Hagan Lio, Kartoffeln Edition

Predictably, after the decision of the CDF, the German Homonazis and Kirchensteuerwhores are now starting to defy the rules and proceed to their homemade “blessings”; to which, as I have already reported, seems that no-one wants to take part.

Some people may think that Francis is displeased by this, as defying the authority of a Vatican congregation is a slight to him, too or, at least, it makes him look “backward” and “homophobic”. I beg to differ.

Francis isn’t interested in being seen as an enforcer. He is interested in being seen as a disrupter. “Hagan lio” is the best expression of his forma mentis. 

A man who deeply hates the Church, Francis has no interest in Her well-being or in Her reputation; whilst, clearly not believing in Christ, he has no issues with the open defiance of His teaching, either. If he is a closeted homo himself, the Germans will please him; if he isn’t, the damage made to the Church will please him anyway.

On the other hand, Francis is, like every bully, a coward. It is not for him to push hard the boundaries of what he can get away with it. Faced with the choice between 50% lio without risk of deposition and 90% lio with risk of deposition, he will always choose the former. In fact, he likes it when other people do the lio-ing for him, allowing him to watch, from a distance, the damage to an institution he clearly hates.

Therefore, the situation in German will not improve as long as Francis is Pope; and even after he dies – no, he will not resign; that was another of his thousand lies – it will take a long time for every Pope who is not a tough guy to set this right.

My advice to all my German readers: get out of the Kirchensteuer now. And no, you will not cease to be a Catholic.

This bunch of Kirchensteuer prostitutes will only get the message when it hurts in their pockets; the Kirchensteuer is an obsolete, un-Catholic system anyway.

Get out now, and let Father Juergen (or Father Wilhelmina,  as the case may be) know why you do it.

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  1. Can a German Catholic decline to pay the Kirchensteuer?

    • He certainly can. No priest will, upon receiving, ask him if he pays. If asked if he is a Catholic, he an certainly say yes. For the law, he will have gone out of the Church. For Catholicism, not. If you search this blog, you will find articles about the SSPX themselves inviting the faithful to get out of the Kirchensteuer.

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