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Dubia: Francis Is A Petty Idiot


Seriously, if we accept for a moment what Francis has said to the press in a little pause between two attacks on Trump, what kind of nonsense will we end up believing?

The man states he did not receive the dubia privately, and only knew about them from the newspapers. How can anyone be so arrogant and dumb at the same time? The mind boggles.

Firstly, this assertion is so stupid that not even an old nincompoop like him can really believe it will wash. Cardinals like Burke and Caffarra – no lions, certainly; but correct, decent people – would, then, have schemed against him? Really? How are we expected to believe that the Cardinals would not try to solve such an important issue in camera caritatis before going public? How dirty must Francis mind be, to even start to think it? 

Secondly, Francis’ pants are clearly on fire. If this had been the case, why not say so immediately? It would have least have lent some little credibility to the assertion, and if anyone has blocked the communication it would have been easy to discover who; besides, this should have been followed by an offer of immediate meeting to discuss the matter. Communication, you know? Talking. Discussing differences. Discovering common ground. Helping each other.

Third: what kind of senile, petty idiot does not answer important questions concerning the faith in order to “show it” to Cardinals he thinks have slighted him? 

Fourthly: what kind of unspeakably evil ass has the temerity and shamelessness of even going around and imply that he was right in not answering the Dubia because they were not presented to him in the proper way, as if this was a legitimate reaction?

Lastly: what other public person or politician – nay: what what kind of adult – would spit such nonsense to the press without being inundated with harsh criticism and utter insult? How old is this guy, three? Sheesh.

The next Pope might be even more satanical than this one. 

But it is impossible that the Cardinals find another one who is just as stupid.




Enough With The “Separation” Nonsense.

It’s 8 AM in a bad neighbourhood of a big city in Italy.

Little Marco Peggio has finished his breakfast and is about to get out to go to school. Marco’s papa, Mario Peggio, is still sleeping. He always works late at night, says mama. Mama, whose name is Margherita Peggio, nee Male (but Italians say “Male in Peggio”) is a housewife occasionally working as cleaner, with no qualifications.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings. There are three men, one in a trench and two in police uniform. They say the dreaded word, “Polizia”, and Margherita Male in Peggio pales instantly. They show her a paper. Mama gets excited, cries, screams “you cannot do this!” as the men – two of them obviously armed – enter without further ado.

Little Marco is extremely shocked and starts to cry, too. There is confusion everywhere. The men enter papa’s bedroom, and Marco hears the words “Mario Peggio, you are under arrest”. Papa swears abominably, but little Marco is accustomed to that. His papa is not even given the time to wash his face. Mama is now crying and screaming hysterically, little Mario is crying, too. Maria, his little 14 months old sister, is now woken up and shd is screaming like there is no tomorrow.

Little Marco sees his papa handcuffed, but not before getting a couple on the nose as he tries to oppose resistance. He is then unceremoniously dragged out in handcuffs, as all the neighbours are now out in the floor hall of every floor of the council house where they live.

What happens now is a daily occurrence in Italy: Mario Peggio is, believe it or not, separated from his children and brought to jail. It is not unlikely that the judge will not allow him house arrest pending investigation. Little Marco knows all too well how things work, as uncle Paolo was already in jail for a while last year.

As Little Marco screams, papa is separated from him. Chances are it will be years before he can see his papa again as a free man.

Now, dear reader, stop here and reflect.

This happens daily in Italy. Arrested criminals with the danger of pollution of the evidence are just put in jail and left there. This is before and pending trial. No one gives an Obama that Mario Peggio has two little children. Nor is having little children an extenuating circumstance when the judges emit their sentence. I can tell you now, thanks to my connection to the justice system, that Mario Peggio is realistically facing 12 to 15; probably out in half the time on probation, if he behaves well, which in Italy means bloody well.

Little Marco faces 6 years at least of separation from his papa and, again, nobody gives a Michelle.

Criminals go to jail. That’s the beginning and the end of it. No human rights outrage there.

You draw your conclusions from this little story.

My conclusion is that this exploitation of children for political purposes has to stop. Enough with crying children filmed as they are separated from their criminal papa.

No one filmed little Marco, as his own problems have no bearing on the matter at hand.

Enough. The US must regain sanity and put an end to this nonsense.


US: Time To Let Bad Parishes And Dioceses Starve.

The interventions of various US Bishops against enforcement of existing, perfectly reasonable laws, constantly practiced in the history of Christianity is a very clear sign of the decay of religious values in the West at large, and of the loss of faith of Catholic clergy more in particular.

It is as if your priest would suddenly tell you that it is Unchristian to keep your door locked, and refuse entry to whoever wants to squat inside, because you are not hospitable and yadda yadda.

It is not only that common sense and logic have failed here. It is, more worryingly, that at least a portion of the Catholic audience does not find the bishops ‘ talk scandalous drivel. In a solidly Catholic or Christian country, bishops would not talk in this way, as their sheep would show them very fast how to be Catholic, or at least Christian. There is, in fact, no notable immigration activism among the clergy of, say, Poland or Hungary, let alone Russia. Where there is solid faith, there is no third-worldist socialist drivel.

Therefore, whilst I despise the little prostitutes of the US dioceses, chasing the business of immigration support and an easy popularity among their non instructed (by the bishop themselves) sheep, I have no symphaty for those who allow this to happen, either: the pewsitter who, instead of having their bishop know that he is an enemy of Christianity and not one cent will be forthcoming, choose to accept – even when they disagree – that their bishops play social justice warriors, as if this were something you expect from the man in the purple habit.

It is reliably believed that Trump got more than 50% of the Catholic vote in the US. This 50% should make itself heard very loud and refuse to give one single cent to any parish with even a whiff of SJW disease in it, and certainly not one cent to any diocese even remotely supporting this illegality nonsense.

It is sad to say this, but nowadays an awful lot of bishops are a deadly cocktail of political attitude, social justice activism, atheism, prostitution, reprobation and vanity, with Christ very low in the priority list, if He is present at all for other purposes than to cover a one world agenda.

