Francis Discovers Heaven Is In Permanent Revolution


If he had been born 100 years later, he could have been Pope…

Remember Trotsky’s theory of “Permanent Revolution”? Its nucleus was that any Country in which the Proletariat “triumphs” will be surrounded by baddy Capitalists States, and to avoid defeat the only way was to feed a Permanent Revolution continuously striving to export the revolution to them. 

Francis, a man evidently stuck in Marxist ideas, now tries to do pretty much the same. His idea of “Mercy Revolution” is doomed to fail, because outside of his Marxist bubble and his circle of admirers and interested adulterers Catholic just aren’t buying it. Therefore, he must export his mercy Revolution and tell us that heaven itself is in a state of constant flux. 

From FrancisPravda

“What is the Kingdom of God?  Well, perhaps the Kingdom of God is a very well-made structure, everything tidy, organization charts all done, everything and the person who does not enter (into this structure) is not in the Kingdom of God. No, the same thing can happen to the Kingdom of God as happens to the Law: unchanging, rigidity…    the Law is about moving forward, the Kingdom of God is moving forward, it is not standing still. What’s more: the Kingdom of God is re-creating itself every day.”

Er, no.

Movement equals change. Change equals imperfection. Everything that grows must one day die, everything than change can’t be perfect before and after the change. Not only is this elementary logic, this is what the Church has always taught. God’s Laws can only be as immutable as God himself. God can’t “move forward”. It is absurd to say that perfection can “re-create itself” every day and be perfect. If the law moves forward, the Gospels are 2000 years behind. This is, in fact, exact what Francis believes. 

This man is making of heaven a revolutionary project. Not only is this extremely arrogant and blasphemous. It is just plain stupid.

May God have mercy of such an idiot.

Frankly I wouldn’t bet my pint.


Polls: Reality Is Catching Up With The Lies.

Yours truly observes the reality on the ground: the absolutely massive crowds for Trump, and the huge enthusiasm they show, compared with the dismal number of activists recruited in some way by Crooked Lesbian Hitlery Clinton and that pathetic veep candidate of hers. Hitlery herself can’t even be seen around, either because of her failing health or because she hates common people, or both.

You would think Trump is on its way to a landslide.

But then you read polls giving Hitlery in front up to 12 percent, and you wonder whether the polls are wrong, or reality.

My bet is on the polls.

I have read around Gallup gave Carter some 8 points in front one week or so before the 1980 election, when Reagan galloped all over Carter with his trusted horse, twice. You see, polls could be massively wrong even when the electorate was far more predictable, and the pollsters certainly less biased than in this absolutely scandalous,obscenely Bulgarian year.

This year, most MSM and their subservient pollsters are doing exactly what John Podesta asked them to do: oversample Democrats, women, young voters and minorities and hey presto, your “it’s over” narrative it’s cooked and served. Alas, it seems to me we have to do here with a bunch of people who are either trying to curry favours with their own editors and owners, or else too stupid to realise that voters read the polls, but they don’t believe them.

Then we have the facts, and the facts are already starting to tell a different tale: Florida early voting numbers per 10/25 already indicate that some 0.5% registered Republicans more than registered Democrats have used either the postal or the early vote option. This would be very good news in itself, but it’s even better if you consider the following:

Polls have consistently indicated that Trump is getting more votes from registered Democrats than Hitlery from effeminate RINOs. Therefore, you must increase the lead.

Trump is generally believed to get more votes among Independents. Add here another percentage point or two, at the least.

Democrats have traditionally used early vote as a way to mobilise their otherwise “too lazy to move my fat ass” electorate. It is not working this year. Watch Trump’s advantage increase at the end of the ballot period, as more Whites and more Independents go to the polls.

It seems a common observation that not only less Blacks are voting, but less of them are voting Democrat. Even the vastly oversampled, biased polls of the likes of Bloomberg cannot avoid telling the tale: Blacks will be voting for Hitlery in their Sixties or Seventies percent; she need at the very least Ninety plus to have a hope, and she is still in trouble because it will be 90% of less than it used to be in the times of the Gay Mulatto. Is it not reasonable to assume that among the very registered Democrats who vote in Florida and elsewhere there will be a number of people who have voted Trump, but prefer not to say it because of their prevalently Democratic environment?

