Immense Insolence, Or: Frankie Explains How Lacking Christianity Is.

This guy really is a threat to my health, as there are moments (like, you know, one minute ago) where he causes such an adrenaline spike that I think my lever is cussing at me as I write this.

It appears that, yesterday, the Evil Clown had a message for the Day of the Illegal Immigrant Scrounger, or something of the sort. He profited from the occasion to show us, once again, how much he despises the Church.

Frankie is, it appears, persuaded that – fasten your seat belts – other religions are an immense opportunity for our spiritual growth.

Read it again and understand what the statement means: Christianity is insufficient and gravely deficient for our spiritual growth. Christ gave us an amputated, underdeveloped spirituality, which, in itself, can never “accompany you” on your way to “spiritual growth “. However, you still have the immense opportunity of the “spirituality” of infidels.

If I thought the guy was drunk, or demented, or at least extremely stupid, I would be less enraged. But no, Francis isn’t as dumb that he can believe this stuff. He hates and despises the Church and tries to undermine it every time he open that darn, satanic mouth of his.

Sadly, we are now more than nine months after the much discussed operation, and there is no sign of a fast approaching departure of this guy towards his, very likely atrocious, “reward”.

I will tell you what I’ll do.

I will enjoy this beautiful morning, and the Friday. I will try to pray more and more fervently. I will ask the Lord to free us from this scourge.

And I will go on with my life knowing that God will not be mocked, and this guy will be made to pay for his immense insolence.

Cui Prodest? The Great Ukrainian Heist And The Ten Percent For The Big Guy

If you follow the real situation on the ground rather than the fantasies of the Western media, you know that the situation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is dire already, and it will become catastrophic in the months to come (unless, of course, their front collapses first).

In the Donbas, the Ukrainian troops have been split in two. More in the East, and in brutal contact with the Donbas militias, you have the positions in Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. Heavily fortified with NATO money in the last eight years, these positions are being demolished piece by piece by the vastly superior, devastatingly effective Russian artillery; this happens slowly and methodically in order to minimise Russian/Allied casualties. The Ukrainian soldiers here should be at least 8,000, likely 10,000, possibly more.

More to the West (in what appears to be a much bigger, second line of defence) there is a vast concentration of troops in the agglomeration of Kramatorsk and Slaviansk, not directly in contact with the front. They are being attacked relentlessly from the air and, I think, from long-range artillery (the Russians can shell you from 30 miles away). They aren’t, for now, in the same dire situation as the troops in Severodonetsk, but they know they are next in line. They are likely 35000 or more. When they fall, the Ukrainian Army has lost an arm.

It appears that the Ukrainian soldiers in these two pockets are among the best troops the Ukraine Armed Forces have to offer (or to sacrifice). It appears also that the fanatical, Nazi element among them is less prevalent than it was (notice the past tense) the case in Mariupol. It is not unreasonable to assume that they will fight like brave soldiers and then, when they see no realistic way out, surrender.

The latter is, of course, not the wish of the Ukrainian Government and of their masters in Washington (I don’t consider London; they are merely a cute Yorkshire Terrier trying to appear angry at the Russian Bear). They want their soldiers to fight to the bitter end, just as Hitler wanted his troops in Stalingrad to do.

What are their motivations?

The official American intent is clear: use the Ukraine to try to wear down, possibly destabilise, and, if luck helps, bring “regime change” in Russia. They are ready to do the paying as long as the Ukrainians do the dying. They will also not pay so terribly much, as the puppies of the EU will likely pick a substantial part of the tab.

The Ukrainians have, in fact, no interest at all in this announced massacre. The idea that they can lose their best troops and keep the fight going thanks to huge arms deliveries is stupid, and they know it. Once their long-trained, NATO-hardened fighting troops are dead or prisoners, they only have young boys and fat forty-somethings with beer bellies, both of them with no idea how to fight, no possibility to get a halfway acceptable training, and very little intention of being sent to the slaughterhouse so that Uncle Sam can conduct a real-life test of the Bear’s resolve, military tactics, and technical capabilities.

Still, it seems to me that there is an absolutely important aspect of this conflict that I don’t hear mentioned anywhere near enough: the bonanza coming the way of one of the most corrupt Countries on earth.

The $40bn now about to be “sent” to the Ukraine (it’s not really like that: it’s for the replacement with modern weapons of the old ones Uncle Sam sends to the Slaughterhouse) are not only four time the cost of the Wall, for which money was so difficult to find. They are, more to the point of this post, a once-in-a-century opportunity for enrichment for the higher echelons of the Ukrainian military and Government. With all those weapons coming in, with eager buyers anywhere from Palestine to Afghanistan to Africa and to Central America, the Ukraine is about to become the biggest arms exporter of the planet, procuring untold riches to a very limited amount of people even as their soldiers are cut to pieces in their trenches.

And talking of Ukrainian corruption: who has a good familiarity with how the “system” in the Ukraine works? Who has the contacts with the intermediaries, and the access to the power brokers, over there?

Yep, you got it right: Hunter Biden.

“Ten percent for the big guy”, again?

A Confession

This is something that I don’t do often.

I just don’t like talking about my private life.

But there is a confession that I have to get rid of. Something that keeps putting me more and more at variance with this side of the Planet. Something that, I think, my readers have the right to know. And here it is….





I have no “gay” friends.

Not one.

Not even a suspicion.


And you know why? Because perverts disgust me.

I have a normally functioning brain. I have the hormones, thinking processes, and view of the world which normal people have. Therefore, I am disgusted by those people and their lurid practices.

Before it being Christianity, it is just decency. It is normality. It is a brain and an organism functioning exactly as they should!

Even if I were Agnostic, or – quod Deus avertat! – Atheist, I would think and behave exactly in the same way. Atheism does not, it itself, perverts one’s brain into thinking that that filth is normal. In fact, on the matter there was a remarkable uniformity of mind, in Italy when I was growing up, irrespective of the political ideas (of which we had an extremely bright spectrum).

The problem began when too many minds, deprived of solid Catholic education, started to blame themselves for their own feeling of disgust, also noticing that this is an issue which, well, can cause you to lose friends or having to go through some tough conversations. But mainly, it’s the fact that the brainwashing of our society tells people that their instincts are wrong, and they should be ashamed of them.

Against this, the Church does almost nothing. It’s not only the – not unlikely perverted – Evil Clown himself. It’s the hundreds, thousands of Bishops clearly not allowing good and faithful priests to talk frankly about the matter.

