The First Nowell

Virtue Signalling Kills

I remember the early part of the year; when, starting from the end of March, the first, brutal lockdown was implemented in England. It lasted almost two months.

It was an exercise in brainwashing and collective madness. There was this habit of going out of your door at 8 PM on a Thursday, and “applaud the NHS” (I never did it, and screw the neighbours), some even making noise with pans and such, and all the others applauding, applauding a lot, like dogs barking at the moon. For those who don’t know, NHS stands for National Health Service, the UK’s state health behemoth. Take it from me, the NHS is rubbish, and by that I mean shit. But then again, it is the brainchild of Mr Clement Attlee and his proto-communist mark of Labour after the Second World War.

The sheeple were enthusiastically clapping every Thursday afternoon at 8 sharp. They were clapping literally at nobody, knowing that their neighbours would see, or at least hear, this noisy show of virtue. Two slogans made the round: “Thank you NHS” and “Protect the NHS”.

The first one was an indication of the level of indoctrination in this country. The instructions (carefully crafted by the, allegedly, Conservative Government) were not to thank the personnel in the first line (the doctors, the nurses, the ambulance drivers), but a highly controversial, constantly criticised, and outright (as already said) bad organisation in itself. The sheeple complied joyfully.

The second one was even more stupid. The NHS is there to protect me, not the other way round. But hey, in the world of political correctness, thinking is an unwanted option.

As the first, brutal phase of the lockdown was relaxed and we were released from collective house arrest (an extremely successful measure, as demonstrated by the fact that, at Christmas, we are still on square one and a half) I started to go around more. What I found entirely shocking were all those pubs (the most British of British institutions after the Queen, as no one remembers whether the so-called “c”hurch of England still exists) who were happily closed, and with their big “protect the NHS” signs outside.

The sight was quite unreal. These were people slowly going bust, and happy to signal virtue while they do. Instead of mounting a huge protest from day one, making clear to the Government and the population that the closure of the hospitality industry was severely damaging a good part of the economy and killing countless small and less small enterprises, these idiots were happy to be walked to the slaughterhouse singing their happy virtue signaling songs. Not all collaborated, of course. But frankly, it was depressing to see.

Fast forward seven months, and our extremely weak, testosterone-deprived Prime Minister has just decided that the entire pub industry will be strangled for the entire Christmas season in the greater part of the Country. Protests are starting to form now, and many Members of Parliament have voiced their displeasure. Yesterday, Boris had almost 80 defectors for his “Grinch” measures.

Still: when you have clapped for months to illiberal, absolutely hare-brained measures in order to “protect the NHS”, how can you justify, now, the end of the madness? Because you are going bust? Sorry pal, but when you have sung with the choir for month, don’t expect everybody else (those with the secure jobs, which are still the most part; happily, this includes yours truly) to suddenly start thinking now, just for you.

Virtue Signalling kills.

But hey, if you want to feel good on your way to the slaughterhouse, be my guest.

I Saw Three Ships

Plus ça Change, plus c’est la même Chose

I have written yesterday about the Miraculous medal. Today, I would like to make some further reflections on it.

Whilst the apparitions took place in 1830, St Catherine lived until 1876. Born in 1806, she basically saw Napoleon, the Bourbon Restoration in 1814, the July Revolution in 1830, then another Revolution in 1848, then the siege of Paris in 1870 and, shortly thereafter, the horrible Parisian Commune. That’s quite a lot.

I have no doubt that, at that time, there was no scarcity of people claiming that The End Was Near. I actually doubt that there was any time, pacific or violent, revolutionary or conservative, in which a lot of people did not think the same.

The fact is, that the world did not end. Governments come and go. Kings are deposed. Revolutionaries are killed. Normally, things find a way to adjust themselves, albeit at times after a long time, and not without shedding of blood.

The United States are, if you ask me, in one of the most dramatic phases of their existence. The very foundations of their institutions are about to the shaken by the theft of an election which, if allowed to happen, will redefine the way their institutions work, encourage further thefts form the power-hungry Democrats, and severely test the very fabric of the Country.

It is naive – nay, it is stupid – to think that a Democrat victory will, with some little adjustment here and there, put an end to election controversies. Democrats are power-crazed bastards. If they don’t want to steal power for the money (which many do), they want to do it to further their socialist agenda (which more and more among them also do). When they see that cheating pays, they will make of it a massive, permanent fixture of every election. If the Supreme Court allowed the rot to fester there will be peace today, but a likely gangrene tomorrow.

Unless the Country finds the way to prevents the theft now, the possibility of a massive bloodshed down the line is a very real one. We see, looking at the past, that leftists are never happy, and they will never play fair unless they really have to. In 2020 it was the CHAZ. At some point in future, it will be another Parisian Commune. As to the integrity of the elections, this is blindingly obvious: no democracy can go on for very long without bloodshed, whose elections are a joke. At some point, it will be either civil war or communist servitude. To think that leftists can be appeased is to think that the fox will, given the opportunity, kill half the hens.

Unless the Country finds the resources to deal with the cancer that is eating it, I see dark days in its future. Not immediate future, mind; but dark days nevertheless.

Still: the world will not end. Providence will be at work. The United States will likely survive, albeit shedding blood at some point. Presidents will come and go. We will live other dramas, and other triumphs. The world in which St Catherine Laboure’ lived is our world; merely – for the time being – far more pacific.

The Message is as actual today as it was in 1830:

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to thee.


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O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to thee.


Catholic Exchange has a beautiful post about St Catherine Laboure’. I am one of the many who carry the Miraculous Medal, and could not imagine being without now.

There is a reason why Catholicism is so attached to “physical” things. The cold feeling on your forehead when you sign yourself with the Holy Cross; the smell of the incense in the church; the beauty and majesty of sacred music; the elaborate splendour of our churches; the contrast between the busy street outside of the church and the quiet atmosphere inside it; the appreciation for relics, things which can you can see and touch; the time-honoured tradition of pilgrimage (another very physical way to approach your faith), or the blessing of objects from Bibles to… cars, are only some of the ways in which a Catholic “connects”, on a purely physical but, still, intimate way, with his faith.

Gold crosses, gold metals and, often, miraculous medals are just some of these physical connections to our beautiful faith. They are, literally, on our skin. When I think of my miraculous medal during the day (say, as I walk through an office corridor), I cannot see it, but I know it is there, right on my skin, connecting with me at a very elemental level, and helping me to connect to the Blessed Virgin on a far superior one.

Nor does this seem to be a purely Catholic phenomenon. I am sure every Elvis Presley or Confederacy museum, or every Hall of Fame, has an extensive collections of objects related to the theme of the relevant institution, exactly for the purpose of the physical connection to, say, Elvis Presley, Babe Ruth, or Stonewall Jackson. It’s simply the way we humans are wired. The Church, in Her wisdom, helps us on our journey of faith utilising exactly these elementary but, ultimately, very effective mechanisms.

Let the Protestants say that these are all superstitions; that we worship things, or think they have some magical value (where they got this from, beats me), and that the only thing that count is to be “buddy with Jesus” (I hear some of them talking, and I wonder if they think they “high-fived” Him in the morning).

