The Bride Of Christ Is Being Raped



The Bride of Christ is being raped. For the first time in the history of Christianity, the pope leads the rapists. (See also here) Newspapers and other news outlets witness the rape, and call it holy. The entire world will soon be applauding.

No generation before us has seen such an open attack on the very basics of Christianity, led by the very top of those who should defend it.

The rapists had tried a surprise attack on the Bride in October 2014. It did not work. Now, led by the pope, the rapists try again. This time, the strategy is different: to put heresy into the world as either a point of legitimate discussion, or either – as the despicable RAI article linked above does – as a fait accompli, a change in the praxis of the Church already in place.  

The rapists have many accomplices, and many more will they gather on their way to the Synod: from the sycophants of all types to the dissenters of the Church of every colour, they have now launched a massive attack against the Bride.

The Bride of Christ is being raped. What will our bishops, what will our Cardinals do? Is there any one of them still interested in his salvation? 

Make no mistake: we will now assist to a massive media barrage, meant to flatten all resistance and to present the heresy as change, as evolving teaching.

May these bastards all go to hell if they die unrepentant – and yes, I wish them repentance; only the scale of the iniquity I see at play here makes it impossible for me to believe it will become a reality for more than very rare exceptions -, it is little consolation when we see the Bride raped, under our very eyes, amidst the cheers of the world.

What times we are living. Those who died last year have been luckier than us. 

We, who have lived to see this mess, must wonder how many souls will be lost, and resolve with more determination than ever that our soul, our soul will not be among them. Let entire worlds crush around us: we will stay firm in what the Church has always taught us. We will live and die believing in what our forefathers have believed. 

The Bride of Christ is being raped. This unspeakable disgrace, Jorge Bergoglio, will undoubtedly live in infamy for all the centuries to come. May he, if he dies unrepentant, burn in hell forever, together with the demons to whom he is prostituting himself. May all those who help him – if they die unrepentant; if they die unrepentant! – suffer with him in eternity for what they are doing.

The scale of evil we are witnessing would have been barely imaginable merely years ago. But on this saddest of days since Bergoglio was elected, we must recognise that Bergoglio is but the metastasis of a cancer that was started with Vatican II. A stupid generation has started the cancer, their sons and nephews must now cope with the metastasis. The price to pay must be horrible, and we are most certainly being punished in the most just of ways, by a most just God, for the iniquity of the last 50 years. 

The Bride of Christ is being raped. The pope himself leads the rapists. He has no fear of the Lord. He is a miserable scoundrel, unworthy not only of his white habit, but of being called a Christian. He is the enemy of Christ and the enemy of all of us. If you do not see the depth of the abyss in which Francis wants to lead you the smell of Reprobation is very strong in you, and I truly do not see how, bar a great help from the Holy Ghost, you can hope to attain salvation. 

And yes, he is the Pope. Of course he is. Are you blind, that you cannot see who is Pope? Are you stupid, that you cannot see what he is doing? Are you a little child, escaping in a fantasy world in which you can just wish a bad pope away?

Look at reality as it is. The pope is a puppet of Satan. This is the extent of the punishment God is inflicting on us.  

On this saddest day since the beginning of his pontificate, Francis has started his battle of Kursk, and there can be no doubt the anticipated attack is the prelude to months of pounding, cajoling, threatening, corrupting, promising, deceiving, and prostituting. Worms of all sorts will come out of the woodwork. People you thought faithful will prove corrupt. People you knew corrupt will prove rotten beyond imagination.

The Bride of Christ is being raped. Be the nice guy as you assist to the rape, and you might well pay the price in eternity. As you well should, as you should one thousand times if you die unrepentant.

I am fed up with these nice guys. From now on there will be only friends and enemies. Either you take a stance against the Rape of the Bride, or you are an enemy. No Cardinal can call himself out. No bishop. No priest.

Some of the traitors will, in time, repent. But it is an extremely reasonable, common sense observation that most of those who do not speak out now will not repent and will therefore – unless Christianity is a joke – face hell forever. It is terrifying only to think of how many they will be, at all level of clergy and laity. It is terrifying. Pray with increased strength now for those most dears to you. In this great shipwreck, let us try to at least save our dearests.    

