This Is How An Atheist SJW Pope Speaks

The Evil Clown has vomited another one of his tofu statements about sport as a way to promote peace and social justice.

You notice here the workings of the mind of a commie atheist.

Firstly, there is this idea that only the world below counts. A man who is at the head of the greatest religion on earth opens his lewd mouth almost exclusively to blather about peace, social justice, equality and the other idols of the godless social justice warriors like himself. On the rare occasions when the man happens to mention heaven and hell, it is also to promote his commie values: blessed are those who proclaim forced redistribution, building walls in unchristian, and the like.

Secondly, there is the idea that, here below, only political ideas count and everything is subordinated to it. Sport as entertainment isn’t good enough. No, sport must be subordinated to and made an instrument of the same rubbish he goes around talking without pause; because, being an atheist commie, this is the only reality the man cares about, obviously from the comfort of his entire hotel floor.

This is how an atheist SJW Pope speaks. It is as clear as the sun, for everyone to see.

Boy, this man is rubbish. Utter, undiluted, unashamed, first-class, 100% rubbish.

I hope even those V II Cardinals who aren’t hostages of the homo mafia can see it. I wonder, though, how many they are.



God Bless Vladimir Putin

One of the ways in which the modern world tends to corrupt the mind is the unquestioning acceptance of universally accepted worldly values above all else. The most evident example of this is Democracy.

A Democracy that encourages abortion and not only tolerates but celebrates perversion is betraying God. An autocracy that cares for the preservation and transmission of Christian values is serving Him. Let this sink in.

The modern fashion of Russia-bashing is not serving God. Vladimir Putin, who has transformed one of the most atheist Countries on earth in one of the most solidly Christian – and be they Orthodox ones; you can’t always get everything in life – is a modern Constantine. The work is not completed yet- this is a prudent guy, and he will wait for the right time to act on, say, abortion -, but no one can say the man has not made a huge effort, at not indifferent risk for his power in the initial stages.

Russia is a solid ally of every Christian in the West. In all the things that really count for Salvation (and I am sorry to shock you, but Democracy is not among those) Putin has been delivering excellence for going to twenty years. In the West we should thank God for this man, rather than whine because Russia is culturally and traditionally different from Western Democracies.

Vladimir Putin has done so much for Christianity, that it is no surprise the self-righteous, worldly MSMs condemn him every second. He is an existential threats to the likes of CNN or the BBC. They recoil in terror in front of unashamedly Christian Countries like the devil from the holy water.

Russia is our friend, not our enemy. May God bless and protect Vladimir Putin, and allow him to be an important driver of Christian renaissance all over Russia and Eastern Europe for many years to come.

Who knows, perhaps even the one or the other in the West will convert from the cult of Democracy to the religion of Christianity because of him.


At Least This

The Football World Cup has just ended and, if you like the French, you will be happy.

Two little observations prompt themselves at the end of the games.

The first: every player stands when the National Anthem plays. No one, and I mean no one, “took a knee”. Yes, this bunch of tattoed, secular players do the decent thing and honour their flag. All of them, with no exception. It is actually moving to see some of them singing their anthem with all they have, even if they are tragically out of tune. You cringe and smile at the same time.

The second: the number of players crossing themselves when getting in and out of the field, or after a goal, is now so high I wonder how long it will be before FIFA tries to ban it. This is, to this extent, a fairly recent phenomenon. I am quite sure 20 years ago there was nothing like that, at least not to this extent. Yes, this bunch of tattoed, secular players direct their thoughts up above, and show it not only for everyone in the stadium to see, but very clearly when they know the camera is on them.

Superstition? For the one or other, maybe; but… so many? Besides, superstition normally expresses itself in other ways, the most famous of which is universally known in Italy and is, emphatically, not the sign of the Cross.

There isn’t much of Christianity remained in the Old Continent, which, once again, dominated the games. When one sees small signs of decency and religious feelings, one cannot but notice.

At least this is clear : there is only so much bad Popes can do to destroy the Faith, because God seeds it in the hearts of men: and even tattoed, worldly people get a feeling of it.


The New SSPX Is The Old SSPX

I never thought that Bishop Fellay ever planned to betray the SSPX in the way in which Theresa May is trying to castrate Brexit. I am also aware that an organisation like the SSPX cannot and will not react to the antics of Francis in the way we blogger (should) do. Therefore, I cannot say that the election of Father Davide Pagliarani as the new Superior General lifts a weight out of my worried soul.

However, it is logical that the new Superior General and his known stance on the talks with Francis make the danger of the SSPX being someway duped into delivering themselves in the hands of the Vatican even more remote. If anything, it will avoid the couple of, if you allow me, “wtf moments” like the ones I have experienced in the past years before full details emerge.

A little less conversation, as Elvis would say, is good in the current climate. One also hopes that the SSPX will become more aggressive in the denunciation of Francis’ various mistakes, frauds and lies; but again, I think it is the voice of the people, not the voice of the priests, that should be most brutal.

I welcome the development. It seems to me that this here is another little “Salvini moment”: the emerging on the scene of a well spoken, tough Italian determined to do it right.

But the priority now, my daily thought is not the relationship between the SSPX and the Evil Clown. It is the confirmation of Mr Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. That might change the course of history way more than the election of an Evil Clown.