We, who are Catholics, will hold our traditions dear, and will live – and cherish – the particular way in which our faith connects, at a very intimate level, with us.




Yesterday we received a very special Thanksgiving gift in the form of a Supreme Court judgment killing Andrew Cuomo’s unconstitutional – nay: outright dictatorial, arbitrary, and God-hating – ban on gathering of more than a few people in churches.

Slowly, sanity is coming back, and the idea that people would not be allowed to gather in church whilst they are allowed to protest, loot, block streets and do any other sort of things which, in the estimation of Mr Cuomo, are more important than these pesky Christians going to Church – where they learn to better love Christ, and better hate Cuomo – has been demolished. Of particular note here is that it appears that Mr Cuomo appears to have “gerrymandered” the boundaries of the zones where you can and cannot do things in order to include in the prohibition as many Jews as he can. I suspect they vote Republican.

Besides the obvious aspect of religious liberty – a concept foreign to Andrew Cuomo, for whom liberty is whatever he allows you to do – there are another couple of aspects of this that I would like to bring to your attention.

The first: this was a five to four decision. Clearly, we are only one Supreme Court Justice away from having religious liberty at the mercy of any sanitary rule that is not applied to most other people. I am, for the record, not surprised that Roberts has now gone full liberal. I normally do not indulge in conspiracy theories, but boy, unless the man has gone full omega to please the wife or to feel he is part of rich liberal elite, they must have something truly terrible on him.

The second: this was a fairly difficult-to-take, quite unpopular decision. The Justices knew they would be accused of “killing people”, being responsible of “genocide”, and all the other nonsense the basement-dwelling Twitter morons love to spit on these occasions, promptly echoed by the North Korean Mainstream Media. One can only hope and pray that this is, so to speak, a signal or at least an indication that those very same Justices will not be afraid to do what is right in the extremely important decisions that are coming to them in the next weeks.

This is why I always stressed, and will continue to do so, that it is important that the anger of the victim of this Mother Of All Electoral Frauds keep being vocal, keep gathering and (peacefully, of course) protesting, and keep spreading the information that is being unearthed day after day. The justices are humans, and if you think that they are not prone to being influenced by the leftists mob and the calls of Biden as “President Elect” I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

Pray, hope, and try not to worry.

Providence is at work, now as ever.


This year, as people all over the United States reflect on the many graces God has Given to them during the year (most of us do not fret over the harvest anymore; but life never changes, and we all have our challenges), I think one reflection becomes obligatory.

God has given us Donald Trump. The man has been, for four years, such a beacon of hope, that I do am unable to see in his rise and many successes anything but the Divine Hand at work.

Trump continues, to this day, to amaze us. I would actually say that he has never amazed me during the last four years as he did during the last three and a half weeks. This man is truly unique.

We may win or lose this battle. God allows, at time, those on the right side to suffer setbacks, defeats, or humiliations, so that their fight – and their faith in the face of adversity – may shine even more amongst the iniquities of men and the snares of the devil. Make no mistake, this can go either way, and after a massive, obvious fraud the destiny of this elections will, most likely, be in the hands of five people who might, or might not, do the right thing, instead of being that glorious dawn of victory that would have been if the United States’ voting system had been less of a joke.

Still, if – quod Deus avertat! – Trump were to become, no matter how unjustly, a one-term President, I will – as, I am sure, will History – remember him as one of the greatest of all times, and these last weeks as his finest hour.

Keep praying. Give thanks to the Lord for the gift of this man. Keep hoping. Be realistic about the possibility of injustice being consummated, but be confident that the efforts we are seeing, and the obvious facts that are emerging every day, will give us victory in the end.

There is a lot I have to be personally thankful for in this otherwise horrible 2020.

But Donald Trump, he is a gift to us all.

Bad Is Good Is Bad: The Dyke Diaries

This article (Achtung: Daily Mail!) about so-called “gay” marriage is, in its tragic way, funny in the total confusion of minds it shows.

The lowdown: “married” dykes are divorcing like you wouldn’t believe. The person who complains about it is one of those her(it, him) self.

The alleged explanation? “Marriage” promotes traditional, normal roles; and dykes are, as we all know, all but normal.

Still, the reasoning goes this way: abnormal people (I agree) want to be normal (you wish; but I agree this is the intent), and so they “marry” and buy themselves the normalcy and the “respectability certificate”, courtesy of the UK Government (I agree). However, nothing in their reality really changes (I agree). Hence, the disorder within translates into the easily to be expected disorder without. No surprises there. What we discover now, say these people, is that the evil they celebrated is, actually, not good at all even for them. My head is spinning.

Still, I wonder: if this normalisation of deviancy is, in fact, a celebration of the normalcy that is just, erm, not there, why all the screeching to get it? My answer: in order to pretend, to delude oneself that some normalcy is there, when this is clearly not the case.

Also, adultery seems to be in play in the vast majority of these, erm, “divorces”. This is another contorted hypocrisy. By definition, these people should be against the rules of normal society. If they aren’t, it means that they live in a world of lies, lies that cause the fast breaking of their relationships.

Mind, I do not think that putting a fake “marriage” label on these arrangements is what make them fail. The label only attracts more attention on something that was there before: the obvious inability to form a real relationships, because the complementarity of male and female, which is at the very core of them, is so obviously missing.

The years since the legalisation of these abominations have shown one thing clearly: the total failure, and the total ridicule, of the attempt to disfigure a God-Given institution for entirely anti-Christian (and, in fact, satanic) purposes.

In the next years, more and more middle-of-the-road, conformist sheeple will come to realise that these people are children playing responsible adult, clamouring for the toys they are not allowed to have, and unable to use them when they get them.

Still, the ridicule on this earth is a very small price to pay. The one that will be paid at death will let everything else pale in comparison.

Pray for the salvation of every soul, “praesertim eas, quae misericordiae Tuae maxime indigent”. But never cease to remind yourself and others what path these people have put themselves on.

What I Have Learned This Week

I must say, this was an instructive week. In fact, I can barely remember another week that was so rich in new insights.

I have learned that a man called, for decades, America’s Mayor, one of the most famous prosecutors worldwide, and a man universally admired from both sides of the aisle before aligning with Trump, has thrown away everything he remembers about how to do his job. I have also learned that he has decided to be remembered for a several week long exercise in shenanigans, at the end of which he will come out with absolutely no evidence at all for what he claims. This is strange, because, looking at him, he doesn’t come across as another Biden.

I have, also, learned that “evidence” is a quite difficult hurdle. Hundred of affidavits, exposing their signatories to jail if they have lied, are now not considered evidence. Who would have thought? This is, I must say, shocking news. Still, I heard it on CNN, so it must be true.

Then I have learned that some of the most extremely famous lawyers in the Country; people who, other than Giuliani, are still active and extremely well paid, have clearly decided to destroy their reputation and forego a couple of decades of extremely remunerative professional activity (let’s call it, very likely, tens of millions of dollars) for the sake of a useless charade that, as CNN clearly told me, will end up with absolutely nothing.

