Airline Trannie Down, Or: The Trannie Hoax Clearly Does Not Fly.

Not quite how it was meant to be…

A prominent airline Trannie has just committed suicide.

A Mister Scott – a man who, for some inscrutable reasons having to do with the devil, thought he was a woman, has offed himself. We know – though the woke crowd don’t – that this is how this madness, in most cases, ends.

Follow the link and look at the atrocious dynamics at play here. The man, in a last attack of extremely childish narcissism, broadcasts his suicide to his thousand of virtue-signalling followers in a way that screams “me, me, meeee” in every word. There is no hint of repentance for, very likely, mutilating himself and destroying his life. There is no honest admission that he screwed up on a planetary scale. There is, instead, the last passive-aggressive bit of bitching at the planet before his self-immolation. It is extremely difficult to see how this guy could have avoided hell.

I have said my eternal rest even for Bin Laden. I have, therefore, said one for this tool, too. Make no mistake, it sounds like a waste (but God applies every prayer to worthy should, so it isn’t).

Just as cringeworthy is the reaction of the “friend”, apparently the author of the article, one of the social media sheep who enjoy basking in the feeling of their own moral superiority. It is another show of virtue signalling, the pretend self reproach of the man who says “I am oh, so good! Look at how good I am! But have I been good enough?”

These are, in fact, the “helpers” and “allies” that will accompany the madman to his self-destruction, whilst feeling so virtuous every step of the way. Of course, ultimately the guy who committed the suicide is the only one responsible for his gesture. But I really wouldn’t want to be the one that virtue-signals all the way to another one’s precipice.

And so there you have it. Sexual perversion (note for the woke crowd: a trannie is every bit a pervert as a dyke or a sodomite are; and no, he is not a madman in the literal sense, then this is a lucid, Satan-fed madness) feeds, as so often, on a huge amount of narcissism. Then the plague of the modern time, virtue signalling, creates the perfect environment for the pervert to sink deeper and deeper into his own world of perverted delusion, until the cognitive dissonance becomes too much, and Satan finally gets his prize.

United Airlines also bear its part of moral responsibility. They not only tolerated the madness (there might be legal reasons for this; though I would, if allowed, fire the guy on the spot), but they decided to ride this satanic tiger and actually use the guy for, you guessed it right, more virtue-signalling and woke propaganda. Utterly despicable and, make no mistake, those who signed on this will, unless they repent, have their reward. I am a very Capitalistic guy, but when I see this kind of behaviour I really think it has gone too far.

Some of the comments are, actually, sane, insisting on calling the man him even if the author of the article refuses to say his proper male name. It is encouraging to see that more and more people see through the lie.

What do we learn from this? As more and more people encourage this particular kind of madness, and the madmen are elevated to the status of “trailblazers”, the suicides also increase and become more prominent.

The lie, literally, does not fly. It never did for us sane Catholics, but it certainly is becoming more and more difficult to believe even for a more, shall we say, agnostic crowd.

These madmen are, unwittingly of course, becoming the poster boys for the madness of tranniedom.

Do you want to end up totally miserable and, when the self-inflicted pain becomes too much, commit suicide? Become a trannie!! That’s the surest way to achieve your aim!

And no worries: there will be no lack of idiots accompanying you to your destruction every step of the way and, after your suicide, saying “I feeeel responsible for nooot dooooing mooooore”.

If any of my readers have – through no fault of their own – some relative who fancies himself a woman, perhaps articles like the linked one, and accurate statistics about the extremely high suicide rates among these nutcases, could help avoid the worst.

Still: realistically, a man who has decided that he is a woman trapped into the body of a man is already very advanced in his satanic madness; and prayer, very likely, the only thing that can help.

In your charity, make a (huge) effort and say a prayer for this stoopid tool. He also had an immortal soul, a soul of infinite value. That he likely merited to have his soul damned forever is, in itself, one reason more to pray that he might have saved his.

Message Received.

Be assured that I have read your message; which, as you asked, was not published.

Be assured that I have prayed, and will pray, for the person you mentioned.

But I am only a wretched sinner. My prayers don’t go very far.

To all those who are in dire need, I recommend the two I pray to every day: the Blessed Virgin and Padre Pio.

Your mileage may vary, but a saint in heaven is so much more useful than a wretched sinner in this vale of tears.

Still, I was shocked, and moved.

Lord, have mercy on us.

We Lose Because We Are Weak

US Bishops

The US Bishops have released a document against self-mutilation because of “gender” madness.

If you read the text (I did in its entirety, but the link does not work) you see that the bishops say, in principle, all the right things. You are the sex you were born with, you can’t presume to get another sex, etc. Of course, they quote the Evil Clown.

Still, the document is gravely deficient, in that it is a) too sensitive and b) silent on the causes of the madness.

The language of the entire document is so timid it makes you cringe. There isn’t one paragraph in it that you would call forceful. It is as if the Bishop, once they have to speak, had decided to lower the volume as far as possible, lest they get heard and accused of “phobia”.

This is not the attitude of shepherds. It is, in fact, not even the attitude of believers. A shepherd needs to reassure and confirm the sheep. A document of this sort should be a strongly worded, proud document of firm proclamation of logic and faith. Instead, the documents claims to understand the “real problems” and “real suffering” of the gender madness bigots.

If you put yourself into a corner, you will be pummeled in it. The Bishop either don’t get it, or don’t mind being pummeled.

If a madmen comes to me and tells me he is an elephant trapped in the body of a man I don’t tell him that his is “real suffering”, much less that he has a real problem. I tell him that he needs medical help, because he is very, very unwell.

This is not what the Bishops do. They first implicitly espouse your point of view, then proceed to tell you that you are still wrong, for reasons they would so much avoid telling you but, unfortunately, must. This is, then, a big “fail”.

The roots of the issue are also completely ignored. The Bishop seem to pretend that a guy can “get” this “real problem” like one gets a cold.


This level of bigoted madness can only exist if a person has allowed Satan to camp into his own mind, make a huge tent, and reside there permanently until almost every vestige of sanity has gone.

Gender theory is the work of Satan. Until you say this, you haven’t said anything.

The Bishops don’t say it. It looks like those bigoted madmen are all “ill”. It looks like: hey, I know you got a bad disease, but your medicine isn’t the right one. Problem is: a flu does not send one to hell, gender madness does.

Do the bishops know it? If they know it, why they don’t say it?

Or is it so, that they don’t believe it in the first place?

Ah, now I think I understand….

Rules For Pedos

Let us say that you are, say, a pedophile. You think the world unjust for condemning you. Your fellow pedos agree with you. You will desire to proceed in this way.

Pick a new name

Pick a name, something like SMART, Spontaneously Minor AttRacTed. Ask your pedo friends among journalists, politicians, social workers etc. to call you that way. Slowly but surely, the name ‘Smart” will be mentioned more and more often. Give it ten or twenty years, “smart” will be a fairly common way of saying “pedo”.

Pick some colours

These being pedos, the colours will likely be light blue and pink. Make banners with them. Bring those around when you go protest on the street. Call yourself the “pink and blue people”. Cry “injustice” a lot.

Born that way

Claim victimhood at every step. You are the persecuted one. As you were born that way, it is clearly unjust to condemn you. You just want to be free to be who you really are. Isn’t that allowed to everybody, even to trannies nowadays?

Make it about freedom

You are oppressed. Your freedoms are being trampled. You are, also, the advocate of children who are prevented from making their own choices, which hampers their development and will lead them to irreversible damage or suicide. Have your pedo friends persuade their ultra liberal friends that it is their children’s choice. This will be easy with so many homosexuals who have adopted children. Tell them their children are repressed by a bigoted society now just like they were in decades past.

Push for decriminalisation

When you are at that point – say, thirty years from the start – push for decriminalisation. Ephebophiles like Socrates and Oscar Wilde will be very useful. Quote and mention them everywhere. They were the pinnacle of their civilisation. Tell people you don’t want to persuade them of anything, you just think jail is not appropriate and an injustice. You, quisque de populo, can despise them, just accept that jail is not granted.

Push for acceptance.

Then comes the acceptance. It’s legal, therefore the stigma attached to Smart people is not justified. It is, actually, racism. Criticise Smartphobia at every step. March like there is no tomorrow. Use those flags. Use those journalists. The BBC will be full of them. You don’t want to force others to be like you. You simply want to feel you are one of them.

Create your own Month

Pick July as “smart month”. Publicise it everywhere with the help of your fellow journalists. March like there is no tomorrow. July is a beautiful month, linked to holidays and lack of cares.

Blackmail everybody

Every bank, every big consumer goods company, everybody who does not pay tribute to you will be branded as “smartphobic”, and the calls for its cancellation will be deafening. They will be asked to “celebrate diversity” and contribute to “raising awareness” about “Smartphobia”. Silence is violence. Make them produce pink and light blue cotton tote bags. By now, Smartphobia will be very, very bad. You, as a citizen, will never want to be a Smartphobe. You’ll not go anywhere professionally. Your friends will unfriend you from Fagbook.

Push for criminalisation of “Smartphobia”

Cry very hard. March all day. Be very aggressive. You have human rights, and those who keep criticising you have no place in society. They are like the worst racists. They are Hitler. Of course they can’t be allowed to spread their hate around. This is unacceptable. Promote “zero tolerance” against “hate”. Hate has no place in society.


I have done it for you.

Fifty years max, and everything will change.



Talking of this….

The path described reminds me or other people.

