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Francis’ Middle Finger

Some people were, actually, surprised that Francis appointed Cardinal Farrell, Roommate In Chief, as Camerlengo.

I wasn’t and, if you know Francis a little, neither should you.

What Francis is doing is, very simply, giving the middle finger to everybody: the Catholics out there, the press, the sane clergy that has remained, literally everybody.

The man is obviously extremely crossed that even his traditional favourite, the secular press, is looking at him in a way that does not even remotely resemble the fawning and plate licking we have seen in recent years. The magic is gone, and the Pope is suspected of protecting paedos right and left.

Spiteful and vengeful as he is, the old, lewd man does the only thing he knows how to do: has an angry reaction that shows his opponents how much he despises them.

Farrell’s appointment is a huge F U to all of us and all of them. It is Francis’ way to tell everybody where to go. It is nothing to do with the role of the Camerlengo or with Francis’ intention of how the Vatican is to be run between his death and the choice of his successor. It is simply Francis being his old stupid, childish, vulgar, spiteful, revenfeful self.

Let’s hope the Camerlengo has a lot to do very soon. This old cretin has really crossed all possible lines, and keeps looking for new ones.


Francis’ Downfall And God’s Sense Of Humour

As the latest charade of the Evil Clown on the crimes of his protegees is about to begin, the Washington Post publishes the story of the Provolo Institute.

I have already written in detail the shocking story of this institution, and I invite you to use a search engine – or the search function of this blog – to locate it. The story in itself is not new, neither is the fact that it appears clear that Francis knew, or refused to know, about what was happening and did nothing.

What is new is the fact that even a symphatising publication like WaPo breaks ranks with the leftist establishment and publishes the most abrasive – albeit very softly worded – indictment of the hypocritical behaviour of the Evil Clown even as his fake exercise is about to begin. This is a blow straight to the sternum of the Pope.

The brutal truth is that Francis is not only a heretic who hates Catholics (WaPo is very fine with this), but one who has clearly protected paedos in his function as Pope. This, the world cannot, and will not, forgive, “humble Pope” or not.

Now, don’t get me wrong: Francis’ protection of the criminal behaviour of perverted priests is as bad in my book as it is in the world’s. But in my book, heresy is even worse; something which the secular minds of the Washington Post would very possibly be unable to grasp even after several hours of great effort.

The bottom line? Francis is going down, fast and hard. The more he lives, the more he will be compromised, then it is clear by now that his collection of skeletons must be quite remarkable. However, he will not go down for raping the Church, about which the world, the Cardinals and the Bishops, almost to a man, do not care. He will go down for displeasing the world instead.

Everyone who thinks God does not have the most divinely refined sense of humour is simply not paying attention.


Bye Bye, Shamima.

Some year ago, a very dumb UK citizen, the 15 year old Shamima Begum, decided that the smart thing to do was to leave the UK and join the ISIS together with other two 15 years old girls just as dumb as herself.

Fast forward four years: one of the dumb girls was killed, and our own dumb girl was married to a chap currently wanted by the Dutch for terror activities.

Girl, around 19 in the meantime and with a child, decides that she has had enough of, erm, warm climates. She therefore asks to come back to the UK, where her and the little bastard will be able to scrounge an existence at the expense of the taxpayers of that same Country to which ISIS declared war. This she does for the good of the child, she says. Very strange, this: that it be good for a child to grow in the same society the likes of Shamima wanted to destroy.

Sadly for the aspiring scrounger, it seem that it will not happen that way. Not only the request has been refused, but the young idiot is being deprived of the UK citizenship as she also has a Bangladeshi one (oh, the miracles of diversity and inclusion, integrating and fostering loyalty in people of such diverse background!)

What is most remarkable in this is that the anger against the young woman does not centre around her betraying her fatherland, but about her refusal (I told you she is dumb) to state that she regrets going away to join ISIS in some capacity or other (and be it: “disposable uterus”). I deduct from this that, had the woman not been so irredeemably dumb, she might have had a shot at coming back, with the young ISIS bastard in tow, proceeding to scrounge from those she hates for the rest of her, no doubt, miserable existence at the cost of some words for the enjoyment of the bleeding hearts of the Realm.

I remember reading that the British actively terminate the UK male citizens who moved to ISIS-controlled territories whenever they can. Ms Shamima Begum is, therefore, lucky to be the carrier of a uterus. This is sexist, you might say; but hey, it’s the way of the world.

Enjoy life, Shamima.

It’s the bed you made. I hope you will find it every little bit as halal as I hope it will be.


Homo Bait

A book is about to be published, making rather fantastic allegations like the one that up to 80% of the Vatican priests are inverted, besides throwing mud on Benedict.

The book is written by a homosexual.

I wonder how naive one must be in order to fail to understand that homosexuals will always exaggerate their number with normal people, in order to give a varnish of “normality” to their condition. Also, the clear desire of these people to attract attention on themselves puts an end to any hypothesis that the man might, on an argument that so much titillates the public curiosity, keep a semblance of correct reporting.

Let me give you the lowdown on this:

Every homosexual in the priesthood is one too much.

Do not give any help to the marketing of this rubbish. Do not even mention the title of the book or the name of its author, so that it gets automatically ignored by search engines.

We have no need for inverted people telling us that there are inverted priest, whilst behaving like every other inverted.


Lock Him Up!

Sodomite TV actor of, I am told, some “celebrity” has finally been exposed as having staged a fake attack against his own perverted self.

Lock him up, says I. However, it is very likely that the individual in question will get away with it, and will possibly try to raise further capital from his criminal offence (you know, “raise awareness” and all that).

Had it happened on the other side, the cries for the lynching of the culprit would be deafening.

Mr Smollett is not only a sodomite; he is Black, too. Basically, he is the Panda, twice. I really doubt he will be made an example.

It is funny to note that it might be that the fake news were staged in order to prevent Mr Smollett from being kicked out of the show that made him (I am told) famous.

He clearly wanted to be the Panda, thrice.

Mr Smollett’s likely impunity means that all sorts of leftist nutcases, more or less perverted, will keep feeling free to stage attack from people who support Trump; and let only one case be true, thirty hoaxes will be forgiven.

Lock him up.

There should be no place on the streets for people who incite to civil strife, causing an awful lot of expenses in the meantime.


