The Lot We Have Been Given

Many times in my life, even before Francis, I have bemoaned my being born in the second half of the Twentieth Century.

A very conservative guy born in a very conservative family, I always felt a bit of a “fish out of the water” in the world I saw around me. It actually began as I was a little child, and the adolescents around me had long (often dirty) hair, wore those horrible blue jeans, and swore like you wouldn’t believe; none of which happened in my well-ordered, rigid, socially very conservative family. Basically, I have felt an outsider, and one born in the wrong age, since the age of four or five. I was terrified of growing up to become one of those long-haired cretins. Happily, it never happened.

When I became an adult, things got worse. The sexual mores of the age were – whilst much more rigid than what I saw afterwards – very different from the traditional Country I had learned to love through intensive reading and the exortatiosn of my grandmas and grand aunts, and which corresponded to my deepest longing. I saw around me not only the sinfulness (that, I assure, I always had myself), but an attitude towards it that I found shocking. The world had found its own morality and was very happy with it. I confusedly rebelled to it, but literally did not know where to look as the Church clearly was infected with the same disease and all those example of the past were gone. I longed for the world my grandmas and grand aunts so clearly represented and in which, it was clear, they had felt so comfortable their entire life.

Now things are, if not at their most painful (if you really want to know pain, you need to be twenty), certainly at their worst. They are, in fact, almost apocalyptycally bad. And once again, I find myself wishing that I were born in a different age.

But then I reflect that I was born exactly at the hour and minute God wanted me to be born. I reflect that all my pains and challenges, God knew before all eternity. I reflect that we are not given to choose the lot that is given to us. We live in the Age of Insanity; when men think they are women, and he who objects is the one with the “phobias”.

God made us live in the Age of Insanity so that we can do our part and collaborate with His Grace, fighting the insanity He has allowed to happen. From abortion to euthanasia and from sodomy to Francis, he has put us here perfectly knowing all of this, and in order for us to give our testimony against it.

Nor were past ages a bad of roses. When would I have wanted to be born, exactly? Shall we say, 1890? That would very possibly have meant a trench in the Alps. 1910 perhaps? Ah, that would have meant, quite likely, a barrack in Somalia, my own Country torn by civil wars, and effing Commies wherever I turn. 1930 then? Fine, you get to grow up with an unprecedented threat to humanity, and a Communist nightmare taking over more than half Europe. What about 1950? Far too late. Actually, this is the generation that started the whole mess.

Granted, a young man in a trench in the Alps can see a senseless massacre around him, but his world will still be in order: Truth and Pope steady on his side, and a system of values allowing him to die in comfort. But many have not died. They have been maimed, and coming back as cripples have seen the girls of their dream marrying someone else, who had all his limbs in place, whilst a possibly very long life in poverty awaited them, a life of scars both physical and mental.

I really think we don’t count our blessings often enough.

I am here now, approaching old-ish age. I can sit comfortably at my computer, for now free of religious persecution, and fight for what I believe with a keyboard; in the warmth and comfort of my home; surrounded by unprecedented wealth in the Country and Continent, and not in any need myself; able to afford the luxury to be in pain because of Francis’ antics, rather than because of the grenade exploded 30 feet from my foxhole, or the American bomber flattening out my barracks; and, most of all, with the Internet giving me both a voice and a set of ears inconceivable in every age past.

This is the lot we were given. An Evil Clown as Pope is an unprecedented challenge; but so were the Summer of Love, the Cold War, Hiroshima, the First World War, the French Revolution, the Thirty Years War, the damn Ottomans,  Luther and his ilk, the Western Schism, the Plague of 1348, the Great Schism, the damn Muslim hordes, the damn Barbarians hordes, the Great Heresies of the IV Century, and who knows how much I forget now….

I reflect on all this, and I do not complain too much. God knows what he does, and I must say my lot was very painful at times, and I will carry the scars for life; but all in all, it was a pain born of comfort, and a full belly, it was the pain of rich societies. Yes, we can play spiritual and say it would be better to suffer hunger an entire lifetime and know that the Pope is staunchly Catholic, but I am not entirely sure we would really switch places given the possibility.

This is the lot we were given. We were given it for a reason.It has good and bad like every other age before an dafter us, and it has unique challenges like many other ages before (and after) us.

Think of it next time Francis sounds like he is on drugs.








The Race For Worst Pope

A mini-debate is raging as to whether Francis is the worst Pope in history. I would like to add my short take.

Other Popes in the past have certainly been quite as much scoundrels as Francis is. I also agree that some of the past Popes have been produced, and were in turn the product,  in times of great corruption within  the Church. But to me, this is not the point.

The point of Francis is that he is the apex (up to now) of period of unprecedented corruption within the Church. Corruption that is, we can safely say, one the one hand every bit as heretical as the Arian crisis and, on the other hand (and this makes it unique) encompassing every aspect of Church teaching from the death penalty to the doctrine of war, from homosexuality to adultery, from the understanding of the Sacraments to the very role of the Church.

Francis wins the title of worst Pope in history hands down because he sits at the very top of a pile of rot that has never been as high as today.

To this, we must obviously add the nature of today’s worldwide instant communication. However, it is not that Francis is a heretic only in what he says “off-the-cuff”. No, he plans his heresies accurately, as seen in the synods then transmogrified in Amoris Laetitia.   

I grew up accustomed to read, in the touristic peregrinations to which I took part with my parents, of the sudden changes in the fortune of this or that Roman faction as the Pope, and thus the alliances and relationship of power, changed (stuff like “when such and such becomes Pope, family X occupied the castles of Y and Z”; we are talking here of the families who gave, or lost, Popes or had them in their pocket, abusing the vast coffers suddenly become available; the families of the Orsini and Colonna are still today in the popular lore for such antics).

Still, that corruption did not arrive at the very bone marrow of the Church. It was corruption of mores, not corruption of doctrine. It was the abuse of Church power to enrich individuals and families, not Her willed sabotage out of hatred for Her.

So yes, I think it can be safely said that Francis is, from what we can see, the worst Pope ever. The fact that his antics are instantly spread worldwide also add to his culpability, because he knows it and does it anyway.

Francis is a huge scoundrel sitting on top of a mountain of theological rot.

He wins this race hands down.



As we enter the seventh year of FeancisMayhem, let us take stock of where we are and, more importantly, what damage the Evil Clown can still do.

I think it is a fair assessment to say that, by now, the game is utterly and completely up. Francis is seen as a sugary socialist by most observers, Catholic or not. His Pontificate might still be praised by some; but they are exactly the people who are an indictment of his Pontificate exactly as they praise it.

