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Cameron: Cherchez La Femme

I have already reported the rumour that Samantha Cameron would be the driving force towards the “inclusiveness” drive of the disgrace we have to tolerate as Prime Minister. There are several cues to this, not least the multiple faux pas of the same PM in matters of political correctness (the joke about the “one legged Icelandic lesbian” was memorable, though the man predictably apologised profusely afterwards) and the well-known fact he comes from a different environment.

This is a man who was known, before the “inclusiveness drive”, as a rather non-inclusive person, a member of an, erm, exclusive St. James’ Gentlemen’s club that still today does not allow membership to women, until all this became embarrassing for a PM in pectore. So, the man who lived rather well for a couple of decades with club members who think women should not be allowed to set foot in their club should suddenly not be able to tolerate that homosexuals be…. excluded from marriage? Really? Really?

Cherchez la femme, says yours truly….

We have now further rumours this would be the case, with further rather embarrassing revelations about the daughter of a Baronet, “consultant” for some firm and living in a world full of fags, seems very bent to.

Now, the impression can’t be avoided here that this entire mess is caused by the fact that a stupid man has married the wrong wife and, put in front of the choice between no sex for a long time and going to hell, clearly prefers the second option. The Germans have a word for this; which, whilst not very fine, is very apt: Schwanzgetrieben, or cock-driven. Alas, this is the destiny of many men who end up the puppets of their spouses because they have, simply, been driven by their own lust to marry a woman who will lead them through their own willie like a beef is driven through a ring on his nose. This is their private tragedy and we can only pity the poor idiots for the price of their folly. But when the cock-driven nincompoop happen to be Prime Minister, it is the country which must be pitied; though the country itself is, like the man, responsible for its own tragedy.

Faber Quisque Fortunae Suae, people used to say who did not contemplate sodomarriage and built a huge empire whilst putting sodomites to death. The sodomites aren’t put to death anymore, but the saying remains just as valid.

Considering the price to be paid for it, at least one would hope for the PM the sex is good.

Considering the woman, I doubt.



Archbishop Cordileone And The Dictatorship Of Stupidity



“they claim the equality of different points of view until they get control of power, and then enforce their view on everyone else, all the while continuing to claim that there is no such thing as objective truth.”

These are words of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on occasion of his recent stay in London, and they photograph rather well the historic phase we are living. The Archbishop’s words are brilliant, and I do not think they need any comment from me.

What I allow myself to add is a couple of ancillary considerations, which I think connect well with the beautiful words above.

1. What the archbishop describes is made possible by the degeneration of most modern education systems in the West, whose only aim seems to be to create an army of nincompoops barely able to write, utterly unable to think, and extremely worried about looking good with their peers. This is particularly evident in England, the only country I know whose natives can say with a smile “I can’t spell” without realising they can’t write. In this country, there are people unable to even get the most elementary things right, like the difference between “its” and “it’s” or “theirs” and “there’s”. Many of them have an academic title of sort. They can’t write, but they can vote, and many of them in fact do; which is why the thinking lamented by the Archbishop translates into legislation. 

2. Dim people have always existed, and have been allowed to vote for a long time; but in past times the prevailing Christian mentality avoided the worst, and generally prevented shameless politicians from using them to sabotage Christianity. You can put it in this way, that in our once Christian countries even the slowest benefited from a robust dose of truth and simple common sense, given to them for free and courtesy of their social and religious environment. The collapse of Christian instruction in the last generation or two has created an army of very ignorant people, the more easily manipulated because they are not even aware of being ignorant, or even illiterate. This is the favourite pasture of the modern homosexual lobby, whose aim is to lure the idiots with emotional appeals of zero logical content but great emotional impact (“I just want to be happy! Oh why, why you do not want me to be happy?”). The result is, once again, the drive to the dictatorship of idiocy we are now observing.

