Unfathomably Filthy

On Saturday, October 30, 2021, at approximately 4:00 PM, members of the Computer Crimes Unit/Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force arrested James Jackson, age 66, of 538 Broadway, Providence, for 1) Possession of Child Pornography, 2) Transfer of Child Pornography, and 3) Child Erotica Prohibited. Mr. Jackson was transported to the Lincoln Woods Barracks for processing. Mr. Jackson was arraigned by Justice of the Peace Crawford who set $5,000 surety bail with the special bail conditions of no unsupervised contact with minors and restricted Internet access. Mr. Jackson was unable to post bail and was transported to the ACI Intake facility.

Terrible, terrible news from Rhode Island State Police

I don’t even know what Child Erotica is, but it must be something terrible. Also, this was an Internet Unit, so stuff was downloaded on Father’s computer; showing that either it was him, or it was someone with access to his computer, or it was someone who wanted to harm him. Realistically, and sadly, the first hypothesis is the most realistic for now.

My first reaction was a dry, involuntary joke: “Michael Virus” was looking in the wrong place!

But seriously, this is bad. It is, actually, worse because this one, actually, really appears to believe in God; to be one of ours.

It can be that he is innocent. It can be that, at 66, he did not have his electronics properly “under lock and key”, and unauthorised people accessed his computer and misused it (and him) – without Father knowing – for their perverted purposes. Honestly, if anybody had access to my computer I am pretty sure he could surf wherever he wants, download whatever he wants, delete his traces, and I would never be the wiser unless, as is the case here, investigators on the other side became aware of the fact.

Alas, it can also be that Father is, actually, the guilty party. And I am having a shiver going down my spine now, because it means that Satan managed to successfully invade the conscience, and corrupt the mind, of a true soldier for the other side.

Scary stuff.

I don’t, I really can’t understand pedophilia. I’d honestly understand if a man were to sleep with the entire Playboy Calendar, January to December, then back December to January. It would be very sinful, of course; but that would be the sinfulness that goes in the same direction as our natural instincts; it would be sinfulness we can, in a way, connect to. But not pedophilia.

Pedophilia, like sodomy, is the Unfathomably Filthy. It’s a horror movie going on in the brain of a man. It’s stuff that goes deep to the very, very bottom of the Fall.

Pray for the man. Pray for him if he is innocent, pray for him if he isn’t. This isn’t your faggy Bergogliopriest. This isn’t your screechy Father Georgina. This one is esteemed by Father Z. I am having another shiver down my spine right now.

Let us pray more. Let us do more penance. Let us be more guarded.

Let us not allow that anything of the sort, or of a lesser but still bad sort, happens to us.

We will, like everybody else, have to fight our battle to the end.

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  1. This priest is innocent and is being framed. My husband, friends and I have known him well for 15 years as pastor of a highly successful Latin Mass parish in Littleton, Colorado. Liberal priests, of whom there are many in Colorado, do not like successful, holy, tall and manly Orthodox priests.

    Father Jackson also does not understand pedophilia. He told us that in a casual conversation with a group of us after Sunday Mass several years ago when he joined us for coffee afterward. We have always found him to be sincere, truthful, upstanding, and saintly.

    Computer hackers can put anything they want on anyone’s computer. They are very difficult to get rid of. I had that experience, two days ago. The creep was difficult to get rid of. He is probably still there.

  2. ILLINOIS legalizing minors obtaining abortions without parental notice–not even parental consent–means privately servicing child traffickers in a central United States location. No FATIMA consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, no peace. SisterLucyTruth.org ORAL SURGEON’S REPORT+

  3. I may not be of help here. I do not know the man, he sounds like he has many friends and people who will vouch for him. But we have all seen far too much to be naive.
    If we saw one incident of the sexual molestation of a child or an adolescent, really see it in it’s planning, grooming, where the predator gains the trust of parents or caregivers, taking advantage of boys without dads, showing boys pornography to entice them, giving them toys and money, winning their trust, providing them alcohol to lower inhibitions, and then finally seducing them, we would all vomit in disgust. To realize, this lays waste to a boy’s sexuality, he can never be what he was, innocent and vulnerable, he will question his own orientation the rest of his days, and this will impact his relationships from that time on. Suicide is sometimes the only relief.
    And the predators, are charming. They have to be so. This is how they gain trust from parents and grandparents. This is how they go undetected. Men who molest boys don’t molest one, they molest hundreds or thousands. They are often “the last one you’d expect”. This is how it’s done and why they are often successful. People want to trust. They can’t. Predators find many victims. One reason is, they don’t believe what they are doing is harmful to the boy. Some see it as “love”. It is no such thing, we know.

    Time is a factor. Every single person who had a child or young person who has been around an accused man, should start to look at their child’s behavior and start assessing. Warning signs, change in behavior, out of character crying, depression, acting out, overt sexual talk or actions, temper tantrums, expressing dislike for someone, not wanting to be around them, change in behavior at school. Children must always be believed, and if they have been harmed, you need to know about it to try to start the healing process.
    Hopefully this man will turn out to be innocent. But parents and caregivers need to start asking themselves questions if their child has been in the vicinity of an accused.
    If someone shows an interest in your child, your boy, keep an eye on that person and never leave your child alone with him. I’m sorry, there is no excuse any longer, we all have seen too much. Don’t worry about “feelings” when your child’s life is at stake. Sexual molestation destroys innocence and lives. Justice takes time to play out, but in the meantime, start asking questions.

  4. James Clapper, the former CIA director, openly spoke of being able to plant evidence on targeted computers. We know the Democrats were actively undermining the Church because of the leaked Podesta emails. If Fr. Jackson was perceived as a threat to the installed Bergoglio or as a rising influence by the “princes and principalities”, it would not be difficult to set him up. I’m skeptical these days, especially as the kiddie porn on the Hunter Biden laptop doesn’t seem to trouble authorities at all.

  5. I don’t know Fr. Jackson, but I do know he’s entitled to his good reputation unless and until it’s proven he’s done what he is accused of. As others have said, planting porn on someone else’s computer is easy enough; it doesn’t take diabolical cunning, just a diabolical hatred of the person targeted.
    Yesterday a man went to St. Mary’s during a Mass for All Saints and threatened the priest and congregation with a gun. Don’t worry though, his reputation is still intact, as police have declined to disclose his name.

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