Finally, I have learned that I do not have to encumber my little mind with stuff like electoral fraud, or votes switched from Trump to Biden, or votes with date falsified, or votes with no signature verification at all, and the like. This is a waste of time, that makes of me a conspiracy theorist, a racist and a bad, bad man. The legacy media tell me that there is nothing to it, so that is settled. Also, I need to really understand that when the legacy media write that all Trump lawsuits have been thrown off by the courts and he has now nothing else to do but concede, they must be right, without bothering my little brain with the attempt to understand why, more than a week after after all these lawsuits have been thrown out and Trump had nothing left, the man has still not conceded and Giuliani & Co. pretend that nothing has changed.

Mind, there was a time where I thought (I apologise for this!) that there might have been something in the accusations, and that dead people, people residing in other States, dogs, cats, and squirrels might have voted. However, after I knew that a second count, including all the votes cast by dead people, people residing in other States, dogs, cats, and squirrels was being carried out, my mind was at ease. Clearly, if there was something wrong with the first count, recounting the exact same votes will certainly allow any irregularity to emerge. I didn’t know it worked that way, but I have been assured on TV that this is the way it works. Therefore, it must be true.

I must, again, apologise with my readers for having come dangerously near to a Conspiracy Theorist. I should have trusted CNN et al. to explain reality to me, without bothering my little brain with the attempt to reconcile what they say with what I see. This is dangerous thinking, because it encourages one to think that there might be another reality than the one objectively reported to us by the Legacy media.

This clearly cannot be. How do I know, you ask?

I have heard it on CNN!

Voting, Done Properly

Let me tell you my experience of voting in the Eighties, in Italy.

Background: Catholic Countries have no problems with voting on a Sunday. Communists were strong. They would go to vote. As a result, the others went, too. There was strong mistrust in the other side. Blessedly, there were no computers involved.

This is how I remember them.

First: you need to haul your ass to the polling places. There are people who are nonagenarian, or centenarian. There are people who physically die whilst on the ballot box. There are people coming in in gips, on wheelchairs, on stretchers! If you don’t want to go to vote, you don’t deserve to live in a democracy. If you cannot vote, tough luck. The integrity of the process comes first. There might have been some slight exception (I never asked how they vote in hospitals), but they were scarce, if any.

You walked to vote on a normally sunny Sunday morning, normally in June. The voting place is a local school or public building. Little queue, as there is one voting section every few hundred voters. After the couple minutes of waiting, which you use to greet your friends, if any there, look at the girls, and read the instructions, you enter the (class)room (where only authorised people can enter, so you are invited to get in) and show the president of the section (with two aides on the side) the certificate that was sent to you at home and your valid proof of identity. The voter rolls are scrupulously kept. There are, in the room, party observers: one per party (only the big parties are generally interested) and section. They are recognisable from the obligatory arm band with the symbol of their party.

The president of the voting section notes your ID, in the presence of the aides. He retires and files your certificates and gives you the physical polls and a special, indelible pencil. You get in your boots and stand there in complete privacy. You vote according to instructions you have just read.

You go back to the president and give him your folded, color-coded paper ballots. He (not you) puts them in the relevant ballot boxes. You return the pencil. He says “buona giornata”, you say “anche a Lei” ( but it’s not unlikely that you know him; then “ciao” will do).

The Army stands in every school where the vote takes place. They are very visible, because they want to be seen. A handful of people, five or six if I remember correctly. They have beds. Of course, they have firearms.

On Sunday evening, IIRC at 8 PM or 10 PM, the section closes, but the vote will go on on the Monday until 2PM. The rooms with the ballots are sealed, doors and windows. The President signs the seals. The army will guard all the rooms, from the inside and the outside of the school or polling place, during the night.

The following morning, fairly early, the voting commission is there again. In the presence of the army guy, the President of the section certifies the integrity of the seals (doors and windows) and brakes them.

The voting resumes, allowing those who work on a Sunday, or had to visit the in-laws, or had other reasons, to vote on the Monday morning. On the (generally slower, hence, no queue at all) Monday morning, everything goes as the day before.

At 2pm, the polling place (say, the school) closes. Of course, those still in the line can complete operations.

At this point, a very complex procedure begins. Every citizen can assist to the count, but the party representatives are the ones authorised to physically stay near the president of the section, look at the ballot and talk to (or quarrel with) him as the president calls the votes aloud, singularly, and his aides record them manually. Contested votes are, not without the usual, emotional Italian discussions, set apart as “contested votes” but counted in (means: if the president says this is a vote for the Democrazia Cristiana, it is *provisionally* counted for them but set apart). Discussions can be long and tiresome (the pencil sign cannot go out of the relevant box; at times it is very feeble, etc). Everything is read aloud and showed: vulgar expressions (very few), jokes (some), salami slices, an Italian symbol for “corruption” (some). If anyone gets violent or disruptive, or keeps harassing the president without accepting his (provisional) decision, the president, who has the power of arrest, can order the army to have the disrupter arrested and removed on the spot. Make no mistake, there will be a criminal record, possibly jail time.

All this is done manually, by hand, and called in the presence of the public and the party representatives. The numbers are counted and recounted, manually, with frequent tallies during the day. They are called, in the presence of everyone. All the ballots are kept religiously filed by voting issue, and with the contested ones separated from the rest.

When the vote counting has ended, the ballots and all documentation are put in sealed boxes. The transport part starts. At least one member of the voting commission, plus the army, *plus any party representative who so asks* (and they always do!) enter the transport vehicle (s) and remains in the physical presence of the sealed boxes, so that there is confidence that no one has tampered with them during the transport phase.

The ballots are transported to vote gathering centres. There, they will be kept, the vote counted and tallied to other sections coming from all over town, and there will be a special second examination of the contested ballots, an “appeal” so to speak, with the same procedure as before.

Everything is handled scrupulously. Every single ballot, voting certificate, ID documentation is kept for any check or recount that should be ordered.

No software, no machines, no levers, no algorithms. No one claiming he is too stupid to make a cross on a paper ballot. No one too lazy to go to vote.

Democracy does not come to you. You go to it, and thank God you have it.

This is how it worked. It worked well.

I think it’s how it should be.

The Struggle For Sanity

I wish I were helped to keep my sanity in these trying times.

I have cut the MSM to basically zero (I can’t escape them by virtue of my job, but other than that, they’re dead to me). I pray and try to keep serene.

But I think I should be helped. And I am not.

First culprit is Breitbart. With their always polemic style, they do not hesitate in writing dozen of, ultimately, defeatist headlines just trying to rile up their readers against the Democrats; which, like it or not, is their usual style and what made much of their success.

Countless Breitbart headlines along the lines of Biden “will” do this and Kamala “will” do that, and *that* guy has been appointed, and so on, just send the wrong message. The message should be that Bidet and Kamela “would”, not “will”; that they play government like the children in kindergarten, etc.

Second culprit is Trump. Boy, I love the man. But gosh, I wish he would stop and think before sending many of his tweets. I remember the one when he said that he would “move abroad” if Biden won. Can you imagine George Washington openly contemplating defeat in the midts of the battle, and proclaiming it openly to all his armies? Then there are the many tweets (not just the very recent one) where he says “won” in connection with Biden. One understands the spirit in which it is said, but for heaven’s sake, language is important and tweets should be carefully crafted. Then there would be the matter of all those tweets all or largely in capitals; which, if you ask me, don’t look very self-confident. His lawyers, on the contrary, are much more measured and factual and, therefore, much more reassuring. 