NHS Goes Dr Mengele on Its Patients

The United Kingdom is marching fast towards the presumption of organ donation. This means, in real life, that every Mengele-type doctor (of whom there are many, though they do not see themselves that way) will see many a patient as a useful provider of human spare parts. This is quite ok with these people, because they see human life as just another form of animal life and the end of life as something not linked to any Divine will. They will, therefore, not hesitate in abandoning the fight for a human life whenever other lives can be saved by harvesting his organs.

You can, they tell us, “opt out”; but apart from the intrinsic monstrosity of saying to people that the NHS will “go Mengele” on them unless they opt out, you can bet your dog that it will not be many years before incrementalism creeps in and those who opt out are punished in various ways (e.g. with higher NI contribution) and treated like selfish bastards before the opt out is outlawed outright.

This is where the lack of awe for the human life and the end of the Christian vision of a God-given life has led us. This is nothing more than the logical continuation of the mentality that gave us abortion. If it is allowed to dispose of a human life for the comfort of her mother, why should it be not allowed to terminate a human life for the survival of other humans?

What people forget is that Dr Mengele did not think he was doing anything evil. He merely discarded the sacredness of human life when it was convenient to the scope he wanted to reach. I am pretty sure he was quite nice to his neighbours, too.

Now Dr Mengele becomes mainstream, courtesy of the British Democracy; a Democracy betrayed and ridiculed by its very representative whenever convenient (look at the Brexit saga to watch open, blatant disregard for the clearly stated will of the people) , but also used to further the agenda of Satan; which must perforce happen when the voters just stop believing in God. All this happens under the miserable excuse of a Sovereign who is supposed to be “Defender of the Faith” and seems, if the rumours are true, quite happy to let the Faith go to the dogs, because niceness. She could abdicate, of course, making the Monarchy halfway relevant for one last time. But that, I am afraid, wouldn’t be the nice, or convenient, thing to do.

God will, I think, not save the Queen, or many of his godless subjects.


Forgive Me Father, Because I Left The Light On.

The Evil Clown has recently complained that people never confess the sin of offending nature, whatever that is.

With the stupidity that is so typical of the man, he added that this is because they are not aware that those are sins, you know.

So we have a situation where, for two thousand years, Christians have not been aware that something is a sin. But then Francis arrives on the scene, and proceeds to teach Christianity what is what. Let this sink in.

One truly has to be a functional retard in order to miss the arrogance, stupidity and veiled blasphemy of all this. Francis seems blissfully unaware, or – because even he might be more intelligent than that – defiantly uncaring of all the cow-defying flatulence he produces.

This is the man who downplays sexual sins at every occasion, and is on record with telling journalists not to expect too much success in the fight against paedo priests, because hey…. But woe to you, you like flying to your holiday destination. Repent!! And buy an old Renault 4! No, wait, that is sinful, too! I wonder if Frankie has confessed it?

Again, the conclusion is easy to reach: Francis is either satanically evil or shockingly stupid, tertium non datur. I vote for mainly evil, but also dumb; though not that dumb.

And now excuse me, I need to go to the kitchen, where I will “sin” with a nice steak; actually savouring not only the meat in itself, but the thought of all that “sinful” CO2 that went into its production. Tsk, tsk…


Benedict: The Hindenburg To Francis’ Hitler.

The unexpected announcement of Pope Benedict that he would abdicate on the 11 February 2013 has started a chain of events that, seen six years later, look like a well-deserved punishment for the decade-long infidelity of Vatican II, and the way chosen by a just God to put us in front of the consequences of the rebellion we have created and approved and clapped to for decades.

What I would like to avoid is the impression that if Benedict had not resigned, everything would be fine and the Church would be marching toward sanity in great strides. Whilst this is a guessing game, my take is that the decline would have continued unabated, only in a slower form and without the cold comfort of knowing that Francis does hate the Church and his game is too dumb to deceive anyone who cares about his own salvation.

Firstly, consider this: Benedict had received the famous 300 pages report and had deemed himself too weak to do anything. Therefore, if he had stayed he would have done exactly that: nothing.

Also, whilst McCarrick was unofficially in a sort of punishment during Benedict’s Pontificate, it was a punishment just as weak as Benedict: an informal, sort-of, hush-hush kind of thing that truly reveals the weak, compromise-prone, spineless attitude of the man.

I also wonder (and I know what I answer) whether Benedict knew about the proclivities of the Farrells and Wuerls of the world before reading the famous report; people he allowed to exercise a vast amount of power during his Pontificate.

At the moment he resigned, Benedict had clearly become the useful idiot of a vast homosexual lobby, happy to keep doing their dirty deeds and biding their time as they feigned indignation at the “conservative” Pope. If Benedict had stayed in power, the decline of everything Catholic would have continued more slowly, but unabated.

Francis at least gave many people a sorely needed wake-up call; a painful and traumatic one, certainly, but a necessary one, too. With Benedict, the Pollyannism would have reached unsuspected highs as the likes of Father Martin would have kept faggoting around and the “piously naive” Catholics would have kept repeating their consoling, feel-good legend about the “good man” surrounded by wolves who just doesn’t know, poor innocent lamb, what happens around him, because evil people keep him away from newspaper, radio, TV, computers, decent people, and thinking.

When the future speaks his verdict about this horrible XXI Century, Benedict will be judged very harshly. I have tried to have understanding for the man and, before knowing the facts we all know now, have tried to give him all the credit I reasonably could. But the events which came to light in the last year throw such a sinister light on Benedict’s Pontificate that it is impossible that the man goes out of it with his reputation intact. They also throw an ominous shadow on the decision to abdicate, as it appear less and less likely that the man could reasonably hope that a strong, conservative Catholic could have come out of the Conclave. More likely, after what we know now, he knew of the strength of the homo lobby among the Cardinals and just caved in to them, out of cowardice and tiredness but giving to himself the convenient excuse that a stronger man was needed, a man he knew full well would probably never be elected.

Benedict was the Hindenburg to Francis’ Hitler. I have no good opinion of him, and he does not inspire in me any compassion. He knew when he accepted the job what it entailed. He is culpable of dereliction of duty even as he kept clinging to the trinkets of his positions, in a vain and ultimately failed attempt to persuade us that he was not a Celestine.

He was a Celestine all right, without any of the saintliness.


Time To Act On The Wall



The 15 February is rapidly approaching and I am fearing that Trump will find, well, some excuse to dilly-dally again.

Wonderful President that he has been until now, on the wall he is running out of excuses pretty fast. It is pretty clear that not only he has the power to declare an emergency to build the wall, but actually he could (at least until the money lasts) start building the wall without declaring any emergency. There are simply no excuses not to act.

