. In the latter case, I think more drones will go down in time, after which things will become interesting and the Big Demented Bully will have to decide whether to frock around and find out, or limit himself to babbling something incomprehensible about the time his ancestors won in Yorktown before doing actually nothing.

Mr Kinzhal, Mr Zircon, and even Messrs Poseidon and Avantgarde are eager to be introduced to (or in, as the case may be) the American naval battle groups in the Mediterranean and in the North Sea. Will Biden make the introductions? Time will tell.

What I think is happening is this: the Russians are fed up with the level of NATO (means: US) participation in this conflict and, likely after several warnings have gone unheeded, had to decide which pressure point to apply to make Dementia Joe understand that he needs to back off, or prepare himself for a good bitch slapping. Several of those are thinkable, from taking down satellites (improbable) to hitting ships carrying weapons to the Ukraine, to hitting reconnaissance infrastructure like AWACS airplanes or drones. The choice of an unmanned aerial vehicle seems the most polite, least escalating way to convey the message.

The problem with that is that Joe, like Saddam, does not understand politeness and confuses restrain with weakness. Therefore, I think it probable that things will get worse before they get better, that is: that some serious bitch slapping will have to take place, before Joe understands that either he is ready to go nuclear, or he is better off backing off.

Oh, Joe, Joe! What have you done! Had you not stolen the election, you would not be on your way to making Carter look like a brilliant statesman! You would now be enjoying a quiet retirement, spending your days with typical Biden Family activities, like sniffing teenagers or watching your son trying to screw your niece after he screwed the widow of your other son.

As it is, you are like the big bully who has not yet understood that the time for bullying has come to an end.

Still, the big bird is down.

This will be one match to watch.

The Synodal App.

I wonder what hides in his phone…

It is known that there are, out there, mobile phone apps meant to facilitate “casual sex”, which I mean to signify people meeting for the only purpose of having sex. Unsurprisingly, a lot of this is driven by homos, for the simple fact that, irrespective of the sexual appetite of men, it will be extremely difficult to find women willing to engage in this kind of exercise. Therefore, these apps look like, largely, the preserve of sodomites. Still, one must also say that the level of horniness and brazenness of a heterosexual male using such apps goes way beyond what normal people would consider normal.

As it now turns out, a number of priests and seminarians have been exposed as using such (let us say it once again: largely homo-focused) apps.

Now, imagine this priest or seminarian, pretending to wanting to be a man consecrating his life to God’s service whilst being so obsessed with sex – and, likely, perverted sex – that he uses an app to find a way to satisfy his lust. What kind of priest will this be?

I tell you what kind of priest he will be: he will be the feminist, social justice, priesthood equality, ecu-maniacal, inter religious dialogue, Francis revolution kind of guy. This, if he is not all out as a Father Georgina type.

Put together enough of these disgraceful individuals, and you have a “synodal path” or, rather, the “Synodal app”. There, I have explained the way the church is going with the help of an app.

How do we get out of this? By ditching Vatican II.

Same as all other problems that plague the Church, the abandonment of proper liturgy and proper doctrine is at the root of this one. In fact, we might flip this coin and say that there is only one problem (the abandonment of proper liturgy and proper doctrine), and all the ailments of the Church come from there.

I am not a saint by any means, and cannot claim any realistic hope of going straight to paradise when I die. Still, the idea of using an app for “casual hookups” is quite disgusting even to a layman like me. The idea of a seminarian or even priest using such devices is simply revolting. But hey, the guy will be at the altar next Sunday at the latest, saying “peace be with youuuu” in a likely somewhat shrill voice.

V II and everything in it needs to be exterminated, and strong traditional doctrine robustly taught in seminaries, propagated among the faithful, and defended among the public.

You do this, you will see that priests are made of the right stuff and you have no hooking app issues.

Old Hags

Never felt the need for “societal change”…

So, it appears that, if you are Catholic and woman, the younger, the more conservative.


The article has some insights concerning this phenomenon, but I would like to say more.

The generation of those who in the US are called “boomers” is, in Italy, better known as “sessantottini”, that is: the generation that was giving trouble in their youth, troubles which started in 1968. In my experience, this is the most toxic generation of all those I have seen.

