The Silence Of The Cowardinals Creates More FrancisCardinals

The Evil Clown is about to appoint another dozen or so Cardinals with voting rights. This prompt me to some very sad considerations.

The crisis of the Church is not primarily a crisis of heresy. If is a crisis of mediocrity, conformism and tepid or, rather, lost faith.

Cardinal Burke has been wetting his lips for now 18 and more months about a possible correction. In the meantime, Francis has appointed – including the next batch at the end of June – some twenty or more Cardinals. This, mind, not during his Pontificate. Merely since the time Burke and his band of pathetic kitten recognised Bergoglio as a clear and present danger for the Church, even with the rather lax standards of V II prelates.

You could say that Bergoglio is trying to demolish everything Catholic, and you would be right. But the worst is to see that everyone is too nice, and too attached to their splendid palaces, to do anything about it.

Meanwhile, mainstream milquetoast Catholics think that Burke is a brave guy for muttering some words of dissatisfaction here and there, or for even playing paper tiger when he has a compliant audience. But this started around twenty FrancisCardinals ago, when the situation was much better than it will be at the end of June. Whilst Cowardinals shut up or posture, Rome sinks in a lake of Bergoglian heresy and socialism.

I am not a Quietist, and I therefore refuse to just sit back and think that the Holeeee Spiiirit will take care of it just like that. God works through men, and it is not enough to just sit back and do nothing.

We aren’t Cardinals or Bishops. But what we can do as simple faithful – within our family and circle of friends; as commenters or bloggers, or as tweeters, and so on – we should do. The time is coming when Bergoglian positions will be mainstream even within the college of Cardinals. The only way to counter this disaster is to react as simple faithful; not allowing the Burkes of the world to think that what they are doing is less than dereliction of duty and utter silent betrayal, and relentlessly fighting against the ¡Hagan lío! troops. Be vocal. Pray more. Introduce fast in your life. Do penance for yourself and for them. But be vocal, lest more people are confused.

The silence, or pathetic meowing, of the Cowardinals creates more bad Cardinals: the smoke of Bergoglio has entered the Church from the front door, whilst the kitten were meowing for the joy of the Pollyannas. Only God can, at this point, put an end to this. But when it happens it will be through the actions of men, not sending angels down from heaven.

We are being betrayed by the paper tigers no less than by the Evil Clown and his minions. The enablers are also accomplices. May they repent for their betrayal.




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Pope Marcellin(i)us was famously asked to sacrifice to Pagan gods or die, and decided for the former. He was accused of blatant violation of the First Commandment, and his own bishops put him on trial, famously asking him to “judge thyself “.

To my knowledge, no one went to analyse the subtle dealings of the man. No one looked for expressions of irony as he was making his sacrifice, and then said “good old Marcellinus! As always, in his very intelligent and sophisticated way he let us know how much he disapproves of pagan gods “. Similarly, no one said “Marcellinus had to do it. He was held prisoner!” This even if, in fact, his accusers knew for a fact, and not out of their fantasies that in case of refusal Marcellinus would have been executed alright. Moreover, there were no strange theories alleging that Marcellinus sacrificed to Pagan gods

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FrancisVacantism Leads To Sedevacantism

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I keep reading around strange theories concerning which the Evil Clown would not be the Pope, because Benedict (who appears to be his buddy) was forced out, or did not know what he was doing, or whatever.

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No Cinderella, She

Cute little bitch, ain’t she?

Decidedly, royal princesses are not what they used to be.

Forget the Cinderella story. This one here has been around the block a couple of times, has already gone through a divorce and, being a TV star of some notoriety (the fact I can’t remember her Christian name even today is of no relevance), is most certainly not the retiring wallflower. She will eat the poor dum-dum alive; but then again it’s the bed he made.

This here seems to me not much a royal marriage as the prequel to a royal divorce. I might be wrong of course, but the ingredients are there. In fact, you might say that the impact between the still very rigid, formal environment of the Royals and the emancipated ways of the American TV star would be, in themselves, stuff for a TV show. But what, in the end, grates me the most of all this is the total decay of the very concept of marriage it exhibits, with Harry allowed to do what cost the crown to Edward VIII and not even one passing remark about what the Country used to be when it still had some fear of the Lord . Because you see: even in Protestant England, at that time marriage was more than a TV show.

Now we will have the populace enjoy this counterfeit of religion in Series One, and then enjoy again all the dirt when the divorce comes, in Series Two. Actually it is fair to say this: that if this had been a royal so-called same sex marriage, the novelty factor would have caused more interest instead of huge scandal.

Cyclists, motorcyclists and sports car fans out there: enjoy the free roads!

It should not be said this marriage was good for nothing.




The Tragedy Of The Cowardinals Is Just As Big As The Tragedy Of Francis

Let us reflect for a moment on what is happening on the Ecumenical Sacrilege FrancisChurch is concocting.

The situation in which a Pope is openly implying that he will side with heresy if the group of heretics is compact enough would, in any other age, have caused a huge uproar all over Christendom. If the Church had a modicum of decency left, we would see countless bishops and entire bishops’ conferences – from Poland to Argentina, and from Sri Lanka to Uganda – demanding that the Pope cease and desist, or be dealt with as the Church deals with heretics.

I have no doubt that some meowing is taking place behind the scene. However, it is difficult to think that it will be more than that: meowing. Francis has already demonstrated on several occasion – from the second Synod to Amoris Laetitia, and from his treatment of the FFI to his dealing with paedophile scandal – that he not only does not care for politely expressed reservations, but despises and mocks those who express them.