The Bride of Christ is being raped. We can’t simply stand by and watch. Christ did not come to bring peace. He came with a sword. It was not given to our generation to fight and die with a sword, but when you die you will be asked what you have done with your keyboard and with your tongue; what you have done with your families, and with your friends – and yes, you will lose some of the friends, and perhaps of the family; but hey, think of what they run the risk of losing… -, whether you chose to be a Crusader or a Nice Guy.

Look at the guy in the illustration above. There were many like him. Countless died in the service of Truth. In the next months you will witness countless attacks to Truth; you will witness the pope leading the charge with barely disguised “neutrality”. You will witness countless prostitutes and Grima Wormtongues telling us how good it is that Francis promotes “dialogue”, and unspeakable heresy and sacrilege are now deemed worthy of “discussion”. They will have their reward.

But you, my dear reader, you will stand firm in the Truth  like the Rock of Gibraltar. Let those burn who want to. Let the little whores of the world sell themselves to it. Countless bishops, cardinals, priests will be among them. By the grace of God, you and I will not be of that number, and will be insulted by a mad planet rather than do what is really insane: betray the Truth.

The Bride of Christ is being raped. I cry out to the angels that they may see my tears. I cry out to the Lord that he may free us of this absolutely obscene,  blasphemous spectacle, and may put an end to the suffering of those who still care for the bride of Christ. I cannot bear to see the Bride raped in front of our eyes by a bunch of satanic criminals. I cannot bear to know, to see every day that the pope himself is leading the rape. I cannot bear to think of the apocalyptic scale of the punishment that must be in store for humanity, if the Lord allows such things to happen.

Never have we witnessed such times. A pope as The Bride’s Lead Rapist had never been inflicted on us; not even in the times of worst corruption, in the dark ages of Benedict IX or Formosus. This certainly must exceed the Arian Crisis in the degree of devastation, as the Pope officially leads a full-scale attack of the Deposit of Faith and the Sacraments. 

Prayer and penance. Penance and prayer. Be ready for everything. Whatever happens, never lose faith. Whatever happens, keep fighting. Whatever happens, hold to what all generations before us have believed. What a consolation, to have sixty and more generations of Christians before us, who have held to the Truth! What an encouragement to know of the poor Christians in the worst times of the Arian crisis! Because of them, we are stronger.

And we have the great promise of Indefectibility. Christianity in the West may well be crushed – and at this point, who would say it did not deserve it? -, but the Church will survive and emerge victorious, and more glorious, from every challenge.  

It may be our lot never to see that day in our lifetime. Let us act so that we enjoy that day after we have died.

Pray the Lord that he may free us from Francis and those like him. Pray for it every day. Pray it when you get up in the morning, when you go about your business during the day, and before you go to sleep in the evening.

Pray this prayer every day, so that you may find the serenity to sleep; to sleep as the Bride of Christ is being raped, and the Pope leads the rapists.   


The Other Side Of Jesuitism



If you had any doubt about why the Evil Clown met Kim Davis (I explained what the motive was: Jesuitism) we now have a new confirmation. Rorate has the photos of the only official audience given by the Evil Clown during his stay in the United States.

Francis was the rector of a seminary. He might have taught there, though the thought is between hilarious and tragic. He will, in any way, remember many students. Whom do you think did he meet?

A pervert, obviously. A pervert together with his perverted “boyfriend”. The Vatican presser even calls the two perverts “a family”. There’s a lot of smiling, touching and embracing. It’s like a pub in Sodom. 

We see here the other side of his Jesuitism at work. Francis does not want to be seen against anyone, with the only exception of Catholics. But he clearly wants to be seen in favour of the winners. He knows it might not possible to him to do all that he would like to do for them. Still, perverts are clearly having the upper hand, and the Pope wants to be sure he appears to be on their side. Therefore, photographs and journalists… again.

Alas, no photos with Kim Davis, I am told. I have certainly not seen any. The press office even implies it might have been all a damn mistake. Kim Davis is too similar to a Catholic, you see. 

