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The Famous Hanger: Baby-Killing In Europe And The US.

We are working for you, little fellow…

Most of my readers are, clearly, North Americans. It is, therefore, fitting that I explain to them the cultural differences about abortion that I see on both sides of the Pond.

In Europe – and, to a certain extent, even in the United Kingdom – abortion is not seen as something that “empowers” anybody. It is not seen, by most at least, as a “conquest”. It is, also, not seen as the disposal of a “clump of cells”.

Your average European (particularly South European, but also North European) sees abortion as an embarrassing remedy to a grave life crisis. He will not deny that the fetus that is being legally disposed of is, in fact, a human life. He will simply reflect that he would prefer this emergency exit to be available to his daughter, and that he would not be strong enough to resist suggesting that course of action if his girlfriend (sex and marriage having been decoupled from the daily life of your average European decades ago) were to become pregnant.

Basically, it’s a choice dominated by convenience and cowardice, and people know it. This explains the remarkable absence of public debate about it pretty much everywhere this side of the Atlantic. It is, in fact, impossible not to notice that the demolition of Roe vs Wade is treated as “US news”, with nobody expecting a serious debate about abortion in Europe. Mind, it is my opinion that things will change in the years to come; but, for now, it is what it is: a sort of situation of convenience, of which it is conveniently, but silently agreed that the least it is said about it, the least discomfort for everybody. Tellingly, at Mass yesterday, after such a historic moment, the homily did not contain a single word about the Supreme Court decision. Unsurprisingly so, if you think how difficult it is to hear a priest even saying the word “abortion”, or discuss the evil of abortion, from the pulpit (you get to be content with vague words about life beginning at conception, or the like. But for heaven’s sake, let us never call the killing of a baby the killing of a baby! People might get upset!)

It is, therefore, with a certain degree of astonishment that I, as a European grown up in a Country where abortion does not have such a rabid ideological component, witness the feminist rage currently going on in the US. It is a shocking, hysterical behaviour that you would not see in Europe. The hundreds of rabid fanatics banging on the doors of public buildings would not be seen here. Similarly, you would not see the controversy framed as “stay away of my uterus”, as if a uterus had any rights over a human life. Instead, what you would see would be the usual, emotional tales of girls who have committed suicide, the gruesome stories about abortions made with ***the famous hanger*** (there is no mention of abortion without the unavoidable famous hanger), and the like. But the idea of “it’s my uterus and I decide whom it should kill” would, by and large, not be there.

To very many people in Europe, the arguments used must appear extremely evil, and shockingly so. They paint a picture of an extremely polarised Country, whose societal fabric has been torn apart by the satanic push for baby killing, sexual perversion and, now, institutionalised child grooming and child abuse.

Here, abortion is just something people prefer not to talk about; something one tries not to think about, like the number of men the wife slept with, or the daughter sleeps with, or (in the UK) the son sleeps with.

In time, the death of Roe vs Wade will produce results here, too.

We can, at least, build on the lack of satanic hysteria.

Roe vs Wade Is Overturned. Now The Next Battle Begins.

Yesterday must have been one of the most important days in the history not only of the US, but of humanity in the last decades.

Finally, Roe vs Wade was overturned. It is impossible not to see in Donald Trump the man chosen by Providence to set the process in motion, which led to yesterday’s glorious decision.

Obviously, this victory does not end the war. But it truly is difficult to overestimate the legal and cultural reach of this decision. In the next years, abortion will be more and more in the defensive as new legislation protects life in many of the U.S. States. Similarly, the “wind of change” will unavoidably travel and, in time, invest Europe, where opposition to abortion is (particularly in the South) widely spread.

We see here how things are done. All those sanctimonious Judases who thought themselves too holy to vote for Trump have no part in this victory. This victory belongs to all those who have put the life of the unborn before their own vanity and virtue-signalling.

Similarly, this victory is, if properly exploited, a herald of things to come. The greatest taboo of the Supreme Court has just fallen. Why would pervomarriage think it is safe from attack? This is like the taking of a very important citadel, opening the way to a fertile plain rich in wealthy cities and fertile fields.

Of course, the war will be long and the battle will not end in our lifetime. But if you ask me, 2022 will be remember as the reversal of 1973, and this will do a lot of good both to the West and to the entire planet.

As I keep reflecting on this day (a day that I thought I would not see in my lifetime), I thank God for the joy of seeing this day in my lifetime. But I also say, from all my heart, the following words:

Thank you, Mr President!

Back To Basics

My “science”

I cannot avoid, as I advance in years and watch the world getting mad around me, making a comparison between the world I grew in and the world in which I live today.

If I think of those years, one thing appears evident: it was always one’s fault.

If one was fat, it was one’s fault. If one committed suicide, it was one’s fault. If one became an alcoholic (we had few), or a drug addict (we had many) it was one’s fault. If one was a thief, it was one’s fault. This was the way normal, sensible people reasoned.

Yes, there was the excuse crowd. But they were communists motivated by their own ideology, and not even they believed in their own tired “it’s society’s fault” trope. It was a kind of mini hand grenade thrown there without expecting that people believe it. In normal, daily life, it was personal responsibility all along.

How times have changed! Where I live now, the contrary is the case: it is never one’s fault. If one is fat, he has a “condition” forcing him to weight 300 pounds, with no one responsible but, in case, McDonald’s. If one commits suicide, the news that he was “battling with depression” is as assured as the Amen in the church. If one becomes an alcoholic, or a drug addict, something must have made him such, and so on.

Why this happens is very obvious. The old generation believed in God, in personal responsibility, in right and wrong, and in individual agency. The new generation believes (yes, it is a faith) in bogus “science”, which is used to make all kind of excuses for themselves and others.

This thinking seems charitable, but is, in reality, blasphemous. To say that the advancements in psychology allow us to “make excuses” for an awful lot of suicides is a denial of Christian values, because it clearly implies that Christianity had it wrong for 200 years, but now “science” finally got it right. The same reasoning can be applied, mutatis mutandis, to the rest of the behaviours I have mentioned.

Believing in God means putting personal responsibility first. Accepting the bogus “science” means putting one’s own well-being, or well-feeling, before Christ.

Truth does not change. Man does not change. The DNA – and the innate sinfulness – of Man will also never change.

Every time that you are tempted to think that (insert here your favourite excuse) when (insert here some issue or other) ask yourself what your grand-grand-grandmother would have thought of it, after a 10 hours day spent in the field.

No, she was not “ignorant”. She was wise, because she had a system of value informed by her religion.

Enough with the excuses.

It’s time to go back to basics.

What Is Not Said: Marriage, Rules, And Christ.

We all know that what is not said can be more important than what is said.

Take, for example, the Evil Clown.

If you look at this article, you will immediately see that something is off. Yes, you marry

“because you want to base your marriage on the love of Christ, which is as firm as a rock.”

However, the words  

“You don’t get married to be Catholic ‘with the label,’ to obey a rule, or because the Church says so, or to throw a party”,

are clearly subversive in their implied meaning; implied meaning which is, naturally, that one might choose not to do what the Church says, and Christ’s love will go and find them like a faithful bloodhound. In fact, countless males with healthy hormones and tepid faith will tell you, without any hesitation, that they have married, in no small part, to obey a rule.