However you put it, though – and it’s admittedly early days – the Florida figures already show a vastly different reality than the done Hitlery deal spread by the worst pollsters only one week ago. The figures show a vast alignment to somewhere between a tight race with perceivable Trump advantage and a possible Trump landslide. Good luck motivating to vote your fat ass handout recipients in the last days, Hitlery.

I am now guessing that predictions of a “tight race” will become more common in the next days. No pollster, no matter how much sold out to Hitlery, wants to be caught with his trousers full of Obama when Election Day comes. They will have to adjust their polls to the reality on the ground, or face loss of business next time.

Reality is catching up with the lies, fast.


Be Vigilant, And Prefer A Paper Ballot

News from Texas reaches us that in several cases, the electronic voting machine switched the vote to Clinton after the voter had chosen Trump. I can't imagine that these are isolated cases. Therefore, I invite all my readers to

pay attention that the machine confirms Trump before the vote confirmation,

Spread the word about the possibility of fraud and let all their friend and acquaintances know about it,


Ask for a paper ballot whenever possible.

I am, as all my readers know, no friend of conspiracy theories; but in the US the tradition of vote fraud has been constant – if probably never decisive – for many decades, and this is not the time to be relaxed about it.

I want to hope that there are robust safeguards in place for what happens after your electronic vote was given (and it is fairly easy to have them with a paper ballot), but there can be no doubt that if your machine releases a Clinton vote for a Trump one that vote will go to Hitlery, full stop.

Be very vigilant. Warn everyone. Defend the democratic institutions of your Country for what is in your power.

And pray.

And then pray more.





How To Read The Polls

The MSM are shouting so loud one would think they are panicking.

Absurd, totally unrealistic advantages for Clinton of between 9 and 16 points clearly show how far away from reality – and how openly sold to Hitlery – these people have become.

The narrative – a very dangerous one, if you ask me – is to have the MSM declare Hitlery’s victory, thus discouraging Trump voters. This is what the Hitlery campaign planned all along.  

It is a very dangerous game. The way I understood the last months, Trump voters are the very last people who stay home because they know they are going to lose. Actually, knowing they are going to lose will motivate them to vote even more.

Granted, Trump certainly has – like Clinton – a number of tepid supporters; but in my estimation tepidity is far more spread in the Hitlery camp. Security of victory may well demotivate more than fear of defeat.

Is, therefore, this strategy really smart? These are people who can’t rally around Hitlery more than a couple of hundred rabid activists whilst Trump must send back supporters thousands at a time! If you already have an “enthusiasm gap”, is it wise to widen it?

Mind, I am not saying that Trump will win, much less in a landslide. Whilst it may still happen, the reality on the ground appears to be that this is close. It is a newly born movement of true patriots, against the ever growing mass of people who simply have to profit financially – or think they have to profit financially – from voting Hitlery: minorities, unemployed, low-income Starbucks graduates, stupid men afraid to think like men, stupid women voting with their vaginas, and an undetermined mass of brainwashed mediocre intellects posting platitudes on their Facebook wall in order to feel profound.

It is, probably, very close, and our chances are not bad. But this requires a total effort of mobilisation to the very end.

This is how you should read the polls. The Democrats and their lackey of the press are playing a very obvious, very dangerous game of declared victory. It may well backfire. But as it is now, the most reasonable assumption is that this is very close.

Your vote, and your help in getting the vote out, are extremely important.


The Predestination Reblog

The Predestination Reblog


There You Go Again

Pope Francis has made another show of impiety, arrogance and utter stupidity , and at times I don’t know whether I should comment on this or just ignore the old git, as the rest of the planet (minus Soros operatives) is clearly doing.

What strikes you in Francis’ malevolent words is not only the monotonous insisting on his favourite issue (“Catholics are Pharisees, I side with the adulterers”), but the stunning stupidity of first saying “who am I to judge” referred to evil behaviour and then go on for years insulting the proper one.