A bully on one side, an army of eunuchs (in the best of cases) on the other. This is why we are in the situation in which we find ourselves here. This is why Francis can not even think of, but publicly state that he will consider supporting sacrilege. The faithful are being failed just as much by cowardly clergy as by an obviously heretical Pope.

One day Francis will die; and on that day, many a Cowardinal and bishop will discover in himself a heroism never imagined before, and never seen in action when the time was ripe. Plus, we will have the army of lukewarm idiots happy with Cowardinals who never did anything more than posturing, and absolving their clergy from any sin because they coughed when Francis was proclaiming heresy. And I do not know whom to despise more: Francis with his open work of demolition or those bishops and Cardinals – almost all of them, in fact – who are happy to wait that he dies and do pretty much nothing (or: nothing plus some Dubia, or a letter, or an interview here or there) to stop this man and his German minions in their track.

This crisis is the fruit of systemic failure in the selection of bishops and cardinals; a failure that has been going on for more than 50 years now and which had to bring to the present situation, because tampering with truth is like throwing oneself from a cliff: it can’t stop half way.

Whenever we think of how bad Francis is, we must reflect on how satanic Vatican II was. Unless this sinks in there will be no chance of the situation ever improving in a serious way, then you can’t cure the disease without a proper, accurate diagnosis.

The German President Steinmeier Should Be Made To Resign

The German President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has dared to go public calling for the Church to allow sacrilege.

Truly, we live in astonishing times. A head of state calls for the Church he does not belong to to allow sacrilege. What is wrong with these people?

Would Herr Steinmeier call for Muslims to eat pork? Would he dare to tell Jews to eat bloody meat? How dare he, a Protestant, to open his mouth in matters of which he clearly understands nothing?

This is an unprecedented scandal; made worse still by the sad track record the Germans have in matter of religious persecution.

Mr Steinmeier should be forced to resign by a compact wall of Catholic outrage. The fact that he probably even orchestrated this shame with Cardinal Marx really tells you what is happening in Germany.

We truly live in an age of utter insanity; an insanity aided and abetted by our very own clergy.


Apocalypse… Soon?

If we lived in sane times, the astonishing mass defection and sacrilege of the German bishops would never take place. We do not live in sane times, and we are therefore witnessing the spectacle of a Pope saying to his bishops of one Country “I will support your sacrilege and heresy if you are unanimous in your decision to be heretical and sacrilegious”. It beggars belief.

What we might be about to witness is a situation where the “dissenting” German bishops agree to the sacrilege and heresy in situation which they think they can still sell – to the dumb and the reprobate – as exceptional circumstances prior to conversion , whilst all the others will immediately proclaim the new rule as “communion by conscience”. And already writing this gives the scale of the insanity.

The situation is, as we all know, very similar to the Dutch Schism. However, Paul VI never implied – weak as he was – that he would endorse the Dutch Schism if the Dutch bishops all agree to it. Therefore, the Dutch Schism remained a situation of centrifugal forces not countered from Rome, rather than aided and abetted by it.

If this happens, we will have another first in the history of the Church: Rome siding with Schismatics. The mind boggles. This would be more than a nuclear scenario, as the atomic mushroom of open confrontation and conflagration of the Pope declared Schismatic and deposed would still be infinitely better than a situation in which the Pope is in schism with 2000 years of Catholicism, and nothing happens.

If this happens – and it might happen very soon – we must come to terms with what this means for us; particularly if, as it is most probably the case, no national churches will be found willing to declare the German Church in heresy, much less the Pope a heretic. Count here on the usual sofisms, meant to persuade the DumDums that “nothing has changed”.

I will, in this scenario, adopt what I think is the most rational position, that is:

1. Shout from the roofs that Francis is a heretic and should be deposed.

2. Recognise that, as long as this is not the case, the Pope is still Pope. Unworthily, but factually. A mad dog is still a dog until he is put down. A mad Pope is still Pope until he is deposed or deceased. A Pope in schism – an apparently absurd, but perfectly feasible situation – would still be such until he dies or he is deposed; then not a single Pope decides who is in schism according to whim, but the history and tradition of the Church; in such a way, that a Pope can put himself in contrast with all his predecessors, and still be the successor of all of them. Once again: a heretical Pope is, until deposed, still Pope. And those who refuse obedience to him do so not because he is not Pope, but because he is a heretical one!

The “first unofficial rule” of the Italian Army is: Gli ordini sbagliati non si eseguono (“wrong orders are not carried out”). But they are still orders! The saying is, wisely, that they are not carried out; not that, as they are wrong, they do not exist!

3. I will only agree that the See is vacant if the SSPX proclaims the fact. I consider it improbabile. They will rather, in case, proclaim the necessity for the Cardinals to restore the dignity of the Church. Failing which, we will have a heretical Pope, and the Lord will show us, in His own time, the way how things can be restored.

We might be about to face the Apocalypse, and I ask you from right now to not put your faith in a handful of gregarious, corrupt, weak German bishops and Cardinals. It is unlikely that they care for the Apocalypse, or believe in God in the first place. If they find it more convenient for them to give up and agree with the “majority”, they will do just that.

If the Apocalypse comes, it will find us more Catholics than ever, calmly observing the reality around us, understanding the roots of it, praying that it goes away soon, and confident that Providence will adjust everything in its own time. But even in this scenario it will not be for us to decide who is Pope and who isn’t. We will leave thus decision to Catholic organisations more qualified than us, because we aren’t the ones who can decide who is the Commander in Chief.

