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Synod: Francis Quite The Jesuit, Says Magister

Evil, but still Jesuit...


Sandro Magister has an interesting article (in Italian) about Francis and the Synod. In his usual way, Magister says in a polite way what many already know: Francis did all he could to support Kasper, but the October fiasco showed the task is beyond his strength. He also understands – says Magister – that next October the resistance will be much stronger, because people are prepared. Therefore, quite the Jesuit – a word used in Italy with a strong derogatory meaning, though Magister seems to pretend not to be aware of it – he has decided to distance himself from the Kasperites, avoiding the support he had previously given them. Magister follows with a long list of Francis interventions which seems, since October, to strike a more traditionalist tone in matter of family, children etc.

In part, I disagree with Magister. It seems to me that Francis' continuous stress on “mercy” is Kasperite to the very bone marrow. On the other hand, it is undoubtedly true that Francis avoids leaning out of the balcony in a very explicit way in this matter, limiting himself to the covert support he can give with his “symbolic” gestures like receiving Trannies.

It seems to me that Francis will – and I quite agree with Magister on this – be his usual self Jesuit and avoid a confrontation that would crush his pontificate to the ground. Rather than trying to officially change your religion, he will try to direct you towards his own one: the mix of social hatred, third-rate pacifism, third-world rhetoric and environmental madness with which he bores us pretty much every day.

If you must have such an Evil Clown as a Pope, it's better to have a Jesuit one. He will run for cover whenever he sees dark clouds approaching.

Or, as Magister puts it – implying, by the way, that the man is a heretic – he will be a “realist”.



OK, Francis, Show Us The Way!

The extremely stupid statement of the Evil Clown regarding how beautiful it would be if we were to “kneel in veneration before the poor in church” caused Antonio Socci to publish a very neat answer (see here on the usual Rorate). I would like to add a word of my own.

At this point, I suggest that for once in his life Francis practises what he preaches and really does it: kneels in veneration, for all the world to see, in church, before the poor.

This would expose Francis – to all but the very stupid – as a socialist ideologue pushing his – and all the secular minded people's – religion of man. It would be a revealing moment even if Francis had the habit to kneel in front of Our Lord himself, but the more so considering he does not think it necessary.

He will, of course, not do it. The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History clearly knows what would do real and lasting harm to him; therefore, he is content with preaching rubbish he would never dream of putting in practice himself.

Still: it would be very revealing if we could see, once, Francis behave in the way Francis says he should.



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