Tattooes are Grave Matter

Tattooes are Grave Matter because they are a sullying and permanent disfiguration of your own body. This is what all generations before The Age Of Madness have believed.

People say to me that it is not in the catechism. This is not relevant. The catechism of JP II is bad, and before that age such a matter was too obvious to even consider.

Twenty Centuries of Christian civilisation have equated tattooes with the savages. Even when I was a child, only seamen (and pirates) were known to have tattoes, and they were the scum of the earth, linked with the dirtiest places, prostitution, dirt of all sorts.

As children, we were taught that tattooed people go to hell, as a matter of course. Hence, no adult was tattooed.

When the crisps packs had water tattooes for children to “play pirates”, we were given them very reluctantly and only after repetition that tattooed people to go hell. I did it once, I was certainly not yet seven years old, actually five or six. I felt so dirty that I washed it away after a few minutes of discomfort and never did it again.

To me the shocking thing is that people actually ask. It means that this obvious aspect of Catholic – nay, Christian – culture has gone so much down the drain that it is now altogether forgotten.

Common sense alone should tell you that the absence of tattooes in our Christian civilisation is indictment enough. But there are links and sources on this blog and elsewhere for those who absolutely need them. If anyone can be bothered to search and post I am grateful, but allow me to say that I can’t be bothered to make a search that confirms the most banal and obvious sensus catholicus .


Upside Down

It is funny, in a tragic sort of way, to think of the paradoxes of our time.

We are living an age in which the entire civil society all over Western Europe is, confusedly but still noticeably, starting to pay attention to its Christian heritage even as the Pope and the Vatican try to Islamise the European Continent.

We are witnessing an aggressive push to counter abortion in the US, and possibly get rid of it altogether, even as the sitting Pope tells us not to obsess about abortion.

We are witnessing a Pope calling unchristian what Christians of all ages have done – building walls to defend their boundaries and control entry – even as he lives surrounded by walls bearing the name of a Pope.

We live in an age of absurdity, in which the Holy Church is now disfigured, though obviously not destroyed by sixty years of sodomy and appeasement, and reduced to the biggest planetary force for Socialism, even as countries like Veneuela are ravaged by the same stupidity propagated by the Pope, for everyone to see.

The irony is in this: that the strong Church of the past could change the course of history, start Crusades, stop the Ottomans, shape the West; whilst the homo church of today barely manages to keep her sodopredator cardinals out of jail, and actually only achieves the result of getting people to go against her newly found socialist and environmental ideology.

The sodomites inside the Church push her towards a secular, worldly understanding of life. But the world rejects her. Actually, it slowly moves in the opposite direction, towards those very values she does not protect or even condemns: defence of life in the US, defence of Christian heritage in Europe.

What tragic, utter failure. But what glorious, small ray of hope we see coming from the US and from parts of Europe, firmly decided to March in the opposite direction of a Pope they can, and rightly so, only despise.

In an upside down world, many are learning to stand for decency on their own foot; slowly and confusedly for sure, but without even the help of those who should help them most.

Pray for the recovery of sanity within the Church. When we have that, we will be unstoppable.



Cardinal McCarrick Well Deserves The “Spirit Of Francis Award”


This is, in fact, no irony at all. 

Cardinal McCarrick, a decade-long homosexual predator, truly deserves the “Spirit of Pope Francis award” given to him by no other than Cardinal Cupich.  

McCarrick did what many of these these homo scoundrels do: they go among the poor, spreading money and favours and, in the meantime, looking for uneducated, very poor victims too hungry or too afraid to speak. This is the method of the curas villeros, the priest plunging (I should say: disappearing) into the Argentinian slums in search of easy prey, who so well epitomise this dirty papacy smelling of… shit.  

If you have not understood by now that Cupich had to know about the allegations against McCarrick and the payments made to shush his accusers, and that he is clearly part and parcel, and immersed up to his neck, in this system of either homosexual conduct or, at least, homosexual blackmail, you have not been playing attention. How could, otherwise, a newly-minted Cardinal have been do dumb to link his name to a man the Cardinal had to know was unofficially radioactive?  

I suspect of homosexuality every priest, Bishop or Cardinal who puts social work at the centre of his “pastoral” activity, and so should you. They do this, certainly, in order to create a diversion from their loss of faith and from their betrayal of the Church, earning th eeasy applause of the world and ready-made career opportunities; but more often than not, they do this in order to find prey among the “dispossessed”.

McCorrick actually was even happy (and dumb enough, in retrospect) to assault his own seminarians instead of going lookin gin the “peripheries”; but this only shows what a scoundrel he is, not that the method does not work, or that he has himself not used it.    

Congratulations, Cardinal McCorrick. You truly are an extremely worthy recipient of the “Spirit of Francis” award. 

Congratulations, Cardinal Cupich. You are one of the standard bearers of the Church in which the likes of McCorrick thrives for decades, honouring and enabling them and those like them. 

We should talk about this “Spirit of Francis award” more.

It is clear that, at the moment, it is all the rage. 

Trump Train: Meet The Kavanaugh Express

You wouldn’t want to be Chuck Schumer right now. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be Chuck Schumer ever, but particularly now.

Let us play the scenarios here.

1. Schumer launches a savage fight against Kavanaugh, and manages to block his appointment. This enrages the MAGA people, and he wakes up after the Mid-Term with three or five Senators lost. After which, Trump proceeds to box in either Kavanaugh himself, or someone else more conservative than him. Plus, the increased majority puts Trump in an excellent position if RBG or Breyer die or resign in the next two years.

