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Bunch Of Heretics Support Pope

The Captain Obvious Prize 2017 goes to the signatories of the declaration in support of Pope Francis.

A bunch of heretics and dissenters, one of whom even excommunicated by Francis himself, show how thin the support for Francis is. There are only eight bishops signing up to now. What an embarrassing indictment for the Evil Clown!

This “counter correction ” is a good thing for us. It exposes Francis as a heretical ass even more.

Please spread the news.

I am sure the signatories will not be opposed?





The Age Of Godlessness And Its Consequences

Awful lot of reprobates...



It is abundantly clear that we live in an age of unprecedented crisis of faith. If we compare our times with every past generation in Europe in the last many centuries and until very recently, we must admit that our forefathers would even struggle to agree that we live in Christian Countries. Our forefathers would, in fact, struggle to recognise as Catholics even many of those who unhesitantly define themselves as such (and then pick and choose their beliefs).

It is not only the sinfulness per se (I am pretty sure fornication and drunkenness have been popular sins in any age), it is the way people deal with their own sinfulness that is utterly scary. Once upon a time sinners were certainly easy to find, but the lines at the confessional were long, too. Abortion was a rare event. Fear of hell was much more widespread. A strong Church provided Catholics with a robust barque to safely sail through the weaknesses and the sinfulness of their life.

Today, many of your friends and colleagues are probably not even baptised and if they are, their children possibly aren't. The very basis of Christianity is crumbling under our eyes. Europe at least (and part of the US and Canada) are simply deChristianised, they have become frontier territory!

We, who live in this context, cannot kid ourselves that, for our generation, “everything will be fine”. If it is true that everything will be fine, then Francis is right. If an age of astonishing irreligiousness does not lead to an age of great reprobation, then there is no need to deal with any of that Catholic stuff.

The (earthly) Church herself is now being raped by Satan. If the desertion or evil doing of countless priests and almost all bishops and cardinals has no meaningful consequence, what is the use of the Church? Why pray for holy priests and bishops? Heck, why have them in the first place? If the sheep are saved anyway, why have shepherds at all?

It is obvious that, if Christianity is to make sense, the contrary must be true. We must live in an age of reprobation. Satan must be having a wonderful time. A generation rejecting Christ must perforce be rejected by Him.

If you live in Northern Europe, and have a feel for history, you can see history being made under your eyes. The English Countryside has hundreds, probably thousands, of beautiful churches now empty. Those who even define themselves Christian are merely a plurality. Many of them would be unrecognisable as Christian to every generation of their forefathers, Catholic or Protestant, until a very recent time. The Country has become largely heathenish or atheist, with merely a Christian presence. Habits previously considered typical of heathens have become commonplace or largely tolerated and even celebrated (tattoos, cohabitation, abortion, divorce, even sodomy). France and Italy are not much better, Germany and Spain might not be better at all, Belgium and the Netherlands are certainly worse, the Nordic Countries are just appalling.

If we look at it in the great numbers, we must recognise that loss of Christianity means reprobation in great numbers, or else the entire Christian Faith makes no sense. If we look at our own Catholic world we must recognise that an age of astonishingly lax, by now barely understood Catholicism must do great damage to souls even among Catholics.

This can only have one consequence: that many of us – and certainly yours truly – live, walk, work, breathe in the midst of reprobates like pretty much none of our ancestors for possibly forty or more generations. It is fair to say that whenever you find yourself in a crowded train, underground carriage, cinema or restaurant, you are surrounded by a great number, and very possibly a majority, of reprobates. Scary, I know. It goes to show what madness V II and the generalised loss of faith all over Western Europe and parts of North America was.

Yes, we can and should pray for our friends and beloved ones. But prayers are no enchantments, and we cannot force our friends – much less God – to do what they do not want to do.

“But wait! Are you saying that my friends are not going to be saved? They are such fun guys and gals! How could God not do me this favour? I am so prayerful, you know!”

Well, good for you. But unless you are one in the mould of Padre Pio it is unlikely that you will change the life of dozens, or that God will grant all your such wishes.

The brutal reality is that your prayers for your friends will, besides benefiting you, providentially give them a help, a prop; which, if they – again, as it is providentially decreed – do not take, will not profit them.

