The Emperor Is A Betaboy, An Idiot, And A Failed Wannabe Tyrant.

God willing, not anymore.

In what is the last and, most likely, final victory against the fakedemic, the British Government has decided that the last piece of tyranny that remained (the planned compulsory vaccination of care workers) will be scrapped.

The Regime wants you to believe that the scrapping is due to how good said Government is (they were very fast on boosters) and to the sudden, world-shattering discovery that Omicron is not as bad as initially advertised.

However, everyone with a brain understands that the real reason is hidden in these two numbers: 90,000+ vacancies among care workers, and 80,000+ employed care workers determined to lose their job rather than comply with their tyrannical government. In a country of 66 millions this is an awful, awful lot of people.

The extremely stoopid, extremely tyrannical clown government of Boris “bring your own booze” Johnson had to capitulate to an army of nurses and, certainly, a number of doctors, telling him in no uncertain terms where to shove it.

What does this tell me? It tells me what a shaky ground Democracy rests on in the oldest major democracy of the modern world. All safeties of freedom have failed bar the last one: the people. Neither the British Government, nor the British Parliament, much less the totally useless Crown Prosecution Service, have done anything to protect the British people from tyranny. Boris Johnson is currently being investigated by the police for parties given whilst we were all prisoners, but no one investigates him for keeping us all prisoners or half prisoners, for many months, without any respect for our freedoms.

This may seem trivial, but it isn’t. The same people who rage against Fascism accepted something no Fascist regime ever dreamt of imposing. The same people who criticise Putin fail to realise that a Government thinking it can tell you whether you can get out of your home isn’t much better than Russia’s “managed democracy”. Scariest of them all, a sizeable percentage of the British population clearly do not care for freedom, nor do they understand it, preferring instead a tyranny of the (assumed) majority in which everything at all, even compulsory mass medical experiments explicitly forbidden by human rights conventions, can be imposed on the (thinking) minority.

At the centre of this debacle and failed attempt at freedom deprivation, Boris Johnson has covered himself in shame twice. Firstly, for even entertaining the idea of tyrannical restrictions like those currently in place in Italy. Secondly, for flaunting the very rules he was imposing on us.

I doubt he will be made to resign. The rot runs very deep in the Country, and the very understanding of what it means to be free has been deformed almost beyond recognition. Plus, too many Members of Parliament do not want that the sheep start posing themselves questions about what they, the MPs, did to prevent the tyranny.

No, he will not be made to resign.

But the entire Country can now see that the Emperor is a betaboy, an idiot, and a failed wannabe tyrant.

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  1. The Cult of Covid remains robust in much of the world. You are correct, most do not understand how tyranny gains a foothold. Vaccine passports are embraced by the airlines, by NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Italy—(most tragically by the Vatican) and many other places.

    The Canadian truckers are true heroes, freedom fighters, yet they are vilified by the corrupt MSM. Most citizens are not critical thinkers and accept the dictates of their overlords.

    This thing is far from over. Blood must be shed before it is.

  2. “Boris Johnson is currently being investigated by the police for parties given whilst we were all prisoners, but no one investigates him for keeping us all prisoners or half prisoners, for many months, without any respect for our freedoms.”

    Truer words were never spoken. And even among those who resist the tyranny, we can see here and there evidence that at least some aspects of it are still accepted as legitimate.

    The last two years have been a mirror held up in front of us, showing us exactly who and what we are, and where we stand. And it ain’t pretty.

  3. P.S. I would be interested in Mundabor’s take on the Freedom Convoy of truckers in Canada. The drive-by media are doing their best not to cover it objectively or more than absolutely necessary. One also has to dig for stories about other convoys in other countries, but they’re happening. (When I initially saw the headline of this post, I actually thought it was going to be about Justine Trudeau, who also fits those descriptions…)

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