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The Sky Is Falling, Iceland Edition


Some nutcases have celebrated the funeral of a glacier in Iceland. 

It would be funny to know the details (Iceland is pretty remote; some of the participants have likely flown; one would like to enquire about the CO2 costs of this “funeral”, since its production is toxic to them), but really, it gives you the idea of the stupidity of our times. Also, it is not clear to me that the glacier is actually not there anymore. Apparently, the guy is still there. Only, some scientist has decided that, in some way, he is not there anymore, or he can’t move, or he will never be able to have a cappuccino again first thing in the morning.

Sad. So sad. Mysteries of “settled science”….

In the orgy of stupidity, the organisers managed to say something right:

Climate change doesn’t have a beginning or end

Exactly, you dumb oxes and cows. Climate always changes, in another astonishing show of the beauty of Creation. It always changes like everything else always changes, from the seasons to the atmospheric weather, and from the animal kingdom to our own bodies.

These simple truths are, apparently, beyond the grasp of people who clearly do not believe in God. They live in the midst of such astonishing beauty and complexity and, instead of directing their eyes heavenward and thank their Maker for His astonishing goodness, they sit somewhere in Iceland, in the cold, where they perform childish ceremonies, terrified that the sky is about to fall on their heads.

These people are also, in case you had not noticed, a pure eugenics Nazi cult. From the linked article:

“My understanding is that we have basically eradicated, almost, Down syndrome from our society—that there is hardly ever a child with Down syndrome in Iceland anymore,” said Kari Stefansson, a geneticist and the founder of deCODE Genetics.

Systematic killing of the defenceless in order to improve the stock. Purification of the race from less than perfect individuals.

This guy would make the perfect Auschwitz doctor. All, of course, for the improvement of humanity.

The woman cited about abortion is also worthy of the Final Solution Prize 2019:

“We don’t look at abortion as a murder,” said Helga Sol Olafsdottir, who counsels women who have a pregnancy with a chromosomal abnormality at Landspitali University Hospital. “We look at it as a thing that we ended.”

Well, you know what, Helga?

We do not look at the death of a glacier (insofar as it has happened) as something strange.

We look at it as something God ended.




The Shaman “Blesses” The Nun: The Amazon Synod Is Satan’s Work

A non-catholic publication has a non-catholic article about the Amazon Synod. No link, obviously.

The picture, however, says it all.

The caption: “Isidoro Jajoy, a shaman from Colombia’s Inga tribe, blesses people in Bogota Aug. 14, 2019, during a preparatory meeting for the October Synod of Bishops for the Amazon. (CNS/Manuel Rueda)”

Very near to the “shaman” is what can only be a nun, in a reverent gesture as she is receiving the so-called “blessing” from multi-coloured Isidoro.

My take is that all the present, including the nun, are Catholics ready and willing to have a representative of some savage cult – who, in order to remove all doubt, is also dressed like a savage –  give them some sort of “blessing” in order to experience the alleged connection with the earth of the cult of the savages, or something of the sort.

It is too appalling for words, and no polite words can really describe the prostitution of Christianity that is happening here, and which the nun in the foreground so crudely and shamelessly represents.

These people are selling our religion to the cult of earth, the approval of the world, and the rituals of savages. They are led by a number of bishops, and you can be assured that neither the nun, nor the other present, nor the bishop or bishops at the event will offer any apology for this act of implicit apostasy – or, at best, religious synchretism – that comes from thinking that a savage cult can improve Catholicism in any way, shape or form. And may their ignorance be a partial excuse for the uninstructed people out there – some of whom might simply not realise the meaning of what they are doing – the nun and the bishops certainly do not have any.

I’ll put in a polite way.

Where is the Inquisition when you need them….?



National… What???

Rubens, Assumption of the Virgin.


I use Classic FM to wake up in the morning. Then I switch off the radio before the dreaded news – which are more to the left than the BBC – cause a very unhealthy adrenaline surge first thing in the morning.

Today, they were faster.

The guy at Classic FM, intent in the usual blabla between two pieces of music, informed me that today is…. National Relaxation Day.

Er, no.

Today is the Feast of the Assumption.

The way the secular culture tries to undermine every aspect of Christianity in general and of Catholicism in particular has become so brazen, I expect Christmas Day to be declared National Skiing Day any time soon.

They want a world that treats the religious phenomenon – when they are absolutely forced to acknowledge it – as a fairy tale for children. But they would actually prefer to just ignore it, pretending it does not exist.

The Feast of the Assumption should deserve national attention exactly because it is a very important feast of the religion that shaped our world. The cultural aspect of the Christian religion should be honoured as the matrix of our own civilisation even by those who do not share the belief. To wilfully undermine this is a sign not even of indifference, but of enmity towards the Christian religion.

My early morning adrenaline surge was, however, tempered by this: the knowledge that God in heaven sees all, and will demand an account for everything.

Let us not, therefore, ruin our day thinking of all those who seek to undermine Christ left and right. They will have their reward.

A glorious Feast of the Assumption to all my readers.



I note now that Google has today, above the search line, “Louisa Aldrich-Blake 154th birthday”.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum….




Attacking The Church Via Confessional, Whilst The Bishops Stay Silent

If I go to a confessional and confess, in private, a crime I have not committed, I am not committing a crime.

If, therefore, I go into the confessional with the recorder on my iPhone switched on, and confess my “crime” of child abuse loud enough to make it recognisable on the recorder, I can then go to the police and say that I am a concerned citizen reporting that the priest has not, as required by law, reported a crime of child abuse of which he became aware in the confessional. It would be more complicated than that (I would still have to record the priest’s voice , in such detail as to make it clear that this is, in fact, a confession) but you can imagine in what trouble I would put the priest.

Why would I do this, you may ask? Because I am a sodomite, or an atheist activist, that’s why. Risks to me? Zero, and the applause of my peers. Risk for Christianity? De facto eradication of the Catholic Church from the entire Country once the “reporting” becomes (which it well might) a popular sport among the above mentioned groups.

Every legislation which imposes an obligation to report in any way, shape or form what happens to the confessional is a direct, open, head on attack on the Catholic Church.

That there should be bishops who show any kind of opening or collaboration in this matter should be of deepest concern for every Catholic and every other bishop. It is, in fact, the duty of every Bishop to vocally denounce and demand the immediate removal of any bishop who signals any kind of collaboration with the preparation of such legislative measures, much less approves of them.

In fact, much more than this should be happening. There should be a worldwide outcry against the measures now in preparation in Australia and elsewhere. This should be made such a deafening issue that no-one, be he a journalist, a politician or a lawyer, can pretend to ignore it.

Are there laws forcing Muslims to eat pork? Why are there laws forcing a priest to violate the seal of confession?

