Vatican Filth: The Real Story behind The Cover-Up Accusations

LifeSite News has a long and very detailed article about the cover-up of sexual abuse in a Vatican pre-seminary.  

One Bishop and two Cardinals are implicated in this story. But my blog post is not about this. I note the following:

1. The molester: (obviously) homosexual.

2. The “victim”: homosexual.

3. The whistleblower: homosexual.

4. Reports of several relationships of sexual nature among the pre-seminarians.

5. The Vatican appears to say, inter alia, that the investigation was stopped because the people involved were of same age. It does not say (and it does not appear anywhere) that the investigation led to both parties being kicked out because homosexual.

6. The homosexual alleged aggressor, actually, now ordained a priest.

Summa summarum: an Astonishingly sordid story, in which the sordidness of it all is treated by the Vatican as ordinary administration.

This, if you ask me, is a bigger story than the alleged cover up itself. Then in my culture, a 13 years old homosexual boy cannot really say that he was “abused”. At 13 you are old enough to kick anyone in the balls, and many a boy is almost as bis as his homosexual aggressor. A homosexual 13 years old was, more likely, just plain horny. To this I add the bitchiness, primadonna attitude and general lack of reliability of anyone who (like the whistleblower) has the effrontery to present himself as a decent guy when he was a homo trying to become a priest, and no qualms about that.

Also, my hunch is: forget the “victim”. The Italian prosecutors are investigating, but frankly, the underwriting remembers boys and girls sexually active at that age in school time, and I personally don’t buy the “abuse” story. The age of consent in Italy is 14, and for very sensible reasons. Let us stop pretending that 13 years old boys can just be cowed into sodomitic submission. That’s not how life and common sense work.

No, the underlying story here is much, much bigger: homosexual tendencies and outright sodomy are considered business as usual in the Vatican of Francis and Coccopalmerio.

That this is not shouted out loud from every roof (and the attention is misplaced on a likely rather horny 13 old homoboy, of whom it is in question if he was even 13 at the time), is the most astonishing feature of this story.



Salt, Pepper and Steak?

I have read on Vox Cantoris that Father Rosica is now in a sort of rehabilitation centre for confused priests, or something of the sort.

Mind, this is not the French Guyana. Actually, it seems not bad at all.

Church Militant has a short essay on the exploits of this remarkably pernicious individual, even before trying to ruin the life and destroy the livelihood of a good Catholic blogger. I have seen no signs of any heartfelt apology to Vox Cantoris. I will, therefore, allow myself a healthy dose of scepticism about this event.

Personally (your mileage may vary) I would be interested in knowing the following:

  1. What was Rosica “recovered” for? Is this some serious problem (like, say, alcoholism or, more likely, homosexual tendencies) he wants to deal with, or is it just something that is so fashionable to have today, like “stress” (the disease of the rich; peasants can’t afford to get into a clinic for “stress”) or the like?
  2. Who pays for this? It seems a rather nice place. Can’t imagine there is a great scarcity of good food, beautiful gardens, and the like. I’d say that the one or other t-bone steak might find its way to Father Rosica’s salt, too. It would be a shame if this were financed by, say, diocesan money out of the collection of good, Catholic people.
  3. What happens next? Because you see, if at the end of the “treatment” we see that Father Rosica recants all of his atrocious homo interviews and apologises to the blogger he has tried to ruin, then it is one thing. If this is just an exercise in battery recharging or – worse – pretension to be undergoing a “spiritual rejuvenation” at the end of which the man spouts the same rubbish as before, then this is seriously bad.

Before I go, let me say a couple of things about forgiveness, because on the Vox Cantoris blog there are some comments that I found strange.

The way I understand this – and please correct me if I am wrong, or if I am using the wrong terminology – a person who forgives his enemy does not mean to say that his enemy is right in being such, or that he is even a good guy. It does not even mean that a good guy must make a public offer of reconciliation if he does not believe in the good faith of the counterpart.

It means that we do not desire that our enemies go to hell because of the horrible things done to us and, as far as we are concerned, we ask God to enlighten them so that in some way – with our knowledge or not; apologising to us or not – they may merit to escape hell in the end.

Santa Maria Goretti forgave, in dying, her rapist and murderer. She did not approve of his actions in the least.

This is the spirit with which I pray for the people who, in my life, have seriously and viciously hurt me. It’s not that I think better of them. I think of them now what I thought of them before, and it cannot be published. But certainly, I desire for these people to, one day, be with me in paradise. We all help each other asking God to forgive our trespasses as we forgive the trespasses of others against us. In that other realm, where there is no division and discord, may we, one day, be all at peace with each other. But in this one, there is a time for peace and a time for war.

Of course, it does not have to be this way. Renzo sincerely forgives Don Rodrigo *after the man is repentant*, and this forgiveness is, therefore, also a reconciliation. But the one does not mean the other. Reconciliation cannot be a unilateral, much less obligatory, exercise. The “other cheek” means that we do not handle aggressively at the first slight, and try to be slow to anger. It does not mean that we have a duty to be abused by the people who wish us harm.

I sincerely wish Francis salvation, because even a tool like him is an immortal soul, with infinite value in the eyes of His Creator. But make no mistake: as I wish him this, I do not consider him a bit less of a tool.

And I’d still like to know who pays for Father Rosica’s apparently quite comfortable “retreat” in a luxury which, likely, most of us can’t afford.


The Root Of The Problem

The site has a long, extremely interesting interview with the Superior General, Fr Pagliarani.

Fr Pagliarani conducts a brilliant dissection of Amoris Laetitia and -very rightly in my eyes- inserts it in its proper historical context: Vatican II.

I enjoyed reading his interview not only for the lucidity of Father’s argument, but because in my eyes he goes at the heart of the problem. Vatican II is the root of all evil that is befalling the Church. The restoration of sanity will have to go through the total and complete repudiation of the novelties of that Council. There is no other way to restore orthodox Catholicism, because stopping at the half of a slippery slope will cause one to… keep slipping.

Two examples he brings are particularly poignant: the constant reference to JP II (a bad Pope by any serious standard) undermines the very argument, as it tends to fight disease with something also diseased; and the irony of having Cardinal Mueller strongly criticising Amoris Laetitia, when he himself insisted that the SSPX accepted the novelties of V II.

This is a brilliant interview that I suggest you read in its entirety. As the Superior General states at the end, the way is the total embrace of the Church as it was, not the attempt to distil something good from the novelties of V II which, in the end, cannot be found.

We need to demand, just to make an example, that the Church ditches the Novus Ordo Mass in its entirety and goes back to the Tridentine Mass just as it is, without any sort of survival of the former or hybridization of the latter. The same goes for the ecclesiology etc.

Father Pagliarani is moderate in the tone, but very hard in the substance. I think his analysis of the root of the problem is spot on. I wish the Society were more assertively vocal against Francis, but I am assertively vocal by nature and others prefer a different approach.

A prayer or three for him are absolutely in order.

Trouble In Goebbelsland

I have already written about Leana Wen, the 8 month Planned Parenthood CEO who was kicked out because not aggressive enough at killing unborn babies.

Mssssss Wen is now having a very public controversy with the baby killing organisation, which – she says – is leaving her and “her family” without severance package and medical insurance. I thought about crying a micro-tear because of poor Mssssss Wen and her unfortunate family, but then I decided, better not.

Rejoice, Mssssss Wen.

You still have the greatest gift of all: life.

You have not been killed in the womb by the likes of you. Nor have your husband (if any) and your children.

The people you were instrumental in killing will never have the possibility to write to a newspaper about their lack of severance package, or medical insurance. They have been hacked to pieces in their mother’s womb, in a dismemberment the likes of you call “health care” or, even more hypocritically, “reproductive health”.