But his orders, we will refuse to carry out anyway.


This Is Not The Time For Devotional Blogging

So, shall we just avoid the controversies surrounding Pope Francis and limit ourselves to praying the rosary and writing about edifying material? If you have followed this blog even only a couple of days, you know my answer.

There is an awful lot of material, online and in books, for those who want to deepen their knowledge of traditional Catholicism. This blog, and many others, have plenty of information on the matter for the one who is willing to search. Thank God, the Internet has put this information within the reach of pretty much everyone in the English speaking world.

Blogging is, however, a more immediate form of communication than a book; and it therefore allows a faster reaction when things go wrong. A war is raging, and Satan is clearly very influent in the Vatican. I for myself am not going to spend the time I have for blogging in further explanations about the Works of Mercy or the meaning of the word “charity”. Plenty of resources for that; actually even on this blog, but pretty much everywhere.

No, this is not the time to retreat to a kind of devotional blogging, or spiritual blogging retreat. This is the time to follow St Michael. The reduction of Catholic blogging to online Catholic fare without reference to the war that is raging is tantamount to giving Francis all the liberty he wants, and to wreck everything he wants, safe in the knowledge that Catholic bloggers will focus on the Joyous Mysteries, or on pious toughts on the day of the Ascension.

Let those who think their role is to explain the Catechism to readers do so at the best of their ability. There are many Catholic bloggers out there and everyone can useful in his own way. But without me, and thank you very much.

In times of war you need, first of all, warriors. Cooks may be useful, byt they don’t win wars. The Crusaders never stopped thinking whether it would have been better to stop the war and start spiritual exercises instead. They knew it was the time for war, and they acted accordingly.

Pray your rosary, my dear reader.

And then go on the Internet and blog, comment, retweet, “like”, do all you can to help in the war that is raging.

There is a time for peace and a time for war. In the times of Francis, we need to soldier on on the side of St Michael.


UK On Its Way To Dictatorship Of Political Correctness

Breitbart has the lowdown on this. 

It seems absurd, and it isn’t.

The pattern is always the same. Vocal minorities claim persecution. Then legislation is enacted to “protect” them in some way. Then it becomes deeply offensive to go against the new PC mantra. Then it must be a criminal offence to do so.

The problem with the UK is the extreme, if you allow me the word, “dumbification” of the Country after sixty years of decaying religious feeling and BBC-fueled PC shallowness. Millions are just unable to see when their liberties are infringed upon, because their Facebook pages are too full of sugary platitudes to allow them to start using their brains.

The double standard is also already built in. You don’t get any prizes for supposing that Muslims will go largely unscathed, Catholics will be prime targets if not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.

The premise is stupid already. Different religions ar eintriniscally incompatible with each other, which is why they are different in the first place. Therefor,e any proclamation of the truths – real or supposed – of one religion must be offensive to another one.

“God has no son”, blaspheme the Muslims. Shall it be six years, then?

Oh, and I forgot.

You know that in the end religion might simply be a convenient excuse, don’t you?

The real aim of these guidelines is the critics of “trangenders”; that is, those peopl emad enough to believe that they are not who they are, and who in more charitable times were protected from themselves by putting them in suitable mental institutions. Not anymore, of course, and the staggering suicide rate shows all the cruelty of “tolerance”.

Mind, the Country has more resources than this, and will react at some point. But this kind of attacks has been going on for more than ten years now, and it is time for the Conservative to become Conservative again and start thinking straight. Because if they don’t, the British people might at some point wake up in other ways. At that point it might get ugly; because, whilst sadly “dumbified”, this is still a fairly tough nation, very difficult to indoctrinate for very long with the easiness with which you can brainwash the Germans.





Met Gala Shows The Deformity Of The V II Clergy


Lots of cheese at McDonald’s…


What happened at the Met Gala at the beginning of the week is an alarming signal of how badly things have decayed within the Church. 

  1. The fact that Cardinal Ravasi & Co. did not hesitate to lend Catholic articles for a mini-exhibit shows, even assuming their orthodoxy, the stupidity of these people. The gala was, and is supposed to be, a show of everything that is wrong and stupid in the modern world. It’s a “fashion show” for scandalous  “celebrities”, you cretins! What did you expect?  What is next, the exhibition of Catholic memorabilia at a “gay parade”? These people really do not know anymore what Catholicism is!
  2. The presence of the likes of Cardinal Dolan at the event shows, once again, the desire of these people to mix with and be seen by the wrong crowd, and I mean the wrongest possible crowd. Only a Pollyanna on steroids could think that they were there to convert. They were there to be converted. Actually, they were there to show that they already are. 
  3. The event also saw, unsurprisingly, the presence of Father Martin, aka “Georgina”. How are Cardinals like Dolan and Ravasi not able to keep undesirables out of an event they are helping to succeed with such a massive favour as an entire exhibition? Answer: because they are just not interested in doing it. Actually, they revel in the idea that the heathens they worship will see them as “open minded” and “tolerant”. 
  4. Neither Dolan nor Ravasi can claim that they actually did not know that the gala would become a mockery of Catholicism, reduced to object of fun or outright mockery for rich atheists and curvy bimbos. They actually had to know, because they frequent those people often enough. The brutal truth is that they are so desensitized to everything Catholic that they possibly even found it fun. Cardinal Dolan, whose sheer lack of intelligence and decency antennae is quite alarming at this point, keeps trying to crack jokes about it.
  5. The entire spectacle was so shameless, that even Piers Morgan was scandalised.  (Caution: Link to Daily Mail!). And Dolan keeps trying to be funny!? Really, how bad have things become? 