Most must see Francis , more or less clearly, as I do: like another example of dumb South and Central American Dictator, like they were so frequent when I was growing up: corrupt, arrogant, stupid, economically inept and staggeringly incompetent.

Those dictators cared for their enrichment, and embezzled all they could whilst they could. Francis has no possibility of doing the same. Therefore, his priority has been to satisfy all his childish whims, lashing out at the Church he has always hated whilst he was scrounging out of Her for a lifetime and pushing to the extremes his dumb, arrogant, economicslly inept socialist fantasies with legendary incompetence.

Thankfully, the man never had the brains for subtlety, or a brilliant brain at all, or he would have been way more dangerous. The Lord in His Goodness allowed us to be punished by way of a dumb guy. Francis, who has the strategic ability of a six year old and the tactical skills of a toddler, had to have his way and satisfy his whims every single time; either thinking that no FFI scandal and no paedo protection mistake would damage his standing, or – which is even more childish – not caring about any of it, provided he can keep throwing toys out of the pram every time he feels like it.

This Pontificate is now Bananas-on-Tiber.

God has been merciful in His punishment in the end.


Another One Bites The Dust: Cardinal Danneels Finally Stretches His Paws*.

Good news from Belgium.

We are informed that one of the worst scoundrels infesting the Church – the gay-promoting, church-hating, conclave-plotting, St Gallen-mafia-member Cardinal Danneels – has finally kicked the bucket and, as they say, met his Maker.

The air is now, it seems to me, cleaner and full of a fragrance that promises Spring.

As to really meeting his Maker, I doubt that the Cardinal had any chance of that, it being far more likely that he was simply instantly plunged in some very deep, freshly digged, extremely stinking pit in hell; very possibly in the company of a bunch of very, very horny, extremely bitchy, screeching homosexual priests.

Mind: I do not wish the man damnation. However, I reflect that in order to avoid hell he would have had to become one of ours just before death, after being for decades the very epitome of the obdurate scoundrel stinking of Reprobation from three thousand miles away. Therefore, you can guess his chances of salvation with some accuracy, that is: zero plus a huge miracle of mercy.

I honestly do not give a Danneels one way or the other: Thy will be done. His will was most certainly done when a bill possibly as substantial as the US Federal Debt was presented to the creepy, pervy guy. However it went, we rejoice at knowing that God’s will has, once again, unavoidably triumphed.

Still, the air smell purer today, as if freed from a big polluting agent.

We await now the summoning of the Evil Clown to his, no doubt, terrible judgment. I wonder how he reacted at this clear message that the clock is ticking furiously for him, too….

I can’t avoid thinking Francis will land in the basement of Danneels new living quarters, but this is just me….

Pray for the scoundrel, if you have the stomach.

Your prayer will, in case, applied to a less scoundrelly soul.


* saucy Italian expression…

Six Years Ago

Six years ago, the Evil Clown appeared on the balcony in St Peter and gave us the first example, or at least the first hint, of the superficiality and stupidity which would be – together with the outright heresy and socialist propaganda which were revealed later – the mark of this most disgraceful Pontificate.

The disgrace, however, has also had some positive effect.

Pollyannism has substantially died. At this point, only the enemies of the Church pretend that Francis is a decent pope, or guy.

The horror of V II is revealing itself to a growing number of people, as they realise that the whirlwind of Francis’ Pontificate is the result of the wind sowed with the aggiornamento.

The Creepy Pope has freed many – particularly, I think, in the Anglo-Saxon world – of the creepy Clericalism and embarrassing Papolatry many of them were exhibiting in the years of the oohhh soooo saintly JP II and B XVI, both Popes who have accompanied the Church along a slippery slope of world-pleasing peace rhetoric and creepy religious indifferentism as they presided over loss of power and influence the world over, but looking oh so meek in the process.

We even had some theological advancement, as Francis has clearly shown the opinion of those theologians who maintained that canonisations are not infallible as the only reasonable one.

God always uses evil to cause some good. There is no doubt that we live in the time of the Evil Pope. But then again we have lived in the times of the Sellout Popes for decades with not many people protesting, so this here is the medicine both necessary and deserved.

In time, God, who adjusts everything, will adjust this mess, too. Our duty is simple: let us live and die so that we can be able to say, on our deathbed, tradidi quod et accepi, and let us collaborate with God’s grace so that we can, one day, receive the grace of final repentance. No evil Pope can prevent us from doing this, and be him a socialist, godless scoundrel like the Evil Argentinian.

On this disgraceful anniversary, relax and pray your rosary.

Francis can do nothing that God does not allow him to do, so that the glory of the Church may be, one day, restored and even more resplendent.


Old Bastards

I was informed today that , I think, not-anymore-Cardinal McCarrick is very frail now, and going often to confession.

Question: why is he not in jail?

You can have your confession in jail, too; and I am absolutely sure that a man who is so contrite would want – nay: demand! – to atone in a very public way for his horrible sins; particularly considering that his alleged sudden recovery of Christian feeling and attitude was precipitated not by his conversion, but by his exposure.

The time for sniffing after we are told that another bastard is frail is gone. May McCarrick save his soul if he can – I doubt it just as much as I doubt his conversion – , but I for one will not give the man one centimetre.

Goes for Francis and the others, too….



Yep, I have found the title for this blog post.


Everyday Greatness

The judicial appointments of Great Mr Forty-Five continue unabated. The Senate pushes with him – I wish they did it in all the other parts of Trump’s agenda! – and, together, they are reshaping the judiciary.

This is no great news anymore, as two Supreme Court appointments have now quenched the thirst for big headlines; but is still very relevant, as only a limited amount of cases are examined every year by the Supreme Court, and sanity in the lower ones can go a long way in helping the Country to normalise again.

It is a sad truth of politics that good policies have a sell by date. Deliver your promises to the electorate in an exemplary way and you will get high praise, for a while. Keep doing exactly the same and you will be ignored. The great focus on the Wall in 2020 should not cause the US voters to forget that Trump is delivering beyond the most optimistic hopes of myself and many others.

He keeps doing it day in and day out, without great fanfare but with great constancy, in things big and small. The other day he offered Chick-Fil-A fare to some guests of his. This is everyday greatness, and it clearly comes from the heart.

I truly hope that Trump can deliver on the Wall, and I am well aware of the danger for his presidency if he shouldn’t. But in all this we should never forget how much the man is delivering in so many other areas (from taxes to military, from China to North Korea, from TPP to Paris Agreement, to the fight against excessive regulations and stupid environmentalism, trannies in the army and so much more…).

