In San Francisco, Dissenters Are Smelling The Blood

As many of you know, Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco has been involved in a controversy for some time now, because he insists on unspeakable things like demanding that teachers in Catholic schools live and teach in a Catholic way.

Things have now massively escalated as a group of soi-disant prominent Catholics dissenters have bought an entire page of the San Francisco Chronicle to ask that the Archbishop be removed, as his obvious Catholicism is out of place in the diocese and could keep other dissenters from deceiving themselves.

I think only one of two can apply here:

1. The dissenters have really – as they claim – tried to obtain the Archbishop's removal through unofficial channels; they have failed, and now bitch in public like it's Elton John Day.

2. The dissenters have been told by friendly sources in Rome: “we can't just move the man out of the blue; but make some Lio and we will take it as an excuse to remove him because hey, he fosters divisions”.

I hope the first, and fear the second. It seems to me very much in tune with this satanical Pontificate that mob-pressure in Stalin-style be used as the excuse for the purge. The obvious Catholicism of Archbishop Cordileone must be unwelcome in Francis' entourage, and runs counter to the anti-Catholic rubbish the Unholy Father goes spitting out of his godless mouth practically every day. I am, therefore, not very optimistic, albeit it can still be that Francis prefers not to create a precedent of the sort, particularly after his extremely controversial appointment in Chile.

The main point of today is, though, a different one: if we had a halfway decent Pope, the public call for his removal would not make any sense both financially and as a PR instrument. Irrespective of how this situation is going to develop, the very fact that the call was published shows how emboldened dissenters feel in the so-called “age of mercy”, where being Catholic is considered unmerciful.

Let us increase our prayers not only for the good Archbishop, but for the end of this satanical Pontificate.



Francis And The Poverty Fraud

The Unholy Father tries, once again, to muddle the waters of logic and common sense with confused talk about poverty.

Now let us clear a couple of things for the simple: the very first community of Christians put, factually, their goods in common because they were inspired to do so by the Holy Spirit in order to create a leaven that would then allow the Church to grow. But this societal organisation never was the expected model of Christian society, nor did the Church ever encourage this sort of exercise outside of small organisations who freely decide to organise themselves in that way. Not even a priest is obliged to give his patrimony to the Church, much less the poor, much less the Government.

Francis knows that. He knows that, I am sure, even when he is tipsy, which I suspect happens more often than many imagine. But he does not refrain – whether because of alcohol intake, or not – from implying or suggesting that this is the way things are supposed to work now, in the Argentina and Italy and United States of the XXI Century.

This is patently stupid. So what does the man do? He first implies his embracing of the stupid, populist ideology, and then covers his fat backside with some linguistic exercise which boils down to plain, old, Jesuitical deception.

We are, then, informed that “poverty” would be “the capacity to manage my possession with generosity and for the common good”. But this is simply not what poverty is. Poverty is, by definition, a state of unwanted and painful scarcity of, in this case, material goods. Even the simple lifestyle of the man of means who donates much of the income he doesn't even know how to spend can, in case, be defined as an extreme example of generosity, but never of poverty.

So why does Francis push this strange idea of poverty? Because, my dear reader, he wants to expropriate you, as made abundantly clear by his frequent socialist talk of forced redistribution.

The entire thinking is, of course, contradictory and perhaps simply drunken. You can't condemn poverty one day and praise it the day after. But Francis isn't the type to care for coherence, or – I suspect – sobriety. To him, you must put your good at the disposal of the poor. If you don't, the state must take them from you and do it for you. On a planetary scale, the UNO must push for this to happen at interstate level.

Francis is a Socialist's dream, and a Catholic's nightmare. His forma mentis is one of utter and complete Socialism, with the excuse of a very thin varnish or pretend Catholicism.

He is a fraud packaged in lies.


SSPX: Curb Your Enthusiasm

There is a lot of talk about the “recognition” of the SSPX as a Catholic organisation from the Argentinian Government, and with the obvious help of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. Personally, everything seems very straightforward to me, and nothing to get anyone excited.

Bring a Catholic, non-profit organisation obviously gives a legal status in Argentina. Whether it is about tax treatment, or the issuing of visas, or who knows how many other things, being recognised as Catholic has a bearing on your legal status as seen by the Argentinian Government.