And so there we are, seeing the photos of a Pope kissing perverts and reflecting that this is not even the first time. 

Let me repeat a concept for you. 

This man is pure evil.



Very Officially Infiltrated

The news came out today. 

A Monsignor working in a non better defined “doctrinal office” (CDF?) was “fired” after revealing he was not only homosexual, but a homo with a “boyfriend”. Full-fledged faggot, then, “out and proud”. The news stop short of saying that full sodomy was going on, but at this point the matter is only relevant to the extent of punishment the two (cough) men will meet in hell unless they repent. A priest can’t be homosexual, much less heretical. That he is also a sodomite, or not, is already past the question whether he has any business at all being a priest.  

Monsignor… Fagniewski was, then, fired. But yours truly asks the following questions:

  1. What on earth is a homo priest doing not only in the priesthood, but in an office occupying itself with doctrinal matters of all places? How is it possible that no one knew? Hey, the man even had a “boyfriend”. A surprise? Really?
  2. The Vatican justifies giving the boot to Mons… Pervertek with the following words:  “The decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the synod appears very serious and irresponsible, since it aims to subject the synod assembly to undue media pressure”. What? How about the fact that the man is supposed to be a 1) catholic 2) priest? Nothing about that? The problem is, if Lombardi has been quoted correctly, merely a matter of timing, and of “undue pressure”. It beggars belief.

It appears to me the man was very officially infiltrated, and no one had a problem with that. He was kicked out because truth is supposed to perverted in a more subtle way, is all.

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.




The Happy Few

No, tomorrow is not the day of St Crispin and St Crispinian. Nor is any of us at risk of being slaughtered, or taken hostage. Still, I thought I would post these famous words. They are, I think, very fitting to the battle before us.

We live in disgraceful times. We are outnumbered by senseless idiots playing the sensitive guy and the inclusive girl even as they march towards perdition. But we have received a great grace.

We are the happy few.


Do Not Listen To The Prophets Of Inclusiveness.

Weapon Of Ass Destruction

Sodomy cries to heaven for vengeance. Those who in any way, shape, or form, make of themselves accomplices of such a sin run the risk of damning themselves just because of that. Those who are in a more or less public position, because many others read and can be influenced by them, have an even greater responsibility.

When an openly homosexual man, and promoter of so-called same sax marriage, is allowed to read at Mass, Catholic Truth has been openly sabotaged just for the fact that he is standing there. All those who have planned, or consented to, his being there are public accomplices in his sin of sodomy. All the journalists and commenters who in any way, shape or form try to masquerade this open attack to Catholicism as an exercise in inclusiveness are themselves accomplices in that very attack.

I know that the Angels in heaven look upon us, and call for vengeance. I know it, because the Church says so. I know it, because I know that what the Church teaches is the Truth, not a collection of colourful figures of speech to be treated not more seriously than you would the Easter Bunny.

I would, therefore, be terrified, absolutely terrified of writing a piece comparing the openly sodomitical man allowed to read at Mass with the wonderful, and well-known words of St Augustine concerning his own spiritual progress. Augustine was weak – most of us are; I certainly am – but he would not countenance any sort of confusion about what is right and what is wrong.

There is a fundamental difference between the sin born of weakness, the simple fact of not being able to live up to the standard one recognises as true and holy, and the sin born of the refusal of that very standard. It is beyond me how anyone can ignore this fundamental truth and think that he will escape the harshest punishment, very possibly the ultimate one.

This fundamental difference is thrown in the rubbish bin every time we read the oily words about the need of being “inclusive”, or “meeting people where they are”. God did not meet the Sodomites “where they were”. He destroyed them. Big, big difference.

Also, the accomplices of the sodomites never seem to reflect why the Church never called heretics and other enemies of the church to express, in the midst of Catholics, their “search for God”. Prostitutes are not called to read at Mass. Nor are Commies, murderers, incestuous people, and people given to bestiality. It’s just stupid to believe that a sodomite has, whilst he keeps calling himself a sodomite – and an unrepentant one at that – anything whatever to “give” to the faithful besides perversion and confusion.