Punish the Judases and their priests. Let them starve and sink into oblivion and irrelevance until sanity returns.

You are not required to finance the shills of the Democratic Party.

The Slandering Dictator (Francis, I Mean…)

The Dictator Pope is trying to divert the attention on his now worldwide established nickname of …. Dictator Pope by baying against dictators who slander people. You would think he has just looked in the mirror, but no, the man has not enough brain to even understand the irony.

What is clear, though, is that he fancies for himself the role of martyr of those slanderous dictators, and I don’t think he is thinking of Castro or Maduro, either. As so often, one thinks that the man might just have been drunk, and I mean drunk as in “too much fernet”, not in some figurative sense.

The Pope who has, so to speak, just finished slandering the victims on child abuse in Chile, and who has been going on for now more than 5 years insulting sane Catholics; the man who has crushed an entire, pious religious orders instead of stopping the homo propaganda of Dominicans, Jesuits and many others, this very man complains about slandering dictators.

It’s not even an irony fail. It is, like everything this ass does, stupid to the point of being surreal. If is as if Bill Clinton accused a political opponent of being a sex predator. It is as if Anthony Wiener accused his opponents of being perverts. It is just too much even for laughter.

The Slandering Dictator is exactly you, Francis dear.

Your baying does not change one iota of it.


On Mr Salvini And “Benedict Pope”


People, just in case anyone gets too excited…

The one with Salvini choosing “Benedict” as Pope” is a word play.

“Benedetto” in Italian means “blessed”.

“My Pope Is Blessed”, says the T-Shirt. Francis’ image is dismayed, because this also means “my Pope is Benedict”. Cleverly, the letters are all capitalised, as the normal writing would give up the game.

We must understand Italian humour here. Salvini is not saying that Francis is not Pope. He is saying that Francis is not doing his job. He is, by the way, the Interior Minister. He would never say who is the head of another State.

This is a very nice, ironic Italian word play. It shows a polite criticism to a bad Pope.

It is not “Benedictvacantism”.


Please Pray For Tommy Robinson

Please Pray For Tommy Robinson

Donald J Trump: Peace Through Superior Testosterone


The great Donald J Trump has shown the world, again, how it is done; and again, the incompetent class of journalists and diplomacy “experts” is left with trying to limit their embarrassment. Let me summarise how Trump has dealt with the North Korean threat.

Trump starts from the end. His aim is the destruction of North Korea as a nuclear threat. He has decided to do this and then he has worked on this becoming reality.

North Korea has survived because China protects them in various ways, helping their regime to avoid collapse. Trump starts his North Korea policy by kicking the Chinese in the balls, very hard, with the recent tariffs. Tariffs which are, as the Chinese were made to understand, only the start. A country with more than $300 billion surplus in its trade with the US has no defence when on the other side there is a man willing to cut this to zero if needs be, and leaving them in no doubt that he can and will do this if he must. Unless the Chinese behave. Clearly, North Korea isn’t worth the castration of the Chinese economy and, also important, humiliation of China.

To make things even more clear, the latest round of sanctions against Korea is enforced brutally, because this is not the time to posture about like Obama did.

At this point, North Korea is the lapdog of the US already.

Then he directs his attention directly to the North Koreans and, basically, imposes on them the visit of his guy, Mr Pompeo. The guy flies there, enters the wolf’s lair like he owns it, and gives the North Koreans their marching orders about what they have to do if they want to have at least a shot at survival.

They are to shut up, fly to Beijing to be told first hand how really, really screwed they are, and agree to a meeting with Trump to take further orders.





When Mike Pence makes clear that this is not the usual Obama fake diplomacy where the president tries to look good but nothing is achieved, and states very clearly that the aim is denuclearisation or destruction of the evil regime, the North Koreans react with a violent attack to him; thinking, poor guys accustomed to limp-wrist Obama, that they can still bark to Number 2 and get away with it.

Here, Trump shows what a master he is, and what a natural at that. He leaves the negotiating table and, in the same letter with which he does so, threatens the North Koreans very publicly with utter destruction.

In English: shut up, fat Kim.

You. are. my. bitch.

Get in line again, fast, or start taking the measurements for your coffin.

Promptly, the North Koreans grovelling ask the President to please, please have mercy on them, and the rest is history: the meeting does take place, Kim promises nuclear disarmament, the extremely harsh sanctions against Korea remain entirely in place whilst he does so, and they receive no payments, with the Americans are in charge of controlling that he does what he promised.  The only “concession” he makes is the stop to military exercises not scheduled until next year. 

This way, the bitch gets a bone and is allowed to try to survive, if she can; and if the bitch behaves, Trump might throw at her another bone or two, with little meat around it; then Trump is not President to right all the wrongs in the world, but to deal with the threats to American security. 

Boy, what a difference with Obama and Clinton. They could not wait to give relief from sanctions, and even money, from the start, against empty promises everyone knows will never be honoured; and called this diplomacy.

If Obama had achieved one third with North Korea of what Trump has already done, he would have been celebrated as the Greatest Guy Ever Born. Trump humiliates the North Koreans in all possible ways, showed the world that he owns them and the Chinese are no match to him, and all the libtard complain because we still have a repressive regime in place, which they have been helping to survive and become a big threat in the last decades.

This is not the way Trump thinks. Trump selects an objective at the start (the nuclear disarmament) and goes straight towards it, kicking all the balls he must kick in the process but also not thinking that he is the World Policeman and Global Social Justice Hero. What a great man we have at the White House.

Peace through superior Testosterone.

Enjoy the show whilst the libtard heads explode.



A Man Of His Box Office Bomb


Box office material? Thought not…


Wim Wenders’ sugary brown-nosing of the Evil Clown ended up a bomb of dramatic  proportions. The details of the drama are here. 

You could probably screen a documentary on the history of the semicolon and get more people willing to pay to see that than torturing themselves with 96 minutes of Francis. I do not doubt it would be more interesting and formative, too. Actually, one has the impression the only viewers were those being punished by their parents and forced to choose between the documentary and two months of being “grounded”.

