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Who will defend it better in the next four or eight years: Cruz or Trump?


I understand the disappointment. I fully share the feeling. 

But it seems to me that there should not be an excessive focus on what happens in one day, or on one occasion.

Cruz has made a big mistake. I also will very frankly concede to you that I prefer Trump’s stance on NAFTA and globalisation in general. Trump is, by far, the better communicator, and the better man at political incorrectness. I will even admit that Cruz has a bit of a professorial, headmaster stance about him that does not make him likable in the way the Gipper or Dubya were likable. He is a harder sell than the ebullient, spontaneous, pleasantly shameless Trump. I get that.  

But I think you should honestly look at the person as a whole, and decide whether one mistake – bad as it is – really makes Cruz a worse candidate than Trump. 

Trump has already signaled he will not fight for the overturning of Obergefell. This already tells you a lot about the spirit with which he would go seeking for the next Supreme Court judge. Trump has flipped so many times that when he starts to flop no one will be able to say, in conscience, that he would never have thought it would happen. 

I trust Trump will act very decidedly concerning the two or three mainstays of his promises to the electorate: the fight against illegal immigration, the push for the revision of trade agreements, very probably the killing of Obamacare. But will he be a crusader? No. When Obergefell came Trump immediately threw in the towel, Cruz did not. 

In my eyes, this counts for more than the blunder about the events in Chicago. 

You can say that Cruz’ stance shows a fundamental lack of integrity. One wonders what you must think of Trump, then. There is no going around the matter that candidates will disappoint us at some point. Even Reagan. Even Thatcher. Everyone.  I am a great admirer of Alcide De Gasperi (the Italian post-war Primo Ministro) but find a couple of things he made, or allowed others to make, unconscionable and without justification. I still like him a lot, mind. I do not throw an entire man away for that. But yes, even the greatest will disappoint you.  

Cruz did not resist the temptation to attack Trump in any way he could. A very stupid thing to do. But I put this in the context of a difficult – and contingent – situation, and do not see in this a reflection of a fundamental lack of integrity. People can’t fake integrity so consistently for so long. If you ask me, Cruz saw a tactical move where others, including myself, see far more general principles at stake.

No, I do not think Cruz would kowtow to leftist violence once President. Not in the least. It is not consistent with his past to think that he would do so. This (irresponsible) move was, I think, motivated by the simple desire to gain points against Trump, a stupid tactical move in the heat of the battle, and a battle now becoming more difficult every day.

Bad, I know. There should be other ways. He should have reflected about what happens to him after Tuesday, how such statements reflect on him as a person. He probably focused exclusively on the fact that there is an “after Tuesday” in the first place. Again, a mistake. But don’t put him on the cross. If you do it with him, how many reasons more should you find for Trump?

Trump was (heck: still is!) against the Iraq war. He is a former supporter of Hillary, Kerry and Romney. He has no intention of fighting for the overturning of Obergefell. He is pro-life since the Presidency first appeared on his mind. Does this not count more than a stupid statement, a few days after a very important vote, that could factually decide the race? 

Let me tell you once again: Cruz made a big mistake. I am still angry. But I refuse to be taken in the “tunnel vision” of only focusing on one episode, or a couple of days, without looking further down the road. This is, in fact, the very mistake Cruz made.

I am very much afraid Cruz will be punished today (it is already Tuesday here) for his appalling lack of judgment. In a way, he deserves the slap. But then if the slap means not being able to fight for Christian values, probably we don’t deserve to punish ourselves by punishing him in this way. Write an email to his campaign and say that you are appalled and expect better from him; but that he still has enough capital to deserve your vote this time. Send the message. Don’t kill the recipient.  

Those among my readers who will vote on this day for the primaries in Ohio, Florida, Michigan and elsewhere are kindly invited to soar above the disappointment of one stupid statement and vote for the candidate who, as a whole, promises to be the consistently better fighter for Christian values. (“Consistently” does not mean “always”. It means “during the four or eight years of his mandate”). Think of the Cross and think who would, over four or eight years, serve it better: Cruz or Trump? 

Please also consider that once Trump wins the nomination he will get all “presidential”, and will start distributing reassurances right and left that this particular devil isn’t as bad as he is painted. Then I will ask you a question or two about integrity.  

If it is so easy to ditch Cruz, think how many times Trump will disappoint you.




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  1. You have drilled down to the very essence of what every Catholic should be asking: Who is most likely to enthrone Our King and defend His Cross? Given their past records, I think Cruz trumps Trump.

  2. No chance that this Catholic will be voting for the ultra Christian-Zionist Cruz. It is difficult for many to understand the depth of obeisance that American Evangelicals (I use to be) have for all things Jewish.

    It is beyond sad to see how these supposedly devout followers of Christ ignore the plight of Catholic and Orthodox Christians. Ted Cruz (and most evangelicals) identify themselves closer with secular and/or orthodox Jews than they do Mid-East Christians.

  3. It seems that the Republicans want to leave Rubio and Kasich in the race to garner as many votes they can to make it more difficult for Trump to get the 50% plus 1 delegates he needs for victory in the primaries. If Rubio and Kasich drop out, their supporters will then not necessarily give their votes to Cruz. Cruz has also been mentioned, due to his superior education and work with a former US supreme court Justice, as a likely choice of conservatives for the life-term position as a supreme court judge to replace the recently deceased Judge Scalia.