Third is Trump’s inaction in the presence of indiscretions concerning him. Fake media reported a “close friend” of him stating he had a phone conversation with the guy, and stating that he was under “no illusion” about the outcome. This comes, mind, as Trump said on Friday that “it can go either way”, another big mistake when the opponents do not say this and pretend their fake victory is as unquestionable as the sun. It is clear now, several days after the phone call, that the phone call’s content was either misinterpreted or willfully falsified. No tweets on that that I know of.

Some might say that Trump is playing 4d chess. I’d be happier with the usual, 3d one, played properly.

This can be won or lost.

But I wish it were played differently from the people on our side.



The World We Live In: Facebook Censors “Stop The Steal”. MSM Think It Normal.

The article linked here is some days old, but is not a parody. It is a simple fact that a MSM outlets reports about the (mediocre) results of Facebook attempt to censure its members. As if it was the normal, sane, obvious thing to do.

There are lawsuits going on everywhere. The Country is in turmoil. This is, unquestionably, the most contested election in the last decades, 2000 one not excluded.

But for the MSM, this is all fake news, conspiracy theories, Alex Jones stuff. Hey, Facebook needs to stop this. Otherwise where will it end, with people supporting Trump?

Make no mistake: this is the world that awaits you if Biden wins this. Constant indoctrination, and censorship seen as normal by the sheep; they will, as always, follow their evil shepherds in the Democrat party and elsewhere.

I am informed that there will be Stop The Steal gatherings on many State Capitals today. Please try to get information and take part if you can.

And pray. Pray as much as you can. Give thanks to the Lord that he has given us such a fighter as Trump.

However this goes, this guy is a legend.

Thy Will Be Done

I can’t look at the news anymore as I feel like this is giving me a cancer. But I can’t sleep well at night, either. I wake up and pray and pray, at some point exhaustion wins and I have an uneasy sleep, dreaming horrible stuff about a demented nincompoop now President, and a harpy laughing like the evil witch in a cheap movie.

I have lost 2 kilos in a few days out of sheer inquietude, then gained them again as it was clear that Trump really wanted to fight this to the end.

Most of all I blame myself for – besides praying, of course – not being able to abandon myself to God’s perfect Will. “Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry” has become “Pray, Worry, and Don’t Sleep”. Working on it, though.

Every day that this fight goes on some good news trickle its way to me. It is very encouraging how many of my colleagues come to me to signal their support for Trump (I am never particularly shy about my political orientation). Still, I wonder if this is like the Wehrmacht rejoicing at the initial success of the Battle of the Bulge. I think it’s better than that, but you get my drift.

Still, I found some peace (and regained my weight) when it was clear to me this is going to be fought, then there is little that is worse than impotent rage at a great injustice consumed under your eyes, without you being able to do anything.

I also see encouraging signs of a culture war that will keep raging on even if this particular battle should be – quod Deus avertat! – lost. Newt Gingrich very recently was the stuff of legends, the likes of Jim Jordan represent the next generation, however this goes.

But I should practice what I preach, relax, pray in serenity, go on with my life, and put my trust in the Lord whatever happens. Still, here I am, before 6 in the morning, tired before the day has started, feeling like a truck has gone over me, another day in front of me when I try to avoid the news and focus on work, of which – by God’s grace – there is a lot.

I’ll have to revisit the “Abandonment to Divine Providence”.

But I think I’ll keep that in reserve for the case we lose.

Trump To Hold More Rallies?

I had suggested some days ago that Trump keeps holding rallies, to show the immense support on his side.

The optics are very dangerous when there is one side trying to convince the planet that they have already won, and that’s that. The obvious play here is to create a situation where the Supreme Court has no courage to overturn the verdict of the press.

It appears Trump understands it and will be holding more rallies.

It’s a good idea. It’s bringing the fight both to the courts and to the streets. It’s showing that a nincompoop who couldn’t get 20 people at his rallies has not had more votes than a man adored by the people like he is The New Elvis.

Please support your President as you can, but particularly with your prayers. I wake up at night and pray for him and his cause, and I live one ocean away.

I can tell you as a total fact that many people, here in Europe, perfectly understand what is happening and side with President Trump.

Do not lose courage.

As always, Lord, Thy Will Be Done.

But it should not be because of lack of effort on our side.

Reader Kate R On The Current Situation

“Something is telling me to stand firmly behind President Trump and stay the course. Do not give in to this, do not capitulate, do not get disheartened. We need to be bold right now. We need to say this is obvious fraud (which it is) and that we demand a recount and we demand this go to the Supreme Court if necessary. There is something even bigger than the election that seems to be going on.
Stay BOLD and sure. Don’t talk as if we lost. Don’t admit defeat. Whatever he is doing, get behind it, and pray, pray, pray. He most surely is a warrior, he will not give up. We cannot give up, this is our country, we cannot give in to criminals who pretend we need to have someone ride in on a donkey with the abacus to count votes. That is nonsense.
This is their COUP”.

Yes. There is something bigger than Trump going on.

Give in on this and it is the end of the confidence in the vote, plus a licence to the Dems to steal as much as they please in the corrupt parts of the Country they control.

The consequences could, in the long term, be unimaginable.



The Biggest Fraud Ever

Well I could finally sleep (one night without closing an eye, then an entire day at work; sleep is sweet after such a day!) and I think I can offer some reflection.

This massive fraud was already in the making. Still, the brazenness and scale of it astonishes. It is also astounding that election fraud is treated so lightly in the US compared to Europe. The voting rules and voting standards are pure Third World.

Those Democrats who thinks local fraud and manipulation are enough to get rid of Trump have learned nothing from the shampeachment theater. Trump is no Romney. He is a fighter, which is why we love him.

Plus: Trump is in. Biden is out. The Supreme Court will be (I very much hope) reasonable. There is so much that is crooked in what has happened that a reasonable person, and a reasonable judge, will immediately see what is what.

I think Trump should go full-scale lawfare, and keep campaigning. He should keep mobilising thousands whilst his opponent embarrasses his dog. He should make clear to everyone whom the people of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona have chosen.

Mind: we might still lose. The world would not end. It would not be the end of the United States. A Great Nation, who has survived far bigger tests, would, with God’s grace, survive this test, too. But there is no denying that, if things were to go the wrong way, this would be a great test for freedoms all over the West, and the influence of China and the illiberal Internet Plutocrats would cast a very sinister shadow over not only on the United States, but the entire Western world.

Still, I think we will win in the end. I just can’t see a fraud of this scale, so foreseen, so obviously prepared months beforehand with the help of unscrupulous judges, will come to pass.

Trump is still in. Biden is still out. The Supreme Court is in good shape. The fraud was evident.

Keep praying.

Last Pieces Of Advice On Election Day

As I prepare to spend a sleepless night rooting for the unborn (and many other things besides), I would like to give my readers some last pieces of advice.