I seem to understand what Trump has been trying to do.

  1. He wants to send a message that he has tried all, but truly all, to make the Democrats reason, and he wants to expose them as enemies of the American people. This is possibly working, but at a price.
  2. He is not disinclined to bring the phase of the ferocious confrontation nearer the 2020 election. This is, I think, unwise.
  3. He wants to bend the Democrats to accept a compromise that he would be able to claim as a victory. This will, I think it is clear enough by now, never happen.

However, there are limits to how this can be made to work, and honestly I think it has not worked already. If he had declared the state of emergency in 2017, or at the very least after the compromise on the Omnibus, the wall would now be fairly advanced, with drone cameras able to make video ads for all of the campaign 2020. He might have been able to do (even) better in 2018, too. Yes, he would have been seen as “partisan”. Screw that. He was seen as partisan enough in 2016, without the bonus of being the sitting president, and see what he has accomplished from that much more difficult position.

Further shutdowns will not help him. A president that provokes another shutdown to obtain something for which he does not need any shutdown only damages himself. He needs to act and do what he has the power to do, taking all the responsibility as the Commander in Chief and the one responsible for the security of the American people.

Will he do it? We shall see. After two years of awaiting decisive action, I can’t be very optimistic on this.


Enough Is Enough! Cardinal Mueller Releases Strong-worded Anti-Francis Manifesto

Featured Image

Enough is enough. Even Cardinals now see it.

Well, this is good news.

Cardinal Mueller has released a strong-worded manifesto, that is so pointedly, so evidently, so insistently anti-Francis that the fact Mueller does not mention the name will not prevent it from making headlines all over the planet.

It is a systematic demolition of some of Francis’ heretical (I am talking here in the common sense intended by decent people; not in the sense referred to in the ruminations of weak Canonists) statements on the One True Faith, communion for adulterers, hell and repentance, male priesthood, and other stuff I now forget.

The words are strong, often taken directly from the Scriptures or from the Catechism.

Some random snippets follow, but the tone is the same throughout the document:

“Many wonder today what purpose the Church still has in its existence, when even bishops prefer to be politicians rather than to proclaim the Gospel as teachers of the Faith.”

“To keep silent about these and the other truths of the Faith and to teach people accordingly is the greatest deception against which the Catechism vigorously warns. It represents the last trial of the Church and leads man to a religious delusion, “the price of their apostasy” (CCC 675); it is the fraud of Antichrist. “He will deceive those who are lost by all means of injustice; for they have closed themselves to the love of the truth by which they should be saved” (2 Thess 2:10).”

“For he that shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation: The Son of Man also will be ashamed of him, when He shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.” (Mark 8:38).

This is a big, fat, “enough is enough!”

The Cardinal does not go to war openly against Francis, but he ridicules him in front of the Catholic world. The Cardinal clearly seems to either defy Francis to take measures against him, or to show that Francis has become so embarrassing that he will now be openly corrected and contradicted without any regard for his position of authority.

When a Cardinal accuses the Pope, in an official manifesto, of making the work of the Antichrist, I think many faithful listen.

Whilst Cardinal Mueller was never an example of orthodoxy, this manifesto is better than any meowing that has ever come from Cardinal Burke and his sorry band of Bragging Kitten. It is strong, insisted, bold-faced, and quite the wake-up call. It does not ask Francis to state the truth. It does it for him, whether he likes it or not.

I very much doubt that the Cardinal is alone on this. But I will give him credit for this: that he had the gut to come out with words of truth alone, putting himself on the firing line.

What will Francis now do? Punish a Cardinal for a document consisting almost entirely of quotations from the Catechism and the Scriptures? I’d love to see it. I think I’d have to buy a new popcorn-maker.

My take is that Mueller is sending to Francis a simple, but clear message: “Shut up, old nincompoop. Enough is enough. You have been testing our patience for long enough.”

Again: Mueller is a an experienced politician and diplomatic. He knows what he is doing.

There might be more behind this than meets the eye.





Covington: Make The Responsible Go Flipping Burgers

The Diocese of Covington has issued one of those sugary apologies for the way a Catholic diocese has treated a group of perfectly decent Catholic boys.

Too little and too late.

Firstly, the apology only came after the diocese was threatened with a law suit. Secondly, the scale of what has happened (a Catholic diocese eagerly taking part to the public lynching of their own boys) is not something that can be washed away with an apology.

What happened is a symptom of a very serious disease: the fact that many Catholic dioceses have sold out to the world to such an extent that they cannot resist taking part in the lynching of their own, lest anyone thinks they are not wordly and politically correct enough.

This should have consequences going way beyond an apology, and I hope that the diocese is sued anyway and this scandal makes as much noise as possible.

The lives of several good Catholic boys could have been destroyed. Obvioysly, this was of no consequence to the people responsible for the statement released by the Covington diocese; people clearly so morally rotten that they do not hesitated one second in believing the “white supremacist” fake news leftist narrative because the boys were… wearing MAGA hats!

It is time for the PR people of the Diocese to go flipping burgers or, alternatively, apply for a job at the CNN or the New York Times, where they will be able to fulfil their real vocation of brown-nosing to liberal culture.

As to the Bishop, we need to know whether he was previously informed and approved of the statement and, if yes, he should be sent to the most rural parish in Kentucky as a parish priest, assuming he still remembers how to celebrate Mass. But honestly, even if he did not know of the statement, he should be held responsible both for the people he employs and for not having fired them in advance of the threat of a law suit.

This happened in Kentucky, for crying out loud. It goes to show what a sewer of political correctness the average US Diocese has become.

Will heads roll? I doubt.

Should they? Most certainly, and many of them.

Catholic dioceses have become the enemies of their own boys. This truly says it all.

Kudos to you, brave Covington boys.

You are making America great again, and FrancisChurch just a little less miserable.


The Pro-Life President

Yesterday’s State of the Union speech touched all the right chords. President Trump was strong but compassionate, and assertive without being unduly divisive.

His strong words against the evil of, well, infanticide were beautiful, his pro-life stance unmistakable and boldly declared.

I struggle to remember a head of state and/of government in one of the big five Western European Countries doing the same; not only now, but looking back several decades.

Not for the first time, I thank God for the great gift that He has given us with this man; a gift the more precious, as even the Pope prefers to side with the enemy.