Not so strangely, another report of the same event in an Italian site gives the entirety of the Francisthinking: in this article, a couple is mentioned, to whom Francis says “Vorrei farvi sentire la mia vicinanza proprio lì dove vi trovate, nella vostra concreta condizione di vita”, or

“I would like to make you feel my vicinity exactly there where you are, in your concrete life condition”.

Yep, these guys weren’t married. Yep, Francis clearly is fine with it. Yep, to Francis the church marriage of this couple is not the going out of an extremely sinful condition (which even excludes from Confession!), but something “suboptimal”, where Christ is not near the couple as He would really, really want.

Not only that. That the concubines had not married in the Church is, how surprising, not their, but the Church’s fault. They had, you must know, not found “open arms to welcome them”. Let me translate the situation here: the Italian priest likely said to the concubines that they needed to live separately for the period of preparation to marriage; or, alternatively, posed other conditions to the marriage that the couple did not like. Ah, this darned rigiditeee!

Yes, I know. No, you are wrong.

And so we see the entirety of Francis’ modus operandi, always finding a way to criticise and undermine what he faintly claims to be extolling.

It’s not clear to me whether the NCR was trying to “adapt” Francis’ attitude in order to avoid giving scandal. But that Francis is rotten to the core, about this there can be no doubt.  

Christ’s love is as firm as a rock. But His Judgment is just as definitive. Francis is always, always silent about the extremely important, and extremely harsh, reality of the rules to be obeyed.

Don’t Be A Brandon, And Spend Time With Your Children

Like many others, I experienced, in the past months, a feeling of mild satisfaction at seeing Elon Musk embrace his own Libertarian streak and let it (moderately) evolve in a more conservative direction. Beats being a Silicon Valley liberal clown any day.

However, this guy has a seriously, and I mean seriously screwed up personality. I would suggest that no one in the Conservative field tries to make of him a symbol of our struggle, or an example of Conservative thinking. It’s not that he might not get there one day, difficult as it might appear. Very simply, he is, as per today, very far away from any Conservative Weltanschauung.

A shame, really; because, like Trump, this guy has the attention of many millions.

So, what do we know of this guy?

  1. One of his former lovers is now dating a trannie (link is out there)
  2. Another of his former lovers is a certified lesbian (trial just ended)
  3. One of his sons now wants to be called Loretta.

The motivation of the spoiled brat’s request (which includes not being linked to his father in any way, shape or form; a strange thing to say for one who is also declaring to be certifiably insane) also shows another big issue: spoiled brat appears very, very angry at papa just not being there.

Is this true? If you follow Tesla (as I do) you know it’s absolutely true: the guy works like a madman, but also has time for all sorts of distractions, from Twitter to other companies of which he is also CEO. What he never seems to have time for is the vast number of children he has sired, from different women, during the years.

This is a guy who, in the time left free to him from the running of one 1 trillion and one 300 billion company, finds the time to quarrel about the purchase of a ten billion company as he “explores” “relationships” with women he could never had had the time to actually know, whilst seeding children here and there as a DNA propagation exercise. But it’s not only that; he also finds the time to call people paedophiles and enter in an astonishing number of discussions concerning pretty much everything under the sun.

The guy is also very confused: to say that one “supports trans” (yep) but doesn’t like the aesthetics of dumb pronouns is pretty much the stupidest stance one could ever take on the matter.

Stupidity has consequences. Elon Musk is noticing it just now.

Mind, I think the guy is an utter and total genius, and he is the only person currently on the planet to whom I actually give the honour of the title. But he is also a highly dysfunctional person that can never be taken as an example, or trusted with any type of role as a conservative leader.

Musk is, clearly, growing (high time btw). He might support Trump in 2024 (big bonus, if you ask me). But this is not our guy, he does not reflect our value, and he is, simply, not (literally) based in the values that make a Conservative.

The linked article has a picture of Elon Musk exposing his children to the presence, and to an intimate one to boot, of a known Lesbian. It’s difficult to think how you can screw up your children harder. Mind, this does not justify the spoiled brat (no trannie is ever, ever justified, because God does not “do” perversion), but it certainly shows that this particularly troubled apple fell not far away from a particularly troubled tree. I wonder if Elon Musk starts to see it, or whether he will, like so many weak-willed cretins, start “empowering” his own son (who clearly hates him) and play the liberal “acceptance” card in order to feel less of a cretin, or more loved by Spoiled Brat.

If the guy had been not so self-absorbed, he would have spent more time with his children; perhaps he would even have come to the idea that a working family is a much worthier aim in life than “changing a planet”. Alas, this is not what Elon Musk is. He is a highly intelligent, utterly genial, but totally dysfunctional guy.

“You don’t want to be me”, he said once in an interview. I fully agree with him.

Spend time with your children. Give them the priceless gift of a proper mother, or father, figure. Teach them the most important things about honesty, integrity, courage and, most of all, teach them about heaven and hell.

But please, don’t be an Elon.

Elons are crappy parents, raising crappy children.

There Is Still Hope

It’s OK, Excellency…

Please watch this short video, and reflect with me on what can be seen there.

I am a very emotional man. I know how it is not to be able to stop the tears. I could fully, fully understand Archbishop Gaenswein when he was overwhelmed by emotion when talking about Benedict.

I saw in the Archbishop’s emotion a man who was, at that point, reflecting on decades of work together with a man he, evidently, truly esteems. I saw that he, Gaenswein, was seeing in front of his eyes many moments of prayers, joy, sadness, hope, and engagement for the Church they both (certainly in a more or less imperfect way) love. And yes, you can be overcome by emotion in a moment like this one. And yes, I will not think worse of you, but better.

The video I posted is like a full breath of oxygen, and I have posted the German version so that the obvious sincerity of the man can be better appreciated.

God knows I don’t like these V II prelates, as a class. But when I watched the video, I knew that in the Vatican there is, still, more than homosexual Jesuits, homosexual non-Jesuits, and scoundrels of all other possible sort (normally, homosexual themselves).

This is a guy who sees a decades-long collaboration going to an end, perhaps very soon; and one who still has the innocence to be overcome with emotion as his long-term superior, collaborator and friend is about to depart.

Not a fan of the guy, at all.

But I never thought as highly of him as today.

Pray for Benedict. He is, I think, about to get through his most difficult hurdle.

May the Lord have mercy on him, and on us all.

Evil Clown Strikes Again

Hier, Francis is seen ruminating about just another motu proprio…

So, what worries Pope Francis at night? The rampant perverts among his collaborators and at all levels of the Church? The money mismanagement and all sort of scrounging and corruption with the money of the faithful? The slow but certain disappearance of Christian piety, traditions, even ways of saying, in the West?

Certainly not! What worries this toxic guy at night is, very clearly, that there must be an increasing number of new religious associations mushrooming up from the Catholic grassroots, as it is bound to be as a reaction to all the “Nighty Night” Cardinals.

How do I know this? Why, simple! Because Francis now wants to prevent it!

Notice the mechanism here: the Bishop must ask a Francisdicastery, which will clearly answer that all this desire to foster Catholic life is absolutely outrageous, and the members better tell their little boys to go play with the dolls.