Anyone who tells you anything else is perverting and confusing you, and he – or she – will pay a most horrible price for this folly, unless repentance comes first.

Do not listen to the prophets of inclusiveness. Let whatever disgusted your grand-grandma disgust you, too, and call it a great grace. Call it a great grace.

Everything else is from Satan.


More Fodder For The Pigeons: Francis Meets Kim Davis.

Kim Davis tasted good

We are informed that the heroic Kim Davis (may the Lord give her one thousand blessings, among them the grace to convert to Catholicism) has consented to meet Pope Francis. As a consequence, the neocon camp is trying to persuade us that Francis is a Catholic tough guy (no, he is neither), and some liberals are venting disappointment at the Gay Pope meeting with a “homophobic” woman.

I think both sides are wrong, and the logic of the meeting is to be sought in one word:Jesuitism.

I have observed many times that Francis has the habit of doing something Catholic on a Monday morning so he can appease the simple and go on being a full-fledged heretic the rest of the week. The visit to the tomb of Pius X, the vague references to the “family”, and the “concessions” to the SSPX, whom he certainly fears, are all part of this forma mentis.

Like Manzonis Don Abbondio, Francis is always eager to let the side he works against know that there is nothing personal, and if they had been stronger he would have supported them instead. Alas, he has to be with the winner; but he is also afraid of the loser, so there…

The Kim Davis episode is the latest illuminating episode. If Francis had wanted to send a strong message he would have met Kim Davis in front of several hundred journalists, and would have addressed words of approval and encouragement to her, coram populo.

He did not do anything of the sort. He merely needed to give some fodder to the pigeons. Kim Davis was just the ticket.

This is the way Francis thinks, and it is surprising that this is not universally recognised by now.



No Concessions



From the always excellent Rorate Caeli, a quotation from leo XIII’s Testem Benevolentiae.

The underlying principle of these new opinions [he is speaking of Americanism] is that, in order the more easily to attract those who differ from her, the Church should shape her teachings more in accord with the spirit of the age and relax some of her ancient severity and make some concessions to new opinions. Many think that these concessions should be made not only in regard to ways of living, but even in regard to doctrines which belong to the deposit of the faith. They contend that it would be opportune, in order to gain those who differ from us, to omit certain points of her teaching which are of lesser importance, and to tone down the meaning which the Church has always attached to them. It does not need many words, beloved son, to prove the falsity of these ideas if the nature and origin of the doctrine which the Church proposes are recalled to mind. … Let it be far from anyone’s mind to suppress for any reason any doctrine that has been handed down. Such a policy would tend rather to separate Catholics from the Church than to bring in those who differ.

This sounds like a declaration of war, ante litteram, to Francis and his troop of Modernists.

The war is now. In fact, it’s always war and it will always be war. Satan does not sleep.

The war is now. Francis and his troop of heretics are the enemy.

Remember this as the long-dreaded days of the Synod approach; days which might well end with a nulla di fatto, but could also plunge the Church in her most terrible crisis ever.

I am confident that Francis, who is a heretic but also a Jesuit and a coward, will understand what is good for him and will avoid pushing the nuclear button.

But the simple reality is, there is no knowing the limits of the arrogance and stupidity of this man.

Let us pray St Michael the Archangel that he may defend us in this particular battle.



The Pope, The Mayor And The President

No, it can't be same-sex marriage

Francis is on record with a public, very harsh dressing down of Mr Marino, the Mayor of Rome. No link, because I don't want to induce you into temptation.

As always, journalists try to explain the sudden outburst with rational arguments. Some say it's because Marino is a vocal promoter of sexual perversion and even euthanasia; other say it's because the Mayor refuses to make infrastructure and other investments in the wake of the Year Of False Mercy. I say: poppycock.

Francis has just finished rubbing his soutane to the trousers of the First Gay President and receives, protects and promotes perverts in any way he can, so it can't be the first reason. The second argument might be more credible – his wish isn't your command, so he is very crossed – but this does not seem the cause of the quarrel either, as in this case Francis should insult by name all politicians who don't follow his “extreme socialism” agenda day in and day out.