As I have written many times, God on the one hand decides and decrees infallibly what our destiny is, and on the other hand leaves us still wholly free to make the decisions that lead us in the one or other direction (search this blog for “physical premotion”, “providence” or “reprobation”). Decisive here is – besides God's will – the free will of the person, not the prayer of his friends.

So yes: with Western Europe rapidly dechristianising, Satan is scoring a small jackpot every day, and I am sorry to say that – unless you are another Padre Pio – God is not going to spare your friends because of you. It was given to you, to us, to live in the midst of heathens, very possibly with some of your beloved ones not even baptised. You know what will happen to them if they die in their error.

Naturally, the temptation is strong to think: “I know that I live in an age of reprobation. But God will listen to my prayers and allow me to, one day, enjoy Paradise with all the people I love”. The questions here are: why would He do it for you and not for everyone else, thus saving a couple of dozen for the prayers of one? (This means universal salvation merely for the prayers of 3 or 4 percent). Also: Why would He not respect the will of those who choose to behave in a way that will merit them hell?

We already have the answers to these questions: if it were so easy to be saved Christianity – and certainly orthodoxy and perseverance in faith – would be pretty useless, giving right to the Francises of the world that salvation is, basically, automatically built in in the Gospel; and, on the other hand, the fact that we know as a truth of faith that God respects the will of His creatures.

The Age of Godlessness will demand that a terrible price in souls be paid. Not as terrible as deserved by strict justice, but terrible nevertheless.

This does not mean that we need to pray less; it means that we need to pray more as we recognise a greater danger for our beloved ones than the one faced by our grand-grandfathers.

What we should not do is to think that things are easy, and that an age of apostasy will receive the same treatment as an age of devotion merely for the sake of the few devotees.




Oil Your Guns For Dublin

The “World meeting of Families”, which will be held (if Francis is alive; please pray today that this be not the case) in Dublin in August of next year, is going to be quite the homo-fest.    

The intent is very clear and it is being aggressively pushed already now, many months before the main event: to smuggle every kind of perverted fake relationship as “family” in some way or other, with the usual excuse of the “accompanying” (to hell) and such like rubbish. 

This will be the greatest homo-push ever perpetrated even by the satanical Francis’ pontificate. Prepare yourself now to read so-called “c”atholic news outlet of the “Aleteia” variety to celebrate the “evolution” in the doctrinal understanding of evil filth, which is just as logical as if the same outlets would celebrate Francis’ new understanding of logic or mathematics. 

The homophilic hell-fest must be countered with an extremely aggressive stance from us, those who think that two and two will always be four. I encourage every blogger and every commenter on whatever site or blog to sharpen the tone and call this pope and his minion what they are: atheist, perverted, heretical, Christ-hating scum that must be ridiculed and insulted in every way by the militant laity until other events – outside of our control – get us rid of this unspeakable filth.

Bloggers, commenters, readers, think of this: one day you will die; how will the saying that in front of the greatest onslaught on truth in two thousand years of history you did not want to appear impolite make you look? 

What the heart feels the mouth must cry. If the mouth remains oh so polite, is the heart really wounded? 

Start the offensive now. Go on blogging, commenting, and praying. Talk about this mess with colleagues and friends. Do not eschew the confrontation, embrace it.

Be a Crusader, raise your voice if needs be, lose friends if needs be! 

You will have enough friends in paradise. 






Arrogant, Lazy And Dumb: Francis Speaks About Himself

Willing to take risks.

One can only be grateful that the Lord, whilst punishing us with this nincompoop, gives us the possibility to understand what an ass he is. 

In his umpteenth interview, anticipating the umpteenth book not written by him,  Francis allows us to have a glimpse of the life of an idiot when he becomes Pope. 

An interview is not a lecture.

Boy, I though a Pope was given the job to do exactly that. 

He values “spontaneity” and avoids “rigid formulas”.

Translation: “I don’t know jack of Catholicism and every time I open my  mouth I put my foot in it. Therefore, I prefer to call it spontaneity. Not that I care about learning anything of it anyway”

Interviews have “pastoral value”.

Good Lord, if they have to have any value one should take care that they are precisely and correctly formulated, eh, no? This idiot seems to think that if you want to be “pastoral” you have the right to be confused, and confusing. The stupidity of this man is so mind-boggling that it’s a mystery how anyone can still believe he is not an utter idiot, besides being evil. 