No, I will not cry a micro-tear for Msssss Wen, the abortionist now in trouble for being just a bit less of a Dr Goebbels than her employer.

This will be interesting to watch, though, as there might be a lot of dirt coming out of this.

When there is trouble in Goebbelsland, sordid details about the practices of these people might not be far away.

Triumph Of Iniquity?

God cannot allow Himself to be scorned with impunity. Now if the pains of hell were not eternal, the obstinate sinner would persevere in his revolt, since no adequate sanction would repress his pride. His rebellion, we may say, would have the last word, would be the triumph of iniquity.

These words  are from Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange’s “Life Everlasting”, one of those books I go back to again and again and that remain fresh, insightful and instructing after many readings (either because I forget things, which I do, or because it throws a fresher light on what I already know).

The reflection below strikes me anew every single time as absolutely logical, but often neglected in conversation. It is a simple point, that cannot be refuted.

You certainly have, as I did and still do, come across Sunday Theologians who improvise a theology of niceness for reasons peculiar to their own but, generally, fruit of the desire to have things their own way. They invariably reject eternal damnation as not being good enough for their lofty spirit.

Memorise this simple argument and keep it in store for when the circumstances require its use.

This is how we remain Catholics and work (with God’s grace) towards salvation in these atrocious times: absorbing the religion of our fathers as best as we can, and using the knowledge so acquired both for our salvation and, when prudence allows, for the instructions of those in more or less dire need of it.

Catholicism is all there already. There is nothing to know which we need Francis, or any other bishop or cardinal. Conversely, not making an effort to learn what we know to be true is not likely to be treated kindly when we die, then a bad pope is no excuse for being a bad Catholic.

We work on our salvation with fear and trembling whatever Francis goes around blathering.



The Little Problem

Yes, the FrancisTroops of the Papolatry SS (or shall I say the Gaystapo plus auxiliary troops) are using the “schism” as an insult to decent Catholics.

The game is very simple: you take something very normal (=being a Catholic) and turn it into an insult, “schismatic”. You do this again and again. You have your friends in the press echo the term. At some point, it becomes the norm.

See also: hate and hate crime, fake news and the king of them all: homophobia.

An old game, practised by Commies and Nazis alike.

Again, you need the Press. The FrancisTroops do all they can.

However, there is a little problem: neither Stalin nor Hitler had to deal with the Internet.

The Internet is too atomized to be controlled. It’s like trying to stop a tide with your hands. It allows people to know the facts, read the comments on them, form their own opinion. There is really nothing you can do.

This is why I find it pathetic when all these presumed trendy wannabe Twitterati think that they can shape Catholicism. They really can’t.

They should rather say this: “we hate the Church, but the Pope is on our side. Therefore, we will keep our work unpunished for hopefully very long as Francis II The Faggot and Francis III The Tranny keep protecting us. However, God forbid, we get a Catholic Pope, because then there will be no hole on the planet deep enough to hide us from his just wrath”.

This is all there is in this, and the Internet makes it impossible to disguise it.

Catholicism is well known, and has been for 2000 years. No matter how hard you tweet, how many books you write, how many Cardinals protect you, you won’t be able to fool any decent person, and the indecent ones don’t need the fooling anyway.

All the screeching cheerleaders of Francis cannot deny or disguise this simple fact: they, not us, are promoting a de facto schism.

They will be surprised, one day, to discover that there is no schism in heaven, but there is a lot of pain in hell.

And I don’t think a certain sodopriest will be allowed to wear a bra down there, either.

Pope Hypocrite The Indecent

On the aeroplane back from Madagascar, where he managed to make a total fool of himself once again (yours truly reported) , Francis has let journalists know that he is “not afraid of schism”.

Well, someone of us had already noted it.

The argumentation (if there ever be any from this rambling idiot) runs thus: I am the Pope, therefore to disagree with me is to be in schism. A worse example of crass Clericalism of the stupidest sort has the world never seen.

264 Popes are in schism, then.

Francis, you are such a genius.

The measure of the utter stupidity of this man is given by the fact that, after 6.5 years of disastrous pontificate, he dares to state that he does not do anything differently than…. JP II.

The mind boggles.

Why is that, then, that Conservative Catholics regale this man with 100 times the criticism they reserved for JP II, he does not care to elaborate.

And Yes, Pope John The Koran Kisser had his atrocious moments, and every pre V II Pope would have heavily criticised, of called a blasphemy, the Buddha on the altar in Assisi, the attempt to transform the Church in mass entertaining, part of the 1994 Catechism and a lot more. But for all his mistakes, the man was recognisably a Catholic.

Those who believe that this man is on Christ’s side have been blinded by Satan, and are doing his work. Thankfully, his supporters are often on the other side, and are to be found among those who are open enemies of the Church; which should greatly help even the most stupid among the rosewater Catholics to understand what a fraud this man is.

I don’t know whom this old nincompoop wants to fool. Those who pretend to agree with him, or who brown nose him, have agendas of their own, but no-one with a brain believes this shameless liar.

He will die some day, and face his judgment. Nothing of what he has said and done will remain unpunished.

Let this thought comfort you every day.

Pope Leopard The African Shaman

The picture below shows the moral vacuum , the vanity and the waste of FrancisChurch in all its stupidity.

What does an idiot who visits Africa does? He tries to please the natives with leopard themed vestments.

It is not only the vulgarity that is staggering. It is the condescending stupidity that, once again with this man, leaves one speechless. Pope Francis has become the best parody of himself.

Oh, and have you seen the Ferula? Suitably simple, as befits the poor, primitive, leopard-loving natives.

How much does that cost, I also wonder. Papal vestments don’t go cheap, and I doubt the very same clown complaining about “waste” will use this atrocious stuff much once this visit has ended.

Come on, Francis, go the whole distance now: go Blackface, play the bongo, put some ears on your nose!

Imagine how happy the simple natives will be!

How Do They Feel?

How do they feel, I wonder every now and then? How must it feel, to be plauded by the world; to be invited by universities and cultural institutions; to feel hip (with a certain crowd) and at pace with the times. How does it feel to be praised by bishops and cardinals (or, actually, by bishops who then become cardinals…) for, say, writing a book that promotes sodomy, glorifies it, calls for perverted attraction to be called holy. How does it feel to talk in front of a chosen troop of subservient journalists, and theorize about women priests, or such like atrocities.

They are on a roll, aren’t they? They are clearly in power, and dominate the corridors of the Vatican. The Pope is either a homosexual himself, or in the pocket of homosexuals, or simply on their side because of the sheer hate for the Church they all share.

They are riding high. They mistakenly tweet their male lovers in public, and nothing happens to them. They write books glorifying perverted attractions – and, factually, sodomitic behaviour – and they reap praise among the fashionable and the darlings of the world. They write the foreword for such scandalous books, and they are made cardinals.

They are cleaning up. How must it feel?

I think I know how it must feel. It must feel empty, and without any sense. It must feel joyless and, actually, more than vaguely ominous. These people have no faith, and do not think that there is anything beyond the final curtain. When there is no faith, nothing makes sense, and life is just an absurd search for vain pleasures that must never give fulfilment.

Add, to this, the special role Satan plays in the life of these miserable wretches, particularly the sodomites. To all, Satan gives an oppressive sense of nothingness and quiet desperation. To the Sodomites, he gives a life of special torment. It does not matter how celebrated a sodomite is, be him a famous comedian, or rockstar, or politician, or “trendy”, unworthy priest. They lead a wretched, miserable life, all of them.