This is serious, and can easily become the Trojan Horse to bring an unprecedented legal attack on Christianity, that would have almost the same violence as the open persecutions, but made in a way that makes it seem “reasonable” and even “democratic”.

We must react to this now. If you are Australian, write to your legislator, local and national newspaper, and your own bishop expressing your deepest concern for this assault on Catholicism. It will be a good way to know whether all these people are fully sold to Satan already.

No “Right To Die” For Jeffrey Epstein?

The oh so predictable “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein has caused a wave of comments in the media.

One of the most often heard is that the victims of Mr Epstein feel “deprived” of “justice”. I found the reaction odd, or contradictory, for two reasons.

The first: one would think (and has always thought in thinking times) that death is the harshest punishment. If I were a victim of Mr Epstein, I would feel unable to think that the man has not paid a heavy price for his crimes; either by deciding to put an end to his own life (and imagine in what pain the man must have been to make such a decision), or by being elegantly “terminated” with a fake suicide, so that the Clinton Clan who knows how many powerful people can sleep safe at night (and imagine the terror at knowing that powerful people, for whom a maximum security jail is no obstacle, are coming for him).

Death is the harshest punishment. If this were not so, then lynching would be considered a very mild form of punishment, as – say – an assassin would get rid of his suffering very soon and not even get a sentence. Common sense alone says that the contrary is the case.

The second: among those who decry the lack of “justice” there must be, surely, a number who consider euthanasia a human right. One wonders: how is it that they do not allow Mr Epstein to enjoy the same right that every other human should, in their mind, have?

If there is a “right to die”, surely this right cannot be denied to anyone, and everyone should be able to ask (before, during, or after a trial) to have his life terminated. Having committed crimes is not relevant. One does not lose his status and (ahem) “dignity” as a human being for having committed crimes.

Once again, modern society shows that it has lost the compass of right and wrong even in elementary things.

Christianity is the compass of what is right and what is wrong. Lose it, and you will discover yourself entangled in contradictions as your purely emotional approach to “justice” becomes the mere pursuit of momentary whims.


Jeffrey Epstein: Suicide or Arkancide?

I am normally not given to conspiracy theories. But boy, this is another one who would have been a huge problem for the Clinton clan and is found dead.

Some people say this will make the prosecution slower. Other say the fact that there will be no due process against Epstein make make it easier to charge others. However, the star witness will clearly not be there anymore.

Even in the normal case (that Epstein really chose to commit suicide, rather than “being suicided”), it is shocking that a man on suicide watch was able to corrupt a number of people in order to get his way. I think all those involved should now be arrested and interrogated first.

Still, I cannot avoid thinking of Seth Rich, and I have a shiver down my spine.


Ohio Shooter: Leftist Methhead Who Supported Sanders And Liberal Causes, Dabbed in Satanism, Thought Trump Dumb

Lies have short legs, they say.

This wise saying was proven once again in the case of the deranged, but still evil, shooter in Dayton, Ohio, during the weekend.

The normally atrocious (but, this time, prepared) Daily Mail has a detailed, rather shocking article giving rich details about the life and mind of this despicable individual (see what I am doing here? No excuses for mass murder. Besides, if you fry your brains with meth, of course you can become unhinged!).

The long reading clearly paints a picture that is the contrary of what the Leftist, God-hating, Gun-hating propaganda wanted us to believe.

No MAGA guy, this one.

Not one bit.

A Sanders supporter and friend of liberal causes (as you would expect from a methhead), he left a lot of scribbles about murder fantasies and satanic phrases and thoughts. His habit of getting a vast range of drugs bespeaks the dutiful son of liberal America. There is no trace whatsoever of faith (in God, in decency, or in Trump) in this guy, but also no racism or “white supremacist” tendencies (which, funnily enough, the baby-killing machine on the left continues to attribute to Trump, because in their stupidity they think it will help them in 2020).

This, my dear reader, is exactly the contrary of a “Hillary Deplorable”. This guy was the enemy of Conservative America and the friend of Liberal America in pretty much everything we can see of his deranged personality.

Seriously: whilst the circumstances of the event are utterly tragic, the way the Left baby-killing machine tries to “not let a crisis go to waste” and uses such tragedies to attack Trump and Decent America, only to receive a huge boomerang  on their teeth shortly thereafter (remember Trayvon Martin? Or Michael Brown?) is, in its own way, quite funny to behold.

You can now expect that both the baby-killing machine and the MSM supporting them will keep running around and screaming “white supremacist!” at Trump like a chicken with his head cut off, in a desperate attempt to cover their lies by just doubling down on them. This will enrage Decent America even more in the months to come.

These people don’t even know what is good for their evil cause. They are bad at being bad.

Keep slandering Trump, ladies and gentlemen of the persuasion of Moloch. See how it helps you come November 2020!

Keep America Great.

And please stop making excuses for leftists, mass-murdering methheads. Their evil is just a by-product of the godless, valueless society the Left has created.


In Terra Caecorum Monoculus Rex

When the NGOs of the West criticise your behaviour, representative of the leftist party call your new law “monstrous”, and the UN condemns you openly, you must be doing something right  

Italy continues in its struggle to defend itself from those who want to undermine its Christina culture, and use it as a bridge head to push the Islamisation of our continent and the destruction of our traditional values and way of life.

Salvini has recognised the enemy and he says so openly. This is not difficult from the perspective of the solid, hard working man on the street. But it is absolutely remarkable in a politician. This is why Salvini’s party is now estimated to have the support of 38% of the population, an unbelievably high figure in a Country with a multi-party system in which the traditionally passionate Italians can fine tune their political allegiance.

This man really gets the people, because he has the no-nonsense, intelligent approach that the non-nonsense people in Italy have.

Interestingly enough, neither of the two (Salvini or the people) are particularly religious; but both recognise that the threat of a foreign invasion is the threat to our Christian roots, which is what makes of us what we are now. It was enough for one to see, imperfect as he is, to clean up in the Italian political scene. In Terra Caecorum Monoculus Rex

Salvini is one of the few who see it. He is surrounded, in Italy and elsewhere, by a circle of conformist, weak, incompetent cretins who think – because it has worked for them until now – that trite common places and easy slogans are the way forward for their careers, and the people will swallow whatever rubbish they dish to them, provided it sounds tolerant or otherwise “do-good”-ing. Not anymore, apparently.

Salvini thanked the Blessed Virgin again after the approval of the Law yesterday. Stop here and reflect when it was that such a think happened, before Salvini, in Italian politics. Granted, he is a very imperfect Catholic. But he gets it, and the Italian people finally have a guy who understands the simple facts of life and draws the consequences from them.

May the Blessed Virgin help you and us always, Mr Salvini. And may she help us to get on the long road leading, one day, to the recovery of our Christian roots and, actually, sanity.

Good Riddance, Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia appears directed towards prompt retirement once the age limit has been reached.