It does not seem to me a catastrophe: the communities wishing to become public associations of the faithful will remain private associations of the faithful. Happened a lot of times. In fact, if memory serves Saint Philip Neri was told to erect his own “official” order merely in order to avoid the constant controversies with the Vicariate in Rome. Without those, the Oratorians would have worked in exactly the same way, without any need of being erected into a public association of the faithful.

In the end, no evil pope will ever manage to prevent Catholics from being such. He will be able to harass them in many ways, but he will never be able to win against Catholicism.

Poor guy. Even on his way to the grave, he seems not to grasp this very simple concept.

But again, I never said he was smart.

Tranniedom: A Cautionary Tale (Caution: Strong Stuff)

Just waiting…

This is shocking, but it should be known.

Try this for a start: “Then theres the act of going to the toilet. It takes me about 10 minutes to empty my bladder, it’s extremely slow, painful and because it dribbles no matter how much i relax, it will then just go all over that entire area, leaving me soaken. So after cleaning myself up, I will find moments later that my underwear is wet – no matter how much I wiped, it slowly drips out for the best part of an hour. I never knew at 35 I ran the risk like smelling like piss everywhere I went.”

Quite the picture, isn’t it?

Imagine this madman, who has gone to the extent of self-mutilation in order to try to live his perverted fantasy, now being constantly reminded, in a painful way, that hey: whatever lies he told to himself, he is a male.

I have no sympathy for the guy, at least not for what I know of him. If, one day, he sees the light and denounces the entire madness, then I will see his suffering as a sad consequence of his own former madness. If he does not repent, this guy has “suicide” written all over him, then it is clear that his self-inflicted torment must be, to him, an extremely harsh, continuous rebuke of his entire rebellion to the Natural Order.

It gets worse. Try this:

“Any pleasure I do get comes from the Prostate that was moved forward and wrapped in glands from the penis, meaning anal sex isnt possible and can risk further damage.”

This looks like a parody of a sex-obsessed pervert. It was written by the guy as if anal sex were a normal aspiration. The rest I could, thankfully, not even begin to understand, and please don’t explain it…

“Then theres the dreams. I dream often, that I have both sets of genitals, in the dream I’m distressed I have both, why both I think? I tell myself to wake up because I know its just a dream. And I awaken into a living nightmare”.

Very perceptive guy, this one. Ten years were sufficient to him to discover that he is, literally, living a lie, and a satanic one at that.

If you click on the little sub-comment, you will read the rest. The rest is not for the faint of heart, with Frankenstein-like stuff like a “stump” of the old organ which has to remain, and the “neovagina” which is too small for intercourse (and one can only wonder what kind of degenerate freak would want to have any acquaintance with that).

If you can’t click the link, be informed that the guy is all rainbows and stuff; therefore, no sign of repentance. This is a guy who complains that Dr Frankenstein, who operated him, did not tell him before what kind of results he would have; an absurdity, of course, but people make excuses.

How will this end? My bet is on suicide, as I see all the marks here of Satan’s work: first the luring into perversion, then the obsession, then the self-mutilation, then the punishment, which appear irreversible, and the obvious suggestion to the “patient” that he ends it all, so that he can more surely fall prey of his new eternal master (in whose existence Pervy boy likely does not believe).

Do I wish this guy hell? Of course not. I wish him happiness, in heaven, together with (hopefully) me and many other. But realistically, the odds are atrocious.

Salvation is not a lottery where you live like a degenerate madman and get saved, just because…; or you try all your life to be on the right side of heaven and end up in hell, just because. God’s Grace, and particular the Grace of Graces, is, generally and as a principle, related to some degree of faith, perseverance, and fear of the Lord, imperfect as they might be. It is not imparted randomly and blindly.

We work on our salvation with fear and trembling. We know that we are entirely dependent on God’s grace, and we strive to collaborate with it. We know that we cannot, strictly speaking, merit anything. But we also know that we better try anyway.

All this is lost on our degenerate. He is focused on self-created monstrous problems like a “Willie stump”, a “neo-vagina” thinking it is, well, a garden irrigation instrument, and having (being a male) “morning wood” without the tree…

XXI Century, this is how mad you have become.


I stand with Russia, with Christ, and with sanity.

Fagciscan At The Head Of The German Province

Now in a monastery near you

This is quite bad even for Germans, and I had to do a double take in order to be sure I was not reading the Babylon Bee. But no, it’s official news.

What this tells me is that:

a) a guy can just “come out” as a pervert among the German Franciscans and he will not be kicked out.

b) the fact that guy can be elected to lead all of them tells you all you need to know about the number of German Franciscan who are either homosexuals or perfectly fine with it.

c) the move is happening because the little Fagciscans know that Francis will not do anything about it; in fact, he will likely wholeheartedly approve, albeit not openly.

Nor am I awaiting any reaction from higher echelons within the Order. It is clear that this is pre-approved.

My take: not one penny to the Franciscans more, ever, and the start of the call for their disbandment as an Order.

Francis, the Saint, would be appalled at seeing his order transformed into a gay sauna.

The Dettol Homily

Predictably (seen the day) we got, at mass, a homily about the Most Holy Trinity.

As this is the case in most homilies (at least for me), the homily was, as rule, sound, deprived of any questionable content, but utterly sanitized.

You would say that the Most Holy Trinity would be, in fact, a fairly controversial subject. You would, in fact, think that the subject would be explosive in a Country, like this one, notable for a vast mass of unbelievers.

You would think that, in fact, a homily would take note of the fact, bemoan the sadness of a situation that sees excellent candidates for hell walking among us every day, and encourage us to profess not a generic, antiseptic and, in the end, utterly useless “joy of Christ” (this is a currency by now more devalued than the Venezuelan Bolivar) but a more robust faith in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, together with the frank explanation of what this means for an unbeliever.

This is, as you know, controversial. You never know whether, sitting in the pews, there is some Sixty-eighter bitch* whose daughter is married to a Muslim, who is so, so nice, and who complains (the bitch, not the Muslim) to the Bishop that Father’s cruel, cruel homily shocked her with its utter reegeedeeteeee.

Cue the dreaded phone call of the bishop, the forced humiliation and apology, and the victory of the bitch.

Which is, I think, why we did not get any real meaningful, as in useful in daily life and for other people’s salvation, reflection on the Most Holy Trinity.

We got Dettol instead.

That wheelchair can’t remain empty too soon.

Who knows; after that, something may start to change for the better.

* “a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Funny World (But Not Really)

We complain, and rightly so, about the sorry state of Catholicism in the West. We are, understandably, shocked at how much has changed in our lifetime; particularly if, like yours truly, your lifetime is not short and you grew up in a solidly Catholic Country.

It helps, at time, to put things in perspective. Look here, where 172 children have received First Communion. Not in Newcastle or Boston, but in Iraq.

These children are at high risk of suffering violent persecution in their lifetime. They likely know it, at some level, already, and will be fully aware of it by the time they are confirmed.

It is, of course, part and parcel of the deal. Most of us, I think, hope to be spared from persecution, but we are all called to endure whatever comes to us.

I was reflecting on these young souls and the path that stays in front of them, and what truly angered me was not only the persecution, but another unrelated, and utterly disgraced phenomenon.

If these children (now, or at some point in future) get massacred, you can bet your salary that there will be immediate calls to friendliness and solidarity with the religion that had them killed. You can, also, be assured that, prominent among these voices, would be a number of bishops.