He never prepares for interviews.  

What a lazy, lazy ass. He is the Pope, and he can’t be bothered to be prepared when he wants to speak to his sheep. Let me say it again: what a lazy, lazy ass. 

Being misinterpreted is a “pastoral risk” he is “willing to take”. 

What arrogance. Can you imagine a Mathematics teacher saying that he prefers to be spontaneous and his pupils getting his wrong is a risk he is willing to take? How more important is Catholicism than Mathematics? 

“I have the nerve, but I am also very shy,”

You have the arrogance, but you are also very stupid. 


Prayer And Providence

We are taught, since we were children, to pray for the things we desire: from health for us and our beloved to a job, a wife, a house, and obviously salvation. We pray for other reasons too, of course, but today I will focus on this one.

However, we are also told that nothing happened that has not been preordained. Non si muove foglia che Dio non voglia, “not one leave moves, but God wants it so”.

How do we reconcile these two apparently antithetical positions? With the most difficult phrase of the first of all prayers: Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Prayer is not a magic ritual with which I can, in a way, move God to change His mind. God is – whatever idiots and perverts like Francis and Father Jeanine Martin tell you – unchangeable. Perfection can only be omnipotence and immutability of will and being.

God does not change his mind. You do.

Prayer is the process by which I allow myself to wish for a desired outcome that seems good to me, whilst accepting not only that God's will will be done, but that God's will is exactly what is best for me in the end.

My prayer is, at the same time, my submission and my acceptance of whatever outcome God has already established. My prayer is, in fact, the willed embrace of whatever outcome God has already decreed. I am not trying to make God behave the way I want. I am trying to become what God wants me to become. In my prayer, and in my acceptance of what the Lord has providentially decreed, I strive to conform myself to His wish, rather than trying to conform Him to mine.

The Lord has, as we have said, providentially decreed, already now, whether my prayer will be answered. Whatever happens it is good that it be so (in which way exactly I will see after death).

Why, then, pray?

Because it is part of God's providential plan that we pray. Because if God wants to give a certain desired good – say: a job, a wife, a house, and most of all salvation – He is very likely to want me to pray for it, uniting my collaboration to His already made, immutable will and unchangeable decision; so that, once again, I may be changed as I receive what I asked for. And if he does not want to answer my prayer, it is because it is better for me that He doesn't (which can happen in a varieties of ways, some of which very clear to me: to teach me submission, obedience and abandonment to His will are the easiest to understand).

God wants that we ask Him for both what he gives us and what he does not give us. And he wants us to ask for it with stubborn determination. The wife who sees, after 50 years of prayers, her husband abandoning his atheism has not decided, after 17.5 years, that she has prayed for long enough. She does not stop asking, she does not stop hoping. She accepts the final outcome all the time. But what joy, to know that God has allowed one to collaborate with Him in the salvation of her husband's soul, with 50 years of prayer!

In this way, prayer and Providence are intertwined; our prayers are the threads of our life, and God is the one who, after giving us the threads in the first place, weaves with them the canvas He has decreed.

In this understanding of prayer is the key to a much happier life, because it teaches us to grow in humility and to submit to God's providential work, knowing that what he sends us is, without exception, what we need to grow in faith and get nearer to Him.




Prayer, The Rosary, And Salvation

We cannot, strictly speaking, merit Salvation. Strictly speaking, we cannot and do not merit anything at all. Whatever we have, God has given us. Whatever we attain, God has preordained that we should be given the grace to do so. This applies to absolutely everything we do, up to the last consequences and our eternal destiny. God has, in His Justice, preordained from all eternity whether we will be saved or damned, whether we are elects or reprobates. This brutal truth is a mainstay – nay, it is the foundation – of Catholic theology. If it were not so, God would depend on our decisions and would, therefore, not be Omnipotent.

I can, of myself, merit exactly nothing. What I do is merely collaborate with God's grace; and even this collaboration is, in fact, nothing more than God's grace: an unmerited gift.

The human mind being very limited, and unable to fathom how in God infinite Justice and infinite Mercy meet, the statement above appears rather scary. It is, in fact, not pleasant to realise that God has already decided, out of all eternity, whether I will be saved or damned. What I can know with certainty is that I am given sufficient grace to collaborate with God's will and – in this strict sense – “merit” Salvation. What I do not know is whether I will persevere in making use of it. I don't know; God not only knows, and He Has decreed what the final outcome shall be.

