The Francis Papers


The Francis Papers. A Journey At The Heart Of Deception, Blasphemy, And Heresy.

What follows is a collection of links to posts published on this blog, and explaining to the new or casual reader what kind of Pope we are dealing with.

The reader will, hopefully, notice that the initial stance of goodwill of this blog – derived, if nothing else, from the deference and respect normally due to a Pope; a Pope, I mean, who behaves like one – has rapidly made place for a more and more accentuated criticism, until the obvious nature of Pope Francis’ subversive activity forced this blog author to use tones and adjectives he never thought he would have to use concerning a Pope.

What follows is not, and does not want to be, an exhaustive list of posts written about Pope Francis. Rather, it is a collection of those blog posts considered more useful to understand the man, his frame of mind, and his clearly subversive and heretical agenda.


Archbishop Bergoglio: The “Pinocchio Mass”.

 Archbishop Bergoglio: The Tango Mass”. Live and in colours. Just in front of the altar. Then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is the celebrant, and says the homily. Look at him watching the dance from the background. 

Populism from the start

The Humble Helicopter

Liturgical abuse on Maundy Thursday Mass

Liberation Papology

Profit is bad. Guaranteed employment for everyone 

“Synodality” is good, if you do what I say.

Meet the Ecu-Maniac

Shutting up on same-sex marriages

Protecting the Gay Mafia

Concerned About Rosary Praying

The Disappearance of the report about the Gay mafia

Criticises Everyone, Criticises those who criticise. 

Protects Monsignor Ricca, the homosexual under whose roofs he lives. 

(More on Ricca1)   (More on Ricca 2)

World Youth Mess, July 2013. 

Sacrilege In Rio 

Who am I to judge?” & “Gay Mafia has no ID cards”, July 2013.   (Absurditiy of statement)

R.I.P “Reading Francis Through Benedict”. 

The Press is not spinning Francis. he is. 

The ecu-maniacal “religion of joy”

Against abortion only when it’s comfortable. 

God loves the sinner more than the pious

Bows in front of laymen

Convert others to Catholicism? No, no, no!

Letter to Scalfaro: Salvation through obeying one’s conscience

Don’t obsess on abortion, “gay marriage”, and contraception

“We never had it so good”

12,000 words interview to Civilta’ Cattolica: against “excessive doctrinal security”, “disciplinarian solutions”, “everything clear and safe”

The “Repubblica”/Dr Scalfaro Interview: first take.

Repubblica Interview: The “criss-crossed roads”, or “expanding the circle of ideas”

Repubblica Interview: “Proselytism is nonsense”, but Francis’ troops try to explain heresy away.  

 Francis vs Pius X: blatant Neo-Modernism  

Repubblica Interview: “Proselytism is solemn nonsense, it makes no sense”:  the concept is repeated: Convert others to Catholicism? You got to be kidding me…

“Spot the heretic”: between Francis and Eugene IV, only one can be right, and the other must be a material heretic. 

Repubblica Interview: Relativism 1-0-1. 

Repubblica Interview: Vatican tries to deny paternity. They fail.  

Repubblica Interview: why Francis has nowhere to hide. 

Nuns must “not be too spiritual”. 

Repubblica Interview: a comparison with the Holocaust.  If you believe only in signed documents to prove responsibility, you must absolve Hitler of the Holocaust.

“Francis papers” start to appear on Catholic sites.  Yes, the scandal is so big.

 “Francispeak”:  an indispensable tool to understand how Francis wants to deceive you.  

 More confusing or heretical statements. This is just an example to show the sheer vastness of the nonsense coming out of that mouth.

“Frank The Hippy Pope”: Even Lutherans get the ridicule of this clown. More Catholic than the Pope? Yes.

The Persecution of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate: FFI.   At this point (October 2013), the persecution has been going on for some two months.

“The Marlboro Pope”: Catholicism as tool to increase one’s quality of life.

JP II and Francis on abortion. 

Repubblica Interview: believe the facts, not the fantasies.