At this point I do not know whether he thinks that, by insisting on this rubbish for years, he will persuade more people. Rather, I think this is just a man with a very weak intellect and not many ideas – all of them wrong – inside it, so that to him repeating them again and again is a way to appear smart. Do you remember those old peasants, who were there in every village, going on and on and on about those two or three peeves of them? Francis is exactly like them, with the addition of microphones and subservient journalists.

The good of all this – if we really want to start such an exercise – is that at this point the Pollyannas, no matter how stupid, are rapidly marching towards extinction. Anyone who, at this point, agrees with a Pope who has done nothing but insult Catholics for years clearly has a problem with Catholicism.

In normal circumstances I would say that one must patiently wait that the Lord sends this man to his judgment and pray that the next one will be at least a Catholic. But the circumstances are not normal. I am very much afraid that Francis will be succeeded on the Throne of Peter by Francis II Schoenborn, Francis III Cupich and Francis IV Tagle. We must be strong and prepare ourselves for this kind of madness for as long as the Lord has given us to live; ready to be very pleasantly surprised if this scourge were to go to an end in our lifetime, but equipped for whatever punishment we may have to endure.  

Imagine a world with Hillary as President and Francis as Pope. Basically, a full-scale satanic attack on everything that is holy.

When we have no one to turn to we turn to Christ, and implore the Blessed Virgin that she may intercede for us and obtain the end of this mess.

There is, in the end, some good in having an old git as Pope.


Yesterday’s Polls

It is revealing that in the middle if this electoral campaign, when polls are attentively followed and part of the political controversy, no one tells you an elementary truth: that even when the polls are done honestly, they become less and less reliable as the electorate becomes more and more unpredictable. Plus, the pollsters are reluctant in telling you today how utterly useless their polls of yesterday were.

Remember the Primary season? Every poll gave Trump as absolutely trounced by Crooked Dyke Hitlery Clinton for as long as Ted “Judas” Cruz was part of the race. As soon as Trump became the real, official alternative to Clinton, things began to change fast.

Every sound thinking person could have told you that this would happen, but the polls actually never did. It was mere sound reasoning, denied by the polls and confirmed by reality.

But the issue is a far more general one. The British electorate gives the Tories a stunning victory in 2015, a victory no one has seen coming in this way. Even more relevantly, the epochal meltdown of the LibFags was completely unexpected. All that polling showed a total inability to see even some vague trace of the earthquake that was preparing.

Then there is the Brexit saga. A pollster working for the Tories had given a last projection indicating “Remain” 10 (ten) points ahead. Cameron was told it might be better to go to bed early in order to be fresh and rosy the following morning when announcing his great victory to the breakfasting nation. We know how that went.

Does anyone remind you of that? Can we see, now, all the much-publicised polls giving Trump as a hopeless loser against Hitlery? What were they for, if not for demoralising the Trump followers and inducing them to pick another horse?

You know what? People don't care for polls anymore. They can follow them passionately as game, as entertainment. But they don't base their decision on what the polls say. The Trump followers will not stay at home even if every poll were to give Trump ten points behind. The Clinton followers are difficult to mobilise as it is, and this will be made only slightly more difficult if the polls give her three or more points ahead.

Reality will simply catch up with the polls, and very possibly show once again how unreliable they have become.

Particularly so, when they have political bias built in as a feature.



A Poisoned Devil Sits On The Throne Of Peter: Some Not-So-Shocking News For The Occasional Reader

In the days approaching the Big Fat Heresy Fest, Pope Francis has thought it appropriate to let us know once again what tool of Satan he is.

LifeSiteNews reports that, speaking to a group of heretics very possibly bent for hell, he has told them that Proselitysm is “poison”. What a dastardly tool of Satan this cretin is.

This is obviously not new, and in fact it is difficult to think at this point what heresies can this man spit out of his filthy mouth that he has not spitted already. However, it is fitting for us to warn the less intelligent and very badly instructed faithful – the smart and well-instructed ones obviously need no warning – of what a tool of Satan this old, lewd man is.

O you, occasional reader who has stumbled on this site by some fortuitous circumstance, know this: the Pope sitting on the throne of Peter is a shameless heretic, a lewd enabler of trannies and other perverts, a hater of sanctity and purity, an enemy of the Church, possibly a homosexual, and certainly a man of limited intellect and boundless arrogance.