I think they used to be called “maggots”, or “baggots”, or “gaggots ”.

Something like that.

I just can’t remember their name now…

Meet The New Pandas

No Panda status for you I am afraid….

It’s official.

Women are the new Pandas.

I switched on my TV set and there was, on my dashboard, very much on top, where the ads for channels I never watch are, the ad of a show called “women who know how to survive”, or words to that effect.

Well, blimey! I did not know most women do not know how to survive! I think they actually manage just fine! But no, I was indirectly informed that we, the Oppressive Males, create an extremely unfavourable environment, in which we do most heavy jobs, get divorce raped, and die in wars. How wrong I was!

Then there is the chess site who, for “women’s month”, makes you play against “female bots”, who are unknown females now being pushed as historical figures who have done oh so much for the advancement of humanity. This pathetic need for the artificial promotion of women as men actually makes men aware that they have a factual monopoly on “new stuff”, from discovering gravity to discovering new continents and everything in between. But no, obnoxious female bot must let you know, during the play, what an accomplished nobody she was when she was alive. She ends up losing, too.

They don’t say, these accomplished bots, whether they were loving mothers, aunts, daughters and sisters. They don’t say whether they gave joy to an entire household with their loving attitude and sweet disposition. They never mention whether what they wanted most in life was to be loving wives and mothers.

I don’t even believe what the bots say. It’s easy to cheat on nobodies. And no, Fanny Mendelssohn and Clara Schumann were vastly less talented than their brother slash husband. We live in an age of crested accomplishments, even retroactive ones.

To me, as a man, this reveals an amount of insecurities in feminist females that is outright shocking. They really, really need to let you know that they also have a teeny weeny penis.

As to the other women, that is: the normal ones, I think they will keep doing just fine, as they have always done.

I never read about the accomplishment of the Blessed Virgin, by the way.


She was, clearly, the most accomplished human ever.

The New Normal

Seriously now…

Please look at this.

I don’t understand why everyone is so excited these days. It really must be some right-wing conspiracy.

Come on, man! Have you forgotten the countless people you have seen fainting live on TV in the past decades? They were all young and apparently healthy, and then they just fainted in front of the camera! Yes, it was always a thing! I think it’s because they get so emotional?

But no, everybody now sees all these people fainting live and think that it has to do with the Blessed Vaxx Who Saved Us All.

It’s the same with the discos, you know. I remember that, when I was a child, there were a lot of people dying or fainting just because they were visiting a disco! It was very common, in those days, to just faint (or die) just in the middle of the dancefloor! I think, in fact, that if you look again at “Saturday Night Fever”, the John Travolta movie of the Seventies, there were some people just fainting during the filming! In fact, you will recall that they called it “fever” because “disco fever” made you faint on the dancefloor! It’s easy, no? Fever = ill = faint.


Also, all those people dying suddenly, who look very healthy.

Take Lance Reddick, for example. Clearly fit as a fiddle, he died “suddenly” at Sixty of “natural causes”. So what? Don’t you remember all those actors who died suddenly of natural causes in the Seventies, Eighties or Nineties?

Who, you will ask? Pppffff… too many to even remember!

It seems to me that people are being completely unreasonable here. It seems to me that a fully normal occurrence (healthy young people fainting or dropping dead) are suddenly being treated as something strange, blaming the Blessed Vaxx Who Saved Us All.

Seriously, people. I don’t know who is behind these fake news.

I blame the J6 terrorists.

And Trump. Yes, Trump.

It has to be Trump’s fault.

Journey Into A Perverted Mind

“Take heed, o you who are faithful to your husbands!!”

One must say that Frankie is in great satanical form these days. On Friday (you will be able to find the link on the internet) he had another exercise in “this is that”, where he uses childish comparisons to sabotage the faith. Explaining to us that a lot of stuff that he does not like on earth “is hell”, he clearly implied that the “hell” of, say, poverty, inequality, you name it, is the only hell that needs to concern a human.

The outrage cause him to, actually, talk about humans who go to hell; but, this being the godless cretin he is, he decided to send an awful lot of good Catholics there. Let me quote:

“I go to church, I go to Mass, I am married, married in the church, and these people are divorced, sinners,” he asked, “Is your heart like this? (If so,) you will go to hell.”


In a world that is being taken over by freak shows, the consolation of a good Catholic life brings a guy to hell. Note here, that the poor married-in-the-church-Catholic will still hope that the sinner dies at peace with the Lord. There is no hint of such an attitude in Francis. If your heart is like this (now), you will go to hell. It’s like watching an extremely cruel, petty child throwing a tantrum.

It does not end here.

These Catholics will go to hell because, though they live the sacramental life, “they have no room for God because they feel no need for him,”. There is no mention of hell for all those who feel no need whatsoever for God (like his late buddy Scalfari and all those like him), say so openly and give scandal, live filthy lives, and do not even live the sacramental life. No, in Francis’ world your avowed rejection of God leads to automatic salvation (because meeerccyyy), but dare for one second to take some comfort in your following the rules, and the guy will send you to hell before you can say “wheelchair”. This is a Thunberg level of cretinism.

It does not end here.

Continuing subversive statement made in the past, Francis continued to expand (the way a man with the intelligence of a toddler could) on his idea of “automatic absolution”, asking his priests to “please forgive everything, forgive always.”

Well, Francis, you genius. Can’t your little commie brain understand that, even with your absurd absolution criteria, the presumptuous guy who actually goes to confession (as the good Catholics Francis hates all do) still has a much bigger chance of salvation than the atheists, the filthy faggots, and the utterly evil trannies Frankie is so fond of?

How likely is one of the above mentioned pervs and atheists to die thinking that he does not need God? How many are those in percentage of the population? Does Francis pose himself these little, pesky questions before he basks in his – this, really, presumptuous – mass condemnation of decent Catholic people?

The conclusion of all this is as as follows: Francis has

  1. an utterly perverted mind, and
  2. A very stupid one at that.

Again, it’s like seeing an evil child trying to be smart.

Wokeism Is Now A Major Threat

Poor, poor dog…

We used to make jokes about the “get woke, go broke” truism. We saw companies like Disney suffer because of the infiltration of dangerous, woke pronoun warriors. However, things have now gone way further than isolated companies here and there. Wokeism has now become a cancer that is trying to metastatise in the very fabric of US society.

Let me count the ways:

Education, I

Woke education is now more than gender theory studies. The number of student “assistants” (those ridiculous, young individuals tasked with caring about the well being of their suicidal, deranged spoiled brats) has multiplied by ten in the last years alone. This is one of the elements that cause university costs to skyrocket. This, in turn, exacerbates the phenomenon of student debt, which is an issue in normal circumstances, but becomes a social bomb when millions of cretins burdened with huge debt for their useless degrees start voting for Bernie Sanders.

Education, II

The huge number of cretins with degrees (some of them useful from a purely technical point of view, like programmers; others completely useless like “alphabet experts” of all sorts), who don’t know history, cannot think critically and are the most easily duped sheep on earth, creates all sorts of issues, from gender theories to man made climate change fantasies. These are the same people who complain about witch trials and consider them medieval. They don’t understand that they are superstitious and gullible exactly in the same way, without the extenuating circumstance of not having access to information. They have no historic perspective. They have no critical thinking skills. They are hysterical Twitter parrots, but with a degree.

Military Preparedness, I

The degradation of the education system creates all sorts of other issues: the US military is losing military supremacy, simply because it does not produce the talent anymore to remain at the top of the technological advancement. The way Russia has left the US behind in military technology is just stunning. This is a serious threat to the well-being of US citizens, particularly when ignorant faggots like Lindsay Graham did not get the memo and advocate for steering a confrontation with a Country that would give the US an unforgettable lesson, very fast.

Military Preparedness, II

The backbone of the US military has traditionally been a type of blue collar White male coming from the formerly Confederate States. The transgender, pervert wave of wokeism is now causing a crisis in that respect, too. A great number of aged military men suggest to their children that they don’t follow the same career path, because an army worried with homos and trannies is not a fun, nor a good, nor even a safe army to be in. Let the homo and trannies fill the barracks and the trenches, then. We will see how much they are worth when the Russian shells start flying around.

Banking and Finance

The astonishing incompetence of the woke wannabe bankers creates a clear and present danger for the entire economy. Banks are at the heart of modern economic systems and, when things go seriously bad there, the entire economy of a country risks, literally, a heart attack. The news that many of the board members of Silicon Valley Bank were big Democratic donors 1) with no clue of proper banking and 2) abusing the shareholders’ money for woke activism should be a matter of great concern to everyone. I wonder what kind of regulation the US have in place to allow such things to happen.

Decency and Child Protection

Woke cretins not only want to pervert your brains. They want to pervert your children’s brains, too. The amount of suffering this is going to cause is incalculable.

Widespread Racism

It is now bad to be White, and very bad to be a White Male. Most advertisement now feature people of colour, who are clearly a minority of consumers. Being White is bad. This is a pervasive, unspoken (and sometimes spoken) racism that has infected entire sectors of the US population. They think that it’s not that they are racist (they cannot be racist, because….), it’s that we are Whites. Woke activists all over the HR departments in the US pump this racist culture up. It’s a total disgrace.


Look, this is not about the coffee shop anymore. This is a cancer that is spreading everywhere in the US. I am (for now) more optimistic for Europe, but as Europe tends to parrot every cultural trend from the US, who knows where things will end here, too.

I think I could go on, but this certainly gives the idea.