Ig would be the height of self-inflicted stupidity to deny such a man a second mandate because of one or two issues in which he has been under par.

We forget at our peril how good we have it with Great 45, the master of everyday greatness.


Non Si Muove Foglia

And it came to pass that yours truly was put pretty much abruptly in contact with his own mortality. Nothing tragic, thankfully, but nasty enough.

It really puts some things in the proper perspective. For once, it reminded me what a wonderful, but delicate apparatus the human body is. When it works properly it seems barely worth of notice, when something goes wrong one notices how easy it is for something to go wrong and, actually, how much there is that can go wrong.

With this comes a second consideration: I breath, walk, eat, rest, think by the grace of God. It is He who sustains my body and my health every moment. Health is not due to me, nor is it automatic. Non si muove foglia che Dio non voglia: not one leave moves, but God wills it.

The third, and last, reflection looks a bit further down the line, albeit how far I actually don’t know. The day of the Lord cometh like a thief in the night: and when it cometh, will it find me prepared?

We truly are dust. We just tend to forget it when everything works properly and health is a given.

Seen in this way, it is not so bad that one should receive, on occasion, a fitting reminder of his own mortality.


Crap & Darkness: Father Rosica And His Enablers.

We are informed that Father Rosica appears to be not only a plagiarist, but an outright liar.

His “advanced degree” from a college in Jerusalem is as fake news as fake news come. The college has confirmed as much, I think it was in Lifesite News but feel free to search around.

Some questions arise quite automatically:

1. Why has the Jerusalem college not corrected Rosica when he publicised his claim for years in both his Salt + Light CV and public persona, including a video? Where they simply not informed, or timorous of crossing a well-connected man?

2. What kind of people do the vetting for the new hirings in the Vatican? Inverted Monsignors? How can it be that a man is selected for a job with worldwide visibility and no-one checks his credentials? I detect the horrible stench of the homo lobby here. Or perhaps the incompetence is so stellar that they just believe what is told to them; but frankly, it seems to me that I being too good to those who had the responsibility for such activities.

I would love to know what checks have been made on Rosica before his hiring, by whom, with what outcome and what written trail there is of all that.

Who knows, this is the kind of stuff that gives you a better insight inside the workings of the homo mafia than three dozen of newspaper articles.


The Ultimate Sacrilege: Yuca-rist

With alarm I have read that the Evil Clown might be planning to pull another blasphemous, sacrilegious, heretical stunt and “allow” (rather: try to invent) a communion wafer made out of the Yuca plant for the joy of some indigenous population in some remote forest.

This obvious act of sacrilege and complete negation of the very basics of Christian thinking shows, if the rumours are true, the monstrous attitude of a monstrous Pope, to whom everything in Catholicism must be remade in the name of worldly values.

The Monstrous Pope clearly does not believe in God and in an immutable Truth, as his stunts on the Capital Punishment and the infidels’ religions “willed by God” clearly show. Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred, nothing is actually worth anything unless if can be put at the service of some earthly goal like his stupid ideas aboug social justice, equality, the environment etc.

Francis wants to die leaving as his legacy a huge “eff you” to the whole of Catholicism, and as he clearly does not believe in God it is obvious he is also not worried about what will happen to him if he dies unrepentant. He is now clearly bent on creating his own monument, consisting of a small, humble Francis around his huge, huge, stretched middle finger.

Even if the news were to prove untrue, the very fact that such an idea does not seem to anyone beyond the pale for a guy like Francis tells you everything you need to know about the crisis we are living.

A monstrous man sits on the sea of Peter. This is what must happen in the end when the Church decides it is time for an “aggiornamento” .

True or not, pray that a monstrous papacy like this one ends soon. It is bad enough what he has already done, and it will take a long time to repair everything when the man is gone. But let us hope the the list of the blasphemies does not get much longer.


The Creepy Smoke

And it came to pass that yours truly was inflicting a V II Mass on himself on Ash Wednesday, and the music was even more atrocious than usual: childish and effeminate at the same time. By the bye, no one “participated” in the singing, I think most offered their suffering to the Lord.

And then the thought striked me: what if these stupid Sixties songs had been childish and effeminate… for the specific reason of allowing the children to come near the priest, or the choir director? What if they had aimed at creating in young, but older boys a kind of sexual confusion, making them more vulnerable to predatory adults?

I know it sounds absurd, but these damn songs are so creepy and disturbing that such an intent cannot so easily be excluded, particularly as it become increasingly clearer how many homosexual people have gravitated around the Church in the last decades.

Am I being a tad paranoid? Maybe.

But at my age I begin to realise that when there is a creepy smoke, the perverted fire cannot be ruled out.


Keith Flint, Or: Count Your Blessings

Did you know who Keith Flint was? Neither did I.

Keith Flint , of a band called Prodigy, was one of the most famous rave “singers” in existence. I am not talking a niche product, either. 30 millions albums sold and every single album released very high in the UK charts.

Looking at older photos, a rather satanical type. However, they say he had changed. No drugs, no booze, a quiet existence in the country. Time to enjoy the prosperity and, perhaps, evolve as a human being.

Keith Flint committed suicide during the weekend. He wasn’t 50.

I do not know the details. I also do not know whether the drugs had gone for good. But as I read the news, which is rather prominent today, my first thought was this: a life without God is meaningless and empty.

We long for God. Everyone of us, though many are not consciously aware of it. Nothing else will give real peace and lasting happiness even in this life, much less in the next. Without God, everything is ultimately empty. Become a world famous “musician”, and you will have to take refuge in drugs. Sleep with an army of groupies, and all that will remain in the end is a deep spleen. Try, perhaps, to recover the “meaning of life” retiring in the countryside and cleaning up your act, and again the absurdity and uselessness of it all will assault you again and again. When you get all that the world has to offer (fame, admiration, luxury, women) but you don’t have God, you really have nothing.

And in fact, absolutely everything in the life of an atheist must reek of the same absurdity that has, very likely, crushed Mr Flint. If an atheist stops and reflects, he must recognise that nothing, in his life, has any value or meaning. Even the love for children and wife is, if there is no God, ultimately only a trick of a ruthless DNA – a DNA which does not care a straw for our ultimate destiny – to force us to do the only thing that matters: perpetuate itself; and the feelings of lurv are just the way he must admit he has been tricked.

I don’t know what was going on in the head of this world famous – if totally unknown to me – performer. But I will bet my pint on this: the emptiness of a life without God; an emptiness in which Satan could, probably without too much difficulty, introduce himself.