In fact, in less PC times I read on a psychology book (in those times I did that) that the obvious preference of homosexuals for professions and activities who give them a stage if possible (politician, actor, priest!), and a captive audience if not possible (coiffeur) is due to the extreme desire for self-validation engendered by their extreme hate and despise of self. In other words, they hate their own guts, and are in dire need of people who praise them, or in any other way validate them, in order to feel less of a piece of shit, at least for a while.

Imagine that: the trendy priest and the homo cardinals have a horrible life every minute of it, and the praise of the world is just an injection of very weak novocaine, merely helping them to linder the pain of their wretched existence for a while, as a horrible eternal destiny insinuates itself in their perverted minds, battling with their atheism in a tragic, desperate game.

This, my friends, is how they feel.

Think of it every time you read of them being praised, or promoted, or celebrated by a stupid world that has lost its senses.

Six (And A Half) Years In Fast Forward

It’s getting cold again in this part of the world. Another summer will soon be gone, and the Evil Clown is still in place.

I reflect on the years that have led to this, and what I always think is this: it was the fault of Cardinals and Bishops, from day one.

The Cardinals elected* a man whom they either did not know (desperately trying to be charitable here) or knew to be evil and, at the very least, Catholicism-free. They also clearly followed the counsel or suggestions of Cardinals of whom they had to know that they had nothing holy in them. The decision to offer Francis the Keys is unjustifiable however you look at it.

Francis is obviously vain, and not very deep. He starts with the easy platitudes and the easy gestures on day one. This alone should have alerted our shepherds about the real goings inside the mind of the man. Many were accomplices, I know. But how many just chose not to see?

It got worse pretty fast, as Francis started to preach a strange fake gospel made of a lot of socialism mixed with a lot of social envy. Almost no one, among our supposed shepherds, reacted.

It was, therefore, not a surprise when Francis started the brutal persecution of a staunchly Catholic order, the FFI; for petty personal reasons, certainly, but also to send a signal of what will happen to those who are not in his graces. Again, no reaction.

The heresies came pouring in. For a long time, only on aeroplanes, with the entire world wondering whether there is some strange virus in the their AC, or whether the poor man just cannot stand altitude. All sorts of excuses were fabricated. Again, no condemnation.

Is it not the most natural, obvious thing in the world that a vain, stupid, impious, devilish man like Francis would feel encouraged by the cowardice he saw all around him? Francis is evil, but he is not so reckless that he risks a heresy trial. Like every bully, he is first and foremost a coward. When the Bishops condemned the instrumentum laboris of the synod on the family (the first attempt to make heresy official), Francis backpedalled like a professional athlete, before starting a systematic work of covert, or overt, oppression of Catholics. Before he kicks you in the teeth, Francis wants to be sure he will be able to do so with impunity.

Amoris Laetitia came, and the heresies were now, in the immortal words of Yes, Prime Minister, “officially official”. You would think that now, surely, a strong reaction would follow?

What we heard was… crickets, but this time, they were special crickets, in the form of four Cardinals mounting the greatest grandstanding operation known to man, just to fold like the cowards they all are when they were required to, actually, act. God forbid, the last eighteen months of their lives should be marred by a slight decrease in the comfort they have become so accustomed to. The youngest one of them, Cardinal Burke, is now considered “persecuted” because his extremely comfortable Roman existence lost some of the extremely comfortable perks. I wonder what St Stephan thinks of him.

It went, predictably, downhill from there. Once the bully is assured that he can bully everyone with impunity, his insolence will keep growing.

The current phase is the one of spitting on several sacraments at the same time, as even priest celibacy is put into question and Catholicism is, so to speak, invited to learn from the tattooed savages of the forest. There is some moaning here and there, but make no mistake: this is just because Francis has not yet officially put his seal of approval on the new heresies. Let him make so, and watch some faint, respectful meowing as the only reaction.

This is where we are now: homosexual Cardinals, rampant heresies, and Cardinals and Bishops living a comfortable existence and doing, as a whole, nothing.

Many of them, on day, will be gnashing their teeth in hell.

And if Cardinal Burke is not terrified for his eternal destiny, and for the destiny of his small band of grandstanding cowards, he is the greatest fool alive.


  • The Holy Ghost does not elect the Pope. The Cardinals do. It is a blasphemy to think that God would choose an evil man to lead His Church. Disabuse yourself of this blasphemy, if you want to understand what is going on withing  the Church.

The Bubo And The Plague.

After the expectedly shocking news of the new Cardinal appointments, I visited a well known Catholic blog to read what the very good priest running it had to say.

I read sober words of suffering and prevailing in the end, of a Church crucified by evil men like Christ once was.

The Comments were a different story. With few exceptions, the commenter really seem to not have the faintest clue why this is happening.

Most seem to think that JP and Benedict’s Pontificates were, in fact, good, and that they appointed good bishops and cardinals.

Good Lord..

As I was reading the comments, it became clear to me, as in a flesh, why we are living the years we are living.

The root of the problem is Vatican II, its novelties and innovations, its approach to the way the Church is and operates and, crucially, its disfiguration of the Liturgy. As long as this is not understood, and acted upon, things will keep getting worse, as there is no way that a ball once sent down a slippery slope stops rolling. Vatican II is the slippery slope. All the rest follows from it.

How many of even the good intentioned faithful realise this? Perhaps ten percent? All the others hanker for… what exactly? A JP III kissing the earth before a Rock Mass? A Benedict XVII happy with being respected by no-one as his motu proprios are left as dead letter almost everywhere? More Buddha symbols in the sanctuary? More happy-clappy masses? More interminable hours of theology of the body no one understands, and no one felt the need for?

If you want more of this, you deserve Francis, then Francis was allowed by God to make you understand the evil of the aggiornamento.

Milquetoast disapproval of a horrible pope while looking back at bad ones is not going to change anything more than wanting for the ball to be put back higher in the slope, whence it will unavoidably roll down at increasing speed again.

Francis is the broken bubo, with the disgusting pus pouring out. But Vatican II is the plague.

When we get this, we will be on the road to sanity again. Until that day, we will have to live with very evil Popes, Bishops and Cardinals.

The Apocalypse In Instalments

The Evil Clown has just announced his next batch of FrancisCardinals and they are, predictably, atrocious. Most notable are two homosexualists, and very possibly present or past sodomites. One has written the foreword for the notorious book of Father Martina himself.

Let that sink in.

Francis is continuing his work of destruction of everything that he can destroy. The man is of Satan. He could come to this point because there were no bishops and Cardinals willing to stand up to him with more than faint meowing and vain posturing.

Honestly, looking at the average person who, today, professes himself a Catholic, I am tempted to say that he deserves Francis and his cardinals.

Enjoy the ride, Pollyannas all over the world, and apostles of the “sweet Peter on earth” mantra as the man showed that he despises them and everything that is Catholic.

Congratulations, Cardinal Burke & Co. Your empty virtue signalling has now virtually – bar Divine intervention – guaranteed us a closeted homosexual Francis II, an openly homosexual Francis III and, who knows, a gender fluid Francis IV.

Have fun, sanctimonious old women in the sanctuary. Your nephews are being given to rapacious perverted priests to have their Catholicism, their innocence, perhaps their very physical safety endangered.

Catholics who think they can pick and choose what they believe have not deserved a Catholic Pope. They deserve both Francis anc his damn cardinals. Let us see how they keep enjoying this clown and his satanic successors. It will get worse before it gets better.

If Francis had been openly challenged by even a handful of Cardinals, this would not have happened. The witness of Catholicism would have been too strong for a bunch of homos and, in time, the tepid and silent majority would have sided with the winners. A little light dispels a lot of darkness.

But there was no witness for truth, only a tiny bunch of vain men trying to look beautiful with orthodox faithful whilst taking care nothing happened to themselves. May the Lord have mercy on them. If there is no witness for truth, it is not surprising that the lie keeps progressing inside the Church.