It is my personal opinion that all modern Western democracies have contracted a cancer; a disease which might or might not be incurable, but is certainly malignant. Democracy without Christian values becomes the dictatorship of the stupid, and I can’t imagine how this will not lead to a lot of blood being shed at some point. It is also not clear to me why political systems used to promote evil should not be punished by Our Lord, and I would think it rather more probable that the punishment will be as vast as the support for, or indifference to, the evils and perversions allowed or celebrated by most Western democracies.

Western democracies have been digging their own grave for a while, though the astonishing technological superiority and the collapse of Communism have masked the phenomenon for a while. They have now entered a phase of accelerated decay, of whom openly homosexual US Marines are perhaps the most striking example (last time I looked, even the Italian army didn’t want fags. Go figure).

We are digging our own grave, both spiritually and politically. We don’t even have the guts to say “faggot”, but we want to upheld Christian values.All in a very nice way, of course, whilst the Gestapo plans to silence every teacher and parent, and to pervert the very children.

I sometimes wonder how thick people can be.




Why The Pope Is Not Heard


In a rather interesting article appeared here, the author remarks on the rather clear words the Pope has been speaking in the last few weeks (particularly concerning “gender” issues), and notices with dismay the Holy Father’s words have been uniformly ignored by the media. As the author appears frustrated at the lack of attention given from media outlets to the Pope’s utterances, I dare to hazard a couple of explanations as to why this is so.

1. The secular media mention the Church only if they think it is the right time to attack Her. If, therefore, the Pontiff’s words had been picked up by the press, they would have been picked up with the exclusive aim of criticising the Pope and slandering the Church, and with the usual procession of offended lesbians and convicted pedophile priests thrown in as an added bonus. This time it did not happen, another time it will…

2. The Pope’s words are not picked up, because they aren’t news. “Pope is Catholic” isn’t going to win any Pulitzer Prize. Generally, the Press needs an angle they can exploit, like “Pope preaches against gender equality” so you can trumpet the story of “equality”, but again only if you need a story. If, say, BO’s inauguration and the anniversary of Roe vs Wade are considered news enough, no news will be built around the Pope’s words.

3. The world at large doesn’t consider a warning Pope relevant, but it would immediately notice a roaring one. As long as the Pope isn’t considered a real obstacle for the advancement of the secular cause, he will be either attacked for the fun of it or, more often, happily ignored. If,  though, they should see that the Holy Father means business and is set on a frontal attack on secular society, you would experience a huge wave of abuse and slander, then the secular, abortionist, perverted euthanasia Nazis would soon understand they are now fighting for their existence as a meaningful, society-shaping social group.

Let us imagine the Vatican were to announce the removal, on the same day, of a dozen among the worst English bishops and their replacement with young hardliners with spotless reputation. Do you think this would not make headlines? Not even when he repeats the exercise in France, Germany, Italy? Really? How would the reaction be if the Pope were to say every politician promoting the homosexual agenda is a tool of Satan, and those who vote him might well pay for it with their soul? Would this attract attention? Or imagine the Pope would announce the return – after a transition phase for training – of the Mass of the Ages as the Standard, leaving the NO to those priests too old or thick to (re) learn it. Would the world start to notice that something is happening? My answer is: yes it would, and the hounds of hell would be unleashed against the Church; but even if the secularists preferred to be in denial for a while (basically, the behaviour the Catholic hierarchy has been exhibiting for now several decades) the time will soon come when a wave of new bishops and new priests, a new assertiveness or (much better) an outright crusade would force them to notice that they only have the choice between fight and death; which is, by the way, what the Catholic hierarchy will understand very soon concerning their existence in more than some Western countries.

This is, therefore, why the Pope is ignored. This is a time whose needs will not be satisfied with eloquent preaching, but with a war cry to make the blood within every elected politician in the West freeze. This is what works, not speeches in the Vatican only picked up by Catholic agencies,  blogs and magazines (some of the latter, of course, very critical of the Pope for being Catholic).

Alas, and said with all due respect, you can’t teach an old Pope new tricks, and I very much doubt Pope Benedict (whose later utterances seem to indicate he is becoming increasingly more aware of the enormous threat hovering over the Christian West) will ever be ready,  let alone willing, to transform himself into a roaring lion.