Spare me, please, all the rubbish about “perhaps he had a rare blood condition which, linked to some strange pollen in the air, triggered his desperate gesture”. If you believe that stuff, you are reading the wrong blog. Insane or culpable, has the Church always thought, and taught. Mr Flint is no exception.

Say your prayer for him, too. And thank God for the immense, unmerited, glorious gift of faith; a gift that makes you better off than the famous pop star with all his success, his money, and his groupies.

We who live in faith can barely conceive, I think, the immense void in the heart of the atheist, at least of the one who manages to stop and reflect about the meaning of things. Until events like this one reminds us of how blessed we are.

In your charity, pray for the poor wretch.

And count your blessings.


The Cardinal Has No Clothes

Dancing Dolan


The times when a Cardinal could do one thing and say another without consequences are rapidly ending. It is not that they are going to desist from their hypocritical behaviour; rather, they are going to be called on it much faster, and much more often.

Point in case: Cardinal Dolan, the Head Buffoon of the Church in the US.

This is the guy who has given scandals so many times in recent years one easily forgets half of them. He is happy to march together with inverted activist on St Patrick’s parade, has not problem in taking part to a scandalous Met Gala that mocks the church, and has refused to excommunicate Governor Cuomo for his support to the Goebbelsian law allowing infanticide in the State of New York. Actually, he ha attacked those who want the man excommunicated. A more useful idiot (or accomplice) has the world seldom had.

You would think one like that has at least the decency to shut up and not try to dress himself as moraliser, or conservative, or both.


Fat guy tweets his own reflection about the latest fake Synod and the feast day of St Peter Damian, clearly hoping to polish his “conservative” credentials with some conservative tweeting after actually doing nothing in real life.

The punishment is swift:  Michael Voris leads the charge, many others follow. The bad Cardinal is simply atomised. I am pretty sure he fondly remembers the day when being a Cardinal was enough to be as hypocritical as you want without well-known Catholic journalists replying with a request that you resign.

The Cardinal has no clothes, and not only his obesity, but his stunning hypocrisy are shown to the faithful in the crudest, and perfectly deserved, way.

I remember the time when there weren’t many places online where you could read open accusations of Cardinals and Bishops. One of those was, I must say, this little effort. But I must see, with great satisfaction, that the explicit language once the preserve of a handful of blogs has now become pretty much mainstream. I am also rather satisfied to report that the amount of messages criticising yours truly for criticising prelates has dwindled to almost zero. It appears that, in the end, the Catholic planet has opened its eyes.

The new wave of clerical sexual scandals, of which only a stupid prelate or Pope Francis can believe we are not at the very beginning, will continue this process. Nor can said stupid prelates (or evil Pope) hope that they will manage to contain and domesticate the narrative to one of “a handful of paedophile priests”, because the now unleashed faithful Catholics will remind the planet every day that the real problem is the great quantity of homosexual priests.  Actually (cough) St Peter Damian comes to mind.

There was a time when a high cleric (or a Pope; Benedict was actually exactly such a guy on several occasions) could afford to abet the agenda of the leftist nine days out of ten and then preserve his reputation of “conservative” with a tweet, an interview, an occasional decent episcopal appointment, or a rather isolated motu proprio. Those times have gone.

Cardinal Dolan will soon learn that being a party guy and power friend during the week, and a wannabe tweet hero on a Saturday, gets more and more uncomfortable. The time for these little PR tricks is gone. We, the pewsitter, will take care that it remains so.

I close with the words of Michael Voris in his answer to the Cardinal’s tweet:

Really want reform?




A Question About Cardinal Pell

The news is everywhere so that part will be kept short: the Cardinal was convicted of an assault and “forced” sexual act that seems both frail in the accusation themselves (one of the accusers, dead in the meantime, and if memory serves an addict, would have confessed of lying) and absurd for the circumstances in which it would have taken place.  Also, it seems impossible that a man able of such an absurdly, risky, “daring” behaviour would not be so addicted to it as to be exposed not one, but one hundred times during the many decades in a position of power. It this had been the way he gets his “kicks”, he would have been totally incapable of controlling himself.

Everybody is discussing the Cardinal’s innocence or guilt. I have a different question: is Cardinal Pell homosexual?

More to the point: has the Cardinal denied that he is homosexual in the first place? If he did, I have never read about it, and it would greatly, greatly surprise me that this has not been the very fundament of his defence.

If he hasn’t, sorry to disturb Houston, but we have the usual damn problem.

The astonishing scandal of a homosexual Cardinal must not be hushed behind the sensational news of a convicted Cardinal. We need to denounce the rot beyond what is interesting to the secular press. We need to make of this, not of the distraction of a possibly never happened abuse, the real centre of the conversation.We can’t give the world and the Catholics in the pews the impression that a homosexual Cardinal is just a side news.

I have been no admirer of Cardinal Pell for a while. When he was reported to have explored with the Australian Government ways to force a priest to report what happens in the confessional (I don’t care about the nuances: in this matter, a Cardinal must be like Caesar’s wife) I was done with the guy. I will, also, not cry one single tear if a homosexual Cardinal is convicted, because if he really is homosexual (which I don’t know for sure, but this is the impression I gathered up to now) the monstrosity of his entire life makes the abuse of an adolescent, obviously also homosexual boy pale in comparison.

I will wait to see whether I hear more about this specific fact. It can be that the Cardinal claims to be, and in fact is, straight. But then a lot of the reporting I have read would be just as absurd for not mentioning this as the very core of the debunking of the accusations against him.

Sodomite priest were, in more Christian times, given to the secular justice to be executed. If the man is a homosexual (and in this case, very likely, a sodomite), let the statement above sink in before you cry for Cardinal Pell. If he is straight and innocent of all accusations, he is still a traitor and fake conservative.

We need to realise that we have many, many more enemies in our own rank than we think, and act accordingly.









How The Frauds Have Fallen!

Father Rosica, the pro homo guy known for persecuting poor bloggers and thinking that a Pope can do what he wants with doctrine, has (had to) resign from a number of offices after a remarkable career as a plagiarist was revealed.

His fall was rapid, and not unexpected. Also unsurprisingly, the man tried to blame other people for several decades of intellectual theft. Oh, these pesky trainees! You turn your back one second to go buy some salt and they build you an entire career on plagiarism, for decades!

I honestly think Father Rosica has, at some point, persuaded himself that he is homosexual, thus believing himself sufficiently protected inside and outside of the Vatican. Salty, uh?

Something went wrong in this mental process. I do not know exactly what, but hey….

I rejoice with Vox Cantoris and hope he and his wife have enjoyed their bottle of bubbly to the last drop. Visit his excellent blog extra for the occasion. The man fought for all of us. He has richly deserved his bubbly.