Pope Francis The Pharisee: giving “alms before men, to be seen of them”. 

A new religion. God may scold, but he never slaps. In two words: forget hell. 

Repubblica Interview taken down from Vatican site.  For the record: the interview is now very officially published in a book of the Vatican press house, very officially collecting Francis’ interviews. 

A gallery of Francis’ favourites. 

Francis forcibly separates the hands of a boy, joint in prayer.  Manifestations of Catholic orthodoxy and piety are clearly a no-no. 

Dealing with the mess: support orthodoxy, not Francis. 

Francis, the orthodox Jew.  “Total commitment” to a false religion denying, among many other things, the divinity of Christ. 

Francis Effect? Nope.

First take on Evangelii Gaudium: the 50,000 words “papal exhortation” to heresy and betrayal of Catholicism.  

Evangelii Gaudium: Francis tries to persuade you being a Jew is perfectly fine. 

Evangelii Gaudium: random snippets. A shortened take on some of the issues touched by Francis. The amount of rubbish makes it by now simply impossible to keep pace with.  

Evangelii Gaudium: Francis Rubbishnomics, a re-cooked version of socialist envy, communism hatred, and South-American populism.

Jesus “pretends to be angry”

Francis is The Orthodox Jew.  Traditional rules for Catholics are a no-no. But if you are a heathen, Francis will insist you are an observant one.

If you are sad, you have strayed from Jesus.  “Vale of tears” abolished by papal degree. Blessed Virgin and her Seven Sorrows now officially suspicious.

Fear of the Lord? This is so passe’.

“Lies! I was Deceived!”?? Francis’ “Alternative Blessed Virgin”.

“Quid est Veritas”? Francis suggests that you renounce to claim that Catholic Truth alone is valid and absolute.

“The wrong example”: Francis baptises the child of parents not married in the Church and therefore concubines in teh eyes of the Lord. But hey, who is he to judge?

Francis undermines the Miracle of the Fish and Loaves, suggests it is a “sharing”, “rather than a multiplication”.

If a Catholic asks whether it is licit for the Church to do something, either he has no faith or it is too weak. Subversion is istitutionalised and made to appear good.

The Grappa Video:  a tipsy Francis sends a “warm” message to a convention of Proddies, calls one of them “brother bishop”.

It’s important that Muslims remain Muslims.

“Pick your flavour”: Francis keeps saying everything and its contrary as he pleases,  not caring for orthodoxy or logic. 

“It takes a village”. Francis omits to mention the Church, talks about “community”.

“The world would love its own”. Francis’ Fan Gallery.

(April 2014)

The phone call with the Argentinian concubine

note: in light of what has happened later, it now seems probable the Pope did tell the woman she can receive communion. The Pope has, subsequently, given ample public evidence that he is in favour of the sacrilege.

The cause of social evil is “inequality”

March 2015: Journalist Eugenio Scalfari reports that Francis believes God annihilates the damned. 

April 2015: Francis wants the faithful to “kneel in veneration before the poor in church”.

May 2015: Francis appoints notorious supporter of sodomy to important Vatican position. 

May 2015: Francis appears to slip into formal heresy, and indicates he does not care if he does. 

June 2015: Francis asks Atheists to “send him good vibrations”.

June 2015: Francis meets pervert activist of his own initiative. 

June 2015: Laudato si 

1. The Atheist is wagging the Pope

2. The New Age Kindergarten

3. The Prayer of the Freemason

4. Francis, the Social Justice Warrior 

5. The Execution

December 2015: Pope Francis the blasphemer

January 2016 

1 Videogate: blasphemous and heretical “one world religion” Francisvideo. 

2 Sacrilegious communion given to heretics in the Vatican (also here)

February 2016

If you build walls to defend yourself from an outer menace, you aren’t a Christian.

  1. Louie Verrecchio calls for Bergoglio’s trial May
    by Br. Alexis Bugnolo
    from Mr. Verrecchio’s blog, Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II.

    BREAKING: Pope takes major step toward formal heresy

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