Now, whilst I try to cultivate the virtue of hope – which is, like everybody else, a gift; I for myself could not have any hope, but God gives it to me -, the uncomfortable thought unavoidably remains: could it be that God has already decreed that I will waste the sufficient grace given to me and deserve to be punished with hell? This fear must, I would add, remain, then otherwise we would be thinking like those Protestant and rosewater Catholics sure of their salvation – and thus, gravely sinning – because they love the polar bear cub or say good morning to their neighbours or are best buddies with Christ (you talk to some Prodfies, you wonder whether they thought they just met Him for breakfast). A healthy Catholic soul is healthily optimistic about his salvation, but healthily scared of hell, too. A just God will judge everyone with perfect Justice. Good and scary thought, uh?

At this point, God gives us – in His Mercy – an ace to be played in the game of salvation: prayer.

Prayer is the antidote to the poison of our sinfulness. It is the passepartout allowing us to base our hope in something we actually do. I choose to pray, and whilst doing so I am aware that it is God's grace that prompted me to pray. But I am still collaborating with His grace.

Prayer is the key that opens the door of God's Mercy. Sinful as I am, I do not need to be terrified that my damnation might already have been decreed, I do not need to be (overly) afraid that I will not make use of God's sufficient grace and waste the possibility of salvation; I do not, because I pray, thus collaborating with God in opening a path for me in which mercy will supply what justice cannot give.

This is why a prayerful attitude is a very good sign of predestination. It is the evidence, in our daily life, that we are collaborating with God in such a way that we can be very reasonably, very robustly confident that His Mercy will supply that in which we are, by justice, deficient.

I do not know whether I am one of the elect. But I know that I pray the Rosary every day. That is a fact, a certainty, a solid base for my future, the plaster of my way to Purgatory. My healthy fear of hell is, then, reduced to this: a prompt to pray the Rosary every day. Blessed, blessed fear!

The Rosary is the queen of all prayers. No prayer is as safe, as reassuring as the Rosary. Catholic tradition has attached such devotion to the Apparitions about the Rosary and the promises concerning those who pray it, that it is not reasonable – much less smart – to doubt the ones or the others.

Wretched sinner as I am, I know that God's Mercy has opened for me a path to Purgatory; a path following which I can be very confident to, one day, “merit” Purgatory – which, sub specie aeternitatis , simply means that I hopefully will, one day, realise that God preordained and decreed, out of all eternity, that it should infallibly be so – .

Yes, I am still scared of hell. It is good that I should be, lest I neglect prayer and, little by little, abandon the practice of the daily Rosary. The fear of hell is the guard rail that keeps me on the path.

Prayer is the way I live life everyday, confidently hoping that God's Mercy will supply what I, by justice, should not obtain.

What a beautiful thing, prayer. What a wonderful thing, the Rosary.

Pray the Rosary every day as devoutly as you can.

Your path to salvation is right there, in front of you, now.



Capital Punishment: The Slippery Slope

The Pontiff is here seen examining the Catechism.

The latest episode of the sad TV show “V II Is The Root Of The Present Crisis” deals with Capital Punishment.

Yes, Francis is imagining a parallel religion, and calls it Catholicism because he wants to con you. Yes, the Church has always supported the Capital Punishment, as do common sense and elementary sense of justice. Yes, the Papal States had capital punishment and used it.

Still, the papal heterodoxy in the matter has not begun with Francis. It has begun with JP II The FrancisSaint, who thought it appropriate to validate a dumb sociological approach to a simple matter of eternal truth end elementary justice, stating that whilst capital punishment remains in theory applicable, in practice bla bla and blablabla with modern correction methods more bla it appears difficult blablablablaaaaa.

The rape of truth begins with sociological analysis. The utter denial is merely the unavoidable consequence of this forma mentis.

What JPII either did not or would not get is that what the Church has always believed and practiced is accepted first and thoroughly understood second, not bent to the fashions of the age.

JP II represent the first generation of dissent. Francis represents the second, made more aggressive by thirty years of truth manipulation.

Alas, the TV show will go on. But remember, it started in the Sixties, not in 2013.