Honestly, I can’t wait.

There was a time when Chaput resembled a decent Catholic and was, actually, often quoted for saying the right thing. Many bloggers, including yours truly, wrote appreciatively about him.

But Chaput was one of those strange V Ii animals who, with age, start to resemble a chameleon. Very much a Benedictite during Benedict’s reign, he began to amp up the social justice tone soon after Francis became Pope. The first one or two times I had a “what the heck is going on” moment. Later, I understood that this one was merely another product of the V II school of thought, with a finger permanently in the air, and all too ready to follow the wind.

I don’t know what excuses the Archbishop told to himself, but it is clear now that they did not obtain the hoped result. Francis veered so much to the left that no amount of heroic contortionism could suffice for the red hat.


The fact is, that whilst Chaput was one of those contortionism specialists V II so lavishly produces, at heart he was still a Catholic. He would dab in leftist political issues and indulge in the rhetorical talking points of the secular society, but he would not compromise on the basics of his own religion. Therefore, he became one of those “neither flesh nor fowl” Archbishops who manage to please only the press with their easy headlines (most recently, against “gun violence”; as if guns were violent…) even as they enrage good Catholics and are considered mediocre helpers by the bad ones.

No red hat, then, for Archbishop Chaput. Not even as token “conservative” (as far as Francisconservatives go) so that Francis can prove that he cares for (fake) “pluralism” of opinions.

We have no need for bishops who confuse Catholics picking and choosing what they want to defend of the tradition handed down to us. They perpetuate the confusion, are a very poor help for people to keep their faith, and largely give the impression that even those who appear “conservatives” need to bow to the tenets of the new world religion, like those of social justice whining, illegal immigration and gun control.

I for myself prefer that Francis has no token “conservatives” who conserve very little and very badly. Let him show his ugly face to the world in the open. When God wills, this test will pass; but those like Chaput do not do anything to help the recovery of sanity, they merely spread more confusion.

Good riddance, Archbishop Chaput.

It’s so sad the contortionism didn’t work.



Give Them That Sinking Feeling

Forget the motives of the shooters in El Paso and Dayton for now. Forget that the Dayton guy was an extreme leftist with Satanist tendencies and (unsurprisingly) a supporter of Fauxcahontas Warren. Forget the circumstances and the surrounding noise.

Focus on freedom.

Make of these tragic events as many occasions for a renewed, vocal defence of American freedoms. Go on discussion fora, on the comment section of online magazines, on your Facebook page and Twitter account if you still have one, and defend the uniquely precious American freedoms and your God-given right to arms.

The enemies of freedom never get tired to attack the Second Amendment. You should never get tired to defend it.

Nor does it matter that we are winning. We are winning for now. We must consolidate the progress made and ingrain it in the national discourse, so that when – unavoidably – the next Democrat is elected President, he will not even think of attacking sacrosanct, God-given freedoms.

Start your counteroffensive now. Don’t even wait for the snowflake hysteria to get near your social media presence. Go on the offensive first. Show the Lefties that you are part of an army of Freedom Fighters ready to fight every time, all the time.

Let us make of every tragedy a renewed, assertive, prolonged defence and celebration of the Second Amendment, so that the enemies of the American Freedoms experience that sinking feeling of having lost before they even start the fight.

LifeSite News: Why I have Not Signed The Petition


Apple News has banned LifeSite News. 

The site has posted a petition to “respectfully” ask Apple to please, please be allowed in.

I disagree with the ban (obviously), but I have not signed the petition.

People thinking that LifeSite is unworthy of being published on its platform because it “shows intolerance” (of course it does; everyone does; Apple shows intolerance towards LifeSite banning them!) are basic enemies of Christianity. It is perfectly useless to try to reason with that lot.

The question is a different one: Apple News is acting like an editor, not a news platform, and should have all the responsibilities linked to it.

I am not angry that LifeSite is not on the internet page of MSNBC. They do their own stuff and decide themselves to whom they want to give space. I am angry when the free flow of information is throttled for ideological reasons by people who act as gateways of thought.

It is as if a company opened a motorway, and then decided whom they want on it. Arguably, it is more important than this, because it can be argued that freedom of speech is even more important than freedom of movement.

This is another example of Big Tech acting as Big Nanny. Already the idea that “intolerance” may, in itself, be unacceptable tells you the blank stupidity of these people. There is no one who is not intolerant towards things, people or behaviour he finds intolerable. We find abortion intolerable, they find being prevented from killing a baby in the womb intolerable.

The solution for this is not begging the evil guy to please be a bit less evil for once. The solution for this is recognise the danger that tech companies pose to Western Freedoms and act accordingly, forcing every company to choose if it wants to operate as a news platform (and be forced to refrain from any sort of censorship), or as an editor (and then controlling the information, but answering for it).

For the time being, reflect on the way Apple tries to control you and whether it deserves your money. Whilst all big tech companies are evil, some are less evil than others. For example, Android is an open platform. It might be more difficult for me to download an app that is not on their store; but if I want to do it, I can do it anyway. On a proprietary system like Apple this does not happen, which is why the Manhattan Declaration never found its way to an iPhone.

Let us stop being nice people begging for a place at the table. LifeSite should start to incessantly demand that Apple be broken up or forced to act as an editor (and I would say there is merit for breaking it up as a Company anyway) instead of kindly petitioning for entrance in the halls of Mordor.

It is not that, if Apple changes its mind, the problem goes away. If Apple changes its mind it will only be a bone thrown to the dogs, so that they do not understand how bad things really are for them.

Enough with petitioning.

Over to you, AG Barr.







1984 2.0?

I have not watched the Democrats’ debates on TV, but I have followed them close enough.

My impression is that they are toast.

The drift to the left is so evident, that even Bernie Sanders does not stand out anymore like a blue dog. Rather, there are some clearly determined to out-Bernie him, like mega loser De Blasio. Not really thinkable until some years ago.

If the Country had been shifting to the Left as a whole, I would be slightly worried. But the fact is, if anything the Country is slowly veering to the Right, as several indicators are pointing out (Trump gaining traction among Blacks and Latinos, and Generation Z clearly shaping as a leftist’s nightmare).

This is a race to impress the wrong crowd. He who wins them is guaranteed to lose in November 2020, because at this point , and with the partial exception of Creepy Joe, there is no more disqualifying fact for the White House than having been selected as the Democratic Candidate by the bunch of activists that everyone has been courting up to now.

The best case (the selection of Harris, Sanders or Warren) will create another McGovern situation. The less best case (the selection of Biden) will put Trump in front of a candidate he can, and will, eat for breakfast, particularly after this candidate has veered to the left to secure the nomination in the first place. If it’s not McGovern, it will be Mondale.