Not for the first time, my blood boils with rage – albeit in a way tempered by the victory already achieved – at the thought of all the Judases and assorted idiots who have chosen to stab this man in the back and either not vote or vote against him, because they felt so much better than him.

Scumbags. Hypocrites. Idiots. People who would have given us Hillary so they can trumpet their alleged holiness for the next four years, assuring us that the end is near because of the evil they themselves have contributed to cause.

The scumbags lost. Trump won. And whilst he did not prove a perfect President (something we all knew already), I can safely say that the man has, up to now, exceeded all but the most optimistic expectations.

God gave us a great gift; but, as so always, His gift came in a stealth way, with a man that defies stereotypes and does not conform to any abstract Catholic ideal of a statesman; which, if he had done, would have made him utterly and completely unelectable in the first place.

Instead, God gave us this man: brash, fearless, utterly politically incorrect, lover of fights, and clearly pro-life.

The scumbags lost. Trump won. But make no mistake, there will be no lack of bastards come 2020. The most pro-life President since Ronald Reagan needs us to start working for him now, and weight his shortcomings against the immense evil of a Bloomberg, Harris or (ha! I am having a Spartacus moment now!) Booker Presidency.

We have a great pro-life President. We should pray for him every day.

As the Macrons of the world are fine with having the Continent invaded by strange peoples and cultures even as they kill their own people in the womb, Trump’s recipe is exactly the opposite.

The State of the Union speech gave us another insight into the immense distance separating Trump from his major European counterparts.

It feels so good to know that at the White House we have a pro-life President.


The Pro-Life President

Yesterday’s State of the Union speech touched all the right chords. President Trump was strong but compassionate, and assertive without being unduly divisive.

His strong words against the evil of, well, infanticide were beautiful, his pro-life stance unmistakable and boldly declared.

I struggle to remember a head of state and/of government in one of the big five Western European Countries doing the same; not only now, but looking back several decades.

Not for the first time, I thank God for the great gift that He has given us with this man; a gift the more precious, as even the Pope prefers to side with the enemy.

Not for the first time, my blood boils with rage – albeit in a way tempered by the victory already achieved – at the thought of all the Judases and assorted idiots who have chosen to stab this man in the back and either not vote or vote against him, because they felt so much better than him.

Scumbags. Hypocrites. Idiots. People who would have given us Hillary so they can trumpet their alleged holiness for the next four years, assuring us that the end is near because of the evil they themselves have contributed to cause.

The scumbags lost. Trump won. And whilst he did not prove a perfect President (something we all knew already), I can safely say that the man has, up to now, exceeded all but the most optimistic expectations.

God gave us a great gift; but, as so always, His gift came in a stealth way, with a man that defies stereotypes and does not conform to any abstract Catholic ideal of a statesman; which, if he had done, would have made him utterly and completely unelectable in the first place.

Instead, God gave us this man: brash, fearless, utterly politically incorrect, lover of fights, and clearly pro-life.

The scumbags lost. Trump won. But make no mistake, there will be no lack of bastards come 2020. The most pro-life President since Ronald Reagan needs us to start working for him now, and weight his shortcomings against the immense evil of a Bloomberg, Harris or (ha! I am having a Spartacus moment now!) Booker Presidency.

We have a great pro-life President. We should pray for him every day.

As the Macrons of the world are fine with having the Continent invaded by strange peoples and cultures even as they kill their own people in the womb, Trump’s recipe is exactly the opposite.

The State of the Union speech gave us another insight into the immense distance separating Trump from his major European counterparts.

It feels so good to know that at the White House we have a pro-life President.


About the Evil that God Allows

Frankie has done it again.

In his boundless desire to spit in the face of Catholicism he has signed, together with some Mohammedan, a declaration stating that God “willed” a plurality of religions.

You see where this is going: the usual stuff of “we are all so wonderful in our own, unique, God-willed way, so there is no need to convert anyone”.

If Francis were Catholic, he would know the fundamental difference between what God wills and what God allows. God always allows something that is wrong in order that, in some way at times not intelligible to us, some good may come of it.

A young woman is raped. Did God will it? Not in the sense that he wanted it. However, he certainly allowed it to happen. Is rape therefore something good? Certainly not.

Heresy causes great saints. An unjust war of aggression causes an awful lot of prayer. Francis causes some people to really discover Catholicism. Obama causes Trump. Rape causes… Santa Maria Goretti!

All of these things are, undoubtedly, evil. However, Providence arranges the world in such a way that even the evil God allows mysteriously, but invariably, works for the triumph of what is good.

If one does not understand this basic concepts, Christianity has no meaning to him. In his mind everything is then allowed and even good, because everything was willed by God. From fornication to cocaine and from abortion to sodomy, everything is sanctioned and cleansed of any stigma. Hey, it is God-willed…

Francis either does not understand Christianity or, much more likely, hates it.

The key to understanding this Pontificate lies in the correct perception of the hate of this man against everything that is good and holy.


Understanding Francis

Let us imagine you are a Commie and, incidentally, the Pope. One of the things you will do (besides being crass, vulgar and arrogant all the time, as befits an old resentful commie) is hating the rich. This even if, as the Pope, you now qualify as a Billionaire, even if with a couple of asterisks attached.

You are, we have just said, old, arrogant, vulgar and generally insufferable (this has to be, in a Commie Pope). This means you will deform the message of Christ at will in order to satisfy your hatred for the rich. It has to be so, because a commie Pope really can’t do it anything differently.

And so it can come to pass that said Pope travels to the UAE and conveniently forgets the “in spirit” part from the beatitudes. Blessed are the poor. That’s it.

Now, the man hates the rich, although with usual coherence he does not disdain the company of some Jet- owning individuals. He needs to appraise his audience of the fact. Therefore, he points out that many of the UAE Christians present at the usual open air mass are domestic workers of local rich people. Note here: the problem with the employers of said domestic workers is not that they are – as many of them will be – Muslims.


It is that they are rich.

Understand the man, please. He is a communist. Social hatred devours him. He does not believe in God, at all. What will he care if a man dies a Muslim? But that the man lives as a rich man, this is the problem.

All very much to be expected in a communist devoured by social hatred. I was not surprised at all by his latest, homemade commie doctrine. Once you understand Communism, social envy, and social hatred, Francis will be an open book to you.

What grates me is that countless Catholic publications will now try to give the words of an old commie a varnish of Catholicism, instead of admitting that the man just does not care a straw for Catholicism.