The Miracle Of The Sun, The Blasphemies Of Pope Francis, And The Betrayal Of Unfaithful Catholics.



The Miracle of the Sun is 100 years today. What happened at Cova da Iria on 13 October 1917 is one of the greatest gifts a merciful God and His Mother ever gave to a skeptic humanity, prone not to believe unless they have seen. On that day, tens of thousands have seen. We reflect on the events 100 years later and recognise, once again, that we keep being unfaithful, and undeserving of the gifts given to us. 

One hundred years later, the consecration of Russia has not happened. In addition, a lurid process of obfuscation of Our Lady’s warnings has taken place, steered by the same Vatican.

And then there is the vision of hell, happened during the series of apparitions:

These are the words with which Sister Lucia described the vision:

“She opened Her hands once more, as She had done the two previous months. The rays [of light] appeared to penetrate the earth, and we saw, as it were, a vast sea of fire. Plunged in this fire, we saw the demons and the souls [of the damned]. The latter were like transparent burning embers, all blackened or burnished bronze, having human forms. They were floating about in that conflagration, now raised into the air by the flames which issued from within themselves, together with great clouds of smoke. Now they fell back on every side like sparks in huge fires, without weight or equilibrium, amid shrieks and groans of pain and despair, which horrified us and made us tremble with fright (it must have been this sight which caused me to cry out, as people say they heard me). The demons were distinguished [from the souls of the damned] by their terrifying and repellent likeness to frightful and unknown animals, black and transparent like burning coals. That vision only lasted for a moment, thanks to our good Heavenly Mother, Who at the first apparition had promised to take us to Heaven. Without that, I think that we would have died of terror and fear.”

One hundred years after the series of events in Fatima, culminating on the miracle at Cova da Iria, the extremely brutal warning on hell afforded by this terrifying vision has obviously escaped the current Pope; who, just days ago, allowed without recantation an interview to be published in which he, to use the arrogant words of the atheist journalist author, abolished hell. 

One hundred years later, the Church is living a crisis – nay, a satanic infiltration – that seems to threaten her very existence, and the reigning Pope tries to transform the Church in the exact contrary of what Fatima stands for. One hundred years later, it is fair to say that the reigning Pope is more likely to consecrate Russia to Stalin than to the Blessed Virgin.

As the last of the Fatima apparitions occurred, on 13 October 1917, an atheist, devastating ideology was only weeks away from taking power in Russia and start a reign of terror with global ambitions that went on for many decades. One hundred years later only some faint echoes of that terror remain, as Communist regimes have been almost extinct. What tragic irony that one of their few remaining, closeted admirers – as always, not in formal words, but in the espousing of the ideology, of the social hatred, and of the utter Godlessness – should be, of all people, the Pope.

This day should be a sobering remainder of the extent of our unfaithfulness and of the pit of irreligious thinking in which our entire Christian Civilisation has fallen in these 100 years, as millions of “c”atholics with tattoos, approving of their fornicating children, indifferent to sexual perversion, barely uncomfortable with abortion and utterly approving of contraception are busy clapping in church as they read sacred texts and give communion to each other with sanctimoonious “peace ‘n love” faces.    

Francis has not come out of a vacuum. He is the product of decades of stupidity. Cova da Iria, 100 years later, reminds us of how big the stupidity has now become. 








Francis Cannot Abolish One Iota Of Truth


The umpteenth interview of the Evil Clown with Eugenio Scalfari is another scandal not only for the obviously heretical statements allegedly made by Francis (statements which the Evil Clown will not, as happened in the past, deny or recant, thus assuming full responsibility for them) but also for the unbelievably arrogant, and ignorant, language used by Scalfari himself.

It is stupid beyond belief to say that Francis has “abolished” hell, or purgatory, or whatever God has created. Francis cannot change one iota of truth. Christ, the King, will make sure he becomes aware of that. Scalfari, who does not believe in God, is mocking Christian belief in the breath as he propagates Francis’ heresies, and the two seem quite fine with the whole exercise.

Apart from the often mentioned heretical statement of Francis about the non existence of souls in hell (which, let me be clear about this, show that he does not believe in Christ), it is also offensive, in a particularly disgusting way, that this man keeps giving interview to a squalid (if intelligent; way more so than our Ass in Chief) individual who uses them to mock the faith of Christians.