All this is being observed by those, among our adversaries, who still have a head on their shoulders. But they have no guts to openly challenge the Socialist Mob, lest they be branded traitors and Trump’s fifth columns forever. There is, therefore, currently no way for the Baby Killers to get out of the hole they have digged for themselves.

Granted, as the convention gets nearer and has passed, we will see more moderate tones in a desperate, late attempt to lure the sane and the normal. But months of insanity will not be forgotten, and even Creepy Joe will find it very difficult to flip-flop again.

It we keep White House and Senate, it will be eight years of Judicial Appointments Party. Already that will repair a good part of the US and, God willing, pave the way for the end of legal baby killing.

We are, I think, about to witness another 1972, or another 1984.

Libtards don’t “do” history.

They keep making the same mistakes again and again.

The Charge Of The Purple Clowns

Attorney General William Barr announced a few days ago that federal executions will be resumed in a matter of months. Predictably, ouf heretic Bishops went into heretical meltdown mode.

You all know what the depositum fidei teaches on this, and how Francis playing with catechisms does not change iota unum about what the Church teaches. Therefore, I will leave this part aside and move to more interesting considerations.

After decades of tasteless platitudes, our Bishops have made themselves utterly irrelevant. No one listens to them, because no one respects them. No one respects them because, as individuals, they normally do not deserve any respect.

Therefore, their whining and meowing about Barr will be, like all the rest of what they say, ignored by the public at large, shifting between 0 and 12 voters nationwide in the run to the 2020 election.

I truly hope that Capital Punishment will figure among the 2020 issues as prominently as the Wall did in 2016. That time, both the Evil Clown and a troop of irrelevant bishops thundered against Trump and his wall, with the result that… Latinos voted Republican in record numbers. This time, renewed attention for Capital Punshment will help to expose them as heretical buffoons who really only get anything right concerning Catholic doctrine if it’s not controversial, or else by mistake.

Go on and defy them all, AG Barr. Let’s see if the Bishops make of this the subject of constant meowing in 2020.

It will deliver Florida to Trump by 200,000 votes.

Madness Gate

Golden gate


There is an article on wnd about suicide and the attitude of Californians about it.

The article seems, to me, confused, and missing an important point.

It is confused, because the author claims that everybody who wants to commit suicide should be free to do so, in his own time. But every Christian knows that this is an extremely nebulous vision of life.

Our life isn’t ours, it belongs to God. We have no right to take it. Similarly, it is the duty of every government to do God’s work and prevent such behaviour. Legislation making of attempted suicide a crime (and, which is perfectly right and logical, of suicide itself, though in this case the enforcement chances seem… slim) serves exactly this purpose: to remind everyone that life is bigger than both the individual and his governing authorities.

In addition to this, the article misses one important point: the corruption clearly pervading public works in the US and in many other parts of the US.

$220 million for a protective net under a bridge? Are you kidding me? How many minority consultants, gender equality consultants, consultants’ consultants is this going to pay for? How much of this money will find its way in generous donations, from the companies contracted with works and materials, to charities and institutions linked to the Democratic party? Is there a sane person thinking that this is not going to feed the party apparatus in thousand legal and, who knows, a couple of illegals ways?

It would be nice to ask a public comptroller (or any public expense watchdog) in, say, Texas, how much such works would cost to them. I am pretty sure the differences in, say, security legislation, contracting procedures, and the like, would be staggering. Yes, San Francisco is an expensive tarmac to do anything. No, I don’t buy it anyway.

Always going on with the comparison, one would ask for how many orphanages, and how many little orphans, would such a budget provide. “An awful lot, for an awfully long time” is the answer. A State government that considers abortion a sort of religious tenet does not want to spend (as it is clear that in California this would be a public task, too) for the children that would result from banning abortion. Instead, it prefers to kill the babies and spend untold sums of money to let the suicides created by a godless suicide get rid of themselves… somewhere else.

Money spent? $220,000,000 if everything goes according to plan.

Lives saved? Zippo.

Congratulations, Californians. And keep paying those taxes. The Democrats need them to feed off of them.


P.s. It would be nice to see what happens if people jump and land on the net below.

Cost of rescue per wannabe suicide? Likely, 1 million a pop…..


Pray For Boris

Good news these last days as President Trump got a huge victory on the Wall and the Brexit climate has changed dramatically in just a few days. It is as if all that has gone wrong in three yours could largely be righted in the next year or so.

We need not to forget that heads of state can be helped to do their job if our helped, a part of the providential plan for them, inspire them to make the right decisions.

Trump and, even more so, Johnson face insidious months and difficult decisions. Please, in your charity, pray that they might be guided to do the right thing. Both of them, but Johnson is the one in the particularly difficult spot right now.

God knows they are not perfect (believe me, Boris is worse than Trump) , but these are the people God has given us to work with.

My rosary today is for BoJo.

I invite you to follow my example.

Cultural Differences

This article  gives an interesting panorama of different cultural reactions to the contact with alternative cultures, brought to us by our unjustly persecuted guests.

The French seem to have a rather robust way of making their point known. The Italians are also quite passionate.

In Germany, however, the entire place must be closed, because the level of testosterone (and, likely, the confidence that the police would persecute those who defend the victims) did not allow for any other reaction.

Oh, how fascinating it is to see different cultures coming into contact with “the other”! Quite an enrichment, adding to the beautiful diversity of our European continent.

I am sure Pope Francis will be quite pleased.

Of course, I reject all violence etc.

Cats More Human Than Babies, Says Governor Cuomo

You could not make this up.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill banning the declawing of cats.

This would be (in its own tragic way) already comical enough as it is. What makes it worse (and, in a way, tragically hilarious) is that the Governor has the guts to, literally, call the practice “inhumane”.

I have some news for the Governor:

Cats are animals.

Babies in the womb are humans.

It is really indicative of how twisted the mind of these people is, that they think it supremely cruel to deprive a cat of his claws, but do not think twice about depriving a human being of his life. Also, this satanic thinking unavoidably gives to a cat a status more dignified, more worthy of protection and, ultimately, more human than the one of an unborn baby. Think of this: the claws of a cat are, to the Governor, more worth than the life of a baby. The cruelty staggers the mind.

Who does this guy think he is, Moloch?

Mind, Cuomo will keep having a brilliant career in the Democratic party when his tenure as Governor comes to an end. Even a candidature to the Presidency is not out of the question. I am sure that countless dumb feminists will heartily approve of his “humanity” towards cats as they scream in the streets, donning their strange hats, about their alleged right to kill a… human in their womb.

We really live in a world that has lost not only the sense of right and wrong, but all sense of decency. It must be so when people forget Christ, because without Christ fluffy feelings are called goodness, justice and equaliteee.

This man, born a Catholic, stinks of reprobation from the other side of the ocean. Still, in your charity, pray for his soul, and for the souls of the countless innocents he is fine with seeing slaughtered.