Patriots: Never Tire Of Winning

And so they did it again. Largely identified with Trump and therefore hated and branded, predictably, “racist”, the Patriots have shown the entire planet what a MAGA supporter looks like.

We should take them as an example. Brady is 41 and both he and Belichick marched yesterday towards their sixth (let that sink in) Superbowl. Talent coupled with professionalism and ice cold determination.

Make NFL great again.

I don’t care much for Football and find the NFL as an organisation despicable, but yesterday night I stayed up because…. MAGA. I wasn’t disappointed.

Never tire of winning. Let all the accusations of xxxxphobia make you even more determined to fight for truth, decency and sanity.

Know that your side has already won in heaven, and make of it a further motivation to win here on earth.


Monsters In Power

I have written yesterday about the new Virginia Law proposal, which would allow abortion up to the moment of birth.

Monstrous enough.

But it gets worse.

The Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is on record with interpreting the law as follows: if a child is not aborted in time, the mother would have the possibility of getting rid of him after birth. After the legal, officially-official natural birth.

I want to vomit. Possibly on the Governor’s certainly quite expensive jacket.

These people are monsters. They are Molochs. They would possibly terrify a Pol Pot. The open display of evil beggars belief.

I reflect on the scale of the evil, as a sitting Governor would likely not do such a thing unless he thought that this furthers his political careers after his stint as Governor.

Still, I think the calculation is dumb; both for the reasons I explained yesterday and because such monstrous initiatives are certain to find their way to the Supreme Court, where the possibility of them being culled is, even with Ruth Bader Ginsburg lamentably still on her seat (asleep, of course) very high.

This will never work as propaganda instrument. This is infanticide pure and simple. You can sell it to the rabid activists, but I can’t imagine that they are so many. For every screaming witch you get, you lose two or three voters who were previously on the fence and now open their eyes.

Monsters are in power. But we must hope and pray that humanity has not sunk so deep.

This time, I think the people of Satan have overplayed their hand.


All Too Evident Insanity.

The new, uber-Nazi abortion legislation in New York, declaring an evident evil a sort of human right and allowing what was called “very late abortion” has sickened me and, I am sure, anyone with a shred of humanity left in them.

This rabid reaction to a growing anti-abortion movement will backfire. In fact, it will help many people to realise the darkness of the soul of any individual able to propose such measures.

Most people aren’t logical. Emotions drive the way they think, and vote. They are told “reproductive rights”, and they have in front of them the image of the crying girl, made pregnant by a selfish boy who is now drinking beer with his friends, whilst only abortion legislation saves the “poor girl” from a horrible, assured “death by hanger”. The poor unborn baby is not in the picture, because the poor simpletons can’t picture him. But show to the emotional, uninformed and irreligious masses the baby in his own physical aspect, clearly recognisable as a human (in the more and more advanced scanning techniques, or in the absurdity of an abortion basically during the preparation for birth) and things will slowly change; because even a generation unable to think is able to see.

The New York legislation, and the other initiatives now being proposed in Virginia and elsewhere, are no smart moves. They are the satanic reaction of people who feel encircled, as the cause of sanity advances not only in the demographics of the Country, but also in the appointment of judges and justices. It is not a wave. It is a tide rising slowly, but surely. In time, and by the grace of God, it will submerge them all. I pray that it will be in my lifetime, and I feel that the aim is so near now like it has not been in decades. Thank you, Lord, for President Donald John Trump.

I am not worried because Cardinal Dolan is the nincompoop we all know and despise. I was not expecting that the guy discovers Catholicism. I think that the enemy is now unwittingly helping our cause to prosper as the atrociousness of late term abortion is made evident to everyone and further exposed by the technology advancements.

The next push for sanity will come from this all too evident insanity.


The Least Christian, The Better: Francis’ Recipe for Self-Poisoning.

The Unholy Father has given, during the latest Plane Show, another example of hiscutter enmity to the West.

The lewd individual praised Sweden’s moratorium on immigration. It is prudent, he says , to stop importing people from strange Countries and with the wrong religion, at least for a while. When the burning of cars has gone down a bit and the population starts thinking “it’s not quite as bad now as the worst we have seen in the past”, then the next wave of purely economic migrants, criminals, scroungers, and who knows how many future self-exploding nutcases can be taken in.

I have two lessons for Francis, though he is too evil to acknowledge them.

First: if you import people from shithole countries, your country becomes a shithole, too.

Second: Islam does not conceive or countenance integration whenever the strength is there to impose sharia law.

Francis’ recipe is like self-poisoning in instalments. He clearly likes it. “The least Christian, the better” is the unofficial motto of this papacy.

Think of this: when even those cuckolds in Sweden start to understand that they have gone far too far, Francis encourages them to keep destroying their Country after a “prudent” pause.


Evil Francis Not Really Fazed By Paedophilia

We should not have too many hopes about the upcoming homopaedo exercise, says the Evil Clown. Paedos will always be there, you know.

What an evil, evil man.

He never says the same about poverty, or war, or walls. Poverty is our fault, paedo priests are no-one’s.

And if he had at least said that he will do anything that is in his power as long as he breathes, that he is shocked and saddened and does not sleep at night thinking of this terrible evil within the Church, his words, if still wrong, would have had a different nuance.

But no. What Francis is saying is, in very thinly veiled words, ” I am pretending I am doing something merely because I have to; PR and all that, you know; so please let us be done with this fast, and kindly don’t bother me with this stuff again”.

Seriously, if the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons, Francis ‘ parents must have been such that it is not fitting to describe them in a Cathlic blog.


Hell, Sensus Catholicus and XXI Century England

I grew up in a Country whose sensus catholicus led most people to believe that, certainly after a due sojourn in Purgatory, an awful lot of people are saved in the end. This may sound strange to ears raised in Protestant Countries, but it actually seems perfectly orthodox to this little intelligence. It was also a Country in which strong hyperbole was an ok form of communication. The faithful reading the saint’s thundering about hell took the threat as an encouragement, and expected it as a rhetorical instrument and teaching device.

However, we must also consider the following:

1. Catholicism was dominant, and I mean dominant. Whilst the V II Church had already begun the atrocious work of dismantling of Catholicism, the population at large was proving fairly resilient. It was, if not automatic, absolutely normal even for Communists to send their children to doctrine. This is how dominant Catholicism was.