Yes, it is possible that a heretic sits on the Throne of Peter. It has happened in the past, it will happen in the future. Yes, it does not mean that Truth can change, as in fact it did not change in the time of Honorius and Liberius, of Formosus or of John XXII. Yes, it means that you – you, my dear occasional reader – have the duty to inform yourself about your faith and follow it rather than blindly follow the new religion of Francis, which would be blasphemous Papolatry without a shred of Catholicism in it.

God will free us from this scourge at the time His Mercy has appointed for it. It might well be that this punishment goes on for many decades. But you, my dear reader, you will follow the truth today, tomorrow, forever; safe in the knowledge that no one can touch what has been transmitted to us.

The only effect a heretical Pope can have is to lead with him to hell souls of whom the Lord, in His Justice, has decreed that they have merited hell anyway. Not one soul, not a single one will the dastardly heretical Pope be able to prevent from attaining Salvation, of whom the Lord has decreed that it will be saved. Francis is no thief of good souls; he is no more than a huge rubbish collection truck, meant for the unloading of a huge load of filth in Satan's eternal furnace.

I pray, and so must you, that the Lord in His Mercy will call us with the blessed, allowing us the grace of final repentance that we would never, ever be able to merit on our own. But we must collaborate with His Mercy, and in this way do His work as much as it is in our power.

There is nothing so shockingly extraordinary in the events of these years. Nothing, I mean, more extraordinary than V II was, in fact, an extraordinary act of arrogance and outright revolt. It is that extraordinary rebellion that now brings us its extraordinarily poisoned fruit. We look at 2016 in the historical perspective of the last 60 years and suddenly Francis makes a lot of sense, and becomes as logical as the indigestion after the gluttonous meal, as the big headache after the big drinking.

Stop one moment, dear reader, and reflect. We reap what we sow. It is an unchangeable, Divine law that it must be so.

Let the scale of the headache be the indication of the scale of the drunkenness.




All Hail The Don: Mundabor’s Guide To The Third Debate



1) Trump has clearly won. From what I have seen his best performance, too. On the attack, but poised. Measured but focused. Presidential.

2) Trump is absolutely right in refusing to write a blank cheque to the Democrats, no matter the extent of the electoral fraud. Let the Country know that he is no Romney, and things will be monitored, as far as possible, closely. Also, let the fraudulent Democrats know they will be aggressively pursued and exposed., and will risk jail. It motivates a lot even among Democrats.

3) The MSM are, predictably, going bonkers with Trump's above mentioned refusal. Let them. The more hysteric they become, the more this will expose them.

4) The MSM hysteria is not working as much as the powers that be hoped it would. After two weeks of Trump hysteria, as the MSM routinely ignore – or substantially ignore – the daily revelations against the Clintons' Evil Machine (and her personal sexual perversion!), Drudge has two interesting links: one shows TIPP gives Trump in front, the other that they were the most accurate in 2012. This, after two weeks of purest Trumpphobia. Imagine where Trump would be now if the MSM had not been so obscenely biased.

5) Trump makes mistakes. But he learns from them fast, and reacts brilliantly and resolutely. After the first debate we had a clear improvement in the second, and another one in the third. This is a very smart guy, and one that can improve with the time. Presidential material. I wish he had more humility.

6) Let the effeminate journalist scream as much as they want. Let the idiot at “Fox” blather that Trump alienated women by calling Crooked Hillary “nasty woman”. It's so transparent it's embarrassing. A lot of people resolutely refuse to believe this rubbish.

7) Let the polls (the bed ones) scream Hillary's “advantage”. The “remain” camp was given as victorious in June by pretty much everyone. It surely helped “Leave” to win. For every tepid Trump supporter that stays home because they think Trump has lost, two Dems might be glad to stay home and avoid voting for a woman they despise.

8) The Cross does not advance only through the work of saints. It also advances through the work of sinners. Constantine wasn't a terribly nice guy. All those rulers who converted themselves and their tribe to Christianity in England and elsewhere did not become ascetic living saints because of it. God also uses sinners to fulfil His own plans.

