Daily Archives: May 1, 2015

May And Mary

It is a grey morning as I write this. Too cold for the season, and without the usual promise of warm you would expect. But it is the first day of May.

No, I am not talking of Labour Day here. I am talking of the beginning of the month of Mary.

I cannot tell you with words how the habit of directing my prayers and humble attention – such as it is true attention, which is not always the case – to the Blessed Virgin is helping my spiritual and, actually, my everyday life. It is as if the words “our mother in heaven” would take a different meaning every year.

The daily Rosary is, I think, the main factor in all this. I have written often enough about the importance of the daily Rosary so I will not expand on this. May, as the month of Mary, is an ideal opportunity for a serious proposal to start praying the Rosary daily, for those of you who still don't do it. It's the best investment you can make not only for the future of your soul, but for the present of your daily life.

It's the month of Mary again. Which means we are one month of Mary closer to death. Let us not waste these little occasions, and let us take inspiration from these little events in our life.

Make this day the day you resolved to start the recitation of the daily Rosary, and stick to it.

You will never regret it.


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