It is about time that we reclaim the right to be normal, and stop apologising for not being, and not liking, a pervert.


Some judgmental opinion for you, right there.

You are welcome.

No Shit, Sherlock! Or: Judgment In The Age Of The Alphabet.

The most atrocious of fake UK non-Catholic “c”atholic magazines has aired its views about how, in their own estimation, the laity of the Church in the UK looks at the way the Church deals with perverts. The rag the opinion that, always according to fake Catholics, the Church is judgmental and condemning.

No shit, Sherlock!

At Her very core, the Church is to do with judgment. This is, in fact, the reason why the Church exist in the first place. It’s called the Barque because it is there to help the faithful not to drown. To criticise the Church for being judgmental is to criticise her for the crime of existing. To blame her for being condemning is to demand that She makes the work of Satan.

How rotten this “catholic laity” is, is already seen by the fact that, if you listen to them, the Church is undermining her very own legitimacy for the very act of doing Her job.

This is, basically, perverts and their friends stating that they question the legitimacy of a Church daring to be the Church. Let that sink in, and reflect on what it says of these people.

Go right on, you bunch of deviants. Go away from the Church and make your own non-judgmental sect, or else join the army of dying, mickey-mouse sects already crowding the fake Christian space: Presbyterians, so-called CoE, Quackers (a couple of dozen still exist somewhere), non-denominational sects, or the like!

Go where you won’t be judged. Disappear in PC, inclusive, sodomy-affirming, trannie-encouraging cuckoo land. But don’t keep polluting the Bride of Christ with your perverted, truly judgmental, truly God-defying, thinking.

And oh, I forgot….

You will be judged anyway.

When it is too late.

Meet Francis, Worker Of Iniquity

“God will not disoooown youuuu”

But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.

Luke 13:27

These words, which probably every child knows who has been to catechism, are, very obviously, unknown to that evil piece of work sadly known as Pope Francis.

Francis is, as you might know by now, trying to justify Father Georgina in the quite disquieting predilection of the latter – and I this point I would say, likely of the former, too – for homosexual “pastoral activity”, which indicates faggotry as nothing else on the planet does.

What does, then, Francis do to justify Father Georgina’s very obvious homo obsession? He completely forgets Christianity, and, after having created a new religion of faggolatry, proceeds to announce the novel to the world. Apparently, in Francis’ nuReligion God does not disown His children.

Well, you dumb clown: he actually does. Big time.

There are no stronger words of disowning than the ones I have quoted above. They are so brutal, so clear-cut in their meaning, that nobody even remotely acquainted with Christianity can doubt what they mean.

God does disown some (likely very many) of His children, and sexual perversion is a clear sign of reprobation.

Nor should it be said that, as Frankie The Clown could be considered to be talking of the perversion (which, in itself, is not a sin), his words should be put in the “context”. No. On the contrary. By saying that God does not disown any of his children, this Evil Clown is positively encouraging homos to go down the path of their filthy perversion.

Notice, too, that the guy finds not one single word to, at the very least, condemn the perversion. Which is strange, as the questions to him were put by a guy who makes Liberace look like Clint Eastwood in his prime.

This guy really has Satan in his every pore.

He will die in God’s good time.

I suspect that, on that day, he will know what being disown by God is.

Clowns Everywhere

Bishops are seen posing for the cameras here after discovering their true vocation

And it came to pass that the COMECE (The European Bishops’ Conference; there, there is something like that…) issued an urgent invitation to the Governments of Europe.

When I read it, I wondered what the issue would be.

Would it be the reality of abortion, that is killing millions in Europe even as the United States begin to wake up from their genocidal slumber?

Would it be the tragedy of homosexualism, and the sad fact that so-called “gay marriage” is perverting the brains of an entire generation into thinking that perversion is normal and, actually, to be celebrated?

Would it, perhaps, at least be a strong condemnation of gender theory with all the abominations it is creating, abominations which, more often than not, punish young women who want to be free to compete among themselves in sports, or be in a locker room without seeing penises dangling around them?

Well, erm, ah (cough), no.

It was because of this.

If a Protestant were to tell me that the Catholic Church is on its way to becoming a planetary joke, I would answer that the Church is indefectible, and I am faithful to it no matter the level of disfiguration.

But yes, I would have to admit that we have descended now into the “planetary joke” stage.

Francis can’t die one day to soon, and the process of repair will, even if we are lucky, be slow and painful.

Because, truly, the clowns are everywhere now.

How To Be Irrelevant And Let Everybody Know It

It is widely known that, when Dementia Joe called the Saudis to ask for an increase in oil extraction to counter the idiotic sanctions against Russia (genius never thought of having such calls *before* adopting the sanctions) the Saudis refused to even talk to him. Well done, Mr Dementia! You have found a new way to make an ass of yourself!

More recent, though, is the news of another ass managing to show his own utter irrelevance. The Evil Clown, Francis Of The Wheelchair, revealed days ago that, at the start of the conflict in Ukraine, he contacted Putin and offered his mediation. As Francis himself admits, he never received an answer.

I suspect that, in the Kremlin, Francis isn’t more relevant than the inmates of psychiatric clinics. The guy still having quite the job, the decision to not even answer the (formal) head of all Orthodox Christians can only mean, if you ask me, that Francis’ own complete and utter irrelevance had to be shown to him.

Francis, always the genius, made this humiliation public. Don’t laugh, but I think he thought he would make Putin look bad…

There is, in truth, no cure for stupidity.

Useful Idiots

The battle of Lepanto marked the end of the Ottoman bid for supremacy at sea. Still, it is a little-known fact that, just one or two years after the battle, the Ottomans had completely reconstituted their fleet.

Why, then, was Lepanto such a great event? Because on that glorious day, the Ottomans lost much more than ships: they lost irreplaceable military expertise, most notably their veteran archers.

The same is true of the current conflict. All the Western boasting of “modern” weapon systems is pure propaganda, a feel-good exercise for the benefit of domestic audiences. The “cunning plan” of the West has glaring holes. Let us see them.

1. The weapons systems are a) not so modern, and b) inadequate in number. When you have lost both tanks and tank like vehicles (like self-propelled howitzers) in more than one thousand each, 100 German tanks here, 200 (old) Polish tank there and a bunch of Gepards taken out of the German depots after decommissioning more than 10 years ago are not going to make up for the losses. These aren’t M1s. And even if they were….