The Sixty Eighters are those who demolished a societal system that was actually working very well. They thought they knew better than all the generations before them. Apparently, they have become old, but not one bit less stupid. Of course, that society wasn’t perfect. No society is. In fact, one needs to be stupid to think otherwise.

This was, in Europe, the first generation of mass superior education. They thought they really knew better. The arrogance of the stupid and young was met by old people in awe at the “education” of their children, and without the proper instruments to defend values they knew to be right. We know how that went.

I have often written that, in order for things to improve, we need this generation of old people (and old hags) to die, as there is clearly no redemption for them. You need to consider that, in Europe, the wokeism phenomenon and extreme madness of gender theory is still mentioned, mostly, to make a mockery of it. Those who push it are, once again, largely older politicians who grew up with revolutionary ideas of “destroying in order to rebuild”. Plenty of those in the generation from, say, 1947 to 1962, that is, the generation of many people wielding power now.

These people will, in God’s appointed time, go to their judgment. Those they leave behind will be those who had to live and grow up with the mess their parents left them. They will, in far greater number, choose sanity.

Mind: I am talking about Europe. It seems to me that in the US the situation is far more serious, more polarised, and certainly more insane. Those the other side of the Pond might have to wait a little longer for sanity to come back, as a new generation of AOCs promises to wreak havoc with absolutely everything for decades to come.

Still: time is kind to logic and, at some point, sanity will come back.

Just tell grandma blathering about female priests to shut up already, because you know more than her, and it will be all fine.

Stalingrad Revisited

I wonder where Mr Z took his stubbornness from…

When Soledar fell, now many weeks ago, I predicted that the timing of the fall of Bakhmut would depend on how many soldiers the Ukrainians were ready to sacrifice there. It turns out they were, and still are, very many, to such an extent that the battle for Bakhmut already makes those for Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and Soledar pale in comparison. This is, hands down, the biggest meat grinder ever staged in Europe since the end of WWII.

The Western presstitutes are repeating their old Baghdad Bob trope, albeit with variations forced by an increasingly more evident reality on the ground. The latest trend seems to be that whilst the Ukrainians are suffering, they are inflicting enormous losses on the Russians, such that it is, in fact, pretty much a victory when they lose and have – those who are still alive at least – retreated. Readers of this little effort, of course, know better.

It seems to me that there is a Stalingrad mindset at work here. I mean by this that, once a military objective has been emotionally amplified by one side, this side finds it impossible to let this objective go, up to the point where its defence ends up attracting men and materials vastly out of proportion with its objective importance in the strategic picture of the conflict.

Hitler made this mistake in Stalingrad, as it became impossible for him to let his big trophy go. He ordered his troops not to retreat, pumped huge resources into a losing game, then tried long and hard to mount an offensive to rescue his surrounded soldiers. All in vain, of course. Had he followed the advice of his generals, he would have been in much better shape for the further course of the war. But no, the favourite toy could not be allowed to go.

Zelensky has put himself, now, in the same situation. Bakhmut is part of what the Ukrainians call the “Zelensky line”. He brought to Washington a flag signed by Bakhmut soldiers. He spoke many times of Bakhmut as the turning point of this conflict. In a word, he has staked his face on it. Like Hitler, he was told by his generals to be smart about it. Like Hitler, he couldn’t get himself to do it.

Meanwhile, the Russians gloat. They have found the perfect meat-grinder to “demilitarise” and “denazify” the Ukraine. Their losses are in the region of 1/10 of the losses they inflict. They are using Bakhmut as a huge black hole where Western equipment and Ukrainian soldiers simply go and disappear. They probably wish this could go on for a long time still. They certainly are in no rush to risk excess casualties for a fast resolution. They will use the meat grinder for all it’s worth.

Herein hides a cautionary tale. Wars will always cause casualties, but the total lack of discernment Zelensky has exhibited here will haunt Ukraine for a long time once the real story of the horrendous losses for an untenable position finally becomes common knowledge.

Zelensky will, from his likely golden exile in Miami, have to live with that, too. Frankly, I doubt he will be much upset.

This might well prove a Stalingrad where only the little people die.