2. Schumer launches a savage fight against Kavanaugh, and loses it. He probably still loses several Senators in November, and he shows that he cannot stop Trump’s appointments anyway. The Dems zealots lead to more #walkaway.

3. Schumer decides not to play hardball on Kavanaugh, who gets appointed without savage fight. He limits the loss of senators in November, but he only manages defeat. The activists on his grassroots drift more and more into socialist positions.

4. Schumer decides to put on a fake fight and achieve that Kavanaugh is confirmed within, say, August. He tries to keep the Supreme Court as far away from November as possible, then plays his cards on other leftist issues that are not linked to abortion or second amendment. Thus, he keeps his endangered Senators as far away from the line of fire as he can; but this comes at the price of waving a big white flag.

I do not see any other scenarios, and think the first two the most probable. If any of them come to pass , we will com out of the battle stronger. In fact, 54 or even 55 Republican senators will make the death of Roe vs Wade more probable in time.

Join me in wishing RBG (age), Sotomayor (diabetes) and Breyer (age) a long and happy retirement and, hopefully, conversion.

But honestly, this Trump train is now running at full speed and it won’t be easy to stop it.

Flip Flops And No End

Once again, It’s summer. And once again, I am confronted with the usual mess on a Novus Ordo Mass near you.

Adult men in shorts. Tattooes galore for everyone to see. And the flip-flops, the flip-flops!

Entire families, mother, father and children, all walking around the church in flip-flops. It’s like being at the beach, plus the tabernacle.

It confirms what I have thought for a while now: even a lot of churchgoers nowadays see the church not as a sacred, but purely as a social space. Worse than that: a casual social space, then they would certainly not visit the Queen or the Prime Minister in flip-flops, tattooes well in sight, and shorts. And may I remind you that the Church bans tattooes, and it is a mortal sin to wilfully get one in the knowledge of this prohibition.

The crisis of the Church is a crisis of Catholic thinking at all levels , not merely an issue of perverted Cardinals. It is the poisonous fruit of priests who, in the Seventies, demolished the sense of the Sacred even if they were, on the whole, probably more Catholic than many priests of today. It is, also, the result of the refusal to recognise that 24 years of papacy of JP II have allowed the existing infection to become gangrene.

When sanity comes back, the sacredness of the church space because of the sacredness of the tabernacle it contains should be put front and centre. It all starts knowing where you are and why.


“Merciless Indian Savages”: Why Facebook Must Be Broken Up

nazi facebook

We had in the last few days another example of the way Facebook tries to control everything you say and, in time and unavoidably, the way you think. 

Facebook’s apology for censoring the Declaration of Independence as hate speech does not make the problem go away.

In fact, it makes it worse. 

If Facebook had stated that the censorship was due to a pot-smoking, White-hating, “Native American” (means “redskin” to you and me) SJW who has already been fired, this would have been scary indeed, but still in the realm of human error. But this is not what Facebook says. 

The censorphip was automatic, software-driven, they say in their apology. Most probably, though they don’t say it in order to have their mistake more mercilessly exposed, because of Jefferson’s reference to “merciless Indian Savages”. This means that in that huge, sanitised leftist kindergarten called Facebook you can’t express a perfectly innocuous – and historically very accurate – opinion without your entire paragraph being removed by Big Libtard Brother. 

Facebook has not said that they will put an end to computerised censorship. They are obviously very happy with what they are doing. After being caught, they are simply explaining the embarrassment with the fact that hey, they censor you automatically, at times something is bound to go wrong.     

If “Indian Savages” is a non-word, non meriting existence in the Satanic Kingdom of Facebook, what next? Faggot? Abortionist? Sodomite? Trannie? Gun-grabber? MAGA?

It’s an easy game, you see. Everything I don’t like is “hate speech”, because that pathetic circus freak formerly known as Bruce Jenner might, say, commit suicide if you call him “pathetic circus freak formerly known as Bruce Jenner”.

Facebook must be broken up. not only because of their immense power, but also because of the brazenness with which they abuse it. Publicly, insistently so, and defending the abuse even as they are caught with it. 

Enough with these media monsters.

Break them up, Mr President. 

Make freedom of speech great again. 




Speak Like Francis, Fail Like Francis


“Cats” part way too little…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, for those who don’t know, a thinly veiled hard socialist with a clear Commie hue who caused a roar last week by defeating – in a notoriously shitty congressional district – a senior Democrat Congressman, Joseph Crawley, for the Democratic primary.  Therefore, she all but assured her victory in November, as the shitty Congressional District is, I am told, 70% “minority”, with racist whining and the promise of free handouts very high on the popularity chart. 

Since then, a sort of leftist hysteria has been developing, with headlines like this one.  In fact, it appears that this young woman, who was a bartender until some six or seven months ago, should even scare the Republicans. 

Don’t make me laugh. Actually, every Republican should wish that the woman receives a maximum of attention from the MSM, and becomes the object of another cult of the “feeling the Alexandria” like, not long ago, they were feeling the Bern. 

The Sixties have gone. Showing young idiots on TV does not persuade the uneducated older generation that the young are the future and they themselves backwards. It persuades them – and, in fact, many young voters 18-25 years old – that these idiots must be stopped, and mobilises sane conservative (or just, sane) people to the ballot box. This woman is so left, she is basically right there with Maduro and the Pope.