Funny world, isn’t it? Knowing that if you get slaughtered together with 20 or 50 of your companions, your very bishops would invite the faithful to close their eyes, would assure the tribe of your murderers that the tribe’s thinking is not the problem, and would happily go on with their godless lives whilst your blood is still fresh on the ground.

After which, said bishops might well start teaching the survivors about Amoris Laetitia, or the dangers of homophobia.

Pious Wishes

No more wheelchair. Wheelchair no more!

We have, in recent weeks, being informed that Pope Francis is now on a wheelchair, as his sciatica makes it too painful for him to walk and the relevant surgical intervention would require full anaesthesia, which he does not want to undergo.

I would like to give, with his post, an example of good feelings, which are so much in fashion nowadays.

I wish Francis that he may, as soon as may be, not be in any need of the wheelchair anymore.



I mean it!

Please, God! In Your goodness, grant me my wish.

Francis Unscripted

Here, Francis is seen not disguising his feelings…

Say, you are the Pope, and a child asks you what it is like, to be the Pope. This is, of course, unscripted.

You would, if you are a decent person, answer with your utter sense of inadequacy, your fear of judgment, your knowing that you are treading on the blood of so many martyrs (hence the red shoes), and your praying God every day that He may help you in the task, up to martyrdom if needs be.

This is no rocket science. It does not require any saintly disposition. It just comes with the job.

Well, not Francis. When he does not have a paper to read that other people gave to him, the man truly shows the inner depths of his dark character.

He launches himself on a “me, myself and I” expedition, where he explains to the surely confused child how much Francis loves himself.

He explains to him that he considered very important to not stop being himself (because he is so good), and not change his personality (which is so kind). His main worry is that he does not become “artificial”. Rey importantly, the guy does not want to “disguise his feelings” (which are so precious).

The guy “tries to be himself”, which is why he succeeds so well in it, albeit not with the results his vainglory expects.

Let us say it once again: this is Francis unscripted, and either entirely unaware or totally uncaring of how his free-wheeling makes him look. It’s quite the spectacle to watch. It’s somewhere between reckless provocation and utter stupidity, though I think it’s, in the end, a mixture of both.

Poor child. He got out of the meeting certainly confused, vaguely knowing – though likely unable to formulate – that the answer he got was not what he expected.

Another little soul confused by Francis.

But hey, always be yourself.

Moments Of Sanity

It starts with the loss of faith. Faith gives one, at a most elementary level, the sense of right and wrong, of reward and punishment. Faith also unequivocally teaches that, in the end, it’s you.

The loss of faith leads, as it must, to what I have discussed so often from this little effort: the desire to feel good. With no objective measure of right and wrong, this desire to feel good will lead to an emotional search for reasons to feel less empty, or less of an animal (which is what we all are in the absurd hypothesis of there being no God), and actually a good person. Atheists worship themselves on the altar of fuzzy feelings. They need those feelings like the drunkard needs alcohol.

This emotional search will, unavoidably, end up with all sort of distortions: nobody is really guilty, the thief is a victim of society, the vandal needs a social worker, the culprit is – always – someone else: the Capitalist society, racism, Trump, but never the one who actually did it.

At some point, this leads to Chesa Boudin. The son of a convicted terrorist (and, if memory serves, with mama not a stranger to a prison cell, too), elected District Attorney in San Francisco, Chesa Boudin is the poster boy of the “not their fault” crowd. He is the very embodiment of this utopian desire to remake the world starting from a totally erroneous understanding of the human being. He is, so to speak, a distilled version of everything that I have just mentioned.

In short: Chesa Boudin is where the journey must end once one has decided that Christ should not be part of it.

Unexpectedly – for me – San Franciscans have just decided to get rid of this scourge. The cognitive dissonance of desiring progressive policies even after seeing, time and again, that they don’t work has, finally, given way to a moment of sanity. In this case, sanity manifested as a reaction to one too many nutcase literally defecating outside of the place where rich utopian liberals live, or one too many car stolen or vandalised, or one too many company leaving San Francisco because dirty, squalid, and simply unsafe.

Mind: these are still the same people who voted for Brandon to the tune of 85%. But even libtards, at some point, switch their brains on, and decide that enough is enough.

I can well imagine that this will, in some people, lead to some thinking: if the liberals idea – that everybody told me since a child are the only way – failed so miserably here, where else might I have been deceived? What else is there that, if I had not been told what to think all this time, would look clearly out of whack?

Chesa Boudin, basically the hen in the hen house, has been recalled.

Who knows: one day, this rare exercise in thinking might extend to male swimmers, gender madness, and celebration of sodomy.

Francis Pulling A Benedict? Not So Fast!

There we go again.

Apparently, this day you can’t visit L’Aquila (and it would seem strange, to me, that a Pope would visit L’Aquila and not stop and pray on the tomb of a Pope buried there) without the Press starting to fantasise about your abdication.

Let me curb your enthusiasms right there: if you ask me, it’s not going to happen. Not now, not for the foreseeable future.

Let me explain why:

  1. Francis is drunk on power. An abdication would put the kibosh on what he loves to do most: lord it over his dependents, and over the faithful, with reckless abandon. No more persecution of faithful religious orders, no more persecution of the laton Mass, no more enjoying the anger of Catholics when he promotes degenerates to the bishopric or the cardinalate! Could he live without that? Me neither…
  2. Francis loves the fame and the attention. This is not necessary ten years old Francis. This is, rather, six years old Francis. He just loves the journalists, and the photo ops, and all the fawning around him. Heresy Pimp loves his Presstitutes.
  3. An abdication would be a real danger for his comfortable life. God being, as Francis well known, “full of surprises”, he could never be sure the that conclave does not end with a guy transforming himself, at very short notice, as a Scourge of Heresy. At that point, the wheelchair would be the last of his problems. From a very dark cell in a very hot place in the middle of the Pampa, to trial and defrocking, all bets would be off. Imagine that!
  4. Francis doesn’t like Benedict. What do they do, all day, two emeriti in the same apartment? If they play chess, Benedict will win all the time. If they play Chequers, Benedict will also win all the time. If Benedict talks to him about Theology, Francis will not understand a word. Similarly, Benedict will soon tire of an old man only able to talk about his own sciatica. Not happening.

What would, then, make the man decide that it is better to abdicate? I can only see two reasons: 1. an attempt to influence the choice of his successor, and 2. more notoriety and more attention than by remaining in charge.

The first is not happening, as even Francis must realise. Once he has abdicated, his bullying superpowers go down to zero and suddenly stop, like a non-Duracell bunny in the battery ad.

The second is highly, highly improbable. This is no Lady Diana. This is no Meghan Markle, either. Heck, this guy reminds one more of Amber Heard! If it’s known that he is slowly dying, proper Catholics will hope he stops doing damage fast, and all others will not even say a prayer, dedicate to him half a second of their time, and proceed to write their next Facebook post about the Ukraine.

Well, I don’t see it happening, is all.

I am afraid we will have to wait for the old funeral.

50 Christians Die of Excessive Peace At Pentecost

A sudden dose of Peace has caused the death of 50 Catholics worshipping in Nigeria, yesterday, during the Pentecost mass.