Today is the first Friday of Lent, a day of fasting. I wonder how many Catholics will be fasting today. Heck, I wonder how many Catholics even know – or remember from their church going days, if any – that, today, they are supposed to fast.

It’s not a big sacrifice and, in fact, even the Baltimore Catechism rendition of “fast” isn’t anything to write home about. I am pretty sure that, in past times, many people went above and beyond what was required. Still, the rules required, and requires, a small sacrifice.

People don’t do this stuff anymore. I see around me a society bent on instant gratification in everything. Grandma probably still said that eating between meals makes you fat. Mother grew up aware of it, but she never really conveyed the message to her daughter. Daughter is now heavily overweight, will snack every time she feels like it without even thinking, and don’t you dare to tell her one word, you oppressive Fascist White Male!

People grew unable to make small sacrifices. As a result, they cannot make the big ones. Divorces are more and more frequent, and the offspring of the pre-divorce couple grows in a culture where divorce is, if not expected, very common and totally normalised. Being sons of divorce, they will grew more likely to divorce themselves. What the Church thinks of this will then become either an irrelevance or an occasion for rebellion as it will be seen as unrealistically harsh.

The West needs to train its children to make sacrifices again. The habit of small sacrifices will create a fertile ground for bigger ones. When one is willing to make sacrifices, the Church call becomes a call to sanctification instead of an occasion of rebellion.

Fast diligently today. Tell your children why you do it. Train them now to the sacrifices (big and small) they will have to make in life. Explain to them that the ability to make sacrifices is very important in the development of that most important trait of a Catholic: the obedience to uncomfortable rules. Explain to them, finally, that the ability to better obey the rules will make them, in the long run, both happier in this life and much better equipped to become supernaturally happy in the next one.

Preaching The Collapse

“Darn! What if my girls grow up and makes this guy feel excluded?”

We are told that only 35% of US Catholics consider very important to pass their faith to their children.

Well I never…

Let us why this is, however, what the Vatican II Church herself goes preaching.

First: proselytism is bad, remember? This comes from Fat Clown himself. Who are US Catholics to judge him?

Second: how many couples who are raising children are, in fact, of mixed faith? If the parents have decided that there should be two truths, which are both OK, why would they change their mind when educating their children to the faith? Tell me again: how many homilies in the matter have you heard in the last 10 years?

Third: eee-cuuu-men-ism!!! We “promote” the “dialogue” and we “meet” the “other”. We have a pope (small p) celebrating Luther. We are, therefore, told, from the fat guy at the very top, that we shouldn’t be “rigid” about these things. Guess what? We won’t be.

Fourth: inter religious stuff! If even being a Muslim or a Jew isn’t a big deal, as apparently Jesus, dying on the cross, has canonised everyone who does not attend a Latin Mass, how can it be of any noticeable importance if one happens to be Catholic or not?

Fifth: the “abolition” of damnation. If an “eternal punishment” is outside of the “logic of the Gospel”, as, again, Fat Clown himself writes, why would anyone have any big interest in religion – any religion – at all? Eat, drink, fornicate, abort, and be merry! You’ll make it in the end, “everyone at his own pace”. If that’s not inclusive, I don’t know what is!

Sixth: inclusion. If being “accepting” of the other is very important, as so many prelates tell us: would it not be better to raise your child outside of a famously non-inclusive religion? One that will put Little Johnny in a difficult position with his “gay”, “non-binary” and even “transitioning” friends? Plus, will he not risk persecution at work, or the loss of opportunities?

I could go on, but I think you get the gist: the collapse of church attendance is preached the V II Church herself. The (very moderately) “faithful” are merely receiving the message that the Church has been relentlessly broadcasting from the pulpit, the newspapers and the magazines, the radio and the TV, even from papal airplanes!

You reap what you sow.

You sow unbelief, you reap Francis and his bunch of happy bastards.

They Were Mistranslated

I must confess, I wasn’t aware of it until now.

It was only today that I opened my eyes.

I have, on this day, discovered the source of all the machismo that has plagued the world for so long. Of the mysoginy, the discrimination of women, the violence against women. Of the whyyyte sup-pre-ma-aaasseeee!

I now know why, and how, and when. I have to admit, I have been blind. I know, now, where the fault lies. I know who the culprit is.

