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Can somebody explain to me how a Catholic site so bent against anonymity on the Internet was (and still is) led by a guy who did not tell anyone he was homosexual until he was outed?

If a site is committed and, let me say it once again, bent on transparency, should it not be the very first which extends transparency to things way, way, WAY more important than knowing one’s name; like, for example, knowing whether a particular leading guy is, or ever was, a pervert?

And by the by, is this not the same site who keeps showing a very evident lack of transparency as to who their sponsors are? Mind, I have stopped following these matters (and the site) years ago when they went full toxic against almost everyone who breathes; but I still remember the controversy, and it does not seem to me that said site covered itself in transparency, or glory, in that.

It seems to me that there are two weights and two measures here.

I always try to not contribute to controversies among conservative Catholic sites, because it pains me to see atheists and leftists enjoy the show. However, every now and then a good pointer seems in order.

Stay away from toxic sites. They do nothing for Catholicism.

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  1. This site may be a false flag operation by Opus Dei some of whose members provide significant support. Suggestive evidence: exempt from their outrage is Bergoglio; a focus of their outrage is SSPX.

  2. Even though we are on diametrically opposed sides on the Ukraine War, we deeply appreciate your solidarity as a matter of principle.

    Worst thing is… they “outed” the wrong person…

  3. B/c they are fine with outing everyone else’s sins just not their own. Fallen human nature 101. I believe Our Lord would call them hypocrites. God bless~

  4. I know at least one person who is attending the ‘Retreat in the Desert’, Dallas, TX, this week. According to their own schedule, there is only one speaker, and it is not a priest. There will be an un-named priest available sometimes for confession if you sign up for a space. There is no evening meal provided on any of the dates, but light snacks available for morning & afternoon breaks.
    It is interesting to read the schedule. I cannot imagine spending five days listening to him drone on about his current agenda. Nor I imagine how this fellow thinks he is a replacement for regular Holy Week services in a church.

  5. Correction: ‘Nor can I imagine…’

  6. grassrootgonzo

    People lash out against anonymity when they cannot refute or engage in debate. They want to attack the source, usually the source’s credentials, or something personal to dodge discussion of the issues presented. These people often are officially backed in some way, or have impressive credentials they want to use to end discussion. Anonymity is a time honored tradition, as is couching political criticism in satire, allegory, fiction or drama, as Catholic Shakespeare did.

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