There Is No Case For Communism, Catholic Or Otherwise


The satanic America Magazine has gone full homo with an article titled, if you can believe it, “the Catholic case for Communism”. No link.

I have perused the extremely stupid bloviations of the author of the article (may the Lord have mercy on him, though I have my doubts) and would like to make a point or three of my own in the time I have at my disposal.

  1. There is no “good communist”. Even in the case where a person might think he is moved by the desire to help the suffering world, Communism is godless at its very roots. Therefore, a person who embraces communism has been infected by the same evil. If I want the end of the suffering of the baby seal but do not believe in God, I am not good, in that I lack the fundamental ingredient of true goodness. What I have is merely… fluffy feelings. A Communist, who embraces a demonstrably evil, ideologically godless movement, is much worse than that.
  2. The desire to see the end of economic inequality is not goodness, it is envy. God has made rich and poor, and Christianity has never condemned the rich qua rich. The desire to put an end to economic disparity is, again, a godless endeavour. By the grace of God you are born rich. By the grace of God you are born poor. By the grace of God you are given those opportunities that allow you to, if you so wish, improve your condition. But always, a Christian recognises that he must not desire other people’s stuff. To all of us, God gives those graces that are good for us. We do not resent the graces given to others, we are grateful for those given to us, be they material (like financial prosperity) or immaterial (health, beauty, intelligence, resilience, inventiveness etc.). Communists are envious people first, second, third, and last.
  3.  Communists are no labourers for peace, nor are they agents of economic justice. To depict them in this way shows a complete ignorance of the root of both true peace and true justice: Christ. Communism has brought death and devastation without end. It had to be so, because a godless “religion” must perforce transform itself into a killing machine as its devotees will have all the determination of the Christian without any of God’s goodness. In Italy we had one of the most atrocious examples, as it is proven beyond doubt that, towards the end of WWII, Communist partisans killed as many anticommunist partisans as they could, in order to make a Communist revolution easier in the unstable phase that would follow the end of the conflict. Make no mistake, those partisans killing other partisans did so because they followed their godless religion, and “wanted a better world”. Come to that, you can say the same of Dr Goebbels, too…
  4.  Catholicism and Communism do not have a “complicated relationship”. They are, literally, like the devil and the holy water: totally antithetical. To even suggest otherwise indicates a total lack of faith in Christ. The continuous attempt of the article to minimise the evil of Communism and try to discover similarities is the work of the devil.

I could go on for much longer, but firstly I do not have the time, and secondly even perusing the damn article made my blood boil, so I will leave it at this.

Communism is of Satan.

Those who don’t see it are of Satan, too.


Pray For Luana Wen, And Mock Her Mercilessly

Pray for Luana Wen. 

By all means, do it. Heck, I am sure you pray even for Francis when you have your stomach in order.

But do not forget that we are in a fight, and in this fight the enemy is exactly Dr Wen and the people like her. 

The one or other can be converted by kindness. But Jerusalem wasn’t retaken by kindness. More importantly, the kindness should be reserved to those who deserve it (for example, because they begin to question their baby killing beliefs), not given unconditionally to every baby killing machine.

We have been losing for too long because we try to be civil, as we are attacked mercilessly. Enough.

Suddenly, Dr Wen’s refusal to include trannies in her own particular brand of aggressive, baby-killing feminism should be seen as a positive. I frankly doubt it. Similarly, it is not clear to me how having lost a baby of her own would make her in any way, shape or form more predisposed to conversion, seen that after losing her baby she found it acceptable to sit at the top of the greatest baby-killing machine in the United States.

That event doesn’t make her better. In case, it makes her more callous. Surely, the doctors carrying experiments in Auschwitz loved their children, too?

The likes of Dr Wen should – whilst we pray for their conversion – be left in no doubt as to what decent people think of them.

When the prodigal daughter comes back to the Christian household, the fat calf will be prepared for her. But for now, she is the enemy; a baby killing individual that presided over a monstrous organisation, and was kicked out of it because she was simply not political enough for them, and because her particular brand of feminism does not include the latest feminist craze.

There is a time for peace and a time for war; there is a time for kindness and a time for harshness.

Hitler deserved no kindness.

Nor does Dr Wen.



The Struggle Never Ends

There was an article somewhere around the net, minimising the effect of a repeal of Roe vs Wade, and basically sending the message that the decrease in baby killing after a repeal would likely be lower than the decrease of abortion in USA in the last 12 years or so. I would like to say my two words on this.

Wrong and right are not measured by the kilogram. Any discussion about the practical implications of a repeal of Roe vs Wade is made redundant by the fact that this repeal must come anyway, for basic reasons of civilisation alone.

Yes, it has been already pointed out that a simple repeal would, in itself, merely put the matter back to the States. But already this would mean that more than two dozen states would either immediately, or very soon after the decision, introduce a total ban. Already for this, I think the impact would be much bigger than 12 or 13% already from the start.

However, the big effect of a repeal of Roe vs Wade would be the slow, but assured change of the public attitude towards abortion. I have mentioned many times already a wise Italian saying: the laws of one generation are the morals of the following one. A repeal of Roe vs Wade would help the next generation to completely eradicate abortion from the USA as a legal practice (of course there might be some illegal one here and there; there will also be robberies and murders here and there, life never plays in absolutes). Plus, the moral pressure on European Countries would be massive, and when we get a catholic Pope again would have a devastating effect on the abortionist’s camp all over Europe.

The struggle never ends. You fight a battle at a time, knowing that after that battle others will follow. It is just the way it works.

I do not know whether we will see Roe vs Wade repealed in my lifetime, but the chances aren’t bad. What, I think, the next generation will see is, after the repeal, a declaration of the Supreme Court about the unconstitutional nature of any state law allowing abortion.  In order to do this, we need to change the hearts and mind of the nation, because it has not been seen often in the past that the Supreme Court defies the popular opinion: they upheld slavery in the time of slavery, abortion in the time of sexual licence, and so-called gay marriage in the time of sexual perversion.

We need to try to have Roe vs Wade repealed as a first, extremely important step; leverage on that to bring on our side a growing percentage of the public opinion in USA and Europe; and then push for a total ban everywhere, with many other African and Asian Countries likely preceding us on this, once they do not have to fear the sanctions of the West anymore.



Please Let Us Stop This “Accompany” Rubbish

I was reading this article about a tele-conversation between Jordan Peterson and FrancisBishop Barron. let me tell you first that I am not a fan of the first, and keenly dislike the second.

In the interview, Bishop Barron says something extremely disquieting, unworthy of a priest and outright creepy. Speaking of the way to assist the sinner and help him to repent, the FrancisBishop states:

“We have to accompany people all the way down [to the bottom before they can ascend],”

I have checked this part in the video, and he does not retract, or even correct, the statement. Actually he doubles down, in that he makes clear that he really intends this damn “accompaniment” in the damned Francis sense.