He has caused so much suffering. So much hate. So much oppression. He has caused women to be considered second-rate for sooo long! He is at the root of all ray ciss mm; he is the creator of the dreaded Whyte Supremacyyy!

It was Saint Jerome!

Think with me, if you please.

The so-called Church of England has announced the creation of a commission to examine eliminating or toning down God as Father. Of course, Referring to God as a “he” has been a discrimination against wymyn, which was foundational to their oppression, for two thousand years. The Church of England (so-called) are really, really nice people, so they must be on the side of the Angels! In one word: they must be right.

Now, follow me closely: it was Jesus Himself who referred to God, many times but especially in the “Our Father”, as Father. Jesus is God. Therefore, this looks like God saying he wants to be thought of, and adored as, an omnipotent father figure.

Will I, therefore, blame Jesus?

No, I cannot do that. Blaming Jesus means not being Christian, and I want to be such an inkkk luuusive, femmm iiiinn iiiiist C-C-C-Christian! I cannot accept that God Himself was, well, wrong! Still, I will never doubt that I am right!!

How to get out of this situation? I thought long and hard, even if I realise now that both these words, “long” and “hard”, are symbols of male oppression!

I think I will blame the author of the Vulgata himself! You see: if Saint Jerome had properly interpreted the true s-s-s-s-spirit of Jesus’ words, he would never have adopted such a preposterously sexist translation for Our Person’s Words. He would have, instead, translated the word with Parent instead of Father!

“Our Parent, who are in heaven, hallowed be their name…”

See, how easy it is?

If St Jerome had been more considerate of the s-s-s-s-scientific meaning of Jesus’s words, he would have used a gender-neutral translation at the very least! I

In fact, as Jesus was clearly a “He”, I think s-s-s-s-science will soon conclude that, as a result, God might well be a she! Look, the Hindu do the same, and they are sooo kind to the cows!!!

Look: I do not want to advocate for Our Mother here, though I think that She would not be offended, at all! I am just saying that we need to understand the implicit bias of the male official translator of the Bible into Latin.

He was a male! All Apostles were! They had no access to the proper gender awareness and micro aggression seminars! They were, unavoidably, the product of an oppressive society!! Who knows, we might soon discover that there were, in fact, 24 apostles, of which 12 were women!

Look, I am just being logical, scien tttiii fiiiic here! No way would They (=God) allow such a blatant discrimination to happen! I am sure the wymyn wrote better Gospels, too! All the sensitiviteee, with none of the machismo!

There. I am persuaded now. It cannot have been any other way.

Thank Them, I realised all this in time….

On The Catholicity Of Catholicism

This is not about Africa, pal…

There is a chap here complaining (yes: complaining ) about African Bishops who happen to be Catholic. Let me quote him:

“There are many African bishops who are very comfortable celebrating Mass in Latin. They want to restore some imaginary past glory of Catholicism in Africa”.

First of all, congratulations to the mentioned African Bishops for being not only Catholic, but properly instructed. I doubt that many of our trendy, post-Faith Western Bishops would even be able (forget willing) to celebrate a Mass in the Tridentine rite.

But the issue I have is not even that: it is the very dumb quip about the “imaginary past glory of Catholicism in Africa”. Here, we see a grave issue with understanding Catholicism in the first place.

Catholicism is not regional, or tribal, or African. Catholicism is universal. It’s in the name itself!!

The glory of Catholicism that these worthy Bishops are clearly itching to encourage is not ethnic, or racial. It is the glory of Catholicism qua Catholicism.

In addition to that, the author of the dumb statement should be aware – and the more shame to him if he isn’t – that the issue of glory, beautiful and worth pursuing as it is, is not the main motivation of the proponents of the Tridentine Mass. What speaks for the Tridentine Mass is its character of most authentic, most deeply Catholic expression of the Liturgy, deprived of the protestantised deformations of the Novus Ordo; deformations which, unavoidably, end up deforming the faith.

Those Bishops clearly know it. This guy doesn’t. He thinks that the “glory of Catholicism in Africa” is their motivation. He does not understand the Tridentine Mass and the love for Catholicism of those who love it. He thinks, even concerning the Faith, in tribal terms.