Stay away from the exit polls

I have already suggested that the MSM be avoided altogether. However, as the day progresses the temptation “to know” will be very strong for some. Please avoid it. They are toxic. They will gaslight you to the very end. Please stay away. Thanks.

If you really want to have an idea of how things are going…

… look here. This is the Florida map, updated every half hour or so, by party affiliation. This is now by total votes, that is: votes by mail plus early vote in person plus vote cast up to… now during election day. As I write this, Republicans are up 148k (at last update before press: it was +133k when I started writing!). This is amazing. If Rs lead even by party affiliation, when you add the expected (small) lead among independents and the obvious, bigger crossover from Ds to Rs than from Rs to Ds (the unavoidable consequence of all those Cubans and Venezuelans, plus a no small number of Blacks, now supporting Trump) you get an idea of what is happening. I think we might end the voting day with Rs up 200k + in the party affiliation, and much more than this in the final tally. Florida is a safe state now, and there will be no “malarkey” in Broward County anymore (tightened rules, and at least one “usual suspect” people kicked out in recent years).

And if you really are not easy to please…

… reflect on this: in the last decades, whenever an incumbent President has increased his vote in Florida, he has very often increased it also in the States which interest us today: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin.

Folks, things are going seriously well, and it is stunning to read on Twitter all those Dems still so confident of victory. They will, I think, cry twice as hard.

Summa summarum: a realistic (not assured, but realistic) scenario sees Trump carrying more or less easily all the States he carried in 2016, ex PA, WI and MI. This is 260 electoral votes reasonably in the bag. No, I don’t think AZ is in play. Close, yes, but lost, no. I might be wrong. But I am often right.

The only thing that Trump will, then, need, is a last assault at the remaining ten electoral vote by winning *one* of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, or the combination of Nevada and New Hampshire. He won the first three in 2016 and is well placed now, particularly in the first two. He is well within the reach of the other two. And he needs only one of these paths, whilst Biden would need all of them.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor! Trump might not win any of those states!” Yes, he might. He might lose Arizona, for all I know. I just don’t think he will. Plus, remember: the incumbent increasing his vote in Florida is quite likely to increase his votes it in WI, PA and Mi, too; all three are States he carried in 2016.

Yes, there will be litigation. Yes, PA will be a mess for days to come, and I think likely that only the Supreme Court will put an end to the Democratic machinations and frauds. Yes, there will be moments when you think things are not going so well. But stay cheerful and pray. Biden surely would want to be in our situation now.

Last pieces of advice

Ohio will likely count the early vote first. Expect an early lead of the Dems in Ohio, hopefully (I would say: quite likely) destroyed by Rs as the night progresses.

Iowa: I seem to remember they do like Ohio: early votes first = early Dem advantage.

Pennsylvania: Scranton and Philadelphia votes tend to come faster than the rural zones. I also don’t know how they treat early votes. Expect a sizeable to huge advantage for Biden at the start (particularly if they count all early vote first), and then enjoy the ride as the Republicans run after the lead in the race.

Florida: Broward/Palm Beach/Miami-Dade County votes tend to come somewhat late, possibly because in the past they had the habit of first deciding how many votes they “needed”. Wait for Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach to be depleted of votes before you open a bottle. However, I suggest you put the bottle in the fridge now.

Florida: the panhandle has a different time zone. Expect a lot of R votes to come from there, potentially offsetting the onslaught of “late votes” from, say, Broward.


Conservative Treehouse: see other posts. 

Larry Schweikart will have his live feed here.

Steven Crowder has a youtube channel that should have another live feed (I think language can be raunchy at times. But they are good people).

Peoples Pundit Daily (Twitter feed here) should have a database here. It does not work well as I write this, and I fear it will repeatedly crash if the traffic is too much. An alternative to the damn NYT (who also want your email for a “free trial” to get past their paywall) is the just as damn New Yorker, which has one that seems free from paywall. I’ll try to avoid it, but in a pinch it will do. Lovely typeface, too.

[EDIT: RIGHT SIDE BROACASTING NETWORK appears to have a live programme on Youtube]. 

Guys and dolls, it has been a glorious ride, and I will never forget the excitement and hope of these days of prayer and battle.

We are, hopefully, and God willing, almost there.



Trump In Rude Health, Pollsters’ Credibility Terminally Ill

There is something funny about these people. They still talk as if the Country listened to them. It probably never did, it certainly does not do it now.

It has been reported that pollsters need to phone 100 people to get 6 to answer. This means that, of 100 people called, 94 will tell them to go pound sand in one way or the other. Who do you think will talk to the polls more frequently: the Republicans, who abhor and, in case, like to troll them, or the Democrats, who know the pollsters are on their side?

The figure above, if true, would certainly destroy any pretence that this industry has any credibility left. It would, in fact, confirm what a joke they have become. If you read a poll presentation that states “poll taken out of 1,000 respondents; please note that another 15,500 did not want to talk to us”, would you take it seriously?

The mainstream media poll industry does have a future, though. As paid shills of the Democrats, busy trying to fabricate a convenient narrative for month before the election, before saying that the race is “tightening” in the last hours (actually, Nate Silver seem not to do even this, at least for now. It’s as if he lived in a parallel planet, where early vote data do not exist, everybody is blind and common sense has been banned par ordre du mufti), they certainly will have no scarcity of newspapers and TV stations commissioning polls with the results they want. It is what they all do now anyway, and it seems this particular fake news industry is thriving.

Nor is poll deception something new. Reagan was given as a sure loser mere days after the 1980 vote. Bush 41, too, in 1988. After 2016, when the pollsters promised to “do better”, they gave Andrew Gillum (yes, that Andrew Gillum: the drug addicted homo the Dem wanted as governor in Florida; I bet it cost them some votes now!) an insurmountable 11 points advantage one week before election day! They have always deceived. They were merely more subtle with it, and sounded slightly less ridiculous forecasting a Dukakis landslide than a Biden one. Poor Biden is now forced by his handlers to go out in the cold, and he embarrasses himself several times a day just trying to open his Chinese-bought mouth.

In the future, we will have two kind of pollsters: the jokers, who will be on ABC and CNN all the time; and the serious ones, on the Internet and outside of the MSM channels. Still, we will always have clown pollsters. There will be clown pollsters for as long as there are clown news outlets willing to employ them.

If I were Frank Luntz, I would not fear for my job.

The Last Poison Pills, And The Antidote

Padre Pio has some useful tips for Election Night…

As we approach the Moment of Truth (likely, but without any certainty, followed by the Weeks of Triumph; accustom yourself now to the idea that Election Night will have a coda several weeks long, with litigation galore even if the final outcome is clearly a Trump victory), I would like to give my reader some warning about two last minute tricks that might be played on them.

  1. Early Calls to influence voters

This is an old trick, successfully played by Fox in 2018 to discourage late-voting California Republicans from going to the polls. It worked. Don’t be fooled this time.