We will, unless a miracle happen, all die in what is now most surely, most surely the gravest crisis in the Church, ever. Worst than Diocletian, Luther, or even the Arians.

But know this: an omnipotent Lord has already decreed, from all eternity, who are the Elect and the Reprobates. Neither Father Martina, nor Pope Francis, nor Satan himself can change a iota in that. All this work of destruction is, ultimately, the deceivers only fooling those who want to be deceived. Sure, it appears evident that in this age far more Reprobates are born than in the sane ages of the past. But again, they are Reprobates because of their own blindness allowed by God, not because Francis or any of his perverted accomplices can take away one single soul from the happiness appointed for it.

In a way, this is the Apocalypse, and one that will go long until we are likely all in our graves. In another way, all this evil work is, ultimately, impotent against God’s will, as the work of the devil ever was.

There will be wailing, and gnashing of teeth. And a lot of Bishops and Cardinals will be part of it.

On Uniting The Clans, Again

I read more articles about the Unite The Clans movement. This is something I find natural in principle and, actually, would seem unquestionable in a logical perspective.

You have noticed that this blog is very hesitant in engaging in personal battles with other Catholic blogs.

For example (and it is just the most egregious), years ago a blogger attacked me openly on his own blog. I took note of those who commented approvingly of his blog post and banned them from mine, both themselves as commenters and all blog posts written by them on their blogs. I also proceeded to permanently exclude said blogs from mine, refusing to link to it when links appeared in comments. I wrote a post about the event, but did not name names.

My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. However, I did not engage in any crusade, not wanting to give our enemies the satisfaction of seeing Catholics attack each other in public.

Besides, I remember the two guys who, after having smeared me with their comment on that other blog, then proceeded to write an approving comment on a blog post of mine, on the same day, before noticing they had both been banned. This stupid and hypocritical behaviour is, in fact, a part of the problem, as there seems to be people who actually like to feed controversy, provided they can see their nickname in print, or can promote their own blog. The infighting is, in fact, not only a problem of angry bloggers. It is also a problem of eager cheerleaders.

I try to do the same with the squabbles I see on the Internet. When a fake Catholic publication attacked a true Catholic one, I have openly defended the true one, because in this case I do not consider the fake publication a part of the Catholic world. If two good Catholics offend each other, I tend to simply stay out of it.

Some controversies I simply do not recognise as such. I refuse to think that the FSSP priests want the SSPX dead, or are its enemies in any way, shape or form. I am firmly on the side of the SSPX, but I would consider myself blessed if I had a V II traditionalist institute near me. I am persuaded that most SSPX priests think highly of the FSSP ones, and vice versa. I am also persuaded that every good priest of any such organisation would, at least in private, suggest to me that I attend Mass by the other rather than going to the happy-clappy V II one.

I am, also, persuaded that most Traditionalists, and every soundly thinking Catholics, understand that Francis, not the SSPX or the FSSP, is the problem.

Uniting the Clan cannot be a centralised movement, by which someone with a prestigious blog indicates the movement’s direction and all others follow his instructions. It does not work this way, because blogging is a different exercise. I, like everybody else, would not allow anyone to tell me what I want to write about, in which terms, and with which tones.

But what can – and, I think, should – be done is a reflection on the effect that internal disagreements – I mean by this disagreements among bona fide Catholics – have on those who have started to timidly follow the movement and are there, fascinated, learning little by little, slowly understanding the wonderful world of true Catholicism (I was, once, one of them; and my ignorance was utterly appalling, besides being clearly culpable).

They should, ideally, see that whilst we have disagreement like everybody else, we try to deal with the disagreement among ourselves in a different manner. Not condoning, and neither being a doormats nor a sanctimonious bitch. But simply sending a clear message that this controversy is dealt differently because we do things differently. 

I think this would be enough, because we are all humans and we are all angry – and rightly so – when our integrity is questioned.




Italy, Myopic Decisions, And The Rosary

It has always been the praxis of smart Italian politicians to look at where the wind is blowing before taking momentous decisions. This wise habit has been thrown out of the window in the last days.

The decision of Five Star Movement and Democratic Party to form a coalition and keep out the Lega achieves two results: they get to stay, or get, in power and they avoid new elections that would have seen them punished. But it is highly likely that this decision will prove very myopic.

The Lega is flying very high in the popular opinion. They went to power with (if memory serves) 18% of the popular vote, smashed the 30% threshold at the European Elections early this year and are now polling at a barely believable 39%. They are on the rise whilst being in power, they will rise even higher now that they are not burdened with the responsibilities and difficult decisions of being in power.

The new coalition is an unnatural one, but they have one thing in common: they hate all the Lega stands for and which made it so popular.

So, what will they do now? If they pursue a pro EU, pro illegals policy they will shoot themselves in the head in 2022 at the latest (I think few believe we will have to wait as long as that). If they try a more moderate course, and – for example – steer a hard policy towards illegals, the people will conclude that the Lega can do it all much better. It’s a lose-lose.

Plus, there is the angering of the voting masses, who see themselves deprived of elections clearly necessary to realign Parliament with the political climate out there.

Democratic Party and Five Star Movement have chosen the power drunkenness today, uncaring for the massive hangover tomorrow. Everything indicates that they are going to pay a heavy price for this.

Matteo Salvini has consecrated the Country to the Blessed Virgin and often invites to pray her for the achievement of the Country’s goals. Please follow his advice and ask the Blessed Virgin to intercede with Our Lord so that my beloved Country may, one day soon, again march toward sanity.

The Sky Is Falling, 1995 Edition


And so I am sitting at a McDonald’s, eating my meal in peace. The paper cover of the plastic tray tells an ominous tale: unless we do something, the Amazonian Forest will be destroyed in five years’ time, and that forest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen.

Impressive, uh? This isn’t today, though.

This was in 1995.

24 years later, the same rubbish is propagated everywhere, going from mouth to mouth, or from screen to screen, because of a chain of people who are either tragically ignorant, or on the look for some purpose in life, or trying to promote an anti-Capitalistic agenda, or simply scrounging an existence out of people’s stupidity.

In times as stupid as these, however, you can expect the Cretin in Chief to be at the head of the movement. Firmly determined to dethrone the Dalai Lama as the King Of Platitudes, Pope Francis calls for international action on the Amazon wildfires .

The guy can’t even be bothered to genuflect in front of the Blessed Sacrament, but the world must do his bidding every time he wants to look good with the world’s press. What a fraud.

In the meantime, smart people prefer to stick with the facts. 

We truly live in an age of superstition. Every fake announcement about the planet is eagerly welcomed from an avid army of simpletons whose only desire is to look less stupid with their peers, or to go with the mainstream opinion, or to have some occasion for virtue signalling. They are being manipulated by a tiny minority of subversives, seeking to fundamentally change the ways of the West and to put an end to Capitalism as we know it. Some days ago (google it) a study in England suggested that in order to achieve the necessary reduction in CO2 emissions electric vehicles may not be enough, and the ability of the people to use their own private transport may have to be curtailed. Yes, this is truly where this madness is going.

Stupid people desperately try to look intelligent. Pope Clown desperately tries to look good. Climatologists without scruples desperately try to scrounge more decades of subsidies, tenures, and honours. Socialists desperately try to fundamentally change the way we live.

In the meantime, God’s creation continue to exist, unfazed by these cretins, for as long as He will see it fitting for the universe to exist.


When Your Bishop Is Your First Enemy

The Remnant has an excellent article from Michael Matt about the necessity to “unite the clans” and stop demanding total frontal attack from everybody. I found the article so convincing that I would like to touch on something that has been touched upon on this blog a couple of times, but is, I think, worth repeating.