This guy is active is a teaching position in some university. I wonder how many, like him, belittle and wilfully ignore vital aspects of the Catholic faith, like its universality and the absolutely central role of the Sacrifice of the Mass within it.

We need to start getting more critical of those who are supposed to teach us, and demand of them that they understand what they are talking about or, alternatively, stop sabotaging the Faith.

Sacraments And Language In The Time Of Francis (Part 2).

Horrible details are now emerging about the controversial December meeting of Francis with the seminarians, about which I have already reported.

We have now detailed news about:

1. The language he used, and

2. The “duty” of forgiveness.

It seems that, on that day, Francis might have had a couple too many fernet.

’The priest, the seminarian, the minister must be ‘close’. Close to whom? To the girls of the parish? And some of them are, they are close, then they get married, that’s fine”.

What a vulgar joke about a priest’s mistress, more vulgar because from a priest, most vulgar b3cause from the pope.

Just as gravely, several occurrences of “f” word really show the guy is a first-class boor. Try this:

“fucking careerists who fuck up the lives of others”

I have left the entire words, because I want this man’s vulgarity to be known in its entirety. No, don’t tell me “we don’t know”, or “it’s all rumours”. It is now confirmed that several, basically identical reports of the meeting exist. The guy was either at his boorish best, which is extremely grave, or he was drunk. Frankly, I don’t know what is worse.

The forgiveness part is, also, now confirmed verbatim.

From the linked article:

“if we see that there is no intention to repent, we must forgive all. We can never deny absolution, because we become a vehicle for an evil, unjust, and moralistic judgement”.

If you listen to Francis’ newly minter religion, a priest always has to give absolution, irrespective of even repentance and sincere proposit of not sinning anymore in future. If he doesn’t, he is judgmental and moralistic. The dirt that must reside in the mind of this man does not bear thinking

The gravity of this is immediately apparent. It makes one wonder what Francis thinks that Christianity is in the first place. This seems like the kind of thing that makes absolutely everything about religion useless, because if a Catholic has a right to absolution even without repentance, then it seems difficult to see why anybody else should be refused heaven. Plus, if the sacraments are a mockery, then the entire fabric of religion is a mockery, too. This is the kind of stuff a Pope who has long lost the faith – if he ever had it – would say.

Mind, Francis had already given hints of his attitude, and I remember him one mentioning that a faithful might say in the confessional “I will sin again” and still get absolution. But this is more explicit still.

Honestly, I think he might well have been drunk, or at least more than tipsy. I think it because I think that Francis was the same boor every day of his pontificate, but it is now the first time that he uses such language in an official occasion.

That the scandal was great is shown from the fact that, one month later, the story is still around. With right, people are now demanding from the Vatican an official explanation and an official reiteration of Catholic doctrine.

I also allow myself to say that this, once again, confirms a pattern of vulgarity I have already highlighted several times. Remember the Italian “c” word in St Peter’s square? As I often stated, this kind of word does not “escape” a person unless this person is accustomed to use it. A person, and he the Pope, who is able to repeatedly use very vulgar words in front of his own seminarians is, exactly, a person for whom the use of heavy profanities has become so normal, that he will use these utterances – either because propelled by alcohol, or by arrogance – as a matter of course.

If it wasn’t, at least in part, alcohol, then it was 100% arrogance. It was the sober, coldly evil – and childish at the same time – attitude of thinking “I will do this just to show you I can”. This is, again, vintage Francis.

May the Lord free us from this scourge soon, and inspire the Cardinals to give us a successor who at least tries to remedy as much of the damage as he can.

Defrocking Catholicism

Worth more than tax money.

I have not followed the details of the matter. There might be something I have missed. Si sbalio, mi corigerete (look it up!).

But it seems to me that Father Pavone does more for the unborn in one day than all of the US Bishops, together, in a year. It seems to me that there is something deeply, fundamentally wrong in confusing an obviously Catholic issue like abortion with a strictly-intended party political activity.

Padre Pio, during the election of 1948, explicitly invited his faithful to vote to defeat Communism. Should we defrock him, too? And what about all those countless priests who, in former times, took obviously Catholic positions in political controversies? Should every priest who approved of anti-abortion legislation be defrocked, too?