We must hope his successor will be made of a stronger cloth, and will perhaps trade some of the intellectual finesse for a desire to really act (in the dioceses, in the seminaries, in the religious orders; in the eradication of heresy made without waiting a couple of decades; in the excommunication whenever possible of bad Catholic politicians and in the relentless, assertive confrontation of head of states and governments). Only an open fight, and a Pope ready to really fight it, can change the narrative and lead to the turning of the tide.

Catholicism is under attack and has been for some time, and the new generation of mini me antichrists like Obama and Andrew Cuomo are becoming more and more brazen in their hostility to Catholicism; they see very well they have really nothing to fear, and the fat Cardinal will invite them to a prestigious dinner for a photo-op and a good old guffawing between friends.

After all this, should we surprised that the Pope’s words are largely ignored?


How Long Shall The Wicked Triumph?

Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?

How long shall they utter and speak hard things? and all the workers of iniquity boast themselves?

 They break in pieces thy people, O Lord, and afflict thine heritage.

 They slay the widow and the stranger, and murder the fatherless.

 Yet they say, The Lord shall not see, neither shall the God of Jacob regard it.

 Understand, ye brutish among the people: and ye fools, when will ye be wise?

 He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? he that formed the eye, shall he not see?

He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct? he that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he know? 

The recurring 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade is a good way to say a word or two about the pendulum which seems to swing across societal phenomena.

No doubt, when the disgraceful Roe vs Wade ruling was issued, very many thought this was one of those moment of irreversible change, so that the return to a ban for abortion would not be more likely than a return to the horse cart. For some time the facts seemed (seemed only) to agree with them, as abortion became a largely unquestioned part of the landscape in most of the Western world.

At some point, though, the pendulum came to a still stand, and then began to swing in the other direction. It is fair to say it is now in full swing and winning the biological battle, big time. What happened is not only that the abortionists made fewer children, but that more and more people realised (or are in the course of realising) a genocide doesn’t become legitimate only because it happens to be legal.

It took a long time, though, because it always takes time for the lazy cattle we call “electorate” to slowly wake up to reality, the commonly received perception of what other perceive being generally considered a perfectly valid substitute for truth, morality, or even thinking. It took time, but it’s now happening with great impetus, and it won’t be many years until the mass opposition becomes a reality in Western Europe, too. It works, and it works because of people who were not afraid of being in the minority, ostracised, or insulted.

We see the same pattern now at work in the matters of euthanasia and buggery, with the promoters of both trying to depict the change as a generational, epochal swift in perspective, and as irreversible as flying or eating Chinese food. They might well get their Roe vs Wade, and many people (the lazy cattle) will at that point think the world has ” evolved”, and will feel very smug in the process with that feeling of “look at how good I am” the stupid seem unable to live without. When that moment comes, is when we must continue the reaction without waiting for one generation to go by, learning from the abortion issue that nothing is irreversible, least of all abominations going against the most elementary natural instincts like the above mentioned euthanasia and buggery.

We live in times when we must face (never accept, or acquiesce to) the possibility of dying in a world much different from the one we grew into; a world in which the wicked triumph and the just are insulted, persecuted, or worse. We must stay strong and continue our battle, knowing that the one who planted the ear, shall ear…

One day, thinks will begin to improve; if our day comes before that day, perhaps we will be able to attribute our much hoped-for salvation to the battles we had to fight in a hostile environment, the object of mockery and hostility in the very mildest of cases.

As I will never tire to repeat, the greatest contribution to the swinging of the pendulum would come from the Church. But the Church is, if not entirely asleep, certainly slumbering in the drunken stupor of Vatican II, and does not see the dangers accumulating, does not notice the black clouds at the horizon, and does not feel the necessity to start a serious battle now in order, Deo Volente, to avoid a much more difficult one in 10 or 20 years time.

Much sooner, actually, if the likes of Andrew Cuomo get their way.

I am eagerly awaiting for Cardinal Dolan to invite him to some highly publicised dinner.