Like the Pope, she tries to give Catholic credentials to her inane drivel. And like the Pope, she will fail miserably, as her hypocrisy, ignorance and total lack of shame is exposed by everyone who, once, read three paragraphs of any Catechism. She will, in fact, not even have the benefit of being Pope; though I would like to ask her whether she thinks that a woman should be able to become that, too. 

We must wish that this clown in petticoat receives as much attention as possible. She is a fearful weapon in our hands. We wish her a great victory in November and a high degree of publicity before and after that day. 

I so wish Francis would receive her at the Vatican with some excuse or other. It would do a lot to mobilise Catholics against her. 

A toxic Pope, who managed to actually make Trump more popular by criticising his wall, deserves the company of a toxic feminazi in favour of abortion, sexual perversion and massive wealth redistribution. 

Come on, Francis.

Feel the B….itch! 






Supreme Court Appointment: Trump Will Play It Smart


Dear, dear President Trump is going to play it smart.

“Er, no, we are not going to talk about Roe vs Wade. I want a conservative, you see. A solid Originalist”. If the readers of Canon 212 are lucky, actually a solid Catholic.

But no, let us not talk about Roe vs Wade, you see. Established jurisprudence, you understand. “Law of the Land” and all that. 

Trump will keep abortion as peripheral as possible. As the feminists screech about staying away from “bodies” no sane person would want to touch, Trump will keep talking about solid judicial praxis; an issue popular with the electorate beyond the Republican voters.

Gorsuch did the same. Appointed with 54 to 45. Comfortably.

I have read that Judas McCain has also promised his vote (if he lives to see it), which would make things somewhat easier. Once again, we see how important the lost Alabama seat was.

Trump must make it very difficult for the likes of Collins and Murkowski (both women, ironically) to go against him. Of course the Dems will try to pull out of the hat some aged woman saying “Mr such-and-such touched my tit once in 1992, when I was Sixteen”, but these tricks are getting old fast and, talking of the Supreme Court, slander and ferocious character assassination campaign did not stop the appointment of the great Clarence Thomas.

But seriously, this should be easy if Trump avoids an obvious enemy of Roe vs Wade. If McCain lives to give his votes, and assuming there is no other defeater beyond Murkowski and Collins, only one Democrat would be enough. Not difficult one month before the elections. Also please consider that both Murkowski and Collins are due for re-elections in 2020. It wouldn’t be easy for them to survive the Primaries in the midst of a huge “Keep America Great” wave. They are well advised to pretend all is fine in their abortionist world, shut up, and vote their own ass.

Trump is a smart guy and fine strategist. A Sun Tzu from Queens.

God willing, he will steer his boat past the Republican rocks and sail to Republican immortality.





After Roe vs Wade

The expectation for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is enormous, and it will not be an easy battle considering the numbers in the Senate. Today I will, optimistically, assume that Trump gets his way and a conservative, sanely pro-life, Originalist judge is appointed by the Senate.

It has been rightly said that, if Roe vs Wade is overturned, the matter will go back to the States. This is true, but it is not the whole story.

How can it be that an Originalist majority of Supreme Court Justice finds that the Founding Fathers did not intend at all to enter into the matter of abortion, considering the possibility of a holocaust of unborn children something to be left to the States? We are talking of the very basis of Christian convivence here, not of the technical separation of competences between Washington and the States.

If Trump gets his appointment, I think in a matter of a few years Roe will be overturned. But this would not be enough, and one can reasonably hope that, in time – and particularly if we get a solid 6-3 one day – the Supreme Court will go on to state the right to life for the unborn child.

It seems to me that what is at stake here is way more than the overturning of a Nazi decision. It is the decision that Nazism is not a part of the fabric of the Country that the Founding Fathers had in mind.

Hope, pray and fast for the countless unborn children who are still slaughtered by “my body, my chouce” Nazi sluts and all their helpers and enablers.


Look! The Democratic Party Was Just Punched In The Face!

This week of great victories in the Supreme Court has one case that will have, I believe, serious consequences for US leftists.

We Europeans were astonished to read that if you work for the public sector in the US you can be either a member of the trade unions – supporting all sorts of evil Democratic activism – or decide to stay out. However, if you stay out you pay to that very same trade union about 78% of the union membership as “fee”, because the trade unions give you… a “representation” you do not want.

We had this crap in Italy in some private sectors in the Seventies, when the Communists had north of 30% of the votes. This nonsense has long been thrown in the rubbish bin of history. It is truly amazing to discover that in the XXI Century such things still existed. I don’t even want to think what happens in other trade union strongholds like the car industry. I actually hope they still do, and this is now about to end.

Only one third of public sector employees are trade union members. The others were forced to pay the “fee”.

Boy, this will hurt.

As the trade unions for the public sector feel a huge financial pinch, this will cascade down to all sort of evil organisations: the Democratic Party first and foremost and, directly or indirectly, all that abortionist and sodomite apparatus foraged by the leftist money industry; an industry which, since the decision, is officially in recession.

This might, of course, have ramifications to whatever other dirty tricks that might be going on in the heavily unionised private sectors. But even if not, the decision is a mighty punch in the face for the Gang of Hillary.