The SSPX would obviously never say “we aren't Catholic”. Just as obviously, no archdiocese which does not want to cause a huge uproar – and big trouble with the Vatican, very possibly – would say to the Argentinian Government “they aren't Catholic”. Besides, I imagine that rules of Catholic decency and common courtesy do not allow for this kind of under-the-beltline bickering.

Result? The Archdiocese says to the Argentinian Government “why, we have internal disagreements; but of course, of course they're Catholics”.

Again, I would not want to be the Archbishop who has to explain to the Catholic Press why the SSPX are allegedly “not Catholic”. He would lose face before he loses the argument.

Therefore, the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires has done the only thing it could reasonably expected to do: confirm the reality on the ground.

Of course this is no canonical recognition, something that is nothing to do with how a Government sees you. Of course the SSPX is not now the obedient subject of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. What has simply happened is that the Archdiocese has had the common sense of recognising the reality on the ground: the SSPX is a Catholic organisation, and not less so because of unresolved issues.

There's nothing more than this, I think. It all seems very straightforward. Nothing very exciting has happened.

Unless it be this: that those outlets – not the Vatican – who described the SSPX as schismatic might have some explaining to do. But the latter weren't much fazed by facts beforehand, and will not be swayed by this further occasion for a reality check now.

The SSPX is Catholic. Dogs bark. The sun goes up on the East.


Where Does It End?

A painfully beautiful blog post addresses the issue that it in our suffering hearts in these disgraceful times.

Where does it end?

Will Francis kiss a Trannie in the mouth one day? Will he give him a dildo as a birthday present because “Jesus would have wanted to let him feel included?” Will he dance in a tutu in St Peter's Square? Will he promote the beatification cause of Saul Alinsky?

I do not know where it does end. I know that it will end when the Lord decides that we have been punished enough, and when our yearning for things as they were leads us to reject the abominations of FrancisChurch.

But even in these times, and most of all in these times, we must keep in mind that it is not for us to question at which point the Church is not the Church anymore, because there is no such point. The Church is Indefectible even if Francis and Bishop Cupich makevlewd sex acts in public. She is Indefectible because the Lord says so. Therefore, nothing that can happen will lead me to question Our Lord's words, and seek for reassurance that “he is still right”. Forget “still”.

What we do, is to question at every step the antics of those (from the Pope down) who defile the Church. It might be that few of us do. It might be that very many of those who are born Catholics in this generation will be damned. But if this is so, they will be damned because they chose to believe lies, not because the Church is a lie.

Whenever you get discouraged, reflect on this: the lowest point of the Church was, very arguably, not during the Arian crisis or the Great Schism or the Protestant revolt. It was, arguably, when her first designated head, the one slated for being Her pastor in chief on earth, the one chosen by Christ as the first stone of the Divine Edifice, denied God three times.

The Church recovered then. She will recover now.

Where does it end?

We do not know. But we stand resolute in our intention to condemn bad pastors whatever happens, and stand with the Church whatever happens.



The Prostituted Uterus

The always unbelievably satanical Nick Clegg (head of a fifth-wheel party largely noticed in the last five years for its vast uselessness) has proposed that a new profession be introduced in Britain: the professional surrogate for fags wanting to “have a child”.

Apparently, such monstrous “uterus for hire” agreements are already legal in the Socialist Republic of California, so if it is good for a country of legalised potheads it cannot be bad for LibDem Britain, can it now?

Clegg is not slow to point out that there are more fags wanting a new toy than women with a fully unnatural desire to have a baby in their womb for nine months and then… give it away. Life is astonishing, isn't it?

So let's put money into the equation, says Cleggy, Cameron's demure and very girlish boyfriend, and let us hire some prostitute uterus ready to be occupied for money, for nine months, for the pleasure of two fags. I am sure, absolutely sure, the same Clegg would consider the usual prostitution (the occupation of a sexual organ, for probably no longer than eight to twelve minutes, for money, and for the pleasure of one man) immoral; but hey, logic has left the man a long time ago, and I am afraid he will rediscover its cold touch only when he finds himself in hell.

