The Bear, The Clowns, And The Rainbow

Larry Johnson asks why the West hates Russia.

One hypothesis he makes is: because Russia is the only Country which visibly extirpated royalty. I disagree with the hypothesis: most Europeans are, whilst on average, possibly, better educated than their American counterparts, very far away from the level of knowledge of history that would allow even the beginning of such reflections.

The second one is: because of the Oligarchs. I agree with Mr Johnson that this cannot be. Oligarchs are, in Europe, a matter of fascination and curiosity. One of them could, for around 20 years, own one of the most famous football (soccer) clubs on earth without ever any detriment (for him or the club) deriving from his being a Billionaire. Until now, that is.

The third is: because Putin has the reputation of being corrupt. This also does not work. Zelenski has likely rewritten the book about corruption, and the Clintons are still loudly celebrated among Western liberals. In fact, I will go as far as to say that the average Westerner understands that, for Putin and his close collaborators, accumulation of riches is nothing more than life insurance.

The fourth hypothesis was, I think, added after reading the comments, because I don’t remember it when I first read the article. Several comments touched on this very issue, and the issue, if you ask me, hit the bull’s eye: because Putin defends Christian values.

Putin has become, all over the West, the walking-talking Chief Hoi-moi-phoi-beec. He is a symbol of Christian thinking and decent living. He is, in a word, sanity coming to us from the cold.

Nor can you make the argument that in Russia, say, abortion is still allowed. Putin is an extremely cautious, careful man (again, much differently from the caricature of him spread in the West). His modus operandi does not consist in big societal changes par ordre du mufti, but in the slow, constant shaping of the Country in a way that reflects its traditional mores and ways of thinking.

Putin was mocked for pushing Christianity when only 3% of the Russians defined themselves as Christian, but he pressed on. Nowadays, it is more like 70%. This slow, constant re-shaping of the Country is what Putin will be remembered for, much after his victorious campaign in the Ukraine is forgotten.

Putin has done the same in every main aspect of Russian life. He has not staged a massacre of Oligarchs, but he has reduced their influence and restituted the immense riches of the Country to the public hand. He has not killed Capitalism after the disastrous Yeltsin experience, but he has adapted it to the needs of the Country. He has, also, slowly and tirelessly worked on the recovery of the Russian dignity in the world: repairing the economy, repairing the administration, caring for the army, and making of Russia the real powerhouse in military development (yes, I have bad news for you: the Russians are, as per today, way in front of the Americans in missile technology, and this superiority is so marked and gravid with consequences that it makes of them the First Military Superpower).

Putin’s action, the steady and relentless push for the desired outcome, is also visible in the Ukraine. Slowly but surely, Russia keeps advancing beyond extremely fortified, NATO-sponsored enemy lines. The, actually, quite formidable Ukrainian army (vastly superior, in February, to anything Germans, French or Brits could dream of) is being methodically hacked to pieces. Russia goes forward slowly and steadily, and will retake, at the very least, all of the Donbass and, very likely, all or much of old Novorossiya (means that you can add all the ports on the Black Sea, and likely some other big prizes like Zaporozhie, Kharkov, and Krivy Ry).

Look now, if you please, on the other side. The Ukrainian Regime is not tired of staging alphabet stuff on the streets of Kiev. They really want to show the West that they deserve the West’s help, because they are made in the same way (of course, the population isn’t asked, as you would likely know the answer very fast). The Zelensky Gang wants to flatten itself on the West’s degeneracy, because they want to put their snout in the West’s trough.

This, not historical considerations about Russian history, is what is, today, immediately perceived by the Western populations. On the one side is the old, God-willed order, in the form of a mighty Russian bear. On the other side is the satanic perversion circus, with his assorted motley crew of self-important, utterly incompetent clown politicians and their perverted loudhailers. This is, really, all you need to know.

This is, incidentally, why the BBC is so (again) flattened on the American positions: the percentage of perverts working there must be quite, quite scary, and they must see that anti-Putin propaganda is more important than any discomfort about blatant American power-grabbing.

When you understand this, you understand everything: the Russophobia, the shameless propaganda, the bigotry, the sheer hate.

And by the way: look at the lyrics of the wonderful hymn above, and tell me if it has references to God, or to Communism.

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  1. I distrust Putin because of his past (KGB), because the way he allegedly came to power (the 99 tower bombings to initiate the war in Chechen), because the friends he keeps in the World until today (Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria, China), because the way he deals with internal dissenters (although I agree that I may be misinformed about that) and of course because the invasions and war adventures he has engaged in. I believe that his Christian veneer is just a play for the gallery and (being a conspiracy theorist) because they want to latch his image to anything “Right” in order to keep alive the “Right Wing – Hitler” type of association that has been so fruitful to our ideological adversaries.

    • Bush 41 had a CIA past. He came to power because Yeltsin selected him. He follows, like everybody else, the rules of diplomacy (US do it to). He does not engage in adventures. He has saved the people in Donbass from constant cannonading, which cost them 14,000 victims, among them thousands of civilians.
      I believe in his Christian credentials way more than in the Christian credential of any Biden or Pelosi you care to mention.

  2. Good Putin quote by describing the West as “racist and neo-colonial”, bearing an ideology that “is becoming increasingly more like totalitarianism.”

  3. You are spot on about Putin. I’ve spent the time to listen to him. I can’t find a more intelligent, patient, thoughtful and virile leader on our world stage. I wish him here in the US. He is VERY pro family and considers being a parent the most important career a person can have…and backs that up with government programs too. Agree that his is the slow game and that yes, it will include the phasing out of abortion. God bless President Putin:+)

  4. Do you think Putin will eventually restore the monarchy in Russia? (I would like to see the restoration of monarchies.)

    • No; and if he does (like Franco did) it will not be a success.

      I think that Putin and his close friends will set up a system of cooptation in power, where the one deemed most fit is chosen as the successor. The “guided democracy” currently in place will give a good indication of who the best candidate is.

  5. I know this, Richard Moore, the head of MI6, stated that this war with Russia was about, “hard fought LGBT+++ rights”. Why people, even traditional Catholics I know, continue to support the extremely corrupt Ukraine government and the collective West, perverted cause is a mystery to me; except to say……..

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