The Peace proved lethal for them because, evidently, their bodies were not sufficiently equipped to face the onslaught of Peace brought onto them by zealous supporters of the Religion of Peace.

It is, therefore, clear that Peace is, if assumed in doses advocated by the Religion of Peace (Surah 9:5, “Then kill the disbelievers (non-Muslims) wherever you find them, capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush …”), clearly deadly.

Is this not peaceful enough? Try some more peace! Surah 3:151: “We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve (all non-Muslims) …”

But… but… but….

Not happy yet?

Try Surah 2:191″”And kill them (non-Muslims) wherever you find them … kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers (non-Muslims).”

It appears that, in the right hands, peace is not really peaceful.

But no, let us pretend that we are not seeing, and knowing, and reading, from the horse’s or, rather, the paedophile’s, mouth.

Our generation will, likely, be largely spared this kind of peaceful encounter in Europe.

As to the next one, all bets are off.

Keep Your Faith Whatever Happens

In hoc signo vinces

“Therefore let all Israel be assured of this: God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ”.

These famous words of St Peter are not only remarkable in themselves. They are remarkable because they came from the mouth of a man who, mere hours before, was cowering in a room, fearing that a fearful blow would be struck against him and his companions.

The Holy Ghost made of the fearful man a fearless warrior.

We all know the event, but we should not make the mistake of relegating the event in the past and neglect the implications that it has for us, today. At the same, we should not expect miracles to happen every day.

God can do everything. God can make of Peter a fearless warrior for Christ. He could make of Cardinal Burke a fearlessly Catholic Pope. Heck, He could make of the worst among the cardinals who will, hopefully, soon gathered in a Conclave a fearlessly Catholic Pope! He can make all this happen instantly.

But it can go the other way, too. God can punish the unprecedented rebellion called Vatican II (and its aftermath) with an unprecedented period of chaos and doctrinal confusion. God can make this mess go on up to a Francis III, IV, or V if he so chooses. What punishment would be too harsh, when the offence has been so egregious?

Pray every day that God may put an end to this mess. But keep your faith whatever happens.

It is not for us to decide when we have been punished enough. It is not for us to question the wisdom or the harshness of a punishment obviously decreed in heaven. It is not for us to escape into a fantasy world, in which we decide for ourselves not only who is pope (a popular sport, this one), but where is the Church to be found nowadays (apparently, somewhere in my drawers, or in some micro community of people who, like a common tranny, just can’t deal with reality). Those people who were in church with you this morning, they are the church. The guy the Church says is the pope, is the pope. The sun goes up in the east. Two and two is four.

When the time has come, God will put an end to this; and, if He so chooses, He will make of the healing a spectacularly fast process rather than a slow and gradual one.

On this day of Pentecost, I am reminded once again that I will likely die in the midst of this confusion. But I am also reminded that everything is under control, nothing is happening that does not have a profound sense and purpose, and my only job is to live and die in the religion of my forefathers, without escaping in a fantasy world or losing faith in the Church.

The Holy Ghost changed Peter in a moment. Saul become Paul in a matter of seconds. Pentecost tells us that there is no crisis that cannot be ended, if God so wills, in a second. But if God does not so will, I will keep being grounded in reality, and know that, one day, everything will make perfect sense and bespeak God’s infinite Goodness.

The Queen, The PM, and The Dead Ukrainians

Many happy returns, Ma’am..

Today is the second day of the massive celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Country is (at least as far as I can see it from my perspective) pleasantly lullying itself, enjoying the wonderful days (today is glorious, as it was yesterday) and trying not to think of the harsh realities. These are rising inflation, rising energy costs, and the toll the economy will have to pay because Boris desperately wanted the Country to forget both the suffering he has inflicted on the Country with his repressive measures and the fact that he, himself, thought that he and his cronies were above the rules.

Today is, also, day 100 of the Special Military Operation now ongoing in the Ukraine. Even the BBC, always incompetent and contradictory, implies that the Russians are now embarrassed by the operation going on for so long, but readily admit, in the same storyline, that Russia took 20% of the Country in just 100 days. Yes, this includes the parts already controlled by the Donbass militias; but however you turn it, it’s very impressive, which even the BBC understands.

Meanwhile, Elensky himself admits, twice, that the Ukrainian soldier die at a pace of up to 100 a day (spoiler: they are clearly more!), and get wounded to a pace of 500 a day. This is a loss rate that no 40 million Country can sustain for long. The US have around 8 times the population the Ukraine has (before all the people going out). Imagine a situation where the US are losing around 5000 soldiers a day, of which 800 killed, and you get a better idea of what is going on.

I often hear the point, “they are fighting for their own Country”, as if this were the solution for the problem. It just isn’t. Firstly, around 30% of these 40 millions are ethnic Russians. These ethnic Russians are largely in now Russian controlled territories, and who know how much they can trust the others. Therefore, to make the scale of the tragedy the Ukraine is going through more realistic you might want to multiply the numbers already given not by 8, but by 12, which leads you to around 1200 corpses and 7000+ casualties a day to give a realistic US comparison. Secondly, it does not appear very evident that the Country is undergoing a wave of Patriotism. When able young men get conscripted at the shopping centre, or rush to enrol in the Territorial Army to avoid being sent to the front, you know your patriotic war is on a wobbly footing.

The truth is brutally simple: not nearly as many Russian soldiers are dying as the BBC wants you to believe; many more Ukrainian soldiers are dying than Elenski wants you to believe; Russia has all the time in the world as Putin enjoys unprecedented popularity and his Country unprecedented prosperity; Ukraine is now officially living on the West’s alms; the “sanctions” are clearly hurting the West as they enrich Russia.

The game is up. It would be wise to stop this useless carnage and discuss with Putin, realistically, about how much of the Ukraine he would be content with. But neither Elenski wants to do it (because he and his clique want to profit from the armament bonanza; plus, Elenski would be killed by his Nazi bodyguards if he were to push for real “peace” anyway), nor the West wants to do it (because they would have to admit how tragically incompetent they are; plus, Boris would be in trouble twice as “Partygate” would immediately become an issue again), nor the extremely Russophobic Poles want to do it (because they are, well, Russophobes; plus, the Twitter heroes and Facebook generals still haven’t moved to the next “cause”).

Result: Ukrainian soldiers are going to keep dying senselessly as Elenski & Co add more money to their already considerable stash.

Celebrate your Jubilee, Boris.

As the Ukrainian soldiers (and beer-bellied family fathers) die, you might well manage to keep your job.

Clown World

We are truly living in a clown world .

The entire “affair” is something inconceivable, on all possible levels -medical, moral, of pure sanity – only two generations ago.

I live in the UK, and I did not know that – as I evince from the article – there is something like private sperm donors who can go around peddling their sperm like it was cigarettes, or candies. Then, some dyke would read the ad on a social media page for dykes (??!!) and say “yep, I am in need of some sperm. Where do I sign?”

Even more shocking, but certainly not surprising, is that would be dykes aching for motherhood can be actually so stupid they can’t even read what they are signing.

But the top of it all is that the judge ( who looks very much like a lesbian herself) seem to think that the only abnormal person here is the guy, not the lesbians!! The lesbians are vulnerable, because desperate for motherhood, or such like.