This is enough to make you cringe. This is so embarrassing I am embarrassed for them, as the likes of Francis and Wenders are obviously incapable of embarrassment themselves. This one is the Pope, for crying out loud! He goes out in 350 cinemas and he gets, on the opening weekend, an average of $1,500 per cinema screen, per weekend?

Mind, this is the gross intake. The theatre gets around half, the other half goes to… reduce the losses. $750 for the weekend. Will this suffice to even pay for electricity, cleaning and personnel? 

Embarrassing. Utterly and completely embarrassing. From the man who has dedicated his own papacy to being “accepted” and considered “cool” by those people who constitute the majority of cinema goers in the United States. With a director whose name still has some form of, if not esteem, at least recognition. It goes to show how radioactive Francis is. 

Despised by Catholics. Ignored by everyone else. Desperately trying to be popular with the world. Failing miserably.

There you have it: this papacy in four short sentences. 





Perversion Is Never Consistent With Catholicism, Decency Or Common Sense

What A Feminist Looks Like

Some information starts to emerge a couple of days after Anthony Bourdain’s not-so-unexpected suicide. The information available shows, once again, the cognitive dissonance and, unavoidably, the painful life of the average Liberal.

A conservative man is not ashamed, much less scared, of being a man. He does not apologise for wanting the woman he loves for himself. He will claim his right over her, and will leave her in no doubt that he expects, from her, the same sentiment of belonging to him, completely.

This is much more than love as a sentiment. It is, here, the extremely deep call of masculinity that is at play. The male needs, instinctively and biologically, to be sure that he is the father of his offspring. The feminine female needs, and desires, to give him this security, and revels in it. She belongs to him entirely. He is Lord and Master of her body and of her heart. She receives his lifelong commitment in the form of a god-given institution that is, to her, triumph and protection at the same time: marriage.

Liberal males don’t get absolutely anything of all this, and destroy their lives – at times, physically – as a result. They are emasculated and afraid of staking their claim of masculine dominance, and end up considering such a thinking oppressive. They reject not only the “bourgeois” institution of marriage, but the very concept of mutual lifelong commitment, even of fidelity of their own female companion! If their “girlfriend” is a “free spirit” (to you and me: a slut) who are they to judge?

Mind: manly men like sluts a lot… for the limited and very sinful purposes they inspire in them. But this is where it ends. Manly men do not fall in love with sluts, ever. The very idea runs so contrary to their genetic imperative of male dominance and assurance of offspring, that it is revolting to their very innards. For this reason, among real men the male falling in love with an easy woman, and so much more the man accepting of her promiscuity, has always been considered the most pathetic, emasculated, un-manly form of bottom-dwelling loser imaginable. From the very fact that that man fell in love with an unworthy female you know that he is not, and never was, a real man. This is something that runs so deep in a man that, among men, it does not need explanation. This is also why the jealousy of other women for the slut is so inconceivable to the (manly) male mind: if a woman could live in their mind for only one second, any such fear would be dispelled forever!

And then there is the liberal, recessive, merely biologic male; the pathetic caricature of masculinity so common in the XXI Century; the feminist cuckold, accepting – nay, espousing! – the most brutal humiliation and most burning offence that a man can endure: that the woman of his choice may lie with other men. An offence, this one, that goes at the very root of what a man is; that goes at the very heart of his reproductive instinct.

Such a half man chooses to deny, for reasons of political correctness or general stupidity and weakness, the very essence of his masculinity. His brain will work very hard to make him accept the unacceptable, but in the end his very nature will demand that he pays a horrible price for the willed castration of his own masculinity; because not even a weak man can escape the pain and suffering of the betrayal of what he was born to be.

We are informed that Bourdain was very, very much in love with a woman in an “open relationship” with him. It must have been, literally, liberal hell. A cognitive dissonance of astonishing proportion, that only a weak half-man can I do not say endure, but imagine. Leftists not only endure it; they accept it, and try to rationalise it in some stupidly feminist way.

Imagine Bourdain hanging in his hotel room; lifeless, turned ashen grey, his face disfigured by the spasm of the last fight of his body against his mind. Imagine the pain end the suffering that must have dwelled in that head, before the entire body succumbed to it.

That, my friends, is what a feminist looks like.

Break Twitter Up, President Trump!

This truly is a glimpse in the XXI Century: Twitter CEO eats at Chick-Fil-A and obviously likes it, tweeting about the fact. He is submerged by a tidal wave of angry people accusing him of all kind of evil (the obviously white woman complaining that he has tweeted about a Christian company during Ramadan and during sodomite month certainly takes the biscuit). The man, a dyed-in-the-wool liberal of suspicious sexual orientation, apologises for having forgotten that this is a Christian company.

Let us forget the stupidity of the answering bigots. Let us reflect that this man has an enormous amount of influence and an unprecedented amount of control about which kind of information is spreaded worldwide in a matter of minutes. The very open, casual way in which he describes his relationship with Christianity is evidence #3473 of the mentality informing Twitter’s alleged neutrality . These people are as neutral as Stalin, but Stalin did not control one of a handful of channels of global communication.

Twitter must be broken up. The danger these people represent for the freedom of the entire West is very far from being adequately appreciated. It is time for alternative communication outlets to call for the breaking up of all globally operating social media companies starting from Twitter and Facebook and arriving at Google via YouTube.

A handful of companies gives the tone on worldwide communication. Never have we witnessed such a danger for the free flow of information in the West.

Break Twitter up, President Trump. Together with Facebook, Google and Yahoo. They are a far bigger danger to Western freedoms that even North Korea (and congratulations, by the way….).

Break Twitter up, Mister President.

Make communication great again!


The Seal Of Confession Is Under Attack

In the bizarro world in which the West is plunging, we are now possibly about to see what would be, to every sane person, inconceivable: the forcing of a priest to do something gravely forbidden by his own religion.