No, if you ask me, the reason for Francis' outburst is very simple:

1) He doesn't like the man. The chemistry does not work. That's it, then. This is why the same pope who lives under the roof of an homosexual refuses the accreditation of a homosexual ambassador. Sorry, mate: the man just doesn't like your mug.

2) Marino is about as popular as genital cancer. Francis can kick him whilst he is on the ground without danger, and actually ride the wave of symphathy this will cause among the frustrated citizen. Obama is the hero, Marino the villain. Quite the Jesuit, I know.

The reality of this man's brain is very simple. There is no need to imagine any complicated strategy. It's just an old, very vain, and rather stupid man doing what is, by all rational standard, another stupid thing and looking once again the coward and bully that he is.

Congratulation, Frankie. Let the mob applaud your bullying as much as you like. At the end of this you will stay there as the petty, dumb tyrant you are, and more people will have opened their eyes about your real character.



After The Battle Is Before The Battle

I read around about the dismay of good, sincere Catholics at the Synod being “non conclusive” and the heretics continuing their evil work after it.


The Pope is an obvious heretic (material, for now) and a blatant enemy of Catholicism. As long as a commie heretic is in power there is no human hope that heretics will be silenced. If you desire the silencing of the heretics, you must desire the end of this Extremely Shitty Pontificate. I am sorry to have to break it to you, but it's time to smell the air around you and draw the consequences.

Personally, I would be extremely happy for every outcome that avoids any kind of formal pronouncement, motu proprio or other official heretical papal nonsense. Were it to be so, the entire synod would be unmasked as a very expensive exercise which failed in its obvious aim of gravely undermining Catholic doctrine.

Would there be, after that, an army of heretics among bishops and cardinals? Of course there would be, their head is still there! It is unrealistic to think that Francis could be any part of the solution, because Francis is 100% part of the problem!

Let us hope and pray that this shameless synod goes by without major earthquakes, and it's soon as forgotten as Francis' camera-driven love for wheelchairs, or Ford cars.

One step at a time. One madness at a time. One day, sanity will triumph.


The Papal Flop

Francis on being informed about the attendance number

How the clowns have fallen! The Mass in Philadelphia might have “attracted” (read: not repulsed) less than 80,000.

The mind boggles. A Pope visits, and a well-attended football match will attract more people. The Mayor, very appropriately called Nutter, says it's not about the numbers. He would have been happy with a half dozen in his living room, I suppose, but I am sorry to say the excuse does not work.

Let us call this with his name, shall we? This was a big flop.

Francis made everything he could to please the godless – that's what he does all the time, any way -, but being the Pope he had to say, in a way, and en passant, a thing or two that sounded vaguely Catholic. This is enough to deprive him of the status of Most Favourite Idiot by the liberals, whilst the despise and horror of the Catholics continues unabated.

Too weak for the wrong crowd. Utterly heretical for the right one. Already boring for all the others.

That's it. That was it for Frankie The Clown. He is now just another “has been”, ready to be thrown in the rubbish bin of former reality show starlets.

This is what happens to you if you make yourself the whore of popularity. He had to know he had it coming.

Unless he dies or resigns (let me be clear on this: both extremely desirable outcomes) he will live to see his ignominious descent into churchofengland (one word) nothingness, as the serious Catholics refuse to go to hell with him and the others just refuse to have anything to do with him.

What a sad clown this evil clown is.


The Satanic Verses




“To raise doubts about the working of the Spirit, to give the impression that it cannot take place in those who are not ‘part of the group’, who are not ‘like us’, is a dangerous temptation,” the Holy Father said Sept. 27.

“Not only does it block conversion to the faith; it is a perversion of the faith!”

Thus the Evil Clown at the final mass in Philadelphia.

It would be difficult to find, in this endlessly talking pope, other examples of heresy and blasphemy described in such a concise way.

Let us see the ways in which Satan works through this man.