It is impossible to stress strongly enough how utterly and completely wrong this is. This is the satanic vision of a Church that sees Herself as a kind of gentle nurse, staying with you as you sink in a pit of drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual perversion or whatever that is, perhaps gently encouraging you to “grow out” of your way, but still making clear that the nurse is there watching you as you insert the needle.

Just a second after Peterson had (with a surprising petulant voice, I must say) complained that the Church “does not give hell” anymore to the faithful, Barron replies with a concept that is the most apt to accompany the sinner all the way to hell under the pretence of mercy; after which, every pretence to also give some strong warning can only be a travesty, as in the nurse who watches you as you insert the needle and then says to you that what you have done is… quite suboptimal.

Let us keep the metaphor alive, and let us say that the role of the Church is to slap the drug addict in the face, so hard that his head goes round and round for a good quarter of an hour; then have the slap followed by a vivid description of hell; then round everything up with another massive slap, ad abundantiam, so that the message remains.

This is why the Church excludes from communion public concubines and those in mortal sin. It’s Her way to make your head go round and round for a quarter of an hour, so that you get the message.

I am sick and tired of these damn, effeminate nurses. When I was a little child, we children were intimidated at the mere sight of the priest, walking around in his cassock, tall and solemn like he is Pharaoh. Why were we? Because we knew that the man was the very embodiment of what we knew to be unshakeable truths of life: death, judgement, and the atrocity of hell. 

As we grew up, we had around us priests we did not wear a cassock, would or could not be seen as the embodiment of any authority, and probably did not believe in hell, either. We did not respect these weak, little men. We saw them as useless losers, unable to even do their job. We knew they were expected to be leaders of men. We saw that they had reduced themselves to … nurses.

A priest cannot escape giving his sheep a strong warning about hell. Hell must be the cornerstone of everything he does, because helping his sheep to avoid it and the only reason why he has the job in the first place. By all means, let him talk a lot about Incarnation, Redemption, Salvation, and the life of grace. But let him always, always point out to the only thing that counts in life: avoiding hell.

Barron is not part of the solution. He is part of the problem. He should stop brown-nosing Francis and, as they say, get a pair. Perhaps, one day he might, who knows, even become a worthy bishop.




Planned Parenthood: Baby-Killer CEO Not Bloodthirsty Enough, Gets Fired

” I smile a lot whilst killing babies, because it’ s not political, see?”

Planned Parenthood, the giant US baby-killing machine, has decided to get rid of her CEO of 10 months (incidentally: woman, and minority; just sayin’…) because not hard enough on the baby-killing line.

Killing babies is a pure health care issue, says the not-so-good doctor.

My foot, replies Planned Babycide’s Board: killing babies is a big money machine, there are elections coming, and a lot of dough is at stake!

Therefore, the smiling baby-killer has been ousted in favour of baby-killers with a more aggressive attitude. More talk of “reproductive health”, “women’s rights”, and other dumb stuff meant to hide the brutal, atrocious reality of baby-killing is to be expected.

I welcome the development.

Planned Parenthood need to be exposed, and the best way to achieve this aim is allow the baby butchers to actually expose themselves as aggressively as they can.

Good riddance, smiling baby-killers.

Moloch wants someone even worse than you.






Francis on His Way To The Poor Church He Wants

“You stingy, bigoted, fanatic… Catholics!!”


Oh, the unintended effects of love of poverty!

In Italy, every taxpayer can decide whether to give 0.8% of his tax bill to the Church or to the Government to be spent for charitable purposes. Therefore, it is not a question of “to give or not to give”. it is merely a question of deciding the direction of certain funds.

Traditionally, the Church has had a lot of support from this. This is because there were many people, even agnostics, even atheists, who appreciated the work of the Church (in Italy rabid atheism really has no traction) and wanted to support it.

It says here that, since Francis has become Pope, the Church has lost two million “8 pro mill supporters”.


Now let us reflect a moment. Can this come from the progressive loss of faith of the Italian population? Perhaps yes, a bit. But 2 million over, let us say, 40 million taxpayers lost in six years is brutal. Also, it does not match with what I said before: the well known fact that many who are not church people and do not even believe in God chose to support the Church because they liked their work on the ground.

The answer is, I think, much simpler.

A lot of people (Catholics, or not) are getting fed up of supporting a Church that promotes illegality, the destruction of Italy’s traditional social fabric, socialism in various forms, and perversion in all forms.   

Therefore, they show Francis the longest finger they have when they have to “tick” the 8 pro mill box. Well done!

FrancisChurch must be starved. This will allow our dear FrancisPrelates and FrancisPriests to practice what they preach at least a bit, and it will show even to the most stupid among the perverts who seem to run the show nowadays that the strategy simply, and literally, does not pay.

We need to close the money tap on these people. Yes, just priests will suffer; but a good priest expects to suffer. Yes, there will be closures of some churches whose priests do a lot for the local youth; but then again, this will help to pose questions as to why this is happening.

This bubo needs to rupture. Francis must be exposed as a toxic enemy of Christ, who is perverting the Church in every aspect of Her activity. And it must be clear that the Italians, and hopefully Catholics in other Countries, are not going to stand for this.

Italians are showing, by the millions, that Francis isn’t worth of their money. Kudos to them, and let us hope that others (particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Kirchensteuer Countries) will follow the example.


The Leftist Woke Freak Show

The Democratic primaries for 2020 are promising to be epic fun. The field is now so vast that I doubt there is anyone who can remember all the candidates by heart. Also, the trend toward fake candidatures only meant to gain visibility, seen also in the UK, is continuing unabated.

The Two terms mayor of New York isn’t managing to get 1%, showing to the entire Country the extent of his incompetence. Fauxcahontas is getting traction. The feminist who made a career sucking whatever it was to a powerful man in California is struggling in her own, extremely woke home state. The creepy old guy who can’t stay away from girls’ hair makes one gaffe after another. The old socialist who made such a good symphaty run in 2016 is way below expectations. We now also have the nutcase Billionaire, and it will be fun to see how this pans out.

Very many of them are White and Men, two mortal sins among the activists. But pretty much all of them are so much on the left, that their candidature would have been considered a wasteful, expensive joke until 2012. Creepy Joe himself is veering to the left like there is no tomorrow, trying to stay afloat in the ocean of wokeness.

This is an ideal situation for Trump. However this ends, and if no moderate candidate dares to show up, this will be months and months of Leftist Freak Show, likely damaging in an irreparable way everyone who gets the nomination , however strong his attempts to steer a centrist image after the Democrtic Convention.

Trump will exploit this mercilessly. He will call out their leftist policies day in and day out. He will attract huge attention on himself just by mocking the nutcases. He will appear moderate compared to them. And he will, as he always does, control the narrative every step of the way.

