Unprecedented Damage

I was re-reading Garrigou-Lagrange’s observations about the number of the damned. From a XXI Century’s perspective, a couple of things were striking.

The first: the obvious consideration that, as Christians were, historically and even today, a more or less tiny minority of the world population, and considering the low-to-actually-very-low probability of salvation for a non-Christian, the great majority of the souls born up to now is in, or will go to, hell. I wonder how long it will be before such obvious considerations are branded as “hate” or, at least, considered “unchristian ” by the majority of our bishops.

The second: considering the amount of the saved among Christians- Catholic or not – the argument was made that the number of infant deaths would actually be a big argument in favour of hoping that the majority of Christians are saved. Reflect on this: an event that was, until recent times, so frequent as to possibly tip a big scale in the other direction, and was considered, after all, a big plus in the great scheme of Salvation, would today be considered a cruelty justifying, in the eyes of most, the parents of the deceased child losing the faith.

In both issues, how things have changed in just a couple of generations! Your average pew-sitting Christian would, nowadays, utterly sympathise with the parents advertising their loss of faith, instead of warning them about the reality of hell.

Similarly, I am not surprised that people who have lost the very concept of hell claim for the “blessing” of homosexual relationships. If hell isn’t in the cards, there’s little preventing a constant, ever-escalating game of “we are all ok”, ending with embracing everything that is even remotely to do with “lurv”.

We need to realise this: most people who, nowadays, call themselves “Christian” have a very little idea of what Christianity really is and what consequences the refusal of Christ has. In only two generations, Christianity has been reduced from the pillar of civilised societies to a very thin veneer of social conventions covered by a very thick varnish of do-goodism and political correctness.

This unprecedented catastrophe is, as a whole, the result of the unprecedented assault on Christian values started by the Second Vatican Council.

Do not be surprised if we are, as a result, punished with an unprecedented bad Pope.

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  1. No one can know any soul’s ultimate destination (although we may make “informed” guesses) and it is each soul’s sole responsibility as to where it ends up.
    That said the Church has lost its way as its only job is to help “all souls get to heaven,” or put another way, guide individulals to salvation.
    Salvation has taken a back seat (maybe even been thrown under the bus) to climate change, “human rights,” ecumenicalism and other such possibly ‘worthy’ but largely irrelevant “causes.”
    The less the Church is focused on individual salvation and how to achieve it the more irrelevant it makes itself.
    So we see the cliff it has leaped off of as the result of V-2.

    (I was tempted to use the V-2 analogy to reference MST-3000 where a [V-2?] rocket was used to launch Joel and his bots into outer-space and irrelevance. But who in today’s world would get the references?)

    • I got it, Noah! Probably because I’m old. I loved to watch MST with my adolescent sons. 🙂

  2. Very good Mundy. I just listened in disbelief to a video on ‘Return to Tradition’ which argued that the one true Catholic Church will always be visible to the world based on the words of many saints. Someone needs to do a better job of explaining how we can understand these statements in view of what has happened in the Church since Vatican II.

  3. Isn’t it said “politics is downstream from culture”? Well culture is downstream from the Church, and the Church has failed miserably and is now, actively promoting what is contrary to God as Catholics understood Him. What else would happen to Catholics, Christians, the culture, the nation, the world, when the Pope and the Church becomes as evil and as corrupt as what we’ve got visibly rotting, right now. There is now no moral leadership for the people, the people have been abandoned and left flat. We know they will quickly lose their way, which is why God left Peter. The sheepdog now leads the sheep to the wolves and encourages them to want to be devoured, and they do. They are lost without guidance, but there is no one to guide them.
    And the world, because of the active subterfuge of the men of the Church, is going up in flames.

    • Very well said Kate R. Rare are those who speak the truth nowadays about the Catholic Church. Perhaps this is the same number of folks who will be saved come Judgement Day.

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