I can easily imagine very, very dirty tricks like, say, ABC or CNN, or even the Associated Press, calling states like Florida, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania 30 minutes (or 3 minutes) after polls close. The news would spread like wildfire. Millions in the West (Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico) would be discouraged from going to the polls, and House seats all over the West would be lost. I trust these institutions (including the Associated Press) with such tricks. They have no shame. They would “recall the call” two hours later, and say “sorry folks, the data we had said that Biden was winning with 99% advantage. Unfortunate, uh?”. Insulate yourself from everything that is not a) fact and b) coming from the right source.

2. Talking Heads Pushing Hard for Biden To The End

In 2016, the allegedly conservative people at Fox were happily discussing Texas turning Democrat on Election day. This is the kind of dirty trick they are extremely likely to play this year, too (yes, Fox not excluded). Fox is not your friend, merely some show hosts among their people are. They have lost the right to be called I do not say friendly to us, but even balanced. Fox is some heroes and many villains, it’s what they are.

The antidote

Isolate yourself from MSM and official news of all kind. This includes Fox.

Follow the election on one or more of the sources available on the Internet. “Louder with Crowder” will go live on Youtube. Sundance at the The Conservative Treehouse will be, as always, amazing. There will certainly be many other reliable channels following this live. This is the best choice for your sanity.

I remember that night (for me it will be an all-nighter and on into the following morning) in 2016. I followed exclusively The Conservative Treehouse for the news, and the site of the New York Times with the live count of the votes for the raw data. That was all, until that time when I was satisfied that things were going really well. It is only at that point that I switched on my TV/Youtube and enjoyed the Liberal Tears, by now flowing copiously. It was great, great fun and, considering the circumstances, a fairly relaxed night. Shockingly, the Youtube recordings of that night show that all big outlets considered the race a done deal for Hillary, and were not subtle at all about it. This year, the level of propaganda will reach a new height.

Summa summarum: pray, hope, don’t worry, and choose your news outlets well.

The Rock Star President

If the MSM have managed, once again, to fill your hearts with dread and your minds with fear, read this.

At this point, to say that this man is a rock star is an understatement. No rock star on this planet can rival Trump’s stardom. This man is Elvis on steroids.

What do you have on the other side? A good-natured, honest candidate with some personality and a friendly appeal? A warrior fighter for those he considers the oppressed? A bright, winning, laser-focused, admirable intelligence? A brilliant past as a war hero, or as a successful entrepreneur? A nice, reassuring embodiment of family values? Or, at the very least, someone in possession of a physical trait the Democrats clearly prefer; like, say, a vagina, or the required content of melanin?

Joe Biden is nothing of all this. Actually, he is pretty much the contrary of all this. Which is why he is constantly humiliated buy the extremely low presence at his rallies (boy, not even the local activists want to be near him!), up to the point of being, hilariously, escorted by Trump supporters out of town (watch this and try not to laugh! Mind, other versions of this have more than one million views!).

Do not give in to the gaslighting. Refuse to believe the propaganda. Shut the MSM down entirely, *entirely*, until after the election. Choose not to poison yourself with their venom and their lies. Read attentively what they say around, and you will see that whilst they try to put some varnish on it, they are slowly starting to panic.

If you give in to the curiosity of knowing what fake pundits and paid for talking heads are thinking, it’s your fault. You are choosing to be manipulated. You are choosing to be influenced by lies. You are choosing to be poisoned by their toxic pills.

Get rid of the MSM. Particularly the TV stations.

Enjoy this wonderful ride, and the Rock Star President.

The Family From Hell

All the sordid details are here.

And yes, it concerns you. “Pop” is running for President.

It seems to me here that only one of the two is possible.

The first: Hunter lives in a hallucinated world where entire, long-lasting, year-long atrocious family situations are entirely imagined. Whilst the man is, or has been at some recent point, a alcoholic and a crack cocaine addict, this is clearly not plausible.

The second: Satan has taken hold of this family, big time. The long texts sent by Hunter reveal a world in which alcoholism, drug addiction, fornication among non blood-connected relatives, and a dark world of, well, the unthinkable, is played in front of Joe and Jill Biden, who seem to act like this is part of the usual controversies that arise in every normal family rather than police stuff, big time. The only one who is on record with at least threatening to involve the police is, if I remember correctly – honestly, I don’t have the stomach to read again – Jill Biden. This is the same woman who then proceeds to run a Presidential campaign on behalf of her husband, knowing that he is more liable to be blackmailed than her part- time-demented husband.

You understand how these people are not fazed by abortion. When you have the very real possibility of incest floating around in your own family, and you live with that situation for years on end, abortion does not seem an impediment to running for President.

Who knows what comes next. Still, Joe Biden is a very high security risk, a man without integrity, likely a silent abetter of unspeakable crimes, and a man so despicable he should have never have thought of running.

I remind you that this is not a normal father. This is Creepy Joe, the serial hair sniffer and outright disquieting guy. There were no laptops in his younger days. I wonder what one would have found in them. It seems like the bad apple fell from a very, very unhealthy tree.

Pray hard in these last days before the election. If you have started it, keep praying your Novena. Pray that the United States and the world may not only enjoy a Trump Presidency for the next 4 years, but send to political oblivion (and, one day, possibly to jail) the one or other member of this family from hell.

More Good News From Florida

This one here is your reference site for all things Early Vote Florida.

Pay attention, that every time you refresh it defaults on Early Vote In Person. This is interesting for us (Republicans are dominating this), but I would invite you to scroll down the page and select (you will have to do it again every time) “Early Votes: All”. This gives you the official count of all early vote (Vote By Mail plus Early Vote In Person) as per the last update, which happens every 30 minutes or so when the vote is ongoing.

As I write this, Democrats have an advantage of just shy of 202k votes in the total of early votes. It is not going well for them, at all.

The Democrats have bet the farm on early vote, both to mobilise their lazier voters and to feed their “Trump’s pandemic will kill us all” narrative. Therefore, you would expect them to lead by far higher margins by now. Instead, their higher margin at the beginning of the count was steadily eroded, as vote by mail was quickly counted and Republicans showed surprisingly strong “early vote in person” numbers day after day. As I write this, they have been eroding the Dem advantage to the tune of around 45k a day. I bet my pint this trend will continue today and tomorrow with pretty much the same, or a similar, strength.

You can also play with the single counties. You will then see that, Miami Dade “only” has a 10% Democrat advantage in aggregated early vote, and Republicans are even winning the early vote in person.

More considerations:

Republicans will most certainly outvote Dems by *a lot* on Election Day. Therefore, if things remains as they are, you are going to see Miami Dade either moving to the Republicans or going near it. This is a death sentence for Biden not only in Florida, but for the entire race.

It is not all as rosy. Dems have been strong in the “souls to polls” exercises: driving or busing people to the polls after church on Saturday or Sunday. It did not work much last weekend, it might work better, or much better, the next one. How many churches are open in Florida, I don’t know. I would say, not many. This was another reason why the Dems set all on early vote by mail.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The enthusiasm for Trump is huge, and it comes in addition to the certainly present “shy vote”. So, you have an awful lot of people who are fired up and say it, and more people who are angry with the Dems, but are afraid to say it.

