The Two Years Long FrancisMayhem

Ah, the giiiiifts of the spiiirit. They are blowing on Francischurch again!

To understand what is about to happen, you need to recall what I have said many times now about the Evil Clown: he hates the Church, wants to disrupt it as much as he can, but will not risk being deposed.

Enter the Two Years Long Synod. This is a process of institutionalised invitation to heresy, by which the dioceses first will be invited to express every heretic opinion and propose every heretical change that the satanical spirit of heresy and enmity with Christ has suggested to them.

Francis will be very happy with the mayhem that follows. Hagan lio!

At the end of the first phase, the results of the blowing of the satanical spirit of rebellion to Christ will be compared with those who, in some ways, are still recognisably Catholic. There will be strong words, (justified) accusations of schism, a mess likely with little precedent in the history of the Church as the Bride of Christ descends into the same huge mud fight that we have been seeing for many years now among Protestants.

Francis will be very happy with the mayhem that follows. Hagan lio!

At the end of the second phase, there will be the third phase. In this phase, the warrying factions will converge on Rome, when Francis (if he still alive, which I truly hope he will not be) will do the usual Francis thing: he will make decisions that cause as much damage as possible to the Church, tamper with the Sacraments, perhaps even sanction some sort of “non-blessing but really, really understanding accompaniment” for perverts, whilst avoiding a mass revolt against him; which, in a world in which Burke is considered anything more than a kitten, is not difficult to achieve.

Francis will be very happy with the fact that he has spoken, is seen as the boss, but a boss that listens to “the spirit”, and his maximum damage policies will then slowly but surely push forward the decay of the Church.

We see month after month the fruits of allowing Francis to go on unchallenged. If the Four Cardinals had had a semblance of guts years ago, we would not be seeing this now. Meanwhile, Burke tells us that the SSPX is outside of the Church. One can’t believe these are the people who are – or so they say – on our side.

The Big Mayhem is about to start. It will plunge the Church into a huge deal of confusion and strife. It will further spread the Protestant concept that truth changes because hey, the spiiirit.

Please, Francis, pretty please!

Do us all a favour, and die today.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder Mundy that Bergoglio is, like the devil, always up to his old tricks. But sad that so many Catholics are taken in.

  2. It seems an etermity that Bergoglio has been slinking around. Yet Benedict still draws breath! We live in remarkable times. Lord, have mercy on Your Church. Thank you, Lord, for Mundabor, who has helped us make sense of the cataclysm around us.

  3. The SSPX is more The Church today than is the church.

    And a just by the way question: In the novus ordo does the Priest have to face the congregation or may he face the altar even while chanting/saying the vernacular?
    I have never seen a novus ordo Mass where the priest faces the altar but I was just wondering.

    • I think it’s allowed but not used.
      The pewsitter would be “offended”, you know..

    • The Mass at Walsingham England is said facing the altar. You can see it every day live streamed at 9:30am local time.
      The sermons are very good too.

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