It is a sad reality of the Novus Ordo Church that, if you want to be a priest as God intended, your Bishop will be your first enemy. With the exception of a few fortunate cases, here in the West it is fair to say that a Priest who want to say it as it is concerning a lot of stuff (say: from sodomy to concubinage, and from drug addiction to more common forms of gluttony) would see the usual old harridans and badly lived men complaining to the Bishop for the “insensitive” world, who have caused such a grave shock to their niece Shoshana, who lives in sin with her “fiance”, or their nephew Dawn, who has discovered that God has made her lesbian, and who is father to judge and be oh, oh, oh so cruel?

Woe to the priest daring to, actually, be unapologetically Catholic about this. If his Bishop doesn’t silence, or punish the priest because the Bishop himself is a liberal, or a flaming queen, he will do it because he is, himself, terrified of the liberals, and flaming queens, over his head. You have read how this ends too many times to doubt the veracity of this.

It is sad, but accurate to say that a good Catholic priest is now forced to live in hiding from all the people who can easily destroy him, starting from his Bishop. I see these priests now and then, and I listen to their homilies with the utmost attention. You can literally draw a line in the homily when the priest thought “more than this, and it will be dangerous”. And when the good priest is gone, who will care – in all the ways he can – for the souls of the parishioners?

It is bad. I have often the impression that all too often, the best a priest can do is to build his homily around principles which the Pewsitters have to know, without mentioning them explicitly. Because if you do, you are too obviously a Catholic, and there will be people in your very church (if not today, tomorrow or in three years) bent on your destruction. It is as if the homily were a minefield, and the principles of the Depositum Fidei as many land mines. The priest needs to go from the one side of the field to the other, without touching any of the landmines but still making clear what the direction has to be.

I do not envy these priests, or the blogger priests, of which I have read several that are really engaged, but predictably prudent.

I do, however, draw a line at the Bishop. The Bishop is the one on which the entire diocese hinges. The Bishop is a successor of the Apostles. The Bishop is the one upon which the denunciation of heresy primarily depends. The buck clearly stops there.

Also, think of the numbers. Priests can be neutralised by the thousands without the world really noticing. Two dozen bishops out of many thousands ready to fight the fight would cause an earthquake, one or two hundred of them and Francis would very possibly not survive it (hint: Bishops are, in their great numbers, cowards. When they see the tide going the other way, countless of them would run to defend the… winner).

When you hear the next “I would like to say more” homily (they are easily recognisable, because the homily is still entirely orthodox and hints at a strong Catholic content, which is never delivered), say a Hail Mary for the poor priest, that he may be put in the position to give better spiritual food to his sheep.





Retards Of The World, Unite!


Paul Joseph Watson has a very interesting video about the Cult of Greta and the stupidity of our times. The montage is more than a tad juvenile (particularly at the start) and I warn you that there is strong language at times. But the message is on target.

The news of a so-called “church of Sweden” appointing Greta Thunberg as “Jesus’ Successor” looked like a joke, but it is not.

We see here several phenomena converging: Firstly, the advanced stage of decomposition of Christianity in the Nordic Countries has led to the substitution of Christianity for a cult of the earth; a cult which the decayed so-called christian institutions of these countries actually even try to exploit for her own aims of recognition and popularity, revealing the Christ-Free space they have become.

Secondly, the loss of respect for real education has led to the appearance of millions of people who have come out of a university but cannot read, write or think; don’t know history; don’t have any critical thinking; and are extremely easy to manipulate exactly because they think they are so smart, and so cool. They are the ideal fodder for cults.

This cult of the environment is fed by the “icons” of our times, who are the cultural references of an ignorant generations; actors, models, stuff like that. If your life is spent watching reality shows, every famous idiot is a thinker.

Everybody wants to jump of this train, particularly if he is stupid. An individual like Prince Harry, who is – apart from likely being a bastard of sort, and the son of a notorious slut; but hey, in stupid times sluts are heroes – so dumb that he is unable to even “paint” an “abstract painting” on his own, now tells us how many children to have, as he jets around the world and is a honoured guest in the house of one of the most rabid f@ggots who ever drew breath. His new wife has him eating form her hand already. She has found an idiot to chew before she, very likely, gets tired of his idiocy and divorces him. I pity the poor, dumb bastard.

The Cult of Stupid is the new religion.

“Retards of the world, unite!” is their new slogan.




Let Us Stop Making Excuses For Everybody

After my post on the death penalty yesterday, I received a message from a reader, Noahvail, asking several questions.

It seems fitting to use the message to repeat some points that have been mainstays of Catholic thinking, and are clearly counter cultural in today’s climate. I will assume that Noahvail is not trolling me and is merely, like so many nowadays, extremely confused.

“Is it conceivable that the “executive director” has taken it upon himself alone, to write, in his ‘official capacity,’ for the commutation of the sentence?”

Obviously not. Whilst the arguments made by the man are un-Catholic, we should not be surprised at Bishops being un-Catholic. Actually, nowadays I rather expect it every time a microphone or journalist pad is in sight. The letter was not corrected or reneged by the Bishops. It is simply not realistic to think that they do not agree with it. It is obvious that they answer for it, as he speaks on their behalf in his position as Executive Director for them.

“As Catholics don’t we hope for the conversion and salvation, in life, of every soul?”

Of course we do. We hope that the soul converts. This cannot happen after death. Therefore, it has to happen in life. Life ends with the execution. The soul knows that the end of life is about to happen. This certainly focuses the mind. See the next point.

“The death penalty does put kind of a foreshortening , a closure of the window of choice for the sinner. Does it not?”

No, it doesn’t. The contrary is the case. When the sinner knows that the day of reckoning is coming, this helps him greatly to make his peace with the Lord.

If you know that you only have time until the 15 April to make your income tax declaration, the approaching of the date is not, for you, “a closure of the window of choice”. It is a forceful reminder that you have to act fast, because there isn’t much time left. The same goes for every deadline: enrolling children to school, etc.

Knowing that his life is about to end should be seen by every convict as a great blessing. This is a grace not given to many other people; they die suddenly, and who knows whether they have made peace with the Lord or not. To know that the end is approaching allows a person (the ill man, or the criminal) to make every effort to die with his soul in the state of grace. This is the greatest gift that God can give to a soul beside the gift (which is supposed to come immediately thereafter, and because of it) of final repentance. Conversely, a man who, knowing that death is approaching, refuse to make his peace with the Lord, is clearly showing his total refusal of Christ. In this case, too, he has willed his own fate.

Eternity is infinite. Life on earth is not. Therefore, eternity is infinitely more important than the duration of the life on earth. The gift of approaching infinity with the right frame of mind, and – with God’s grace – of acting accordingly, is the greatest one.

Is not life imprisoned more of a punishment than a death penalty?

Very likely. But we are not a bunch of sadists. We are Catholics. We do not seek the maximum suffering for a criminal. We seek the reestablishment of justice. If this reasoning were sound, it would actually call for the torture of those who have tortured, etc. It does not work that way.

The execution reestablishes the order of justice. This suffices. It’s not about making people suffer.

That is the only argument I can imagine a Catholic to make. Allow the miscreant the opportunity for repentance.

The argument is no argument. If the miscreant does not see a “deadline” approaching, it will happen to him the same that happens to everybody with their taxes: there is still time! How many, in and out of jail, postpone their repentance until it is too late! Again, it is the greatest blessing to know that the time for repentance has come.

But then the “executive director” may not even be a Catholic, but rather simply catholic in his beliefs.

This is something I had not even thought about. In fact, in the times we are living you cannot even be sure that the guy is, in fact, a Catholic. Still, this does not change the matter. He speaks for the Bishops, the Bishops answer for what he says.

