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Truthful Fake News


Thanks For Nothing!

Group of smug actors thinking people give a dry Obama for them make a video pretending to encourage people to register for vote, then switching to open Hitlery propaganda. Almost crying, they tell us how important we are, though we are no famous actors, or non-famous aspiring famous actors.

The smugness was unbearable.

Funnily enough, a parody adv was produced in answer.

And it nuked them.

It is not only that we are the smart ones.

We are the ones with the sense of humour.


Maltagate: At Peace With Satan

A document of openly Satanic inspiration has now been published by the Bishops of Malta. It goes, if possible, even further than Francis, in that the sacrilege that Francis introduced by way of footnotes and stupid rhetoric is now made explicit, and officially sanctioned, and called being “at peace with God”. As if there existed a Catholic universe in which it is the sinner which decides whether he is worthy of being admitted to Communion, or altogether in mortal sin (notabene: if fornication is unavoidable, then the relevant sin of adultery is clearly not imputable).

Do not, even for a moment, delude yourself that this was not what Francis had in mind from the very start. However, the plan would have been thwarted very soon, if the bishops and cardinals had spoken like, well, Catholics when the time had come.  

I needed a number of hours to calm down after reading this – let me say this again – utterly satanical garbage. However, one thing was clear from the very first moment: Cardinal Mueller astonishing affirmation that Amoris Laetitia  affirms the traditional Church teaching becomes more absurd every day, as we have entire bishops’ conferences openly embracing heresy and sacrilege. 

What will cardinal Mueller now do? Will he swiftly act and rebuke, silence and threaten the Maltese bishops? Surely, nothing else can be expected from him now? 

I would suggest that you do not hold your breath. 

I would also suggest that you look at reality in the face here, and recognise that cardinal Mueller isn’t really better than these sons of a whore, selling Christ for even much less than pieces of silver, and merely for the comfort of mob approval for the rest of their atheist, very probably accursed lives.

A very dark pit awaits them, unless they repent. Which, by the scale of the cheerleading for Satan, is rather improbable.






Old Case Scenario

Imagine that the “correction” thing ends up in a soap bubble: no correction is issued, or it is a correction that does correct, or some other V II rubbish that manages to say half a word whilst praising the Evil Clown with ten. What then?

In this very likely scenario, we must focus on one main concept: we are alone, because the shepherds have abandoned us. We will have to go through life – very possibly, until its natural end – clinging to what we know to be the truth, and refusing to listen to all those who, left and right, tell us how fine things are; or, worse, how bad we are.

But in this – very likely – scenario, would we really be alone? Well, not really.

We would be in the company of Christ, most assuredly preferable to whatever majority or unanimity you can find among prelates in this disgraceful age. We would also be in the company of sixty generations of past Christians, who lived and died in the Truth just as we hope to do. We would, finally, not be in a dissimilar situation from the one in which our Christian forefathers found themselves in the time of Arius. Their situation was much more difficult than ours, because they had no comparable precedent to look back to. Still, they chose to be on the side of Christ – where you are never alone.

On the contrary, reflect that those who are really alone are Francis and the bunch of reprobates aiding and abetting him (this includes, as per today, almost all Bishops and Cardinals). They are fools believing there is safety in number, without thinking that without Christ there is no safety by any number, and that they are nothing but a bunch of small-time heretics in the great scheme of Church things. When we look at the entire Christian picture diachronically, Francis & Co. do not count for much; and unless they repent they will rot in hell, utterly forgotten, like many members of numerous heresies of the past, heresies whose names people couldn't tell you to save their own life.

Therefore, do not be anxious, and do not spend sleepless nights wondering what is going to happen. You and yours are going to stay on the side of the Lord no matter what: this is what is going to happen! Nor will we be the ones who are isolated. We will be in most excellent company all the time. It is our and our Lord's enemies who will discover, one day, what real isolation is.

Do not fear. Do not waiver. Do not expect your faith to rest on the fragile underpinning of a Cardinal Burke, or of any other V II prelate. Prepare for the worst case.

The worst case scenario is nothing more than the old case scenario.



The “Correction” That Wasn’t One?


Cardinal Burke is here seen in the act of surrendering


I have already written that in this just begun 2017 we will have to get accustomed to a lot of absurd talk. It seems to me the recent interview of the Remnant with Cardinal Burke constitutes another example. 