Homomarriage: Vive la France!

camembert plates

As the BBC has not prominently reported, a mass manifestation took place in Paris yesterday, with an estimated participation of 800,000 according to the organisers, and even the Police figuring around 400,000 attended.

These numbers are very important, because in this case no mass party or trade union was there to organise and provide money and logistics. There can, in fact, be no doubt the initiative was a great success, and I hope a lengthy battle will now take place over the latest pet cause of idiots and leftists after the sudden death of the global warming hysteria.

Predictably, the angle chosen by the aiders and abettors of child abuse at the BBC is to report that apparently France had, before yesterday, a slight majority in favour of making sodomy a perfectly accepted pastime, like fishing. I do not remember the BBC ever choosing this angle when either perverts or other pressure groups they support are themselves in the minority; but it must be my fault, no doubt.

Also please notice if such a mass gathering had taken place some, say, ten years ago with the exact opposite aim, you can bet your hat the BBC would not have allowed any child, dog or cat to remain uninformed, whilst the profile chosen on this occasion is very low to say the least. To the BBC, elementary defence of Christian values and popular support for basic sexual decency must be treated like Jimmy Savile’s decade long activities within the walls of the BBC: the people just do not have to be informed.

The reality on the ground, though, is that the common people (I mean by that people other than conservative Catholic churchgoers) are beginning to wake up: yesterday’s march in Paris united people as different as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Agnostics and Atheists, all with the common conviction that this madness must stop and we must go back to thinking with our brains rather than with the sphincter of a bunch of unspeakably disgusting people firmly in the clutches of Satan.

What happened yesterday in Paris is encouraging, because it shows mobilisation can be realised outside of the predictable conservative Catholic milieu, and be extended to people perhaps not religious but sane enough to wonder what kind of world they will leave to their children and grandchildren.

Kudos to our cheese-loving neighbours, then, and let us hope their effort will not remain unnoticed in the United Kingdom.


Italy: What Now?

RGB base



I received this question, an ideal starting starting point, from the always very perceptive Catocon:

where do Monti and this centrist coalition stand on the *really* important issues, that is, abortion, homosexual “marriage”, secularism etc…? My impression has been that he is what Europeans call a liberal, that is an economically moderate technocratic statist too timid to confront social issues but (if necessary) always a willing slave of the spirit of modernity. But my knowledge of Italian politics is certainly lacking, so maybe Italian “centrists” are different.

How certain are we that those centrists will not start to “evolve” as it is called in Obama’s language, as “centrists” all over the West inevitably tend to do when the pressure from the media and the established cultural revolution starts to mount?

As I understand the Italian electoral system, the strongest party/coalition is guaranteed a majority of at least 54% in one chamber of parliament and also, on a regional basis, in the Senate, right? Any split between non-leftist coalitions would be utterly disastrous in that case as leftists could win a majority of seats even if they lost the election in terms of the popular vote because of the split in the non-leftist vote between “centrists” and “rightists”. To support any kind of centrist coalition just to avoid endorsing someone like Berlusconi would be utterly irresponsible in this case.

Does not the Church hierarchy, by throwing her weight behind the center coalition, effectively help secure a parliamentary majority for the socialists and communists on the left even if the center does turn out to be relatively solid on the issues that matter most to the Catholic?

In order to give a better idea of how I see things, I will divide the answer in several sections: how the system works, what the Vatican is trying to do and why, and whether we can trust the Catholic parties.

Keep in mind the situation is at the moment extremely fluid and fascinating, with a very mobile electorate.  Also keep in mind hardcore Catholics are, for now, slowly dying.

At the Camera there is the majority premium Catocon describes: the strongest coalition gets 340 seats out of 615. It doesn’t matter if the strongest coalition only has, say, 20% of the votes. The coalition with the relative majority gets 340 members, period. 

At the Senate there are 20 regions, and 17 of them get a (regional) majority premium. The biggest ones (like Lombardia, Lazio, Campania, Sicilia) are seen as crucial. Again, the premium here is regional, so there are several decks of cards to be distributed. 

