Start Working On Your Own Catacomb

I never cease to be amazed at how many people write on this and many other blogs and simply put their name there. Some of them may be pensioners or housewives, but for many others it may really not be the prudent thing to do.

Go back only ten or fifteen years and reflect whether you thought, then, that today people could be publicly lynched merely for donating money to a cause that fifteen years ago was simply seen as understood, and shared by every decent person. It is happening today, and it is happening on a massive scale, with the accusation of “homophobia” levelled at everyone who does not comply with the demands of the Gaystapo.

Now follow the timeline, and imagine what might easily happen ten or fifteen years down the line. The screening company working on behalf of your potential employer will fish (the Internet is an awfully open space) all the comments and statements you have left in the public space. If you run a blog, they will find it. But even if you simply write comments on blogs and fora, they will locate them without difficulty.

Their report to your perspective employer will then express “concerns” about the “hate” nature of your statement, and forecast “difficulties” of “integration” in a “diverse” environment. You will, then, easily be rejected.

Now, you can be an armchair general and proudly state that you don't care about all this. But if you have a mortgage, and perhaps wife and children, you are well advised to adopt a more prudent approach.

No one is required to invite persecution, and the Catacombs – which you should visit, if you can – are an impressive reminder of that. One of the most important traits of modern freedom is the ability to express your opinion anonymously, because not even modern Western societies can protect you from persecution. In fact, it appears evident that the end of the Cold War has now allowed the First World to dedicate an hysterical attention to matter that would have been considered secondary or irrelevant in the past, whilst the decay of proper logical thinking and Christian mores gradually gives way to childish emotionalism and heathenish thinking.

In ten years' time, you could be a reject of society. A man with dangerous ideas perhaps not shunned by his own neighbours, but considered of problematic employment. Granted: the pendulum will swing the other side at some point, and sanity will return. But you never know when, and you never know what level of madness will be reached before sanity comes back, given the army of grown children now shaping almost every Western democracy.

Be Catholic, but be prudent. Prepare for a world whose signs are manifesting with increasingly worrying frequency. Do not put too much trust in the self-healing ability of modern societies, because this self-healing often manifests only after things have become way too crazy. Think of what damage a short phenomenon like environ-mentalism has created in just a few years before being pushed back from the front line of the political agenda. Reflect that a secular society will always be in search of a secular religion: the “climate” yesterday, “gender issues” today, the persecution of “hateful” Christians tomorrow.

Like the Christians of yore, be as effective as you can, whilst avoiding imprudent exposure to harm. If persecution has to be, let it not be because of your rashness. Start working today on your cyber catacomb; you may have need for it before you think, and unless you start working on it today it will never be ready when the time comes to use it.

If the past is any indication of the future, we must be prepared for a very rough time; courtesy of people like Francis, who don't care about all this because it's not their problem, or wouldn't dislike persecuting Catholics themselves.




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  1. To all future retro-detectives, I really was trying to get onto another site…mumnextdoor

  2. I don’t think I will want to live in ‘society’ in ten years. I’m 57 now, no dependents, and I’ve used all the bad words on line, probably traceable to me, if not frankly under my own name, b4 I understood how Failbook works (still don’t understand how Failbook works, but it’s already too late.) A radical acquaintance of mine is quite paranoid, and wanted me to promise to tell him if I ever decide to “wear a wire” in order to avoid prison. And I don’t remember what I said, but I thought later that if I were afraid of prison or execution I would simply join the enemy, vote Democrat, go on welfare and watch TV the rest of my life. I am what I am because I hate my enemies with something which cannot be bought, and I consider secular martyrdom to be a great honor, probably the greatest one I could ever reasonably aspire to. So to any agents of ZOG who are reading this and making entries in my dossier, BITE ME!

    • I doubt comments like this would contribute to your incarceration, though.
      It’s good you are going to retire fairly soon.

  3. Agree for some, particularly those who are married, those with children, those who need to keep a low profile lest they are denounced (To children’s aid, who has ruined many a family).

    But this Calvinist uses both his handle and his real name. This Calvinist talks to the press in his job. And runs a politically suspect blog. I do that because my children are almost grown, and someone has to say the gospel and bear the consequences.

    I see, as this age falls, that the celibate and older will be the ones who train the young how to speak, tell those with young to remain in the catacomb (to use your analogy) and speak out themselves. The Catholics have the religious, who have given all to Christ, and need not fear man (including, at times, those of the enemies in the committees of the Church) — a role, that in the Calvinist church, is taken by ornery old farts.

    I want to be crossgrained when I get older. More ornery. More trenchang. More offensive to the petunias who populate the elite, and take umbrudge and any grumpiness, and call all truth hate.

    And if that means I don’t get that promotion or end up in the Islands (where Christendom still exists) then so be it.

    • It might mean that you lose home and job, though. Which is, to say the least, not prudent even if the sons are established.

  4. Persecution cannot be avoided in real life (off the internet) in today’s evil-dominated societies, if one refuses to support intrinsic evil and if one defends the Faith and moral law in one’s society. One cannot be silent and refuse to defend the truth to save one’s own skin for now. That is how we have got to this point. I do not know anyone in the real world who defends the truth, fights the evil in the public sphere, that is not persecuted, in many ways. Refusing to defend the truth, of Faith, life, marriage, family, etc., against attack in order to avoid suffering, is not only not what we as Catholics must not do, but is not going to save one, just leave one more vulnerable to attack in the (near) future. We have to support each other and defend the truth, otherwise we are helping the increase in tyranny which will be directed at one, sooner or later. If one remains quiet and hidden in the face of persecution, there will be no one left to fight for you, when they turn on you. “First they came for the Jews . . .” We may not, of course, avoid our public moral duty, and may not cooperate in any way with evil, e.g., through our professional, community, academic or political activities. We have a positive duty to defend God and God’s laws against attack. The submission and passive collusion of the Church has brought us to this extreme point of tyranny and persecution. Let us speak and support one another. Let us form Catholic communities. Let us not deny Christ. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

    • There is a difference between being silent and being prudent. I wonder whether I have expressed myself accurately on this.

  5. So I had David L Alexander ( come by my blog and tell me what a coward I was to not sign posts with my own name. This was in reaction to my offending against some of his heroes, I suppose (Teresa Tomeo, Pia de Zollenni, and Mark Shea), when I said these were people who did not get that there was a crisis in the Church. That’s it. He also strongly questioned how strong my faith is and rather darkly implied I would fold up if persecuted because I wasn’t “man enough” to put my name out there while criticizing others – which I wasn’t even doing, I was just pointing out the obvious.

    I got the impression the whole exchange was an attempt to bait me into putting my name out there. Which, it already is, you just have to look pretty hard for it. I agree with you, while there are many readers of my blog who know my name, I don’t need to be so imprudent as to sign every post I make with it. That will only lead to problems like you point out and potential threats to my family (which have already been made, since I used to be on a Catholic radio show using my name). Heck, I have sodomites living on either side of my house!

    I have to totally agree, those who write strong things – which I think I do – are going to have grave troubles now and for the next many years if they do so in a way easily attributable to them. Your recommended course is by far the most prudent.

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