The US are at a crossroads. They must, as a country, collectively find the ethical, religious and common sense energy to counter these self destructive tendencies.

Failure to act will cause endless suffering, and the end of the US as we know it.

Get Woke, Go Broke: The Bank Edition.

Grey Bird Down

The news reached us that Russian airplanes have taken down a US surveillance drone near the Ukraine. The exact way of the drone’s demise is unclear, but what counts is that the big grey bird is down.

It does not take a genius to realise that this was *not* an accident, as in these matters accidents simply do not occur. Rather, the us assertion of a Russian pilot literally dumping fuel on the drone indicates the presence of very skilled pilots closely following orders.

It boggles the mind that an Administration taking down innocent weather balloons, some of them launched by schoolboys or hobbyists, because it sees a “threat” in them, should demand that Russia has no issues with drones flying obvious reconnaissance missions over the Ukrainian front, meant to collect data used to kill Russian soldiers. It is, in fact, more surprising that Russia has *allowed* this to happen for more than a year.

The “international space” argument is clearly a moot point. The drone was clearly part of the military operations. Hence, it was a legitimate target, same as every American satellite is, should the Russians (which is improbable) decide to take down those, too. The Americans know it perfectly well, but they thought their little espionage by drone operations could go on forever. Russia has, if you ask me, just said a clear “Niet” or, more to the point, a “not anymore”.

We will see how this pans out. The Americans have already announced that they will keep flying the drones. They might, obviously, fly them from a safe, and useless, distance, just to make a point, or they might go on with proper reconnaissance operations. In the latter case, I think more drones will go down in time, after which things will become interesting and the Big Demented Bully will have to decide whether to frock around and find out, or limit himself to babbling something incomprehensible about the time his ancestors won in Yorktown before doing actually nothing.

Mr Kinzhal, Mr Zircon, and even Messrs Poseidon and Avantgarde are eager to be introduced to (or in, as the case may be) the American naval battle groups in the Mediterranean and in the North Sea. Will Biden make the introductions? Time will tell.

What I think is happening is this: the Russians are fed up with the level of NATO (means: US) participation in this conflict and, likely after several warnings have gone unheeded, had to decide which pressure point to apply to make Dementia Joe understand that he needs to back off, or prepare himself for a good bitch slapping. Several of those are thinkable, from taking down satellites (improbable) to hitting ships carrying weapons to the Ukraine, to hitting reconnaissance infrastructure like AWACS airplanes or drones. The choice of an unmanned aerial vehicle seems the most polite, least escalating way to convey the message.

The problem with that is that Joe, like Saddam, does not understand politeness and confuses restrain with weakness. Therefore, I think it probable that things will get worse before they get better, that is: that some serious bitch slapping will have to take place, before Joe understands that either he is ready to go nuclear, or he is better off backing off.

Oh, Joe, Joe! What have you done! Had you not stolen the election, you would not be on your way to making Carter look like a brilliant statesman! You would now be enjoying a quiet retirement, spending your days with typical Biden Family activities, like sniffing teenagers or watching your son trying to screw your niece after he screwed the widow of your other son.

As it is, you are like the big bully who has not yet understood that the time for bullying has come to an end.

Still, the big bird is down.

This will be one match to watch.

Why Christians Keep Losing: Oestrogens In The Mickey Mouse “church”

First, please follow the link here. It’s about a Mickey Mouse “bishop” of the Mickey Mouse “church of England” explaining why he will not adopt the last perverted stunt of his Mickey Mouse organisation.

The reading will make you cringe.

It’s all about being so, so sorry that someone will be disappointed. The perverts are called with all the right letters in the right order, without even omitting the “plus” lest some freak show be offended. It literally drips of oestrogen-laden, eternal loser, soy-eating beta boy.

The general impression one gets by reading the cringeworthy document is that Mickey Mouse bishop is so, so sorry that Jesus should cause such disappointment in so many unique, wonderful members of the community (add here all the right letters in the right order, and don’t forget the “plus” at the end!); alas, this being Jesus, Mickey Mouse bishop still thinks that his oh so wonderful perverts will have to endure some discomfort; for which he is, mind you, so, so sorry.

Oh, if perversion just wasn’t condemned by Christ! How happily would we all live together, each one with his favourite perv letter (without forgetting the “plus”)!

This is, of course, a total inversion of logic, only possible when logic has been displaced by oestrogens.

Christianity condemns perversion. There is no place for the kind of sugary apologies in which the linked-to document seems to want to drown. We are not sorry that we are right. We are not sorry that perversion disgusts us to the core. We do not try to appease the Enemy.

Saint Bernadine of Siena wanted sodomites executed. Note that strange title, “saint”, and think very hard about how our Christian feelings and practices have deteriorated.

Mickey Mouse Anglican “bishop” is sooo, sooo sorry he cannot give to his beloved vocal perverts (and their “allies”) the ***last*** virtual dildo they demand. But no worries, he will backpedal in time, after an awfully long process of discernment, whilst still being – with many apologies – against the ***next***virtual dildo. This way, he will always look as a defender of orthodoxy, without compromising his Anglican Mickey Mouse-ness too much.

Meanwhile, one wonders how much Christianity has remained in a cartoon “church” unable to recognise reality even when they claim to respect it.

You, rare Anglican reader of this blog: reflect very hard whether dying as a member of such a joke will be sufficient to avoid damnation. We have stupid Bishops in our (only) Church, but we have an immutable Depositum Fidei to refer to, and the Barque of Peter to ferry us, damaged as the vessel is, safely on the other side.

There is, by all its troubles, only one shop.

It’s the one Christ found on Peter.

The Synodal App.

I wonder what hides in his phone…

It is known that there are, out there, mobile phone apps meant to facilitate “casual sex”, which I mean to signify people meeting for the only purpose of having sex. Unsurprisingly, a lot of this is driven by homos, for the simple fact that, irrespective of the sexual appetite of men, it will be extremely difficult to find women willing to engage in this kind of exercise. Therefore, these apps look like, largely, the preserve of sodomites. Still, one must also say that the level of horniness and brazenness of a heterosexual male using such apps goes way beyond what normal people would consider normal.

As it now turns out, a number of priests and seminarians have been exposed as using such (let us say it once again: largely homo-focused) apps.

Now, imagine this priest or seminarian, pretending to wanting to be a man consecrating his life to God’s service whilst being so obsessed with sex – and, likely, perverted sex – that he uses an app to find a way to satisfy his lust. What kind of priest will this be?

I tell you what kind of priest he will be: he will be the feminist, social justice, priesthood equality, ecu-maniacal, inter religious dialogue, Francis revolution kind of guy. This, if he is not all out as a Father Georgina type.

Put together enough of these disgraceful individuals, and you have a “synodal path” or, rather, the “Synodal app”. There, I have explained the way the church is going with the help of an app.

How do we get out of this? By ditching Vatican II.

Same as all other problems that plague the Church, the abandonment of proper liturgy and proper doctrine is at the root of this one. In fact, we might flip this coin and say that there is only one problem (the abandonment of proper liturgy and proper doctrine), and all the ailments of the Church come from there.

I am not a saint by any means, and cannot claim any realistic hope of going straight to paradise when I die. Still, the idea of using an app for “casual hookups” is quite disgusting even to a layman like me. The idea of a seminarian or even priest using such devices is simply revolting. But hey, the guy will be at the altar next Sunday at the latest, saying “peace be with youuuu” in a likely somewhat shrill voice.

V II and everything in it needs to be exterminated, and strong traditional doctrine robustly taught in seminaries, propagated among the faithful, and defended among the public.

You do this, you will see that priests are made of the right stuff and you have no hooking app issues.

Ten Years Of Platitudes (Or Worse)

This papacy in one image

OK, the Garcia Marquez reference is not perfect, but I think you get my drift.

Ten years ago, we were surprised with the election of the Evil Clown. Since then we have all become ten years older, Francis has also become two times fatter, and the number of heretical utterings comings from a Pope have been multiplied by a number too big to count.

Francis will not “celebrate” his accession to the throne so ingloriously occupied. He is too isolated for that, and he knows that the mockery would get to the sky. Rather, he will play humble wheelchair-lover once again, whilst some of his most disquieting sycophants sing his praise like the little old boot lickers they are.

He has become fatter, but not wiser. If anything, I would say that his already extremely pronounced pettiness and childishness have become more worrying with the years. At the beginning, there was a lot of “look at humble me”. After a couple of months, though, we started to see the real Francis: the faithless, borderline possessed heretic extremely eager to be liked by the world and, actually, by the worst part of it: perverts, heretics, and commies.

Every Catholic has the faculty, and some theologian say the duty, to pray for the painless death of a Pope that is a disgrace to the Church. I invite each one of my readers to renew his prayers for his immediate demise. In your charity, you can pray for his conversion in alternative for his death, but we all know that his conversion would require a miracle, whilst his death is a far more natural occurrence.

This papacy is, at the same time, a punishment and a wake up call. It is a punishment for Vatican II, and a wake up call concerning where V II unavoidably leads the Church.

We accept the punishment, understand the wake up call, and pray that the man can depart this vale of tears as soon as may be, and a strong Catholic guy may take his place. Even among the Cardinals there is, I think, the knowledge by now that this show cannot go on.

Still, in ten years the situation has deteriorated a lot, but things have also, in a way, come to a head.

This is, in fact, the silver lining of this hugely fat cloud.

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, LGBTSTFU+ Edition

My last post was around two days ago and the world has changed dramatically since then.