Let us leave aside Burke’s initial triple salto mortale, when he states again (make no mistake: to try to justify five months of shameful inaction) that Amoris Laetitia  “is not an exercise of the papal magisterium” – an obvious, blatant contradiction with his actions from September on – . What I would like to focus on today is the following Q&A. 

MJM: So what’s next, Your Eminence? If Pope Francis fails to answer your dubia, what’s the next course of action? You’ve spoken of the possibility of elevating this to a formal correction. But what exactly does that look like?

Cardinal Burke: Well, it doesn’t look too much differently than the dubia. In other words, the truths that seem to be called into question by AL would simply be placed alongside what the Church has always taught and practiced and annunciated in the official teaching of the Church. And in this way these errors would be corrected. Does that make sense to you?

No, it does not make sense to me. It does not make sense to me because it does not make sense at all.  

A correction is, by definition, the stating of what is wrong together with the affirmation of what is right. My teachers at school did not write the correct spelling alongside the wrong one; they barred the wrong spelling, and put the right one in its place.  That was wrong, but this is right.

What the Cardinal is stating now equates to saying – and I do not see any other interpretation of this – that the Cardinals would publish a statement of what is right without even daring to explicitly say what is wrong with Amoris Laetitia.

This is not a correction. This is not even a criticism. This is first-class V II meowing.

Such an exercise does not need to be preceded by Dubia. The Cardinals could have done it anytime. Such a reaction would, actually, justify the criticism that the Dubia were uncalled for in the first place.  In short: Cardinal Burke’s answer is utter baloney. 

The only logical consequence of the refusal of the Pope to answer the Dubia is the open condemnation of the relevant AL points as heretical, and the rebuke of the Pope who refused to set things right by answering the Dubia.    

From this another logical necessity follows: that if the Pope keeps refusing to answer the Dubia and openly set things right, he must be declared a heretic himself.

It’s as simple as that. There is no escape from it. If Cardinal Burke thought he did not have the mettle for this, he was a fool in issuing the Dubia in the first place, much less publishing them.

I have been criticised for being sceptical about Cardinal Burke. But the fact is that I do not have a high degree of confidence in someone who, after an unprecedented attack to the faith, first criticises those who want to defend it and then awaits five months before he does something. This interview is, to me, another demonstration that Cardinal Burke must earn the confidence of faithful Catholics rather than think that, as he is one of the very few prelates meowing, the faithful will stand in awe in front of such magnificence.

No, the Cardinal’s plan does not make sense at all. It is the worst of V II cowardice and betrayal of Truth. It is like a government issuing an ultimatum and then, when the ultimatum is not complied with, proceeding to declare “disagreement” instead of war. It’s a loss of face, and the man is a fool if he thinks he can meow and be hailed as a Catholic lion. If he does what he says he will lose face, big time. Not for the first time. 

Do not put your faith in any V II prelate until he has earned it, no matter how long his cappa magna.  

These here are fair-weather shepherds. 






And So It Begins


I do not know whether this is the beginning of the Age of Sanity, but it seems to me the sure beginning of the Age of Fun: years during which we will see a handful of brave man battling for the return of said sanity. 

Take Jeff Sessions, the new (to the Dems wishing the Senate will stop him: keep dreaming…)  Attorney General.

This is no Santorum guy, who bends his words everytime it is convenient to get some great prize.  This one has the guts to repeat, in front of the very people who must decide whether he is fit for the office, his brutal words concerning Roe vs Wade. Words so brutal, in fact, that they have been picked by his very enemies to try to (in their view) discredit him. 

It is good to have an Attorney General like Mr Sessions. The Attorney General is at the head of the law enforcement system, which in the ends puts him in the driving seat if he wants to push serious investigations against, say, Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood. He is also the chief lawyer of the US Government, representing it in front of the Supreme Court, again putting him in an influential position  by any attempt to dismantle Roe vs Wade.

As you can expect, a massive smear campaign against the man has already started; fuelled by the party of the Jim Crow Laws and Senator Robert Byrd, Ku Klux Klan member kept in the Senate by the Dems for decades.

The problem with such smear campaign is that they have become so trite, so obvious, so predictable thatthey constitute no more than background noise in today’s political debate. Actually, I would be suspicious of any major Trump aid not called “raciss”, or some other such like slur, by the Democrats.

I am fully confident that Jeff Sessions will be the next Attorney General, and an excellent one at that.

The Age of Fun is about to begin.


