The Banalisation Of The Priesthood

This is the news of two priest in the same Italian parish, deciding to abandon the priesthood for the (questionable) joys of married life when you should, actually, be a priest.

Basically, it is the decision of living a lie because the truth of one’s choice was hard to bear.

Wait, have I written “too hard to bear”? No. The decision was made , and the two priests had decided to dedicate their lives to the priesthood. Sorry, “father”, but at that point, if you are a man, there is no going back. Do you have any doubt? Pray more. Are you tempted? Fast more. Whatever happens, keep your vows and stay at your post. This is what you promised, as a man, to do.

What grated me most, in the article, was not the fact, enough shameful in itself, of a parish that seems to work as an incubator for the abandonment of the priesthood. It is, once again, the failure of the bishop to offer any leadership.

A bishop who states that he “respects” the “free decision” of the two to betray their vows devalues the priesthood, makes the sacrament cheap, and makes it appear like a temporary life choice that can be discarded when the circumstances change, leaving Father Quitter with the perceived right of being “respected” for his “free choice”; and, oh, isn’t it all so ro-o-o-mantic?

I don’t know: perhaps the two priests though they were Protestant Pastors? Perhaps the Bishop has forgotten what the sacrament of Holy Orders is?

How about a comment along the lines of: “The decision of Father X and Father Y is shameful, a dereliction of duty and a betrayal of Christ. However, given the circumstances, I have chosen to defrock the two rather than having such black sheep within the fold, possibly giving scandal, and certainly unable to inspire their sheep to sanctity”, or something along those lines.

I wonder what is next: a nice little “farewell to the priesthood” party – with the priest and his future Signora and the usual accompaniment of boring, sugary speeches about lurv – so that the parishioners can wish him all the best? Will there be a gold watch, I wonder?

What is happening to us? What is happening to the Sacraments? How much has remained of the Catholicism of our forefathers? Which Bishop would, 100 years ago, have chosen the same words as Bishop Cancian now?

Food for thoughts.

Actually, food for prayer and penance, too. Today I will pray the Lord that my Catholicism never (again) becomes so dull that I feel no sense of shame (for him) and scandal (for the others) at a priest abandoning his post.

We will see whether these marriages become beds of roses. Given the circumstances, I am inclined to think, rather, of beds of thorns.

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  1. Yes, it is shameful. But if they let all of those married on a sacramental level commit adultery with their free/false annulments why not the priesthood? When they treat the Eucharist as a potato chip, tell people in confession to sin, and let people in hospital die b/c of a fake “Covid” without the sacraments, why should any of this surprise us? Sodomites, apostates, child rapists and freemasons are running the show…nothing is off limits. Lord have mercy on us all. God bless~

  2. Wanda Sherratt

    Well, it could be worse. I had to read your entire post AND the linked story before I could be absolutely sure that the 2 priests weren’t marrying *each other*!

  3. I hope you read the account very carefully, M. Two priests in the same parish leaving to marry? Are you sure it was not to each other? (that would be faux marriage, but you get my drift). So few manly men in the Novus Ordo priesthood, especially in my corner of the universe, that sodomite-embracing priests seem the default.

  4. When a couple marry in the Church they vow to remain together until death. Would the modernist bishop bless an unlawful union if the couple divorced and decided to live in a fornicated relationship. Probably! The vows of marriage and the vows of priesthood are binding until death. These priests have divorced Our Blessed Saviour. They are reprobates of the first order. The bishop is no different.

  5. Jewel Atkins

    When I became Catholic, my first shock was encountering people who had divorced…ahem…annulled their first and second marriages, and still receiving communion. I almost felt shame that it didn’t seem to matter to anyone. When a priest told me there were a good number of Freemasons in our church, he seemed to think nothing of it. They put the “meh” in amen. I guess I’m just going to have to keep watching for priests who actually believe their faith.

  6. Good observation, I have lost 4 priest friends who left the priesthood to get married. They are all miserable now, but keep up the facade that they are happier. Yes it is difficult sometimes as a priest, but I have many more good days than bad days and Our Lord Jesus Christ’s and Our Lady’s consolation are far more pleasing than leaving for the pleasures of the flesh.

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