As for myself, I will wait for the fall of Father Martina, or however that tool is called.


The SSPX and the New Normality

The SSPX has reacted to Pope Francis’ “False religions are willed by God” “interfaith” statement. A tad slow, our friends, you might say. However, no-one doubted on which side they were, and I do not think that the SSPX should feel obliged to react to current events within the news cycle. Still, one notices Cardinal Mueller did pretty much the same job in a fraction of the time.

This statement should reassure all those who had felt abandoned by the SSPX because they were being a tad slow. However, people of such little faith and such precipitous pessimism will always be ready to announce the end of the world every time something does not go according to their very fearful taste; therefore, I will leave them to their own fears.

The statement in itself is not really news, because entirely predictable and anticipated in its content. What is, however, rapidly becoming news is that Francis is being condemned from both the right (read: those who are right) and the left. Quite an accomplishment for a man extremely known for his propensity to the easy gestures and the cheap slogans: the wheelchairs, the acts of “humility”, the hotel bill and the Renault 4, all that kind of easy, approval-seeking Kindergarten exercises. With all that dumb stuff going on, and the white tunic to boot, how can a Pope become the object of worldwide criticism?

With all this, and with all the immense goodwill a Pope will be entitled to, Francis has still managed to be shot at from all side. His toxic combination of heresy, arrogance, incompetence, communism, and even downplaying of paedophilia is probably unique on the planet, it is a satanic cocktail so evidently poisonous that even the BBC slowly notices it.

This man is quite the circus attraction. It will be entertaining to see him digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself as he keeps insulting everybody and condemning everything that is not just as dumb as he is. It is, at the same time, a great grace given to us: so that, once realised that this disgraceful Pontificate is but the explosion of the bubo of Vatican II, we can at least be glad that we have been given an enemy so easy to spot, unable to deceive even those dullest and dumbest of people: mainstream journalists.

The real news today is not that the SSPX has reacted to the 4 February statement.

It is that it has now become the new normality that nobody, nobody but a bunch of homo prelates can stand this guy.


Francis, Toys, Pram.

The fake synod about the Vatican’s fake concern about dealing with paedos has come to an end and, predictably, it was another PR disaster.

Francis, whose incompetence and stupidity are rapidly becoming apparent to non-Catholics, has used his final address for some vague blabla about the issue, whilst he accused the press of amplifying it too much.

As far as I can see, not one word about the central issue: homosexuality among the clergy.

Reflect for a moment on the immense arrogance of a man who, forced to pretend that he is doing something, does not even manage to do a bit of pretending without his total disinterest for the issue emerging.

My impression is that the man is now basically throwing toys out of the pram, out of spite and childishness, as he often does; and seeing enemies in all but the only category of people he should see as his real enemies: homosexual prelates and their enablers. This explains decisions like the role given to Cupich in this synod, or the appointment of Farrell as Camerlengo. These are the people who would go down, or to jail, if the Big Clean-up were to start. They will stay on his side to the end. He knows he can count on them as even the secular press is forced to see Francis for what he is: an incompetent buffoon without any other interest than the preservation of his job and its ruthless, childish enjoyment for all the time left to him.

Francis can’t even pretend to care a straw. This is how arrogant and stupid he is. He is as if the worst bully among the pupils were suddenly made headmaster. Francis is just that boy, catapulted to a role so much bigger than him that he can’t even understand the first two things of what is good for him.

Pity the old nincompoop. And pray that he may die soon.


Francis’ Middle Finger

Some people were, actually, surprised that Francis appointed Cardinal Farrell, Roommate In Chief, as Camerlengo.

I wasn’t and, if you know Francis a little, neither should you.

What Francis is doing is, very simply, giving the middle finger to everybody: the Catholics out there, the press, the sane clergy that has remained, literally everybody.

The man is obviously extremely crossed that even his traditional favourite, the secular press, is looking at him in a way that does not even remotely resemble the fawning and plate licking we have seen in recent years. The magic is gone, and the Pope is suspected of protecting paedos right and left.

Spiteful and vengeful as he is, the old, lewd man does the only thing he knows how to do: has an angry reaction that shows his opponents how much he despises them.

Farrell’s appointment is a huge F U to all of us and all of them. It is Francis’ way to tell everybody where to go. It is nothing to do with the role of the Camerlengo or with Francis’ intention of how the Vatican is to be run between his death and the choice of his successor. It is simply Francis being his old stupid, childish, vulgar, spiteful, revenfeful self.

Let’s hope the Camerlengo has a lot to do very soon. This old cretin has really crossed all possible lines, and keeps looking for new ones.


Francis’ Downfall And God’s Sense Of Humour

As the latest charade of the Evil Clown on the crimes of his protegees is about to begin, the Washington Post publishes the story of the Provolo Institute.

I have already written in detail the shocking story of this institution, and I invite you to use a search engine – or the search function of this blog – to locate it. The story in itself is not new, neither is the fact that it appears clear that Francis knew, or refused to know, about what was happening and did nothing.

What is new is the fact that even a symphatising publication like WaPo breaks ranks with the leftist establishment and publishes the most abrasive – albeit very softly worded – indictment of the hypocritical behaviour of the Evil Clown even as his fake exercise is about to begin. This is a blow straight to the sternum of the Pope.

The brutal truth is that Francis is not only a heretic who hates Catholics (WaPo is very fine with this), but one who has clearly protected paedos in his function as Pope. This, the world cannot, and will not, forgive, “humble Pope” or not.

Now, don’t get me wrong: Francis’ protection of the criminal behaviour of perverted priests is as bad in my book as it is in the world’s. But in my book, heresy is even worse; something which the secular minds of the Washington Post would very possibly be unable to grasp even after several hours of great effort.

The bottom line? Francis is going down, fast and hard. The more he lives, the more he will be compromised, then it is clear by now that his collection of skeletons must be quite remarkable. However, he will not go down for raping the Church, about which the world, the Cardinals and the Bishops, almost to a man, do not care. He will go down for displeasing the world instead.

Everyone who thinks God does not have the most divinely refined sense of humour is simply not paying attention.


Bye Bye, Shamima.

Some year ago, a very dumb UK citizen, the 15 year old Shamima Begum, decided that the smart thing to do was to leave the UK and join the ISIS together with other two 15 years old girls just as dumb as herself.

Fast forward four years: one of the dumb girls was killed, and our own dumb girl was married to a chap currently wanted by the Dutch for terror activities.