More SCOTUS victories came in the last days. But in my eyes, this is one that will prove, if not necessarily devastating, certainly very disruptive for the well-oiled Democratic money machine.

We are winning so much, I almost cannot sleep.

Thank you, Lord, for confounding both the Libtards and the Never Trumpers in 2016. It makes one shiver to think where we would be now if the race had gone the other way.


Please, Lord, Make Sure Trump Stays Strong And His Senators True

This will, from all we can see, a battle for the ages. It is pretty much the most important election of the last decades, more important than any papal election since 1963 at the very least.

Trump and 50 senators have in their hands what amounts to the return of sanity in the US and, in time, the rest of the civilised world – forgetting for a moment that concerning abortion and sodomy the “uncivilised” countries appear to be, on average, more civilised than us -.

What makes it more exciting is that with only 50 votes, obviously not counting the dying Judas McCain – who would have not resisted the temptation to piddle in our soup one last time, anyway -, this appears the ideal moment for the battle. More than a handful of Democratic Senators with an upcoming re-election battle should be very afraid of denying their vote to the Deplorables, and the compactness of the Republican vote for such a strong candidate as Gorsuch lets one hope that they will understand the profoundly conservative convictions of their electors and stay in line. And if they do, actually, Pence alone would suffice to bring the victory in.

If, however, the necessary votes are not obtained, this will be the ideal way to mobilise and energise the Republican base and motivate them to use the upcoming elections to give the Republicans a solid majority. We also have RBG who might now get a stroke after hearing the news (he), so it’s better to have a more solid ground anyway. This mobilisation will, more likely than not, bring further advantages in both the House and the Senate.

Still, if Trump gets his own candidate voted in before November, he will have an energised based going to the poll; with less at stake for sure, but with the exhilarating feeling of so, so much winning it hurts…. the Dems.

Please, Lord, make Trump stay strong and his Senators true. This truly can be the beginning of a wonderful story.


Supreme Court of The United States: It’s On!


Bring it on, Libtards.

This will be epic.



Meet The “Gays”

No hate, uh?

This happened by the very peace and love pervert “pride” manifestation.

These people are scum. Both the militant perverts themselves and those who think it cool to support them.

This is not even the individual tragedy of a man or woman finding himself afflicted by this horrible, unnatural, disgusting tendency.

These here are the soldiers, the activists, the rainbow nutcases.

How do the call themselves again?

Oh, yes.




War Of Dwarfs

Cardinal Mueller has given another interview lamenting the spread out heretic mentality of many of his colleagues, actually singling out his own connational.

As always in these circumstances, I can’t say I am impressed. Actually, I am more than a tad peeved.

Cardinal Mueller had, when he was at the had of the CDF, not one bit of the assertiveness he now shows from the armchair. Nor did he ever slam the door and go away because Francis did not allow him to do his job properly. Whatever ha did not do, he was very comfortable with not doing. Germany was full of heretical bishops and Cardinals already.

Mueller was, also, unceremoniously kicked out by Francis in favour of the fellow Jesuit Ladaria. It is difficult to avoid the impression that he is merely criticising his successor.

Finally, Mueller avoids to point a clear finger to Francis, who must be the ultimate culprit for all that Mueller laments. How could he, when he has praised him so often when he was in charge of the CDF?

Mueller’s criticism is, therefore, too little, too late, and with no credibility credentials. Gotta love to see all those V II dwarfs accusing each other of not being tall enough.

Please do not make of Mueller a victim or, worse, a hero of the “resistance” to Francis. He is neither the one nor the other. He is merely a heterodox prelate now overtaken on the heresy lane by people worse than him, and very likely still smarting for having been kicked out so abruptly by Juan Peron.

Mueller is part of the problem. It’s like Trotsky criticising Stalin.

We have no sympathy for his armchair orthodoxy.

I am fed up with people who discover how bad those in power are when they have first wasted, and then lost, theirs.


Champagne At Macron’s. Matteo Salvini And How Trump Is Changing Europe

What exhilarating weeks are we leaving in old Europe! It is as if King Theoden had woken up from his Soros Wormtongue-induced slumber and were now fully awake, alert, and ready for battle.

After the good run with the AfD in Germany, which made Merkel’s seat at least wobble for months, it was Austria’s turn. But the real revolution started in Italy when, finally, a government uniting the two biggest pro Trump parties started to operate. It was the first of June, less than one month ago.

It has been one month of fireworks. Not only in words, mind, but in deeds. In just a few weeks, new Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini shocked the Brussels Establishment with an immigration policy way more assertive than even Trump’s.

Nor does Salvini refrain from what would, pre-Trump, be considered impolite or undiplomatic. You push him, he punches you in the face. Salvini’s communication style is another issue where smart Europeans have learned from Trump.

The latest exchange was delightful. After creepy latteboy Macron complained populism with leprosy, Salvini’s reply was not an indirect reply, but a very straight one: Macron is a nice guy who drinks too much champagne. And, by the way, he thinks the next ten “refugee” ships should dock in Marseille, thank you very much.

This is Trumpism at its best. Be outspoken and, if attacked, counterattack fast and hard.

Italy loves, and I mean loves this guy. The Lega has been cleaning up in the administrative elections involving a handful of million voters, giving an extremely clear indication – out of real ballot boxes, not polls – of where the Country is headed. And if you look at the polls, they are now the biggest party in Italy. Salvini is now, even if “merely” Interior Minister, the strong man of the coalition and Italy’s face the world over.

