Synod: Francis Quite The Jesuit, Says Magister

Evil, but still Jesuit...


Sandro Magister has an interesting article (in Italian) about Francis and the Synod. In his usual way, Magister says in a polite way what many already know: Francis did all he could to support Kasper, but the October fiasco showed the task is beyond his strength. He also understands – says Magister – that next October the resistance will be much stronger, because people are prepared. Therefore, quite the Jesuit – a word used in Italy with a strong derogatory meaning, though Magister seems to pretend not to be aware of it – he has decided to distance himself from the Kasperites, avoiding the support he had previously given them. Magister follows with a long list of Francis interventions which seems, since October, to strike a more traditionalist tone in matter of family, children etc.

In part, I disagree with Magister. It seems to me that Francis' continuous stress on “mercy” is Kasperite to the very bone marrow. On the other hand, it is undoubtedly true that Francis avoids leaning out of the balcony in a very explicit way in this matter, limiting himself to the covert support he can give with his “symbolic” gestures like receiving Trannies.

It seems to me that Francis will – and I quite agree with Magister on this – be his usual self Jesuit and avoid a confrontation that would crush his pontificate to the ground. Rather than trying to officially change your religion, he will try to direct you towards his own one: the mix of social hatred, third-rate pacifism, third-world rhetoric and environmental madness with which he bores us pretty much every day.

If you must have such an Evil Clown as a Pope, it's better to have a Jesuit one. He will run for cover whenever he sees dark clouds approaching.

Or, as Magister puts it – implying, by the way, that the man is a heretic – he will be a “realist”.



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  1. Mundabor,
    there is a very simple way to test whether Francis really intends to “go nuclear” at the Synod. All those Cardinals who currently affect to oppose Bergoglio’s assault on Catholicism could simply come together and formally, with the authority of the Holy Spirit and the traditional teaching of the Church behind them, ask him to renounce all his heresies (carefully enumerated in a long list put in front of him). If he does, great, he remains Pope and has shied away from confrontation. If not, well Popes have been deposed before…

    But, in reality, there is no chance of this happening. Why? Because the so-called “opposition” against Kasperism really does care more about a comfortable life than about the Church and Catholic Truth. People like Cardinal Müller may or may not really believe in the indissolubility of marriage (as opposed to Transsubstantiation and the bodily Resurrection of Christ, which he clearly does *not* believe in, according to his own books). But even if they do: If they still have not managed to call out the heretical Pope in clear and unequivocal words, they will never do so. They just don’t care enough.

    With the possible exception of Cardinal Burke, the “conservatives” will do what they have always done. They will criticize, analyze, oppose, vote against the errors, always in the good spirit of diplomacy and niceness, and then, after they have (predictably) lost without ever really fighting, call everyone who still fights a “heretic” and a “schismatic”, defending the new orthodoxy just as they have defended the old one.

    The only thing conservatives are good for is to lose honorably to a dishonorable foe before turning dishonorably on their honorable former allies. As they have been doing in the West for four centuries.

    Conservatives are merely the rear-guard of the Revolution, traitors in waiting.

    • I disagree.
      It would be inconceivable for the bishops to give Francis a sort of ultimatum unless Francis gives concrete occasion to do so. The bishops have no right to ask a pope to undergo a sort of qualification exam in Catholicism.

      As to the quiet life, this is true, but it applies to the Kasperites – and to Francis- as well.

    • Mundabor,
      “unless Francis gives concrete occasion to do so.”

      Two years of continuous preaching of heresies? The open threat to subvert Catholic teaching on marriage and the family? His obvious desire to destroy the Church? Your own blog shows he has given literally hundreds of occasions. This man has given more concrete occasions, has been instrument in damning more souls, than any conscientious Catholic bishop should need to – at least – speak out openly and name Francis as one of the main instruments of the devil in today’s world, and literally to hell with his career prospects in modernist Rome. A Bishop should not care about that at all. He should care about the need to *instruct* and *lead* his sheep who are being misled into hell by the Pope! What do we see instead? Sume wishy-washy words of criticism that may or may not be aimed at the Pope, but always avoid to call him by name.

      Where are the Bishops that clearly and unequivocally *instruct* their sheep to *ignore* the heretical Pope’s satanic ramblings and *not follow* his teachings when they contradict Catholic Truth? If we had some of them at least, I would have more trust in their willingness to issue the ultimatum if and when the time for that drastic measure comes. (Which, by the way, has not come quite yet, I agree – I only stated that such an ultimatum would be a simple way to find out whether Francis really intends to fight, and that real Bishops should be willing to issue it if need be, not that it should be done immediately.)

      As to the Kasperites and Francis, yes, some of them want the quiet life. But there are also radical modernist ideologues who would probably rather die than surrender to Catholic teaching. In my opinion, Francis is one of them. I could be wrong – we shall see at the Synod. But where are the “radical Catholics” in Rome?

    • Concrete occasion means the proclaiming of a false dogma, or the like.

      You certainly do not expect yourself that an ecumenical council will be called to depose Francis because of off the cuff comments or even interview.

  2. Prediction: At the Synod, the Church will approve a “pastoral” text that *pro forma* affirms the indissolubility of marriage. The text will be so unclear as to allow any interpretation whatsoever. It will be ratified with the support of almost all Synod Fathers. One year later, all over the world, open homosexuals and “re-married” adulterers will be receiving communion as a matter of course, and all conservatives will defend the practice as they have done with the clearly abusive communion in the hand. The Church will have changed the teaching for all the world to see, but without formally, dogmatically, changing anything.

    In other words, the Synod will be for sexual morality what Vatican II has been for the entire Church. The newest springtime will wither away the last vestiges of Catholic morality in the formerly Catholic world. Some will survive, of course, and some of the survivors will be Bishops (SSPX, possibly Burke and a few others), and in the end they will prevail as per the promise of Christ.

    But the destruction has just begun and we are far from the lowest point. I am almost certain there will come a time when merely saying that homosexual acts and adultery are sinful will be enough to be expelled from “full communion” with Rome, just as saying the Tridentine Mass and unequivocally teaching the traditional Faith is now.

    • Catocon, you really are a ray of hope… 😉

      It may be that the Synod chooses a wishy-washy approach, but many in Africa and Asia will be very opposed. As I have written in another comment, wink-wink policy is certainly not new in the history of the Church, but as long as the teaching is upheld no one can hide behind his finger without being called to answer for that.

    • No problem. Always willing to brighten your day with my infectious optimism… 😉

  3. In the latest edition of the Remnant newspaper I read something distressing and that is that Cardinal Burke has yet to be identified unequivocally as a Synod participant this coming fall. It is in an article by Hillary White called “Another Month of Papal Signaling”. Would Francis dare ban the good Cardinal?

    • I do not think who takes part will be of great importance.
      The destroyers in October were stopped just as much by the, say, Polish bishops without than by the people within.

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