Cardinal Mueller’s Nonsense



In a year that will be, I am afraid, rich in absurdities and completely nonsensical statements Cardinal Mueller has made a rather desperate, completely illogical, and ultimately not very intelligent attempt to take Francis’ chestnuts out of the fire without burning him, or himself.

The cardinal manages the astonishing feat of stating both that there is no contradiction between Francis’ Amoris Laetitia and the teaching of the Church, and that it is wrong for the Cardinals to ask him to say so. 

If Francis believes that there is no contradiction, then it should be no problem at all for him to answer the dubia in the only possible way. Seriously, this is something that Mueller and Francis (seen the atrocious ignorance of the latter) could settle over breakfast every morning. Three minutes. Five, tops.

Cardinal Mueller also fails to notice the growing number of FrancisBishops, from various parts of Europe and the Americas, who actually openly proclaim that Francis’ excrementation has, actually, changed doctrine, and the great confusion and danger for the faith this causes.

Francis is an ignorant boor unable to see further than his nose, a vulgar peasant completely out of his depth. But there can be no doubt that Cardinal Mueller knows better than this nonsense, and is fully aware of the non-existence of even the pretense of a case for non answering the Dubia.

Finally, the Cardinal avoids a fundamental question: how on earth it is justifiable that a Pope would allow such an open quarrel to happen, without saying – in Mueller’s mind – what he already thinks. If my enemy asks me to confirm that two and two is four, and threatens me with world war unless I confirm this elementary truth, I will not be the one who remains silent about what I myself believe, just in order to show the world that I should not have been asked whether two and two is four in the first place. Such a reasoning would show an arrogance, a contempt for the faithful and the Church, a childishness, an utter lack of any form of adult thinking, that shames the one who should act in this way almost as much as the open proclamation of heresy.

In the end, though, Cardinal Mueller’s message means this: “I have tried to make the old man see reason, but he is stubborn like the Argentinian donkey he is. Therefore, the Dubia will have no answer, and I am the one who must now go in front of the journalists’ block notes and try to justify the unjustifiable (because, clearly, I have no intention of putting my own office on the line)”.

It goes without saying that Mueller has now officially made of himself an accomplice of the Pope. If he thinks he can escape the judgment of both history and his Lord simply by hiding behind his finger, he is not much smarter than Francis.

I hope the Cardinals understand the signals and deliver their private ultimatum to the Evil Clown soon. After which, they will have to prove their mettle, and put an end to this absurd madhouse discussion by stating what every Catholic has the right to be told:

that Francis spreads heresy, and is a heretic himself. 












The Eponymous Flower translates an article from the Italian Il Timone, which reports that mass attendance in Poland rose 0.7% in one year only. 

This may not seem much, but it is double good news: firstly because in my book 0.7% in only one year is an awful lot anyway, and secondly because this goes against the tide of a progressively de-Christianised Western Europe, starting from Italy (which should lead the pack) but involving even more massively countries like France and Spain.

It also tells the lie about the well-spread legend that religious feeling decreases as wealth increases. Poppycock, as Russia and Poland once again (I mean: for those who still don’t get that the richest country on the Planet is also pretty much the most religious) abundantly demonstrate.

This is not a miracle. This is not the deceased Not-So-Great Polish Pope suddenly throwing faith bombs on the Country. This is the result of something very banal, and very obvious:

even a little orthodoxy goes a long way.










First Moves For The After-Francis?



Life site news has an interview with an Austrian Bishop, Laun. I do not know much about the man, though after six years of blogging I dare to think if he had been one of the good ones I would have noticed not one, but several times. It is, therefore, rather notable that a very tepid Vatican II career bishop dares to speak openly, in very frank terms, for the Four Cardinals.

I have written on several occasions that I expect the majority of bishops and cardinals to just shut up when the correction is issued (if it is issued). I have written very recently that I think the situation is made more difficult from the fact that Francis would probably not believe threats of massive uprising even if these were to materialise. What interventions like the one of Bishop Laun tell us is that Francis cannot realistically think it will be a walk in the park, though I am pretty sure he feels now like Hillary in May or June last year: perfectly sure of victory, after some work is done.

Bishop Laun's decision to speak also tells me something different: barring a sudden conversion to orthodox Catholicism, it is not unreasonable to think that the bishops on the side of the Cardinals have started to count themselves, and found that they are certainly not the majority, but at any rate an awful lot.