Salvini has tackled an Italian problem in an American way. He has watched Trump attentively and has understood that the double whammy works, if one has the balls to pull it off. About Salvini’s balls I do not have doubts anymore.


A joy to read the Italian newspapers.

It had not happened for such a long time.


The Ten Commandments According To Francis (Or, The Art Of The Dialogue)


evil clown

One of the many problems with the Evil Clown is that he causes more damage than a part-time blogger can manage to deal with. In the last week alone we had the commandments stuff and the announcement that soon bishops might be allowed to decide what degree of sacrilege to allow. 

I will, today, focus on the commandments. 

It is difficult to think of a concept more stupid than a phrase like “the commandments establish dialogue”.

Things are what they are. A commandment commands. There is no dialogue at all in “thou shall not kill”. Not even hidden somewhere, or implied, or in any way hidden. It’s just not there.

The existence of commandments is, in fact, the very essence of our and, I would think, every religion: God commands, you obey. Dialogue is nowhere on the radar screen. 

Naturally, Francis – who might have been tipsy when he made the remarks – also says the the commandments are, well, commandments. But exactly here lies his, typically modernist, defiance of God.

To say that a commandment is a command but, at the same time, something else sends exactly the message lingering in Francis’ heretical head all the time: yes, God “commands”; but in the end, we can find an arrangement in “dialogue” with him; which is, not coincidentally at all, the same mentality behind the sacrilegious idea of giving communion to adulterers or people outside of the Church.

I think Francis an arrogant boor, and a stupid person in general. However, he is not senile or retarded, and one can trust that he knows, like an instructed child of seven knows, what a commandment is. Therefore, the only possible conclusion out of all this is that the man is simply doing this: giving the public a glimpse of his extremely distorted mind, a place where even a commandment is not really what it is.

What Francis, in short, means is that the commandment – any commandment, but in particular those concerning marriage and desiring the woman of another – are, in fact, the invitation to open a negotiation with God on how, exactly, to obey them in the “concrete circumstances”; leaving it to the single “faithful” to “discern” what God wants from him concerning this or that particular “commandment”.

Satan is strong in this one.

Please pray for the end of his papacy, resignation of painless death.

As three Popes would slowly be a bit of a joke (Popes are no Tenors after all), I prefer the latter.






Merkel Sucks It Up


One of the things that I have been consistently repeating about Merkel is that, at the bottom, she is a prostitute.

In her, two instincts fight: the daughter of a fake protestant “missionary” who chose to live in Eastern Germany rather than in the Western part, she was given from an early age that deadly cocktail of sentimental fake Christianity that is the enemy of Christ; made worse by her growing up in a Communist Country that further exposed her admittedly brilliant brain (make no mistake: this one is no Francis) to godless rubbish.

The other instinct is the desire to wield power. Merkel has been in power for so long not because of the mistake of one day, like Francis, but thank to her ability to navigate party politics and exploit the worse of the German instincts.

This caused a lot of flip-flopping, an art in which Merkel reached a McCain-like degree of proficiency. Coherently, her twists and turns on immigration are numerous, and always followed either what her rotten ideology thought feasible, but convenient, or what was necessary to stay in power.

The last flip-flop is surprising only for those who don’t know her. The same person who bullied half Europe to swallow her disgraced “Muslim invasion ideology” is now – after seeing that she must either change course, fast, or fall at the hands of the sister party CSU – making such a complete U-turn that she supports dealing with “asylum seekers” outside of the EU.

This would be the utter and complete end of the economic migration fraud, and Merkel perfectly knows that. Only now she does not fight common sense, she actually supports it. Or you might say: she sucks it up, because this is what people like her do.

Frau Merkel is not only a  consummated professional of the second old profession in the world. She is an old practitioner in the oldest, too.

And by the by, everytime I read about her I am reminded of Berlusconi’s comment about the woman, made in confidence to a friend on the phone but so beautifully apposite: culona inchiavabile, “unscrewable fattie”.

Ah, these Italians! Always so pleasantly colourful!

Still, seeing Merkel backpedal is not enough. She is, undoubtedly, one of the most dangerous people for Christian Europe; up there with Francis, but with way more power. Therefore, one hopes that, soon, we will able to repeat Il Giornale’s headline after Italy eliminated Germany for the final of the European Football Championship in 2012:

Bye-bye, Culona.




Dubia: Francis Is A Petty Idiot


Seriously, if we accept for a moment what Francis has said to the press in a little pause between two attacks on Trump, what kind of nonsense will we end up believing?

The man states he did not receive the dubia privately, and only knew about them from the newspapers. How can anyone be so arrogant and dumb at the same time? The mind boggles.

Firstly, this assertion is so stupid that not even an old nincompoop like him can really believe it will wash. Cardinals like Burke and Caffarra – no lions, certainly; but correct, decent people – would, then, have schemed against him? Really? How are we expected to believe that the Cardinals would not try to solve such an important issue in camera caritatis before going public? How dirty must Francis mind be, to even start to think it? 

Secondly, Francis’ pants are clearly on fire. If this had been the case, why not say so immediately? It would have least have lent some little credibility to the assertion, and if anyone has blocked the communication it would have been easy to discover who; besides, this should have been followed by an offer of immediate meeting to discuss the matter. Communication, you know? Talking. Discussing differences. Discovering common ground. Helping each other.