2. The expertise cannot be improvised. The Ukraine cannot switch to Western material like that, like it’s a videogame when you change vehicle and start again. The talk of F-16s is pure fantasy. The same, on a reduced scale, applies to the efficient use of modern weapon systems. The Germans needed many months to train their personnel in the use of a Gepard . With three, or even six weeks only, those Gepards are rolling coffins against the Russian air forces. But it gets worse still…

3. Good soldiers are irreplaceable. All those troops, trained by NATO for up to eight years, now being cut to pieces in Kramatorsk, Slaviansk, or Popaska, cannot be replaced by fat, old reservists, territorial guards without a proper military formation, or conscripts sent to the slaughterhouse after 2 days of training. Once the experienced soldiers are gone, there is no amount of metal that will replace them. Plus…

4. … that metal might not even arrive at destination, then the railways are now being systematically targeted by the Russians, the roads are slow and horrible, and the Russians have gained a clear air superiority.

What is, then, the Ukrainian plan? Do they really hope that the countless boys they send to die will allow them to avoid the collapse of their front, until a Magic Mountain of western weapons help them to counterattack? Or, more cynically, are they fuelling the military help machine so that their generals and politicians can enrich themselves stupid selling weapons and food to the highest bidder, who could be an Islamic terror group or a Mexican drugs cartel?

The Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries on earth. The brainwashing has been relentless for 8 years. There is no scarcity of Nazis willing to fight to the death. Huge numbers of young men are being sent to die so that generals and ministers may enrich themselves.

The US get the proxy war they wanted. The arm producers get the business they wanted. The Nazis get the death they wanted. Russia gets the territories it wanted.

The only losers will be the inculpable, peaceful Ukrainians sent to die for nothing, their own nation now slowly reduced to mince meat, and the very culpable Europeans, so proud to be the lapdog of Uncle Sam and so happy for the recession about to it them in the face like the fist of a young Mike Tyson.

The Ukraine has become the useful idiot of an awful lot of people.

I wonder how many will have to die before it’s inhabitants realise it.

Of Broken Clocks, Bears, And Vicious Attack Dogs

Every now and then, life surprises you, big time.

For example, there is a guy known all over the planet for having an impressive ability to say something wrong, or stupid, or outright heretical every time he open his mouth, which is far too often.

Still, this guy has recently managed to say something that, in fact, makes perfect sense: if you go on poking the bear, don’t be surprised if the bear attacks you.

Broken clocks come to mind.

The particular bear our broken clock is talking about has been constantly poked for the last thirty years; but it was, at the beginning, a weak, fat, incapable, actually drunk bear, and it could not do much to prevent the poking.

In time, the bear got stronger, and more assured of his now growing ability to react to bullying, harassment, and encirclement. 2007 came, and the bear, for the first time, let the world know, from a wonderful city called Munich, that the time of the poking had now come to an end.

The warning was not heeded, because the bear was thought to have the attributes of a kitten. Soon later, in 2008, the bear roared, and the world should, at that point, have paid attention.

But the world – or, better said, those who have appointed themselves its Only True Anointed Representatives – did not listen, and kept poking. When, in 2014, the poking took the form of a shameless, open coup d’etat against the bear’s extremely strategic neighbour, the Bear reacted fairly strongly, sending an unmistakeable signal that, unless the poking goes to an end, someone will get seriously hurt. As a result, the Little Friends of the bear were systematically targeted. Fourteen thousand of them were killed in 8 years. The bear was very, very angry.

You would think, at this point, the Only True Anointed Representatives would listen. They did not. Instead, they started to train an attack dog to harass and intimidate the bear.

The attack dog was vicious, but quite dumb. He had grievances against the Bear, and it was whispered in his ear that, if he kept harassing the bear, the Only True Anointed Representatives would appoint him Very Important Dog, line his dog house with fine paper and, in general, allow him to eat classy dog food forever. Vicious Attack Dog also loved the Svastika, but this was conveniently ignored.

Being dumb, Vicious Attack Dog did not understand that it was being merely used by the Only True Appointed Representatives: if he kept the bear intimidated and silent, so much the better. If not, the expendable dog would be torn to pieces, hopefully after inflicting mortal or, at least, serious wounds to the Bear. This would only cost, to said OTAR, dog training and dog food. The massacring would be, instead, suffered by Vicious Attack Dog.

And this is, my dear friends, exactly how it went, with Vicious Attack Dog currently being literally torn to pieces, whilst the OTAR incite him to keep fighting until total annihilation and physical dismemberment.

This is, meanwhile, so evident, that even broken clocks manage to indicate it.

Woke Idiocy

The US Woke Army screams hysterically about the alleged targeting of innocent civilians by the Russians.

Meanwhile, they advocate for the very real killing of almost one million innocent Civilians a year, in their own Country alone.

Let that sink in.

It will tell you something about the state of the once Christian West.

Roe vs Subversive Activity

Yesterday it was a very beautiful and, at the same time, horrible day.

The leak about the incoming sentence of the Supreme Court putting an end to the murderous abomination called Roe vs Wade was an event of truly historical proportion, an earthquake signing the beginning of the swing of the history pendulum in the other direction.

But then again, it was a leak. Make no mistake, this was an unprecedented event of clearly subversive nature. I hope that the responsible party will be brought to justice and get a long jail sentence for subversive activity.

The decision will be of huge magnitude. This is, clearly, known to the bastards who leaked it. The aim here is clearly to put under pressure the weak links of the decision (certainly Coney Barrett, possibly Kavanaugh) and make them backpedal after their spouses, children and dogs have received death threats from several sides.

I doubt that Kavanaugh will be that cowardly.

About Coney Barrett, I am not so sure.

What the Democrats will do now is try to stage riots all over the country, hoping that the dead militant will come out soon. At that point, said that militant will be canonised in the same way as Saint Fentanylius was (George Floyd to you and me), and everybody who does not espouse the cause of the martyr will be declared a non-person.

That the tactic is so arrogant, so obvious, and so subversive does not make it less effective. The Democrats know it very well, and they have abandoned any notion of decency a long time ago.

Coney Barrett is the weak link. This leak is clearly targeting her. The mob will be coming for her hard and fast.

Are the US a Banana Republic?

We’ll soon know.

Pray for the unborn, and that those behind this subversive act are brought to justice.