It is completely pathetic how this fifth-wheel party tries to gain relevance by obsessing over the “rights” of an extremely tiny minority of perverts, hoping that the growing mass of the accomplices in the sin of sodomy may give them their vote because they… help fudge-packers to pack more fudge with such enthusiasm.

I doubt the strategy will fly. Fifth wheels are fifth wheels, and everyone looking at the car knows they don't count much.

Nick “Girlish boyfriend” Clegg might discover it very soon, too.


Trannii Probati?

I had joked some days ago, and said I missed the Trannie at Francis' Easter stunt.

Turns out I was wrong: one of the “women” (“Trannii probati”, evidently…) who got their feet washed was, you got it, a Trannie. Said Trannie also had the effrontery of receiving communion, at the hands of another priest, and live on Television, shortly thereafter.

If Francis knew of this, the degree of evil of this man clearly goes beyond what even I had imagined, making nothing less than a satanic mockery of Jesus' washing of the feet of His disciples.

But let us imagine that this was not the case. Let us imagine that Francis hasn't noticed the voice of the man, or in his innocence (provided such an old lewd man like him has any left) really thought her a woman, or has not noticed the man's Adam's apple (which, for all I know, should be an inescapable giveaway even if the man stays there without uttering a word, and hidden behind a ton of hair). Let us imagine all this, out of a charitable attitude the man (Francis, I mean here) does not deserve in the least.

Even if Francis has, in hypothesis, not willingly washed the feet of a Trannie, what has happened goes to show what the consequences of these media stunts are. Jails do not gather the most beautiful flowers of humanity. The Church certainly belongs in a jail, but the Church belongs there in order to convert or reform the sinners, not to encourage them in their sins. The latter is, most certainly, what has happened with this disgraceful episode.

There is no possible universe in which a Trannie can present himself for communion dressed like a woman – and therefore fully embracing, for everyone to see, his own perversion – and receive worthily. Her very attitude, clothes, walk, talk, in short: all her person will scream: “I am in mortal sin!”

If we can accept a world in which that is not mortal sin, then nothing must be a mortal sin. If we make excuses for a man dressed like a woman, there is no case in which we cannot fabricate excuses. If it is possible to walk, act, dress, and therefore live in perpetual defiance of Our Lord without this being a mortal sin, then it is impossible to see how the public concubine should not be able to receive communion. If we make allowance for, say, a fantasy “repentance” just before receiving, we must make the same allowance for the child rapist just before he proceeds to rape the child, and then again just before killing him.

Mortal sin is not only the specific act of, say, sodomy, or fornication between concubines. Mortal sin is already in the public scandal: in the obvious, and public, defiance of Our Lord's laws. This is why the public concubine is in mortal sin qua public concubine, and not only if she has sex. This is why the very fact of living in sin in front of the community excludes from communion even if Mr Concubine happens to be secretly impotent, and Mrs Concubine happens to be the frigidest bitch alive.

This is another grave scandal born of the immense stupidity – even excluding the evil intent – of this pontificate.

A Trannie had his feet washed, in place of men chosen in order to remind us of the Apostles. Men who had, traditionally, to be people of tested repute in their own community: viri probati. In the past age of sanity, even an immoral man would have been considered, and emphatically so, not worthy of having his feet washed on Maundy Thursday. We live in times in which a Trannie has his feet washed and no doubt many idiots, even among Catholics, wax lyrical about the “peripheries”, and all that rubbish.

Huge blunder or willed, satanical mockery? I do not know.

But it tells you everything you need to know about this Pontificate.



Anti-Kasper Book Receives Church In Poland’s Official Endorsement

“Remaining in the Truth of Christ”, the “five Cardinals' book” already the object of the famous “raid” at the Vatican (where manipulation, theft, and lies are nowadays called “mercy”) is now available in the Polish version, and carries the endorsement of the Polish Bishop's Conference.

One cannot imagine many warning shots clearer and louder than this one. Instead of expressing themselves in favour of the Sacrament in single statements, the Polish Bishops endorse the entire book, en bloc.

Let us skip the niceties here, and let us say straight who the addressee of the endorsement is: the Unholy Father himself, as he lives and… eats. It is not really thinkable that the Bishops would make such a statement merely to slap a couple of German prelates. Rather, they are putting their very face on the line, and stating clearly that they are compelled to defend Christ's teaching wherever the attack may come from.