It’s like reading of a world of children, where everybody (including the judge) thinks and behaves like a child, and all parties are desperately trying to give some sense to the clown world in which they operate and which they, clearly, wholeheartedly support.

This kind of childish, senseless, utterly mad degeneracy is exactly what we need to extirpate from our societies.

I have the impression that the current conflict will, with the massive kick in the genitals about to happen to the First World Degenerate Globalist Madness, actually work for us.

Because as it is now, it looks like “Fragile X syndrome” is quite the standard among all of them.

Social Media, The Killing Machine.

It seems to me that, whilst there are always several facets to an event like the conflict in Ukraine, the role of the Social Media has been quite decisive on this particular occasion.

Let us reflect on this: it would be very difficult for the USA to pass a bill meant to give a huge boon to their Military Industrial Complex without the emotional “wave” unchained by Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

Similarly, it is difficult to believe that even mediocre politicians like the European ones would choose a clearly self-defeating and harming policy like the “sanctions” against Russia, without the strong push to “action” from all the Twitter warriors, the Reddit heroes, and the Facebook generals.

As it is, the wave of oestrogen released by the start of the Special Military Operation has been the catalyst that put this hysterical machine in motion: in Europe, moving (not “forcing”) stupid politicians like Scholz & Co. to do something clearly suicidal in its direction, albeit refusing to go on and actually proceed to commit Economic Suicide, like a sanction package very much akin to castrating oneself to try to spite the wife. At the same time, the US could profit (in part) from the situation (USD 150bn in weapons orders coming only from Germany in the next years, plus the already mentioned package, plus the pushing of a rod in the relationship between Europe and Russia, plus increased sales of energy to Europe in the next years) because Europe’s dumb and weak politicians were too girly to resist the pressure coming from the above mentioned Twitter warriors, Reddit heroes, and Facebook generals.

It’s a toxic loop of stupid people doing what they do best (being stupid) as they signal virtue with their little Ukrainian flags; mediocre and weak European politicians unable to resist the pressure of the Screaming Couch Dwellers; Ukrainian thieving government officials happy to pour fuel into the flames (and money in their own pockets) and US politicians making their generous lobbyists happy as they make more money out of weapons and energy. Yes, little people will suffer in the USA, too, but don’t expect Biden or Pelosi, McConnell or Raytheon to care. Plus, the advantage of seeing a GDP power like the EU quarrel with an energy and military power like Russia, a combination which would be the real nail in the coffin of America’s coveted “only superpower” status, is clearly reward enough from the point of view of the US geopolitical strategy.

The consequences of this for the Ukraine (or rather, what will remain of it) are also totally brutal: the wave of social media hysteria is exactly what allows Elensky and his bunch of colleagues and billionaire protectors to enrich themselves shamelessly out of the bonanza coming from the West, as the Country goes through the Russian meat grinder for far longer than it would have been the case without the armchair generals comfortably inciting the Ukrainian soldiers to utter self-destruction from their properly heated, extremely safe basements.

At the root of the dimensions (not its existence) of this mess, therefore, are the Basement Dwellers. They have decided that the Special Military Operation was to be the new Approved Virtue Signalling Exercise, and they will keep pushing the mess to continue (and the Ukraine to sink in a deeper and deeper hole) until they find a new Approved Virtue Signalling Exercise as the fun of this one rapidly diminishes and reality knocks at their tick skulls with ever increasing insistence, as it is abundantly doing already.

100 days on, and Ukraine is half invaded, half destroyed, completely humiliated, full of debts, and further away from NATO and EU than they ever were. Meanwhile, Russia is more powerful and richer than it ever was and Europe is preparing itself for an inflation and energy crisis entirely of their own making.

The US don’t care, as they are using the Ukraine as a (stupid) pawn to try to destabilise Russia even as they keep their armament donors and their oil companies happy.

The Ukrainian elites are very happy as they enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams.

The UK can believe again, for a moment, that they really count.

The Ukrainians plunge into a spiral of debt, death, desperation, and destruction.

Meanwhile, the Basement Dweller feel, as always, very good with themselves.

The Little June Crusade


June is upon us. In the last years, at least in my neck of the woods, June has been used as a “month of perversion” of sort. It’s the month in which enterprises terrified to be cancelled by the homo mafia want to let us know that they really, really like fags and dykes. In fact, this year I am expecting to see trannie schoolboys in chocolate advertisements, and the like.

How do we react to this? My suggestions:

1) Pray more. Do more penance. Try some fast. In fact, for many years now I have made a point to say a prayer to St Michael the Archangel every time I see sexual perversion on the street. These things work. Prayer counts. Perversion advances because people do not believe, and do not pray.

2) Be part of the resistance. From mockery of pervs (always an extremely effective weapon) to open statement of your Christian beliefs, let other people know that they are not alone in feeling uncomfortable.

3) Support sane companies. Try to Buy your pillows, and your other stuff, from companies which are known to support Christianity and, after that, from those who stay out of the pandering to perverts. Also, do not miss any occasion (Google reviews, mails of feedback to the company) to let them know where you stand. Make them know, in a word, that they pandering comes at a cost.

You may say it’s not much, but it will be much if many do it, and it will be very valuable in the economy of your salvation.

June is upon us.

Make it your little Crusade.

God Is Armed, Violent, And Extremely “Homophobic”

“Buddha was right and Christ is wrong, you know…”

So, after the Evil Clown has decided to lecture us all about this extremely unChristian thing called non-violence, it is good to point out a defining characteristic of our wonderful religion: justified violence. Let us see some aspect of it according of the very first examples that came to my mind.

Individual violence

Jesus was, clearly, not at all non-violent. Making a whip of cords and whipping with it so many merchants/moneylenders SO HARD that they all have to flee in disorderly retreat isn’t exactly Gandhi-like behaviour.

Plus, and very obviously, it’s clear from the Gospel that the Apostles went around armed, and I am talking swords here, not sticks, tasers, or pepper-spray. Therefore, private, one to one violence was very much in the cards for all of them, with Jesus clearly ordering it all.

Collective violence

Heavens, this one should need no explanation at all even to an evil, ignorant ass like Francis. From Joshua to the Crusades, our wonderful Religion (which is the only true one) makes of justified, or necessary war a really big deal. This, not only when the war is necessary for religious reasons, but for any valid reason. Dulce et decorum est pro Patria mori. Military chaplains on both sides. Prayers for individual Arms. Take that, Frankie.

Divine violence

Frankie, get over it: God does genocide. Shall I mention the Flood here, or is it too banal? What about the Universal Judgment (not come yet, but be assured that it will come)? And what about the most famous destruction of “civilians” in all of the Bible, the brutal carpet bombing of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Yes, Frankie dear: any European “human rights” tribunal would condemn all of these episodes, and brand the last one with the terrible, terrible mark of “homophobia”!

So, what does this tell you, Frankie dear? It tells you that, when He has to be and according to His Infinite Goodness, God is armed, violent, and extremely, *extremely* “homophobic”.

If you don’t like it (which you clearly don’t) and want to erge yourself to judge of the Christian way (which you clearly do) I would suggest that you make your apostasy official, abdicate, and go off to some Buddhist temple very, very, very far away, where you will be able to, once in your disgraceful life, practice what you preach.

And now, please, excuse me.