#shetoo!! Two Words On Turds, Drugs, Perversion, And Violence

The defamation trial against a mediocre lesbian pretending to be an actress is revealing, for those who have eyes to see, quite interesting factoids.

1. Both of them are, or were, drug addicts. Yes, two out of two had problems of addiction to cocaine, other strange stuff, or – in the case of Depp – alcohol. Already there, the image of the do-good Hollywood wobbles rather impressively.

2. Amber Heard is a dyke. What a waste, you will say. Alas, God might give you beauty, but this is not enough if you allow yourself to be perverted. I must say, this was public knowledge before; but the dyke having such a high profile marriage, I am pretty sure many were not aware.

3. Depp is a Supercuck. The guy not only marries a lesbian, but has to witness some friend of the dyke “making up” with her, in his presence. I cannot express with words how emasculating this would be for any man, whether famous Hollywood star or street sweeper. What was the guy smoking? Oh, wait… still: of the two, Depp comes out as the lesser evil, and he is a pretty smart cuck, too.

4. Heard is a deeply disturbing individual. Her new nickname, “Amber Turd”, says it all. Please don’t make me go into the details. Yes, there is a turd involved, and I am not speaking figuratively.

5. Amber Turd is quite violent. Stunner blonde had the police called on her previous, officially lesbian, relationship, and several witnesses have now relayed how she repeatedly hit SuperCuck, to the point of leaving marks on his face. Ouch. This is like the violent Barbie doll. Would Mattel sell many of those?

5. Drug addiction, perversion, extreme character disturbance, and a lot of violence. This is just one high-profile Hollywood couple. I wonder how many other couples, out there, work pretty much in the same way.

No worries, though: Amber Turd being a human wreck, and a violent one to boot, did not prevent her from lecturing us all about toxic masculinity.

Watch out, people. This dyke can punch!

This is, I think, well representative of the entire Hollywood crowd: a bunch of perverts, addicts, violent scoundrel lecturing us about pretty much everything.

When Amber Turd gets out of her current dyke relationship, I have the perfect next partner for her.

Alec Baldwin.

That is a match made in heaven Hollywood.

Elon, Mars, Vatican II

I had to smile when I read this.

It’s not only the quite clever, half self-deprecatory, half defying joke; it is, I think, something more profound.

Elon Musk is not a Catholic in any recognisable sense of the word. I don’t know whether he is even baptised. I have no knowledge of any inclination towards Christianity in him. He marries multiple times and makes children with multiple women like he is a savage of some Amazonian tribe. He seemed obsessed with renewable energy. He insistently makes marijuana jokes….

… and even he recognises the damage V II did to the Church, to Beauty, and to Music (the offence to God he has, likely, not recognised).

What this says to me is that V II is such a disaster, that it can be seen almost (to quote another Muskian idee fixe) from Mars. V II is, among the many other disgraces it has brought, a cultural disaster, leading to the impoverishment of our beautiful, beautiful Western Civilisation, in such a way that even people who are nothing to do with the Church notice and lament it!

Musk has, very clearly, the money to do a lot of things.

I can’t imagine how many good things he would accomplished, if God gave him the grace of conversion. I assure you, seeing the way this guy works, that it would be something to behold.

The Slippery Slope

Less and less newborns are apparently baptised; not only in Europe ( where the phenomenon is massive and immediately apparent), but also is the for more Christianised United States.

It seems to me that it is a slippery slope.

Generation O has parents going to church, baptising their children, and caring for their Catholic instruction.

Generation 1 (their children) still baptise their own children and don’t mind giving them a Catholic instruction, but they might not go to Church because of a vast array of excuses, revolving around the fact that God does not really insist on it.

Generation 2 (their children) will likely not even baptise their children, because God lurvs everybody.

At this point, a generation of official heathen is being raised. When asked about their faith, they’ll say that they are Christians, “I suppose”. Christ will be, to them, that cool guy.

It can be that fast. Mere two generations for the almost total obliteration of Christianity.

The remedy is the recovery of the proper Catholic spirit. This starts, of course,, with priests explaining the difference, in the economy of salvation, between being baptised with the baptism of water and not being baptised with the baptism of water.

A difference which I have, by now, never heard in a church for many years.

Each generation mentioned above likely did not recognise the damage that following generation was being prepared for; possibly not even generation 0 after VII told them it’s ok when things are not ok. Nor do many priest understand (or admit) that failure to preach Catholicism in church leads to the children present not seeing any value in going to church (or in the Church; remember, lurv!) when they are adults. Chances are, they will go through concubinage. Chances also are, they will not see the use in baptising their children.

Many of these children will, then, grow as stone cold atheists, whilst Francis II blabbers about world peace and Francis III explains to us all the perverts we have to “accompany”.

It’s a slippery slope. It will only be stopped when Christ comes first again.

The Ticket-Free Freak Show

He was standing at the entrance of the grocery store, in front of one of those little tables offer free sample of some new product. He had a very robust, squarely built body. His broad shoulders, his thick arms, and his trunk like legs screamed a primeval message: this guy is built for battle.

He wore a red dress.

I mean by that a proper, certified authentic, woman’s dress. The dress was, also, well above the knee, ruthlessly revealing the rugby player physique of the guy. It was something either made to measure, or from a shop for obese old women, as the guy’s trunk was, actually, massive.

He was talking with the poor lady at the stand, desperately looking for approval, acceptance, or some form or normality. Sadly, if you are a mad guy trying to transform yourself into a cross between a freak of nature and a circus joke, the only acceptance for you should be, for your own good, in the madhouse.

Meanwhile, the poor woman was trying to talk to him in as normal as possible a way, full knowing that any indication of hilarity in her face would have spelled trouble. Poor woman.

This is now, officially, another job I could never have, or keep for long.

The guy exacted from the poor lady the tribute he was expecting, and then proceeded to walk inside the big grocery store. I could, by this time, see that he was carrying a heavy makeup. He looked the way a tranny prostitute would have looked in the Italian movie Gomorra, an extremely crude representation of the worst and most criminality ridden places – and people – in Italy.

The freak show proceeded to move on inside the store and pretend he was interested in the salads – in reality, I think, desperately trying to be noticed by the patrons of the establishment, and fancying someone was seeing him as a woman -, and I proceeded to move away from that store section, the sensation of disgust and satanic influence now clearly prevailing over the initial amusement at the ticket-free circus freak. It ended there, and I hope the guy does not cross my path again, ever.