9) Pray. Pray and do penance. Then pray some more.




Meet A Feminist

Usual libtard feminist posts the usual crap in my comment box. She insults me in various ways. Then, during the day, she writes several other comments demanding that I publish her comments. I see this morning the original insults, and the following ones. 

These people are stupid beyond belief. More to the point, they are so in love with themselves that they expect their defecation to be published, because… why, actually?

And not even some patience. No. They must see their excrement published.. now! 

“Feminist” is the superlative of “Stupid”.

It’s sad to say so, but there is some collateral advantage in them aborting themselves at such pace. 




Pray That Trump May Win


Please, Lord….


I read around that we should pray that the candidate wins, whose chances of salvation are improved by his victory. I disagree. 

Every soul is infinitely important, but what is at stake here is a bit more than the souls of the two candidates. Not only 330 million souls will be, one way or the other, impacted by the results of this election; but also countless others, from Western Europe – always influenced by the events the other side of the Ocean – to many poor African Countries whose anti-Christian bullying will continue unabated.

May Trump, and even Crooked Dyke, save their soul. I wish them well. But their own ultimate destiny – which is, by the way, already decreed in heaven – is not the matter here.

It would be better that Trump wins even if the man will end up in a very deep pit in hell because of unrepented sins. It would be better that Clinton loses even if she were, in hypothesis, to see the light and die at peace with the Lord before she dies.

Clinton is an epochal threat for the Christian West. She is a bomb under the chair of Christian Civilisation. Compared to this, her ultimate destiny pales into insignificance.

Trump is, perhaps, the last hope to ever revert the course of the XXI Century and go back to sanity at least in part. He will be forced to promote Christian values by simple, elementary political interest. How many women he will “grab by the Ryan” has no bearing on this. 

Let us not lose sight for what is at stake here. It’s much more than a freaking dyke. 

Pray that Trump may win. Pray every day, as intensely as you can. Do penance. Pray more. 

And if you get a bad night, full of dreams that Trump has lost (as just happened to me) order this book,  and vow to keep fighting until the Lord in His goodness releases us from this vale of tears.




Hidden Dykes



Drunk Dyke




After Yoko Ono’s revelation that the two had a bitch-to-bitch fling,  and we therefore officially have a Dyke as a candidate to the Presidency, we must now reflect about Hillary’s well’known admiration for Adolf Hitler; no, wait, I mean the petticoat version, Margaret Sanger. 

It seems to me that, in many of those people who relentlessly hate Christian values, the motivation for their hate is to be found in hidden, deeply disturbing tendencies.

The “progressive” priest or bishop, the “open-minded” politician, down to the many oh so “tolerant” commenters on blogs and fora all have the same trait: they are perverts, but they don’t tell you. And this perversion colours, dominates their entire existence; because they are put instead of the fundamental choice of deciding whether they are intrinsically bad, or Christianity is.

One can’t be – no matter what they say – a Lesbian on the side; every Dyke must know that her tendency is something big going on in her life; something that puts her head-on against the Church.  

Look at Crooked Dyke, then. She has been a Lesbian her entire life. It is, therefore, obvious to every thinking person that a life of pro-abortion, Nazi-like propaganda was simply the product of a deeply disturbed personality. 

You are a dyke. Therefore, you hate Christianity. Therefore, you hate the patriarchal society Christianity so strongly defends. Therefore, you support the killing of babies as a way of “empowering” women and extol the Nazi “virtues” of Margaret Sanger. But at the end of all this, the fundamental premise remains: that you do all this because you are a dyke.

Alas, these politicians, priests, bishops and commenters never tell you this, until they get outed of ones forces them to come out (a politician can lie to her tomb, but your garden variety commenter will find it far more difficult to deny, once repeatedly challenged, what he thinks such a defining part of himself).

And there we have it. I wonder how many closeted fags and dykes influence our political and religious discourse under the disguise of being “social”, “caring” or otherwise “progressive”. I talk here not only of Clinton, but of people like “Tucho” Fernandez, Father “I will sue you” Rosica, Cardinal Schoenborn, or Francis himself. How many of them are hidden dykes? How many of them are secret queens? 