The earthquake came, if I remember correctly, on Friday evening: Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia re-established “diplomatic relationships” in ” a deal brokered by China”.

It is very clear that this is way more than a limited “let’s re-open the embassies” limited deal. This is a historic rapprochement between the two Countries. They are not becoming best buddies, but they are going to work together.

The implications are so vast that my head spins.

Firstly: Saudi Arabia has ditched their friendship with the United States. There will be friendly words and a lot of diplomacy, but no: Joe has lost the Saudis, big time. This was some years in the making: Biden had called the Saudi a Rogue States during his electoral campaign, which came back to bite him in the back when he was elected. The Saudis were already complaining of the lack of support against Yemen’s Houthi guerrilla. The Saudis were, also, famously angered when Biden, who was insulting them until three minutes before, considered it a given that they would increase their oil production to help the US and their allies face the consequences of their astonishingly dumb sanctions against Russia.

The Saudis have, as we say in Italy, made 2+2. They recognised that Biden is only there to humiliate and bully them. They also saw a superpower out of control, seized by a perverted (as in: literally sexually perverted) bullying-mania spanning the entire planet and not stopping even in front of China and Russia. They understood that the new world order (with Russia and China on the one side, and the “collective West” on the other) could see only one winner. Most of all, they realised that neither China nor Russia plan to lecture them on their own policies and way they run their Country.

Enter Iran. Iran was kept, more or less, in the naughty corner by Russia and China for years (with good reason, I add). But the LGBTSFTU+ Planetary Bullying required new kind of alignments, and Iran had an important role to play. I think that China (and, unofficially, Russia) went to Iran and said to them: “stop being a planetary ass and there is a lot, and we mean really a lot, that we can do for you. If you are a valued, non-bullied member of an extremely vast and powerful alliance, what need do you have of nuclear deterrence? Look, I have these guys here (they point at the Saudis), who would like to work with us. They are so angry at the Americans they are ready to come to our side. Can we make it all work, together, with immense advantages for everyone?”

The rest is, as they say, history.

The Saudis have a new, extremely powerful umbrella in Russia and China, and they got rid of the Iranian nuclear threat. I also think they will soon agree with the Iranians on an end of the hostility in Yemen. The Iranians (the biggest winners if you ask me), give up something they would have not realistically achieved ( = their nuclear program) and tap immense markets both for their export and for the import of strategic stuff like advanced weapons (surprise! Su-35 already coming their way!). Russia and China secure two very resource-rich and strategically placed allies, one of which freshly taken away from the West!

The US are, as it is extremely clear, the biggest losers (Israel and the EU being the others; but even my cat knows that the EU counts zippo at this point). The Saudi, Iranians, Russians and Chinese together are an extreme vast de-dollarisation environment, and that alone spells disaster for them. In the next 5 to 10 years, you are going to witness the end of the dollar as the dominant reserve and commerce (particularly: oil) currency. This was already in the making and I have written about it, but it is now a factual certainty.

On a more military-focused point of view, this extremely powerful new block has the potential to get straight at the throat of the United States, the latter’s only viable response being a nuclear war. Imagine Iran blocking the Strait of Hormuz even as the Saudi, together with Russia, throttle crude oil sales to the Collective West, calibrating them to the point where they both make tons of money out of the West, but the West still suffers for lack of energy. It’s game, set and match BRIC+, who are now the most powerful geopolitical pole in the world.

Biden’s extremely arrogant, Twitter-driven signalling virtue cost him an extremely valuable ally in the Middle East. The people he wanted isolated (Iran), are now in the process of becoming full members of the most powerful club in existence. Joe’s allies have technology and money, but no raw materials, and he also blows up their pipelines, managing to anger them, too.

It truly is a diplomatic catastrophe fuelled by virtue-signalling on an assassinated journalist, more virtue-signalling on LGBTSTFU+ rights, and a general attitude of superiority and condescension the entire world is utterly and completed sick and tired of.

At this point, there is no going back. The Saudis have chosen (probably after many warnings behind the scenes), and the Iranians have been tames by the Chinese and Russians even as their resources and strategic value has now become a Sino-Russian asset. It was truly a masterful stroke from the side of the Chinese and Russians (it is very clear the two worked in tandem all the time: Russia wants it to be known, as it is abundantly clear from the announcement about the Su-35. I think the Saudis will announce their toy purchases very soon, too…).

Congratulations, Joe.

Go hire another trannie.

You are doing just fine.

The Consoling Desolation Of Francissquare

Such a popular guy…

Remember those pictures and video of St Peter’s square full of people?

Ten years later, and what you have is this. Francissquare could almost be a living room.

“Preaching to the stones” is a very fortunate image, well representing the catastrophe of this clown pontificate.

The desolation is, in itself, consoling. If Francis had the satisfaction of full squares, he would feel encouraged to turbocharge his clown attitude and Catholicism-free verbal diarrhoea. As it is, He is confronted with his abject failure every time.

Of course, this man hates Catholics, and is therefore not necessarily having sleepless nights about their refusal to consider him; but in the end, I am sure he loves his ego more than he hates Catholics and would greatly rejoice in seeing his heretical stunts validated, even if validated by people he clearly does not like. Still, not happening, as the hated Catholics just have no time for this tool.

Herein lies a lesson for “progressive” religious professionals of all thinkable and unthinkable shades of Protestantism: making an ass of yourself will cost you your audience. You would think, both they and Francis would have understood this by now. Likely, not at all.

And so we will go on, for as long as God allows, with this monstrously fat caricature of a Catholic pope. When he dies (soon, soon!!!) the empty square and the growing disgust for all things “last century” will hopefully make place for a more assertive, joyous, brilliant and unapologetic church.

One, that is, that is authentically Catholic.

When that time comes you will see way more clearly the plan that God seems to be preparing us for now: heretical preaching can never cause the Church more than some bruises, whilst Catholicism stays the same for eternity. People like Francis could just be the way by which God helps the lukewarm and the distracted to understand.

Let’s hope and pray for a new Catholic pontiff; perhaps not a militant hero like a Pius X, but at least someone who understands what’s going on outside of the walls of the Vatican instead of reliving 1974 in his little boorish brain.

Old Hags

Never felt the need for “societal change”…

So, it appears that, if you are Catholic and woman, the younger, the more conservative.


The article has some insights concerning this phenomenon, but I would like to say more.

The generation of those who in the US are called “boomers” is, in Italy, better known as “sessantottini”, that is: the generation that was giving trouble in their youth, troubles which started in 1968. In my experience, this is the most toxic generation of all those I have seen.

The Sixty Eighters are those who demolished a societal system that was actually working very well. They thought they knew better than all the generations before them. Apparently, they have become old, but not one bit less stupid. Of course, that society wasn’t perfect. No society is. In fact, one needs to be stupid to think otherwise.

This was, in Europe, the first generation of mass superior education. They thought they really knew better. The arrogance of the stupid and young was met by old people in awe at the “education” of their children, and without the proper instruments to defend values they knew to be right. We know how that went.

I have often written that, in order for things to improve, we need this generation of old people (and old hags) to die, as there is clearly no redemption for them. You need to consider that, in Europe, the wokeism phenomenon and extreme madness of gender theory is still mentioned, mostly, to make a mockery of it. Those who push it are, once again, largely older politicians who grew up with revolutionary ideas of “destroying in order to rebuild”. Plenty of those in the generation from, say, 1947 to 1962, that is, the generation of many people wielding power now.

These people will, in God’s appointed time, go to their judgment. Those they leave behind will be those who had to live and grow up with the mess their parents left them. They will, in far greater number, choose sanity.

Mind: I am talking about Europe. It seems to me that in the US the situation is far more serious, more polarised, and certainly more insane. Those the other side of the Pond might have to wait a little longer for sanity to come back, as a new generation of AOCs promises to wreak havoc with absolutely everything for decades to come.

Still: time is kind to logic and, at some point, sanity will come back.

Just tell grandma blathering about female priests to shut up already, because you know more than her, and it will be all fine.

Stalingrad Revisited

I wonder where Mr Z took his stubbornness from…

When Soledar fell, now many weeks ago, I predicted that the timing of the fall of Bakhmut would depend on how many soldiers the Ukrainians were ready to sacrifice there. It turns out they were, and still are, very many, to such an extent that the battle for Bakhmut already makes those for Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and Soledar pale in comparison. This is, hands down, the biggest meat grinder ever staged in Europe since the end of WWII.

The Western presstitutes are repeating their old Baghdad Bob trope, albeit with variations forced by an increasingly more evident reality on the ground. The latest trend seems to be that whilst the Ukrainians are suffering, they are inflicting enormous losses on the Russians, such that it is, in fact, pretty much a victory when they lose and have – those who are still alive at least – retreated. Readers of this little effort, of course, know better.

It seems to me that there is a Stalingrad mindset at work here. I mean by this that, once a military objective has been emotionally amplified by one side, this side finds it impossible to let this objective go, up to the point where its defence ends up attracting men and materials vastly out of proportion with its objective importance in the strategic picture of the conflict.

Hitler made this mistake in Stalingrad, as it became impossible for him to let his big trophy go. He ordered his troops not to retreat, pumped huge resources into a losing game, then tried long and hard to mount an offensive to rescue his surrounded soldiers. All in vain, of course. Had he followed the advice of his generals, he would have been in much better shape for the further course of the war. But no, the favourite toy could not be allowed to go.