I need to go surf on the “Guns and Ammo” website.

An Exercise In Catholicism

It has been announced that the Evil Clown – unfortunately not having died of cancer as sincerely hoped by Yours Truly – will proceed to appoint another batch of mostly very bad people to a red hat.

It is noted that the number of Cardinals will, at today’s count and with the latest addition, rise to 131, well above the 120 that are, so to speak, the guideline. It is hoped this will be the last Consistory of this satanical individual.

With the new batch of likely Reprobates, Francis will have appointed the vast majority of the group of Cardinals called to pick his successor (note the word: the Cardinals, not the Holy Ghost, pick the Pope).

This one is clearly one of those situations that seem hopeless. It would, likely, be so if we were one of those Protestant outfits who, once they have sold to the world, are past the point of no return and go the way of the Quackers. But we aren’t the Quackers. We are the Only Church. And the Only Church is, as we all know, Indefectible.

Francis may think that he has managed to sabotage the Church forever. If he does so, it is only because he is a) atheist and b) stupid. The Church will laugh at this little, arrogant scoundrel and will see him pass, turn to ashes and be forgotten as She has done with countless evils of the past 2000 years.

Granted, a pope at war with the Church is a special kind of evil. But then again – and, I think, the key to understanding these years – Vatican II and its aftermath were a special kind of rebellion.

The unprecedented subversion of the Church from within must perforce lead to an unprecedented corrosion and disfigurement of the Church also from within, then it is not realistic to expect that God would allow his shepherds and an awful lot of sheep to try the bittersweet taste of rebellion without forcing the consequences of this down their throats, and down the throats of their children, to who know how many generations (hopefully we will stop at two…)

V II is the key to the proper understanding of this situation. If you are struggling to grasp what is happening now, it means that you have not grasped the subversive reach of V II.

How to get out of this? Not with the usual, natural means. At this point, the rot is so advanced that to think that the bunch of perverts in the power of other perverts and the motley crew of assorted tepid sheep, atheist functionaries and wet kitten may come to the idea of actually appointing a Catholic pope seems preposterous. No: as long as they are left to themselves, this bunch of reprobates will pick a Francis II, then a Francis III, and so on until God’s Providence puts an end to this mess.

In a way, what is happening is another lesson in Catholicism. It is not the invitation to accept the lie, but the invitation to hold fast to the truths transmitted to us as we put ourselves in God’s hands.

I have no illusion that the end of this mess will come before my grave. It might well be that the mess will go on for another one, two, three generations, or for how many of those as God in His Justice will deem fitting punishment for a betrayal without precedent.

But then again: God can do everything, and we have many examples of wonderful turnarounds. It was not many years from Diocletian’s persecution to Constantine’s Edict of Milan. Napoleon made the persecuted Church to State Religion overnight. Mussolini metamorphosed from an activist atheist to “the man of Providence” within just a few years.

Yeah, the God of Surprises can everything, and judges everyone.

I think Francis will have a taste of the one and of the other as soon as he, hopefully today, ends his miserable existence.

Schools Need Guns

Once again, a mad person* has gone into a school and has killed a number of people before (far too late) the police sent them* to their* judgment. Once again, the Woke Troops are losing whatever senses they still retained. Once again, the Democrat Babykilling, perverted apparatus is screaming as loud as they come.

Once again, most people forget one simple fact: this mad person*, like many before him, choose to enter a school and to end their* earthly existence there because schools are gun-free zones.

Nothing could be further from the truth than saying that this massacre happened because there were guns around. In fact, it happened because there weren’t. It could have been a cinema, for example. But generally, it’s a school. School seem to provide plenty of unprotected prey. Nutcases in the mood for a bloodbath followed by suicide-by-cop seem to like the location.

I have, after this tragedy, no concern at all for the Second Amendment. However, it seems to me that the argument I have made above should be made forcefully, particularly in cases like this one.

If every teacher who chooses to do so were able to simply bring his gun at work (and I would, in my kindness, add training, ammo and gun money to a reasonable extent) we would not assist, at least in the vast majority of the cases, to school assaults. Suicidal Nutcase would know that there are armed people inside, possibly well trained, and willing to risk their life to take her* down fast.

It’s as simple as that, really: stop making of school the destination of choice of homicidal mad people*.

Mad persons* aren’t very many, and they should be in the madhouse in the first place. But if everything fails, it could just be a cheap Glock that puts an end to their dreams of going down in a lake of innocent blood.

Schools need gun, not woke idiots.

* see what I am doing here?

This Made My Head Spin

Yes, now you know what this post is about…

This made my head spin.

Pope Benedict, always the naive tool of everybody and his cat, has an apparently homosexual secretary. His name is Clemens. He is made Bishop. We will call him Bishop Lavender.

Bishop Lavender remains is a position of influence (I wonder why?) with Francis.

A guy so suspected of being a homo, that Lifesitenews publish their suspicion quite openly and obviously without fear of consequences was in charge of (how could I not think of this?) organising “world youth” meetings with plenty of prey. It seriously looks like something you would see in a parody movie about the Vatican.

Francis sends this guy to (wait for this) investigate homosexual sexual abuse scandals in a faraway Abbey in Austria.

The guy in charge of the Abbey, and his Provost for 25 years, appears never to have noticed anything. Basically, “professionally deaf”.

A first guy accused of abusing boys was sent away quietly to a place where he still became a priest and went on to commit abuse. At this point, not even a Benedict-like level of naïveté (or conscious desire to shut his eyes) can justify him. In charge for 25 years.. In fact, the Provost likely helped the young pervert to save his backside and find a suitable place. Damn. Should be locked in a dark cell for the rest of his life. Did he? You’ll soon find out!

It goes on. Eminent Professor Roehrig, apparently a very learned TurboFag who was very strong in the abbey, was such a notorious degenerate that he had to be rebuked loudly, strongly, in front of everybody. Nobody seems to have thought of escalating, even anonymously, for years, which is how you get a reputation as “the greatest child molester in lower Austria” and stay out of jail.

If you think this is enough, you are wrong. How did Bishop Lavender’s investigation end? Predictably, with some small slap on the wrist and a very keen desire to shut down everything and “move on”.

In addition, Bishop Levender finds it appropriate to quote Dr TurboFag, evidently a leading light among perverted clergy.

It’s not only the coverage that is a scandal. It’s the arrogance coming from the certainty of impunity.

This is our beloved, indefectible Church in the early XXI Century. We are still loyal to her, of course. We will always be. But boy, this truly is beyond the pale.

We need another St Peter Damian, fast.

Reality Vs Cocaine

Mr Zelenski made a short video appearance.

In the matter of the Ukrainian special military operation, we assisted yesterday in Davos to a quite funny spectacle. Bear in mind that this was, generally speaking, quite a rotten band, the very epitome of globalism and a hotbed of great reset hopes.

Mr Elenski, the new Cartoon Superhero and Clown Extraordinaire, really piddled outside of the pot. In a likely cocaine-fuelled, demand-rich, extremely arrogant video appearance, he said that the Ukraine: 1) must receive every weapon they ask (how does the West dare to give him only one part of his requests!) and 2) must also give the Ukraine 5 billions dollar a month, because hey, cocaine is getting more expensive by the day. Not happy about this, he also lectured the presents about the sanctions to Russia (yes, the ones that are seriously hurting common people and all of the European Countries), stating that they should have been applied last year.