If memory serves, what I was looking at was a walking, talking, 80% suicide probability. A tragic reality produced by the toxic combination of the madness of these people and the madness of those encouraging them.

Nowadays, people love to sacrifice at the altar of niceness and political correctness. But they don’t sacrifice lambs. They sacrifice deranged perverts, even more culpable than they are, then their madness is the fruit of a willed self-deception, espoused and fed upon until Satan gets his prize. Satan is, if he is allowed, the only winner in this game. Funnily enough, even he is said to be utterly disgusted by these people.

Go away, buddy, and try never to cross my path again, then your show is one that attracts attention (like a car crash, or a bearded woman) only for a very limited time.

I wish you salvation. But my pint is on the other outcome.


This might be changing soon…

The entire liberal world is in turmoil because of the now impending purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk.

If there was need of a confirmation, this is it: Elon Musk is on our side in one of the most important issues of our time: freedom of expression and the way social media are trying to influence minds and, in fact, world events on a planetary scale.

The issue is not only one of freedom of speech. It is, very obviously, one of religious freedom. When more and more Christian voices are censored as “homophobic”, and kept out of the biggest “distributors” of news links on the planet, it is obvious that Christianity is being slowly marginalised, which will make it easier to switch to outright persecution.

Now, Musk is certainly not perfect, nor is he a paradigm of Christian life. But it is evident enough by now that he cares for freedom of expression deeply. This development is very, very good.

Plus, Truth Social is (slowly) trying to leave the starting blocks, with the legal and technical process now being (slowly) worked through. When Truth Social works as it is intended to work (social media, streaming, TV productions and, one day, internet hosting), it will constitute another massive help for Christianity and, in general, for wholesome thinking all over the West.

Yesterday it was a good day for us, more so than many think. It may well be remembered as the day Elon Musk, acting at “Tesla speed” (yes, it’s a word) and anticipating even Trump, gave the first massive blow to the liberal, globalist, anti-Christian, Great Reset mentality trying to poison the planet.

Congratulations, Mr Musk. May the newly acquired power be utilised for good, and may the Lord prevent you from the temptation of abusing it.

Of Faith, Pride, And Arrogance

“It is better to have an imperfect but humble faith that always returns to Jesus, than a strong but presumptuous faith that makes us proud and arrogant.”

Pope Francis

“It is better to have a strong faith that makes us work on our salvation with fear and trembling, than an atheist Pope who is an enemy of faith and does not believe in Salvation.”


Ah, the Evil Clown. He never ceases to amaze.

This time, he tries with a hint of false dichotomy. No, he is not saying that the only two alternatives are the imperfect but humble faith and the strong but arrogant one. Still, most of the badly instructed listener will understand him in exact that way: that faithful tend to be one of these two types, and if you have a strong faith you are likely to become proud and arrogant.

This is, in fact, Francis’ aim, a theme he has been playing in front of every audience for years: strong faith = bad.

Francis wants you to have a weak faith, because he has none. He wants you to wallow in your weakness, so that he can more easily manipulate you. He wants you to think that people with strong faith are arrogant and proud, because he fears them like the devil fears the holy water.

Francis has not even a weak faith. He has no faith at all. But he thought he could “improve” on the Our Father.

There is no better example of pride and arrogance.

Not All Germans Have Gone Full Adolf 2.0

Mariupol, Azovstal factory. A good depiction of where the Ukraine is today.

Interesting news from Germany.

The article from RT is here. If RT is censored where you live (it is where **I** live, because “democraceee”. A VPN service does the trick…) then the original German article is here.

The RT rendition of the German text is faithful to the original.

The crux: a number of people in Germany (among whom a couple of prominent personalities, plus the usual political sciences people) have asked the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to refuse to bow to the warmonger and Adolf 2.0 crowd, accept reality, and stop prolonging the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

The secondary arguments (that are: the more the war goes on, the more it risks to expand, the more war crimes are committed by both sides, and the more the Ukraine suffers) are underpinned by a brutal, and very rare to read in the official press, call to look at reality for what it is, not for what the fantasies of the Twitter generals and Facebook heroes would like it to be.

The reality check:

Trotz zwischenzeitlicher Erfolgsmeldungen der ukrainischen Armee: Sie ist der russischen weit unterlegen und hat kaum eine Chance, diesen Krieg zu gewinnen.

Notwithstanding the news of successes the Ukrainian Army has been broadcasting up to now, the Ukrainian Army is vastly inferior to the Russian one and has no real possibility of winning this war.


Mind, the signatories are not Pro-Russian. Quite the contrary, as the usual, obligatory “condemnation” of Russia is at the very opening of the letter. They are merely being realistic, as follows:

  1. Continuing the war only makes the Ukraine suffer for longer.
  2. If Germany keeps sending weapons, Germany helps the Ukraine in their senseless descent down the rabbit hole.
  3. When the weapon deliveries stop, the Ukraine will have to start talking about peace in earnest.
  4. NATO will be able to play a better role, and possibly do more for the Ukraine, if they stop antagonising Russia before every channel of communication is broken.

Of course, the letter does not mention with one word that the Ukrainian regime is the only belligerent Country in this war with a noticeable Nazi influence in its army and Government. Also, no mention of the 14,000 dead caused by 8 years of Ukrainian bombardment of civilians. But hey, these are Germans “intellectuals” writing to a newspaper from Berlin. If they get one thing right, it’s already a success.

Also, they don’t want to accuse their own citizen of managing to be again on the fighting side of their former Chancellor, 1933-1945 (ask yourself whom Adolf would support in this war; exactly….).

This is, sadly, something the Germans are doing with the same stubbornness, and the same chance of victory, of the first time. Not, I hasten to add, out of Nazi feelings; but out of the same herd mentality that gave them the Nazi feelings in the first place.

This voice of reason will remain isolated.

But it’s good to know not everybody has gone full Adolf 2.0.

Of Faith, Couf, And Francis.

I have always been of the opinion that people who believe in God are less obsessed about life risks than people who don’t.

If one thinks that there is nothing after this life, life will be absolutely everything he has. This will often lead to an unhealthy obsession with one’s own life, and with everything even vaguely threatening to end it.

This is, I think, one of the reasons why so many common people are obsessed with the vaccination. The idea of saying to oneself “live healthily, trust in God’s Providence, and don’t take part in mass scale medical experiments” is just not there. The sheep see life differently, because they see death differently.