It is time for us bloggers, and for journalists, and for commenters to start saying loud and clear that people like Dolan and Ravasi have no business wearing a thabit at all, much less the Red Hat. They should not be allowed to be I do not say Cardinals or Bishops, but priests in the local parish; because they are so totally sold to the world that it is unjust to inflict them on any community of Catholics.

When Piers Morgan must teach you the basics of Catholic decency, you know it’s time to apply at McDonald’s and finally give a contribution to society.   


Fifty Shades Of Libtard

Eric Schneiderman was the Attorney General for the once great state on New York. His position basically put him on a huge political trampoline, with only the sky as the limit.

The man was also a vocal feminist, tweeting like a histerical Hollywood actress about the #metoo thingy.

This particular example of Aggressive Libtard has fallen very, very hard today as allegation of massively abusive, violent behaviour have been published, no less, on the chic-Libtard New Yorker; which, by the way, tells you they must have seen the accusations as very credible, as Libtards tend to ptotect their very own.

This isn’t Rhett Butler asserting his marital rights; not even some twisted version of “Fifty Shades of Libtard”. If the allegations are true, this is a vicious level of violence. Forget Rhett Butler, think American Psycho: The Prequel instead. Such are the people Libtard put in power, and propel towards the highest echelons of American politics.

Schneiderman was Attorney General. If the allegations prove truthful, there can be no doubt he derived an additional, twisted pleasure from abusing his power, like a real-life version of the main character in the movie Indagine su un Cittadino sopra ogni sospetto.

A twisted, sick individual in both cases. But the Libtard one very real.

Well, how should I put it.

#YouToo, damn cretin.


The Cowardinals Need To Grow A Pair

Many people in Italy know the story of the 1268-1271 Conclave in Viterbo. The Cardinals were unable to reach an agreement, with very heartened fronts. The populace became increasingly frustrated with this and recurred to various measures to “persuade” the Cardinals to make a decision. First, they locked the Cardinals inside the palace (some say this was the first Conclave); then, they reduced their food rations. When not even this worked, they proceeded to take away the roof of the building, leaving the Cardinals literally in the cold.

Promptly, a new Pope was elected.

There is no denying that, by every present and former standard, undue pressure was exercised on the Cardinals, a pressure threatening, at the end, their very lives.

It is, to my knowledge, not known that anyone asked for the Conclave to be considered invalid (which was always a possibility, even before JP II’s rule – the Western Schism was originated exactly by such a claim!) and, as a result, for every conclave after that to be illegitimate.

This was, also, only an episode. If you know a bit of Church History you know that during its course there were such long periods of such sustained corruption that it is improbable that episodes of bribery and intimidation were, if more discreet than in Viterbo, not uncommon.

Why I say to you all this ? Because it seems to be that Bishop Gracida’s suggestion, that the Cardinal should call the election of Francis invalid following procedural matters, is very dangerous if very well-intentioned.

It would end up in what Italians call ” a trial to intentions”, with anectodical evidence and the stupid, vainglorious bragging of the one or the other used to undermine a Papal election.

Ask yourself this: if the Pope coming out of the Conclave had been Plus XIII, and a stupid Cardinal or three were to brag about the intelligence and efficacy of their own lobbying efforts, would you now ask that the Cardinals call the election illegitimate?

What, then, about the future? Shall every future Pope have to live under such threat unless and until the rules are changed?

It seems to me that the problem here is not the election, but the Pontificate. The remedy for this is simple: the Pope is forced to uphold orthodoxy or he is deposed as a heretic.

This was what was originally planned, but the Cowardinals – led by Cowardinal In Chief, Burke – then discovered the cojones for this were just not available. Still, this is and remains the main way, bar an Imperfect Council which would be extremely expensive and difficult to organise, and which, if such support among Bishops is present, would certainly gather the support of enough Cardinals to go the shorter way and make the process credible.

The Cowardinals need to grow a pair, and this should be the beginning and the end of any discussion about Francis. Procedural fantasies that endanger the credibility of every future papal election are, in my eyes, not helpful.


Austreten! Time To Leave The Kirchensteuer-System

The Weathervane strikes again

Let me tell you this: the pronouncement of the German church about allowing communion to protestant is going to come. I know how gregarious the Germans are, and how they always end up supporting what the majority has decided. It’s the new post-Adolf religion, and no one questions it.

This is why Francis is now asking for a unanimous decision about this sacrilege. He has clearly already been told how things will end.

I do not know what other proof people need to persuade themselves that vast parts of (soon, very probably all of) the Church in Germany have become official enemies of Christ.

When you have a Cardinal opposing the Crucifix in public buildings and promoting sacrilege, what is more to understand? When you have bishops who are such cowards, and so greedy, that they acquiesce to the request of institutionalised sacrilege for the sake of the Kirchensteuer, how can you keep seeing these people as worthy representatives of the Church they are called to defend?

Seriously: if, absurdly, a Muslim were to be appointed Cardinal in Munich, would he have the same openly anti-Catholic positions as cardinal Marx?

I am calling all German Catholics who read this blog to officially leave the Kirchensteuer-system, and tell their local priest why.