This opens the door for a smart bishop who thinks in terms of the post-Francis to positioning himself as one of the high profile “orthodox”, safe in the knowledge that if his fraction cannot be crushed by Francis there will be rich pickings in the years to come. Call me cynical, but in the case of your garden variety V II bishop I might get nearer to the truth of the matter than you.

We obviously don't know. We are all waiting for the Great Event, compared with which these little skirmishes are barely worth of our attention. But we can try to profit of the little events to observe the dynamics in play, and try to make some educated guess as to where things are headed.

Bishop Laun's interview seems, to me, to suggest this: that it is not improbable that we might discover a lot of “allies” who, as they say in Italy, are willing to run to help the winner.



Fraternal Attempted Corrections

I don't know you, but when I read the Catholic news I can't think of anything else than the now eagerly awaited correction: will it come? When? Signed by whom? Will it be necessary in the first place?

As already written in the last days, it is reasonable to suppose that such a correction will be made to Francis in camera caritatis first. The issue here is not whether Francis will be persuaded by the Cardinals; the issue is, rather, whether the private warning will be a credible threat, sufficient to persuade Francis to backpedal, or not.

Here is where it gets strange. Francis has certainly surrounded himself with sycophants telling him the Cardinals are isolated. However, the climate of fears the man himself has created will not encourage any bishop or Cardinal to have a word with him in private to try to dissuade him from being stubborn. Therefore, it is likely that whatever the Cardinals tell Francis – for example, “we have three dozen Cardinals and more than one hundred bishop ready to support us when we publicly correct you” – they will not be believed.

I have written on several occasions that if Francis is smart he will prefer to cave in. But the thing is, there are many signs indicating that the man is not smart. He will believe what is friends tell him and think that the silence of the others is, if not approval, at least acquiescence. He would underestimate the menace of orthodox bishops even if such a menace were to materialise. He will see no reason whatever to comply with the request of the Four Cardinals and answer – in the proper way, of course – to the Dubia.

It is, therefore, at this point more likely that the ball goes back in the half of the Four Cardinals. It is for them to now do what they – through Cardinal Burke – do what they say they would and let Francis taste the excrements of his own pontificate.

Alas, this us one who might even like the exercise.




Cosmic Cringing And Epic Fails


The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) is one of those rare organisations recognised as a sovereign entity by the international community even if they do not have a territory over which to exercise this sovereignty. The Holy See between 1870 and 1929 was in pretty much the same situation: a sovereign entity without its own territory.

The Order of Malta has its own Ambassadors to other Countries; issues passports with which you can travel just the same as with any other passport; issues currency you can use to actually buy things, and stamps you can actually use to send letters (though I think collectors get most of them). They even have armed forces, consisting of three battalions. This is anywhere between around 1,000 and around 2,500 soldiers. Not bad at all for an organisation counting 13,500 Knights, Dames and Auxiliaries. Actually, it makes sense, as this is – and always was – a military organisation.  

You may not know all of this. It is fully understandable. What is less understandable is that… the Pope doesn’t. 

Francis, more and more showing himself the very embodiment of your average incompetent South American Bananas’ Republic dictator, decided to create a commission to investigate into the matter of the removal of the Grand Chancellor of the Order. 

We do not know the reasons for this: it may simply be that, the Grand Chancellor having been removed for reasons of failing to adhere to Cathoilic doctrine, Francis saw in him a natural ally. It can also be that the chap in question has friends in the Vatican, whom he asked for help after his defenestration. Most likely, though, is that the Evil Clown thought he could slap Cardinal Burke across the hand with a big, fat Argentinian ruler.  The decision was hastily made public shortly before Christmas. 

Bad move. 

The SMOM replied in very terse words, which can be summarised as follows: “hey you nincompoop, we are a Sovereign entity. You don’t get to investigate us more than you get to investigate Barack Obama. But by all means, if you need to let us know anything kindly talk to our Ambassador”. 

This is so embarrassing that I am cringing myself on behalf of the old man, so that the Cosmic Cringing does not suffer any serious imbalance. This Bergoglio guy is a man of utter, stellar incompetence, coupled with an arrogance of Obamaesque dimensions. And I don’t even buy that the man was badly advised. It is far more likely that the man was told of the absurdity of his plan and decided to go on anyway, purely out of spite and utter childishness.

The episode is of some days ago, when yours truly was enjoying some well-deserved days in his native Country. But I thought I would report on this at some point, because it once again gives the measure of what goes on in the brain of that, as they say today, “epic fail” called Jorge Bergoglio.