Summa summarum, it is fair to say this: we need, as Catholics, to stop making excuses for wrong behaviour. A Bishop who does not defend Catholic teaching is a bad Bishop and, in fact, he is unworthy to be one. A murderer needs to be treated accordingly, without strange appeals to “science”. We need to stop thinking that the behaviour we see in front of your eyes might be due to, say, the Bishops just not being informed of what is done.

It is time to look at things as they are and speak accordingly.

No reasonable person applies the “difficult childhood”, or the science” argument, or the “perhaps he didn’t know” argument, to Hitler. Reality is clear enough, without any need for signed documents.

Please let us apply the same elementary common sense to our lives as Catholics.


Florida: The Cult Of The World, And The Golden Calf Of Pseudoscience


A horrible, Catholicism-free soi-disant “c”atholic publication (no link!) informs us that the “Executive Director” of the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops has written to the Governor asking him to stay the execution of an inmate.

Firstly, some questions: who the heck is the “Executive Director”? Is he a Bishop himself? Apparently not, as the article calls him simple Michael Sheedy. What kind of a job does this guy have? Why do Bishops need an “Executive Director”, and (apparently) a layman at that? How many useless layers of administration are Florida Catholics paying for? And why no Florida Bishop can be the face of this (wrong) initiative and sign the letter himself, instead of hiding behind an administrative layer and a layman?

How did the Church in Florida survive before V II, Bishops’ Conferences, and all that bureaucratic stuff? Pretty well, you say? Ouch…

After dealing with the daily absurdity of the Church in the XXI Century, let us go in medias res.

The letter makes excuses and tries with the sob story, as it is always done in these cases. Difficult childhood, and all that. I couldn’t stop crying…


A murderer is a murderer. I this case, the horrid un-Catholic publication is actually forced to tell us that Mr Bowles, the murderer, confessed to not even one, but six murders, for which he is collecting death sentences like there is no tomorrow (actually, for him, there might be no tomorrow…).

The letter has stupid platitudes like: “Each of us is more than the worst thing we have done,” and fake science (the new god of the godless) like: “Neuroscientific research has found that such traumatic experiences severely affect a child’s developing brain, and thus affect subsequent behavior.”

Each one of us is, as an immortal soul, more important than the Universe himself. This makes his willingly committed crimes worse, as they offend God’s creation both as a grave rebellion to His commandments and as the destruction of six lives, each of which more important than the Universe itself. The establishment of God’s justice here on earth should, actually, literally cry to heaven for the execution of a man culpable of such acts. Alas, Nucatholics do not care for God’s justice, and do not even know what sins crying to heaven for vengeance are. They worship human life. And they worship human life because they do not believe in heaven.

Instead of praying that this man may meet his punishment at peace with the Lord, they pray that his miserable life may continue until its natural end. If this is not worshipping the world’s idols, I don’t know what is.

As to the pseudoscience: sorry, buddy, it’s not in the Gospel. We don’t remake our religion according to pseudo-scientific “research”. We believe in God, the Father Almighty, and all that. You can keep your golden calf of the “scientific research”. As for me and mine, we will follow the Lord.

For a Catholic, the case is open and shut, and shows that even the most evil man has the possibility (as this man has: a great grace!!) to escape hell by dying at peace with the Lord. Divine Justice and Divine Mercy at work at the same time. Satisfaction (for justice served) and Consolation (for mercy asked for). Beautiful.

But no, this requires believe in hell and heaven, and in the righteousness of the Capital Punishment. Something clearly beyond the reach of the Florida Bishops, who need to worship at the altar of the world and produce themselves in a triple somersault to try to explain to us why a six time murderer should not be executed.

Pathetic and un-Catholic; but most of all, stupid.

What will the Governor do? I don’t know. Nowadays politicians are not recognisable from bishops, and vice versa. He will do, I think, what he thinks it’s better for him in political term. Unless he is a Catholic with the capital C, in which case he will do what every real Catholic would do.

Pray that Mr Bowles may die at peace with the Lord.

And for the conversion to Catholicism of the Bishops of Florida.






The Sky Is Falling, Iceland Edition


Some nutcases have celebrated the funeral of a glacier in Iceland. 

It would be funny to know the details (Iceland is pretty remote; some of the participants have likely flown; one would like to enquire about the CO2 costs of this “funeral”, since its production is toxic to them), but really, it gives you the idea of the stupidity of our times. Also, it is not clear to me that the glacier is actually not there anymore. Apparently, the guy is still there. Only, some scientist has decided that, in some way, he is not there anymore, or he can’t move, or he will never be able to have a cappuccino again first thing in the morning.

Sad. So sad. Mysteries of “settled science”….

In the orgy of stupidity, the organisers managed to say something right:

Climate change doesn’t have a beginning or end

Exactly, you dumb oxes and cows. Climate always changes, in another astonishing show of the beauty of Creation. It always changes like everything else always changes, from the seasons to the atmospheric weather, and from the animal kingdom to our own bodies.

These simple truths are, apparently, beyond the grasp of people who clearly do not believe in God. They live in the midst of such astonishing beauty and complexity and, instead of directing their eyes heavenward and thank their Maker for His astonishing goodness, they sit somewhere in Iceland, in the cold, where they perform childish ceremonies, terrified that the sky is about to fall on their heads.

These people are also, in case you had not noticed, a pure eugenics Nazi cult. From the linked article:

“My understanding is that we have basically eradicated, almost, Down syndrome from our society—that there is hardly ever a child with Down syndrome in Iceland anymore,” said Kari Stefansson, a geneticist and the founder of deCODE Genetics.

Systematic killing of the defenceless in order to improve the stock. Purification of the race from less than perfect individuals.

This guy would make the perfect Auschwitz doctor. All, of course, for the improvement of humanity.

The woman cited about abortion is also worthy of the Final Solution Prize 2019:

“We don’t look at abortion as a murder,” said Helga Sol Olafsdottir, who counsels women who have a pregnancy with a chromosomal abnormality at Landspitali University Hospital. “We look at it as a thing that we ended.”

Well, you know what, Helga?

We do not look at the death of a glacier (insofar as it has happened) as something strange.

We look at it as something God ended.




The Shaman “Blesses” The Nun: The Amazon Synod Is Satan’s Work

A non-catholic publication has a non-catholic article about the Amazon Synod. No link, obviously.

The picture, however, says it all.

The caption: “Isidoro Jajoy, a shaman from Colombia’s Inga tribe, blesses people in Bogota Aug. 14, 2019, during a preparatory meeting for the October Synod of Bishops for the Amazon. (CNS/Manuel Rueda)”

Very near to the “shaman” is what can only be a nun, in a reverent gesture as she is receiving the so-called “blessing” from multi-coloured Isidoro.

My take is that all the present, including the nun, are Catholics ready and willing to have a representative of some savage cult – who, in order to remove all doubt, is also dressed like a savage –  give them some sort of “blessing” in order to experience the alleged connection with the earth of the cult of the savages, or something of the sort.

It is too appalling for words, and no polite words can really describe the prostitution of Christianity that is happening here, and which the nun in the foreground so crudely and shamelessly represents.

These people are selling our religion to the cult of earth, the approval of the world, and the rituals of savages. They are led by a number of bishops, and you can be assured that neither the nun, nor the other present, nor the bishop or bishops at the event will offer any apology for this act of implicit apostasy – or, at best, religious synchretism – that comes from thinking that a savage cult can improve Catholicism in any way, shape or form. And may their ignorance be a partial excuse for the uninstructed people out there – some of whom might simply not realise the meaning of what they are doing – the nun and the bishops certainly do not have any.

I’ll put in a polite way.

Where is the Inquisition when you need them….?



National… What???