Zelensky has put himself, now, in the same situation. Bakhmut is part of what the Ukrainians call the “Zelensky line”. He brought to Washington a flag signed by Bakhmut soldiers. He spoke many times of Bakhmut as the turning point of this conflict. In a word, he has staked his face on it. Like Hitler, he was told by his generals to be smart about it. Like Hitler, he couldn’t get himself to do it.

Meanwhile, the Russians gloat. They have found the perfect meat-grinder to “demilitarise” and “denazify” the Ukraine. Their losses are in the region of 1/10 of the losses they inflict. They are using Bakhmut as a huge black hole where Western equipment and Ukrainian soldiers simply go and disappear. They probably wish this could go on for a long time still. They certainly are in no rush to risk excess casualties for a fast resolution. They will use the meat grinder for all it’s worth.

Herein hides a cautionary tale. Wars will always cause casualties, but the total lack of discernment Zelensky has exhibited here will haunt Ukraine for a long time once the real story of the horrendous losses for an untenable position finally becomes common knowledge.

Zelensky will, from his likely golden exile in Miami, have to live with that, too. Frankly, I doubt he will be much upset.

This might well prove a Stalingrad where only the little people die.

Hoaxumentaries Age Badly, But People Don’t Care

Ugly, retarded, and extremely arrogant. The saint of the modern times.

Weather alarms are currently being spread like confetti all over the Disunited Kingdom. It’s very cold. There is snow or slit in many parts. Today is the eight of March.

It must be the “global warming”.

You would think the Brits start opening their eyes and bringing their brains into operation. You would think by now everyone has realised that that stupid Gore “hoaxumentary” approaches twenty years of age, and absolutely nothing of the tragedies it has professed happened. You would think reasoned thinking would take the place of the hysteria we have seen for so long now. Alas, this is not the case.

People always need some sort of religion. Something that keeps them together and makes them feel they have shared values, hopes, and fears. They need meaning for a life they know to be absurd (when an atheists reflects on his existence, absurdity is the only thing he finds) and, perhaps most importantly, they need to feel that they are good, caring individuals.

Still, this goodness and caring cannot be uncomfortable. Babies can be aborted in their mother’s womb, but don’t you dare increasing your co2 emissions!

Modern man is as cruel as a Cherokee Redskin of old on a bad day, but feels more virtuous than every generation before him.

At some point, methinks, this madness will end. But it will not be because people understand their inherent stupidity. It will be because their inherent stupidity carries them over to the next craze after this one has become too old and tired to excite the imagination of the people.

Unless, that is, they go back to Christ and start seeing the world around them in the proper light, including the inconceivably complex climate mechanisms God has created.

Don’t hold your breath.

For that to happen we would need the clergy, from the Pope down, to be authentically Catholic in the first place.

Real Suicides Of Orange County

Cows of Orange County

I have no idea who Heather Dubrow is; but, judging from this article of the always oh so understanding Breitbart (notice how they are always so observant of all the “right” abbreviations for perverts groups) she is a really bad mother. By “bad” I do not mean she is a tad too self-centred etc.

No, I mean she is really destroying her family.

This female manages to have 3 out of 4 of her children “coming out” as perverts, with the youngest daughter (clearly wanting to outdo her older siblings) going full hog to (at least wannabe) trannie. One wonders what kind of totally broken environment the poor pervs have grown in: neglect, self-centredness, and stupidity in a hard concentrate form, like those “double strength” orange juice brands. This here, clearly, triple strength madness.

Woman clearly did it wrong from the start, growing her children in a most vapid and virtue signaling environment. The oldest children “came out” first, because they would not outpaced by mama in attraction-seeking and general vanity. Now oldest girl goes all the way and decided she is now a man.

What does mama do? “Supports” , and tries to affirm their own children in their perversion as much as practicable.

“Isn’t is wonderful?”, the demons, no doubt, said in hell.

I know how this will end: total derangement, miserable lives and, not unlikely, one or more very real suicides.

Very likely, at the same time as celebrity mama is deciding about her next silicone injection.

Francis Encourages Illegality, But Complains About Its Consequences

Lead provider for traffickers

It has been official for a long time, but it bears saying it again:

this guy is stupid.

“May these voyages of hope never again turn into voyages of death,” [the evil clown] said.

Stupid guy (I keep liking “il cretino gloriosamente regnante”) is apparently not aware of a handful of things. Let us see if I can try and open his eyes on this.

  1. There are traffickers because people who want to do illegal things ask for their services.
  2. These people, who ask traffickers for their illegal services, are the instigators of criminal offences. They are not even accomplices. They are the driving force.
  3. They are, therefore, not innocent.

In fact, Francis should slowly realise that people like him, who keep encouraging people to try to get to Europe illegally, share the moral responsibility for tragedies like this one.

In this tragedy the culprits must be searched among those who plan a criminal offence and carry it out, those who facilitate it with their technical means (e.g. boats), and those who encourage the first and act as lead providers for the latter (the bleeding hearts like the Pope).

Therefore, let me rephrase the phrase for the benefit of this clown:

“May stupid leftists never again encourage people to become criminals and carry out their crimes to their deaths”.

Meet “Il Cretino Gloriosamente Regnante”.

Meet “Il Cretino gloriosamente regnante”, the gloriously reigning cretin.

It appears that everybody, literally left, right and centre, hates Francis. Why? Because he is a hateful guy, of course.

Petty, vindictive, childish, astonishingly ignorant, lying without shame (“soon, soon!”), and arrogant to the point of comedy, Francis manages to alienate even the Regressives within the Vatican. He has, obviously, brought all this to himself, because I do not know any other public figure enjoying it so much when he angers other people. It’s not only the boorishness, which is very marked in the man. It’s the special arrogance of doing whatever he knows will incense people merely to make a point, that is: to show that he can.

The linked article also points out to an aspect I had never reflected about: even the Regressive priests are angered at Francis’ constant insulting and berating of priests.

Then there are the bishops and cardinals, who have to watch the same total lack of decency, manners, and respect for common sense.

This all makes sense, of course. If you have followed Frankie for a while, you know all that is reported in the linked blog post can only make absolute sense. But I would like to add an additional point.

The Cardinals who have elected Bergoglio deserve all the manure that is now lavished on them. The Bishops who see incompetence promoted have, for too long, shut up when Francis was being incompetent to the point of being a danger for souls. The Regressive priests are getting a well-deserved prescription of the medicine they themselves spread around.

What goes around, comes around. You can’t betray your mission as priest, bishop, or Cardinal, and hope that the problem will not come back to bite you. It is, in fact, amusing and not a little consoling that those who have chosen to be part of the problem now discover that they, themselves, have a problem.

The moral is this: the push for a good, Catholic Pope must come from the very bottom, from the parishes, from the pews, and go up the hierarchy until things change.

You will not get to be all V II without getting a taste of your own medicine.

Social Justice Leads Away From God

Frankie boy (or rather, his ghost-tweeter) has made a tweet on social justice. Even some people who call themselves catholic think that he is right in that. They are wrong.

Social justice is a very dangerous construct in itself. In fact, nothing is as likely to lead someone away from God as infatuation with social justice. Unavoidably, these social justice apostles end up thinking that the world is fundamentally wrong. From there to atheism, the step is short.

It is God-given that there be vast differences in prosperity and even opportunities at birth. That one is born from a rich father in London and another from a poor father in a Colombian peasant village is not a bug, it’s a feature. To think otherwise means, once again, to think that God is not Provident, and His Creation fundamentally flawed. Then we need a Karl Marx to remedy it.

We thirst for justice, not for social justice. We don’t want to make everyone equally endowed with God’s graces, because it is God who decides which graces He endows you with. What we strive to achieve is that, in the use of the graces he has been given from God, a person is not hindered by injustice, that is: by the arbitrary and abusive stifling of the development of the graces God has given him.

Francis’ mention, in his tweet, of inequality as the first cause of poverty is another proto-communist stunt which, again, reveals the socialist mindset. Corruption and communism cause poverty, not inequality. Societies that give ample opportunity to everyone (think of Germany, Switzerland, certainly the United States) are all marked by vast inequality.

Jesus never said “blessed are those who thirst for social justice”. He never had the slightest problem with some people being very rich, whilst saying to his disciples that poverty is part and parcel of the human condition; still, he praised the woman fighting against the judge’s corruption and injustice.

Here’s the thing: this is a vale of tears, and it is exactly supposed to be it. God will give to everyone exactly those graces that are good for him, according to a Providential plan that we are unable to see fully. To some he will give intelligence, to some beauty, to some wealth, to some a strong will, to some a good heart, to some a strong faith, and so on. He will make the peasant in Peru be born, live and die in poverty, so that , after a life in prayer, he may spend eternity near His Creator, and he will make the socialite be born, live and die in prosperity, so that, after a life of corruption and godlessness, she may, after meriting hell, give witness forever of God’s justice. Or the exact contrary, as the case may be. Poverty is not a sign of sanctity, either.

Still: in the comparison above, who had the better deal? The Peruvian peasant. Infinitely so.

Justice is about giving to one what is due to him. Not about giving to one the same that has been given to another. W

What God has given to another, is not due to you.

And it’s not for Francis to say how much you should have.

Another Dyke Bites The Dust

Frankenstein’s (lesbian) daughter.

Monstrously creepy-looking Lori Lightfoot has already lost her Chicago mayoral race, managing to be ousted already in the primaries. For all those who don’t know of her, yes, that tool is supposed to be a woman.

Lightfoot shows once again that there is only a certain amount of stupidity even Democrat strongholds can cope with. When the breaking point is reached, careers are destroyed.