It would be beautiful if other Bishops' Conferences would follow the example, but I doubt there will be any other takers. In the chaotic hours after the homosexual Relatio post disceptationem the Poles were exemplary, other Western Bishops' Conferences certainly weren't.

It is good that these warnings are sent. Si vis pacem, para bellum. Those within the Church who are ready to fight and to fight hard – and to fight hard against the Pope, if needs be – can do nothing better than to say it out loud, and let whoever has ears to hear.

The other way – the naive hope that there is no need for such warnings, because they could be interpreted as hostile to the Unholy Father; who, being a nice chap, doesn't want to do anything naughty anyway… – only emboldens the enemy; and yes, I am talking of Francis. I do not think the Polish bishops have many illusions as to who the enemy is. They do not say it openly, of course, but it's clear enough.

Francis understands very well the universal language of a – metaphorical – punch on the nose. Last October he showed how ready he was to backpedal, though not without some bitching to let us know how cross he was. But the bitching was merely the petty revenge of the bad loser: in the end he knew what he had to do, and he caved in to the pressure because he immediately realised he could not afford a massive conflict with his own bishop.

This, my friends, is the way. Those prelates who still care for their own salvation must keep sending warnings, and at the same time put their face on the line: if given the choice between remaining in the truth of Christ and selling out to the lies of Francis, they won't choose Francis.



Transgendering Christ.


The Presbyterians Reblog

Originally posted on Mundabor's Blog:

In another show of how some Presbyterians are exactly the opposite of Christians, we are informed a “transgendered” freak show is going to preach in a big Presbyterian so-called Cathedral, in an event to which the omnipresent Fag Supremo, Mrs Robinson, is also going to take part.

The amount of sugary nonsense waffled about by the organisers of the event is stunning. Not only is Christianity never to be seen – reminder: every heathen can be good to plants and dog puppies; but this is not what Christianity is about -, but it is transformed into its contrary, or I am tempted to say “transgendered”, by a purely self-celebrating worship of one’s perverted self.

Interestingly enough, the perverts’ organisations involved in the event say this is nothing special, and was “long overdue”. Which makes sense: in the world of perverts, being a pervert or a pro-perverts does not…

View original 235 more words

PCUSA Loses “Minority”, But Not Francis.

Ecce Stoltus

In a rather spectacular moves, Proddie Congregations representing 16 million Black Americans have severed ties with PCUSA. Most importantly, they have done so with extremely clear words, which clearly deny PCUSA the quality of even being “Christian”. Which, for the avoidance of doubt, they certainly aren’t.

As there are certainly much less than 16 million Presbyterian in the USA this does not appear to me to be a defection. Rather, it is an official declaration of the PCUSA paganism after the latter’s “embracing” of sexual perversion because Jesus was, you know, so repressed…

Well done, the Proddies! Perhaps this will be one step towards understanding that immutable Truth can only be solidly based on the Church Christ founded. All the rest is like being a small ship exposed to the ocean’s winds, and scattered here and there as the men at the helm try to keep the course amidst the mutable wave of congregants’ opinions. Compare with us Catholics, who have a granitic teaching at our disposal, set in stone and guaranteed by Christ And His Church, and which not even a pothead like Francis will ever be able to change (no matter what the pothead says).


It is, to this humble observer, very funny that the minority towards which most of the social justice rhetoric of the White Liberal is directed are those who condemn the same liberal white asses whose gospel has been reduced to sexual perversion and social issues (this reminds one of Francis, clearly). But then it’s always so: those who speak a lot of social justice are generally trying to hide the issues they have in the middle of their crotch.

Still: the (formerly) oppressed and downtrodden are the one who have the gut to call the lie on their white… white knights’ fake gospel and cry out loud: “shut up and repents, you pagans and perverts! You have no right to call yourself Christians!”. Hilarious!

Now, I do not doubt the Unholy Father is ready to give PCUSA all the patents of Christianity – and even of Catholicism, if requested; it is known he leaves the “details” to the “theologians” – they may desire.

This should lead us to some sad reflections about the Pope we are currently being punished with: formally still a Catholic, but a man whose entire forma mentis is, like the one of PCUSA, in perfect contradiction with basic Christianity.