This show is going to be fun.

Trump is just getting started.

Argentina And The Phases of Francis’ Pontificate (With Bonus Final Prayer).

“You have stolen all the wheelchairs!!!”


A pretend “catholic” magazine (no link) has an article of pathetic excuses as to why Francis is so terrorised of his own people that he is not planning to visit Argentina any time soon.

In pure hack style, an entire people is insulted in order to prepare you for the news that they hate the Pope: egocentric, arrogant, bloody know-it-all is how they are introduced to you before telling you what they think of the Evil Clown. What they think is highly predictable: leftist, and “even” (on which planet do these people live!) “not Catholic enough”.

You don’t say…

These people are, obviously, uninformed, the hack hurries to let us know. They haven’t read his documents. No shit, Sherlock! As if a practical, working man had time to read the endless blabla of the Evil Clown to know what a tool he is, and his almost daily proclamations weren’t enough.

And woe one of the practical, hard working people should tell him something imprecise. It makes the entire nation uninformed, see?

At this point the attempts to defend Francis are becoming almost more ludicrous and pathetic than Francis himself. So many people have leant out of the window defending his subversive work, that they are now forced to desperate attempts at PR for a man that no PR agency in the world could ever save from ignominy. Nor does Francis understand the lesson, and tries to soften the tones or dial down his own anti-Capitalistic, anti-Catholic propaganda. No, he is just as arrogant and self-centred as the fake catholic hack accuses the Argentinians to be.

Francis’ Pontificate has had, up to now, two distinct phases.

The first is the Wheelchair Phase: basking in the approval of the masses with stupid gestures like paying for his own hotel and embracing every wheelchair in sight. This could not go on for long, because – as your humble correspondent predicted years ago – at some point the stupidity of the man would be enough to squander the immense patrimony of goodwill given to a Pope.

When this happened, you saw the other Francis, and the Pram Phase started. Uncaring of the ferocious criticism levelled at him from theologians, professors and simple people, the man reacted by increasing the frequency and the tone of his anti-catholic interventions. It is fair to say that by 2016 we were clearly in phase 2.

But this man is truly, truly stupid, and a third phase might be coming upon us soon, courtesy of his immense childishness and lack of intellect: the Amazonian Phase. In this phase, we are supposed to go looking for savages, asking them what their cult of the forest and their dialogue with the trees can teach us about God, that Christ somehow forgot to tell us. There must be, deep within the forest, a Special Revelation that wasn’t revealed to us up to now, and that we will all have to follow lest we are deemed “ossified”. What wonderful new tenets this Second Revelation will bring is easy to see already: married priests, rabid anti-Capitalism, faggotry all around, and a general understanding of sexual matters very much in line with the one of the above mentioned tree-worshipping savages.

Please, God, make the man die soon. No, not resign, because after the traumatic experience of the Three Tenors I doubt we could survive the Three Popes without extensive, collective brain damage.

Please, make him die. Repentant, if You so decree, and I wish him salvation with all my heart still. But please, make him die.

Please, make him die today.

I think many have learnt the lesson already.



Germany Is Becoming A Freak Control Nazi Indoctrination Apparatus


What you read here is, alas, very much in line with the thinking of too many Germans. If you don’t conform to every form of indoctrination your rulers have decided that is good for you, you should have your children taken away from you and given to the Nazi propaganda Apparatus, so that it can make good MiniNazis out of them.

I begin to suspect that either the Germans have not been bombed long enough during WWII, or else that they need to be bombed every 100 years or so, to dial their tendencies back every time they become too strong.

Be it as it may, the event is another symptom of an extremely worrying trait of the German mind; a trait I could witness very often during the years I lived there.

Kind, honest, efficient and generally of good heart, the Germans have a huge, collective shortcoming: their extreme gregariousness makes them easy pray of every evil ideology that becomes mainstream. If you don’t think like the rest of the sheep, you must be evil.

This is how Hitler’s Germany used to operate, and how Merkel’s Germany operates today. None of them really imposes the conformity to the rules on their people. The Germans are extremely good at doing it themselves.

When you understand this, you understand a lot of German history. You understand how the average Nazi German could be so kind to his neighbour, whilst considering a given that, say, Russians are Untermenschen. I thank God the Germans classed the Italians as Aryans. Had it gone the other way, I wonder whether I would have been born at all.

I make an easy prediction here. The German gregariousness, coupled with the great economic power of their Country, will cause them to be crushed again in this generation or the next; unless, that it, Muslims don’t care for it first, which I highly doubt.

Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt Genesen: “The world shall be made whole through the German way of being”.  This old slogan, often mocked nowadays, continues to live and prosper in modern times, promoted by the very people who mock the allegedly old ways of the Country. From environmental policies to economics, and from illegal immigration to sexual perversion, once the German mainstream has chosen sides, the pressure to make the others conform to the German way of doing things mounts slowly but irresistibly, until a chastisement comes that makes them think better of it… for a while.

Mind, it is not desire of domination. It is authentic thinking that what they believe is better for you. It is difficult to explain to an Anglo-Saxon or a Southern European, because they come from a different cultural environment. But live the day to day “German-ness” for a number of years and you will understand what I mean.

You might say that we have many examples of PC madness in other Countries, too, the UK being one of the most prominent. But having lived in both Countries, I can assure you that the Brits have “freedom antibodies” that the Germans simply lack.

Europe needs to defend itself from the good intentions of the Germans; one day, I think it will. Let us hope, for them and for us all, that it will not have to be through a conflict that utterly crushes them, likely curing their “German Ways” once and for all.



Evil Clown Had It Coming

The rag Daily Mail (yes, the one with the half naked women, the dirty gossip and other low pleasures for the dumb among the working class) has an article that tries to be sympathetic to the Evil Clown, also known as Pope Francis. I also have a link to Euronews, which at least does not have the half naked women and lurid articles.

What has the man done, to deserve to be defended by such august authorities?

He has invited the faithful to pray for illegals trying to enter Italy.

The reaction was, how shall I put it, robustly Italian. Some translations:

“Enough! Please stop with this and put on another record” (this is an Italian expression, reserved to those who always talk about the same stuff)

“Later, when you have a moment between a preaching on the migrants and a sermon on the migrants, tell us something on the abused children and the destroyed families of Bibbiano” (this is a scandal about the fostering of children)

“If, perhaps, after 4 years spent only talking about migrants, you could tell us some words about Jesus, Mary, the Resurrection, the Holy Ghost, Hell, and the Gospels, I swear that we would not be offended”.

“You have broken”*. (You should be) kicked in the ass up to Avignon!”

“Go to do” **. To look at your face gives me…….” (image is cut here, I think it goes on with “nausea” or the like).