Third: what kind of senile, petty idiot does not answer important questions concerning the faith in order to “show it” to Cardinals he thinks have slighted him? 

Fourthly: what kind of unspeakably evil ass has the temerity and shamelessness of even going around and imply that he was right in not answering the Dubia because they were not presented to him in the proper way, as if this was a legitimate reaction?

Lastly: what other public person or politician – nay: what what kind of adult – would spit such nonsense to the press without being inundated with harsh criticism and utter insult? How old is this guy, three? Sheesh.

The next Pope might be even more satanical than this one. 

But it is impossible that the Cardinals find another one who is just as stupid.



Enough With The “Separation” Nonsense.

It’s 8 AM in a bad neighbourhood of a big city in Italy.

Little Marco Peggio has finished his breakfast and is about to get out to go to school. Marco’s papa, Mario Peggio, is still sleeping. He always works late at night, says mama. Mama, whose name is Margherita Peggio, nee Male (but Italians say “Male in Peggio”) is a housewife occasionally working as cleaner, with no qualifications.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings. There are three men, one in a trench and two in police uniform. They say the dreaded word, “Polizia”, and Margherita Male in Peggio pales instantly. They show her a paper. Mama gets excited, cries, screams “you cannot do this!” as the men – two of them obviously armed – enter without further ado.

Little Marco is extremely shocked and starts to cry, too. There is confusion everywhere. The men enter papa’s bedroom, and Marco hears the words “Mario Peggio, you are under arrest”. Papa swears abominably, but little Marco is accustomed to that. His papa is not even given the time to wash his face. Mama is now crying and screaming hysterically, little Mario is crying, too. Maria, his little 14 months old sister, is now woken up and shd is screaming like there is no tomorrow.

Little Marco sees his papa handcuffed, but not before getting a couple on the nose as he tries to oppose resistance. He is then unceremoniously dragged out in handcuffs, as all the neighbours are now out in the floor hall of every floor of the council house where they live.

What happens now is a daily occurrence in Italy: Mario Peggio is, believe it or not, separated from his children and brought to jail. It is not unlikely that the judge will not allow him house arrest pending investigation. Little Marco knows all too well how things work, as uncle Paolo was already in jail for a while last year.

As Little Marco screams, papa is separated from him. Chances are it will be years before he can see his papa again as a free man.

Now, dear reader, stop here and reflect.

This happens daily in Italy. Arrested criminals with the danger of pollution of the evidence are just put in jail and left there. This is before and pending trial. No one gives an Obama that Mario Peggio has two little children. Nor is having little children an extenuating circumstance when the judges emit their sentence. I can tell you now, thanks to my connection to the justice system, that Mario Peggio is realistically facing 12 to 15; probably out in half the time on probation, if he behaves well, which in Italy means bloody well.

Little Marco faces 6 years at least of separation from his papa and, again, nobody gives a Michelle.

Criminals go to jail. That’s the beginning and the end of it. No human rights outrage there.

You draw your conclusions from this little story.

My conclusion is that this exploitation of children for political purposes has to stop. Enough with crying children filmed as they are separated from their criminal papa.

No one filmed little Marco, as his own problems have no bearing on the matter at hand.

Enough. The US must regain sanity and put an end to this nonsense.


US: Time To Let Bad Parishes And Dioceses Starve.

The interventions of various US Bishops against enforcement of existing, perfectly reasonable laws, constantly practiced in the history of Christianity is a very clear sign of the decay of religious values in the West at large, and of the loss of faith of Catholic clergy more in particular.

It is as if your priest would suddenly tell you that it is Unchristian to keep your door locked, and refuse entry to whoever wants to squat inside, because you are not hospitable and yadda yadda.

It is not only that common sense and logic have failed here. It is, more worryingly, that at least a portion of the Catholic audience does not find the bishops ‘ talk scandalous drivel. In a solidly Catholic or Christian country, bishops would not talk in this way, as their sheep would show them very fast how to be Catholic, or at least Christian. There is, in fact, no notable immigration activism among the clergy of, say, Poland or Hungary, let alone Russia. Where there is solid faith, there is no third-worldist socialist drivel.

Therefore, whilst I despise the little prostitutes of the US dioceses, chasing the business of immigration support and an easy popularity among their non instructed (by the bishop themselves) sheep, I have no symphaty for those who allow this to happen, either: the pewsitter who, instead of having their bishop know that he is an enemy of Christianity and not one cent will be forthcoming, choose to accept – even when they disagree – that their bishops play social justice warriors, as if this were something you expect from the man in the purple habit.

It is reliably believed that Trump got more than 50% of the Catholic vote in the US. This 50% should make itself heard very loud and refuse to give one single cent to any parish with even a whiff of SJW disease in it, and certainly not one cent to any diocese even remotely supporting this illegality nonsense.

It is sad to say this, but nowadays an awful lot of bishops are a deadly cocktail of political attitude, social justice activism, atheism, prostitution, reprobation and vanity, with Christ very low in the priority list, if He is present at all for other purposes than to cover a one world agenda.

Punish the Judases and their priests. Let them starve and sink into oblivion and irrelevance until sanity returns.

You are not required to finance the shills of the Democratic Party.