The conclusion of this is obvious: Francis hates Christianity and, not being able to mock it in such direct way as he could, is all too happy to give interviews to people who will express their mockery far better than he ever could.  

These two will, unless they repent, have a lot to talk in hell.




We all knew that Father Jeanine Martin, Society of Fags, is one of those to suspect whom of being homosexual is like suspecting Stalin of being Communist. However, even so it is difficult to even imagine the lows that these low existences can reach.

Father Martin did it recently, by reposting on his Facebook page an article speaking of (and forgive me for having my adrenaline going through the roof now) the “Queer Jesus”.

It boggles the mind. Please consider saying your rosary today in reparation of this unspeakable blasphemy.

It is fair to say that even if Francis' papacy were, in everything else, the very epitome of orthodoxy, the mere presence of this extremely worrying, creepy, utterly disgusting “man” in the Vatican would be enough to mar his entire pontificate. However, it is even fairer to say that, if Francis' papacy were orthodox, this man would have been defrocked a long time ago. A destiny, mind, which I think will catch up with him at some point in his disgraceful life, because this man has leant so much out of the homo window that every future Pope with a modicum of integrity will not want to have the man going around calling himself a priest in good standing, ever.

A prayer to Saint Michael is full in order, too.

An exorcism would be, in fact, even better, but I somewhat doubt Father Elton Martin, Society of Fags, would agree to it. Can't wait for the Church to get rid of this filth.



The Undeserved Rainbow

And it came to pass that Your Humble Correspondent had to drive (which I always try to avoid) on the notorious M25, London's Orbital Motorway.

There was light rain. As I drove in, a huge rainbow presented itself to me. Its colours were so vivid, so defined, that it seemed literally painted in the sky.

As I kept driving, following the motorway's sinuous route, the rainbow kept moving its position relative to me, remaining still unbelievably defined. The other end of the rainbow appeared. At some point, due to the flowing of the road, I could admire all of it, from end to end. It was a thing of beauty, and a powerful reminder of a Higher Power.

After a while the rain started getting stronger and stronger, and I was treated to another spectacle: this wonder of nature slowly disappearing, gradually dissolving in the dark grey sky. The like of this I had never seen.

The biblical story of the rainbow was told to me still in kindergarten, and never have I watched one without being reminded of it. It was another way how, in a then Catholic Country, the right thinking was instilled in the mind of children.

It is so sad to think that most of today's London children – probably the majority of them not even baptised, certainly the vast majority of them deprived of decent religious education – would, on seeing a rainbow, instantly thinking of “the gay”, thus giving another little contribution to the normalisation of perversion around them and, for some, inside them.

Londonistan is in a bad shape. As the city is so powerful and so successful as possibly never before (the height of the Victorian Era might be the only exception), it perverts its children as it sinks in an abyss of atheism, advancing islamisation and multicultural rubbish. It does not deserve the wonderful rainbows gifted to it by a good and patient, but always just God.



Nobel Peace Prize: It Wasn’t To Be

pope-francis angry

Pity Francis, whom the world has not crowned Most Beloved Secular Guy again. I can see him now walking in the Vatican corridor, cussing in some strange Argentinian dialect. 

Francis will now renew his efforts to win the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize: more immigration, more Muslims, more opposition to the world, more environ-mentalism, more GHTYFDSR rights, more of all that the atheists, worldly society loves.

Will he make it in 2018? If he is still alive he might get a chance, as the more years pass the more a Nobel prize to a Pope so far away from everything that a Pope should be seems natural. But time is running out, because the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night, and when you are 83 the nocturnal burglary appears not so remote. 

Let us prepare for another year full of immigration, environmentalism and forced Islamisation nonsense.

Our Extremely Unholy Father, Francis, has a worldly prize to win.



The Islamisation Prize 2017 is About To Be Announced. Will Francis Be Numero Uno?


Meet the Candidate 


Who will be the man (or woman) who has done most to islamise the world in 2017? This is the question the members of the “Peace Research Institute” in Oslo are now posing to each other as they decide the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2017: Pope Francis perhaps? Angela Merkel? The UN High Commission for Islamisation? 