Are Mullahs obliged to eat pork? Are Rabbis obliged to eat raw meat? It doesn’t matter: the boundless hate of some people for the Church is enough to even think of the monstrous “obligation” of a priest to report a criminal offence heard in the confessional. This is Diocletian with the excuse of a supposedly democratic system.

Please do not dismiss this extremely grave attack to Western Civilisation with the typical V II observation that it’s no big deal, as child rapists would not confess their sin to a priest. What is at stake here is the sacredness of the seal of confession. The attack is an attack irrespective of his chances of success.

Moreover, other and very disquieting scenarios are thinkable. What if a rabid feminist lesbian enters the confessional with the recorder on her phone switched on, and confesses a child abuse? If the priest reports it he has violated the seal of confessional. If he doesn’t, the lesbian activist can go to the police herself with the evidence of his crime.

You might say that in many legal systems (including the Italian one) the simulation of a crime is in itself a crime. However, this does not have to be so everywhere, there are grave questions as to whether such a crime would be enforced, and the enemies of the Church could find some way to circumvent it (for example, saying to the priest that they do not know whether what they have done was a criminal offence, and what does he think?)

This is not a light matter, and no jokes about the improbable child rapist denouncing himself are fitting. Besides, a pervert might well choose to, in fact, denounce himself via the Church he hates. Unstable people do the most improbable things all the time.

The seal of confession is under attack. This is not a laughing matter. There is no possible compromise. It is our duty as Catholics to oppose this monstrous activism with all our strength.


Man Is Not The Master Of His Own Life



The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Q. Why does God, in the Fifth Commandment, forbid the taking of one’s own life or suicide?
A. In the Fifth Commandment God forbids suicide, because man is not the master of his own life no more than of the life of another. Hence the Church punishes suicide by deprivation of Christian burial.

The first quote is, obviously, from the Proverbs. The second is from the Catechism of Saint Pius X. I have not quoted from the “Catechism of V II” because it almost never states things with the beautiful clarity that once was the mark of these texts, and also because I think that Vatican II should be avoided whenever possible. 

In the last week or so, two very prominent suicides have shaken the United States of Trump. The first was the suicide of Kate Spade, the billionaire fashion entrepreneur. The second was the one of Anthony Bourdain, the (anti-Trump) “celebrity” chef and TV entertainer. 

Hand on heart, and hoping to do something good for my salvation and the salvation of those who read me, I feel the need to spend a word or three to counter the mountain of secular dog excrement I see invading internet fora and such like places. I can’t even imagine the amount of sugary platitude that will be posted on Facebook by countless wannabe Sunday philosophers.  

Suicide merits hell. This is the beginning, the middle, the end, the fruit, the dessert and the lemon sorbet of it. If anyone commits suicide lucidly knowing what he is doing, he goes straight to hell.

That’s it.


No, really. 

Every time some atheists leftist chooses the easy way out, we are confronted with (normally, but not always; and the V II crowd is most atrocious in their acquiescence to them) atheists leftists presenting suicide as something which just happens fo rpurely medical reasons, because depression is such a horrible thing. 

Depression is, for sure, a most horrible thing. However, ask yourself this: who would, upon willingly murdering someone else, escape jail because he was depressed? 

Exactly. The only way for the person to escape jail (and still land in a madhouse, however called) is the inability to understand and will what he was doing; and this, obviously, provided that this inability was not self-inflicted (because of, say, extreme drunkenness or drug-taking). The same applies to suicide; then suicide is, believe it or not, the murder of oneself. 

Those who think that God would judge the one who murders himself differently than the one who murders someone else have not been paying attention to a phenomenon called Christianity, and should be made aware of it for the good of their and their loved ones’ souls. 

Also, all those who just assume that a willingly committed suicide is justified because, well, every suicide ever is – a staple of the godless society – are ipso facto  accessories in another person’s sin through their defence of the ill done. Being accessory in a mortal sin is not something you want to be. 

Of course, I wasn’t there when the suicides happened. But for heaven’s sake, don’t treat yourself and others as if they were children, because they aren’t. Kate Spade left a suicide note. Kindly let us stop being dumb here. 

Of course, you never really know. Both of them hanged themselves. These home-made executions by hanging tend to be long-ish, very painful affairs. You never know whether, helped by his guardian angel and God’s grace, the person managed a perfect contrition in the end. However, there is a huge difference between the  realistically faint hope that a half-miracle happened at the last moment and the pollyannish, sugary, Vatican-II-kindergarten assumption that it has been so. It is for this reason that, in the age of sanity, suicides were refused a Christian burial. The refusal did not equate to a condemnation to hell. It was, however, a sober and charitable assessment of the probabilities at play. This sober assessment also applied, for the most part, to people who had either practice, or knowledge, or both of Christianity in much higher degree than this is, today, often the case. Bourdain does not strike me as a spiritual character. The possibility that one overcomes 61 years of godlessness in, say, 32 seconds of willed self-suffocation out of rejection of that same God they should now ask for forgiveness is a very, very, very long shot.    

Prima facie, a most atrocious, blasphemous sin has been committed. There is no certainty about the interior motives, degree of will or ultimate punishment. However, there are facts on the ground such that a reasonable person will reach a reasonable conclusion about what has, very probably, happened and the very probable consequences of the act. We must, as Christians, register these facts, apply common sense to them and charitably help others to understand the Christian perspective on suicide. 

This will, of course, offend them.  

Good. It means that the message has been understood. 

Dear reader, I invite you to profit of these suicides to give, as they say, some witness for Christ. 

Pick a liberal or two, and shock them hard. You may want to arch your eyebrows in the most sympathetic way as you do so, Libtard-style. But please pour them the medicine straight down the throat.

If they spit it out is will be their problem. But who knows: in twenty years’ time, it could be the remembering of that once spitted medicine that, with God’s grace. saves their soul. 








The Age Of The Stupid Philosopher

There was a time when Western people had a solid outlook on life. They knew why they were born, how they were supposed to live, and what possible outcomes their death would have. They were inserted in a social context that made perfect sense, and understood their place in it. They had instruments allowing them to cope with war, disease, and bereavement. This was, of course, the product of the Christian culture pervading the West.