Mind, I do not have all the story. There might be legal technicalities, and there might be other issues. But it seems to me that Father Pavone is not welcome within the US Church establishment, because it gives the lie to their way too cozy relationship with the Democratic Party, which has the right to kill the unborn as a fundamental part of their ideology.

Sheesh, the same people who allow angry lesbians every licence to pretend they are nuns, will defrock Pavone? The same people who consider Pelosi and Biden worthy of receiving communion, will deny Pavone his role as a priest? What is this, a joke?

I am not liking this and I am not buying it. If this is done out of fear that the Church could lose its tax-privileged status, then it is really disgraceful; then in that case, the right of the Church to talk Catholic should be defended vigorously in Court and, if necessary, the tax-privileged status renounced.

There must be more to this than meets the eyes.

I am grateful for link that give more background to the story.

Reaping What They Sow: Colorado Fag-On-Fag Violence Explained

Five more of those to Colorado, please….

And it came to pass that there was one of those fag-on-fag episodes of violence where one of that parish shoots several people of the same parish (the parish is, of course, the one of Sodom).

You would expect, the times being what they are, that the secular, utterly godless press pretends not to know that the violence happened in a den of iniquity, where people with all sorts of issues, sexual and not, congregate. They will sprinkle their article with the word “gay”, trying to look as liberal as they can.

But what really makes me angry is when bishops of the church express their sadness, solidarity, pain, condolences and other (worldly) shows of support, and can’t say a word about the said den of iniquity, leading to a very sad end for some among the sad life lived by all and the eternity in hell which, bar repentance, is their own final destination.

Dear bishops, please realise this: when some violent fag kills other people like him, your job is to point out what the consequences of sin are, not to beautify those sad individuals, and completely ignore their filthy existence, as if what they were had no relation to what happened to them.

The job of a bishop should be to say to his sheep: “see? These people live a totally debauched existence. Their souls have been perverted by Satan to the point that their perversion has become quite existential, depraved to a self-deluded born-that-way level. Satan wants to secure as many of those souls as fast as he can. Suicides, psychosomatic diseases, derangements of all sorts and that most typical of events, fag-on-fag violence, is the unavoidable consequence of it. And now, five more souls are most likely in hell, which Satan could rapidly secure for himself ***exactly*** because of the filthy life they chose to live”.

Sin begets death. Violence is a typical characteristic of inter-fag relationship, because, as we have seen now several times, those people hate each other, even to the point of mass murder.

You would expect a catholic bishop would find some catholic words when such things happen. But no: it has to be the usual, worldly, utterly secular whining, perhaps accompanied by some anti-gun rant to please the stupid. The simple fact that it was exactly the degeneracy that led to the deaths cannot be said.

And so, once again we have a beautiful example of what these people, who dare to call us “homophobic”, do to themselves.

They are the true homophobes. They hate each other with a passion. They hate themselves with just the same destructive energy. They carry in their heart all the misery, the hate, the violence, the filth they have allowed Satan to instil in them. They are not the victims, they are the culprits. They are their own butchers.

A pig who gets murdered does not become a lamb. It becomes a dead pig. A pervert’s violent death does not improve his character, does not give him any virtue, does not make him worthy of praise, does not give him any redeeming quality. In fact, his violent death has, most likely, fixed him forever in the iniquity he had chosen to embrace.

That means, most likely, roast pig in hell, for all eternity, and I am sure the roast pig has a toxic taste, too.

But hey, don’t let the faithful reflect on this.

It will be considered unkind.


A dumb “c”atholic publication (no link) put out an article stating that we should stop saying that the Latin Mass is more reverent. At the end of the article, and after the usual small c catholic bloviation, it is said that if something is made to honour God (and the author add, respect others; because in NuChurch the others are deified) it is reverent.

Exactly there lies the problem.

The clapping, the noises, the chatting, the walking around at the “sign of peace”, the casual kindergarten exercises with the children, and all the rest that comes with your usual Novus Ordo are, exactly, not reverent because they lack that sense of awe, solemnity and utter respect traditional linked with the word.