The Kirchensteuer is the main reason for all this sacrilege and enmity with God. It must end if we want to see some improvement. 



May Is The Best Month To Start The Rosary

The Rosary Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

Hail Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us now, and in the hour of our death. Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

May is the Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

What better occasion than to make a resolution to start to pray the Rosary every day, than the month of May!

Among the heavenly investments   I have mentioned in a past blog post, the Rosary is – after Mass attendance, of course – very probably the best. Padre Pio and countless other saints insisted on the Rosary. Praying the Rosary devoutly every day is a beautiful sign of predestination. I cannot imagine a better way to enrich your prayer life – nay, your life – than to pray the Rosary.

When I die, I want my last rosary to be not older than the day before. And I can die every day. Therefore…

If you should read this blog for years and take from it the habit of praying…

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Alfie: And Now For Something Completely Disturbing

The Italian magazine La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana reports that Alfie was, possibly, poisoned to avoid the persistence of the inconvenient situation in which a child ordered to die refuses to obey orders. I wasn’t there, but I know La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana as a very honest Catholic voice. Church Militant reports in English.

Normally, I avoid conspiracy theories. But this does not seem a conspiracy to me, or a theory. It seems fully in line with the mentality pervading the British so-called “health” system.

I hope that there will be a full investigation on this, and I actually hope that the Italian Justice will also start its own investigation as little Alfie died an Italian citizen.

The author of the article sums it up well:

This is what Alfie’s martyrdom did, as well as converting many hearts: It forced us to unite against a monster, to look at the brutality of a eugenics system disguised as democracy. A system with unlimited power over the person and considered a civil religion by English politics and justice. A power that crushes so many other fragile lives and spreads a utilitarian mentality that one must begin to fight if one does not want to do the same end.

One day, Theresa May may well be “euthanased”.

Unfortunately, she isn’t smart enough to understand it.



Dumb And Actually Dumber

I have written several times that Pope Francis is dumb. I mean, really stupid. His recent tweet about “banning all weapons” is the latest example of what happens when you make a stupid man Pope.

The man feels unsafe because there are weapons. The idea that he might feel unsafe because there are unsafe people around does not occur to him. No, it is weapons who, magically, cause the problem.

The irony of this is that this extremely dumb tweet, stupid at any time, looks, if possible, even dumber after the announcement of North Korea’s nuclear disarmament, an event clearly made possible by the massive threat of massive use of a massive, massive, massive amount of weapons.

But really, this is dumb on so many level a kindergarten child sees the stupidity of it. How is the man, or the U.N., or anyone else, react to the fact that some people have arms? Will they send tweets reminding North Korea of how unsure weapons make them?

This man is stupid. And I mean, embarrassingly stupid.

A great grace God has given us in

the middle of our deserved punishment for the rebellion of Vatican II.


Alfie: Eight Things To Know And Share

Why was Alfie born with substantial health problems?

God allows some people to be born with health or physical issues in order to remind us that this is not the Garden of Eden, and the Fall accompanies our world every moment.

Is That all?

No. God also wants to remind us of the sacredness of every life and of its infinite value. Christian societies honour and protect life. Heathenish ones dispose of it as they see fit.

Can you make some examples?

In Sparta, weak children of the ruling warrior class were killed in order to maintain a eugenically selected race of superwarriors. In pre-Christian Rome, weak children were exposed outside of the house door, to be adopted if any couple was so inclined or die of cold during the night. In the United Kingdom, the killing of babies is ordered whenever a hospital or a judge deem wasted money to keep him alive.

Is it as bad as that?

It is worse. The United Kingdom does not allow even foreign states to accept the sick child. The child must die in the UK, so that no questions about the failing health system arise or malpractice is discovered.

But why had little Alfie to suffer? He was innocent, surely?

From the very start of Christianity, innocent babies have been slaughtered. Again, this is all due to the Fall. And as we read in the Gospel, cruel rulers do not hesitate to sacrifice the innocent.

What about Alfie?

Alfie is now most assuredly in heaven as taught by the Church. Like the Holy Innocents’, his suffering had a wonderful, eternal reward. He now enjoys happiness beyond the human ability to comprehend in the presence of God. Not as a child without reason, but as fully adult with all his mental faculties. We see here God’s Providence clearly at work.

What will happen of those who sentenced Alfie to death one way or the other?

They have most certainly committed a heinous crime in front of the Lord and, whilst the laws of men will very likely protect them from consequences on this earth, their heavenly judge will halt them to a very different standard than a heathen society. If they – by His Grace – repent, God will providentially show, in them, His Mercy. If he allows them not to, He will let them feel His Justice. In both cases, His Goodness with triumph.

Do you mean to say that all ends well?

On earth, certainly not. But in heaven, everything is ordered in the wonderful ways of God, Who orders everything according to perfect justice and perfect mercy.


Alfie Is In Heaven, Or: Killing The Sick, The British Way To Health Care.

I was cut off from blogging a few days, and as I am now in a position to do it again I am informed that Alfie Evans has died and is now, a child baptised in the Catholic Faith who died before the age of reason, most assuredly in heaven.

The consolation for the eternal destiny of the little boy must not distract us from the astonishing example of Nazi behaviour we have witnessed in his case: a hospital going to court to fight their way to kill a child entrusted to their care, and a judge siding with them and not allowing the child to be taken care of by other people.