This is now largely gone. A majority of people at least in the UK, and very many elsewhere, have lost the Chrstian outlook on life. The results are sad and hilarious at the same time.

People who think themselves otherwise intelligent – another phenomenon of the times: never hve so many dumb people felt so intelligent – fill their Facebook pages with the most astonishingly banal, cheesy statements (you know the sort: “today is the first day of the rest of your life”, “dreams your dreams and make them come true”, “today you can change the world” and all that sort of sugary nothingness for low intellects), hoping it will make them look good among their IQ peers.

Yes, they are trying to look smart or sensitive, bless their heart. But in the end, what they are looking for is a system of values, a solid spiritual guidance that would give them the kind of security about who they are, why they were born, and the general meaning of life, that their grandparents actually had; though the modern wannabe Facebook philosophers probably do not even realise it.

The answer is, very obviously, Christ and His Church. However, the wannabe Facebook philosophers are both too arrogant and too dumb to understand it. Too arrogant, because any potential attempt at approaching Chistianity fails with the immediate recognition that Christianity goes head-on against their own, extremely comfortable, man made system of values – a system they keep defending notwithstanding its obvious failure to guide them through life, and to which they are extremely attached because it’s their own, and does not require much of them – ; and too dumb, because they really think that they can improve on Christianity.

And there you have it, XXI Century’s UK. Full of people who think nothing of getting drunk, smoking marijuana, fornicating, or getting tattooed; so distant from any concept of innocence that not even sodomy disgusts them; so childisly unable to control their impulses that many of them resemble a ballfish in their Twenties; but so persuaded of their great depth and astonishingly good heart that they struggle to understand why they feel so miserable.

The medicine is there, just in front of their eyes. But it’s clearly not going to be.

It’s going to be another dumb slogan on Facebook before getting – today being Friday – drunk again.


On The Necessity Of Limbo

An Argentinian Bromance

Makes John Wayne appear feminine, isn’t it?

One wonders what is it, that so intimately links Pope Francis with his dear, dear buddy, “Tucho” Fernandez; as we all know, the new archbishop of La Plata, Argentina.

The association between Bergoglio and Fernandez is a long one, and Bergoglio has obviously found in his younger connational a soul mate. It is inconceivable that, after so many years of friendship, Bergoglio has not found the time to read “Tucho’s” main claim to ecclesiastical immortality; namely, that book, “the art of kissing”, that so proudly bears as its author the name of the newly minted Archbishop. Nor is it realistic to think that Francis read the book, found it anywhere between wildly inappropriate, scandalous, despicable and outright faggy, and decided that this should not influence his judgment on Tucho; then this, my dear readers, would be like saying that Stalin was an excellent guy, if we just leave out his being a bloodthirsty, ruthless, heartless communist dictator.

No: the bromance between these two kindred souls must be strong. An elective affinity, as Goethe would say. An intense, moving, willed encounter of two souls, irresistibly attracted to each other and completing each other in a perfect way.

One, the Kiss Artist. The other, the Wheelchair Hero. Both united by a love for thought-stirring words, provocative language, and brave scandal. How they complete each other!

Francis wanted Tucho near him in Rome. Perhaps he found it important to have a Master Kisser near him. Perhaps he wanted to tap on Tucho’s almost equally renowned theological expertise. Perhaps again, and most likely, he simply felt the need to have the dear soul companion near.

Sadly, the physical proxymity is now going to end. No more long discussions, near the fireplace, about the art of kissing! No more intelligent, provocative but stimulating thought exchange around the Blessed Sacrament! No more intellectually challenging conversations about where the Spirit is leading them!

They will suffer, I know. But they will bear the pain of separation with manliness, or at least they will bear it.

It has to be. What is bromance, without the noble pain of the distance of the kindred heart, mixed with the knowledge that he is allowed to grow, and expand his horizon?

Would Achilles have wished Ajax all the time near him? Master Kisser or not?

Dear reader, reflect on this noble bromance. Suffer with these two hearts the pain of their separation.

The thought of their farewell is heartbreaking. They will, methinks, seal it with a manly embrace, as Southerners do.

Albeit, think of it…

One of them does master the Art of the Kiss…..

True Grace

An old woman is approaching death. She lives in, and never left, a small village in the Andes. No one outside of her village knows of her existence. Her life was made of hard work, constant poverty, and worries for her loved ones. She is not perfect, but she has the fear of the Lord. She bears her suffering with Christian patience, uniting it with Christ’s suffering as much as her intellect allows, and waiting for the day her long suffering will end. The very idea of the Holy Sacrament being the object of sacrilege would crush her. She looks at the mostrance in the village procession, or during holy hour, and tears of hope and consolation run down her old, wrinkly cheeks. She prays every day for the salvation of her loved ones, both living and dead.

An old Cardinal is approaching death. He lives in a splendid palace. His name has worldwide recognition. His life consists of very light work, very refined meals, and the constant massaging of his ego. He has lost his faith decades ago. He does what all his colleagues do: he enjoys a life of luxury and prestige, avoids troubles, and rubs elbows with the rich, powerful, beautiful and fashionable. The Holy Host is only a wafer to him and to – that much he knows for sure – many of his colleagues. He deals with the matter in a middle-of-the-road, prudent way; so that whoever wins, no detriment will come to him. When he takes part in processions, he is aware of his prestige and high station in life. He never prays for anyone. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. He sees no rhyme or reason in life. He is just glad he is on the sunny side. When he is gone, he is gone. That’s all there is to it.

I think of both of them, almost every day now; as age makes me, slowly but surely, more mindful of death.

The old woman resembles in some way people I knew and, in some cases, loved as a child. The old Cardinal is, well, always the same one, though he gives interviews in many languages, and with many names, and on many topics, very often.

