Going Nowhere Fast

How many times have we seen it? “Progressive” priests and prelates (what I think about their motivation is here) organise a schismatic event in that most schismatic of Countries, Germany. The homo event is promoted by the Diocese. How many people show up? Frankly, it was clearly only the perverts and their closest accomplices.

This must be atrociously embarrassing, at least for people who are still capable of embarrassment. In fact, it is the natural consequences of Catholic thinking still being, in some way, still present among Germans.

Consider this: the Germans are an extremely, atrociously gregarious people. They don’t really “do” independent thinking. They will, as a whole, go with what other people think, or with what they are told by people they see as in a position of authority. The inability to accept a position that makes one isolated in the group is quite scary, and – besides having been encouraged since the time of the Denazification – has a strong tradition in Germany. Your average Georg Zimmermann has a very, very strong dislike for being, on a hot issue, the only one with a contrary opinion in the room; which is what, for example, would greatly please many Italians.

So, let us look at the ingredients here: the German government, the local parish, even the local Diocese tell you that perversion is good and must be supported if you want to be a good Christian/good human/part of the group. Still, German Catholics refuse to take part to this game. If you have lived in Germany, and know how scarily gregarious Germans are, this gives you all the measure of how much Catholics must feel betrayed by their own priests and Bishops.

Now please mind this: whilst both the parish priest and the bishop might well be homosexuals themselves, in Germany there might be a simpler explanation for this pandering to the public opinion: the notorious Kirchensteuer. These prelates might, as a rule, simply be looking for a paying public for their impious, godless circus, thinking that by being godless more people will want to pay the price of admission. However, it can also be easily said that a priest, or prelate, that reduce himself to such a state is clearly giving Satan a huge opening, and who knows where that will end; in many cases, methinks, it ends in sodomy.

Still, what we keep seeing is this: that even the atrociously gregarious German Catholics refuse to follow their “betters” (the civil and religious authorities) and do not collaborate with the worst of the anti-Christian propaganda pushed by both.

I don’t know how long this will go on. But boy, it is good to see that, as we write the Year of the Lord 2021, the homo agenda of the German Bishops is going absolutely nowhere.

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  1. Those poor German faithful Catholics. They are suffering with such evil rot. God bless them for staying true to the faith regardless of their lost shepherds. Thanks for the explanation, Mundy…and for the hope:+) God bless~

  2. That German gregariousness can be seen in thegreat rallies of the 1930s where thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds(?) of thousands of Germans gregariously partied down, the party being national-socialist.
    Sometime back in the early 1960s I was watching the Johnny Carson Show (late night show with guests) and he had as his guest a famous actor (I don’t recall) who was playing Hitler in a WW2 movie being filmed in Germany.
    The actor’s story was: “One day we decided to go out to lunch at a local beer-hall. I was in costume and make-up and looked like Adolf. As we walked down the street people would rush up to me, hugging me and grabbing my hands, thanking God that I had returned to lead them again.”
    That is one side of your gregarious German people.

  3. sharonand8icloudcom

    Well if someone is a faithful Catholic, where would he go to Mass? You couldn’t possibly attend the parish featured at Gloria TV. It would be a clear danger to your children’s faith to bring them there. What a terrifying judgement those men are going to face on their last day. I would read the Mass at home before I’d be in that building for any reason, and wouldn’t be afraid that I was breaking any Commandments by staying home. God bless the suffering Catholics, so abandoned in Germany!

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