This is an interesting phenomenon, as the woke ideology actually forces their representative to get more and more woke (something certainly not difficult for a monstrous dyke like this one). Therefore, the very system of wokeness invites politicians to march to their own destruction.

Get woke, go unemployed.

I remember something similar already happening in Seattle, clearly Woke Central, and with the DA of that open-air latrine called San Francisco. If memory serves, we can add Portland, too.

Wokeness kills its own children.

Which is just par for the course for a bunch of abortion-lovers.

“El Lupo” And Hypocrisy

He is having a real crisis right now…

I remember the time when popes spoke little, but when they spoke they knew what they were saying, and their words were not casual. Even Paul VI, a very bad pope by any standard, was the kind of guy who would measure every word.

It started going downhill when JP II got all emotional when going out of planes, with his long, slow, elaborate “look how I kiss the earth” play that meant exactly nothing (unless signalling some sort of fashion-pantheism, though I am sure the man did not mean that) but made everybody feel sooooo good it became a media sensation. Benedict had a much soberer style, but we all know now that he did not have the cojones to play his part for very long. Los Lupos clearly won.

Enter Frankie Boy, the Humble Heretic himself. Frankie does not care for any kind of reflection, because he is not capable of any. He will enjoy his scandals and rejoice in his doubts.

It takes a particular kind of stupid, and a very evil one, to say, as the pope, that , “a faith that does not put us in crisis is a faith in crisis.” Last time I looked, Faith was not only a great grace, but something actually meant to take us out of every spiritual crisis and put us in a position to face every earthly one.

Francis, of course, wants to play intellectual, or pretend he is a brilliant spirit; he likely thinks his mediocre play with words will impress people, from which alone you understand how terribly ignorant and vapid this man is. I actually even doubt he had any clear idea of what he wanted to say, and merely repeated what some, likely perverted, Monsignor wrote for him, possibly after visiting the homo bath house. Still: however you turn it, this is just stupid.

True faith will never put anyone in any sort of crisis. On the contrary, faith is the greatest source of security and strength. What “faith” is, then, this man blabbering about, that it should “put him in crisis” and, at the same time, be something good, desirable, and worthy of boasting about?

It is, of course, the pretend faith of the hypocrite; of a person, that is, that has faith only in social justice, or environmentalism, or rubbish like that. It is the self-congratulatory celebration of one’s own socialist rebellion to Christ’s entirely anti-socialist views. It is the, again, self-celebrating “doubt” of the man who asks, thinking himself smart, “if there is a God, why social injustice, oppression, and poverty?”. That such a “crisis” can only come from lack of faith escapes the limited intelligence of this guy.

Francis always wanted to be Scalfaro, without having much of the latter’s shrewdness. Plus, at least Scalfaro was not a hypocrite, though if he is in hell, which I consider very likely, it does not profit him much now. Still, Scalfaro had this “free thinker” aura around him, which Francis envied so much. I am pretty sure he felt pretty good with himself as he put this last noose, Judas-like, around his neck, for a day now not really long in coming.

An additional motivation I suspect in the man. Francis might have had only a vague idea of what he wanted to say – apart from the word play sounding smart to the shallow, and making him look some deep thinker, at least in his fantasies – but I think that he knew his words would have angered Catholics and decided to say them for this very reason.

Dear Catholics: Francis hates you, and he spits in your face every time he can.

It’s a real tragedy most of you have not noticed it yet.

Science, And How It Connects To The Basement.


Common sense is so easy to explain, but so difficult when one’s entire life and mentality has been ruined by the Climate Hoax.

Besides the arguments brought by the good man in the video, I have another couple.

The “inconvenient truth” fantasy movie came out in 2006. When you consider writing, preparation, filming and post production, it means that it reflect bogus science from 2005.

Eighteen years later, and nothing has happened. It keeps being very cold somewhere, sometime, and very hot somewhere, sometime. None of the catastrophes predicted by Al “Buffoon” Gore for 2016 (ten years after the fantasy movie went out in the cinemas) have become reality. I can predict, with absolute confidence, that 2026 will find us exactly in the same situation, and 2036 will be no different from 2006, either.

This hoax has failed miserably to demonstrate anything, but it has succeeded in becoming the new religion for people who have lost, or never had, the old one and are desperately looking for a way to feel virtues and concerned.

I also suspect, and I have written about it before, something more depressingly “human” at work: the impending apocalypse is an excellent way for losers and lazy asses to get credibility points they would otherwise never get. It’s the “get out of loser jail”-card for basement dwellers desperately trying to get some clout to feed their own ego.

If they believed in God, they would find immense value already in their true mission: bringing their soul safely to a loving God, for Whom their worth is immense, and helping as they can to get other souls there. But they don’t believe in God – if they would, all this rubbish would not have any effect on them – and, therefore, think that their own computer browsing and potato couching are all that existence will reserve for them.

It was the same when I was young, during the Cold War: those oh so concerned with the impending nuclear Holocaust were the atheist good-for-nothing, the leftists who were made to repeat the year at school, and those of whom everybody knew they would amount to nothing in life. Everybody knew it, it was literally in the air every time they opened their mouth. But few had the courage to say it. In case you ask, yes, I was one of those, then virtue-signallers with zero credentials always went on my nerves.

Today’s losers have been more successful because today’s people are more atheist, and more conformist, than the generation before them. They also have a Facebook profile to care for, and the idea of being unfriended by their peers is too hard to bear.

Meanwhile, one minute of common sense demolishes them all.

They don’t care.

They will have their virtue-signalling, and will appease their Facebook friends.

The Ailing Country, Part II: Economic Issues And Their Solution

I have just written about the vast degradation – moral and religious – of the United States in the last decades (basically, since the time when the end of the Cold War persuaded the US that they could make their own rules, which then took a big turn for the worse when the rules became sexually perverted and enviro-motivated, from Obama on). I would like, here, to touch on some issues that will greatly influence the United States as a power in the next decades. They are (almost) all solvable, if they are recognised.

The problem is that they are, largely, not being recognised. Let us see them together:

Crumbling education

I have just written that the US higher education has become woke, and this is destroying the moral fabric of America. But higher education is also becoming weak, meaning that the quality of knowledge that it imparts is going down. I cringe when I see American Youtubers candidly admit that they don’t know who this guy, “Sergei Prokofiev”, was, or what a “Ministry of Foreign Affair” actually does. There is simply no basic knowledge, no awareness of the fundamentals of Western culture. These are, by the way, people with degrees or studying at university. Cringeworthy in itself and, again, the more so in the blessed lack of awareness of one’s own ignorance. It means that the education system produces people not even aware of their mediocrity. They have a degree, therefore they are fine.

As a Country, you pay for these blunders. I have now told my reader several times than the Russians are running in circles around the Americans in military technology. Why? because they have an excellent education system. If you don’t produce excellence (because even your allegedly elite schools admit too many mediocre people, likely because of their skin colour or grievance score), you will become more and more unable to excel where it really matters. Yes, you can be on the cutting edge in mobile phones largely designed by engineers coming from India and China, but the latter don’t get clearance for military research. The military work, you have to do with your own people. Google “Zumwalt” (not the admiral) or “Gerald Ford” (not the President) to get an idea of how wrong it can go. Meanwhile, a single Kinzhal or Zircon will take down a Gerald Ford, every day of the week. But don’t say that to the Slava Ukraini people!

This problem can be solved if it is recognised and tackled seriously. Harsher curricula, better teachers and professors, way more demanding schools, and no excuses whatever. I can’t see anywhere of that, though.

Crumbling Infrastructure

Trump had sounded the alarm on this, big time. It does not seem he was heard. This is, for sure, an issue that will impact the US economy more and more in the decades to come. A crumbling infrastructure means a stagnating, or worse, economy. There is, at the moment, no money for that, or for Trump’s wall, but for the Ukraine there is all the money you can imagine. Meanwhile, trains carrying toxic cargos derail, people drink polluted water, etc. Apparently, the US have a record number of derailments already. It’s just that most are not of trains carrying toxic materials.

This problem can also be easily solved. A reduction of military expenses deriving from the obvious consideration that the US do not need hundreds of military bases abroad would go some way in freeing the necessary resources at the Federal level. At the State and local ones, it will be about deciding what level of subsidy the staggering number of non-active US population in working age should get. Tough, uh? But you know what: not doing anything will also be tough.

Stupid Military Procurement

Talking of Military: it has long been a problem of the West that their procurement (the European one, too; but most notably the American one) is inefficient and stupidly planned. The idea is that super-duper arm systems – costing two arms and three legs, and 20 years before they work – would allow the US to wage localised expeditionary wars with very little losses and make them, therefore, acceptable to the voters. Stealth airplanes like the F-35 are the best example, but this extends to everything, from tanks to mortars to the above mentioned Zumwalt. As a result, the US have extremely expensive equipment, produced (unless the program is cancelled) in little numbers because it’s so super-duper. Meanwhile, the likes of Rockwell and Northrop-Grumman have become, basically, research institutes spending vast amounts of money in research for very little practical military impact.

This problem is solved by taking leave of the idea that the US must be in every war. War will be waged only if the Country is in danger. If the country is in danger, the Country must accept that a lot of people will die. This will allow the production of vast quantities of not super-super, but certainly lethal, fairly cheap weapons to be used when it is really necessary; which is what Russia does and, in fact, works so well.