  1. Catholics do not doubt the work of the Holy Spirit. So much so, that they think that the Holy Spirit guards the Church from the ultimate damage those like Francis would like to inflict on Her. The contrary is the case: those who, literally, doubt the working of the Holy Spirit are exactly those who think that the Church has got it wrong up to now. And please, can’t this man just say “Holy Spirit” as generations of Catholics before him have done? He seems to have an instinctive aversion for all that is holy. I wonder why.
  2. This is pure “Francispeak”:  in an absurd argumentative jump with no logic or explanation, to “doubt the Spirit” equates to “giving the impression that it cannot take place in those who are not part of the group”. The logical jump is unexplained and unacceptable, and the reasoning is wrong in itself. No, you Evil Clown, the Holy Ghost can work in all those who are “out of the group”, prompting them to want to get in abandoning their errors and evil ways.  This clothed ass wants us to believe that when the Holy Ghost works in a murderer, he can then become part of the group as an unrepentant murderer.
  3. In the crowning of this purely, purely satanic progression Francis then proceeds to tell us that if you do not embrace this kind of “free for all”, you (not him, mind: you) are perverting the faith! Er, well, no. You can only pervert the faith by letting it become something different from what it has always been. This is most certainly exactly what Francis is doing. He is the blasphemer and the pervert, not us.

This man truly exceeds every boundary of decency. He does so profiting from the prestige and authority given to him in virtue of his being the Pope; authority and prestige that is rapidly sinking anyway; particularly among Catholics, a fact of which we receive new confirmations with now increased frequency (try here for the latest example).

The man talks like a drunken idiot, or a man willingly choosing Satan. There’s nothing Catholic in him. Nothing whatever. His religion is social envy, his outlook a purely socialist one, his mission the destruction of the Church he hates so much.

Please, God, in your own time, free us from this evil man.



The “Pope Trannie” Reblog

The “Pope Trannie” Reblog

Francis is Pope: Stop Looking For The Emergency Exit!

Cadaver Synod, January 897.

Cadaver Synod, January 897.



One of the very many beauties of the Only Church is that it is always so logical. One of the effects of this beautifully logical edifice is that Catholic thinking does not bring anyone to go against sound common sense in matter pertaining the way she is run and functions. of course, Christianity itself seems to fly in the face of reality in certain things – and only at first sight, whereas a deeper and well-instructed look actually discloses a world of deeper wisdom -; but as to everyday decisions and the way the Church runs her course, one can say that robust common sense is always the best way to recognise how the Church thinks.

Common sense tells us that Francis is the Pope, because if it looks like a pope, swims like a pope, and quacks like a pope, then it probably is a pope. You know Francis is Pope. You know it with the same immediacy with which you know that that thing up in the sky is the Moon. It’s there. That’s it. 

Unfortunately, whilst the existence of the moon is not particularly obnoxious to everyone, the existence of this particular pope is a tragedy to every sincere and well-instructed Catholic. True as this certainly is, it does not mean that we can cancel this Papacy out of existence more than we could the Moon. He’s there. That’s it.

Every now and then, this or that ground is advanced to explain why the Pope would not be the Pope, which to me always seems like being told that the Moon is actually a squirrel. The last wave of delusion took its course when cardinal Danneels, succumbing to an obvious attack of “I am the Queen of England”-itis, decided to come out of the closet as the self-appointed Great Manipulator of the 2013 conclave which gave us the Evil Clown.

Predictably, the Emergency Exit fans were all excited. Alas, they must not know much of Church history, or else believe the popes of the past were elected by way of the Holy Ghost spreading some kind of Sanctity Dust over the head of the electors. If they knew the truth, they would know that intrigues and conspiracies of the one now adduced as ground for the lack of validity of the Evil Clown’s election were simply there all the time. Apart from the obvious corruption of the clergy during long centuries of the Church’s history, the widespread custom of electing very old and frail popes – called “transition popes” – was meant to do nothing else than allow the decision about the “durable” pope to go on in a softer way behind the scene. Basically, it was permanent negotiation, and the real conclave was only the way the choice was formally sanctioned; pretty much in the same way as a law is voted in the legislative chamber after months of patient negotiations, and the necessary weighing of the interests of several parties have gone through the various phases of drafting and discussion at committee level.