The most creepy episode was – as a knew when cut off from blogging – the extremely creepy announcement of the father to , basically, put an end to the pressure and give up the fight. I initially thought this was a way for the hospital to save face: protesters discamp and Alfie is quietly sent to Italy. But this was obviously not the case, and it chills my blood to think what kind of threats have very probably been directed at the family to force them to give up. I am pretty sure I am not the only one to think that a state where children are killed by their own hospitals has no lack of secret services and investigators ready and willing to find, or amplify, or invent dirt to get rid of an obnoxious father now becoming a nuisance to the NHS killing machine.

As little Alfie enjoys heaven, let us reflect on what kind of “health service” is one that wants you dead. And let us also reflect of how many actors have, in this matter, merited hell.

Listen and learn, America.

This is what socialised “health care” will unavoidably become.


Why I Am Not Surprised?

The judge in Alfie Evan’s Case is a activist homosexual

I wonder why the press never mention such details. It is as if they considered such things irrelevant. Well, no, they aren’t. People of “that parish” will obviously have a very strong interest in undermining Christian morality in all its aspects, including the sanctity of life. It is perfectly reasonable to think that they will, in a matter like this, decide against every principle of Christian piety.

It reminds me of the Californian judge who, even more absurdly, decided that the prohibition of so-called same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, and was a homosexual himself. He never thought of recusing himself, nor was the fact found worthy of recusal by most commenters. It beggars belief.

Satan is eating Britain for breakfast.

No one seems to care.


Shame On You, Britain!

This article gives all the measure of what has become of this Country. It is not only the total lack of humanity of this judge. It is the reason a judge should sit in judgment of the “usefulness” of a life in the first place.

There is not much to add to what I wrote two days ago, and on the post on 20 April. The Nazis are among us, and they will do all they can to decide of our life and liberty if things keep going on this way.

Alfie Evans

The dramatic events surrounding poor little Alfie Evans give a shocking portrait of what the United Kingdom has become: a Country in which every Christian vestige is rapidly disappearing as a deep vain of Nazism pervades the fabric of its society.

A hospital trying all they can to put an end to the life of a child, and a “justice” system supporting them in their effort: this is XXI Century Britain.

It order for the inhumanity to appear egalitarian, the child is not even allowed to live abroad, where Christian minds would have compassion of his little life. No, little Alfie Evans has to die, to satisfy the Nazi mentality informing our “health” system.

The show of brutality in this matter was such that even the Evil Clown felt it fitting to give a half-hearted support to Alfie. Really, this says it all about where we are.

This, my dear readers, is a Country allowing himself a big debate and years of controversies about the very occasional, perfectly legal killing of… vermin, but cannot stand the thought of a child whose life they deem unworthy of living (this is a Nazi concept: lebensunwertes Leben, “life unworthy of living”) to be allowed to live.

Satan is ravaging the West, and has England as a prime target. But hey, no fox is killed by rich people’s hounds now. They are finished off with guns instead.

One can really be proud.

If he is a Satanist, that is.


No Rest For The Wicked

In the last days, some FrancisShills have started to promote some sort of “truce” concerning the way this disgraceful Pontiff is treated by bloggers on both sides.

Too little, too late, too easy, and tterly un-Catholic.

I will leave aside the fact that we are those who have been ferociously insulted, and could well be understood for being a tad peeved. It is, in fact, not about us, and it never was.

We are dealing with absolutes here, not with nuances of vanilla flavour. We are defending Catholicism as it always was, and we are doing all we can to try to transmit to the next generations what our forefathers have transmitted to us. There can be no compromise, no accommodation, no truce whatsoever.

In fact, the work of utter demolition of this disgraceful papacy should and will go on after Francis is six feet under, because this battle may well rage for decades after not only Francis’ death, but our own. We will certainly not be softened by some sensitive blogging violet who can’t stand the heat but wants to stay in the kitchen.

Frankly, all this is not even about politeness, or proper discourse. This is about the losers being afraid of not being able to survive Francis’ Pontificate as prominent clerics, journalists and bloggers. It has now become apparent that aggressive defence of Catholicism will, in time, deprive the shameless shills of this Pontificate of every credibility. They fear, with reason, of having to find a new job, or disappearing into clerical obscurity, or even being defrocked if our victory is swift.

There shall be no rest for the wicked, both clerical and not.

Catholic bloggers will keep pounding, because in the present situation it’s the only Catholic thing that can be done.


How Are Adolf’s Grandchildren Doing?

The 20th of April is, as those who love history know, Hitler’s birthday. Let us see, then, how his ideology is faring all over the West.


A staple of Hitler’s race control, Abortion was traditionally refused in Christian Countries. It is now legal in basically all of them, with very isolated exceptions about to disappear. Therefore, one can say that, on this, Nazism is doing very well in the West.


Nazis introduced euthanasia to avoid being burdened with the weak and the sick. It wasn’t compulsory, you see. People simply were led to realise that their life was not worth living. Europe seems to have upped the ante on this, now condemning children to die against the will of their parents. Living in Europe, I now expect to be euthanized at some point, volens nolens. Therefore, on this account I would say Hitler’s Grand-nephews have managed to become, quite likely, more Nazi than him.

Gun Control

Nazis famously introduced brutal gun control as soon as they came to power. His Nazi descendants, quite happy with the general gun control situation in Europe, are now trying to introduce Nazi legislation in the United States, then it should not be tolerated that there is a Western state where the citizen have the means to rebel against a tyrannical government. They will fail, of course. But one can see the old Adolf lookinb up, from hell, on young Mr Hogg and being proud of one of his grandchildren.