Girl, around 19 in the meantime and with a child, decides that she has had enough of, erm, warm climates. She therefore asks to come back to the UK, where her and the little bastard will be able to scrounge an existence at the expense of the taxpayers of that same Country to which ISIS declared war. This she does for the good of the child, she says. Very strange, this: that it be good for a child to grow in the same society the likes of Shamima wanted to destroy.

Sadly for the aspiring scrounger, it seem that it will not happen that way. Not only the request has been refused, but the young idiot is being deprived of the UK citizenship as she also has a Bangladeshi one (oh, the miracles of diversity and inclusion, integrating and fostering loyalty in people of such diverse background!)

What is most remarkable in this is that the anger against the young woman does not centre around her betraying her fatherland, but about her refusal (I told you she is dumb) to state that she regrets going away to join ISIS in some capacity or other (and be it: “disposable uterus”). I deduct from this that, had the woman not been so irredeemably dumb, she might have had a shot at coming back, with the young ISIS bastard in tow, proceeding to scrounge from those she hates for the rest of her, no doubt, miserable existence at the cost of some words for the enjoyment of the bleeding hearts of the Realm.

I remember reading that the British actively terminate the UK male citizens who moved to ISIS-controlled territories whenever they can. Ms Shamima Begum is, therefore, lucky to be the carrier of a uterus. This is sexist, you might say; but hey, it’s the way of the world.

Enjoy life, Shamima.

It’s the bed you made. I hope you will find it every little bit as halal as I hope it will be.


Homo Bait

A book is about to be published, making rather fantastic allegations like the one that up to 80% of the Vatican priests are inverted, besides throwing mud on Benedict.

The book is written by a homosexual.

I wonder how naive one must be in order to fail to understand that homosexuals will always exaggerate their number with normal people, in order to give a varnish of “normality” to their condition. Also, the clear desire of these people to attract attention on themselves puts an end to any hypothesis that the man might, on an argument that so much titillates the public curiosity, keep a semblance of correct reporting.

Let me give you the lowdown on this:

Every homosexual in the priesthood is one too much.

Do not give any help to the marketing of this rubbish. Do not even mention the title of the book or the name of its author, so that it gets automatically ignored by search engines.

We have no need for inverted people telling us that there are inverted priest, whilst behaving like every other inverted.


Lock Him Up!

Sodomite TV actor of, I am told, some “celebrity” has finally been exposed as having staged a fake attack against his own perverted self.

Lock him up, says I. However, it is very likely that the individual in question will get away with it, and will possibly try to raise further capital from his criminal offence (you know, “raise awareness” and all that).

Had it happened on the other side, the cries for the lynching of the culprit would be deafening.

Mr Smollett is not only a sodomite; he is Black, too. Basically, he is the Panda, twice. I really doubt he will be made an example.

It is funny to note that it might be that the fake news were staged in order to prevent Mr Smollett from being kicked out of the show that made him (I am told) famous.

He clearly wanted to be the Panda, thrice.

Mr Smollett’s likely impunity means that all sorts of leftist nutcases, more or less perverted, will keep feeling free to stage attack from people who support Trump; and let only one case be true, thirty hoaxes will be forgiven.

Lock him up.

There should be no place on the streets for people who incite to civil strife, causing an awful lot of expenses in the meantime.


NHS Goes Dr Mengele on Its Patients

The United Kingdom is marching fast towards the presumption of organ donation. This means, in real life, that every Mengele-type doctor (of whom there are many, though they do not see themselves that way) will see many a patient as a useful provider of human spare parts. This is quite ok with these people, because they see human life as just another form of animal life and the end of life as something not linked to any Divine will. They will, therefore, not hesitate in abandoning the fight for a human life whenever other lives can be saved by harvesting his organs.

You can, they tell us, “opt out”; but apart from the intrinsic monstrosity of saying to people that the NHS will “go Mengele” on them unless they opt out, you can bet your dog that it will not be many years before incrementalism creeps in and those who opt out are punished in various ways (e.g. with higher NI contribution) and treated like selfish bastards before the opt out is outlawed outright.

This is where the lack of awe for the human life and the end of the Christian vision of a God-given life has led us. This is nothing more than the logical continuation of the mentality that gave us abortion. If it is allowed to dispose of a human life for the comfort of her mother, why should it be not allowed to terminate a human life for the survival of other humans?

What people forget is that Dr Mengele did not think he was doing anything evil. He merely discarded the sacredness of human life when it was convenient to the scope he wanted to reach. I am pretty sure he was quite nice to his neighbours, too.

Now Dr Mengele becomes mainstream, courtesy of the British Democracy; a Democracy betrayed and ridiculed by its very representative whenever convenient (look at the Brexit saga to watch open, blatant disregard for the clearly stated will of the people) , but also used to further the agenda of Satan; which must perforce happen when the voters just stop believing in God. All this happens under the miserable excuse of a Sovereign who is supposed to be “Defender of the Faith” and seems, if the rumours are true, quite happy to let the Faith go to the dogs, because niceness. She could abdicate, of course, making the Monarchy halfway relevant for one last time. But that, I am afraid, wouldn’t be the nice, or convenient, thing to do.

God will, I think, not save the Queen, or many of his godless subjects.


Forgive Me Father, Because I Left The Light On.

The Evil Clown has recently complained that people never confess the sin of offending nature, whatever that is.

With the stupidity that is so typical of the man, he added that this is because they are not aware that those are sins, you know.

So we have a situation where, for two thousand years, Christians have not been aware that something is a sin. But then Francis arrives on the scene, and proceeds to teach Christianity what is what. Let this sink in.

One truly has to be a functional retard in order to miss the arrogance, stupidity and veiled blasphemy of all this. Francis seems blissfully unaware, or – because even he might be more intelligent than that – defiantly uncaring of all the cow-defying flatulence he produces.

This is the man who downplays sexual sins at every occasion, and is on record with telling journalists not to expect too much success in the fight against paedo priests, because hey…. But woe to you, you like flying to your holiday destination. Repent!! And buy an old Renault 4! No, wait, that is sinful, too! I wonder if Frankie has confessed it?

Again, the conclusion is easy to reach: Francis is either satanically evil or shockingly stupid, tertium non datur. I vote for mainly evil, but also dumb; though not that dumb.

And now excuse me, I need to go to the kitchen, where I will “sin” with a nice steak; actually savouring not only the meat in itself, but the thought of all that “sinful” CO2 that went into its production. Tsk, tsk…


Benedict: The Hindenburg To Francis’ Hitler.