This is, also, one of the reasons – another is, obviously, corruption at the hands of big pharma; a third is, also obviously, their desire to regiment and control you – why leftist politicians are such great fans of the entire exercise, including Nazi-style compulsion of the most absurd rules. This couf stuff has showed that, with great accuracy, one can predict one’s stance about the vaxx just by knowing the religious outlook.

It was, therefore, no surprise to me to read that the Vatican has decided to be even more fussy than the Italian government, making explicitly clear that their repressive measure will stay in place until the end of April. A place run by an obvious Atheist, the Vatican is just the kind of place which would insist on obsessive, repressive measures meant to control their sheep and shape them to… total sheepishness. Plus, the virtue signalling, always so present in those who, having made of themselves their own god, wish to sacrifice at the altar of themselves.

In the end, you see, everything is meant for them to have power on you and look good in the process. They don’t really believe their rubbish themselves.

Yesterday Orban, an old man, met with Francis, an even older man.

Neither was wearing a mask.

Clickwhoring explained

A short survey of the English media this morning will give you an utterly shocking picture of the degree of not only bias, but utter, shameless propaganda that, by now, pervades the free press of a still democratic country.

Let me assure you that this is not due to government coercion. The UK is no Ukraine, and it still has opposition parties and media free to publish what they want. One needs, therefore, to look for the reasons for this utter degradation elsewhere.

I think that the explanation can be given with only one word:


Once upon a time, the information sources were limited and their income largely assured. An army of subscribers and an even bigger army of affectionate readers ensured that the media outlets could ensure a degree of professionalism without jeopardising their operations. Again, the readers’ options were numbered, and if you abandoned the Daily Telegraph, or the Daily Mirror, there was really no suitable alternative to that particular “brand”.

It is all radically different now. Not only does every reader know a number of alternative sources; he knows that he can find half a dozen more with just a little research.

Then there is the cancer of our time, social media. A vast percentage of news articles are now read by clicking the links posted on Facebook and Twitter. This means that unless you are vastly represented, and the links to your articles are constantly posted, there, you are going exactly nowhere.

This is how clickwhoring is born. When something is in everybody’s mind (say: Ukraine) going against the prevalent narrative will be click suicide for every big outlet. Every reader of, say, publication XYZ will immediately ditch them in disgust and accurately avoid every link to their videos and articles if he gets angered by simple things like, say, the truth.

We see this with the Special Military Operation in the Ukraine very clearly. The mention of simple facts of life, like:

Russia will win this war, because they will do whatever it takes to win it.

Ukraine has suffered heavy losses .

Ukraine has been bombing the Donbas on and off for 8 years, killing 14,000 civilians.

Ukraine is heavily influenced by NeoNazi groups both in the government and in the army.

Russia has achieved air superiority on day one .

The Ukrainian Donbas army is encircled, cut off from fuel and ammo deliveries, and being shot at

Mariopol has been taken by the Russians ten days ago

The poor devils (or poor bastards) in the Azovstal factory have 0 chance of winning. …

will cause the emotionally very involved, often woke Twitter and Facebook readers to immediately cancel and boycott the entire outlet. This, in turn, will cause the number of links posted on Twitter and Facebook to go down drastically. The clicks will collapse and, with them, the revenues.

No traditional media outlet, with his army of journalists, administrators, support staff, HR, perhaps even equality scroungers, and expensive rents to pay can afford that. Their business model will force them to beg for clicks every morning, actually every moment.

The quality information now resides elsewhere, in the army of competent observers, sitting in their own living room with a camera and a laptop, knowing full well that quality will always be enough to make them thrive, because the atomisation of the media market makes the attainment of the micro niche they want all but assured, given constant quality and sufficient patience.

This perfectly explains the phenomenon of, say, military “experts” on CNN – carefully chosen among those looking for government contracts and cable channels money – assuring us how badly Russia is doing, and military observers without interest in licking big media’s boots (like Ridley, or Macgregor) actually telling us how things really are, from their own living room, with the cat walking around.

This is where we are. I think it will only end when enough people understand that social media are not helping them to know facts, but to create for them the bubble they desire.

Clickwhoring is the symptom.

Twitter and Facebook are the real disease.

Why Bishops Betray

So, let us say that I am a Bishop, and that I am on record with saying that I hope that, “one day”, women will be able to be ordained.

Even if I were, say, a Jesuit, there is no damn way I do not know that this will never, ever, happen. In fact, as a Bishop, I would know it even in a Biden-advanced state of mental fog.

Why would I, then, say such a thing, giving scandal worldwide?

Below are my takes. No, ignorance in good faith is not one of them.

One: I am an appeaser and a coward. I know that the audience wants to hear something feminist from me, and I am only too happy to oblige. I know I am lying and giving scandal. But hey, the most important thing is being nice and not upset anyone with inconvenient truths.

Two: I do not believe that God is immutable. I think that God, actually, changes his mind. This means that I have forgotten what my religion, of which I am a very important representative, says about God’s nature. Logic, by the way, says exactly the same as my religion, but hey…

Three: I have lost the faith. I do not believe that there is a God anymore, perhaps I actually never did. I am now desperately searching for purpose for my existence and for the obvious scrounging I am perpetrating against my employer. I decide to find it in social work and fluffy statements. If I cannot believe in God, at least I will please some humans.

Fourth: I have skeletons in the closet. A girlfriend, a boyfriend, a liking for boys. This is, likely, why I was made a Bishop in the first place. I must now do the bidding of my masters, who can destroy me at a moment’s notice.

Fifth: I am a Freemason, or a Satanist. I am a fifth column, a plant inside the Church. I will be slick and gentle, and say all the right things, and undermine the Church and insult Christ as I smile, very kindly, to my audience.

Which one is, you would not likely know. But let me assure you, it would be one of these; then, Jesuit or not, I do know the very basics.

But what am I saying. Don’t ask me why I do this.

Ask Bishop Chow of Hong Kong instead.

Just don’t expect a truthful answer.

“Don’t Hire Gay”, Or: The Problem Starts Before The Grooming

Meet your new teacher, little Johnny….

As a person grown up in a sane world, it is, for me, utterly breathtaking to see how the world has gone mad.

The Floridian legislative puts in place a measure meant to combat child grooming in schools.