    If it happens that Trump wins the primaries outright by securing the needed 50% plus 1 delegates, there is the possibility that Republicans would not vote at all or even vote for Hillary, considering her to be more less irrational and more predictable than Trump is capable
    of being. It is one thing when a few guy in the campaign hall crowd are punching each other, and another thing when nuclear warheads are involved. There may be 2 Trumps as Dr. Ben Carson has said, but which one will be acting in a given situation might just be up for grabs, and remember Ben Carson is a brain surgeon, not a psychoanalyst .

    • In my eyes, you could have made the same argument for Reagan: he is too on the right, Carter will massacre him. But the electorate gets accustomed to a certai person as the candidate, and the “wolf” cries soon wear out.
      When Trump wins the nomination (in my eyes the most probable outcome even after Rubio’s withdrawal) the Americans at large will have months to get accustomed to him. Look at how he continuously breaks the “ceilings” the press continuously attributes to him…

      I never thought Rubio could really stay. It’s easy to talk of staying in the race with other people’s money, but the money soon goes when the chances are not there.

      Kasich will start getting the same questions today. Don’t bet on a long stay.


  4. Correction.”… considering her to be less irrational…”

  5. Cruz has presentation issues…he talks like a used car salesman. I agree with you that he is solid when it comes to principle and experience and will vote for him. But his personality is a dead fish and sadly we Americans are so superficial these days. God bless~

    • Yep.
      Cold delivery. You want to like him, but he makes it more difficult.
      I hear his voice and I think of liquid metal.
      But hey, one does not vote a voice…

  6. You hit the nail on the head. Nobody’s going to be perfect. I happily voted for Cruz this morning in Illinois and there was never a hesitation about that.

  7. The problem is, this sort of thing fits a pattern w/ Cruz and political opportunism, so it is not remotely the case that this is a one-off event he should get a pass on.

    • The fundamental question remains the same: would Trump be better than him in what matters to us? I don’t believe it for a second.

  8. In a nutshell, the biggest problem facing the US right now is immigration. It is not a stretch at all to say that immigration is doing to America what Francis is doing to the Church. It’s that bad. Then throw in the fact that the unemployment situation is a complete and total trainwreck and you have serious anger and desperation.

    Despite his many misgivings, Trump has somehow managed to connect to people on these pivotal issues more so than any other candidate. Cruz might even have the best policy to address these problems, but for some reason he hasn’t been able to make these issues a central part of his campaign. He seems to have exhibited a certain cruel tone deafness to the problems Americans are suffering.

    It’s hard to accept that Trump is completely genuine, considering his history and personality. But I will say: he is playing with fire. Because the anger out there is real. And if he puts his hand to the face of the mother who buried her son murdered by an illegal immigrant, or a vet who has no limbs and can’t get medical care, or the father whose teenage son died of a heroin overdose, and after winning turns around and betrays them… I tell you, he will be hanging from a lamppost.

    • With all due respect, and without minimising the plight of those whose jobs are threatened by cheap workers abroad, the most important priority now is to counter the rampant de-Christianisation of the Country at all levels.

      I agree with you that Trump will deliver in those areas where he has staked his credibility. My first priority does not appear to be one of them.

    • Rubio actually stated that the country will not turn around without returning to God. He was accused of being the ” pastor in chief” early on in the campaign. I personally thing you became a victim or the spin that twirled around little planet Rubio as you called him. Some of us in New York City were treated by the press with the escapades of Trump for 30 years or more, his failed marriages and business ventures, his appearances on TV talk shows discussing these matters as well as the possibility of someday running for president.
      My greatest fear with Trump is with international relationships , about which Rubio of the three
      front runners had the most knowledge and concern.

    • Don’t “you became a victim” me, Maureen. I can make my own decision based on what I see.
      I know that Rubio that talk the Christian talk. It does not prove much.

  9. Here. have a go at it:

    Elsewhere, Heidi Cruz said that if and when her husband wins, it’s going to be a “partnership” with her. Really. I’m originally from the Philippines and I knew about presidential partnership, i.e., Marcos and Imelda. Then there was Peron and Evita, and in the not so distant past, Clinton and Hillary.

    No way will the US have an “anointed king” to take over the world. To say nothing of a “queen.”

    I’m voting Trump.

  10. We have been standing at the gate with our Christian values, our pro-life, pro-LEGAL immigration, and pro-traditional marriage votes, and so far no one had let us in. Election after election, we waited but nothing was happening.

    If it takes an amoral and very rich son-of-a-bitch [with no moneybags behind him but his own] to kick the door open so we can enter, clean up the house and repair the damage therein, so be it.

    One other thing: I’m so tired of political correctness. It stifles speech and controls your thoughts, and anyone who violates it is automatically branded as racist, bigot, sexist and xenophobic. I can’t wait for Trump to turn all that around and throw it back up at Hillary during the debate.

    As to Trump, anybody that the Pope disapproves of could not be all that bad, could he?

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