Important: the past (since 1968; this is a lot of past) has shown that if an incumbent increases his votes in Florida compared to when he was elected, he increases his votes in the Rust Belt, too. There is no reason to believe this year will be an exception, particularly after Biden’s fracking and fossil fuel comments. This means that a victory in Florida exceeding 1.2% (which seems very likely to me, with the “souls to polls” next weekend the only unknown) will likely translate into increased numbers in those states, too.

Everything indicates that Trump will win the independent vote (he did it in 2016, too). How much, we don’t know. But they will help us as an aggregate, in Florida and elsewhere.

Everything also indicates more Ds voting Trump than Rs voting Biden. We don’t know how much, but I think it will be noticed very clearly on Election Night.

Things are going well, my friends. Only complacency and/or fraud can stop Republicans from winning Florida now. I can exclude the second as Florida has robust vote mechanisms in place. The first is the one for which we must continue to pray.

Hidin’ Bumbling Joe, Before He Sniffs His Niece

I remember 2008, when a wannabe Republican candidate left the campaign trail with the excuse of having to save the Country, or something. He was, as you might remember, desperate, so he thought that a bit of virtue-signalling would be better than having to notice every day that Republicans really didn’t like him.

In 2020, it is happening again. However, this time there is no real explanation, because Democrats never think they need to explain anything to the proles down there on Planet Earth.

I will therefore, gratis et amore Dei, attempt my bit of analysis as to the reason of this quite remarkable campaign behaviour.

Biden is in a fairly advanced state of dementia.

Biden is largely gone. He can be trained for a debate only if he is taken out of circulation for 3 or 4 days at a time, and made to sleep during the day until the debate time is morning for him. No doubt, he needs to be given massive doses of medicaments, and it is likely he will look like a zombie when he gets out of them. Therefore, you have a 2-3 days pre-event and a 2-3 days post-event where the man is out of combat. He can’t muster the final stretch of the campaign, which would make him look frail. Better take him out altogether.

Republicans have totally highjacked Democrat events.

Trump supporters are cleaning up. Independently of the Trump campaign, they use social media to gather in short-notice, joyous, spontaneous demonstrations of love for Mr Trump. Countless people on social media record them and spread the news. It is unstoppable, because it happens everywhere. It is not centralised, it’s just unavoidable. Lately, this short-notice mobilisation potential has been used to crash the party of the Democrats, with Trump supporters appearing at Democrats events in much bigger numbers than the (few, embarrassed, and probably required) Democrat presence. This is going to look so bad, it’s better to avoid it completely.

Biden has a foot permanently in his mouth

Biden is proving, even in his most lucid moments, more incompetent than ever. The “Chumps” gaffe, another outburst that has been showed around intensely, must have persuaded his handlers that the man is a walking grenade. The “Chumps” stuff, by the way, came only hours after Biden had shot his election hopes again, during the Last Debate, with a double-barrelled shotgun loaded with fracking and fossil fuels. I think people in Pennsylvania were noticing. It appears that many of them want to change their vote, too.

The laptop from hell did not go away

Biden thought, surely, that the censorship of his dealing with his son and his activities in the Ukraine, in China, and likely somewhere else (Romania is also in play) would make the problem go away fast. It didn’t, but it alienated more people from the MSM censorship. As an aside, the video circulating of his “good guy” son Hunter, which cannot be published in a Catholic blog, actually tells the tale about the family itself, and the easy way Biden can be manipulated and blackmailed. More videos coming, I am told. It is, at this point, inconceivable that Biden can keep being on the campaign trail and just ignore the issue. Keep the old guy in his basement and make him take part to some lame party events instead, just to show he is still alive.


It is difficult to deal with a candidate that does less damage when he is in hiding than when he is going around. I must give credit to Biden’s team that they have recognised this early in the campaign, and have tried to hide their candidate as much as they could with the excuse of the pandemic. Their decision to take Joe out until the election is all but an admission of defeat, and there is no lipstick that can save this particular pig.

But then again, it seems that the entire Biden family has a certain affinity with pigs.

ACB: The Tanks Are Rolling

Preparations for Election day are well underway at Trump HQ…

As I write this, the debate in the Senate before the approval of Amy Coney Barrett is underway. There is no doubt about the outcome, particularly considering that even Sen. Lisa Murkowski, always the hypocrite and opportunist, has decided that it is better to be on the side of the winners on this one, so that in two years she can boast of an appointment she did everything in her power to prevent.

This is, I think, one of the rare occasions when the Democrats have actually learned from the past. Their obscene circus in 2018 did not go well, and it likely cost them at least part of the “wave” they were (optimistically, I think) awaiting. Still, Kavanaugh’s hearing damaged them, and people remember it now.

This will be a great victory for Trump, at exactly the moment when it helps him the most. It will also be a great boost for Lindsay Graham’s reelection chances, and a deserved boost considering how Graham fought for Kavanaugh in 2018, which is one of the reasons we are now about to have an easy, but historic, victory in 2020.

Every day that goes by, there are new signals that things are going very well. This afternoon (here in the UK), we had news of excellent Republican early voting in Wisconsin, where – as I write this – Rs are even exceeding Ds in the early vote count. Boy, these Dems better hurry, because there can be no doubt on Election day the Republicans will have more votes than them.

The only enemy, now, is complacency. Which is why we should be grateful for every fake poll the MSM are putting out.

In the meantime, Trump cashes in (not in the Hunter sense) another historic victory and, by the by, solves the problem of the electoral shenanigans in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Go to vote. Pray (day two of the Novena!!). Encourage your friends, relative and colleagues to vote.

And let the tanks roll.

Democrats: The Last Ditch Will Be The Virus

I am following intensively the campaign in America, getting more data than, I am sure, the majority of the local voters.

It seems to me that things are going very well.

Not well. Very well.

Florida’s data, and the data from other States, show that Trump should be able to comfortable win all the State he won in 2016, with the possible exception of Pennsylvania. However, he is strong in New Hampshire, Maine (He visited there! I was wondering why Maine was being neglected!) and, obviously, Pennsylvania. He is also going for Nevada. I think Virginia and Colorado have been abandoned.

If the Trump voters go out to vote, this will likely be a repeat of that wonderful night in 2016.

I think the Dems know it. They know that their vote by mail campaign is not going well, at all, and they are on track for defeat on Election day. They have a candidate that is either closed in his basement, or opens his mouth and does a lot of damage (fracking, fossil fuels, stating that is a , cough, Chinese Wall between himself and the son, when he meets his business partners); they have no enthusiasm, no electricity in their campaign; and, this time, they don’t have double the money. They know they are running out of ballots, fast.

I think they will, as a last ditch attempt, play the Virus card. We will see all MSM thundering all day about an immense explosion of the virus in battleground states, hoping to scare the Election Day, elderly Republican voters to stay home, and bagging the victory as they have proportionally more people voting early and many more older people who have voted early. Be prepared for a huge wave of Virus scares, and counter that with your friends etc. who have not voted yet.

In the end, it should not have a big effect, like all the rest of their attempts at manipulating public opinion. Firstly, the game is transparent; secondly, people don’t believe the “experts” anymore; thirdly, Trump voters are exceptionally motivated and not scared by the virus.

Still, I think this is coming.