I think of them both almost every day now, and certainly every time I read of another damn interview to another damn faithless cardinal; and with the advancing age, a thought becomes not only intellectually known, but intimately, deeply felt:

what grace it is, what immense blessing, to be that old woman, rather than that Cardinal.

Lord, let me die poor and suffering if needs be; but please, never allow me to lose the faith.


Leading The Way


One of the reasons why I follow US things so closely is that I deeply believe that the United States are the laboratory for what happens, later, in Europe and the rest of the West.

I have seen it happening with Reagan, and before my time it had been clearly happening with the “Summer of Love” and all that crap. For good or worse, Western Countries look at the US and absorb its habits.

I see this now happening again. Donald Trump’s victory, a truly historic moment way surpassing even Brexit (though undoubtedly helped by it, in the same way as Reagan’s election was anticipated by Margaret Thatcher’s victory in the UK), and the absolutely astonishing performance the man has delivered up to now, are now clearly showing the way to Europe, and Trumpism is now rapidly conquering the hearts and minds of previously solidly pro-EU Europeans.

Italy is the last example. No, wait: Slovenia is the last one! In Sweden, elections looms. Even the Germans have started to awaken!

What is happening is that your average Mario Colombo sees Trump saying it like it is, and likes the new freedom of being, at last, sensible. Gone is the feeling that if you are outside of the grace of the good boys’ in Brussels you are a dangerous, untrustworthy, heartless “fascist”, “egoist”, “isolationist”, or any other unsavoury adjective ending with “ist”. People just have had enough, and they see that you can say exactly that and become… the President of the United States.

The US are a cultural incubator for the rest of the West. It worked the wrong way in the years of Obama, which gave us an unprecedented wave of institutionalised perversion and political correctness; and it is working the other way now, when being pro-life, pro-wholesomeness and pro-sanity is rapidly showing as not only the healthy, but the winning way.

This is why I think that it is so vital that Trump not only is reelected in 2020 (if he is in good health, I have little doubt about that already; actually, I think that his eventual opponent is on a suicide mission waiting to happen), but has enough votes in the Senate to keep pushing excellent judicial appointments through it.

Look at what has happened only two days ago with Sanity vs Sodomy. Imagine the overturning of Roe vs Wade. If that happens – and, thanks be to God, we now are not so terribly far away from it – wait ten years and watch the entire European Continent waking up to the reality of this most atrocious yearly Holocaust.

Trump is giving sanity to the entire world. Like Reagan, he is awakening us from a slumber of stupidity and conformism, and teaching us to be thinking men and women again. We see this new awakening in many parts of Europe, with Italy the biggest manifestation up to now. Deo volente, this will, in time, bear more and more fruits.

Thank you, Lord, for Donald John Trump. Please keep giving him faith, wisdom and health.

We need him for old Europe, too.



The Most Dangerous Word Of All

One day later, and I am still basking in the SCOTUS “Sanity vs Sodom” victory. I have tried to remember another judicial reversal for the Gaystapo of this magnitude, but I cannot recall any.

But then I remembered something different and now almost forgotten: the defeat of so-called same-sex marriage proposals in 38 cases out of 38 in state ballots in the US.

Even in these disgraceful times, normal people have refused to embrace absurdity in 38 cases out of 38; before it was decided, by pure judicial activism first in California (by a sodomite judge who did not think one moment of recusing himself), and then up to the Supreme Court, that normal human beings are homophobic, haters and enemies of human rights.

You can pervert entire generations, making them think that perversion is normal; but it will take an awfully long time, and the simple appeal of sanity will be a constant threat to the status quo promoted by the SS officers of politically correct madness.

What happened yesterday is not a reversal of the dire situation in which we live, but it is an earthquake living a pile of rubble where a huge “pride” monument, believed indestructible, used to stand. God willing, more earthquakes will come, and this satanic “movement” will, one day, be thrown the dustbin of history together with abortion, both distant memories of a mad, godless era.

Still, we must all do our duty, and we can all give a contribution in our little way. I suggest one simple way that is not difficult at all, but very effective: stop using that most pernicious, lying, dangerous word of all: “gay”.

It’s “homosexual” if you speak about the orientation, and “sodomite” if you speak about the practice. “Gay” means “happy”, “debonair”, “in a good mood”, “free of cares”.

Calling homos “gay” is the worst misnomer in the western language. It also actively helps them to spread their ideology and make it appear harmless. It embraces the language of the enemy even when it seems to criticise him.

Ditch that stupid word. It’s the language of perdition.


Gaystapo Soundly Defeated By SCOTUS

The SCOTUS has spoken about the right of bakers to refuse to bake a cake for homosexualists, and it is a huge victory for sanity.

Don’t believe the talk of “limited decision”. The decision is clear enough in the statement that the baker cannot be forced to put his skills at work for what he knows to be a wrong purpose.

The wider decision that is still out – and which might end up differently – is, put in simple terms, whether the delivery of any good, in any circumstance, can be denied based on religious principles.

However, any sane man understands the difference between a baker refusing to sell bread he has on the shelf, or flowers he has on offer for anyone to grab, pay and take away – and offered to the general public as is – to a person based on his being a sodomite, and a baker refusing to bake and decorate a cake expressly for the purpose of celebrating sodomy.

Even in Catholic Italy, certain elementary goods (like bread, sugar, milk, pasta, tobacco) could not be refused to anyone by anyone who was selling them to the public. How far the principle can be extended is matter for debate and cultural circumstances. But that a Christian should be forced to put in place a skilled activity, on order, that goes against his Christian principles is atrocious.

This is, therefore, a great day. I mean, a huge day. It is the day the Gaystapo-mentality, the entire concept of ramming their perversion down the throat if other people, is soundly rejected.

The bakers won 7 to 2. This is not even a “narrow” victory. Even the lesbian Helena Kagan voted in favour of the bakers, and only two rabid feminists (one very old and hopefully soon gone or retired, the other allegedly very diabetic and soon retired) have dared to support the total insanity of the Gaystapo.