Mind Control

Another art the Nazi perfected with mastery, and which we see increasingly advancing in Western Countries. The same outlets which control communication first invent a new vocabulary (“gay”, “gay rights”, “marriage equality”, “reproductive rights”) and slogans (“hands up, don’t shoot!”), then proceed to demonise and brand as “haters” those who disagree with them, and finally proceed to crminalise the unwanted thought. Just like the Nazis did. Hitler has, therefore, conquered vast part of the Western hearts and minds in this, too.


The West is lagging on this, but the massive import of Muslims will not fail to make of at least Europe hell on heart for Jews, forcing them to flee Europe en masse. Therefore, on this front, too one must say the grandchildren are making Grandpa proud.

Of course, there are some differences. Hitler sent homos around with a pink triangle, “out and proud”, whilst his grandchildren actually like them. But in both cases, the demolition of Christian values and their substitution for a dictatorship made of extreme intolerance and mind control is what counts.

Pope Caprice

It has transpired that the CDF has sent a letter to the German Bisops stating, semel in anno, something Catholic: only Catholics are allowed to receive communion. This is in reaction to a statement from that worthy congregation of pious heretics that Proddies should be allowed to receive “in certain cases”, and the subsequent reaction of five of the six Bavarian Bishops (The sixth is obviously Cardinal nomen omen, Marx) that this is actually not Catholic at all.

You would say that, for once, the Evil Clown has done something Catholic. Well, not really.

Francis’ allergy to everything Catholic and his hatred for the Church is such that , even on those rare occasions in which political opportunity and the fear of being accused of heresy by his own Bishops move him to agree with Catholic teaching, he orders that the relevant CDF letter be not made public.

Once again, this man’s stupidity beggars belief. His decision is the epitome of childishness, as it is clear to a retarded dog that this behaviour is 100% sure to attract criticism from both sides, true Catholics and fake catholics alike.

Francis did not have the balls to put his signatures where his informal conversations with Protestants are ( I am sure most of you remember), but he also did not have the guts to even state what his position is; this, without a chance in hell of avoiding the decision, and therefore his staggering cowardice, from becoming known anyway. This is just too stupid for words.

Some people will now say that there must be some “cunning plan” behind this, as if obvious incompetence could be transformed into something smart. But this Pope has been the very embodiment of incompetence on too many occasions to allow us to think that there might be some sort of strategy behind this.

This is not strategy but caprice. The letter is an embarrassment forced on him by circumstances. Therefore, in first-grader style, he orders that it not be made public. Caprice, not brain, much less strategy, is what runs this man day in and day out, to the point of making himself the laughing stock of the thinking Catholic world because he can’t even keep his pettiness out of an apostolic exhortation.

Whatever this man does is stupid. He really is your typical Banana Republic incompetent dictator. This is how he managed to be submerged by ridicule and criticism even whilst having the job most immune from ridicule and criticism , at least from Catholics and certainly from many others, on the Planet.


Facebook, Twitter, And Google Need To Be Broken Up.

facebook racists


This is the last episode of many in which conservative voices have been silenced by the progressive media.  

Like Diamond and Silk, Mark Dice is expressing perfectly legitimate opinions in a perfectly reasonable way. But exactly this is the problem for the Nazis running Twitter, Youtube and Facebook: if you have ideas I don’t like, you must be excluded from the public discourse. 

It is high time the US legislators (I have no hope that anything may happen in Europe) realise the threat to our freedoms emanating from these organisations, which are quasi-monopolies (and factual monopolies) in the space in which they operate. They must be broken up just in the same way as past monopolies. They are infinitely more dangerous than any monopoly of the past because they do not impact merely the way you spend, but the way you think and the way you vote. 

We can’t allow these companies to lord over one global platform each. There must be enough choices for the consumer to choose his own vehicle or social expression, and there must be legislation protecting the freedoms of the citizen when they enter such spaces; then Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, and actually the entire platform on which they operate, cannot be seen as “private spaces”, but as a public domain in which the freedoms of the individual cannot be infringed.

I hope that president Trump realises this soon and become the promoter of effective legislative action, making of this a constant issue in the public arena until the electors force their representatives to act.

Break them up. If we don’t act now, this could be the nightmare of the next decade or, perhaps, generation. 

Is Francis Becoming Radioactive Even For FrancisBishops?

A bizarre news hit the internet yesterday. The Dutch Bishops have not celebrated, as is their custom, the anniversary of the election of a Pope. The explanation given for this is even more bizarre: no time

The Dutch Bishops taken together are, as we all know, a bunch of heretics. They should have all the interest in the world to support Francis. They should be cheerleading for him day and night. 

Instead they have, literally, “no time for Francis”. 

Whilst it is difficult to know what is going on here, one can make a reasonable hypothesis: that Francis has made such an ass of himself that even those who are, like him, on the side of the demons prefer to keep their distance. 

It’s like being a South-American Dictator that is such an embarrassment to his own generals, that  they try to distance themselves from him even as they enrich themselves under his rule.    

Admittedly, there might be other explanations (from sheer laziness, to virtue-signalling because they are so busy “helping the poor” to, methinks, unwillingness to cancel the meeting at the Gay Sauna). But realistically, the one I have mentioned above seems the most realistic. 

A heretical Pope despised by his fellow heretics gives the measure of this man’s epic failure.    

The Truth About Sodomy (Graphic!)

The “Sodomy is hell on Earth” Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

“We shouldn’t obsess about homosexuality!”