Nor can anyone say that hey, in the past there were other rules, but since JP II everything has changed. Who would seriously believe – even without being a Canon Law expert – that a Pope would make the legitimacy of each and every one of his successors uncertain? 

No. Common sense says that it cannot be so. 

It common sense is not good enough for you, this here is the canon law argument

The part you are looking for is this one: 

Thus, it is hard to see what canonical consequences a cardinal would have to fear if he were to admit to a canonical crime punishable by latae sententiae excommunication. If it turns out that one or more cardinals violated, say, Universi 81, they might (and I stress, might) be “automatically” excommunicated, but “automatic” excommunication impacts—I hate to put it this way—only the liceity of ecclesiastical acts, not their validity. So, while it might be distressing to see appointed to synodal service some cardinals who could be “automatically excommunicated”, whatever acts such men might place at a synod would be, by the plain text of canon law, valid. 

It is perfectly clear. It makes perfect sense. It’s the only way things can go. 

The Church is run by logical, not emotional rules. Her divine edifice is, at the same time, beautifully sound when seen with a simple, logical common sense approach. There would be no certain papacy, and in the end no Church, if the legitimacy of a Pope could be called into question for reasons like Danneels’ and others’ behaviour.

Those who seem to like such outlandish propositions should stop looking for the emergency exit and delve into church history a bit more instead. It will disabuse them of this idea of the “invariably good pope elected by holy men under the guidance of the Holy Ghost”. 

The Church is not indefectible because of the popes she had. On the contrary, the popes she had are the best practical evidence that she is indefectible. 

Stop looking for the emergency exit. 







As self-righteous as they come: the liberals.


“self-righteous: having or characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior”.

The expression “self-righteous” (in Italian, rather, the expression “sanctimonious”was used) is generally referred to those people who think themselves superior, or morally better, than the average folk out there. 

In the past, the expression was normally referred to people who were, in fact, pious, though certainly imperfect at least in the appreciation of those criticising them.

Why was it so? Very obviously, because there were universally accepted rules of right and wrong, and an all-dominating Christian ethics, which made it easy for everyone to have the same moral coordinates and the same rules of conduct, though people might have varied in the way they managed to keep to them. 

This has changed in the last two or three generations but, interestingly, the vocabulary has not kept pace with the changed thinking. 

In modern times, you will find an awful lot of people – and the more superficial they are, the more easily they will have this trait) who are “characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior”. 

No, they aren’t the old rosary-counters Francis despises so much. On the contrary, they are their enemies. people, that is, who have made an entire system of cosmic right and wrong for themselves, and think this home-made potpourri of banality and stupidity the non plus ultra of human wisdom. 

What is this, if not the very embodiment of self-righteousness in its stupidest, most arrogant form? 

Clealry, the idiots continuously spitting such epithets cannot think straight – or cannot think at all -; because if they did, they would clearly see that the shortcoming they reproach in the others is present in them in a vastly bigger scale.

We live in an age of self-righteousness like no age before ours has ever seen; an age in which countless people think, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, that they actually can decide what is right and what is wrong. But they don’t call this self-righteousness. They call, absurdly, “self-righteousness” the submission of others to a system of rules these others have not made, and humbly accept as vastly superior to themselves. A system of rules that is not easy for anyone – not for those who propose it, either – and requires from its supporters the same sacrifices as from all others.

It is nonsensical, and paradoxical. It is as if Stalin would accuse his enemies of being “totalitarian”, or Hitler his of being “antisemitic”.

There can be, by definition, no more self-righteous person than the one who claims a god-like ability to decide about the right and wrong of absolutely everything and anything for himself. But do they see it? Oh no.

When they say “self-righteous”, they always mean you.  




What Shall I Say…



May God always guide and protect this, His loyal servant.

Not for the first time, the honesty and courage of this man take my breath away.

It is because the Church of Christ produces priests like Father Dickson that she will never be defeated. 



The “Marlboro Pope” Reblog

The “Marlboro Pope” Reblog 


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