I remind you that in the UK the owners of a bed and breakfast are not allowed to refuse sodomites a room under their own very roof. Madness. Insanity. Today’s news might, one day, reverse this kind of nonsense, too.

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.


The Revolution Is Growing

Promptly for the Feast of the Republic (which, in Italy, is traditionally celebrated with a huge military parade; oh, the incorrectness! What will The Francis think?) Italy has a new government, and it seems to have come out of some drunken nightmare of Mr Juncker.

I will await to see whether this government will first live long and then deliver an effective policy against the MerkelMadness. But to me it seems clear enough that this revolution is growing, and will likely not be stopped by the inefficiency of coalition partners or the threats from Berlin and Brussels. If this government does not deliver, chances are the Italians will vote in a government which does, without need for any coalition.

The centre-right coalition was only 3% away from the absolute majority. Let the culona inchiavabile reflect on this.

I hope the new government (but mainly: the Lega, in which my hopes rest) will be able to deliver an immigration policy based on sanity. But if not, I trust that the Italian people – who are far too kind and patient, but become quite unkind when their patience is abused for too long – will force a remedy for that. And no, I do not trust the Five Star Movement. But yes, I think both inside and outside the Lega there are good, patriotic people who want to deliver the goods.

We will now, in pure Italian style, listen to some strong proclaims. Whether facts follow them remains to be seen.

But when you wake up people’s appetite for sanity, they will want to have it on the table at some point.


That Was Apparently Legal To Report

Therefore, I do the same.

Britain is going down the drain, fast; though I am sure the Country will react as it has always done before.

The dangers of not having a written Constitution are showing very clearly in the matter of Tommy Robinson.

Pray for him, please.


A Short Reflection

You hear people say about the complementarity of “Yin” and “Yang”. How the two integrate and complete each other, and all that. They normally feel very smug as they grace the world with their deep knowledge of all things human.

I wonder how many of these people would react, were they told that a child needs a father and a mother?

Just sayin’…



Unreasonable Swedes

Follow this link to get the lowdown on a Swedish village now terrified of “embracing the other” and where, mostly, women feel in danger (wait for the “guests” to discover how emasculated the men are, and they will be next in line for harassment, violence and rape).

I must say I disagree with the women. At least assuming – as it is very reasonable to do – that they “welcomed” the “stranger” with open arms. In this case, there is really no reason why they should be protected from the consequences of their own stupidity.

You wanted to be “welcoming”, right? Now live with it! You considered “racist” or “islamophobic” to refuse the entry of Muslims? Well, have fun now! You wanted “multiculturalism”, isn’t it? Enjoy it!

The people screaming “rape” today may well be the ones screaming “racism” yesterday. I think people should have the right to scream only once. If you have called on yourself your own rape with your own virtue signalling, don’t expect a tsunami of solidarity from people smarter than you.

Sweden is so deChristianised and its men, as a whole, such despicable pussies, that this may well become another Caliphate for a while.

Until the next Trump comes, and frees the bastards from the prison they have themselves made. After which, you can bet the godless idiots will start the wait for the next “inclusion”.

Burn, Sweden.

Burn long and hard.

Be a witness to more Christian Countries who do not want to end up like you.

Your demise will not have been in vain.


Pope Jackass Strikes Again

Oh well

The Supreme Pontiff, Pope Jackass, moves the Corpus Christi procession from Rome to the “peripheral” Ostia. It has been done before, and this is not the first Pope who wants to move to “the peripheries”. However, this comes after a 40 year uninterrupted tradition of celebrating in the very centre of Rome. It s, as you expected, not casual.

This one is the Pope of the curas villeros. He does not see anything “wrong” in a SJW priest. However, he does see much wrong in tradition: those things which are passed on, are transmitted from one generation to the next. It is, therefore, fitting that he want to disrupt a beautiful Roman tradition by making of it something else; something which he will then certainly link to his own social justice novel wannabe gospels for the benefit of the dumb and the uncatechised.

We do not care for Pope Jackass. We care for Catholicism.

Do not yield to curiosity or “the event”.

Please boycott every activity linked to these people until they have become Catholic again. Cardinals , bishops, all of them. They have become the subject of jokes.

Let us make them history.


Bishop Ticona Is In Trouble, And Francis With Him

After Bishop Ticona has vehemently denied having a mistress and her children on the side, Adelante la Fe has published more details.There are addresses and schools , there are multiple witnesses, and solemn oaths. In short, the bishop is in trouble.

However this ends, it is clear that Francis’ ignorance and arrogance have, once again, prevailed over common sense and sound stewardship.

You don’t appoint a cardinal because he is an Indio and his father was a shoeshine. You have the men you want to have your reputation measured on carefully vetted, and you only appoint those above suspicion. You entrust the task of vetting candidates to people who know what they’re doing and can speak frankly to you.

Francis appoints Bishops and Cardinals accordingly to whim, sympathy and ideological proximity (= shared hate for the Church). He is obviously not able to select decent men for the task, men whom he can trust. He is, possibly, never told the inconvenient truths about the one or other canfidate for fear of his stubbornness and temper. He is, possibly, truly so stupid and arrogant that he is informed of the problems and decides to go on nevertheless out of pure childish, stubborn idiocy.

Francis is seriously, seriously incompetent. There is nothing that he can manage to get right, not even the appointment of wrong Bishops and Cardinals. He is, I am sure, at this point the joke of half the planet’s priests – nay, make it three quarters – when they can talk to each other in confidence.

In the tragedy we are living, at least it is the source of some sad amusement to see in how many ways this nincompoop can embarrass himself. In a real South American dictatorship it would be, leaving apart the poor victims, hilarious to watch. As it is, it is just a huge disgrace with some laughs thrown in for mercy.

Can’t wait for Francis scalding all the Bolivian Bishops, because it’s obviously their faults, and they resigning en masse.


Beware The Advocates Of The Poor

So, has the newly appointed Cardinal (emeritus) Ticona wife and children? We don’t know because we weren’t there. However, the Cardinal defends himself saying that the rumours that he has a wife are unfounded. Well I believe that! What I would want to see is Bishop Ticona denying that he had a mistress.