Via the always interesting (even if not always agreed with) Barnhardt blog, a shocking story about the real world of sodomy; courtesy of Joseph Sciambra, a former sodomite willing to expose the astonishingly sordid world of those people whom the world calls, utterly madly, “gay”.  

Some preliminary considerations are in order. Whilst I do not doubt Mr Sciambra’s good faith and sincere repentance, I must warn my readers that they are not reading an orthodox Catholic. The word “gay” is used profusely – not in the sense of the dictionary -, and the subtext of the story is an attempt of explanation of “what made him do it” which has only one answer: Satan. Whilst Mr Sciambra reaches the same conclusion in the end as also showed by his comments and other writings, do not expect the same clarity of thinking and writing you find…

View original post 372 more words

No, Emanuele. If Your Father Died In His Atheism He Is Most Surely In Hell


Here, Francis is seen preparing the next catechism lesson.

We are truly living in the age of the delicate violet. 

It is as if any notion of manliness had gone away together with the last vestiges of Christianity. 

Truth is now taboo. Being sensitive violets is all that counts, and this obligation to poisonous sensitivity at the expense of Faith encompasses everyone and everything. Even children, who are in the age when truths is most easily absorbed and imprints itself most clearly in our consciousness, must not be spared. No, their faith must be perverted at a very young age, courtesy of the Evil Clown. 

It is not difficult to say to a young orphan that if his atheist father died in his atheism he is most certainly in hell. It is an “if”, not a “when”. It preserves the faith – for the good of the child second, and of the Faith first – and encourages him to pray, as every Christian should, for the soul of his father; in the hope that one day he might discover that his father did not, in fact, die in his atheism. 

What was done to this child is cruel. He was inoculated with the germ of atheism, and the Pope himself was the one with the syringe. What unbelievable rubbish, what atheist nonsense, what negation of Christ for the sake of… what? Of not making a child cry? Poppycock. For the sake of spreading atheism among all Catholics. Then if Francis is right, Jesus is a liar, Christianity does not make any sense, and Christ died on the Cross for those who deny and insult Him to the last, like the evil robber on the Cross.

What a nasty piece of work this man is. His hatred for everything Christian has now become totally unhinged. It is as if he wanted to show us that the more we criticise him, the more heresy he will spread, just because he can. 

Besides, this comes from a man who has just released an Apostolic Excrementation going on and on about the evil of Pelagianism, but is obviously too thick to understand that to maintain that a man goes to heaven without faith, simply because he is “a good man”, is as Pelagian as a heretic can be. 

Every hen loves her little ones. Stalin loved his daughter. Goebbels loved his family. But human love without faith does not merit heaven, then he who rejects Him Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life cannot claim acceptance by Him because of lesser, and utterly natural, and by the way God-given, good traits in his character. Works without faith do not save.

This unhinged, evil man must be exposed for what he is: an atheist subversive only interested in showing to the liberal and atheist crowds, whose approval he craves, that he is one of them. 

Die soon, Francis, and may the Lord have mercy on you. Though for some reason I have the impression that your pit will be the deepest in hell. 


Self-Burning Activist Was A Self-Loathing Homo

And it came to pass the enviro-nutcase who, yesterday, reduced himself to a crisp bacon was, also, a homo. Which, in the New York context, realistically means a sodomite.

This prompts us to the usual consideration concerning the so-called “gay” “lifestyle” (which, to you and me, means a life of sexual perversion).

Firstly, we note the high rate of suicide. Our hopefully future convert friend Pukeko has a link, in the other blog post, under the comments, showing an almost 20% probability of at least attempting suicide. I can tell you from memory that all sorts of psychosomatic diseases are also increased. It is, finally, well-known that homos hate themselves, and other homos, with a passion, which translates in the most absurdly self-harmjng behaviour, from an extremely sadistic double suicide pact including castration, as happened in Germany, to the massacring of 50 other homos in a homo club, as happened in Florida, to the astonishingly self-loathing death by burning oneself alive as happened in Brooklyn. I also remember a case in Italy of a murder after an elaborate torture of many hours, and no prize for guessing the rest.

Also, one notices the narcissism, the utter self-centredness even in death. The Florida and the Brooklyn guys really wanted all the world to know. They may hate themselves to death, but they still want to be acknowledged in life (this tribe is strong among actors, politicians, jobs offering a stage) as well as in death. Again, it must be a desperate attempt at validation from people strangled by the hate of themselves.

This is sad, so sad. But it should also be a cautionary tale. These stories should be used by sane people to educate their children concerning the miserable life of the fairies, and to explain to them how Satan, after using their perversion – which is nothing else than a willed rebellion to innocence and wholesome thinking – to get a foot in the door, then proceeds to make the lives of those people a veritable hell on earth, hoping to persuade them to deserve the real hell in time, and most safely by suicide.

I have posted here on this blog some time ago the shocking link of Mr Sciambra, describing in vivid detail the sordid life, the dirt, the self-loathing, and nog least the homicidal hate for the others like him, of your average “gay person”. To those who pay attention, the facts match and mirror Mr Sciambra’s quite shocking assertions.

Still, expect the truth of what happened yesterday to be downplayed or instrumentalised by the God-hating Press, who will do all they can to try to portray this human wreck as a sort of unfortunate hero victim of his big, big, generous heart.

Who knows how many of those God-hating journalists actually belong to the same parish as their new hero, Mr Crispy Bacon.


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