2. The idea that many are saved did not come from the dumb idea that God loves us, in our unbaptised state, because we are such wonderful, perfect, unique snowflakes. It came from a widespread fear of the Lord. Sinners they all were, but – for the most part at least – they did not think that they were right and the Church wrong and took care to do things halfway right. Were there, in those times, also inveterate sinners and vocal atheists? Certainly. But far less in number than today, and far less vocal in their attitude.

I compare with today, and wonder what those people – say: those who were 50 in 1971 – would think of the chances of salvation of the average person in 2019 England. It is not only that atheism is so spread that it has become the new normal. What is possibly even scarier is the casual attitude with which even those who have a shred of faith make their own religion and think it smart. It seems to me that the English religious landscape has become an immense dumping ground, with only here and there some little islands of cleanliness in the midst of an immense ocean of dirt and stink.

What a difference there is between even a prostitute in 1971’s Italy, who still prayed the Lord to have mercy on her soul, and the average, law-abiding, well-combed, “wife, dog and mortgage”- accountant in 2019’s England, to whom the entire Christianity is a superstition, never even thought of having his children baptised, and is absolutely positive that he has no more of a supernatural life in himself than than the squirrel in his garden.

We know that God will save whomever He has decreed that will be saved. However, we also know that that signs of predestination underpin the economy of salvation. Baptism in the first place; confirmation, church attendance, prayer habits, participation in the sacraments, even very infrequent confession are still, however imperfect the person, signs of the right attitude towards God. Even the occasional reflection about one’s own sinfulness might be a start to a developmeng in the right direction. But what shall we think of those who start from a position of complete and utter refusal, and many times even mockery, of God? What signs does God give us to indicate that they might be welcomed in the fold in the end? Are we not, in fact, put in front of a massive revolt against God, made even more atrocious because now become mainstream?

Think of this: the person that would horrify the faithful Italian in, say, 1969, and which was – sinner as everybody was – pretty rare to find, is now the average Brit below Forty.

Let that sink in.

From solidly Christian to indifferent to hostile and mocking in 2 generations.

I think the traditional perception of how many are saved need to be revisited.


The Problem at the Root of Homosexual Clergy

The news has reached yours truly that the Vatican has apparently decided to create “task forces” (sounds good, doesn’t?) to protect minors.

It is already atrocious enough that the Church should create “task forces” to protect minors from…. Her own priests.

What is worse, though, is that this shows the total unwillingness of those in charge to understand the root causes of all problem: homosexuality and its accompanying evil, sodomy.

The real issue is, and it has always been, not the protection of the youth from predatory priests, but the protection of the Church Herself from homosexual priests.

This is clear enough to everyone who has eyes to see. Rather predictably, it is also not really the priority of those who would suffer first from the spring cleaning that has now become indispensable. It would be like the turkeys working to restore Thanksgiving.

This rotten hierarchy will not do anything meaningfrgyul to address the crimes of homosexual priests. They will also not do anything at all to address the problem of homosexuality in the Clergy. What they will do is announce some cosmetic initiative as they go on with their “nighty-night” tweets and Francis-protected Vatican homo orgies.

The solution will come when…. Our Lord has decreed that it should; that is, when He has decreed that the immense, unprecedented rebellion of V II has caused enough problems to those who have started it and, as it is only fitting, to their own children; or, to put it in difference terms, when we have finally been considered worthy of a decent clergy and hierarchy, instead of the bunch of effeminate sodomite, sexual predators and nutty social justice warriors we have called on ourselves and abundantly deserves.

Still, the problem is one and it is very simple: a homosexual and sodomitic mafia has taken (humanly speaking) control of the Church. They will keep it until it pleases the Lord to not allow this anymore. They will also ravage the Church, so that those who betrayed her get to experience the result of their rebellious fantasies on their skin and on the skin of their children. I do not know you, but it all seems so linear to me.

Rebel to God and His Church, get perverted priests and bishops, and a Pope just as bad as them.


Illegality Profiteers

The illegal immigrant centre in Castelnuovo di Porto, near Rome, is now closing. “Home” to 535 illegals, it will shut down completely. The illegals will be moved elsewhere. It is reasonable to assume that the move reflects a general trend: the curbing of the illegals’ business, a very lucrative one as Matteo Salvini himself points out.

Let us see who is crying: the Italian bishops through their newspaper. The horrible un-Catholic magazine which will not be given a link in this blog post. The fake “chariteees” getting fat with the business of illegal immigration.

The very same obscene magazine I do not link to gives you the scale of the cake: the removal of the 535 will cost up to 120 jobs.

Let that sink in.

Every around 4.5 illegals give one taxpayer funded jobs for these damn “chariteeees”, often linked to the diocese in some way or other. An immense source of funding and business. A bonanza for homosexual priests and their predatory friends to do some “charitable” abuse to people who will be too afraid to talk. A sure guarantee of the criminal behaviour being played down and swept under the carpet, lest the business suffers.

This “chariteee” stuff is a very dark part of the Western economies, Italy clearly not excepted; an obvious source of scrounging and corruption polluting the Country under the disguise of “doing good”, as it slowly ruins the entire fabric of the Country (besides costing an awful lot of money) for the benefit of a restricted group of profiteers and their homosexual protectors.

Matteo Salvini is a great man not only because he does what is right, but because he exposes the big business behind it, a business in which the church in Italy has deep interests.

In how many Countries is this going on? How much money is made out of sheer criminal behaviour? How much of if lands in the vicinity of our “progressive” bishops and their “nighty-night” friends?

I hope that enquiring minds will soon know.

This business of illegality has done enough damage already.


Vecchio Malvissuto

Ugly Old Redskin strikes again. It is now confirmed that, together with like-minded retards, he tried to disrupt a Catholic Mass in Washington, D.C.

This is, mind, the same guy who wanted to be received by Frankie.

In the meantime, more details about the wasted life of this sad individual emerge: no veteran and, apparently, no stranger to jail time, either.

The guy is perfectly representative of much of the left nowadays and, not unlikely, of much of the left of all times: losers, scroungers, lazy asses, and all sorts of cretins who never contributed to society and now play victim; claiming that they belong to the “marginalised”, and refusing to acknowledge the obvious fact that they have marginalised themselves.

These people will readily find company: from the “gender studies” woman with a master, $130,000 of debts from which she cannot escape with bankruptcy anymore, and with a brilliant career prospective as Latte Artist at Starbucks, to the pothead who never wanted to learn a useful job, to the spoiled middle class kids who allowed themselves to be brainwashed with tales of “white privilege”, and many others.