You may wonder why I am so suspicious of the old.

This is because is an advocate of the poor as per link above. I deeply mistrust priests who are advocates of worldly causes. It seems to me that, more often than not, such advocacies reflect, firstly, loss of faith, and secondly, something to hide.

Does this have to be true in the case of Bishop Ticona?

Certainly not.

God forbid.

Perish the thought.

It can simply be that Francis has fund a way to elevate to the Cardinalate another one of his social justice warriors and full-fledged clan members without being – like Errazuriz and Maradiaga – implicated in scandals. Stranger things happened at sea.

Still: beware the advocates of the poor.

Even when they do not come bearing mistresses.

“Kensington” Manning: An Almost Suicide That Says A Lot

Bradley Manning, who is now smuggling himself under the name “Chelsea”, has announced her/his/its imminent suicide with several tweets, including one from the top of a roof. We are informed that whatever that person is (I vote “a he, but raving mad”) is now safe at home. The tweets have been conveniently deleted.

Several thoughts come to mind.

1. The idea of staging oneself in the act of committing suicide is another prime example of the childishness and self-centredness of this mutilated guy. These people have “me,me,me” all over their mind.

2. In sane times, mad people were charitably put in the madhouse to avoid them harming themselves or others. In mad times, mad people are considered sane. Except they obviously still aren’t. Therefore, they will harm themselves in the middle of the very people supporting or celebrating their madness. The Revolution eats her own trannies.

3. The virtue-signalling of the left walks over corpses. Even my cat knows that trannies are extremely unstable people. Some hard leftists wanted this whatever-he-has-mutilated-himself-to to run for office. The mind boggles. Of course, some people must have considered the higher probability of suicide following the strain of a Senate campaign, the polemics and the unavoidable defeat, and thought: “who cares?” It actually seems Kensington was simply ignored; which, to these people, is kryptonite.

4. We don’t know whether Manning was just putting himself on a stage like a Tranny Diva, or was in fact really on the verge of committing suicide. In both cases, my most charitable word of support is: repent. If that happens, there is hope. Unless that happens, all the “support” will have one very predictable outcome: hell.

In the end, the guy did not throw himself from the roof. Perhaps he realised he would be called a dick for that.

Which, after ridding oneself of one’s, must have been too much to bear.


The Blood Of The Irish Unborn Babies Is On Francis’ And His Clergy’s Hands

The result of the Irish referendum was predictable already, but perhaps it is even more brutal than expected. Only one county against the slaughter of innocent unborn babies, all the others in favour. This Country has already passed so-called same-sex legislation, and it was not realistic to think that if a countries embraces iniquity when it does not alter their personal lives they will do so when it is about having their lives disrupted by, erm, a God-sent human life.

This is, of course, no excuse for the Evil Clown or his clergy. As a whole, and starting from Francis, they have been either silent concerning the Irish referendum, or so tame that it was exactly the same in the end.

Nor am I thinking here only of the pre-ballot day behaviour. The defence of human life must be a constant preoccupation, not an occasional remark. Pope Francis’ pathetic PR stunt about the phone call with the woman thinking of an abortion is not anywhere near actually speaking out clearly and forcefully.

Francis will visit Ireland in a few month. You can bet whatever you want that there will be nothing more than a mild reference to the fact that the Church allows itself to respectfully disagree with the referendum’s outcome, without obviously taking everything from the rights and dignity of women blablah, blah, blah and blah.

Christianity is disappearing from this Continent because the clergy is not interested in keeping it in. This has been happening for 55 years now, and no, the efforts of the likes of John Paul The Not So Great were also way short of the mark, albeit thry appear now gigantic when compared to the deeds of our “no obsesding about abortion” jackass in white.

It is no use keeping the pious illusion that our hierarchy is merely incompetent. It is either cowardly or complicitous. Very often, it is both.

When, in one thousand years, the collapse of Christianity in the XX and XXI Centuries will be examined, there is no chance that anyone will attribute it to a wrong strategy, or to changed external influences. The Church is called to shape external influences and fight them with all her strenght, not simply acquiesce to them and say “hey, it’s the times we live in”. You can win or lose. But you fight the good fight.

Francis has shown once again that, if you asked him, he would tell you that the present times have a major problem:

They are still too Catholic.

I can easily imagine him, one day, as pit neighbour in hell of the Irish Prime Minister, who calls the pro life legislation a shame for the Country. But at least, this evil guy is not the Pope.


The Silence Of The Ass

Today Ireland decides whether to change its Constitution to allow a mother to legally kill her unwanted baby in the womb.

You would think the Pope makes his voice heard.

As I write this, I have not read anything. Certainly nothing that would make real headlines, that would force millions of people to think that even such a Pope is against abortion.

But as we all know, Francis does not want to “obsess” about abortion.

Mind: a couple of days after this referendum is concluded, he will make a low-volume statement against abortion; this will be promptly picked up by all the Pollyannas out there in order to berate us and tell us how evil we are for our unspeakable calumnies of The Spirit’s Chosen One.

Francis will always say what is convenient on the moment, and will always shut up when it’s convenient on the moment. Trifles like integrity, behaving like a Catholic, or even saving face do not interest him. He is the perfect Teflon Jesuit, ready to hate you with a passion for criticising him, but never thinking for a moment of the coming criticism before he behaves like the ass he is. He is like the child constantly provoking the cut and then complaining when he gets scratched.

This shameless duplicity, exhibited day in and day out for everyone to see, used to blind an awful lot of people only three or four years ago, when many refused to believe that a Pope could be such a moral vacuum, and tried to create a halfway decent pope out of casual statements uttering something Catholic here and there. The game has become much more difficult now, and more and more people can see that the Emperor not only has no clothes, but he has little brains and quite the evil mind, too.

And no, you don’t need to be very intelligent in order to be very evil. Stupidity is quite sufficient for the purpose.

Pray for the poor Irish babies.

Not even the Pope, nowadays, defends them.


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