Seriously: the guy needs a new brain, a new nose, and a hard rehab.

Mr Kissinger (yes, he is still alive!) also spoke. Being an old fox, Kissinger knew better than to say that the Ukraine is done. Therefore, he put his message in very flowery words, pretending that victory over Russia might, in theory, be possible, but then suggesting that the Ukraine gives up, cedes territories and remains neutral, clearly proposing a much worse situation than before the special military operation, just to make clear to anyone slow of understanding where he thinks things are (clearly) going.

Meanwhile, Liman and Severodonetsk are both under heavy pressure, the first might be half conquered already (I’ll know more by tomorrow, BBC and CNN readers/viewers by next week…) and the second will not be able to resist for very long. The dismantling of the Ukrainian Army will be slow, methodical, very painful, and irreplaceable. When you lose your best soldiers, no amount of sophisticated weapons can compensate for the absence of well-trained, battle-hardened troops.

It is clear here that the two speakers yesterday embodied a battle between cocaine and reality.

Alas, reality always win.

It’s Exactly His Job, Dude

Dude needs a lesson

Whoopi Goldberg has criticised Archbishop Cordileone, who – certainly defying the ire’s of Francis as one who “obsesses” about abortion – has excluded from Communion that old, satanic harridan known to the world as Nancy Pelosi.

According to Whoopi, it would not be his job to do that.

You know what? It’s exactly his job, dude.

As always, this now involuntary comedian is extremely good at opening her mouth about things she does not even begin to understand. I think she considers her credentials to be: a) Black, b) Lesbian, and c) ugly.

I can, otherwise, not understand this astonishing embarrassment. If this fat dyke had bothered I do not say to ask some Catholic friend of her (I am pretty sure she has none worthy of the name), but to use a search engine for, say, 64 seconds, she would have known who exactly has the job to exclude one of his sheep from Communion.

But no, fat dyke thinks that a Catholic Archbishop does not know his job, and needs a tool like her to tell him.

You have just embarrassed yourself, Dude.

Monkey Business

And just when the time is approaching to distract the West from the immense lies and planetary deception which allowed an extremely corrupt Country, riddled with Nazi bastards, to present itself as the very light of the Democratic world after shelling 14000 people to death, we have the news of the “alarming” spread of the “monkey pox” disease.

How convenient, uh?

No more having to explain that hundreds of millions of people have been shamelessly lied to! No more having to admit the deep influence of Nazis in the Ukrainian government! No more embarrassing explanation about how the Ukraine has been winning all the time, but at the same time is getting crushed like a can of Coca-Cola after Stacey Abrams sat on it! No more having to explain how all that lethal aid disappeared and will be popping up wherever we don’t want it.

No. The Western media and governments alike now have salvation in the form of monkey pox. A wonderful occasion to give the ones and the others precious weeks to dial the volume down on Ukraine, until it becomes nothing more than background noise, exactly as it happened with that other huge propaganda and gaslighting operation, Syria.

This is bad enough.

But you know what grates me the most? It is the absolute certainty that, if the Western media and governments decided that the Monkey Business needs to be elevated to the level of proper craze, our Bishops would be, AGAIN, the first in line, advocating for restrictions of liberties, suppression of masses, and general concern showing.

I know it. You know it. They know it.

We can only hope it never comes so far.

Accompaniment, Saint Bernardino Style

“Learn from Saint Bernardino!”

Ah, Saint Bernardino of Siena!

This fearless Saint is still very well known in Italy. A bit like a household name. Not many know the details about him, but everybody has heard his name!

Francis too, methinks?

You see, Bernardino (or Bernadine as I think some would say in English) was very good at doing exactly that stuff that Francis lurvs!

The guy met sinners where they were at*. He would preach, for example, in the middle of Piazza del Campo in Siena, exactly where all those sinners congregated! So accessible, so down-to-earth! A cura villero ante litteram! How pleased must our Pontiff be with him!

And then, then….

… when the people had gathered….

… the saintly man would….

… in his charity….

thunder against sodomy like there is no tomorrow!

He would advocate for a strict enforcement of sodomy laws. He would advocate for the execution of public, unrepentant sodomites! He was, actually, so good at that, so passionate, so full of zeal for Christ, that he managed to enflame the audience with a sacred desire to see the laws (both of man and of Christ) enforced and this scourge, as far as possible, eradicated!

Blessed enthusiasm! God-given zeal! Is it a surprise that Bernardino is remembered as a great Saint, his fame in Siena only surpassed (possibly) by the great Saint Catherine?

The great man did not sit in his ivory tower. He did not spend his days and night closed in a room, lost in studying, writing, or contemplation. Such a guy would, certainly, not suit Francis.

No, Bernardino was the active guy, the guy who “accompanies” the sinner, who moves and lives right in the middle of the sheep! Francis must be a great fan of his, surely?


Surely… ? ….

Oh well, never mind….

* I find that final “at” very questionable grammatically. I suspect the influence of some Protected Minority in this. But this is the language our clergy uses…

Libs vs Unborn Babies: The Next Steps

You lose. And no consolation donut for you, either…

Let us assume, in a bout of optimism, that the Supreme Court will not be cowed into submission by the woke thugs and will leave the impending decision as in the leak.

The question is: what happens next.

It may seem, to a distracted or naturally pessimistic observer, that the battle is still all to be fought, then in the age of cheap transport flying to Maine or New Hampshire should be easy to everybody, actually creating a cottage industry of baby killing in a select number of particularly murderous States.

I think that, whilst the battle continues, the sentence would be a huge beach head, like a Omaha Beach on steroids. From there, the advance will be much easier. Let me explain why.

Firstly, consider the Italian saying: the laws of one generation are the morality of the following one. Once it is out there that yes, ma’am, you are killing a baby, the way abortion is seen will slowly shift. Gone will be the days of “hey, in the end: it’s legal. My government says it’s not bad, actually it’s a right! Why would I, then, judge myself?”. This will, mind, not happen tomorrow; still, I think that, slowly but surely, it will etch itself in the collective consciousness.

Secondly, the legal framework. Every State will, of course, have its own rules, but where I come from, the ability to do something abroad that is forbidden at home is not guaranteed. The German government tracks and jails Germans who fly to Thailand to rape children. I can well imagine that several US States will follow the example, if the legal framework allows it.

Thirdly, the reality of life. Whilst every supporter of baby-killing can make the joke that the abortion is only a fly ticket away, in real life distance will always constitute a problem. People will need to actually move their ass and plan a trip to go killing their baby. I think this alone will cause a lot of births.

Fourthly, the export effect. Countries like Italy, with a strong pro life culture, will have it easier to force their elected representatives to deal with the damn problem. What happens in the US tends to spread the other side of the Ocean. I can’t imagine this one will be an exception.

Lastly, the future effect. Big changes don’t happen overnight. Pervomarriage was preceded by pervopartnership. You don’t go from “abortion” to “no abortion”. You go through stages where an increasing high pressure is applied on everyone, from legislators to private individuals to, actually, even priests, to do what they are supposed to do instead of sweeping this horrible Holocaust under the carpet and pretend the problem goes away.

It will be a long road. But I think this is an excellent start.

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