Like Ugly Old Redskin, all these people look for a way to feel good with themselves as they seek excuses for their more or less wasted – and faithless – existence. They will play their drum in your face, claiming that there is something like a right to kill an unborn baby in the womb; something so instinctively atrocious that only a godless society can conceive it.

These people are their own religion. They will drum in your face their demand that you worship them at the altar of themselves.

Ugly Old Redskin was prevented from disrupting the Mass; which, methinks, would have procured him his rumoured fourth stretch as inmate. But he still keeps harassing everyone with his victim complex, awaiting from us that we apologise with him for the fact that he is a useless waste of space.

Alessandro Manzoni depicts in his wonderful novel an old man just like that. He calls him vecchio malvissuto, “ill-lived old man”. Quite.

Beware of old wolves in victim’s clothes.

Particularly when they cry “minoriteeee ”


Covington Catholic: All That Is Wrong With The Modern Times

Cool guy, this one. 


The Covington Catholic incident really shows how far the United States have descended into a pit of political correctness and outright stupidity. Let us see all the ways:

  1. Covington Catholic Schools condemned his own students before even knowing the facts. Heads should roll for that fact alone. Don’t hold your breath.
  2. The hoax of the Redskin scumbag and his friends was exposed within hours (no, the Redskin was not attacked o intimidated by anyone; and yes, he was the guy trying to intimidate) and the Redskin scumbag still keeps complaining and playing an entire deck of race cards. 
  3. The poor Catholic boy was, in the end, “acquitted” because he kept an absolutely calm behaviour. It seems nowadays nothing less than perfection is expected from a Catholic. I can’t even think what would have happened if the good boy had started to shout in the face of the damn old redskin. Something I would have done, with relish, and with a very colourful language as a musical accompaniment to the instrument the man is trying to play in my face.
  4. The criticism now revolves around the fact that the boy was… smirking. He was smirking! This is… raciss! You can’t do it as a White Male! Your White Privilege does not entitle you to any smirk! Anything less than perfection will lead to crucifixion. Of course, these people crucified He Who is perfect, too!
  5. Ugly Evil Redskin now wants to meet the Pope. This is an abortion activist, for crying out loud! But no: wallowing in his victim complex, the man wants to meet the Pope to get some form of excuse for us being White and he being Red. Can’t wait to see if Francis is so stupid that he will fall for that. Idiot as the man certainly is, I doubt.

This race madness has to stop. And in order for it to stop, we need young White people who grow proud of their own skin colour, of their own traditions, of their own religion and values, and of the wonderful civilisation Whites have brought to everyone, even the savage Redskin heathens with whom they unavoidably came in contact as they were civilising the American Continent. A people, these redskins, exhibiting such a low form of savagery (I do not even want to call it “civilisation”) that it liquefied at the mere contact with the infinitely superior civilisation of the People of Mozart.

If I were the President of the United States, I would actually institute a White Mercy Day, in which the entire Country thankfully recognises the astonishing kindness showed to the Redskins. Never, before the White Man, had the world seen a clash of civilisations (of which only one advanced) in which the savages got reservations, and tax breaks, and casinos, and in many cases not even the need to work for a living, just for being a bunch of savages and losers; and then get to play victim until the end of times.

Travel to Italy and ask for the Etruscan Reservations. See what you find.







ZanchettaBomb Explodes In Francis’ Face



Lewd and lewder…. 


Pope Francis knew about Zanchetta’s proclivities and acts way before the Vatican admissions.

The scoop is from the Associated Press, and the source has forename and surname:  it is no other than Rev. Juan Jose Manzano, the vicar general of Zanchetta when the latter was bishop in Oran.

The Vatican story was that Zanchetta was persuaded to resign because of his “authoritarian style”, and that they wer einformed about Zanchetta’s abuse o fseminarians and general homo behaviour only at the end of 2018; after, that is, not only his time as a bishop, but also his appointment as the number 2 of APSA, the office that manages the (substantial) real estate of the Vatican.

From the article: “While the Vatican’s annual yearbook lists Zanchetta hierarchically as the top deputy to the APSA president, his exact duties were never clear since the job didn’t previously exist”. Go figure.

So, did Zanchetta resign because his “authoritarian” style was considered not compatible with the “field hospital”? Poppycock, says the Reverend. The Vatican was informed in detail in 2015 the first time and in 2017 the second time. Both times, note, before Zanchetta’s appointment to the new Roman office, very near to Francis’ compassionate heart.

The 2015 attempt to get rid of Zanchetta basically failed. In 2017, with the situation even worse, a new attempt was started, and this time the man in charge was the No. 2 of the Apostolic Nunciature, Monsignor Vincenzo Turturro.

Turturro clearly doesn’t idle about, and takes care that the people responsible know in such a way that they cannot avoid to act.  As a result, Francis summons Zanchetta in Rome, and he announces his decision to resign for health reasons. How on earth can it be believed that Francis still knew nothing? 

Now consider this: Reverend Manzano either does not want to be “Vigano’ed”, or he truly is one of those naive V II Pollyannas. He states that Francis is “a victim of Zanchetta’s manipulation”.

“There was never any intent to hide anything. There was never any intent of the Holy Father to defend him against anything,” says the Reverend. However, this is patently absurd. Zanchetta was forced to resign in 2017 after the first 2015 attempt failed. Even naked selfies were produced as evidence against him. It is completely unrealistic to assume for a moment that mid-2017 at the latest Francis did not know of Zanchetta’s proclivities. 

You know, and I know, and everybody knows, that he knew’ he knew, and did not care for anything else but to save appearances first and let his guy reemerge with a cushioned job some time later.

The easiness with which this man not only surrounds himself with sodomites, but gives them positions of power within the Vatican, clearly signalling to everyone that they are his special protegees, is nothing less than staggering even for a man so deprived of shame like this one.

We have a Pope who chooses to live under the roof of a notorious homosexual and gives him a very lucrative job in the Vatican Bank; then promotes another sodomite to another very prestigious position within the Vatican; another, whom Bergoglio himself apparently considered a kind of “spiritual son”, and promoted to Bishop.

This, among the several other priests he receives in the Vatican and shields in various ways, even if they do not get the jobs he gave to Ricca and Zanchetta.

Francis is the best friend of the enemies of Francis. Already in his tenure in Rome he must have made so many mistakes that, when the whistle blowing begins in seriousness, he will be atomised. What happens if investigations extend to his tenure in Buenos Aires I do not even want to think.

