Oily, Slimy Bishop Barron Ready For A FrancisChurch Red Hat


There is a kind of Catholic Bishop and priest I dislike – and despise – very keenly. They are the “I am with you” fake Catholic priests, who agree with truth in that feeble “don’t get me wrong” way and then proceed to throw so many bones to the other side that you wonder what the heck they have going on in their brain.

The blogger priest ranting at orthodox Catholics at the non-catholic blogging channel is one of those. The bishop who plays with denial of hell is another one.

The latter has now given an interview in which he, once again, shows his true (false) colours. He does not openly condemns the Church on sexual perversion, but then again he does, stating that if any priest does not precede his statement of Catholic faith with feel-good waffle according to his own precious wisdom, then the priest in question is “disordered”.

Notice the double whammy here: he accuses priests in the very same strong terms with which the Church condemns perversion, even as he downplays the very strength of the accusation he makes.

You see, if a priest can be “disordered” in the same way a pervert is, perversion can’t be so bad after all, can it now? But “don’t get him wrong”, the man “agrees with you” in full on what the Church say, right?

There is much more wrong that the man says in the interview, but I don’t have the time. What is clear here is that the man is frantically padding down the stream of FrancisChurch, or I should say that he is frantically licking all the boots he can to advance his career. 

The Bishop shouldn’t be worried. His mixture of fake orthodoxy and authentic subversion make of him a perfect candidate for a red hat one day; and he is young, he can wait. The important thing is to never stop exercising that tongue, and reward can’t be too far away. 


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  1. Unctuous with a capital “U”.

    And to think I gave this lupine lizard’s “apostolate” (I know you hate that term) money in the past saddens me.

    “Word on Fire” the eh? More like “Lukewarm Weasel Words for Dummies”.

  2. Creepy coward. How dare he call himself Catholic, let alone priest, or bishop??!

  3. A number of years ago I had a blog exchange with then Fr. Barron. His position was that 1) there is no hell and even if 2) there is a hell that no one goes there and that even if 3) a very few do go there that they don’t stay there forever. The man came across as condescending prig. I presume his position remains the same as it is this type of thinking that leads to promotion and perks in the current church.

  4. He could also exercise opening his mind ever wider, but then again, maybe it is all gone by now.

  5. The guy is a wallowing bag of estrogen.

  6. A recent canon212 article has the headline:”24 Atheists impressed by B. Barrons youtube interview”. A true FrancisBishop!

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