Mundabor’s Men Of The Year Award 2016

This year, this little effort will not only wish a happy 2017 to its readers, but also give an Award for Man Of The Year 2016 (note the absence of politically correct gender rubbish). 

This having been an unbelievable year, yours truly has decided to split the prize in three. All perfect things, they say, come in three. 

The first of the three winners is Nigel Farage. I cannot remember, in recent decades, of any one who achieved a result of such importance as Brexit, little by little, for many years, fighting against all odds until final victory; a victory which will have British students having to remember his name for centuries to come. Not only intelligent but well prepared, extremely witty and not prone to being bought by promises of power and influence, Farage is the kind of chap you should feel obliged to like even if you disagree with him. May the Lord bless him and give him, and the other two, abundant blessings in life and a good death.


The second of the three ex aequo winner is Julian Assange. This improbable hero of conservatism, once much praised by Leftist milieus when he was leaking material concerning the Iraq operations of the Bush administration, suddenly found himself out of favour when his love for hidden truth extended to the DNC and the Clinton Clan. Alas, Hillary did not get her wish to “drone” him. Unfortunate for her, pretty good for all of us. I am not saying here that Assange was decisive in the election’s outcome (those looking for handouts and easy abortions would have voted her if she had been found to eat children alive, but he certainly contributed to opening the eyes of more than a few), but that his willingness to take up on the Clinton Clan deserves the highest praise irrespective of the influence his work had on the honest electors. It is good that there are people like Assange. It is a strength of the West. 


The third winner is, as you all have already imagined, The Donald himself. What this man has achieved has a magnitude only the most retarded among the already brain-challenged Libtards still struggle to grasp. Donald Trump is the best demonstration of the last years that it is not true – as Marxist view of history would have you believe – that economic processes and social conditions unavoidably cause the emergence of people who are, in fact, merely the result and product of what was just there. This is not the case. Some people literally make history by creating events – or, in this case, a movement – few people could even imagine, much less consider inevitable or bound to happen at some point. Donald Trump is the man Providence has given us to create something considered by most soi-disant intelligent observers not only improbable, but laughably stupid. 


As this incredible year approaches its end, it is fitting to say a prayer, or three, for the three men who, to various degrees, changed history in 2016. 

Your humble correspondent hopes to be able to write such an article, at the end of 2017, about the Four Cardinals. Alas, the latter still have to demonstrate one tenth of the steely determination, clarity of vision and absolute devotion to the cause of the three gentlemen described above. Yet, we should pray for them too, as we enter the year of the supposed big confrontation: that they may fight like Crusaders for the faith, as they are supposed to.  


Honorius 2.0



As we all wait for the issuance of the correction, let me state once again how I think things will progress.

1. Correction of the Pope's errors contained in Amoris Laetitia, firstly in camera caritatis.

2. Public correction after Francis has refused to retract. Declaration that some teachings in AL are of heretical nature. Intimation (or supplication, which is the same) to Francis to acknowledge the heresy of his opinions and retract them.

3. Warning to the Pope (again, in a strictly private way) that he will be declared a heretic unless he publicly retracts/answers the Dubia in the only possible way.

4. Public declaration of the Pope as heretic after he obstinately refuses to condemn his heresies.

It seems to me that all four steps follow from the very rationale of the presentation of the Dubia to the Pope. I do not see a way how any of the Cardinals can do anything differently. Please consider that the warnings to the Pope are the necessary premise of his being declared in obstinacy, and the private nature of the first warning is both wise and charitable. Let no one say Francis has been “surprised” by the events, or no one wanted to talk to him.

What happens next is, I think, either a new imperfect Council to declare the Pope deposed as heretic and proceed to a new conclave (if enough Bishops and Cardinals are found for it; I can't imagine four Cardinals and a handful of bishops would be sufficient, and I therefore think this hypothesis remote) or what I call Honorius 2.0.

Pope Honorius was heretic to such an extent, that after his death it was felt an ecumenical concil (a vastly expensive exercise) was needed to rid the Church of the stench emanating from his papacy. But that was, as we all know, after his death. There was, therefore, a time when Honorius was in charge, public heresy and all, as the only legitimate Pope, and no one was publicly convening a council to have him declared heretic and self-deposed.

The questions spontaneously arise: what was happening during the rest of his Pontificate?

Was the See vacant? Of course not.

Not even with a heretical Pope? Not even then, as the See was not declared vacant afterwards; not even retroactively.

Did he appoint bishops in the meantime? Very probably yes.