This is a social and religious besides being an economic problem. The US have outsourced their industrial production to, say, Mexico and China. As a result, they have become a country of consultants and baristas. Consultants and baristas have this in common: they tend to be more (the latter) or less (the former) rabid leftists. The old-school blue collar specialised workers, on the other hand, were generally based people with no desire to have more than two sexes, often going to church, and raising their children properly. The growing influence of Socialism in the US is also a by-product of this phenomenon, then baristas are urban proletariat (with or without a gender studies degree), and they know it.

This problem is solved by re-importing, first, all strategic industries, and then much of the others. The increase in production costs will be largely compensated by the decrease in transfer payments to the army of unemployed people. The multiplicator effect of countless well paid job will create wealth in the US instead of China. Once again, Trump got it. But he was Orange Man Bad, so he could never be right.


This is the biggest threat to the US economy in the next one-two decades, and one that has no real remedy. To simplify: the US have been able, for decades, to run a big deficit by printing dollars in the form of bonds that were sold the world over. As the Dollar was both the world reserve currency and the most used trade currency, these “dollars” disappeared in the coffers of foreign central banks, which were able to absorb the huge US deficit. This means that the US could live above their means, at the only cost of printing paper, as this paper was in high demand everywhere. Instead of paying this deficit with high inflation, the country could count on, so to speak, countless foreign mattresses below which the money would end. The world needed dollars as – again – both reserve and means of international exchange, so everything was hunky-dory.

But this started to change when the US started not only to bully everyone (as explained in my last post), but also to seize dollar assets of foreign countries and to try to use the financial muscle for political reasons (I will cut you off from the international money markets and prevent you from getting dollars, so you won’t be able to buy abroad the things your economy needs). What started last year was a massive process of de-dollarisation, by which countries are creating mechanisms allowing them to exchange goods and services between them without using dollars (or euros) to pay for them. The consequence of this is that the US not only lose their power of monetary political pressure, but are in deep doodoo themselves; then if I don’t need to have dollars in my coffers to pay for my imports, I do not need to have massive dollar reserves under my mattress, either. Farewell, foreign central banks absorbing any quantity of US bonds. Welcome, new flood of dollars put on the market, and coming from all those mattresses under which they were kept as underpinning of one’s own currency, as trade currency for foreign trade, and as strategic reserve for a rainy day.

This will be a massive problem for the US, because the time will come when the deficit causes inflation, which is exacerbated by the loss of value of the currency due to the vast quantities of dollars the world does not need anymore. Granted, this may well take ten or twenty years; but it’s coming, because you don’t try to seize, together with your fellow highway robbers, $300 billion of another country without everyone wondering who is next.

There is no solution to this. The porcelain has been broken. The West has chosen to be the greatest robber in the history of mankind. The markets are ruthless. You can’t remake yourself a virginity on this. Perhaps the only – partial – remedy would be the immediate reverse of the policies described now (the Great Robbery and the use of the currency for political purpose), the abject apology and the factual show that the US have stopped bullying people around. But again, I think it’s already too late for this.

This means that the US will have to either stop the excessive Federal spending, or pay the price for it (inflation and weakening of the currency, sharpening of social conflicts, increase in strikes, etc…) like everybody else. Again, being Big Homo Rottweiler will become more and more difficult to finance.


There are challenges ahead for the US, but also opportunities. Renouncing to the military adventures and to the massively expensive, worldwide military bases net will help in solving some of the problems mentioned above. The overhaul of the education system will allow to put the Country of a solid footing for decades to come. The budgetary pressure will contribute to the reduction of the welfare state. The reimporting of manufacturing will create a solid class of reasonably based, hard-working, solid thinking and, very possibly, churchgoing people.

What might come out of it is a Country with a better education, a better morality, a stronger religious feeling, and no desire to bully small countries in Africa (or big countries in Europe) because they don’t believe in affirming perversion.

You never know. Being humiliated in the Ukraine could be the turning of the tide for the old, dear U S of A.

The Ailing Country And The New Shining City On A Hill: A Brutal Sitrep On The State Of Things.

What would he say today…

I love the United States. I really do. I think they embody those ideals of freedom, self-reliance, religious spirit (if imperfect from the start) and confidence in the future that the European West too often lacks. I think that neither Europe nor, probably, anybody else, has anything comparable to the best creation of the mentality I have just described: the Second Amendment. Of course, the Country was never perfect. No Country ever was. No Country will ever be. But you could connect to the “shining city on a hill” without any issue, and understand why Ronald Reagan used this beautiful expression with such success.

However, I think that now – as it has happened in the past – this glorious Country is going through one of those crisis periods which no Country can avoid but which, in the case of a powerful and culturally influential Country like the United States, have repercussions the world over. Some of these issues are common to Europe. Some have been spilled over to Europe from the other side of the Atlantic. Some are non-existent, or existent in a far lesser way, over here.

Let us see them one by one.

Religious Feeling

The United States are in the midst of what I can only call a religious civil war. A strong religious feeling – that I greatly admired as a child – has been long challenged by a rabid enmity with God. Late term abortion (unknown in much of Europe), gender theories (largely unknown in Europe until we got polluted), and a brutal homosexualism are now everywhere. The United States are fighting for the very soul of the Country. Unless the Universities are cleaned up, there is no way to win this fight.

In Europe, we have situations from mild religious feeling to the total absence of it. But notice that, in many cases, the “mainstream” is more conservative than most Americans would think. The Italian abortion law is fairly strict, and many want to abolish it altogether. It’s as if religious thinking would remain as a cultural factor in many who are not religious. In the US, it seems there is much more active enmity to Christ.


This new, anti-Christian mentality has conquered Washington. Since Obama, the US have pursued a policy of world domination. Whilst in the past the American foreign adventures were often linked to the desire to contain Communism (Vietnam, Korea), or a world menace (Saddam, the Taliban), the US will now sanction foreign Countries, wielding the sword of its economic might, simply for not acquiescing to the Washington ideology. The former shining city on a hill has become, in just a few years, the greatest bully on earth. Loving the United States compels one to say this. The destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, which even my cat knows was planned and wanted by the US, shows the extent of this bullying, now not stopping even in front of vital interest of one of the US’s major allies.

This arrogant, bullying mentality also infected Europe. The EU has now become a massive mean of political, social and religious pressure, to which Brexit was an exemplary reaction. Worse still, the EU bullying exerts a political pressure often remote-controlled by the Americans. It’s like becoming Big Dobermann to serve Big Homo Rottweiler.

President Trump recognised this illness, and tried to remedy it as far as he could in the time given to him. Which leads us to the next problem.

Clown Democracy

The United States have become a clown democracy. I wrote a blog post, in 2021, explaining how the voting process in Italy worked when I lived there. We are on a level orders of magnitudes better than in the United States. The United States are, and have always been, a banana republic concerning their voting laws. My take is that the system still worked – more or less – as long as both sides of the aisle had an overarching interest in a fair election outcome. But this went out of the window when Trump was elected. Millions of woke idiots, in the US, are ready and willing to rig elections, and think they are doing the right thing in perpetrating and executing election fraud. In the extremely corrupt environment of Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, and the like, this leads to a decisive deformation of the electoral outcome. Control the ballots in four or five of these cities, and you will decisively influence the outcome of the entire presidential election.

Nothing of the sort exists pretty much anywhere in Europe. Where there are issues, they are on a far, far smaller scale than in the US. To a US Democrat, the entire Europe is a White Supremacist, Racist, Voter Suppression Fortress.

Drug addiction

This was a big problem in Italy in the Seventies, but has now been largely overcome. It is, I am told, pretty big in the US now. I attribute it to two main factors: 1) the loss of religious feeling (see above). 2) Deindustrialisation. Granted, Europe is largely deindustrialised, and largely de-Christianised, but without such big drug problems; still, I think that an army of people growing up without perspective and without faith contributes to the problem.

I don’t know any Country in Europe with comparable issues now, though these issues were there in the past.

Pill addiction

This is another American specialty that can make countless victims in the next decades. Here in Europe, it’ s not easy to obtain prescriptions for anti-depressants and other highly addictive medicines, which, I suppose, are also expensive. I am told that this is a real issue in the United States. Here we see one unintended good consequence of socialised medicine: the doctor needs to pay attention to the cost of what he prescribes to you, and there are complex systems meant to “punish” those doctors who don’t. Also, suing a doctor for not prescribing to you the pills you think you need is largely unheard of. I don’t know the remedy for this one as I don’t know the workings and the inner dynamics of the US health system. But the system, certainly, must be improved.


We are now at the point that I, who live in the UK, cannot see footage of the US (say: in shopping malls or on the street), without instantly noticing how darn fat people are. Mind: whenever I travel to Continental Europe, I instantly notice how thin the locals are, because the UK has the obesity record in Europe. It’s as if an entire Country had decided to kill itself. This, I attribute to various factors: the lessening of religious feeling (I have written about this many times), the culture of immediate satisfaction, the developing of bad habits (snacking, eating in front of the computer) but, most of all, the culture of niceness.

In Italy, I – who was 5 kg above the weight that the computer said is “ideal” – was called “fat” by loving family member. I have lost weight since, and am now at around 2kg above the ideal weight. If you know how darn difficult it is to lose the last handful of excess kilos, particularly at my age, you understand the culture of health that is prevalent particularly in Southern Europe. In the UK it is much worse than in Continental Europe, but nothing like Mississippi. Interesting factoid: for UK medical sites I am not 2 kg, but merely 0.5 kg overweight. Italians don’t make you any discount. This is why they are healthy.