This man is demolishing himself all of his own. Because he is not only evil, but also very stupid.





World Youth Day Without Youth


The incoming World Youth Day in Panama promises to be a fail of epic proportions. Facing with the necessity of having to admit the scale of the problem – probably because it sounds better to find some excuse beforehand than during the event -, the guy in charge told us something of earth-shattering importance: it’s because young people  “in Europe and North America” are at school.

You don’t say?!

Some questions come to mind:

  1. If the genial FrancisOfficials did not know school is open, how can they claim they know the first two things about youth?
  2. If the FrancisOfficials did knew school is open, why would they encourage the youth to skip useful school days without necessity?
  3. Schools are closed in “North America and Europe”. What about Central America, that is: Panama and surrounding Countries? And what about South America? Brazil, or Pope Francis’ own home Country, Argentina?
  4. Let us go back to the old (and, if you ask me, wrong anyway) World Youth Days of JP II’s and Benedict XVI’s rather inglorious Pontificates: were they held with schools open? If yes, how come they attracted (wrongly, as I think) huge crowds? And if they were held with schools closed, how is now suddenly smart to spend a lot of money for people who need to go to school?

I think the truth is much simpler than that, and does not require a long reflection, either.

No one has a use for Francis’ satanical exercises in heresy and demolition of Catholicism. The real Catholics abhor him. The fake Catholics ignore him. All the others are now just embarrassed by this old, lewd guy.

And oh, before I forget: the logo on top is the official logo of the initiative. It truly looks like a serpent about to swallow the Cross. 

These people are of Satan.




Meet Cardinal “I Forgot” Wuerl

Cardinal Wuerl really must think we are all stupid.

Confronted with the evidence that he knew about the allegations against Cardinal McCarrick as early as 2004, he now claims to have… forgotten about it at some point after 2006.

Let us see all the way in which this is atrocious.

Firstly, it is a blatant lie: you just don’t forget that a Cardinal – and a US one at that – has been credibly accused of abuse.

Secondly, if it were true it would show the astonishing hardness of heart of a man for whom a Cardinal being accused of child abuse is something of so little consequence that it gets forgotten.

Thirdly, if if were to be true it would prove that the man is really dumb, not being able to connect dots and observe the man in his own environment- the two must have met fairly frequently – even after being informed of his proclivities. At that point, the eyes of one who wants to see would be wide open, and I can’t imagine that other credible sources were not available to him.

Theregore, the man is either a liar, or an evil man, or a simpleton.

Two and three are, however, obviously absurd. The truth is that the man who now claims forgetfulness is the one rumoured to have been nicknamed “Donna” in the Seminary. Do I see a pattern here?

This pathetic denial is beyond disgraceful. Who does the man think he is, Pope Francis? And by the way, was he not supposed to resign? Has he announced the date of his departure? Or has he… forgotten?

I can’t follow all the details about all the Cardinals now in trouble, and that for sheer lack of time; but if this guy has lied to the authorities in a high-profile child abuse investigation he might soon be swimming in a sea of excrement .

When he resigns, may I suggest Father Guarnizo as his successor; yes, this is the man Wuerl persecuted for explaining to a couple of lesbians some facts of life, and who had to move to Russia because, clearly, Wuerl and his US colleagues had a well-functioning memory at that time.

Watch out, Donna.

This may well be, as far as the job is concerned, the last nail in your shameless coffin.


Very Privileged, Notoriously Ill RBG Very Much “Pro Own Life”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has cancelled a planned event for the 29 January, as she is still recovering from her fall in November and subsequent cancer removal in December. She may be free from cancer now, but in good health she is certainly not.

Atheist, feminist and of Jewish background, the woman is, at least from what the world can see, as far from Christ as anyone can make himself. It is no surprise that her position on the unborn baby finds… warm approval in hell.

I wonder whether the woman is, by now, the only one who has not understood that she is not fit for the job. Countless leftists certainly know it, but they would prefer to keep her on the Supreme Court in a vegetative state rather than having to deal with the consequences of her departure. The jokes with the old movie “weekend at Bernie’s” are not only automatic, but very apposite.

I make a prediction, that the woman will not live to see Hanukkah. And if I am wrong I will add, not without some cynicism, that we have several more months’ time after that.

Mind, I am not wishing her death, merely looking at facts. She might do the decent thing and dresign, too, but rabid leftists are not really known for doing the decent thing, so I think it will have to be the undertaker.

However, I notice this: for a woman who denies the right to live of an innocent unborn child, she is holding on to life with great tenacity. She must be very aware of the value of her own life, then.

Pity that 60 million others, in the US alone, did not have the same privilege.


The Father.

In the stupid world in which we live – perfectly exemplified by the stupid Pope with whom we have live – the difference between paternal love and maternal love is more and more overlooked. This is not merely a religious phenomenon. Rather, I would say that it is the result of the “emancipation” movement, which has made the average man less masculine as it made the average woman less feminine.

There is a fundamental difference between the love of a father and of a mother. In short, it consists in this: that whilst the love of the mother is unconditional and unconditionally forgiving, the love of the father is generally not unconditional and, more important still, not averse to necessary harsh punishment, up to the point of rejection.

It is no coincidence at all that the Christian religion has always identified God as Father not only from a Scriptural, but from an everyday point of view; there, where religion is lived by the men and women working the fields and nurturing their children. Similarly, it is no coincidence that other religions identify God as Mother.

Christianity has always taught that God’s love for us does not exclude the ultimate, infinitely harsh punishment. This concept is, I must say, manly to the core and, therefore, consciously or instinctively hated by all the feminist nutcases out there, and by effeminate priests and prelates the world over. Francis himself hat, on several occasions, spoken of an all-forgiving, unconditionally devoted God that our ancestors would barely recognise as Christian.

This is deeply unchristian and, therefore, utterly wrong. It flies in the face of two thousand years of Christianity. It is a sad, pathetic, but highly corrosive parody of our religion. It is a monstrous deformation of the Most Holy Trinity. It corrupts the perception of God, destroys the fear of Him, and translates into an utterly effeminate vision of right and wrong. This effeminate vision of right and wrong then proceeds to do damage everywhere, as everything Christian from death penalty to just war, and from marriage to… walls is questioned as “too harsh” .

Pope Francis is not the one who caused the problem here. He is merely one of the very many who have lost the basic concepts of God, Justice and Truth.

But we need to condemn him especially, because he betrays Christ in an especially grave way.


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