Reverence is not only a matter of intention: it is in the way this intention is showed. If this were not the case, the playing of guitars in church could be considered reverent merely because the happy guitarists think they are honouring God, whilst every reasonable person would tell you that such an exercise is exactly the definition of lack of reverence. Similarly, the chanting of Gregorian chant is, by definition, reverent even if no one of the singers actually has any faith. If there is no exterior expression of the sense of awe in front of God’s power, and of deep interior submission to Him, then there is no reverence. All those soi-disant “charismatic” people with their disordered vociferating may think that they are being faithful, they may even think that they are proper worshipping God, but one thing they will never be is being reverent.

This is, to the common sense, so obvious that even those who have no contact with the Church instinctively, automatically grasp it. Countless movies have represented Catholic Traditional masses exactly in order to transmit the reverence. Nobody, who has to make a movie, would use the happy clapping and the applauses of the modern rituals instead.

It’s not even about silence, though silence is an important part of it. The Dies Irae of Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem is, in fact, extremely loud, but nobody in his right mind would ever think that it is not reverent.

Silence, though, is a very big ingredient. Modern V II do not know any better, which is why you see them chatting in church before the beginning of mass like they were in line for cinema tickets. But hey, I am sure if you asked them, they would tell you they are doing nothing wrong.

The new liturgy has destroyed, inter alia, the sense of reverence. Masses which your average V II churchgoer would describe as “reverent” have lost almost every trace of it: but everybody feels so good when the children are called in front of the altar, or sent back to the pews, like it’s the Christmas school recital; or when the usual applause at the end of it, and everybody feels so sanctimoniously good at encouraging each other. Almost as diabetes-inducing as those namaste signs at the “sign of peace”….

We need to recover the very sense of the word, and learn from what our ancestors did for so long, if we want to restore the very basics of proper worship.

And no, almost no Novus Ordo mass can be defined as “reverent”.

Because the Novus Ordo is made exactly in order to be irreverent.

Brittney, Meet Russia!

“You have grown tall, Barack!!”

I was reading on Breitbart the article about the conviction of Brittney Griner and, immediately, it stroke me how “off” she looked, a mixture between a tall Obama with locks and a deranged Obama with locks.

Then there are the tattoos, of course. But in general, this one looked like quite the strange one.

Only shortly thereafter, I read the phrase at the bottom of the article:

“Today, American citizen Brittney Griner received a prison sentence that is one more reminder of what the world already knew: Russia is wrongfully detaining Brittney. It’s unacceptable, and I call on Russia to release her immediately so she can be with her wife, loved ones, friends, and teammates,” Biden said.

Notice anything strange here? Well I did:

“Her wife”

Look, we have here another example of the Mad Generation. One who thinks that her position, her protected category number one (lesbian) and her protected category number two (“of colour”) will protect her from trouble; or perhaps she just thought that unique snowflakes like her can do whatever they want and hey, who is Russia to judge? This woman seems, to me, the perfect example of a subculture of empty, woke, perverted entitlement that makes people think they cannot be touched by anyone.

Turns out, Russia judges very well, and very aptly. Smuggling drugs in the Russian Federation would certainly not be seen with favour whoever the culprit it, but a person who abuses of her privilege (methinks, she was accustomed to have VIP treatment at airports, not many questions asked and whisked off to the business class in no time) and behaves in a foreign country like she is in the middle of the Tenderloin District in San Francisco can really not expect a great degree of leniency. Nine and a half years seems about right. She will likely be exchanged for some Russian US detainee the Russians want out, so if I was her I would not be so overly worried.

I think what happens now depends, in part, from the media. If the mad crowd starts the chants of ho-mo-pho-by-a, I suspect that Putin will delight in keeping the woman in jail at the cost of the Russian taxpayer, trolling the West no end to the delight of the public at home.

If the matter is kept quiet and the diplomats on both sides are left free to do their job without media interference, I bet my pint that the woman will be out to Perv Central in less than a year. At which point, she will have “Martyr” status, and woke images of her will be painted on every wall in Los Angeles.

If you think that the US are declining as a Country and losing their position of preeminence, you have in front of you one of the reasons why: stupidity, entitlement and, above all, degeneracy will do exactly this to a Country.

