Shame On You, Cardinal Burke!


The, despite the various arguments surrounding the question, the fact of the matter is that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X is in schism since the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre ordained four bishops without the mandate of the Roman Pontiff.

If these are the friends of the Church, I almost prefer the enemies.

I had written just this morning about Cardinal Burke’s kitten-itis. It now seems that the V II-itis of the man is far more serious than expected.

Words like the ones mentioned above could be (not logically, but as a matter of fact) understood if coming from the likes of Father Jeanine Martin, Society of Fags. But coming from a man who should really know better, like the Cardinal, they are a real shame.

Truth can never be in schism. If Pope Francis were to attempt to proclaim a false dogma and a part of the clergy were to appoint his own (orthodox) bishops, would Cardinal Burke have the guts to say to them that they are in schism? Actually, I now think he would!

What a sad trajectory for a man that only two years ago was seen as a hope of future restoration of sanity. This guy is V II through and through, and he seems to get worse with the time.






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  1. Agree. He seems to have no problem calling out faithful, traditional clergy as “schismatics” for not going along with modernists Popes and their errors…yet is still quivering with calling out the insane heresies of Pope Francis.

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider doesn’t consider the SSPX in schism. No rational human being would either seeing as they only resist Peter to his face like St. Paul i.e. when he is promoting and forcing them to do wrong.

    If the SSPX are in schism for not going along with the modernists errors of the post V2 Popes, that means I and every Catholic who refuses their errors is in schism too. Would Cardinal Burke call St. Athanasius a “schismatic” for not going along with the Pope and Arianism? Where is this Cardinal’s head?

    What is more important? Obedience to Christ and the deposit of faith or obedience to His steward who merely is supposed to guard and transmit that faith? I was very disappointed in hearing this about Cardinal Burke. The neo-modernist Church he attaches himself to makes no sense, and even he can see that.

    The SSPX have valid priests, masses, confessions and now even marriages…and are in schism? If anything, they are the heart of the Church, the faithful bulwark of clergy Our Lord gave us during this time of insanity. Cardinal Burke owes the SSPX an apology for his unjust remarks and calumny. Let us pray Our Lord opens his eyes and gives him the courage to do just that:+)

    God bless~

  2. It’s quite ironic – for all the talk of “traditionalist pharisees”, I have yet to hear a prononcement from any SSPX Priest that “so and so trad group is in schism/outside of the church/should never be approached/etc.”…and yet the other side seems to have no trouble making these judgements – all the while villyfing the SSPX for thsmelves daring to judge adulterers and homosexuals, of course.

    The hypocrisy is just mind boggling.

  3. ilovevictoriasbows

    As relayed from Edward Pentin, Burke’s nomination as a member of the Apostolic Signatura will not change nor delay his plans to issue a fraternal correction of Pope Francis if he further declines to answer the dubia.
    Upon the death of the Evil Clown, whether next week or five or ten years from now, Cardinal Burke will announce that he was just days away from issuing his fraternal correction.

  4. With all due respect, this is not very surprising. So much stock should never have been put in Cardinal Burke, that was the problem here. Yes, he will say and do some moderately traditional things here and there.But to expect any well-rounded, robust advocacy for traditionalism through and through, that kind of expectation was misplaced and was never in the cards.

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