Get This, Bitch!

We have recently learned that, if you asked the text writers at the CDF how they call people in favour of killing a baby in his mother’s womb, they would (shrug their shoulders and) call them “pro-choice”.

I would love to ask the same people whether their would call the architects of the Holocaust “pro-final solution”. Because you see, if the wilful murdering of innocents can be called being “pro” something , they would not have a problem, surely?

We are, as always, in front of one of the biggest tragedies of our time: the adoption of the language of the enemy in order to look “moderate”.

The enemy uses words with positive connotations to mean something intrinsically wrong or evil. As a result, in the long run in becomes impossible to effectively criticise with arguments what we cannot even criticise with words.

This is, as I have often written – but I will keep doing this, because it is one of the most important fronts of the culture wars – bound to end up in defeat.

Any criticism of sodomy starting with the word “gay” will not force anyone on the other side of the argumet to think; because, by using the word “gay”, the criticism has been already devalued and made to sound whiny and petty. But use, and explain, the real word, and the argument will suddenly appear to the reader to have a different force, quite a new energy. Similarly, it is utterly senseless to go on around the dangers of having “undocumented” immigrants if you have already castrated your argument from the start.

Now, why does the CDF (or even Breitbart!) use the wrong words? Because they want to appear moderate, or measured. In the meantime, your adversaries will call you racist, white supremacist and all sort of insults for merely disagreeing with them, and they will not care one straw for your attempts to appease them and show them that no, you are quite the reasonable guy.

You know what? They have the better strategy, and you are being a fool.

We need to react to this by ditching all language conventions that are remotely stinking of leftism; from the horrible “they/them” instead of “he/him” when you don’t know the sex (not “gender”) of the person you are talking about, to the use of stupid leftists fake words like gay, polyamorous, transgender, Latinx, undocumented, reproductive rights, pro-choice, and the like.

The Culture War can’t be won when one side keeps bombing, and the other side keeps appeasing.

Also, use liberally those words that actually mean something: bitch, bastard, concubine, illegal, etc. Make them feel the heat. Soon you’ll see more and more will start getting out of the kitchen.

And for heaven’s sake, stop trying to be nice.

They aren’t, and so shouldn’t you.

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  1. catholictradition2

    You nailed it!

  2. God bless you for your righteous anger, Mundy. The babies deserve that from all of us and more. God bless~

  3. Pro choice = Genocidal baby killers. Gay = Sodomites. Dissenting bishops = heretics. Your quite correct, lets call a spade a spade!

  4. Mike Hartnett

    I was down in the Chicago Loop today on business, and and had about an hour between the end of that and the next north line train departure from Ogilvie Station. So I decided to visit St. Peter’s to say at least part of today’s Rosary near the Blessed Sacrament. The main doors were locked, with signs instructing visitors to enter through the handicapped entrance. So I did, and was asked by one of personnel stationed there “can I help you?” I responded, “no, I just want to go in and pray.” I was told that would not be permitted, the church was being sanitized, but there would be a Mass after some interval. I asked if I could make a political statement and said “this is the price we pay for having the Archbishop we are stuck with”. That got a rather flat reception. I left and picked up a sandwich at a shop that had a fair number of people coming and going at close quarters, with no staff member assigned to “sanitizing” counters, money, and the like.

    The motives of people (it’s hard to call them men, really) like Cupich and Bergoglio for joining the priesthood seem at first a mystery, but can be “intuited” readily. What is certain is that the Church founded by our heroic Lord and Savior is far smaller even than the today’s much-diminished institutional church.

    It is self-evident that the Catholic Church and the anti-Church currently co-exist in the same sacramental, liturgical and juridical space.” – The anti-Church has come. But, don’t be afraid – Fr. Linus Clovis

    With gratitude for your heroic work,
    Mike Hartnett

    • Many thanks, Mike, but I assure you my work is all but heroic.
      Heroic are all those people out there who get vilified and persecuted for being Catholics.

  5. Still, Mundabor, you are helping to hold Catholics together in tough times, and many, many times, giving voice to what your fellow Catholics think in a way they can’t express. Your contribution makes a difference. God bless you and yours, and all here.

  6. Michael Dunn

    Couldn’t agree more, M. That’s why I use the word ‘Mohammedan’ in place of moslem, muslim, islam, or whatever. Words matter. Is it ‘family planning’ or ‘family prevention?’ Down at the bedrock level, words are a matter of life or death.

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