At the moment the field is divided in four major major camps, again with the situation extremely fluid and changing almost daily.

1. Left wing coalition.

They are the almost sure winner of the majority in the Camera. They will probably ally with the sodocommunists, though they don’t really like them. If the centre is strong (which it might well become) they will lose some parts on their right wing side (this is already happening), which makes the alliance with the sodocommunists the more important to them. The main component of this coalition supports Monti’s agenda, though the extreme left wing of the sodocommunists don’t. This might be a split in the making, with the two allying for the vote and to bag the majority premium, but splitting afterwards as the sodocommies do not support Monti’s austerity program. Together with the sodomites, this grouping is (for now) comfortably in the 30%-35% range. But they have a difficult job as this is the only coalition with divided loyalties concerning Monti and o one can say how many moderate elements will prefer the centre instead now that they have become a very credible alternative.

2. Right wing coalition

This is what is left of the old Berlusconi coalition who won big in 2008, after losing several pieces down the road. The Lega Nord appears not to want an agreement if Berlusconi wants to run as PM, but they would support the alliance is Berlusconi renounces to Prime Ministerial ambitions.

Neither Berlusconi  nor the Lega support Monti. This attracts to them a lot of protest votes, but makes them invotabili for that part of the country committed to stop Italy from becoming the next Greece.  They have a component of very tough Catholics, but their Catholic credentials aren’t considered the best as Berlusconi would only follow Catholic interests as long as they serve him and would throw his weight on the other side whenever necessary.

This coalition appeared dead in the water only two weeks ago. Berlusconi’s offensive is now causing them to strongly recover. Last time I looked they were given at 20%, trend ascending, even without the Lega. If you ask me, they are going to fish protest votes from Grillo’s voters (see below) like there’s no tomorrow.

Berlusconi has now also announced a strongly Catholic program, in preparation as I write.  His aim is to make the Vatican lose credibility and rally around him the Catholic voices. Brilliant strategy as always (this man is around one thousand times smarter than the foreign press depicts him), but Berlusconi still has a credibility problem, and no Vatican endorsement. 

3. Centre coalition.

This is the fiscally and (in large part) socially conservative coalition created to support Monti’s program. A strong Catholic party (UDC) is the backbone of the coalition, which is integrated by non-Catholic components. The loss of the UDC is what causes the second biggest headache for Berlusconi, the Lega being the first. This coalition gained the open support of the Vatican  and is, literally, defying gravity, at 23% yesterday.

They are, as a coalition, purely focused on Monti’s program. But the UDC as a party is the safest bet for Catholics in Italy. The Vatican endorsement will take care that the coalition becomes more and more dominated by the Catholic element, but do not expect them to campaign as a coalition with Catholic values: they are there to support Monti’s economic program and they want their votes, whether Catholic or not. Still, Italians are sophisticated voters and many of the supporters of this coalition will be seen (or officially vote in the Camera; in the Senate there will be a unity list for complex reasons of minimum votes necessary) as staunch Catholics.

4. Grillo (Five Stars)

Grillo is a successful comedian with the hobby of politics; he has been creating a vast consensus around him, based on the usual refusal of professional politics and desire to reinvent the wheel such protest movements always have. He is an enemy of Monti and of everything that is unpopular and difficult to bring to the masses; as always, his message appeals to the dissatisfied, the disaffected, the undecided, the irresponsible and the plain stupid. They used to be very strong months ago, when Berlusconi’s party officially (if begrudgingly) supported Monti, and they were even given as the biggest single party (not coalition) out there. If you ask me, they will have a tough time now that the populist position is covered by the Right Wing coalition. They could end up massacred, or else the second or third biggest coalition. At the moment, no one knows.


