A Time For War

Does not look like he needs peace…

The clowns at the Vatican have made themselves ridiculous again by offering the Vatican as a neutral place for negotiations between Russia and the Ukraine.

The answer from Moscow came post-haste: you have just finished to insult the Chechens and the Buryats, and you think that you are a trustworthy partner? They are, of course, right. A partner for peace must have the necessary prestige and the trust of both parties. The Vatican has none.

More in general, the Vatican seems to have missed that Russia and the Ukraine talk all the time, they merely use Turkey or Saudi Arabia as intermediaries.

The Muslim, journalist-murdering Saudis are trusted and considered more than the Vatican for negotiations between two Christian Countries who, both, recognise the Pope as their ultimate spiritual guide. Let that sink in.

Even more in general, there will be no peace talks because this one is, very simply, no time for peace. This is, sad as it is to recognise it, a time for war.

The Ukraine is in the midst of a mad rush towards self-destruction, likely fuelled (but not caused) by the horrible lies about the huge casualties they are suffering. The Russians have all the cards in their hands, all the time in the world, a bigger military industrial complex and more money in their coffers every month that passes. You don’t seek peace when you are preparing to crush your enemy. Plus, Zelensky & Co. have not finished yet to pump all the money they can from the West into their own pockets. Arms are becoming more scarce, but there are 30 million LED light bulbs coming in. Imagine the business!!

Whoever thinks that peace can be achieved now does not understand either the causes of this conflict, or the situation on the ground.

The Russians have a mission to accomplish, and they are now going to achieve the demilitarisation of the Ukraine to the end. If you want to know what that really means, look no further than Artemovsk: the slow, relentless, systematic annihilation of the enemy military potential.

It is extremely evident by now that Russia is looking beyond the military victory; they are looking at – and smartly shaping – the post-victory. If the Russians wanted to simply get some territories and stop the conflict, they would simply bomb all the bridges on the Dnepr. Not a one-day task, but certainly an achievable one. At that point, the Eastern front would be left without supply (just look at the map) and they would have to surrender within weeks, leaving Russia free to occupy all that is east of the river. But if they did so, and after the unavoidable release of the prisoners, they would be confronted with a country diminished in territory and economic power, but just as belligerent, probably more Neonazi, and certainly more russophobic than before. This, they clearly don’t want.

They want the Neonazis to be largely gone, as in: dead. They want the Ukrainian Army to survive the war as a scared ghost of its former self. They want the Ukrainians to understand, in the painful way they had coming, what happens if you give in to extremism, look the other way as countless civilians are massacred, and are so blinded that you live on lies. They want to give NATO (and the EU) a lesson for the ages, leaving them an empty formula without any power behind them, divided among them and, very possibly, now lethally wounded. They want the US to understand that the days of the unipolar super-duper-power have gone, and that they have been very, very wise not to push things too far. Still, make no mistake: if the US freak around, they will find out.

This is why this is no time for peace. There is a job to be done. It will take time, possibly a long time.

But peace will only come when one party begs for it on its knees, and it will not be Russia.

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  1. klausmarienburgef2ea65bd9

    … between two Christian Countries who, both, recognise the Pope as their ultimate spiritual guide.
    Is this correct?

  2. The U.S. is presently run by a criminal gang just reckless enough to freak around. Normal people in this country, including the military rank-and-file, do not want this, but the rulership does — the very same people who pretended to panic over Trump having the nuclear codes. And when they decide to freak around, then the normal people and the military rank-and-file will have a very serious decision to make, and not much time to do it in.

  3. Putin seems to be a shrewd guy. He knows the …cough, cough…. “west” wants him to annihilate Ukraine, and attack the rest of the European countries who are building up armies, probably funded by all those American dollars being “printed” up and sent to “Ukraine” as aid, while Mrs Zelensky drops 40k in Paris in an hour shopping. Oddly, it appears the “west” wants the white European “west” AND the increasingly Christian Russia to attack and kill each other, white Christians killing white Christians, just like those earlier world wars that were so profitable for the “western” engineers. Now who would engineer such a thing, hhhmmm? Maybe Putin knows and is trying to avoid the set up? If Putin escapes assassination it will be a miracle.

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