Let us stop here, and let us reflect where the issue comes from. Is it because, suddenly, children have started inhaling substances that expose them to grooming? Or because of “climate change”? Or, perhaps, because the Chicago Cubs, winning the World Series in 2016, have suddenly put the entire planet out of whack?

Thought not.

What has happened, is that a growing number of perverts of the homosexual, lesbian, and even trannie persuasion have been allowed access to children.

Now, you might say that not every homo is a pedophile, and I will agree with you on this. However, this is not my issue. My issue is that every pervert is a toxic influence on children.

In a world where homosexuality is not openly stigmatised anymore, how is it surprising that perverts will want to normalise their perversion in the classroom, too? Is this not, in itself, a perversion of a child’s mind?

In addition, some of the perverts will also be paedophiles, as we know from countless statistical evidence that most paedophiles are homosexuals.

Therefore, allowing educators of young minds to be homosexuals is to allow them to pervert the mind of children in all possible ways.

Why am I saying this? Because it seems to me that the debate is missing the elephant in the room. The problem begins before the grooming, it begins with allowing perversion in the classroom.

Put it in a more brutal way: you cannot say that being homosexual is fine, and then proceed to object to children being exposed to it.

If being homosexual is normal, why would children not be exposed to it?

If it’s not normal, why is it allowed in educators?

The real issue here is not the grooming. It’s the underlying issue that facilitates it and aims at the perversion of your children in every way. In other words, the grooming is merely a symptom of a wider problem.

People with unnatural tendencies do NOT belong in a classroom. People persuaded they belong to the opposite sex belong in the MADHOUSE.

Unless we understand this, we will keep running in circle and fighting rearguard battles.

Resurrexit, Sicut Dixit!

Happy Francis-Free Easter!

Maundy Thursday has arrived again and, thankfully, good old Earth still keeps spinning. We are now about to embark in the re-evocation of the most solemn, crushing, glorious events ever lived in the whole history of humanity.

Not for the first time, I am going to spend these days in a completely Francis-free manner. I will avoid every article talking of him. I will ignore everything he says. I will just bury him before he is buried (please, Lord, make it happen soon!).

I do not care if the man dances the tango with a trannie, or washes the feet of a Satanist, or states that if you pray in Latin you are an enemy of Christ, or does something else that is outlandish and utterly foolish, as is his custom.

There is Catholicism, and then there is Francis. Why God allowed such a situation to happen (a pope who is a caricature of what he should be) is, to me, very easily explained: if the earthly Church becomes a caricature of what it should be it is not only fitting, but salutary that the Pope should become a caricature himself. This is the way God punishes the men who misled the earthly Church for their deeds, exposes their shame, and warns the real faithful about the disfiguration that is going on.

I never understood why this should be a problem, or should be so difficult to understand. We are seeing the same now with the trannie athletes. God makes evil people eat their own excrement, and this is right so.

Nor is this the first time. The French Revolution famously ate a lot of its children, prominent and not, until sanity came back. Communism allowed and allows many sons to be punished for the cowardice or indifference of their fathers. The “progressive” father is often punished with drug addicted sons.

We are living in such a time. Francis is the world- and celebrity-addicted son of a church high on Modernism. Still, other than the latter, Frankie cannot be jailed or forced to rehab. We have to wait that he dies, or hope in the astonishing miracle of many Cardinals growing a pair at the same time. The second is not going to happen. The first, oh yeah.

I will ignore the guy all over the Easter days. I will ignore him whatever he says to attract your attention, like the attention-seeking little, old, lewd scoundrel that he is.

I will ignore him, and pray that he dies.

Mariopol: Reason Seems To Prevail

Don’t get me wrong: I am impressed by the resilience and hardiness of the Ukrainian troops. I obviously think they should be treated fairly. I am persuaded that they have fought bravely, and that their fight should be respected.

Still, there is an issue to consider here: there is a clear element of Neonazis in the Ukrainian army. The Azov Battalions are obviously the ones with the worst problem, but Neonazis are present all over the Ukrainian army.

As we all know, Nazis are no snowflakes. When they fight, they fight very hard, and many of them fight to the end. Look at Germany during WW II! If there is a thing Nazi soldiers do well, it is to die fighting. Therefore, I was afraid that the scenario that might be happening is the Nazi elements among the soldiers threatening to kill those who are intentioned or make moves to surrender. This clearly isn’t an easy thing to do when everybody is armed, but you can’t exclude such measures, particularly when a part of the “regular” troops are terrified nineteen years old boys, and the Nazis are hardened soldiers with the benefit of intensive, year long Western training.

Thankfully for everybody, but particularly the Ukrainian soldiers, it seems that this will not be happening. The surrender of more than 1000 soldiers in Mariopol, announced by the Russian army and obviously taken seriously by the Western press, who report it en masse (hint: it means they are factually certain it’s true), indicates to me that reason will prevail in the end, and we will have no senseless massacre in Berlin, 1945 style.

If the news is confirmed (and I really, like you, can’t see why the Russians would invent something like this when even my cat knows they control all Mariopol that counts, and have the residual Ukrainian forces bottled up in two factories and a small section of the port; which, clearly, means the Russians can bomb everybody at their heart’s content without fear of civilian victims), we will soon have videos of the defeated Ukrainian soldiers.

A video saying more than one thousand words, or two thousands Ukrainian lies, and the view of one thousand surrendered soldiers would be very, very different from the usual mediatic lies of this war (the destroyed Ukrainian tanks with, or even without, a “Z” painted over them; the destroyed tanks taken from videogames, and so on). It would be a brutal wake-up call; not for the Twitter people (who will keep believing the Goebbelsian propaganda to the end, and will invent some conspiracy theory afterwards), but for the other soldiers and the Ukrainian civilians, who will, at some point, understand that reality has caught up with them and it is finally time to deal with it.

If the news is confirmed, today is a good day. A senseless massacre does not help anyone and is only an immense waste of lives. When there is no realistic prospect of victory, an army should stop fighting.

Mark Dice Persuades Californians To Ban The Bible

Democracy and freedom of expression (actually, every freedom) are in bad shape.

It is, in fact, intense.

It’s a shocking mixture of conformism, ignorance, and wokeism.

Some people actually get it. Even in California. But not nearly as many as they should.


Lizzo, Or: Meet The Hippo Slut (Warning: Strong Pic!).