Cardinal Bagnasco, the head of the Italian Bishops’ conference, threw Berlusconi out of the window in 2011 and never fished him in again. I have already written on this blog I do not know how wise this was, but their reasoning is that it is for the right-wing coalition to get rid of Berlusconi, rather than for the Vatican to have to support Berlusconi no matter what. In fact, in Italy you are traditionally expected to listen to the Vatican rather than expect them to listen to you, as they are (for now) powerful enough to demand it. Again, Ruini swallowed Berlusconi’s toad for many years, but Bagnasco (a rather tough guy particularly compared to Ruini) has decided that enough is enough and there will be no turning back.

How powerful the Vatican (still) is can be seen in the “centre” coalition now given (last time I looked, that is: yesterday) at an astonishing 23%. Mind, these votes aren’t transferable 1 to 1 to a centre-right coalition, as a good part of the country will never vote Berlusconi anyway. By refusing to support Monti’s course, Berlusconi has chosen the populist and protest vote, but he will emphatically not get the moderate conservative vote; certainly not now that the Vatican says to vote centre, but it is clear many of them would have never voted for Berlusconi anyway.

I think Bagnasco & Co. consider the winning of the majority premium from the left side inevitable, as does the entire country. By supporting Berlusconi (largely seen as the losing camp, and irremediably opposed to the left) there is a concrete risk of leaving the left with two majorities, and a sodomarriage of sort would follow (probably) rather fast after that.

On the other hand, by trying to “defy gravity” and put all their weight behind a strong centrist coalition, the Vatican aims at warping the leftist bid for double majority, as the centre coalition amputates them on their right wing side. If they manage to thwart a left-wing majority in the Senate, which is the real name of the game, they are very probably safe against any sodomite legislation without having to marry Berlusconi’s populism, opportunism and corruption. The rallying cry of the Curia should help the centre reach critical mass instead of being massacred in the middle of the opposing left and right wing blocks. I call this “defying gravity” because  what is happening now is unprecedented in the history of the new electoral system, which is designed to divide the country around two big blocks of centre-left and centre-right. Small parties have always survived (or not) as independent, but never was a big “third” coalition seen to have any chance.

The centre and the right are now fighting for the soul of the (moderate) country: they will not work together because the right is now a kind of populist “protest party” whose Weltanschauung is at odds with the fiscally responsible centre. Still, whilst you can’t unite their votes to make a government, you can unite them to avoid sodomite legislation. It everything goes according to plan, this will be an insurmountable barrier at least in the Senate. 

As to the Catholic parties, be not afraid: they are very different from the CDU, or from the CSU come to that. The UDC voters have been in these twenty years such a steady element that it is utterly irrelevant whether their leaders would want to sell themselves: they won’t, because they know it would very probably be their death. As I see it, no “evolving” is to be feared from that side, rather the contrary… What Germans (and Brits of Americans) needs to understand here is that a core of hardline Catholics (perhaps 10-14% of the voters, now divided between right and centre, formerly between centre-left and centre-right) are real Catholics who have up to now always successfully gone on the barricades when necessary. They are square in the middle and they are still seen as the key to power, which is why the moderate leftists don’t want to anger them and Berlusconi wants their votes so badly.

I will, unless something huge happens, vote for the UDC myself. Not so much because Bagnasco says so, but because I think that in Italy you will not find another party you can thrust so much to defend Catholic values, and which such a good chance of your vote truly being put to work against the Left. I might be wrong of course, but as far as the Catholic vote is concerned I wasn’t these last twenty years. Italy is a country where people were ready to even vote for Berlusconi merely because he defended Catholic values (they actually voted Catholics components and candidates within his coalitions) and I can’t imagine any other European country ready to swallow so much for the cause.

As I see it (and the Vatican seems to agree with me.. 😉 ) the centre coalition is the wedge pushed in the middle of an otherwise probably unavoidable double majority for the left-wing. They have pooped in the leftist party, and if everything goes according to plan they will be the elephant in the room without which no majority – much less sodomite legislation – is possible. 

Once again – and to conclude – the votes of the populist right wing and of the Monti coalition can’t be added, as the fiscal differences can’t be bridged. It will have to be the one or the other.

The Vatican has chosen the “other”.  I think it’s the wiser bet.




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