The Twilight of Christian Civilisation

Twilight, then dusk, and then darkness...

Twilight, then dusk, and then darkness…


A group of bigoted animal rights activists has invaded St Patrick’s Cathedral, desecrating the Mass with their obscene ideology.  

Will any of them go to jail? I doubt. They will probably only get a fine, if any. I wonder even whether any charges will be pressed. We are in the age of effeminacy, you know. 

Were there bigoted fanatics around 50 years ago? You bet. Did they invade churches? Not quite. The sanctions would have been much harsher. Charges would have been pressed. The public condemnation would have been stronger. There was no cause you could benefit by insulting God. Madmen have always been around, but public desecration required a higher degree of madness rather than a cynical calculation about costs and benefits.

We have seen this happening with increasing frequency:  in France, in Russia, in the United States, some of the most symbolic places of worship are attacked by evil cretins. Only in Russia the reaction has been (somewhat) proportionate to the offence. Everywhere else to invade a church is fair game, and a good way to obtain publicity.

Yes, it’s the fault of the perpetrators first of all. But it is also the fault of an effeminate culture of non-assertiveness, which demands that Christians never show any gut whatsoever.

Muslims bomb us, and our bishops ask us to welcome more of them. Media keep attacking the Church because of faults common in every section of society (in the UK, Anglicans priests are statistically as likely to be indicted for pedophilia as Catholic priests; teachers are more likely; the BBC covers TV stars for decades; the authorities look the other side as a huge ring of prevalently Muslim criminals rape prevalently white children. No movies about any of that), and our clergy is only able to whine and add their condemnation to the world’s. The gutlessness and effeminacy of our own clergy is inviting deprecation, desecration, and persecution.

I see signs of decay everywhere around us. It is happening on a massive scale. Countless in the Country I live in do not even know what Easter is, and I am not talking of the Mohammedans. They have no idea of what Christianity is, and they are not helped by inane clergy who seems more interested in letting them know how important it is to switch the light off when you leave the room.

This is why our Cathedrals are invaded. We do not care for our religion ourselves, we do not respect our liturgy ourselves. Our clergy is embarrassed by what our religion says. Our Pope boasts that he used to make fun of the liturgy as a child, and he makes fun of the liturgy even as a Pope, raping it to promote his own secular agenda. There is no sense of sacredness, as most NO masses will show you in a shocking way (for you; not for most of those attending them).

We are in the twilight of Christianity. Our Cathedrals are still there, and you can still enter them without fear, but a clear trend is now showing. In one generation, perhaps faster than that, invasions and desecrations may become widespread. In two, the cathedral might be closed. In three, there might not even be groups of underground Catholics in Europe or North America.      

Yes, I blame the fanatics first. But I blame our emasculated clergy second. They are the enablers of the coming persecution, and are even helping the enemies of our religion to come to us and bury it for good. 







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  1. Here in the land of Giorgius Bergoglio, temples are constantly desecrated also by feminists, abortists or leftists, and these actions are not even reported in the press. The pope, of course, makes no mentions of these either, as the has always been very fond of these groups.
    If one makes a grafitis in ESMA (which is now a memorial for the “genocidal repression” of the last dictatorship, visited by Obama recently) you will see the nationwide scandal and the very hard charges that will be pushed.

  2. Mundy-my sentiments entirely!The Remnant will be the True Church remaining ,as all the other so called Catholics have given in to the zeitgeist.I will see you at Mass at the hedge school,or the rock Mass(Ireland of the penal times)God bless.

  3. I agree. LESS than a generation. Much less. The switch is flipped and reality is now inverted. What we knew for generations and our entire personal lives is over. Over.

    This has been building below ground for some time. The spiritual tectonic shift has already taken place, unseen while we proceeded unconcernedly about our business, or slept, and the eruption has begun.

    It will be sudden, violent and deadly. Like most disasters, it seems to make no sense; there is no frame of reference to make sense of it. We stand in awe, and dread, mouths agape, scratching our heads at the coming destruction not quite knowing what it all means. It has not reached us yet. For now, we remain safe as the ash-cloud of satanic hate approaches in full fury. No frame of reference can prepare us for what is to come. For sure it will be much worse than we can imagine. And it will take just a blink of an eye to reach its full potential of diabolical fury.

    However, pause just a bit; the good news is that for those already dead to the world, this Refiner’s Fire is but a blessing, a reward that compels us ever onward to our True Home. He whom He loves He chastenes.

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