The Slandering Dictator (Francis, I Mean…)

The Dictator Pope is trying to divert the attention on his now worldwide established nickname of …. Dictator Pope by baying against dictators who slander people. You would think he has just looked in the mirror, but no, the man has not enough brain to even understand the irony.

What is clear, though, is that he fancies for himself the role of martyr of those slanderous dictators, and I don’t think he is thinking of Castro or Maduro, either. As so often, one thinks that the man might just have been drunk, and I mean drunk as in “too much fernet”, not in some figurative sense.

The Pope who has, so to speak, just finished slandering the victims on child abuse in Chile, and who has been going on for now more than 5 years insulting sane Catholics; the man who has crushed an entire, pious religious orders instead of stopping the homo propaganda of Dominicans, Jesuits and many others, this very man complains about slandering dictators.

It’s not even an irony fail. It is, like everything this ass does, stupid to the point of being surreal. If is as if Bill Clinton accused a political opponent of being a sex predator. It is as if Anthony Wiener accused his opponents of being perverts. It is just too much even for laughter.

The Slandering Dictator is exactly you, Francis dear.

Your baying does not change one iota of it.


On Mr Salvini And “Benedict Pope”


People, just in case anyone gets too excited…

The one with Salvini choosing “Benedict” as Pope” is a word play.

“Benedetto” in Italian means “blessed”.

“My Pope Is Blessed”, says the T-Shirt. Francis’ image is dismayed, because this also means “my Pope is Benedict”. Cleverly, the letters are all capitalised, as the normal writing would give up the game.

We must understand Italian humour here. Salvini is not saying that Francis is not Pope. He is saying that Francis is not doing his job. He is, by the way, the Interior Minister. He would never say who is the head of another State.

This is a very nice, ironic Italian word play. It shows a polite criticism to a bad Pope.

It is not “Benedictvacantism”.


Please Pray For Tommy Robinson

Please Pray For Tommy Robinson

Donald J Trump: Peace Through Superior Testosterone


The great Donald J Trump has shown the world, again, how it is done; and again, the incompetent class of journalists and diplomacy “experts” is left with trying to limit their embarrassment. Let me summarise how Trump has dealt with the North Korean threat.

Trump starts from the end. His aim is the destruction of North Korea as a nuclear threat. He has decided to do this and then he has worked on this becoming reality.

North Korea has survived because China protects them in various ways, helping their regime to avoid collapse. Trump starts his North Korea policy by kicking the Chinese in the balls, very hard, with the recent tariffs. Tariffs which are, as the Chinese were made to understand, only the start. A country with more than $300 billion surplus in its trade with the US has no defence when on the other side there is a man willing to cut this to zero if needs be, and leaving them in no doubt that he can and will do this if he must. Unless the Chinese behave. Clearly, North Korea isn’t worth the castration of the Chinese economy and, also important, humiliation of China.

To make things even more clear, the latest round of sanctions against Korea is enforced brutally, because this is not the time to posture about like Obama did.

At this point, North Korea is the lapdog of the US already.

Then he directs his attention directly to the North Koreans and, basically, imposes on them the visit of his guy, Mr Pompeo. The guy flies there, enters the wolf’s lair like he owns it, and gives the North Koreans their marching orders about what they have to do if they want to have at least a shot at survival.

They are to shut up, fly to Beijing to be told first hand how really, really screwed they are, and agree to a meeting with Trump to take further orders.





When Mike Pence makes clear that this is not the usual Obama fake diplomacy where the president tries to look good but nothing is achieved, and states very clearly that the aim is denuclearisation or destruction of the evil regime, the North Koreans react with a violent attack to him; thinking, poor guys accustomed to limp-wrist Obama, that they can still bark to Number 2 and get away with it.

Here, Trump shows what a master he is, and what a natural at that. He leaves the negotiating table and, in the same letter with which he does so, threatens the North Koreans very publicly with utter destruction.

In English: shut up, fat Kim.

You. are. my. bitch.

Get in line again, fast, or start taking the measurements for your coffin.

Promptly, the North Koreans grovelling ask the President to please, please have mercy on them, and the rest is history: the meeting does take place, Kim promises nuclear disarmament, the extremely harsh sanctions against Korea remain entirely in place whilst he does so, and they receive no payments, with the Americans are in charge of controlling that he does what he promised.  The only “concession” he makes is the stop to military exercises not scheduled until next year. 

This way, the bitch gets a bone and is allowed to try to survive, if she can; and if the bitch behaves, Trump might throw at her another bone or two, with little meat around it; then Trump is not President to right all the wrongs in the world, but to deal with the threats to American security. 

Boy, what a difference with Obama and Clinton. They could not wait to give relief from sanctions, and even money, from the start, against empty promises everyone knows will never be honoured; and called this diplomacy.

If Obama had achieved one third with North Korea of what Trump has already done, he would have been celebrated as the Greatest Guy Ever Born. Trump humiliates the North Koreans in all possible ways, showed the world that he owns them and the Chinese are no match to him, and all the libtard complain because we still have a repressive regime in place, which they have been helping to survive and become a big threat in the last decades.

This is not the way Trump thinks. Trump selects an objective at the start (the nuclear disarmament) and goes straight towards it, kicking all the balls he must kick in the process but also not thinking that he is the World Policeman and Global Social Justice Hero. What a great man we have at the White House.

Peace through superior Testosterone.

Enjoy the show whilst the libtard heads explode.



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