So, there you have it.

Seen from Europe, the Country that once gave us John Wayne now gives us press conferences made by lesbians and trannies. It is a Country whose President I, and many of the people I know, consider the product of a stolen election. It is a Country which more and more people will come to see as a real, authentic oppressor (even the Germans are beginning to wake up to this, and God knows how hard it is to wake the Germans up to anything). It is, also, a Country threatened by several internal challenges of its own, which give one the impression of a once physically and morally healthy superpower now slowly destroying itself, even as it tries to export its illnesses (from gender theories to culture of niceness and obesity “epidemic”) to the rest of the planet.

You know what I think the antidote to American Homo Imperialism is. Its flag has the same colours as the US one, but this Country has a degree of Christian homogeneity, going through vast strata of society, that the US cannot boast of. This homogeneity also promises to keep its fundamental character unaltered – and, most likely, improved as the old atheist commies die out – in the decades to come.

There is – with all its issues – a new shining city on a hill.

Its inhabitants sing the “Kalinka”.

Hate, One Year Later

Yes. He hates Putin.

One year ago, Russia began its Special Military Operation, SMO, in the Ukraine. There were two main reasons for it, one local and one geopolitical.

The local one was the relentless shelling of civilians in the Donbas, following eight years of more shelling and persecution of ethnic Russians all over the Ukraine. If you visit Moon of Alabama, you will find there day-by-day chronicles of the days leading to the SMO, reposted in the last days. It is obvious to me that the West was asking Ukraine to force an invasion. They thought, idiots as they are, that they would put Russia to its knees in a matter of weeks with their wonderful sanctions. “Rouble to rubble”, remember? Of course, they cared zippo for the 14,000 Donbas dead, thousands of whom women and children, or for the additional dead of their little 2022 adventure.

The geopolitical one was the NATO offensive posture towards Russia. If Mexico, or Canada, were to enter a China-led (or Russia-led) military alliance, you can bet your last shirt that the US would never allow it to happen. However, the US think that basic rules of national security apply to them, but not to anyone else, not even to nuclear powers. Therefore, they have transformed NATO in an offensive alliance, not only bombing the likes of Libya and Serbia, but also embarking in the encirclement of Russia via Eastern Europe, Baltic Republics, Ukraine and Georgia. The Georgian gambit failed in 2008, the Ukrainian one in 2014 and in 2022. God help Finland and Sweden if they ever land the other side of the Russian artillery.

About 2014: when the US sponsor coup d’etat abroad, they give them poetic names and a relentless media barrage. When Putin, understandably angered by a coup d’etat in his courtyard, reacts, then he is the baddy. The Western media, which hate Putin because he defends Christian values, play with their governments every step of the way. The Western sheep, now abundantly house-trained by COVID, applaud.

Understand this: Donbas is Russia as Texas is US. There is no chance on earth that the Russians will just give it away, because Biden says so. It’s more likely that the US give Alaska to Russia.

The war-mongering Neocons on both sides of the Uniparty have difficulties understanding this. They think that Russia can be weakened with a long war. They are dangerous idiots. It is the West that is being weakened, and NATO that is losing face, military power, and purpose.

These same neo-cons have needed almost a year to realise that Russia can give them – all of them, including the US, together – a new ass just for the asking, and they would envy Elton John when Putin is finished with them. Too big is Russia’s superiority in military-industrial complex, technology and, most of all, ability to suffer and die for their Country. The Neocons’ ignorance of basic notions of warfare is the most dangerous aspect of the current political situation. Still: they would be stupid even if they were right, because even in that – absurd – case, they would have to know that Russia would nuke them before being defeated by them. As they well should: go at the throat of an atomic bear, enjoy the mushroom that follows.

It is very, very good that the sanctions could not and did not work. Had the contrary being the case, who knows where we would all be by now.

Thankfully, Russia holds all the cards. They can decide if, when, and in which ways they bitch-slap the US. Biden and his band of merry idiots don’t know it – which is dangerous – but many at the Pentagon do, as impressively showed by the constant info being fed to Colonel McGregor, and the cautious messaged broadcasted everywhere outside of the White House propaganda channels. Even General Milley, Biden’s Trombone-in-chief, had to acknowledge the reality on the ground.

This war will end with Putin’s victory. Which victory? The one he wants. We don’t know – because they don’t say – how deep they want to go. But one thing we know: the longer this goes on, the smaller what remains of the Ukraine will be. In fact, at some point Putin could decide that he will take a great part of it. A big hit for the Biden Family’s business interests, but hey….

If you ask me, this would be a great development. I see the Countries of the Kievan Rus linked by a millennial cultural and religious bond. They belong together. Both Belarus and Ukraine’s place is inside a strong Russia, uniting the “three Russias” together as it was for many Centuries before.

Unwittingly, NATO and the US are helping Putin to achieve just that, making of him a sort of New Volodimir The Great. As to them, they will get out of this deeply weakened as an Alliance, and with many NATO Countries wondering whether being used as pawn for US geopolitical plays is a smart policy in the long term.

Russia will win.

Thank God for that!


Today is the first Friday of Lent, a day of fasting. I wonder how many Catholics will be fasting today. Heck, I wonder how many Catholics even know – or remember from their church going days, if any – that, today, they are supposed to fast.

It’s not a big sacrifice and, in fact, even the Baltimore Catechism rendition of “fast” isn’t anything to write home about. I am pretty sure that, in past times, many people went above and beyond what was required. Still, the rules required, and requires, a small sacrifice.

People don’t do this stuff anymore. I see around me a society bent on instant gratification in everything. Grandma probably still said that eating between meals makes you fat. Mother grew up aware of it, but she never really conveyed the message to her daughter. Daughter is now heavily overweight, will snack every time she feels like it without even thinking, and don’t you dare to tell her one word, you oppressive Fascist White Male!

People grew unable to make small sacrifices. As a result, they cannot make the big ones. Divorces are more and more frequent, and the offspring of the pre-divorce couple grows in a culture where divorce is, if not expected, very common and totally normalised. Being sons of divorce, they will grew more likely to divorce themselves. What the Church thinks of this will then become either an irrelevance or an occasion for rebellion as it will be seen as unrealistically harsh.

The West needs to train its children to make sacrifices again. The habit of small sacrifices will create a fertile ground for bigger ones. When one is willing to make sacrifices, the Church call becomes a call to sanctification instead of an occasion of rebellion.

Fast diligently today. Tell your children why you do it. Train them now to the sacrifices (big and small) they will have to make in life. Explain to them that the ability to make sacrifices is very important in the development of that most important trait of a Catholic: the obedience to uncomfortable rules. Explain to them, finally, that the ability to better obey the rules will make them, in the long run, both happier in this life and much better equipped to become supernaturally happy in the next one.

Parce Sepultis. But Not Too Much.

My cat will not be able to teach him Catholicism now…

Parce Sepultis, they say in my native Country. However, when the sepultus is a public figure who has given great scandal, I would say that the matter must be looked at differently. Firstly, because we must fight against scandal, and secondly, because we must expose those who spread it, be they dead of alive.

The latter ( that is: dead) is the case of Bishop O’Connell, who was shot dead in his bed by the husband of a woman working for him. Quite the surprise, begorrah!

Day of the Lord, cometh, and thief in the night all come to mind.

O’Connell was, as it is by now printed everywhere, a serious heretic. He was a guy to whom my cat could have thought Catholicism, with great advantage for the bishop, but not without dangers for the spiritual health of the cat. He was, in short, radioactive.

The circumstances of his death are, shall we say, strange. As a rule, homicidal husbands of his female “coworkers” do not happen to find themselves in the bedroom of a bishop. Stranger things happened at sea, you will say. But this was not at sea. This was in a bedroom. Methinks, there was something that had to do with the bishop’s private life.

Why do I say this? Could this not have just been a home invasion gone bad, where the victim recognises the invader who stole the house key (but why did she have the key?) from the wife, etc? The problem, you see, lies in the fact that the man was clearly a heretic.

As I have often stated in this little effort, in case of a heretical priest, or prelate, the first place to look for the cause of his heresy is below his waistline. They know that they are unworthy priests, and they seek validation, approbation, and the courage to look at themselves in the mirror exactly the way this man did: promoting the normality of sexual perversion, blabbering about female ordination, and being on record that Francis “gets it”; which, really, says it all.

Bishop O’Connell “got it”, too. But it was a bullet in the chest, sent his way by, as it is very reasonable to assume in case of a “progressive” bishop, either his lover, or the husband of his lover.

Will we ever know the truth? Possibly, but not assuredly. A “progressive” bishop is a great asset for the all-conquering California Democrats. They, too, “get it”: the discovery that O’Connell was either a sodomite or, at his age, a bed athlete will seriously damage that particular brand of circus Catholicism. I will, therefore, not bet my pint on a serious investigation. Remember, this is a Country where elections get brazenly stolen, and laptops cancelled from official existence.

Then there is the personal aspect. Whether shot in his sleep, or not, this looks like a very rapid end. One doubt that an inveterate heretic like this tool (now late tool) would muster the presence of spirit for a perfect contrition. This means that, as I write this, the late Bishop O’Connell might well be in the company of a great number of V II Bishops, hating them greatly and being hated back with the same energy. If he is there now, I wonder if he still thinks that Francis “gets it”?

But we don’t wish him hell. We wish him purgatory. I am happy to say I managed, with great effort, to say three eternal rests for him.

Parce Sepultis.

And let’s hope his successor is a Catholic.

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