DuckDuckGo Must Go

I am afraid it’s the boot, DuckDuckGo…

Oh, how the little have fallen!

I have tried, in the last years, to help DuckDuckGo as I could. Whilst aware of the obvious superiority of Google as a search engine, I wanted to use DuckDuckGo for their promise of neutrality.

DuckDuckGo has just reneged on their promise. They will be expunged from all my browsers on all my devices.

I wonder why they had to be so stupid. It is difficult to explain stupidity, but please allow me to try.

It seems to me that a fairly common mechanism is in place. Initially, a small company exists, and thrives, because it challenges the status quo and the flawed big actors. As the company grows, though, it wants to become exactly like the big actors it was criticising. They likely start to have a marketing department, and an equality department, and some other useless department. They start to parrot all others. Probably they start to be under pressure within their own company to betray the same principles to which they owe their existence.

Being people of the Soy Generation, they have no spine to counter the mob and the tide of tyranny for which they advocate. I am sure every thinking head at DuckDuckGo knows the damage their embracing censorship will do to them (yes, boys and girls: burying unwanted news below a ton of desired news is straight censorship). Still, they have no spine to resist the pressure. The result is, sadly, in the link I have posted.

The one above might work as an explanation of why DuckDuckGo has abandoned their very founding principles. However, it does not work as excuse, then censor is who censorship does.

DuckDuckGo was, likely, used largely by people who actually care about unfiltered, uncensored news, and I don’t think many of their users will approve the betrayal of a position of principle merely because they happen to agree with their take on Ukraine. Many will, also, disagree even with their position on Ukraine.

In the end, though, how much damage it makes to them is irrelevant to me: they are gone, today.

Kick them out of your browsers on all your device. In other words: sanction and cancel them.

Useless hypocrites like these ones should not exist.


Fairy Lands And Potato Fields

Simple goodness…

There is a well-publicised article on the “American Thinker” mentioning that almost 40% of the 20 to 38 years old “identify as” alphabet people; that is, perverts of some sort or other.

First of all, an obvious clarification: these are, most of all, not perverts. Not real ones, at least. What they are, is unbelievably naive and astonishingly stupid people who “identify” as a gesture of “solidarity”, in order to feel good with themselves and kow-tow to their “ghei” friends.

It truly is a North Korean pressure to societal conformism without the concentration camp. These cretins, who really think they are helping someone else than Satan, can’t wait to show just how brainwashed they are; and mind, the poll was likely skewed and made to look in a “certain way”, but the gravity of the situation remains.

In part, this is clearly due to the loss of Christian values. It’s easier for the MSM to spout their propaganda, and for the groups of assorted perverts to push their perverted ideas, and for the dumb sheep to be brainwashed and made to bend the knee, if there is no Christian culture pushing against it; because then, the dominant religion will be pleasing your friends, being part of the group, and feeling good with yourself.

However, I agree with the author of the article, that this is a typical issue that comes up when people have too much comfort and security.

For three decades now, my suggestion to those who spoke to me about their mental issues and unresolved conflicts has been to work 12 hours a day in a potato field, for six months at least, and then reassess the situation. This, I have done because of the personal observation that people who actually have to work hard for a living and to take care of their families seem to never have unresolved mother issues, which their well-paid shrink somehow never seem to solve, though he will constantly say that the patient is “making progress”; patient who is, invariably, enough well off that either he or his papa can afford said shrink, and whose days affords him plenty of hours to think about himself, himself and, obviously, himself. If you ever had a friend or acquaintance like that, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I feel that I can easily recommend the same approach to everybody who has come to the point of “identifying” himself as a pervert.

Twelve hours a day in a potato field, under the merciless sun. No tractor and no automation. No food without work. In bed with the hen, awake with the cock. No TV, no books beside a Bible, and most of all no shrink. Ideally, one slap in the face every time he starts talking about himself, but I’ll have the get this green lighted by the Legal Department.

It would work miracles. At some point, the percentage of perverts would be the one Satan always had, perhaps half a percent. All others would be, well, just normal.

We are getting to the point when it is a relief to know that someone is normal.

But then look at who is pope and realise we live in very prosperous, but quite disquieting times.

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