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I must have written (indirectly, at least) about the initiative in the UK of the hundreds of priests who have signed a petition to urge the Synod Fathers not to sell out in October (no matter what pressure they get from the Evil Clown; that’s not in the petition, but take it from me). 

A similar initiative has been launched in the USA in the last weeks. Father Z has the story and the updates. 

The updates make for very interesting reading. As the number of priests rapidly swelled to 775, as I write this to the 775 priests only correspond four bishops. With around 40,000 priests in the US, we are moving towards 2% of the priests. But if we consider that there are around 440 bishops  (including the retired and the auxiliaries, none of them prevented from signing the petition) we see that bishops have been very slow to join the campaign and below 1% at the time of writing. More interestingly, we see that when there is an initiative meant to draw a line in the sand concerning Our Lord’s teaching, US priests are, on the whole, (bad as their average quality probably is) around double as zealous as their own bishops, who are supposed to be the successors of the Apostles; and one wonders of which one many of them are the successor.

It will be interesting to follow this statistics as October nears. Of course, the petition does not mean that those who do not sign are Kasperites, but it certainly means that very many of those who sign are not going to comply with whatever nonsense is going to come out of the Synod. It might also mean that many priests or bishop do not see the danger of a nuclear explosion in October, which is frighteningly naive even assuming it is not disingenuous.

We must intensify our prayers that Francis will not push the nuclear button in October. But the more priests and bishops show him what is what, the better it is for everyone. 







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  1. Four priests who I know and have signed the [UK] letter, have, to a greater or lesser extent, been victimised/side-lined by their bishops – one bishop acting at the behest of his diocesan clergy [Modernist[ association. The signatories had nothing to lose by signing, but many would be looking over their shoulders.

  2. mariachristina9

    I’m grateful for the brave priests who have stood up for the integrity of the Church and, hopefully, more will follow. What a contrast they are to the recently appointed U.S. Archbishops, who seem to be clones of Francis. In reading some of their interviews, they sound more like glorified social workers, concerned with meeting the corporal needs of their dioceses, and not offending the LGBT “community”. There’s no mention of leading the flock, spreading the Gospel, or saving souls for God.

  3. He simply says he wants to be careful not to put his name on a document that he might regret having signed later . And he’s one of the more conservative priests here in Seattle (lib city). I hope he takes the time to look at it and reconsider. He is VERY busy.

    Happy to say my last priest from Northern Virginia (conservative Catholic land) did sign. Thank you ,Father Peffley.

    • Well, isn’t it telling that he fears he might regret it?

    • Yup it is. ;-( Hope he signs soon, but I’m not waiting to exhale.

      Mundy you got me sneaking off to SSPX during the week. You’re admiration for them led me to doing a lot of research on LeFebvre and Vatican 2. In the end, if things get really dire, independent , SSPX and CMRI may be the only spiritually safe chapels left. I feel very blessed to have an SSPX chapel within an hours drive. I even own a freakin mantilla now! Hard to be a fashionista with a mantilla on your kopf but I am getting used to it.

      My agnostic husband just rolls his eyes when I talk about all this stuff, but I have read out loud from your articles and he clearly sees your logic and agrees with your judgement of Francis . He really enjoyed the one with the Tango dancing and the 19th c. prostitute. That was rich!

    • Prayers for your husband!

      If you ask me, a woman with a mantilla is a Fascist Fashionista!


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