Rubens, Assumption of the Virgin.


I use Classic FM to wake up in the morning. Then I switch off the radio before the dreaded news – which are more to the left than the BBC – cause a very unhealthy adrenaline surge first thing in the morning.

Today, they were faster.

The guy at Classic FM, intent in the usual blabla between two pieces of music, informed me that today is…. National Relaxation Day.

Er, no.

Today is the Feast of the Assumption.

The way the secular culture tries to undermine every aspect of Christianity in general and of Catholicism in particular has become so brazen, I expect Christmas Day to be declared National Skiing Day any time soon.

They want a world that treats the religious phenomenon – when they are absolutely forced to acknowledge it – as a fairy tale for children. But they would actually prefer to just ignore it, pretending it does not exist.

The Feast of the Assumption should deserve national attention exactly because it is a very important feast of the religion that shaped our world. The cultural aspect of the Christian religion should be honoured as the matrix of our own civilisation even by those who do not share the belief. To wilfully undermine this is a sign not even of indifference, but of enmity towards the Christian religion.

My early morning adrenaline surge was, however, tempered by this: the knowledge that God in heaven sees all, and will demand an account for everything.

Let us not, therefore, ruin our day thinking of all those who seek to undermine Christ left and right. They will have their reward.

A glorious Feast of the Assumption to all my readers.



I note now that Google has today, above the search line, “Louisa Aldrich-Blake 154th birthday”.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum….




Attacking The Church Via Confessional, Whilst The Bishops Stay Silent

If I go to a confessional and confess, in private, a crime I have not committed, I am not committing a crime.

If, therefore, I go into the confessional with the recorder on my iPhone switched on, and confess my “crime” of child abuse loud enough to make it recognisable on the recorder, I can then go to the police and say that I am a concerned citizen reporting that the priest has not, as required by law, reported a crime of child abuse of which he became aware in the confessional. It would be more complicated than that (I would still have to record the priest’s voice , in such detail as to make it clear that this is, in fact, a confession) but you can imagine in what trouble I would put the priest.

Why would I do this, you may ask? Because I am a sodomite, or an atheist activist, that’s why. Risks to me? Zero, and the applause of my peers. Risk for Christianity? De facto eradication of the Catholic Church from the entire Country once the “reporting” becomes (which it well might) a popular sport among the above mentioned groups.

Every legislation which imposes an obligation to report in any way, shape or form what happens to the confessional is a direct, open, head on attack on the Catholic Church.

That there should be bishops who show any kind of opening or collaboration in this matter should be of deepest concern for every Catholic and every other bishop. It is, in fact, the duty of every Bishop to vocally denounce and demand the immediate removal of any bishop who signals any kind of collaboration with the preparation of such legislative measures, much less approves of them.

In fact, much more than this should be happening. There should be a worldwide outcry against the measures now in preparation in Australia and elsewhere. This should be made such a deafening issue that no-one, be he a journalist, a politician or a lawyer, can pretend to ignore it.

Are there laws forcing Muslims to eat pork? Why are there laws forcing a priest to violate the seal of confession?

This is serious, and can easily become the Trojan Horse to bring an unprecedented legal attack on Christianity, that would have almost the same violence as the open persecutions, but made in a way that makes it seem “reasonable” and even “democratic”.

We must react to this now. If you are Australian, write to your legislator, local and national newspaper, and your own bishop expressing your deepest concern for this assault on Catholicism. It will be a good way to know whether all these people are fully sold to Satan already.

No “Right To Die” For Jeffrey Epstein?

The oh so predictable “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein has caused a wave of comments in the media.

One of the most often heard is that the victims of Mr Epstein feel “deprived” of “justice”. I found the reaction odd, or contradictory, for two reasons.

The first: one would think (and has always thought in thinking times) that death is the harshest punishment. If I were a victim of Mr Epstein, I would feel unable to think that the man has not paid a heavy price for his crimes; either by deciding to put an end to his own life (and imagine in what pain the man must have been to make such a decision), or by being elegantly “terminated” with a fake suicide, so that the Clinton Clan who knows how many powerful people can sleep safe at night (and imagine the terror at knowing that powerful people, for whom a maximum security jail is no obstacle, are coming for him).

Death is the harshest punishment. If this were not so, then lynching would be considered a very mild form of punishment, as – say – an assassin would get rid of his suffering very soon and not even get a sentence. Common sense alone says that the contrary is the case.

The second: among those who decry the lack of “justice” there must be, surely, a number who consider euthanasia a human right. One wonders: how is it that they do not allow Mr Epstein to enjoy the same right that every other human should, in their mind, have?

If there is a “right to die”, surely this right cannot be denied to anyone, and everyone should be able to ask (before, during, or after a trial) to have his life terminated. Having committed crimes is not relevant. One does not lose his status and (ahem) “dignity” as a human being for having committed crimes.

Once again, modern society shows that it has lost the compass of right and wrong even in elementary things.

Christianity is the compass of what is right and what is wrong. Lose it, and you will discover yourself entangled in contradictions as your purely emotional approach to “justice” becomes the mere pursuit of momentary whims.


Jeffrey Epstein: Suicide or Arkancide?

I am normally not given to conspiracy theories. But boy, this is another one who would have been a huge problem for the Clinton clan and is found dead.

Some people say this will make the prosecution slower. Other say the fact that there will be no due process against Epstein make make it easier to charge others. However, the star witness will clearly not be there anymore.

Even in the normal case (that Epstein really chose to commit suicide, rather than “being suicided”), it is shocking that a man on suicide watch was able to corrupt a number of people in order to get his way. I think all those involved should now be arrested and interrogated first.

Still, I cannot avoid thinking of Seth Rich, and I have a shiver down my spine.


Ohio Shooter: Leftist Methhead Who Supported Sanders And Liberal Causes, Dabbed in Satanism, Thought Trump Dumb

Lies have short legs, they say.

This wise saying was proven once again in the case of the deranged, but still evil, shooter in Dayton, Ohio, during the weekend.

The normally atrocious (but, this time, prepared) Daily Mail has a detailed, rather shocking article giving rich details about the life and mind of this despicable individual (see what I am doing here? No excuses for mass murder. Besides, if you fry your brains with meth, of course you can become unhinged!).

The long reading clearly paints a picture that is the contrary of what the Leftist, God-hating, Gun-hating propaganda wanted us to believe.

No MAGA guy, this one.

Not one bit.

A Sanders supporter and friend of liberal causes (as you would expect from a methhead), he left a lot of scribbles about murder fantasies and satanic phrases and thoughts. His habit of getting a vast range of drugs bespeaks the dutiful son of liberal America. There is no trace whatsoever of faith (in God, in decency, or in Trump) in this guy, but also no racism or “white supremacist” tendencies (which, funnily enough, the baby-killing machine on the left continues to attribute to Trump, because in their stupidity they think it will help them in 2020).

This, my dear reader, is exactly the contrary of a “Hillary Deplorable”. This guy was the enemy of Conservative America and the friend of Liberal America in pretty much everything we can see of his deranged personality.

Seriously: whilst the circumstances of the event are utterly tragic, the way the Left baby-killing machine tries to “not let a crisis go to waste” and uses such tragedies to attack Trump and Decent America, only to receive a huge boomerang  on their teeth shortly thereafter (remember Trayvon Martin? Or Michael Brown?) is, in its own way, quite funny to behold.

You can now expect that both the baby-killing machine and the MSM supporting them will keep running around and screaming “white supremacist!” at Trump like a chicken with his head cut off, in a desperate attempt to cover their lies by just doubling down on them. This will enrage Decent America even more in the months to come.

These people don’t even know what is good for their evil cause. They are bad at being bad.