Pray (Novena for Trump is ongoing!) but be vigilant!

Meet The MAGA Sisters

Religious Sisters featured prominently just behind Donald Trump in this video.

Dressed as, actually, religious sisters; sporting MAGA masks; with crosses in their hands; they seem to be praying.

It is a very sad reflection that it is a piece of Catholic news when you have religious sisters actually dressed like religious sisters, and even expressing their support for the anti-abortion candidate.

However, the world being what it is, it is at least a bit of good news, of sort.

Pray for Trump’s victory.

The Novena starts today.

Please Join The Novena For Trump’s Victory

Reader Stéphane Mercier writes: 

Starting a novena this very weekend so that Trumps, well… trumps grandpa B. All your readers might join in and pray the novena if you suggest the idea in a post, dear M.
We all know Trump isn’t a saint, but he’s certainly the one whom the sane world NEEDS to win this election. Like in the Batman movie, “he’s not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now.”

Excellent idea, and many thanks to you, Stéphane! 

Instead of praying on our own, why not star a big common Novena?

I suggest we start on 

Sunday, 25 October  

It will end on Monday, 2 November. This is exactly the day before the election, so the timing is excellent. 

You can choose your won reflection as you please, or take them from a Catholic site of your choice. 

It’s an excellent idea and I would like to launch it now.

Please forward and spread around. 

Make Democrats Cry Again!  

The Last Debate

“This needs to end before I say that I married my daughter”


Good news for the unborn yesterday night.

Let me count the ways.

The President was Presidential

I confess: I prefer Angry Trump to Statesman Trump. I want to see the lion roar. I want to see the decrepit animal, Biden, looking for cover. I want to see the terror in his eyes as the Lion is about to put his teeth in his throat. Trump has given me both: Warrior Trump and Statesman Trump. Praise the Lord, and pass the ballot (I wish!).

Biden was waning fast

Come on, man! Biden was looking at his watch, and was more blurred towards the end, because his drugs were starting to lose their effect. Plus, he had three full days to alter his circadian rhythms and avoid sundowning. Plus, he might have known the questions beforehand (if you did that, you might be hired by Fox very soon). Still, the old and frail man was, well, old and frail. Trump was, in contrast, quite the guy you would want at the top of the Free World.

Biden fracked himself on energy

Poor Joe lives in the Seventies. In a world with tape recorders, and no Internet. He lies – like he has done his whole life: ask him how many degrees he has! – without reflecting that his lies will live for 30 minutes, top. He managed to screw himself and be seen as a shameless liar by the entire Country. The videos posted by Trump after the debates already have many millions views. He voted himself out of Pennsylvania with his own mouth. This is going to be glorious.

“Who built the cages, Joe?”

Ah, the one with the cages! Vintage Trump! Will be on TV in 30 years! Biden answered with… crickets. I’ll go out on a limb and say this: millions of people will have discovered only yesterday that the “cages” were built by Bronzefaced Bathhouse Barry Boy.

The Laptop From Hell

Trump pressed Biden on this, forcing him to make an ass of himself. You have a drug addict son, Joe, and it looks like you made a lot of money out of him, as your crack-pipe-cum-bag-man. Not looking good, Joe!

The General Impression

Experienced, proven President destroys liar, corrupt wannabe.

Pray that there is no jail for you or your son, Joe.

Ask Anthony Weiner how it ended for him.





Just A Short One

I have been undecided all day whether I should completely ignore Francis’ latest stunt, or I should excoriate him in the way he deserves on this earth (before the excoriations in hell, which will be much worse. ..)

I have, in the end, decided for a middle way. I will keep it short and sweet, and move on with my life.

This little, very possibly perverted, Church-hating, Christ-hating, Catholic-hating bastard (with my apologies to bastards; who, in the end, have done nothing wrong themselves, in strong contrast to Francis) had to find another way to make headlines after all the rest failed and he discovered he is, in his old age, ignored by everyone but a handful of professional boot-lickers. So-called “civil partnerships”, he must have thought, would do admirably.

Next on his plate, I suspect, bestiality, incest, and (you guessed it) coprophagia.

I would really not be surprised.

Die soon, Frankie boy.

Satan is eagerly awaiting.

Huntergate: Meet The Family From Hell

Hunter Biden is here seen sleeping, together with his inseparable drug (probably crack cocaine) pipe.


Rudy Giuliani just released a long-ish text message. I have it from a Youtube Trump channel containing extremely vulgar language, which I don’t want to link to here. You will soon have the text everywhere, and Giuliani has promised pictures and more material talking to Maria Bartiromo (on “Morning with Maria”) in a matter of hours.

The key parts of the text, which was sent from Hunter Biden to Joe Biden, are the following ones:

  1. “She told my therapist I was sexually inappropriate. This would be with an unnamed 14 years old girl”. “She” is the sister-in-law of Hunter Biden, of whom Hunter was the lover after Beau Biden diedWhat kind of family is this one, I wonder. So this is Hunter texting Joe that his sister-in-law and former lover told his therapist that he was sexually inappropriate with a 14 years old girl. This is not what he says. This is what she says.
  2. “And the reason why she can’t have her out to see me is because I walk around naked smoking crack talking Tom Girls(?) on Face time”. “Tom Girls”, and the question mark, is clearly Hunter misspelling “to girls”. “Face time” is clearly FaceTime, Apple’s videotelephony software. So Hunter states that he, as he himself admits,
    • talks to at least one girl (I think he questions the plural) on FaceTime
    • whilst walking around naked
    • smoking crack
    • all the time. —- Note here that Hunter does not say to “Pop” that this walking naked is something his “sister-in-law slash former lover” maintains. No. This is something he states as a fact, together with the rest.
  3. The bottom line is that I created and caused a very unsafe environment for the kids”. You don’t say, Hunter?!

Now, how serious is this? This is so serious that Mr Giuliani has now given the hard disk to the police.

This looks to me like Hunter Biden having to go down hard, with Rudy Giuliani doing all he can so that the police is actually forced to act (or is shamed, possibly with heads rolling, for not doing it) on the material, and arrests/interrogates the guy who sleeps with his widowed sister-in-law.

“Pop” is, no matter how demented, au courant about everything. He must have been the most leveraged politician on this planet for years now, as there is no possibility in this universe in which the Chinese were not aware at the very least of his son’s crack addiction and, very possibly, of the sordid details of Hunter “Anthony-Weinering” around and (if this was a secret; hey, this is a liberal family, so you never know…..) sleeping with the sister-in-law.

Trump called Hunter’s laptop “the laptop from hell”. But really, I think he is being too gentle. What is emerging is the picture of a family very closely resembling a crime syndicate, in which several members of the family (at least Joe’s son, brother, and son-in-law) all massively leverage “Pop’s” power and connection to make a quick buck (actually, millions of them) and “Pop” gets a kickback for it; all the while having to arbitrage stuff like his son sleeping with the wife of his deceased other son, his son having a crack addiction, and his son talking naked to girls on FaceTime “all the time”, “smoking crack”.

Boy, this is disquieting on so many levels, it makes the Clintons – minus the suspected arkancides – almost look like a normal family.

Stay tuned.



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