The unexpected announcement of Pope Benedict that he would abdicate on the 11 February 2013 has started a chain of events that, seen six years later, look like a well-deserved punishment for the decade-long infidelity of Vatican II, and the way chosen by a just God to put us in front of the consequences of the rebellion we have created and approved and clapped to for decades.

What I would like to avoid is the impression that if Benedict had not resigned, everything would be fine and the Church would be marching toward sanity in great strides. Whilst this is a guessing game, my take is that the decline would have continued unabated, only in a slower form and without the cold comfort of knowing that Francis does hate the Church and his game is too dumb to deceive anyone who cares about his own salvation.

Firstly, consider this: Benedict had received the famous 300 pages report and had deemed himself too weak to do anything. Therefore, if he had stayed he would have done exactly that: nothing.

Also, whilst McCarrick was unofficially in a sort of punishment during Benedict’s Pontificate, it was a punishment just as weak as Benedict: an informal, sort-of, hush-hush kind of thing that truly reveals the weak, compromise-prone, spineless attitude of the man.

I also wonder (and I know what I answer) whether Benedict knew about the proclivities of the Farrells and Wuerls of the world before reading the famous report; people he allowed to exercise a vast amount of power during his Pontificate.

At the moment he resigned, Benedict had clearly become the useful idiot of a vast homosexual lobby, happy to keep doing their dirty deeds and biding their time as they feigned indignation at the “conservative” Pope. If Benedict had stayed in power, the decline of everything Catholic would have continued more slowly, but unabated.

Francis at least gave many people a sorely needed wake-up call; a painful and traumatic one, certainly, but a necessary one, too. With Benedict, the Pollyannism would have reached unsuspected highs as the likes of Father Martin would have kept faggoting around and the “piously naive” Catholics would have kept repeating their consoling, feel-good legend about the “good man” surrounded by wolves who just doesn’t know, poor innocent lamb, what happens around him, because evil people keep him away from newspaper, radio, TV, computers, decent people, and thinking.

When the future speaks his verdict about this horrible XXI Century, Benedict will be judged very harshly. I have tried to have understanding for the man and, before knowing the facts we all know now, have tried to give him all the credit I reasonably could. But the events which came to light in the last year throw such a sinister light on Benedict’s Pontificate that it is impossible that the man goes out of it with his reputation intact. They also throw an ominous shadow on the decision to abdicate, as it appear less and less likely that the man could reasonably hope that a strong, conservative Catholic could have come out of the Conclave. More likely, after what we know now, he knew of the strength of the homo lobby among the Cardinals and just caved in to them, out of cowardice and tiredness but giving to himself the convenient excuse that a stronger man was needed, a man he knew full well would probably never be elected.

Benedict was the Hindenburg to Francis’ Hitler. I have no good opinion of him, and he does not inspire in me any compassion. He knew when he accepted the job what it entailed. He is culpable of dereliction of duty even as he kept clinging to the trinkets of his positions, in a vain and ultimately failed attempt to persuade us that he was not a Celestine.

He was a Celestine all right, without any of the saintliness.


Time To Act On The Wall



The 15 February is rapidly approaching and I am fearing that Trump will find, well, some excuse to dilly-dally again.

Wonderful President that he has been until now, on the wall he is running out of excuses pretty fast. It is pretty clear that not only he has the power to declare an emergency to build the wall, but actually he could (at least until the money lasts) start building the wall without declaring any emergency. There are simply no excuses not to act.

I seem to understand what Trump has been trying to do.

  1. He wants to send a message that he has tried all, but truly all, to make the Democrats reason, and he wants to expose them as enemies of the American people. This is possibly working, but at a price.
  2. He is not disinclined to bring the phase of the ferocious confrontation nearer the 2020 election. This is, I think, unwise.
  3. He wants to bend the Democrats to accept a compromise that he would be able to claim as a victory. This will, I think it is clear enough by now, never happen.

However, there are limits to how this can be made to work, and honestly I think it has not worked already. If he had declared the state of emergency in 2017, or at the very least after the compromise on the Omnibus, the wall would now be fairly advanced, with drone cameras able to make video ads for all of the campaign 2020. He might have been able to do (even) better in 2018, too. Yes, he would have been seen as “partisan”. Screw that. He was seen as partisan enough in 2016, without the bonus of being the sitting president, and see what he has accomplished from that much more difficult position.

Further shutdowns will not help him. A president that provokes another shutdown to obtain something for which he does not need any shutdown only damages himself. He needs to act and do what he has the power to do, taking all the responsibility as the Commander in Chief and the one responsible for the security of the American people.

Will he do it? We shall see. After two years of awaiting decisive action, I can’t be very optimistic on this.


Enough Is Enough! Cardinal Mueller Releases Strong-worded Anti-Francis Manifesto

Featured Image

Enough is enough. Even Cardinals now see it.

Well, this is good news.

Cardinal Mueller has released a strong-worded manifesto, that is so pointedly, so evidently, so insistently anti-Francis that the fact Mueller does not mention the name will not prevent it from making headlines all over the planet.

It is a systematic demolition of some of Francis’ heretical (I am talking here in the common sense intended by decent people; not in the sense referred to in the ruminations of weak Canonists) statements on the One True Faith, communion for adulterers, hell and repentance, male priesthood, and other stuff I now forget.

The words are strong, often taken directly from the Scriptures or from the Catechism.

Some random snippets follow, but the tone is the same throughout the document:

“Many wonder today what purpose the Church still has in its existence, when even bishops prefer to be politicians rather than to proclaim the Gospel as teachers of the Faith.”

“To keep silent about these and the other truths of the Faith and to teach people accordingly is the greatest deception against which the Catechism vigorously warns. It represents the last trial of the Church and leads man to a religious delusion, “the price of their apostasy” (CCC 675); it is the fraud of Antichrist. “He will deceive those who are lost by all means of injustice; for they have closed themselves to the love of the truth by which they should be saved” (2 Thess 2:10).”

“For he that shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation: The Son of Man also will be ashamed of him, when He shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.” (Mark 8:38).

This is a big, fat, “enough is enough!”

The Cardinal does not go to war openly against Francis, but he ridicules him in front of the Catholic world. The Cardinal clearly seems to either defy Francis to take measures against him, or to show that Francis has become so embarrassing that he will now be openly corrected and contradicted without any regard for his position of authority.

When a Cardinal accuses the Pope, in an official manifesto, of making the work of the Antichrist, I think many faithful listen.

Whilst Cardinal Mueller was never an example of orthodoxy, this manifesto is better than any meowing that has ever come from Cardinal Burke and his sorry band of Bragging Kitten. It is strong, insisted, bold-faced, and quite the wake-up call. It does not ask Francis to state the truth. It does it for him, whether he likes it or not.