I suggest the man converts to Presbyterianism.

He would fit very well over there.




Resurrexit, Sicut Dixit!



It’s Islam, Stupid!

This article repeats in a better way what I have stated many times on this blog: the more an orthodox Muslim one is, the more likely he (or she) is to become violent.

Hundreds of young Muslims are leaving Europe to fight (and be killed, say I, rather soon) with the ISIS or other violent groups, mainly but not only in Iraq and Syria. It does not make sense to claim that they are “dispossessed” or “marginalised”. Mohammed Atta was neither, nor were his accomplices. Osama was a wealthy man. It just doesn't wash.

Rather, these European/Western/Westernised Muslims have, on average, a better education than their garden variety correligionists in traditional Muslim Countries. When they study Islam, they do so thoroughly. When they decide to embrace it, they embrace it whole.

Not for them the rubbish of the “religion of peace”. This is what they will tell you, because Islam is such a heap of excrements than ever lying, deceiving and denying one's own religion is meritorious if it advances the cause. T

No. They will delve into Islam and understand what it is about: a ruthless war of conquest, based on terror and blood. The more intelligent and educated they are, the better they understand it. Some will pretend not to know; some will recoil in disgust and perhaps seek conversion. Some will embrace the violence. As we are reliably informed (I have reported about it) of secret conversions to Christianity taking place all over the Arab world, it is obvious that very many are embracing the ideology to its obvious end: violence.

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, we are reminded that Christ has won already. But even in the joy of Easter Day we must not forget that evil infidels are lusting for our blood and plotting to wreak havoc among us as I write these very lines.

Islamic violence It's not about their poverty.

It's about our stupidity.


Things Change, And Yet They Don’t.

I was re-reading an old post of mine about the unsung heroes.

The post was written in April 2012, around one year before Pope Castro was disgracefully picked by, probably, uninformed and complacent Cardinals.

You will notice that in those times a different mood was prevalent, and a feeling of clear – if far too slow and timid – improvement was certainly justified.

Three years later, the wrecking ball is working full time, and there is no day without bad news. I can’t, in fact, manage to follow them all, and have not written about the now officially unofficial demotion of the good bishop of Albenga-Imperia, found guilty of being bishop whilst Catholic.

How things have changed. And yet: how things have not changed.

The Church has gone through many crises, both caused from forces outside and inside her earthly structure. She has survived them all, and she will continue to survive them all. Every bishop like Bishop Oliveri (Albenga-Imperia) who is set aside for his Catholicism is like a seed of persecution that will, in time, bear abundant fruit, whilst the works of the evil people who work against Christ will, in time, be exposed and vanified.

So yes, things have changed, and instead of complaining about the far too slow pace of the return to sanity under Benedict we are now fearing a nuclear explosion in October. But not even this is new, and the Arian Crisis or John XXII can be considered analogous situations. The Church who has survived Robespierre, Stalin and Hitler will survive a gluttonous theological (and Catholic) non-entity like Francis. Will there be a lot of (metaphorical) blood on the ground? Yes. But this blood has always been the Church’s fertiliser, and many in the past were the times when the blood was not metaphorical at all.

As we approach Easter, and news of more nonsense from The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History reaches us every day, let us reflect on the Church’s Indefectibility and focus on the wonderful news we will hear at Mass tonight or tomorrow: resurrexit, sicut dixit.

A happy Easter to you all.


Maundy Thursday Mass: Where’s The Trannie?

The Unholy Father chose another jail for another liturgical abuse. The chosen ones were six men and six women (therefore mercifully correcting Our Lord’s obvious sexism), and in order to give every sniffing pansy his moment of good feeling one of them was a single mother, a shining example of the new Family In The Time Of Mercy.

I missed the homo; which is strange, considering how much The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History loves to be near them. Actually, I missed the Trannie, too, seen that Frankie’s not very delicate sensitivity does not recoil in front of public, unrepented scandal and calls this complicity with abomination “mercy”.

But then I reflect that the Trannie on all Good Friday newspapers must have crossed the mind of Francis, sometime between two big plates of pasta, or whilst waiting for another portion of tiramisu. The fact is, the sheep do not stink enough yet for this. He must keep shitting heresies on them for another year at least; then, perhaps, in 2016 we will have the Trannie in the newspaper, all in tears, praising Francis to the sky for his oh so un-judgemental attitude.