Lizzo is, here, caught in a rare pensive moment (and no, this one is *not* the strong pic…)

The link that I am about to post contains a picture that is disturbing in its vulgarity, ugliness, and sheer stupidity. However, as Breitbart posted the picture in order to make an example of this hippo woman, I think I should do the same.

You have the bonus that you have been warned. I wasn’t. This will stay with me for a while.

The link is here.

I don’t know (like, I suspect, most of you) who this Lizzo is. Apparently, she is some “singer” of sort, with more than 10 millions people somewhat interested in seeing what she posts (bad idea!). She is, also, a picture perfect image of all that is wrong with our times. Putting a pic on social media of herself boarding a private jet (she is, unsurprisingly, a climate change “activist”), with her fat, hippo-like, prodigiously ugly, cellulite-plagued backside in full sight, shows all that is wrong with our age. Let us see this in proper order.

  1. She is slutty. God does not give to everyone the grace of beauty, but He gives to every woman sufficient graces not to be a slut. This stuff is degrading. It makes her to that sex-object (for extremely tasteless Black men; then I can really not imagine that anybody else would be interested in that horror) that, actually, feminists go around decrying all the time.
  2. She is vulgar. A slut can be, at least, discreet about it. She can have some remnant of self-esteem. Not this ungulate here. That she thought this kind of stuff could be deemed in any way, shape, or form, appropriate, is a mystery that remains inaccessible to my normal mind. Eleven millions people literally subscribe to this stuff.
  3. She is ugly. Man: she is so, so, so ugly. She is so ugly, Stevie Wonder would be horrified. She is so ugly, ugliness is ashamed of her. It’s like the hippos on Walt Disney’s Fantasia, without any of the grace. It’s like seeing an Attenborough documentary of big animals free to roam in an urban environment.
  4. She gives scandal. It is impossible not to notice that, when we arrive at this level of depravity, every concept of decency has flown out of the window. This is, clearly, a celebration of fornication between people of extremely poor taste. It is, clearly, meant to arouse some deranged male hippo of the tanned variety, then it is impossible to consider any other male (at least of the human species; I could not talk to any real hippo at the moment of publishing this) reacting to the picture with anything else but revulsion. Still, make no mistake: this is (meant to be) every bit sexual as it is ugly.
  5. She plays the woke game. This must be (then it cannot be anything else) an offshoot of that deranged mentality which considers beauty racist, or sexist, or something ending with “ist”, and demands that hippos be considered sexy because of some sort of “equality” that does not leave out anybody. Why I say this? Because we have seen it around (the ugly fatties at Victoria’s Secrets, the male tranny on the cover of Vanity Fair called “beautiful”, the Zeppelins on Sports Illustrated) and we know (from them; we would never come to the idea) that one has a sort of social obligation to consider the ugly, and the perverted, beautiful. I think the same game is being played here, then the above mentioned deranged male hippos of the tanned persuasion must be a very tiny minority of the eleven millions of followers of this walking circus tool.
  6. She is stupid. This is the same level of stupidity that makes the Ciccone singer called “madonna” exhibit her ugliness and age-caused decay for all the world to see, in a desperate look for attention that she (and the hippo here) try to disguise as transgression, but has an extremely short half-life. This kind of stunt makes one recognisable as a vulgar slut forever and, whatever the feminist narrative says, women despise sluts more than men. The cat is out of the bag, and it will not be possible to put it in again. Breitbart know it, and they (pardon the pun) milk it for all it’s worth.

There. I think this is all. We really live in strange and disturbing times. 

I think I will put “Fantasia” on my DVD tonight. 

I need to see some nice hippos. 

A Question

Can somebody explain to me how a Catholic site so bent against anonymity on the Internet was (and still is) led by a guy who did not tell anyone he was homosexual until he was outed?

If a site is committed and, let me say it once again, bent on transparency, should it not be the very first which extends transparency to things way, way, WAY more important than knowing one’s name; like, for example, knowing whether a particular leading guy is, or ever was, a pervert?

And by the by, is this not the same site who keeps showing a very evident lack of transparency as to who their sponsors are? Mind, I have stopped following these matters (and the site) years ago when they went full toxic against almost everyone who breathes; but I still remember the controversy, and it does not seem to me that said site covered itself in transparency, or glory, in that.

It seems to me that there are two weights and two measures here.

I always try to not contribute to controversies among conservative Catholic sites, because it pains me to see atheists and leftists enjoy the show. However, every now and then a good pointer seems in order.

Stay away from toxic sites. They do nothing for Catholicism.

Let’s Talk About Anonymity

Anonymity of Catholic Bloggers

The Antidote

You can do worse than spending your time (admittedly, you will need a lot of it) listening to the daily shows of The Duran. They give you a very realistic, accurate, intelligent analysis of the events in the Ukraine. They talk a lot, and they take time to make the point. They are, however, more to the point than most others on this format.

This particular show (which is one week old today) is particularly illuminating, because it gives to the average, brainwashed Westerner a very accurate – and rather sobering – account of the situation of the Ukraine.

You will need 2 hours of your life to have a full picture. However, it is a good investment considering how much time one has to spend to find a good overall picture of the situation.

The “bong” segment (starting at around 47:30 minutes) is, in fact, quite funny, too. By the by, predictably, Scott Ritter had his Twitter account suspended, because hey…

In short: the Ukrainian army is toast. Toast does not mean that they will be pulverised in the next twelve and a half minutes. It means that they have no chance of recovering from their human and territorial losses, because the Russians now have the situation under control to an extent that their victory is, if certainly away in time (this is not a videogame), all but assured.

A big learning point is, though, the interpretation of the Russian “withdrawal” from the outskirts of Kiev, something so brilliant I must say I was utterly fascinated.

I also fully agree with the analysis of what has likely happened in Bucha.

However, the biggest takeaway from me is a simple one, that is, a useless massacre is going on day after day because of the convergence of the following factors: 1) the inability of a Nazi-riddled Ukrainian army and government to manage the inescapable defeat; 2) the inability of the Western powers to admit that the sanctions have failed, the war will go on, and Russia will win it; 3) the constant propaganda barrage in the West, making it difficult for the very same Western governments to tell their own twitter heroes that it is time to be reasonable now, because people are dying and an entire country will be cut into very little pieces.

Please direct your friends looking for info to this site, and to the site of Patrick Lancaster for news straight from the front.

We are in dire needs of antidotes to the dominant propaganda narrative.

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