Drunken Hillary With A Prick?

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - JANUARY 29:  Pope Francis holds his weekly audience in St. Peter's Square on January 29, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican. After his appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, today Pontiff was also found to be represented in a graffiti in Rome that portrays him in a superhero vest.  (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)


It has been reported that on the fateful election night, Hitlery Clinton lost it to such an extent that a) she had to by physically restrained when she attacked John Podesta, b) she crashed an extremely expensive bottle of champagne against a TV megascreen and c) she then started to sob ceaselessly until the following morning.

Not quite the same, but rather similar must have been the reaction of the Evil Clown on being informed, not many days ago, that the centre of Rome had been populated with around 200 posters openly mocking his clown pontificate. 

How do I know this? Very simple: from Sancta Martha they informed us the Pope didn’t make a big deal out of the incident.

I had to smile.

This is a man whose rancor and pettiness shows up every time he opens that heretical mouth of his. A man who never misses an occasion to insult everyone who disagree with him. A man who remembers supposed slights many years later (it has widely speculated that his enmity with the FFI has its roots in confrontations he had with them when he was bishop in Buenos Aires).

Therefore, allow me to smile at the idea of the “serene Pope” upon knowing about the posters. He must have fumed like a chimney stack. I am inclined to think he is still doing it. I doubt he crashed any bottle of expensive bubbly (too much of a peasant for it, anyway), but I would bet my pint he must have behaved in a frightful way, not dissimilar from Hillary’s in that fateful night.

Smoke away, Evil Clown.

Every faithful Catholic must hate you, and hope that the Lord free us of your disgraceful presence soon.



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  1. I couldn’t believe in this alleged serenity, either. But if this is true, the delayed outburst will be so much more violent and detestable.

  2. You know, M, “serene” and “detached” are adjectives that also can describe the effects of certain drugs…..

    Just sayin’…

    /s/Paqualino Norteamericano


  3. The man is a snake, obviously he must have cursed and insulted everyone and thrown things against the walls, we argentines know this demon larvae very well. He is rancorous, vengeaful, envious, tormeted by unresolved inferiority complexes and on top of that his immoral private life has been the talk of the town for decades, I am glad Europe is waking up about the real nature of this beast but you are still know just a little about all the evil and resentment that boils inside of this man, he embodies every flaw of the southamerican third world societies which are what he wants Europe to become.

  4. to the owner of the blog: yes we all know about that never explained incident but there are more things, he’s always been very close to many priests who were involved in homosexual scandals from what I’ve always heard here he’s been living among those perverts since he entered the religious life, many homosexuals and comunists entered the church in the times of Peron, my grandfather use to say that Peron filled the Churches with devils.

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