I very much doubt that the Cardinal is alone on this. But I will give him credit for this: that he had the gut to come out with words of truth alone, putting himself on the firing line.

What will Francis now do? Punish a Cardinal for a document consisting almost entirely of quotations from the Catechism and the Scriptures? I’d love to see it. I think I’d have to buy a new popcorn-maker.

My take is that Mueller is sending to Francis a simple, but clear message: “Shut up, old nincompoop. Enough is enough. You have been testing our patience for long enough.”

Again: Mueller is a an experienced politician and diplomatic. He knows what he is doing.

There might be more behind this than meets the eye.





Covington: Make The Responsible Go Flipping Burgers

The Diocese of Covington has issued one of those sugary apologies for the way a Catholic diocese has treated a group of perfectly decent Catholic boys.

Too little and too late.

Firstly, the apology only came after the diocese was threatened with a law suit. Secondly, the scale of what has happened (a Catholic diocese eagerly taking part to the public lynching of their own boys) is not something that can be washed away with an apology.

What happened is a symptom of a very serious disease: the fact that many Catholic dioceses have sold out to the world to such an extent that they cannot resist taking part in the lynching of their own, lest anyone thinks they are not wordly and politically correct enough.

This should have consequences going way beyond an apology, and I hope that the diocese is sued anyway and this scandal makes as much noise as possible.

The lives of several good Catholic boys could have been destroyed. Obvioysly, this was of no consequence to the people responsible for the statement released by the Covington diocese; people clearly so morally rotten that they do not hesitated one second in believing the “white supremacist” fake news leftist narrative because the boys were… wearing MAGA hats!

It is time for the PR people of the Diocese to go flipping burgers or, alternatively, apply for a job at the CNN or the New York Times, where they will be able to fulfil their real vocation of brown-nosing to liberal culture.

As to the Bishop, we need to know whether he was previously informed and approved of the statement and, if yes, he should be sent to the most rural parish in Kentucky as a parish priest, assuming he still remembers how to celebrate Mass. But honestly, even if he did not know of the statement, he should be held responsible both for the people he employs and for not having fired them in advance of the threat of a law suit.

This happened in Kentucky, for crying out loud. It goes to show what a sewer of political correctness the average US Diocese has become.

Will heads roll? I doubt.

Should they? Most certainly, and many of them.

Catholic dioceses have become the enemies of their own boys. This truly says it all.

Kudos to you, brave Covington boys.

You are making America great again, and FrancisChurch just a little less miserable.


The Pro-Life President

Yesterday’s State of the Union speech touched all the right chords. President Trump was strong but compassionate, and assertive without being unduly divisive.

His strong words against the evil of, well, infanticide were beautiful, his pro-life stance unmistakable and boldly declared.

I struggle to remember a head of state and/of government in one of the big five Western European Countries doing the same; not only now, but looking back several decades.

Not for the first time, I thank God for the great gift that He has given us with this man; a gift the more precious, as even the Pope prefers to side with the enemy.

Not for the first time, my blood boils with rage – albeit in a way tempered by the victory already achieved – at the thought of all the Judases and assorted idiots who have chosen to stab this man in the back and either not vote or vote against him, because they felt so much better than him.

Scumbags. Hypocrites. Idiots. People who would have given us Hillary so they can trumpet their alleged holiness for the next four years, assuring us that the end is near because of the evil they themselves have contributed to cause.

The scumbags lost. Trump won. And whilst he did not prove a perfect President (something we all knew already), I can safely say that the man has, up to now, exceeded all but the most optimistic expectations.

God gave us a great gift; but, as so always, His gift came in a stealth way, with a man that defies stereotypes and does not conform to any abstract Catholic ideal of a statesman; which, if he had done, would have made him utterly and completely unelectable in the first place.

Instead, God gave us this man: brash, fearless, utterly politically incorrect, lover of fights, and clearly pro-life.

The scumbags lost. Trump won. But make no mistake, there will be no lack of bastards come 2020. The most pro-life President since Ronald Reagan needs us to start working for him now, and weight his shortcomings against the immense evil of a Bloomberg, Harris or (ha! I am having a Spartacus moment now!) Booker Presidency.

We have a great pro-life President. We should pray for him every day.

As the Macrons of the world are fine with having the Continent invaded by strange peoples and cultures even as they kill their own people in the womb, Trump’s recipe is exactly the opposite.

The State of the Union speech gave us another insight into the immense distance separating Trump from his major European counterparts.

It feels so good to know that at the White House we have a pro-life President.


The Pro-Life President

Yesterday’s State of the Union speech touched all the right chords. President Trump was strong but compassionate, and assertive without being unduly divisive.

His strong words against the evil of, well, infanticide were beautiful, his pro-life stance unmistakable and boldly declared.

I struggle to remember a head of state and/of government in one of the big five Western European Countries doing the same; not only now, but looking back several decades.

Not for the first time, I thank God for the great gift that He has given us with this man; a gift the more precious, as even the Pope prefers to side with the enemy.

Not for the first time, my blood boils with rage – albeit in a way tempered by the victory already achieved – at the thought of all the Judases and assorted idiots who have chosen to stab this man in the back and either not vote or vote against him, because they felt so much better than him.

Scumbags. Hypocrites. Idiots. People who would have given us Hillary so they can trumpet their alleged holiness for the next four years, assuring us that the end is near because of the evil they themselves have contributed to cause.

The scumbags lost. Trump won. And whilst he did not prove a perfect President (something we all knew already), I can safely say that the man has, up to now, exceeded all but the most optimistic expectations.

God gave us a great gift; but, as so always, His gift came in a stealth way, with a man that defies stereotypes and does not conform to any abstract Catholic ideal of a statesman; which, if he had done, would have made him utterly and completely unelectable in the first place.

Instead, God gave us this man: brash, fearless, utterly politically incorrect, lover of fights, and clearly pro-life.

The scumbags lost. Trump won. But make no mistake, there will be no lack of bastards come 2020. The most pro-life President since Ronald Reagan needs us to start working for him now, and weight his shortcomings against the immense evil of a Bloomberg, Harris or (ha! I am having a Spartacus moment now!) Booker Presidency.

We have a great pro-life President. We should pray for him every day.

As the Macrons of the world are fine with having the Continent invaded by strange peoples and cultures even as they kill their own people in the womb, Trump’s recipe is exactly the opposite.

The State of the Union speech gave us another insight into the immense distance separating Trump from his major European counterparts.

It feels so good to know that at the White House we have a pro-life President.


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