Now that we have examined the vox populi, let us dare a little sociological examination of the event.

Up to very few years ago, it would have been unthinkable that a Pope is bombarded with insults on Twitter. If this had happened, the insults would not have come from Catholics. Moreover, any insults would have been countered by an immensely strong reaction in defence of the (Catholic) Pope. In short, anti-Catholic criticisms to a Catholic Pope would not make the news.

This here is different. These tweets come from people who, Catholic or not, see in Francis just what he is: a propagandist for the destruction of Europe. Hence, the treatment reserved to people Italians do not respect (the colourful expression above) or the polite observation that a Pope should actually be Catholic.

What is happening is the brutal fact that the Evil Clown has lost face. He has lost face on a massive scale. This is not anymore a small number of Catholics enraged at the antics of the man. This is the entire Italian Nation realising what a tool he is, and not thinking that the man is worth of respect. Some of the expressions you read are reserved to people considered common muck, or nothing more than scoundrels.

The game is up. The people are angry. The tolerance threshold for a tool like Francis is getting lower.

I can see the day when he is either pelted with foul tomatoes (less probable, because the police would intervene instantly) or booed and insulted by the Catholic masses on St Peter’s Square.

He can’t say he didn’t have it coming. Sawing and reaping comes to mind.

Poor, poor Frankie: how far away the wheelchairs seem now!


* less impolite version of “you have broken our balls”, a colourful expression meaning “you are being really annoying now”.

** less impolite, shortened version of “go f@kk yourself”.

Meet The Catholic Trannie Priest

The very stupid and always obscene Daily Mail (therefore, no link) reports of a Catholic priest now deciding that he is a “she”.

I will spare you the drooling of the stupid rag, the obsessive description of the poor madman as “she”, the usual rubbish about being “trapped” in the body of another sex, and the like.

I only ask this: how could this tool be made a priest in the first place? How could it be that no one noticed his obvious deviation? Who are the people responsible for him passing the various steps of the path that leads to ordination? Will the “Catholic” press pick up on this story? 

This sad basket case is now 37: it is realistic that he was a real priest, not merely in a seminary training to become one, for 6 years. More questions arise: why has his bishop not noticed? Why has, in fact, no one noticed? The better question might actually be: who has noticed? And what happened then? 

If this was 1 April I would think this is an April Fish, but I am afraid it isn’t: it is the reality of the Catholic Church in England in the early XXI Century.

When Pius XIII becomes Pope, he will have to purge the seminaries and hierarchy in this Country like it’s Torquemada Time.

The second most disgusting thing? “Father” has now adopted a daughter. The Country is really going down the drain.

The most disgusting thing of them all? A rag with a mass audience encouraging the madness, every bit of it.

Wake up, Europe.

You have become a sad parody of the Christian continent you once were.


Jeffrey Epstein Show: Get The Popcorn!

The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein will show whether the US prosecutors have what it takes. I am confident it will, because a brilliant, decade-long political career can be achieved based on this alone. On the other hand, you already know the vast net of connections and, not unlikely, accomplices and enablers of Mr Epstein will do all they can to stop this investigation in its tracks.

Let us think of the Clinton Clan alone. How many times did Bill Clinton fly to “Lolita Island” on Jeffrey Epstein’s own jet? Ten? Twenty? How many other very rich and very influential people were there? Did Clinton “dip the biscuit” with the local young, or very young, women? How many illegal instances were there? Is it really thinkable that Clinton was not meant to provide political protection to Epstein, and to the other friends, in exchange for luxury treatment and sexual favours?

How young were the girls? Were there also women of age? Were they “escorts”? How could Clinton not know the exact scale of illegal behaviour that was going on there?

Boy, this will be interesting.

My take (for now) is that a billionaire with Mr Epstein’s proclivities will buy an island belonging to a nation where the age of consent is low (let us say fourteen, or fifteen). Therefore, if he went below that, he is deep into long term jail territory, and Bill Clinton might not be much better situated than him. Also, if Epstein got his girls through various organisations pimping them, he can be, and I think he is, accused of trafficking together with these organisations. Still, I would not focus on the trafficking charges. I would focus on what was going on in the island, under the lustful eyes of Mr Forty-Two himself.

It’s likely going to be a bloodbath. Epstein, who was already in jail and cannot expect any mercy, will likely sing like a canary, drawing an awful number of prominent rich Democrats down with himself. The pickings are, I think, too rich for just sweeping this under the carpet. The incorrucf press (mainly, the right wing one) will set itself in motion, and soon whistleblowing and leakings of all sorts will be underway. I honestly cannot see how this can be stopped.

It will obviously take a while, as in the case of the paedophile cover up scandals. But as in these cases, the wheel is likely too big to be stopped once it has start to roll.

Get the popcorn.

The Clinton Clan is about to fight not to get the Presidency, but to stay out of jail.

Of Vitriol, V II, And AR 15

A constant criticism of us who want to die in the same religion as our Catholic ancestor died is that we are”angry”, “vitriolic”, or in any other form “not nice”.

These are, I m sure, the same people who would be totally enraged at knowing that someone, who – let us say – once piddled against a tree less than a lot of feet from a school, or slept with an extremely horny and slutty 17.9 years old girl somewhere where the age of consent is 18 and was judged a “sex offender”, lives at less than very many miles from their sacred abode.

Screw forgiveness and understanding. In what matters to me, I make no prisoners.

What angers us gives a very good picture of what is important to us. If your salvation is the most important thing to you, the ravaging of your religion and the continued assault to Christian values will enrage you infinitely more than inflation, insurance prices, government inefficiency, damn inequality, damn world peace, damn so-called global warming, and even criminality and everyday security. If you don’t get why, you are reading the wrong blog and, if I were you, I would be worried for my salvation.

It’s not something we choose to do. We are angry simply because we care.

I can’t just decide to “relax” as Francis disfigures Holy Mother Church and tries to make a mockery of Her Sacraments. In order to do that, I would have to simply become another person or, actually, lose my faith!

Conversely, I have strong doubts about the faith of all those who, upon hearing of us rightfully angry faithful, focus their attention on our (justified) anger rather than on our (justified) motives for being angry.

Nor does it help to say that they “agree” with us on so many issues (who doesn’t like a beautiful Tridentine Mass?) , but that we disqualify ourselves because of our “vitriolic” attitude. The argument is self-defeating. It actually shows the total disingenuousness, or outright bad faith, or else complete inability to grasp the issue of those who make it.

Be angry, my dear reader. Let your vitriol corrode the old, rusty, fragile structure of HomoChurch. Shoot at Vatican II with the AR15 at every occasion. Let everyone listening to you feel your righteous anger! Let them feel the strength of your faith.

Niceness at all costs is for the lukewarm, the conformist, the fearful and the effeminate.

As for us, we will choose the vitriol.

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