Proddies Go Trannie

It was only a small number of years ago (in 2003), that the Presbyterians had their first officially sodomite “bishop”. I can easily imagine that, at that time, a “trannie bish” would have ben unthinkable to the very people who, actually, supported Robinson

However, once you go down the road of “affirming” perversion, where do you end?

Let us see the stages: first “specially ordered” freak show guy in 2006; first mutilated “priest” allowed to remain “such” in 2007; first officially enrolled freak show guy in 2012; and now, in 2021, the 2006 freak show guy is the first “freak bish”.

The link is posted only because, otherwise, you might not believe anything in this blog post; and I must confess that I, myself, who have zero esteem for our proddie non-brothers and non-sisters (also because, these days, you just don’t know) in the faith, had to do a double take and stop at the enormity of the situation.

Also please note – in a further piece of evidence of the degeneracy of modern times – that the author of the linked article, who is very supportive of the novelty, refers to the freak show guy (or girl; whatever that person is) as if they were two people. Which is strange because even a schizophrenic guy, or gal, is, in fact, always only one person.

There was a time when I, in my naivete and inexperienced, was actually angered at such news, because I thought that they would be harming the faith and leading people astray. In the meantime, though, “such news” have become so outlandish that I am persuaded that, rather, they serve to help the good people to stay away from such organisations; it being, at this point, evident that only a person whose heart and mind has been deeply, deeply corrupted can accept this senseless parody of Christianity as the real thing.

Make no mistake: him, and her, and they, and them, and xir, and all that rubbish, will go straight to hell unless they manage to get their pronouns right before they kick the bucket.

I have just written about the obvious justice of hell.

Honestly, this one here is another great example of it.

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  1. Shared this with a Proddie acquaintance who reassures me that she is NOT Evangelical Lutheran, but is Missouri Synod Lutheran—and they don’t endorse this. So she’s safe. Something like we English, Italian or American Catholics reassuring others that our type of Catholic “doesn’t bless gay unions” like the German Catholics do?

    • It’s very different. Gal’s sect is a human outfit. They think white today and black tomorrow. We belong to the Church. Therefore, if the Germans start playing dumb, we know that this is *not what the Church stands for*, and that this will not change, ever.

  2. Hi M.
    Oh, I know that my acquaintance’s outfit (Missouri Synod Lutheran) is a merely human construct. She is a farm girl, raised on the plains of western Iowa who got her required dose of Catholic demonization elixir growing up. I laugh because her flavor of Lutheranism is not that far removed from the wild-eyed hatred of the One True Church that Martin Luther himself promulgated. If only Catholic pew sitters were taught to hate the errors of the Proddie sects, as those heresies deprive souls of the sacramental graces which aid a soul to Heaven. If that happened perhaps there would be a heck of a lot more outrage at the shenanigans in Germany.

  3. Bizarre. They/them get to make up the rules as they go along. I wonder, though, how she brought St. Nicolas of Flue into this. And the Council of Nicea being about quears? I don’t think so. What an odd duck! Welcome to San Francisco!

  4. William Murphy

    Surely Cardinal Burke was way ahead of all the competition in the Transgender Nonsense Derby? Note the story from 2002 and Brother/Sister Joel/Julie Green. And the peerless headline: “Bishop takes queen”.

  5. soopergenius

    Minor correction: I believe it was the Episcopalians who chose the sodomite “bishop” in 2003.

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