Did some or all of these bishops take part in the election of the next Pope (no Cardinals or Conclaves then….)? Ask a Church historian, but my take is: very possibly.

How was, then, the election of his successor valid? You would have to ask a theologian here. My take is that the election was valid because clearly happened in accordance with the thinking of the Church. The same Church, mind, which went through unbelievably chaotic times around the years of the Synodus Horrenda and still emerged with a succession of validly elected Popes. The same church who elected Popes, for several centuries, simply by gathering those Bishops around Rome who could be gathered for the task within a reasonable time, without a rigid “instructions manual” as to the exact proceedings, required participation, causes of invalidity of the election, and the like. You trust that the Church will keep being the Church, and the Lord will protect her in such a way that the faithful will always know who is the pope and which is the true church, no matter how bad the times.

And so we come to the most logical step forward: if the first four points all happen and no revolt against the Pope materialises, where are we?

We are, I think, at Honorius 2.0, and we should act in the same way as I think faithful and informed Catholic acted when Honorius kept being Pope after having publicly supported heretical positions: the Pope is still Pope, but he is a heretical one. As long as he is not declared self-deposed as heretic, he is – unworthy as he is – still the chap in charge. He will be refused obedience, but we will have to leave it to Divine Providence to find a way to sort the mess out. It happened brilliantly after Honorius' death, but this was an outcome no one could foresee with certainly in the time we are, basically, living now: heretical pope goes on spreading heresy and appointing cardinals and is not stopped.

Let's say Francis dies ten months after being officially branded a heretic, having appointed (say) 30 cardinal electors before and 12 after the official declaration concerning his heresy. Will we all become Sedevacantists if these 42 Cardinals are allowed to participate to the next Conclave, or even only the 30? I can't imagine that. I will always keep seeing the Church in that organisation that is reasonable for a thinking man, supported by orthodox Catholic organisations, to see as the Church. When the SSPX tells me “twelve Cardinals and 50 Bishops are enough to declare a Pope self-deposed and elect a new one” I will believe it, but until that point I will keep seeing the Church, however polluted by heresy, as exclusively the official and apparent one.

And if – and when – the SSPX were to declare the the Pope is deposed and a new Pope is elected, then the new Pope would have the support of the strongest, most orthodox Catholic body in existence, with around 500 of the best priests you could find, people whose orthodoxy puts Cardinal Burke himself to shame.

But I will not condone, on this little effort of mine, claims of papacy supported by a handful of V II bishops or cardinals without the support of clear beacons of orthodoxy like the SSPX; an event, this “four cardinals and a few bishops meet and elect a Pope” thingy, that I consider extremely improbable in the first place.

We must do like the faithful in the times of the heretical, but still living Pope Honorius: pray for the Church, avoid taking refuge in splinter-MiniMe church fantasies, and trust the Lord that, in His own time, he will allow the Church to emerge from this mess with a strong orthodox Pope and an uninterrupted succession of validly elected Popes.

Unless Francis dies very fast or retracts, there is no way we can avoid posing ourselves extremely strange questions, as at this point even the refusal of the Cardinals to issue the correction would factually make of the Pope a heretic, by the mere fact of his obstinate silence when requested to uphold the truth of the doctrine. Therefore, we must prepare for a time of great trouble knowing that the Lord will never fail to clearly show to us where the Church – however corrupted – is. What we must not do is to decide for ourselves who is Pope and who isn't, lest we degrade ourselves to the level of those funny guys thinking that some chap has been made pope by, I don't know, ten people.

Pray, hope and, if possible, don't worry.

Oportet ut scandala eveniant.

The Church will survive this madness, too.




Two Of A Kind


Former priest, now full-time heretic commie Leonardo Boff said it very clearly: Francis is one of us.

He gives facts and places, too: a meeting not happened because Francis was too angry after the thirteen cardinals letter, and an official request of material written by a heretic for his own opus diabolicum.

What kind of chap Boff is would be clear, to casual observer who does not know him, simply by reading this interview: he states he still “celebrates” every now and then, and talks of women deacon with the same levity with which I talk of Italian football.

Such a man openly claims his vicinity to Francis, a Pope who uses his writings for his own heretical “pastoral” documents.

In sane times, such an interview would cause an immediate, scandalised denial from the Vatican. In this case, you may be sure the reaction will be the usual one: silence, and a “wink-wink” to heresy.

From their friends you will recognise them. 




Natum Videte Regem Angelorum


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