As a first-class boot-licker of the Muslims, it is obvious that our very own Evil Clown should be in the running. He has been more or less since 2013 but alas, he never made it. However, his more and more vicious rhetoric should put him in a good position for 2017, as one entire year of relentless attack to Christian civilisation is approvingly looked upon by the august, peace-loving members of the institute. And he has attacked Trump viciously, to boot. 

I am pretty sure that Francis is very excited and hopeful now. An atheist like him must see in acknowledgments like the Nobel Peace prize the real accomplishment of his life, and being Pope – that is: the head of an organisation he loathes – merely a way to get the approval of the socialist, atheist, degenerate society. 

I can see the man walking to and fro in the august chambers of the Vatican. Hoping, fearing, fretting, waiting to see whether the world will give him one of the highest worldly prizes. 

Oh, the honour! Being seen by the world as so much one of them! The first Pope who is not the enemy of the world but is, quite officially, proclaimed its best friend!

Hope, Francis dear. Hope as hard as you can.

One day pretty soon, if you are in hell, you might remember those hours, and it might give you some consolation amidst pains and suffering that will go on forever. 

“I was the darling of the world once”, he will say to the damned souls around him; souls who will hate him, and whom he will hate with an evil passion. “I was the 2017 Peace Nobel Prize Winner! You should respect me! Cabrones! Maricas! Hijos de Puta!”

But for now, Francis dear, enjoy the show. You are running for The Nnobel prize as you demolish the church and promote heresy, faithlessness and Islam. 

I am sure to you it feels grand. 




Heretics, Pius XIII Is Coming For You!

There is no day now without some heretical bishop of priest expressing his more or less veiled approval for sacrilege and heresy of all sorts. Beside their lack of faith in God, what surprises me of these people is their lack of foresight.

Things change. The tide could turn pretty fast. Even if the tide turns pretty slowly, every bishop now in his Forties can get in a lot of trouble, risking excommunication and defrocking – and therefore, destitution – in his old age.

Pius XIII will come one day. And when it comes the implacable Internet, which forgets nothing and delete nothing, will be the undoing of countless careerist Judas now competing against each other in sycophancy towards Francis and his powerful collaborators. If you are 85 and atheist (these people clearly all are) you may think there is a high probability that the party will last for at least as long as you breathe. If you are 48, or 54, the matter looks altogether differently.

A bit of knowledge of history and sound thinking should teach these people that, the revolution being so vast, the counterrevolution will – when it unavoidably comes – be just as brutal. When the time comes to restore the dignity and credibility of the Church, the number of bishops and faggy Monsignors to be defrocked will be considered utterly irrelevant. The pendulum always swings the other way with the same energy as it did it in the opposite direction.

Granted: we might all die before things really improve. We might. But how probable is that? Francis' mad course is accelerating the reaction, and all signs indicate he might become more and more unhinged in the future. Many are the risks in relying in an 83 years old guy who is ruining his own faction day in and day out. Ask Ceaucescu how safe he felt in 1987, nay, in the summer of 1989!

When sanity comes it will come more or less fast.

But there can be little doubt that it will fall on these people line a ton of bricks.

Food for thought, heretical bishops and faggy Mobsignors….


Urgency, Cardinal Burke Edition

“Can you feel my urgency?”

“The urgency of a response to the dubia derives from the harm done to souls by the confusion and error, which result, as long as the fundamental questions raised are not answered in accord with the constant teaching and practice of the Church,” Cardinal Burke said in the interview.

“The urgency weighs very heavily on my heart,” he said, adding he has seen “a great deal of confusion, also people feeling that the Church is not a secure point of reference.”

Can you believe this guy? Amoris Laetitia is now one and a half years old, and he still talks of an “urgency” that “weighs very heavily on his heart?” This is not even a normal kitten; this one is the runt of the litter. 

In the past, responses to heretical statement took a lot of time. Information traveled very slowly, and a long time was needed merely to communicate, much less to organise. 

Today, information travels all over the planet in a matter of hours. Nowadays, there is no universe in which a person can talk of “urgency” after eighteen months and not lose face. 

This man has no guts, and no shame. No guts, because he keep not doing his job. No shame, because he keeps posing as the hero eternally about to go to war whilst he keeps staying comfortably at home.

A paper tiger is worse than a self-confessed kitten. 

Man up, Kitten Cardinal. The world is waiting. 


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