Keep slandering Trump, ladies and gentlemen of the persuasion of Moloch. See how it helps you come November 2020!

Keep America Great.

And please stop making excuses for leftists, mass-murdering methheads. Their evil is just a by-product of the godless, valueless society the Left has created.


In Terra Caecorum Monoculus Rex

When the NGOs of the West criticise your behaviour, representative of the leftist party call your new law “monstrous”, and the UN condemns you openly, you must be doing something right  

Italy continues in its struggle to defend itself from those who want to undermine its Christina culture, and use it as a bridge head to push the Islamisation of our continent and the destruction of our traditional values and way of life.

Salvini has recognised the enemy and he says so openly. This is not difficult from the perspective of the solid, hard working man on the street. But it is absolutely remarkable in a politician. This is why Salvini’s party is now estimated to have the support of 38% of the population, an unbelievably high figure in a Country with a multi-party system in which the traditionally passionate Italians can fine tune their political allegiance.

This man really gets the people, because he has the no-nonsense, intelligent approach that the non-nonsense people in Italy have.

Interestingly enough, neither of the two (Salvini or the people) are particularly religious; but both recognise that the threat of a foreign invasion is the threat to our Christian roots, which is what makes of us what we are now. It was enough for one to see, imperfect as he is, to clean up in the Italian political scene. In Terra Caecorum Monoculus Rex

Salvini is one of the few who see it. He is surrounded, in Italy and elsewhere, by a circle of conformist, weak, incompetent cretins who think – because it has worked for them until now – that trite common places and easy slogans are the way forward for their careers, and the people will swallow whatever rubbish they dish to them, provided it sounds tolerant or otherwise “do-good”-ing. Not anymore, apparently.

Salvini thanked the Blessed Virgin again after the approval of the Law yesterday. Stop here and reflect when it was that such a think happened, before Salvini, in Italian politics. Granted, he is a very imperfect Catholic. But he gets it, and the Italian people finally have a guy who understands the simple facts of life and draws the consequences from them.

May the Blessed Virgin help you and us always, Mr Salvini. And may she help us to get on the long road leading, one day, to the recovery of our Christian roots and, actually, sanity.

Good Riddance, Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia appears directed towards prompt retirement once the age limit has been reached.

Honestly, I can’t wait.

There was a time when Chaput resembled a decent Catholic and was, actually, often quoted for saying the right thing. Many bloggers, including yours truly, wrote appreciatively about him.

But Chaput was one of those strange V Ii animals who, with age, start to resemble a chameleon. Very much a Benedictite during Benedict’s reign, he began to amp up the social justice tone soon after Francis became Pope. The first one or two times I had a “what the heck is going on” moment. Later, I understood that this one was merely another product of the V II school of thought, with a finger permanently in the air, and all too ready to follow the wind.

I don’t know what excuses the Archbishop told to himself, but it is clear now that they did not obtain the hoped result. Francis veered so much to the left that no amount of heroic contortionism could suffice for the red hat.


The fact is, that whilst Chaput was one of those contortionism specialists V II so lavishly produces, at heart he was still a Catholic. He would dab in leftist political issues and indulge in the rhetorical talking points of the secular society, but he would not compromise on the basics of his own religion. Therefore, he became one of those “neither flesh nor fowl” Archbishops who manage to please only the press with their easy headlines (most recently, against “gun violence”; as if guns were violent…) even as they enrage good Catholics and are considered mediocre helpers by the bad ones.

No red hat, then, for Archbishop Chaput. Not even as token “conservative” (as far as Francisconservatives go) so that Francis can prove that he cares for (fake) “pluralism” of opinions.

We have no need for bishops who confuse Catholics picking and choosing what they want to defend of the tradition handed down to us. They perpetuate the confusion, are a very poor help for people to keep their faith, and largely give the impression that even those who appear “conservatives” need to bow to the tenets of the new world religion, like those of social justice whining, illegal immigration and gun control.

I for myself prefer that Francis has no token “conservatives” who conserve very little and very badly. Let him show his ugly face to the world in the open. When God wills, this test will pass; but those like Chaput do not do anything to help the recovery of sanity, they merely spread more confusion.

Good riddance, Archbishop Chaput.

It’s so sad the contortionism didn’t work.



Give Them That Sinking Feeling

Forget the motives of the shooters in El Paso and Dayton for now. Forget that the Dayton guy was an extreme leftist with Satanist tendencies and (unsurprisingly) a supporter of Fauxcahontas Warren. Forget the circumstances and the surrounding noise.

Focus on freedom.

Make of these tragic events as many occasions for a renewed, vocal defence of American freedoms. Go on discussion fora, on the comment section of online magazines, on your Facebook page and Twitter account if you still have one, and defend the uniquely precious American freedoms and your God-given right to arms.

The enemies of freedom never get tired to attack the Second Amendment. You should never get tired to defend it.

Nor does it matter that we are winning. We are winning for now. We must consolidate the progress made and ingrain it in the national discourse, so that when – unavoidably – the next Democrat is elected President, he will not even think of attacking sacrosanct, God-given freedoms.

Start your counteroffensive now. Don’t even wait for the snowflake hysteria to get near your social media presence. Go on the offensive first. Show the Lefties that you are part of an army of Freedom Fighters ready to fight every time, all the time.

Let us make of every tragedy a renewed, assertive, prolonged defence and celebration of the Second Amendment, so that the enemies of the American Freedoms experience that sinking feeling of having lost before they even start the fight.

LifeSite News: Why I have Not Signed The Petition


Apple News has banned LifeSite News. 

The site has posted a petition to “respectfully” ask Apple to please, please be allowed in.

I disagree with the ban (obviously), but I have not signed the petition.

People thinking that LifeSite is unworthy of being published on its platform because it “shows intolerance” (of course it does; everyone does; Apple shows intolerance towards LifeSite banning them!) are basic enemies of Christianity. It is perfectly useless to try to reason with that lot.

The question is a different one: Apple News is acting like an editor, not a news platform, and should have all the responsibilities linked to it.

I am not angry that LifeSite is not on the internet page of MSNBC. They do their own stuff and decide themselves to whom they want to give space. I am angry when the free flow of information is throttled for ideological reasons by people who act as gateways of thought.

It is as if a company opened a motorway, and then decided whom they want on it. Arguably, it is more important than this, because it can be argued that freedom of speech is even more important than freedom of movement.

This is another example of Big Tech acting as Big Nanny. Already the idea that “intolerance” may, in itself, be unacceptable tells you the blank stupidity of these people. There is no one who is not intolerant towards things, people or behaviour he finds intolerable. We find abortion intolerable, they find being prevented from killing a baby in the womb intolerable.

The solution for this is not begging the evil guy to please be a bit less evil for once. The solution for this is recognise the danger that tech companies pose to Western Freedoms and act accordingly, forcing every company to choose if it wants to operate as a news platform (and be forced to refrain from any sort of censorship), or as an editor (and then controlling the information, but answering for it).

For the time being, reflect on the way Apple tries to control you and whether it deserves your money. Whilst all big tech companies are evil, some are less evil than others. For example, Android is an open platform. It might be more difficult for me to download an app that is not on their store; but if I want to do it, I can do it anyway. On a proprietary system like Apple this does not happen, which is why the Manhattan Declaration never found its way to an iPhone.

Let us stop being nice people begging for a place at the table. LifeSite should start to incessantly demand that Apple be broken up or forced to act as an editor (and I would say there is merit for breaking it up as a Company anyway) instead of kindly petitioning for entrance in the halls of Mordor.

It is not that, if Apple changes its mind, the problem goes away. If Apple changes its mind it will only be a bone thrown to the dogs, so that they do not understand how bad things really are for them.

Enough with petitioning.

Over to you, AG Barr.







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