Still, still…

Two years ago, the world stopped and watched a Pope do something so incredibly stupid, and so pleasing to them.

Two years later, they barely notice.

Modernism gets old very fast.


“Catholic? You’re Fired!”

Pat Archbold has been sacked by the National Catholic Register, a publication now officially on its way to becoming as bad as the rag ending with “Reporter” instead of “Register”.

Mr Archbold says he wants to spare us the “gory details”, but they truly aren't difficult to fathom: increasing pressure to conform to the Age Of Madness, and a writer who does not want to betray his Catholicism by doing so.

Mr Archbold says, revealingly enough, that the problems have manifested in the “last two years”, and the reference to The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History could not be more evident. The truth is that the “official” Catholic outlets (all of them: from the Catholic Herald to Radio Maria to the Reporter's owner EWTN, the latter clearly going down the drain fast) have the choice between defending Catholicism and kow-towing to the Age of Madness, and they invariably choose the latter. They are not even lukewarm. They are just plain sold.

I have no doubt about this: if Francis were to die of pasta overdose, and a halfway decent Pope were to be elected in his stance, all those who now sack the Archbolds of the world would suddenly discover a new orthodoxy in them, and would actually vigorously deny they ever departed from it. I pity and despise them.

As the official Catholic space is occupied by sycophants and assorted plate-lickers, orthodoxy will more and more express itself through unofficial channels: the blogs, the discussion boards, the small independent initiatives.

Sooner rather than later, the likes of the “Register” will discover that acquiescence is bad for the business, as people don't need to buy a magazine that has the same crap with which Francis carpet bombs them all the time. Papal and fake-Catholic fluff is available every day for free: why pay for it?

My congratulations to Mr Archbold for choosing to pay a personal price rather kow-tow to the Francis Crowd. I am glad to know this will have little impact on his and his family's finances. Mr Archbold shows that making money from Catholic writing is nothing worthy of censure for him who is steadfast, but also that those who do not get any money from their writing have one problem less. EWTN does not like what they write? Oh well…

This is a time of very clear persecution of Catholics from the very top of the Church, in a frenzy of heretical stupidity that starts from Francis and trickles down to the lower echelons of power. It is the time when it is not possible to stay a decent Catholic without the “official” Catholics making you pay for it.

It will not work. With lies one can impress only those desirous to hear them. The “Register” & Co. will discover that, as already happened to the “Tablet”, the embracing of Francis' strange ideology leads to loss or readership. They will, in time, go away just as the faithful desert St Peter Square. Stupidity can be had for free on BBC or Fox News anytime.

Those who care for Truth will find other ways. It's in the nature of things. They will find personal blogs, small family magazines, home made TV stations, family videos, and the like.

These people think they can silence Catholicism.

Fools. The day will come when they all know better.



Oh Ye Of Solid Faith!

I must confess, I had not been subtle at all. The fact is, I did not want to cause to the one or the other a heart attack.

But then again I am pleased to say that no one, absolutely no one of those who have commented bought it. This is a great difference from last year, though obviously last year had no precedent and this year had…

If anyone else was as gullible as to buy it – which required an effort, anyway – I beg him to accept my humble apologies, together with a stern warning as to what kind of damage such attitude may do to him… ;)

It was fairly easy to spot. Still, I am very pleased. The reaction of most of you obviously was: “Mundabor pulling a Werling? No way!”

No, I did not pull a Werling. With God's grace, I never will until I die. I may stop blogging one day if circumstances require it – and, for the avoidance of doubt, I have no intention whatever of doing so now – but I will, if God's grace assists me, never betray the flag and move over to the Hippy Army.

Most of you got this, I think, in an instant. Others perhaps needed a minute or two, but that's ok… ;)


April has come, and it still is very cold here.

If you were among those in shock, please forgive your humble correspondent for trying to bring, amidst the tragedies of the times In which we are living, a bit of Spring's lightheartedness, and perhaps a smile or two, in the life of my readers.

God bless you all, as always.

(Even those who, in case, had so little faith in me that they swallowed it hook, line and sinker… )




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