Never trust anyone who tells you something blatantly against common decency and Christian morality. Whenever you hear such a one, ask him in his face if he is a homo. His facial expression might tell you everything you need to know about his argument.




Meet Hillary, The Dyke Candidate


Lyrics: “Imagine there’s no White House/ It isn’t hard to do…”


After the First Gay Mulatto, the United States might have the First Dyke

Not sure if she would fully qualify as “First Woman President”. We would have to ask some good priest.  

It is very telling that the young dyke felt attracted to, of all people, the Very Epitome Of The Great Bitch. If you asked around which woman in the US is more hateful than Hillary, I bet a lot of people would answer “Yoko Ono” without hesitation.

Now, let us look at the implications of this:

Trump may be a tad on the bragging, testosterone-laden side. But his weakness goes with nature.

Hillary is more than a tad on the bitchy side. And her bitchiness is clearly against nature.

What is worse? A man producing himself in some locker room braggadocio, or a Dyke at the White House?

Still, do you think this will damage Crooked Dyke much? I doubt it. People who tell themselves “Christian” and are willing to overlook one million babies killed in the womb every year will certainly not change their mind because the Crooked Bitch is also a dyke. That’s the kind of  “Christians” they are. As for the liberals, being a pervert isn’t a problem for them, so they will profit to feel good with themselves again. 

I hope Trump pounds on this, though, very hard. It may take some black vote out of the Crooked Witch. Apparently, they are starting to discover Hillary does not care a straw for them anyway. 




Scary Thoughts

I consider Rasmussen one of the very few polling agencies one can trust. Therefore, the events of the last week scared me not a little.

Rasmussen had Trump in front a couple of points before the “Pussy” tape. After the outrage of the weekend, Trump plunged up to seven points behind (they interview one third of the sample a day: therefore, it will need three days before a certain event is completely reflected in the polls). Trump rapidly recovered to only four point behind, then three. Today he is in front again.

What does this tell us? That even among the well-selected sample of Rasmussen, the combination of emotional news (He has said “pussy”! How lewd! My sons would never do that!”) and relentless MSM barrage (“this is the end then; he should retire his candidacy! He is finished! Finished, I tell you!”) had the effect of producing a big swing over a short period.

This is the scary part: some 8% or 9% of likely voters at least declare that they can be swayed the other way by something as irrelevantly stupid as what Trump says when he talks with his buddies in a relaxed, testosterone-laden atmosphere.

No, sorry.

Add “eleven years ago”.

It boggles the mind that the destinies of the First Power are so easily swayed. Particularly when you think how massive the amplifying effect of the MSM can be in the short term. A stupid event like the video has gone around the planet in hours. The daily revelations about the evil inclination of close Clinton collaborators – very much representative of her own mindset – struggle to take traction, as the MSM downplay the many accusation moved to Crooked Hillary and Consort.

One has to be really afraid that the MSM will profit from every “revelation” (“Trump stole a child's ice cream in 1977! I saw him myself!!!”) to get into full hysteria mode just two days before the elections. In two or three days – and without an extremely good debate performance to counter the negative effect – how can this move I do not say 8% or 9% (no: what people say to pollster is one thing, hiw they vote a different matter) but perhaps half or even one third of those figures? How scary is that?

I am encouraged by the fact that these kind of “revelations” tend to make less impression when repeated, and new tapes might be discounted, perhaps even ignored.

But the thought is scary nevertheless.


If You Vote Clinton, You Are An Enemy Of Christ

Please spread this everywhere.

Do not allow those fake Catholics to lie to themselves (and to you) any longer.

This is not the bigotry of an individual, important to the Clinton campaign as she may be. This is the very mentality that informs all actions of Crooked Hillary.

Crooked Hillary has openly stated she would appoint a Supreme Court Justice that perpetuates abortion and sexual perversion. She said so openly. No Catholic, no Christian has any excuse.

This is way more than anti-Catholic bigotry. This is enmity with Christ.

Can’t imagine a situation in which the vote for such a vocal, open opponent of all that is virtuous cannot be a mortal sin.


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